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Is KidsGetMoney.Co A Scam Or Legit? [$500 Daily Income Possible?!]

Is KidsGetMoney.Co A Scam Or Legit? Learn How To Avoid This Affiliate Marketing Network & Learn 4-Step Proven Affiliate Marketing Method To Earn Legit $5,000. Read This Post To Learn More About This Company And How To Prevent Being Their Victims This Year.

Welcome to my Kids Get Money Review!

Recently, a new scammy affiliate marketing company is on fire. As far as the reviews mentioned, this one I reviewed came into 3 names (this time, it’s their third) after 2 failed attempts to… lure victims?

Albeit a continuous work on eradicating sketchy companies like Kids Get Money, there are still many people get into this trouble and give in with their enticing offer. If you’re here, I congratulate you because you know the value of earning money and you’re aware it’s never easy to make a buck!

That also means you’re patient with earning in a legitimate and proven technique as Roope and the rest of the successful A-list entrepreneurs did with their respective businesses. If you’re interested with this option, compared to this company I’ll review in a while, grab and download your FREE Ultimate Make Money Online.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Kids Get Money Review - Quick Summary

Name: Kids Get Money

Founded: 2019

Type: Affiliate Marketing Network

Price: Free registration

Best for: Nobody.

Is KidsGetMoney.Co A Scam Or Legit? Learn How To Avoid This Affiliate Marketing Network & Learn 4-Step Proven Affiliate Marketing Method To Earn Legit $5,000. Read This Post To Learn More About This Company And How To Prevent Being Their Victims This Year.

Summary: Kids Get Money is a recently established affiliate marketing network in which they invite people to sign up and become affiliates in exchange for an immediate $25 payment upon registration and extra payment for referrals.

Is Kids Get Money Recommended? No.

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Is Global Domains International A Scam?

Is Global Domains International a scam? The company has been in the domain service industry for 18 years, are they still worth your money in exchange for your website? Read here.

Welcome to my Global Domains International Review!

I assume you want to build your own website and turn it into a money-making machine, earning $$$ of passive residual income. As a jumpstart before you purchase a domain for yourself, you want to determine, “Is Global Domains International a scam” or not?

You want to make sure whether a few bucks will give you a large amount of Return of Investment (ROI) in your end. Even if it’s just $10 per month.

Setting the money aside, you don’t want to put your time and effort to waste, right? You want to make a guarantee. That’s clear, my friend.

As far as your research goes, I assume you have encountered big domain registries providers like Namecheap, Bluehost, GoDaddy, or WPEngine.

If you’re already familiar with how they work and how the system goes from purchasing the domain to uploading WordPress in it, understanding how Global Domains International won’t be alienating to you either.

Otherwise, you have to get to know GDI from their roots.

In this post, let’s focus on how GDI functions as a domain registry provider and a networking company and how it makes the best addition to your passive income streams.

If you’re far interested in learning the top legitimate money-making method, I suggest you stay until the end of this comprehensive and honest review.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Global Domains International Review - Quick Summary

Name: Global Domains International

Founded: 2000

Type: Network Marketing Company & Domain Registry Service

Price: $10/Month

Best for: Beginner website owners, who want to have a feel of running a site or blog online for a cheap price

Is Global Domains International A Scam - Logo

Summary: Global Domains International is a domain registry service provider, who's been in the industry since the internet progressed in 2000s. They've been the pioneers of selling domains to companies and individuals before blogging trend came into existence for a cheap price (as low as $10/month).

Is Global Domains International Recommended? For running a top site and earning trust from people, no.

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review [Guaranteed $100K Income?!]

Read my comprehensive Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review and learn more about the course before you invest your time and money on it.

Welcome to my Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review!

Affiliate marketing has been popular income stream among online entrepreneurs, including Roope himself. You don’t need to sell a physical product and chase people for the sake of sales volume just as you could go through in any Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business.

With its increasing trend among bloggers and other online marketers, I bet you got yourself divided whether it’s worth to invest in affiliate marketing and earn a passive income from it...or not at all. 

Before we dig into it, let me congratulate you on your research endeavor. To me, it sounds like you want to make sure you’re in safe hands before you open your pockets and spend some bucks to start an online business through it. You’re one of the top 1% who’s willing to risk to earn passive income.

