Top 20 MLM Businesses To Try In 2019 + FREE Income Booster

Top 20 MLM Businesses Rising In 2019 According To Google. Multi-Level Marketing Companies Selling Growth Hormones, Spirituality, CBD, Essential Oils, And More!
Top 20 MLM Businesses Rising In 2019 According To Google. Multi-Level Marketing Companies Selling Growth Hormones, Spirituality, CBD, Essential Oils, And More!

Welcome to my Top 20 MLM Businesses Rising In 2019 post!

Back in the 1930s, the concept of Multi-Level Marketing was first introduced when a man named Carl Rehnborg returned to the United States with all the products he got from China.

Since his return, he changed the game in selling products and perfected the network marketing strategy, opposing the traditional retailing system in the time.

To date, there hundreds of thousands of companies established over the decades and in the 1990s the MLMs boomed dramatically, inviting more and more people to join with high hopes of succeeding and reach their dreams.

Based on experience, you cannot succeed in this industry with passion alone. You need to hone your high-income skill set first before you go through the war of competitive sales volume and personal sales.

You have to improve or at least prepare yourself with the necessary weapons to position yourself the best way possible. This gives you a competitive edge of thousands of members in one company alone.

That said, I encourage you to download the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide and go through Roope’s lessons for FREE. This provides you the avenue where to begin and how to improve your reputation, especially MLMs require online skills as well.

Now, we dig into each of these companies. Are you ready? Let’s get started.


1. doTerra 

Derived from a Latin word, which means "gift of the earth," doTerra belongs to one of the boosted MLM niches in the past 10 years. Since the early 2000s, there is a dramatic increase in sales in essentials oils, aromatherapy if you will.

Top 20 MLM Businesses Rising In 2019 Google Trends Essential Oils

Latest Google Trends results with essential oils as of 2018

This network marketing company offers that, including other products catering health & wellness, supplements, and nutrition since 2008.

If you are familiar with Melaleuca and Young Living, doTerra serves a similar target market with similar products to offer in exchange for a commission for their authorized representatives.

2. Jeunesse

With over half a million distributors across the world, Jeunesse is undeniably one of the leading network marketing companies to look into.

Since 2009, they have been offering varieties of products to serve their customers with their flagship "Youth Enhancement System," earning an average annual revenue of over a billion dollars.

Albeit the series of federal lawsuits for the alleged illegal and unethical activities underneath their 791% growth claim, they continuously grow as a direct sales company in the United States.

Like Mary Kay and Perfectly Posh, Jeunesse targets women to join and use their products with 5 times cheaper than the usual brands or their competitor price per se.

is jeunesse a pyramid scheme

A few of Jeunesse products available on their official website

3. Younique

If you notice in most of the network marketing companies existing, the majority empowers women. For whatever reasons, there are 90% of the existing MLMs cater to the women's needs. And one of them is Younique.

It's a cosmetic company similar to Avon, enticing women across the United States with their color palettes and other beauty products since 2012.

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They offer a wide range of items from eye products to lipsticks, face powders, to skin and body lotions. Name them. Younique has all of these in their list.

Although they have a quite negative reputation because of the toxicity of the products, they remain one of the leading companies when it comes to beauty and cosmetology.

4. Tecademics

With the rising internet usage over the past decades, MLM established targeting this niche also increased. One of those companies is Tecademics, founded in 2016.

If you aren't familiar with this network marketing company, it's actually an internet marketing and a make money online training. As the name suggests, its intention is to teach people how to make money online.

Just so you know, Roope also does that. Like Wealthy Affiliate, you can start with the free membership before you upgrade to premium to enjoy loads of lessons necessary for your online business success.

To get started, download your FREE Ultimate Make Money Guide as a gift. What you're getting in this guide isn't limited to learning the online opportunities, but to hone your high-income skill set needed to build your empire online.

Going back, Tecademics is an "Internet Marketing College" with successful and comprehensive lessons on various subjects related to internet marketing, such as:

  • The Entrepreneur Club (TEC) - worth $100 per month
  • Internet Marketing Principles & Core Training (One-time fee of $2,000)
  • Masters (One-time fee of $10,000)
  • Elite

The downside is you need to be in Arizona or reside within the proximity to join their training. Otherwise, there's no other option, except joining Roope's recommended Wealthy Affiliate.

5. Bellame

If you're into the Giants in beauty and cosmetics like Avon or Mary Kay, then Bellame is the rising networking companies that caught everyone's attention last year.

With only 4 starter products, Melissa Thompson manages to invite more and more women to join the company and reach out to expand the business within a short span of time.

Thompson used her intensive background in Multi-Level Marketing as one of the executives in big companies like Avon, Shaklee, Stella & Dot, and others in building her own brand.

Because of that, she reached the primary target of $445-billion in the beauty industry. The good thing is, it's a recommended MLM to join at this time.

