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Is Tecademics a Scam Or The #1 Internet Marketing Training?

Tecademics Review - Quick Summary

Name: Tecademics

Founded: By Chris Record in 2016. Current Chairman is Jim Piccolo

Product Type: Internet Marketing & Make Money Online Training

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Price: Membership Is Free to Join (That's their marketing strategy) but the Individual Course Prices Are Unknown. More Information Further...

Best for: A person who lives near Arizona USA and has lots of money to invest in the Internet Marketing training courses.

Summary: Tecademics is a business center and an Internet marketing college. They have a huge campus in Arizona with tons of different services that they provide from co-working space to recording studios.

However, in this review we are going to focus on their Internet marketing training and whether or not it's worth it.

Is Tecademics Recommended? Depends on your personal situation and needs. More on this further...

(This is for those who don't want to travel to Arizona, US and want to learn at home.
It's also the same training that made me a full-time Internet marketer.)

Introduction - Internet Marketing Skill Means Lots of $$$ Today

How would it feel if you could make tons of money from the comfort of your own home wearing your pyjama?

Or you would be able to generate income streams online and travel around the world and go wherever you want to go?

I guess it would feel awesome, right?

Well, I can confirm from my own experience that IT IS AWESOME. I make my living online being "my own boss" and it's a great feeling.

Now Tecademics is supposed to teach you the same skills and today I wanted to take a look at what they provide. I am not affiliated with Tecademics in any way.

The purpose of this review is to provide you information regarding their products because many people were searching for it. I consider myself as an "Internet Marketing Expert" so I believe I can share you a thing or two about this company.

What Is Tecademics?

Tecademics, also known as "Internet Marketing College", was founded in 2016 by an experienced Internet marketer called Chris Record.

Their purpose is to teach you to master the ropes of the Internet marketing and make money online. Their name also stands for "Technology Academics" => Tecademics.

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Chris Records' vision in 2016 was to create a successful and a comprehensive Internet marketing college that provides education on various subjects of the Internet marketing.

  • The story behind Tecademics

As I mentioned you in the introduction, Internet marketing skill is worth more than gold nowadays. Companies are willing to pay you lots of money and you can also create your own business if you know what to do or follow a proper online business training.

However, a challenge is that normal colleges don't teach Internet marketing. Schools teach you usually the basics skills on how to use the computer and the Internet.

But they don't teach how to make money through the Internet or reach thousands of people.

Then there are many "make money online gurus" who are selling you their magical programs that are promising you the moon from the sky.

I guess you've seen ads like, "See how this stay-at-home mom makes $8,754 in 15 days! Learn how you can do it as well!" 99,9% of such programs are scams.

Yes, you can make +$10,000/month online but it requires the proper training and tons of effort. It doesn't obviously come by clicking your fingers.

Now Tecademics wants to create something that teaches you the skills in a reliable way like a real college. We may call them a college because they also have a physical campus in the United States, Arizona.

On their website, you can find tons of pictures from their students studying the skills and going through the lessons.

  • Who Is Chris Record? The Founder of Tecademics

Chris Record is already quite a famous within the Internet marketing space. He has worked with several companies and made obviously tons of money.

Therefore, he can certainly teach other people as well how to do profitable Internet marketing.

On the other hand, I need to admit that Chris Record is also somewhat controversial personality. Some people claim Chris has scammed them by inviting people to his programs. Take a look the image below taken from Dirtyscam website:

Some people are claiming that Chris Record is a scam artist. Do your own research before buying.

It's not a positive thing for Tecademics that there are such reviews of Chris on the Internet. However, Chris has left the company for some reasons and now their leader is Jim Piccolo.

How Does Tecademics Training Work?

Tecademics has undergone several changes during its 2 years of operation. The curriculum has changed sometimes and they have improved the courses.

This is what Tecademics was providing before and what changes have come:

1.Main Products

  1. TEC - The Entrepreneur Club ($100 monthly recurring fee)
  2. Tecad- Internet Marketing Principles And Core Training (One-Time Fee $2,000)
  3. MASTERS (One-Time Fee $10,000)
  4. ELITE

As you notice, the prices were not anything cheap. That's also what you can expect from a school that calls themselves the best Internet marketing college in the country. Is it the best? Well, that's another story...