For you, how to get started with affiliate marketing is the issue. We’ll tackle that in a while. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review - Quick Summary

Name: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Founded: 2016

Founder: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Type: Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginner Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers

Price: $197 (one time payment); $105/month (2-time payment)

Best for: Beginner affiliate marketers who want to succeed in affiliate marketing industry

Making-Sense-of-Affiliate-Marketing Logo

Summary: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a comprehensive 6-module course created specifically for beginner affiliate marketers, who want to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, as well as the associated skills required i.e. blogging, social media, and SEO.

Is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course Recommended? For beginners, yes. For advanced affiliate marketers, no. 

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13 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories! [Make +$10,000/Month]

Does Wealthy Affiliate work? Is their training really so good that everyone tells? Will I really make a life-changing income online by following their training?

If you are looking for real, honest and transparent Wealthy Affiliate success stories and answers, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will to show you 13 Wealthy Affiliate success stories from real people.

I know many of these members personally and I've met some of them also during my travels.

If you haven't heard of my own success story, I recommend checking out the following video where I explain how I went from a complete beginner to making a full-time income online thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.  

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Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery A Scam? [Not My #1 Recommendation!]

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review - Quick Summary

Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Founder: Stefan James Pylarinos

Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $1,997 or 3 payments of $767 (=$2,301)

Best for: Beginners who have lots of extra money to invest in their affiliate marketing training

Summary: Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a step-by-step affiliate marketing training course targeted for beginners. Stefan is an experienced affiliate marketer and has lots of experience of making big bucks online.

His course has tons of great tips for beginners but it comes with an expensive price and lacks some essential tools that are required for you to getting started.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Recommended? Affiliate Marketing Mastery is not our top recommended training but the skills you learn may be worth the price if you apply it.

Introduction: The Beauty Of Affiliate Marketing

Who wouldn't like to make money with affiliate marketing?

It's a business model that makes you money even while you are sleeping, laying down on the beach or hanging out with your friends.

You don't have bosses, deadlines and not needs to deal with clients.

In short, you can decide what you do, when you do it and wherever you want to do it.

It's not a coincidence that I make my living with affiliate marketing and I've helped +3,000 people to get started as well. 

Your income usually grows like a snowball and you get a raise every single month.

So, why doesn't everyone make money with affiliate marketing? After educating 1,000's of people, I've found out the 3 most common reasons:

  1. People don't know how to get started with affiliate marketing.
  2. Some people get started but they lack support & step-by-step training.
  3. Many people quit because they don't get immediate results.

We have reviewed more than 500 make money online training programs, tools and courses and seen everything.

There are many affiliate marketing training courses that literally suck. Save your time and money from them...

Here's my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training program that has been used by +1,500,000 people worldwide and helped many of them to earn a life-changing income online.

Now let's go to our Affiliate Marketing Mastery review. It's written by my trusted writer and I've added some of my own notes in the article. Enjoy!

What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

There are tons of affiliate marketing programs readily available online that claim to teach the users how to build a multi-million online business. Well, some do live up to their words while some are a bunch of hyped get-rich-quick schemes that fail miserably.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is an affiliate marketing program that has caught the eyes of many in the recent past. The program itself was created by Stefan James Pylarinos, a renowned internet marketer, who has also created other high-quality programs such as K Money Mastery.

In nutshell, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a step-by-step training course designed to help individuals build a successful online business through affiliate marketing.

For starters, the course is ideal for anyone looking to create a passive income stream, whether you are a beginner or an expert in internet marketing. 

But, is the hefty price tag - $1,997-for the course worth it? This is an in-depth and unbiased review of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program, to help you decide if the course is a great value for your money.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Mastery Work?

Stefan James, in his  online video program, clearly states that the course is for those ready to put in efforts and lots of it so as to realize desirable results.

The program also includes webinars that are aimed at helping the users create and maintain an online business as well as tips on how to get additional earnings. On top of it all, he shows proof that the program actually works.

The whole course can be summarized in seven modules with hours of worth content that can be downloaded in PDF transcript format.

Additionally, the program comes with a 90-day email coaching program that tracks your progress as well as help you reach to the next level. If you're not familiar with email marketing yet, I recommend checking out the following articles that I've written for you to help you to get started:

  1. #1 Email Marketing Training Course Revealed!
  2. #1 Email Marketing Tool Revealed!

Now let’s have a look at the seven modules and what each entails;

  • Module 1: Strategy and Mindset

Stefan used module 1 to lay the basis of affiliate marketing. In this chapter, he not only help the users create an effective plan but also cultivate the right mindset, which is paramount in building a successful online business. 