The products she sells set apart from the rest due to the use of malachite, which isn't a common active ingredient to most of the products available in the market.

One of Bellame's flagship products helping the company reach their target revenue

6. Cutco

As crazy as the network marketing industry gets, you will see products you don't think they exist. There will be crazier ideas in the future. I bet on that.

If you think a simple knife set can't be sold in any MLM, you're wrong. Since 1981, Vector Marketing has been selling Cutco knives and expand its business through its members' hard work over the years. 

To entice more sales, they set their price markup in accord to the affordability versus consumers’ impulse to buy these knives. You know you don’t buy a set of knives more than once in one month.

Top 20 MLM Businesses Rising In 2019 Cutco Knives Amazon - Your Online Revenue-min

One of a few Cutco Cutlery Vector Marketing has been selling over the years

As a member, you keep this in mind when selling. You can’t expect loyal customers, but if you expand your reach to more customers, you can earn a substantial amount of money though.

Based in New York, Vector Marketing owned Cutco Corporation, responsible for recruiting members and sell cutlery to their target market across the United States and Canada.

As expected in any MLM, you can't see the outcome of your business without persistence, diligence, and commitment more than a hundred percent.

Because you need to see whether you can compensate your income in this MLM in your monthly expenses or not.

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7. Arbonne International

With a resemblance to the Norwegian MLM Norwex, Arbonne offers essentials targeting enthusiasts of organic products. Adhering to their trademark slogan, "Pure, Safe, Beneficial," Petter Mørck lives to it in the products he made and sell.

There's nothing really special about the company. Not even their products set apart from the thousands available on the market today.

But the longevity of this MLM, given that they existed since 1980, gives an impression this company is a good one. Otherwise, they wouldn't have existed today.

You can watch Roope’s comprehensive review of Arbonne International and see whether this company is right for you this year or not.

But if you're into selling skincare, nutrition, cosmetics, hair care, baby products, and essential oils to your prospective clients and if you do believe in their company's mission, you can.

8. Uforia

Unlike the typical health and wellness MLM, Uforia is actually offering personalized supplements based on your nutritional needs.

These supplements include a combination of active ingredients needed in your body, including:

  • Raw food
  • Superfoods
  • Probiotics
  • Plant-based food
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

They come in handy with the starter kit good for 30 days, which they call "Pretition," a vegetable-based supplement.

If you decide to join this company, you have to go through the usual process of joining a network marketing company.

You have to reach the required monthly quota for 2 reasons. First, to earn a bonus. Second, to increase your rank.

To do that, I advise you to check out Roope's 4-step proven and legitimate strategy to boost your income online.

Even if you invest in this company because you believe it's a great start as an income stream, then you need the necessary skill set to give you a competitive edge in this industry.

9. BeautyCounter

Founded in 2013, Gregg Renfrew established this Multi-Level Marketing company called Beautycounter with a vision of providing a great value through the products he produces in the brand.

Like LR Health and Body and Natura, they provide their prospective clientele with cosmetics and skincare products, a wide range of them.

Although they're quite a new brand, they manage to recruit a whopping number of more than 25,000 consultants selling more than 100 products.

Top 20 MLM Businesses Content Image 3 - Your Online Revenue

That takes a lot of time for the most MLMs if you think about it. But they did within 6 years since they operated.

To most of their consultants, they found working in this company as a life-changing experience. That said, joining this company would be a good thing.

10. Hempworx

If we ask Google about the rising network marketing trends, it gives you the top queries, including the companies selling CBD oil. One of those leading MLMs offering the product is HempWorx.

Based in Kentucky, this MLM goes with the alternative business name "HempWorx" on Better Business Bureau's record. Josh Zwagil founded it in 2014 with the products made of CBD oil.

They have various items to offer their target market such as their:

  • CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops
  • CBD Hemp Infused Coffee
  • CBD Keto Coffee Creamers
  • Renew Anti-Aging CBD Cream
  • Revive Collagen Anti-Aging CBD Cream
  • Relief Icy Pain Rub CBD Cream
  • CBD Pet Treats & Oil

The only way to get access to these items is by joining them as their affiliate and earn as much as 85% payout versus the 50% of other MLM companies.

Top 20 MLM Businesses Content Image 4 - Your Online Revenue

11. CTFO

In the previous point, we talk about HempWorx. Now, we're going into their rival company and probably the closest name people can identify when it comes to CBD oils is CTFO.

Many reviews mentioned they offer better oils than HempWorx as well as the kind of services they offer to their clients as well as their members, working hand-in-hand to expand their reach and earn more.

The downside I see in this company is menial concerns regarding the distribution of the oils across the United States due to the ongoing federal limit with the use of hemp.

Likewise, if you do prefer HempWorx than this one, you probably have the same issue, the legalization.