Now Tecademics has updated their system and are currently selling so-called 16 individual success plan that I will describe further.

2.Business Model 

Before Tecademics was working within multi-tier affiliate program. It's not purely affiliate marketing nor multi-level marketing. It means that members will earn commissions by referring new members to the program up to multiple tiers.

It's so close to multi-level marketing that it has a little bit bad reputation among many honest Internet marketers. 

Many businesses using that business model have been closed over the years by FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Some recent examples from the Internet marketing space are MOBE and Digital Altitude. Those businesses have resembled too much a classical pyramid scheme.

That's probably one of the reasons why Tecademics has also changed their business model and, as far as I know, they have abandoned the multi-tier affiliate program. It keeps them more safe and people don't claim that it would be a pyramid scheme.

3.Tecademics Lessons

At first, Tecademics lessons were also available online but now they have been removed from the Internet. You can now only go to the courses in their location, Arizona US. 

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4.Leader of the Tecademics Company

As mentioned above, the leader of Tecademics has been changed and now Jim Piccolo is leading it. You can see the picture of Jim below:

Jim Piccolo, the current leader of Tecademics.

5.Current Tecademics Services

Tecademics isn't only an Internet marketing college. They are actually providing many other services as well.

They provide...

  • Large 7,500 square foot co-working space. 
  • Meeting rooms for businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Events
  • Studio for recording and photographing
  • And more.

In the other words, Tecademics has become a "business center" where digital entrepreneurs can connect and meet other like-minded people.

Now let's talk about the 16 Individual Success Paths course that they are providing. That's their current Internet marketing plan.

Tecademics Training Courses - 16 Success Paths

As I explained above, instead of using their 4 core products, they have changed into a different kind of training plan that consists of 16 individual success plans.

Those 16 subjects include all kinds of important and relevant topics of the Internet marketing including:

Each subject is divided into 5 courses that are:

  1. Foundational Courses
  2. Core Courses
  3. Tactical Courses
  4. Sprint Courses
  5. Optional Courses

All training modules are quite comprehensive and consist of several days of training. In the image below you can see as an example their Day 1 - Day 5 from one of their core courses that consists in total of 15 days.

Core Course Days 1-5 from one of their trainings.

They talk about all the important subjects of the Internet marketing and many courses are targeted towards beginners.

As you can see above, they have Facebook 101 and similar "101 trainings" also for Instagram, YouTube and other social medias.

This kind of "shotgun strategy" can give you a good overall picture of what's going on online and within the Internet marketing space but it doesn't necessarily make you an expert.

If you want to become a great Internet marketer and start making money online like I do, I recommend going though this step-by-step training course.

Other recommended training courses that you can take from home are:

But if you have an opportunity and willingness to travel to Arizona, I think you will also learn a couple of new skills and ideas with Tecademics as well.

They have put lots of sweat and effort on creating their Internet marketing school and I believe they provide a great value.

Pros & Cons of Tecademics


1.Company Has a Great Vision

Tecademics is trying to fill out the gap between old-school colleges and shady "make money online systems".

Their mission is to have a reputable Internet marketing college where you can go to learn and master important skills.

I definitely support this kind of entrepreneurial innovations and it's great that people are teaching Internet marketing. That's what I am also doing myself so Tecademics teachers can also be considered as my "colleagues".

2.Tons of Different Training Courses

You saw above how wide range of different skills they are teaching.

Basically, anything that you want to learn regarding Internet marketing is covered under one of their training courses.

That's certainly a big benefit.

However, if you are already an advanced Internet marketing many of their courses may feel too basic.

3.It's Physical Campus Where You Can Go

Well, this can also be seen as a drawback because it's not online but if I would be living in Arizona, I would certainly enjoy visiting their in the physical place.

You can learn tons of skills and meet many people online but there's always some sort of "magic" when you do it in person in the real life. 

When you go to real-life trainings, there are usually more emotions involved compared to trainings that you watch on your sofa eating pop corns.