The goal-setting approach, used in this module, is a huge plus in terms of creating a notion that there is no overnight success in affiliate marketing and that one must put in a good amount of efforts.

  • Module 2: Niche selection

Module 2 covers the process of choosing a niche that bests suits your interests and passion and build a profitable online business around these niches. The best thing is that Stefan provides a well laid-out step-by-step guide and criteria to help you choose the best niche to build an online business around, as well as find affiliate products to market.

And since keywords are vital in the success of an online business, the module also teaches the users how to optimize keywords related to their niche so as to capture more clients. 

  • Module 3: Creating your online brand presence

Basically, in this module, it is all about marketing your online business on various platforms including social media and WordPress. But first, as a user, you will be guided on how to create a captivating brand name for your business and setting up a domain name and hosting for your own website. In addition, you will also learn how SEO works and how you can optimize your blog to attract traffic.

  • Module 4: Quality content creation

High-quality content is necessary for internet marketing. The audience needs to connect with them in your blog and social media pages so as to divert to your web. Moreover, quality content helps build a lasting relationship with your marketing. In this module, you will learn how to create quality content that is SEO optimized allowing you to attract consistent traffic to your web.

  • Module 5: Marketing strategies

Module 5 focuses on generating traffic, followers, and subscribers using effective marketing strategies. Traffic generation is the backbone of internet marketing since the higher the traffic the higher the income. This is why Stefan, in this module, focuses on advanced SEO techniques and social media promotions and also how to create a strong email list.

  • Module 6: Monetizing your traffic

As an internet marketer, you may have traffic to your website and a huge social media following and still, make nothing much. This is the case when you have no idea on what to do with the traffic generated. In this module, you will learn how to monetize the traffic from your web and social media platforms as well, by marketing profitable and relevant products.

  • Module 7: Performance and Analytics

As an internet marketer it is crucial you track your progress, and that's what this module is all about. In accordance with the goals set in module 1, this module helps point out some of the reasons why you might have missed out on your objectives.

But it does it end there, there are split tests, weekly webinars and email coaching program in this module that are designed to help you optimize your marketing and generate more income.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery For?

The program is best for anyone looking for a way to get started in internet marketing and how have lots of money to invest. If you prefer to get started with affiliate marketing for free, I recommend following my FREE guide here.

You don't have to have any set of skills as the program is well detailed and contains all the necessary information needed to kick-start a successful online business.

However, it is worth noting that a lot of patience and hard work is required so as to achieve results. If you are into an overnight success, then this program and even the entire idea of affiliate marketing is not for you.

Pros & Cons Of Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Stefan’s Affiliate Marketing Mastery program is a legit course with tons of training to help beginners get started with affiliate marketing. Some of the advantages include;

  • 1. The Support

Affiliate Marketing Mastery (AMM) has a supportive Facebook page with members ready to answer all your questions. The group, however, is only accessible by members only. Alternatively, you can also direct your inquiries to the AMM support team on their official website.

  • 2. High-Quality Training

The one thing that stands out the most about AMM program is the comprehensive and effective training it offers. This is evident from the step-by-step video tutorials that cover everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, right from scratch.

This makes this program quite favorable for beginners or anyone with no prior computer knowledge. And the fact that all these come from a reputable internet marketer, that's a huge plus.

  • 3. Not Much Hype

Most affiliate marketing programs today are too hyped with unrealistic claims of making millions within a short period. They end up selling false hopes to unaware customers who only end up frustrated when don’t make the figures claimed by these hyped programs. 

Other programs may be legit but oversell the results, which sucks big time.However, the case is different in Affiliate Marketing Mastery as Stefan James clearly put it that his program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Moreover, the program is detailed in all its modules aimed at teaching people the basics of affiliate marketing.

Besides if you are not satisfied with the results there is a 30-day refund policy. All you got to do is send the support team an email requesting for a refund and you will have your money back.Cons

  • 1. Lacks all the tools

One of the major drawbacks of this program is that it lacks a few essential tools necessary for building a business online. As a user you do not get web hosting services, website domain registration, and keyword search tool as well as an auto-mail-responder. 

This means that you will have to register your own domain name and look for web hosting services, all of which, in turn, may cost you a few extra bucks on top of the initial cost of the program.