Nonetheless, CTFO earned more positive reviews than the former. If you see no problem joining this company, you can do so.

CTFO Reviews Facebook Ratings

12. Norwex

As one of the biggest Norwegian network marketing companies offering organic products, you can immediately pinpoint Norwex in the list.

With more than 40,000 distributors across the world, the majority of them reside within the European states, they made a successful crossover to North America: the United States and Canada.

is norwex a scam

The first thing you see when you land on Norwex official website, their mission statement.

As I mentioned before, this MLM is a close resemblance to Arbonne in terms of providing chemical-free products to their clientele. In Norwex, in particular, they provide the following varieties:

  • Floor systems
  • Home Essentials
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bath & Body care
  • Personal Care
  • And others

The good thing I see with regards to recruitment is they provide intensive and proper training with a good mentor on the side, teaching you the strategies to ensure the success you hope in the beginning.

If you want an additional FREE training alongside Norwex provides, you can go through Roope's 4-step proven and legitimate way to boost your income in an MLM.

13. Amway

Who wouldn't be familiar with this network marketing company?

Although they are not as long as Avon with more than 100 years in the business, they remain one of the biggest companies you join.

Forbes ranked it as No. 29 Multi-Level Marketing and No. 1by Direct Selling News in 2015. Further, they earned the highest revenue of $9 billion average annual income versus Avon, their closest rival, with only $3 billion.

Proven they existed for 60 years in the MLM industry, you already have a good impression in this company even with your eyes closed. Albeit the numerous reasons for not joining, many still recommend.

That's how popular Amway is.

is amway a ponzi scheme

Amway Product Kit for Members

14. Melaleuca

Founded in 1985, Melaleuca is one of the biggest names cemented in the Multi-Level Marketing industry, competing against the Giants like Herbalife.

Given, it’s obvious they provide similar products to the shared target market. Both of these companies serve in the same niche.

Roope wrote that you can't assess a certain company whether they are good or not based on the duration or length of their business operation itself. You need to dig in deeper to its compensation plan and other related stuff.

That said, you base your opinion on others who have experienced Melaleuca products albeit the high price markup. In fact, they have high reviews on Amazon.

is melaleuca a pyramid scheme

Melaleuca featured products

15. Young Living

As I've pointed earlier, MLMs catering the beauty and health and wellness niches comprise the majority of the companies existing nowadays. And Young Living is one of them, founded in 1993.

Like Amway, this network marketing company share a target market since they also provide health and fitness products within the bounds of their prospective clientele. Apparently, loads of companies do that. Lots of Giants are in this sector, too.

is young living a pyramid scheme

One of Young Living featured products people love

Consequently, it's a struggle to sell products in this condition. However, Young Living overcomes that hurdle by giving the best and high-quality products, ensuring positive feedback as much as possible.

Other than that, they make sure their clientele can afford the products by giving them as much as 30% discounts in every product versus the real market price.

To them, these are the menial but effective ways to give them a competitive edge over the big companies like Amway, for example.

16. Rodan + Fields

If you're a fan of hosting a lot of home parties, you can start with Rodan and Fields (written as Rodan + Fields) as your first MLM to try this year.

They share the same system as Tupperware, who's also into hosting parties to earn more rewards. The same with Vantel Pearls and Origami Owl, both are in the fashion niche though.

is rodan and fields a pyramid scheme

Rodan + Fields has a simplistic and a clear website.

The company started in 2002, a bit young for network marketing, to begin with. As I've mentioned in the previous point, it's not necessary whether this company is young or not as long as they provide the best values or aligned vision as yours at least.

Given, albeit the age of this MLM, they earned more positive feedback from their target niche, fortunately, albeit the controversy they face over the years.

The difference it makes versus the typical network marketing companies in this niche is that they prefer the smaller community than those shared with Mary Kay, Avon, Thirty-One Gifts, and Perfectly Posh.

17. Rocky Mountain Oils

Another new company, but one of the rising companies based on Google trends, is Rocky Mountain Oils, a leading non-MLM purveyor.

Like the rest of the companies offering pure, natural, and authentic essential oils, they share the same target market as Young Living and doTerra.

The thing is, they offer cheaper prices than others with the same product. Plus, the company offers points to those who prefer to order more and repetitively purchase directly to them.

In addition to that, their sole product related to essential oils alone. Unlike doTerra and the rest of the companies that sells oils, Rocky Mountain focuses mainly on the essential oils in different variations.

18. VOLO

If you think a Multi-Level Marketing company is limited to selling physical products such as beauty and cosmetics, you're wrong.

Last year, there are booming niches that you would think crazy like VOLO, a spiritual MLM, you never come across with.

Although there are second thoughts about this company if they are effective or not, still coaching MLM like this one is a trend nowadays.