4.Networking Opportunities with Other Internet Marketers

This is related to the previous benefit. When you go to a real physical space, you are also able to connect with other Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs.

Those connections may be worth $1,000,000's during your lifetime. It's always great to meet other people and share ideas.

By the way, if you want to connect with me and get my 1-on-1 support to the Internet marketing and making money online, you can do so here.


1.You Need to Go to Arizona

It's a benefit that they have a physical place but it can also be a drawback.

First of all, many people don't have the opportunity to travel to Arizona to their training center.

Second, even though you could travel to Arizona in theory, it may be more convenient to learn the skills online. There are tons of awesome Internet marketing training courses also online that you can use.

My top recommended Internet marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate is available worldwide and there are already 1,5 million people in the community. That also provides great networking opportunities.

2.It's Expensive

Well, this is of course relative. If you are already a multi-millionaire then you probably consider their courses cheap but if you are a rather new entrepreneur or not rich yet, you probably say they are expensive.

In the past, you needed to pay $10,000 to roll into some of their face-to-face training courses in the campus. For the same price you could buy online courses from the best Internet marketers in the world.

At the moment, they don't reveal the prices on their homepage and you need to contact Tecademics for more information.

If you don't have $1,000's or $10,000's to spend for the training, I recommend that you start this world-class Internet marketing training for FREE:

I am not saying that you shouldn't pay for the education. I'm just saying that the price doesn't always correlate with the quality and there are much cheaper alternatives to Tecademics that provide a great training as well.

Tecademics has its own strengths but you need to be able to pay for that.

3.You Need to Know What You Want to Learn

That's of course a good foundation for anything in life. You need to know what you want to achieve before starting.

However, what if you just want to make money online don't know whether Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other platform would be better for you.

When I got started, I just had an idea, "I want to make my living online and affect positively in people's lives. I want to improve people's lives and get paid for that."

I didn't have an idea how to get started. But I found the Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training that taught me everything. It also guided me to building my own website that I never taught before would be even possible. 

Did you know that you can create your very own website even in 30 seconds even without any prior experience?

Anyway, I am sure that Tecademics will provide some sort of tips to choose your right direction. Other option is to follow my #1 recommendation below and get my 1-on-1 support.

I'll personally take a look at your situation (for free) and let you know my recommendations. Get started through the button below:

Is Tecademics a Scam?

No, Tecademics is not a scam.

Many people were asking this on Google probably because of the suspicious background of the founder of Tecademics, Chris Record.

Even though he is a successful Internet marketer, he has been involved with scammy companies like Empower Network

If you haven't heard of Empower Network before, it was a highly popular pyramid scheme-ish Internet marketing training that finally collapsed a few years ago.

Many regular individuals lost $1,000's with Empower Network. Some lost even $10,000's. Top earners like Chris Record cashed out lots of money from the company.

I hope that he is not nowadays promoting any similar programs.

Anyway, Tecademics is not a scam. They are providing real training that teaches real skills for Internet marketing.

My Sincere Advice to You

I want to help you to master Internet Marketing.

If you want to master the ropes of the Internet marketing and make big money online, I recommend that you take some training.

It will fast-track your success immediately compared to those individuals who try to learn everything just by themselves.

If you are living near Arizona and you have lots of extra money in your pockets, Tecademics may be a great choice for you. You get to know also other people who are studying and learning the same things like you are.

On the other hand, if you don't have an opportunity to travel to Arizona at the moment, there are great Internet marketing trainigs available online as well.

My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate for several reasons:

  1. Easy-to-follow step-by-step training.
  2. It helped me to go from 0 to making a full-time income online.
  3. It has also helped 1,000's of other individuals all over the world to achieve the same.
  4. You get to connect with me and other community members.
  5. I provide you my 1-on-1 support and help.

By the way, it's FREE to get started and even the all-inclusive premium membership is less than $1 per day. So, it's really a no-brainer.

What kind of experiences do you have with Tecademics or other Internet Marketing courses?

What has been the best Internet Marketing training that you have taken so far?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support and help to build your online business?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



Overall Ranking


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