  • 2. Too expensive

As much as the program seems like a good deal to invest in, the price is the major setback. The program offers two main payment options;

  • A one-time payment of $1,997
  • 3 installment payment totaling up to $2,301

Although it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, the price is quite high given the fact that there are other programs, for instance, Wealthy Affiliate, that offers everything AMM program offers at a more affordable price.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a Scam?

Definitely NOT. As a matter of fact, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program has helped hundreds build well-paying online businesses. The hefty price and lack of essential tools are what makes the program less attractive.

It is for this reason that AMM program is not worth investing in, having in mind you can get the same quality of training inclusive of all the tool, at a much cheaper price.

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate Better Than AMM?

If you have followed our website for a while, you have noticed that Wealthy Affiliate is our TOP recommendation for anyone who wants to make big money online with affiliate marketing.

Below you can see the list of all tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides. It's much more comprehensive and affordable than AMM. Learn more and get started with Wealthy Affiliate here.

Here are 4 more reasons why we rather recommend you Wealthy Affiliate over Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

  • 1. Wealthy Affiliate Comes With All Essential Tools

As mentioned earlier, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program lacks a few key tools that are crucial to building a successful online business. What this means is that one will have to incur an extra cost, on top of the already hefty price tag of the AMM program.

However, the case is different with Wealthy Affiliate program as it comes with:

  •  Keyword research tool, Jaaxy
  • 3-click website builder and WordPress hosting services for up to 25 domains. 
  • SSL, SiteSpeed + Other important tools to boost your affiliate marketing success

Wealthy Affiliate is like an "all-in-one" stop for anyone who wants to make money with affiliate marketing.

  • 2. 24/7/365 Live Support

As a beginner, chances are you might get stuck along the way when building your online business. Therefore one cannot afford to overlook the importance of having a readily available support time.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can get support the various support platforms that include interactive discussion and private access to community experts. And if for some reason you are not satisfied with the answers from the groups, you can send a personal message to the private one on one support time, or better still message the owners of the program directly.

  • 3. Wealthy Affiliate Is 100% Beginner-Friendly

You can look at a program’s beginner friendliness from various perspective. One way to look at it is the affordability. As a beginner it is normal not to completely trust a program which may in return force you not to invest your money.

But if a program offers a starters account, absolutely for free, chances are you will join. You don’t have anything to lose after all. That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate does.

The starters account gives you one training module consisting of ten training videos, alongside other classrooms. The account also gives you access to a limited number of keyword search tools to build kick start your online business. If you are satisfied with the program, you can opt to upgrade to premium membership to enjoy the full benefits of this program.

I also wrote you an article an article sharing my experiences of Wealthy Affiliate as a beginner. Read it by clicking the following link: Is Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners? Read My Success Story!

  • 4. Wealthy Affiliate Is Much Cheaper

Finally, the price of the two programs is what tips the balance. Both Affiliate Marketing Mastery and Wealthy Affiliate offer high-quality effective training on building a successful online business. However, would you rather invest a large amount of money in a particular program, whereas you can get the same program with added features, at a cost lower than the price of the first program? Quality notwithstanding.

Affiliate marketing programs are a good place to start learning about internet marketing. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should spend a fortune trying to acquire these programs.

A good program is one that gives you all quality training and tools needed to build an online business but at the same time not eating too much into your pocket. Which is why Wealthy Affiliate is the ideal program to invest 

  • 5. Wealthy Affiliate Is Much More Established

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 and since then they have educated +1,500,000 people to start making money online with affiliate marketing.

They have a much longer history and they've helped way more people than Affiliate Marketing Mastery. I don't share this to share to say that AMM would be a bad program but Wealthy Affiliate is just clearly superior. 

Read My Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to get started with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.

Conclusion - Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Worth It?

Yes and no.

If you have lots of extra money to invest in affiliate marketing training programs, you can buy AMM and gets lots of ideas and instructions.

It's not the best affiliate marketing training program but it's one of the good ones. Stefan James is a successful affiliate marketer and he knows what he's talking about.

However, if you want to get the best affiliate marketing training for an affordable price, I recommend getting started with Wealthy Affiliate

Making money online with affiliate marketing has enabled me to travel around the world and it can enable you as well! 🙂 Read My Ultimate Guide To Get Started.

Above you can get a quick glimpse of a freedom that affiliate marketing has given me. When you follow the PROVEN steps and put in the effort, you will certainly achieve the same.

I am also daily helping people to achieve more success with affiliate marketing and I'd be happy to help you as well.