Top 20 MLM Businesses Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Based on Google search results, you would see life coaching niches like this one. Because it's a new MLM, many people certainly have doubts about joining.

However, you don't have to close your mind about this. An MLM teaching spirituality to others exists. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to encounter VOLO in the first place.

Their courses tackle mostly about meditation, interfering or affecting the level of happiness and other life-changing mindset techniques.

19. Essante Organics

Like Arbonne and Norwex, Essante Organics share the same mission of creating non-GMO and organic products to their clientele.

Based in Arizona, they create items revolving body and skincare, as well as baby care. That said, it's actually similar to other brands people trust like Amway, Avon, Herbalife, and Melaleuca.

When it comes to the overall competition, it surprisingly appears they rival with 100 Percent Pure, Pure Haven, and Truegoods based on their competitive analysis and their CEO performances.

Albeit the controversy, people remain a fan of their products due to its cheaper price range. Realistically, it's a practical choice over others with higher price markup. For those with families, the products under Essante Organics is preferable.

20. NewULife

You notice I've been talking about Google's top rising MLM businesses this year, right? One of those are the companies offering growth hormones.

I wonder what that is so I search it up on the search results and see NewULife, a network marketing company based in California. It's founded in 2017, a young company indeed.

What they're offering is their flagship product called HGH gel, an FDA registered human growth hormone product. It's currently sold without a prescription. So, anybody can purchase it with or without the doctor's advice.

Top 20 MLM Businesses HGH Gel - Your Online Revenue

The rising HGH gel product of NewULife, popular since 2018

Based on reviews, it reportedly increases stamina, energy, sleep improvement, vivid dreams, as well as libido. Just like any men's supplement available on the market.

According to their BBB record, Alex Goldstein runs the company as the CEO and founder. Albeit they're new, they garnered so much attention that whooped Google search results, apparently.

To Join An MLM Or Not - Conclusion

There’s so much to learn when joining any Multi-Level Marketing company is concerned. It’s not just about how effective their product is or what kinds of products they’re selling. It’s more than that.

The important thing is, even when you would fail in this industry, you absorb the learning experience it brings and this should be kept in mind at all times. You can’t expect success within the first try or overnight.

If that’s possible, then I would have achieved that ages ago. But it doesn’t work that way. Even Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder of Your Online Revenue Ltd, doesn’t recommend that.

Do you want to have an ultimate Freedom of your life? If your answer is, "Yes!" follow Roope's Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to get started for free.

That said, given my personal experience in different types of businesses, including joining network marketing companies such as the top 20 MLM businesses to try in 2019 I wrote above.

You need the necessary weapons to give yourself an edge over hundreds of thousands of recruited members in a company. Especially if you plan to join the Giants like Amway or Herbalife.

These are big companies and earning more to compensate your monthly income is nearly impossible. This is a harsh truth, my friend. 

I wrote this post not with the intention of providing you which companies will give a 100% guarantee your success, but only to give you information about the new trends in the Multi-Level Marketing industry.

How To Earn More By Building Your Own Online Empire This Year?

If you intend to earn more, which is your goal of being here in the first place, I rather give you a piece of advice.

It’s best to hone your skill set first and learn the fundamentals of online business before you go through the hell of MLM.

Why would you do that?

Why do you need online training if you’re only selling physical products?

For sure, you’d ask these questions right now.

I tell you, today’s network marketing game changed. It doesn’t solely rely on in-person sales but you have an online reputation to build.

There are MLMs requiring members or affiliates to be knowledgeable in building their websites, increasing traffic to ensure many people visit their online shops to earn.

If you don’t have this skill, how can you, as a member, earn? This is where Roope’s 4-step proven and legitimate income booster technique comes in.

Grab your FREE copy of the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide and see what I’m talking about. You see the people below. These are some of a few people who followed Roope's advice and learned the same 4-step effective strategies. 

I’ve seen it myself and experience the overall strategies, lessons, and interactive videos inside. I know this is a great jumpstart for you, even if you intend to join any of these top 20 MLM businesses I wrote here.

Kudos, my friend.

Now that I shared my thoughts about this comprehensive and lengthy Top 20 MLM businesses to try in 2019 post, it’s time for me to turn the tables and ask you for your awesome thoughts.

Do you intend to join any of these 20 rising MLMs and earn an income for this year? 

Or you rather stick with the online opportunities such as building your own online empire as Roope does as an affiliate marketer?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have further questions that I haven't discussed in the post, feel free to leave them in the comments. I love reading them.

Do the same when you have suggestions to add for this post. That’d be much appreciated as well.

On the other hand, if you feel like you want to learn more about Roope’s step-by-step formula to make money online, leave a comment and he'll be happy to help you out with your business starter concerns.

You can go to any of his posts and leave a comment. He’ll review it and respond to you the soonest.

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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