In my Ultimate Guide, you'll learn more how to get started with my 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring for free.

Now I have shared my thoughts and opinions and I would love to hear from you.

What kind of experiences do you have with Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Have you used other affiliate marketing training programs?

Do you have experience of affiliate marketing?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support and mentoring to earn more?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I want to make sure that you start earning money online if that's your goal. I've helped +3,000 individuals to get started and I'm excited to help YOU as well.


Is Legendary Marketer a Scam? No, But Wealthy Affiliate Is Much Better!

Legendary Marketer Review 2019 - February Update

I have now tested the NEW Legendary Marketer 3.0. for 1,5 months.

Based on my experiences that it's definitely worth trying.

You'll learn lots of valuable high-income skills that will help you to make money online.

You can start it now for 100% FREE through my link below:

Get Started for FREE and Make Your First Earnings in 15 Days!

Legendary Marketer Review 2019 - January Update

The review below is made regarding the old Legendary Marketer system.

However, they have recently updated the whole program releasing Legendary Marketer 3.0. As a result, their marketing and advertising is made more honest and transparent.

I have recently invested +$2,700 in this program and I will provide you with an updated review soon.

However, if you don't want to invest $2,700 yet like I did, you can follow my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide and start learning for completely free.

When you sign up to my email list, I will provide you with my updated and honest review of Legendary Marketer.

Stay tuned and watch your inbox like a hawk!

You have probably seen seen some Legendary Marketer reviews where their affiliates are touting how awesome this program is.

At the moment, there is a review of Jack Cao where is trying to push you this system in order to make money. Actually, he shows some income proofs that he earned when people bought the system because of his promotion.

legendary marketer review

Be careful with these promotional reviews!

Jack Cao and other affiliates obviously don't want to tell you the truth about the system because their goal is to milk as much money out from you as possible.

In my Legendary Marketer review, I am going to reveal the truth of this program that their affiliates would never tell you.

First, I considered promoting Legendary Marketer system because they are teaching some valuable tips. But after a closer research and thinking, I realized that I don't want to lose my reputation by promoting this kind of unethical systems.

On our website, see that we only promote the BEST ways to make money online. I warn you that this review is very honest and I share my opinion of this program very openly.

My review is probably going to make Legendary Marketer affiliates crazy because I reveal you the truth of this program. However, I am willing to take the risk because I feel it's my responsibility to deliver you the most honest and accurate information.

Are you ready? Let's have a look!

Legendary Marketer Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Founder: David Sharpe (a.k.a. Duplicate Dave)

Product Type: High-Ticket Internet Marketing Training

Price: All Products in Total: +$58,000

Best for: People Who Care More About Money Than Helping Other People

Summary: Legendary Marketer is an expensive Internet Marketing Training program created by David Sharpe. Even though the course provides value, it is highly overpriced and resembles closely other systems that were shut down by the Federal Trade Commission

Is Legendary Marketer Recommended? No. There are much cheaper and better alternatives available.

UPDATE February 2019:

After the huge Legendary Marketer update, there are now 2 programs that I recommend: Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate.

Legendary Marketer is now MUCH better than before and it's my #1 recommendation for many people.

I highly recommend that you try Legendary Marketer out for 100% free yourself through their 15-day challenge and see if you start making money.

Legendary Marketer Scam Review

Some people claim that Legendary Marketer is a blatant scam while the others promise you even the Moon from the sky if you join this system.

I created you a comprehensive expert review video of Legendary Marketer on YouTube that I recommend watching below.

At the end of the video, I also reveal you the best steps for making honest online.

So, watch the whole video and ask me if you have any questions because I will be happy to help you out!

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Founded by David Sharp, Legendary Marketer is a significant brand that is supposed to help individuals build their own online marketing business. Legendary Marketer educates people through live events and online courses.

They (Legendary Marketer and its affiliates) also want to highlight that as a member you would be make extraordinary profits even in a short period of time.

Having established 3 successful multi-million dollar companies, David Sharpe is an experienced Internet marketer and knows very well how to sell courses online. He promises that you will be provided with an education platform that will help you as an entrepreneur earn income with your own digital business.

However, some people claim that the main purpose of the Legendary Marketer training is to teach how you could sell David's own products.

It's worth mentioning that David Sharpe has been greatly involved in the past with a shady program called Empower Network. I don't know if the company has already gone to bankruptcy for running a pyramid scheme but all reliable online entrepreneurs have seen the true nature of the system.

I am not sure if Dave has also been involved with other pyramid schemes in the past but being a big promoter of Empower Network doesn't give him any credibility.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

According to the founder, the rate of online business survival is extremely miserable. It just behaves like a traditional business startup, with a success rate of 1 out of 10. This is however not the case with franchise business which depicts a higher success rate of 9 out of 10.

NOTE! This is a classical marketing strategy that similar program creators (MOBE, Digital Altitude, Empower Network, etc.) use to sell you their system. 

David Sharp says that he has created a sales funnel that has been proven to work efficiently. Some of his affiliates say that you will definitely make money on using his online franchise business.

Take a look at the the landing page, for example on below:

legendary marketer review

David Sharpe and his affiliates give you huge promises but the reality is completely different. More on this below...

He says that you will make your own money online by duplicating what the founder Dave has developed, a successful sales funnel that has been proven legit. No wonder the Legendary marketer is also referred to as ‘Duplicate Dave’.

After signing up to the legendary Marketer, You are taken through 15 steps which help in educating an individual in the process of building a business as a Legendary Marketer. The 15 guides are in form of videos.

In addition, they give you a "coach" and market this feature in the following way:

A coach is then assigned to you, in order to assist you to unlock the rest of the core steps. This coach also remains to be your guide, to help you navigate the process of building a stable online business for yourself. This is what makes Legendary Marketer great, with unique features that are not available in other affiliates markets.

Do you want to know what is the truth behind this "coaching" system?

Many people who go through the Legendary Marketer system say that their "coaches" are just salespersons who are trying to sell you always a higher upsell. In 2017 I started an exactly similar system called Digital Altitude that used the same strategy. I quickly noticed what's happening, went away from the system and warned others.

This "coaching" (read:selling) strategy is typical for this kind of high ticket programs. They give you a coach that tries to pushes you to buy a next product, then the next one and the next one and so on.

These high ticket companies use it because it seems to work but many customers leave frustrated because their expectations were not met.

First I thought that within Digital Altitude I could be able to get some good tips and advice from my coach but I realized that I am much more skillful Internet marketer than him. His purpose wasn't even train me but just to sell the next product.

What's included in The Legendary Marketer?

We all understand that rate of success in trying to make money online is low. The studies show that more than 70% of the people who try to make money online haven't even eared their first dollar yet.

The major factors are a lack of traffic and a proper step-by-step training. It does not matter what quality products you sell, but if you don’t have visitors to offer your product, you will never make any money.

Dave Sharp says that now he has built a marketing and training system to help overcome this particular challenge. The downside is that you he charges you even $58,000 for all of his products.

A cheaper alternative for you is to read my 10-step guide where I teach how you will get tens of thousands of visitors to your website like I get. You just need to follow my 10 steps that I share for completely free. 

Which one of the offers sound better? At least I wouldn't be to excited to pay Dave $58k knowing that he has a vast experience luring people to shady programs like Empower Network.

Legendary Marketer Products

Even though I can't honestly recommend their products, I will explain you what they are trying to sell you in order to make this review as comprehensive as possible. I will explain the pricing of the products further.

The Legendary marketer offers several product lines. The training program is the ‘Legendary Marketer Club’. This one contains resources that trains, educates and helps members grow their digital marketing business and skills. 

Members of this product have access to monthly training and past training with live classes and several other courses.

The ‘Legendary Builder Masterclass’ is another foundational product, with marketing and business strategies for starting and building the digital business. Members here have access to a master class that covers leadership principles, sales skills, lead generation strategies, storytelling, and presentations.

The ‘Legendary Leader Masterclass’ will teach you how to become a leader in a marketplace, expand your brand and dominate. As a member here, you will be trained in the development of the brand, scaling and product messaging strategies that is supposed to enhance the growth of your business. 

You will also have the opportunity to receive interviews and exclusive talks from highly successful leaders from several industries revealing their growth strategies.

The Legendary Marketer also has the ‘Legendary Marketer Mastermind’ is a 3-day live event with cheaper cover for mastermind lead generation. The ‘Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind’ which is more expensive generally focuses on the overall success of becoming a better person.

Finally, the ‘Legendary Lifestyle experience’ gives one the opportunity to meet with other people sharing similar goals, network and learn more. This happens in an exotic location for 3-4 days.

The cost of the products is huge. For example, Legendary Lifestyle experience costs a staggering $30,000! More details on the product prices further...

Is Legendary Marketer a Pyramid Scheme?

Legendary Marketer’s concept is quite simple. You pay them big money in order to promote their programs further. Some people claim it's a pyramid scheme but that's not 100% true.

Even though Legendary Marketer has some characteristics of a pyramid scheme I can't call it an illegal pyramid scheme at this stage.

An important point to note is that the Legendary Marker is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. The synonym of MLM is network marketing and like the name implicates, the system is constructed of several levels.

Being a one level affiliate programme, Legendary Marketer will only award you commissions from an affiliate you have referred and from what they have purchased. You don’t expect to receive commissions from members they bring on board and so on.

Although it operates on a one level affiliate program, it provides a platform that enables you to make huge commissions. That's probably the main reason why some people get lured in the system even though they see the system a bit unethical.

The Legendary training platform is designed to help you earn income. It, however, requires you to input enormous effort and money; it is not as easy like most people think about making money online.

You have to be patient, concentrate and work very hard. The Legendary platform, therefore, does not guarantee you to get rich quickly. That applies to any kind of (online) business. If you want to make money, you need to work hard and often invest money as well.

Who Is The Legendary Marketer Meant For?

The program is targeted to anyone who wants to make a living through the internet. As demand for making money online has gone up, many types of online training courses such as ‘Legendary marketing’ have also became relatively popular.

The real fact is that for you to have success in online business, you have to pay expensively for an element known as ‘getting traffic online’. Even with products of Legendary Marketer, you will have to spend more on advertising.

Everyone would want to buy into a dynamic system that has been set up all ready for you. But you definitely have to pay in order to play in this business. This Legendary Marketer system is not the best option for the paycheck to paycheck scrapers.

How Do Some People Make Quick Money with Legendary Marketer?

If you read Jack Cao's Legendary Marketer review, you probably noticed that he made $125 right away in 2 days after joining. In 3 months he had made more than $4,700.

However, he didn't explain the background to such earnings. He has worked within the Internet marketing industry for numerous years and endless hours. Jack has attained a large following and a high traffic website thanks to this step-by-step training.

It's relatively easy for people like Jack or me who can reach hundreds of thousands of people online but for a beginner things are completely different.

The reason why some people make quick money with Legendary Marketer is that they already have years of experience in the industry and thousands of followers.

Want to Make Real Money Online?

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The Pricing Of All Legendary Marketer Products

Learning and succeeding in online marketing comes at a cost. You anyway needs to invest your time and in most cases some money as well. However, the pricing of Legendary Marketer is just, in my opinion, designed to make its founder rich.

Legendary Marketer doesn't only require you to spend tens of thousands of dollars to their products but also lots of money in the lead generation and advertising.

Here are prices of some of their most popular products:

  • Legendary Marker Club costs $30 per month
  • Legendary Builder master class costs $2,500
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass costs $5,000.
  • Other costs include the Legendary Marketer Mastermind for $8,000
  • The Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind for $12,000
  • Legendary Lifestyle Experience costing $30,000

In the other words, if you are planning to buy their all products (that their "coaches" will encourage you to do), you will need to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

This doesn't include your marketing costs that you will need to pay if you plan to follow their training.

I would say that if you are planning to go "all-in" with Legendary Marketer, you must be ready to invest at least $100,000 in the system.

At this stage you probably understand why I don't recommend the system to most people. If you are looking for a cheaper (and much better) alternative, have a look at my #1 recommendation here.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

In this chapter I will reveal you how much money Legendary Marketer affiliates are making. For you to gain a commission in any of these products, you must have done 3 referrals of the product sale or purchased the product.

A member at the basic level pay $30 per month isn’t able to get any commissions above this level. For instance, if one referral buys the $2500 or above package, the commission will just have to be passed up.

For you to qualify to receive commissions at the basic level, you have to make 3 referrals at a higher level. But it is often associated with other problems, one being not owning the product. It is also going to cost you a lot of money in advertising these referrals.

By the way, Digital Altitude that was recently attacked by FTC for creating consumer injury exceeding $14,000,000 used almost EXACTLY similar system like Legendary Marketer.

If all you own is a $30 package, you will need to spend minimum $200-$300 every month to drive traffic. The more you spend, the more traffic you will get. This means you will probably be spending even more for the traffic than you have invested in the Legendary Marketer product.

Below you can see the breakdown of the Legendary Marketer affiliate program commissions:

legendary marketer review

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Commissions look nice but they come with a cost of milking money from other people.

The commissions look really good. But you also need to spend on traffic to get these offers to as many people. Free spamming on Facebook doesn’t work so effectively because there are other millions of people doing the same.

For you to get the most out of this, you will have to your cash and time (also known as sweat equity).

I know that I could make big money by promoting the programs like Legendary Marketer or Awol. However, it would come with a cost of losing my reputation and conscience.

In my opinion, the people who are promoting Legendary Marketer and similar systems care way more about money than genuinely helping other people.

I don't say that you would be required to help other people for people for free. However, charging $50,000-60,000 for providing some trainings and maybe a few tangible products is just ridiculous.

The people who start promoting systems like this have sold themselves the idea that it's completely fine but I must say that I couldn't sleep my nights well if I would be promoting such systems just for making myself rich.

That's why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for learning to make money online. Their world-class training and premium tools cost less than $1 per day and will surely help you to make a living online. I started as a complete beginner and nowadays I am making a full-time income online.

The Pros and Cons Of The Legendary Marketer

The Good

1.They Teach You Something Valuable

Even though Legendary Marketer is an extremely expensive program and most likely not worth it, they still provide many tips and tricks. They can help the members to earn the money back that they have lost in an expensive training.

Also a benefit of Legendary Marketer is that they teach you some aspects of the Internet marketing that some other courses don't teach. For example, how to do Facebook marketing effectively.

David Sharpe has created 3 multi-million dollar companies so he surely knows a thing or two about marketing even though some of his strategies may not be completely ethical. It's up to you whether or not you want to listen such guy.

2.They Have a Step-By-Step Training

You will not get lost with the training. Instead of sharing tips here and there, they provide a step-by-step training to follow. That's certainly a benefit compared to some other courses that only give miscellaneous strategies.

When you join this community, you will always be receiving step by step guidance on the way to go. In addition, a coach is assigned to you after joining, to guide you and you to ask any question.

However, as we discussed above, the main goal of your "coach" is to upsell you their next system. That's why I am not sure whether it's really even a benefit to have their coaches.

3.They Pay High Commissions

That's the main idea of their high ticket system. They sell super-expensive products and pay big commissions so the affiliates will do all the marketing work for them.

A marketing system that is purely affiliated. The Legendary marketer has no different levels of multiple commission structures like many others. It is therefore not marked as a pyramid structure.

The commission rate is high, ranging between 40-60%. That's quite typical with digital products. In my experience, an average commission with similar Internet marketing trainings is around 50%.

As we saw above, the biggest possible commission for a single sale on Legendary Marketer is as high as $12,000. I think it explains why some people are so desperate to sell you their system. They just need to make a few sells to earn an average yearly income in the U.S.

4.30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Legendary Marketer Offers a money back guarantee of 30 days, and this only applies to subscription-based products such as the basic Legendary Marketers club of $30.

You can cancel the billing and ask for a refund within 30 days after subscription. The advantage here is that you are provided with an opportunity to test the resources for one month at no risk.

However, I am not sure if this applies to their high ticket products. I didn't find information about it but my guess is that you can't get your money back for their expensive products. That's why you need to be very careful before handing them any money.

The Cons

1.It Is Extremely Expensive

As I showed and explained you above, Legendary Marketer is very expensive. You spend thousands of dollars on purchasing high ticket products.

They call it that you are purchasing a ‘license’ for reselling Dave's products to other people. In a normal business your boss pays you that you start selling his products but with this system you need to pay Dave tens of thousands of dollars if you are willing to sell them all.

Be prepared to have at least $100,000 to spend if you are willing to go all in with Legendary Marketer or start at my #1 recommended make money online program for completely free.

2.Focus on Paid Traffic

The training focuses on teaching you how to drive paid traffic to your website using Facebook marketing and other methods. This is in addition to the expensive purchase of the products.

A benefit of using paid traffic is that you can get results faster than with organic traffic but the downside is that you will lose lots of money if you don't know what you are doing.

I always recommend for beginners that they first start Internet marketing by learning free traffic methods like Google SEO. You can eventually get hundreds of thousands of visitors through Google without even spending a single penny. In addition, you will learn the basics of Internet marketing at the same time.

3.Facebook Ad Issue

The issue of Facebook ads. Since legendary marketer focuses too much on Facebook ads, it has become a problem promoting these ads on here.

This is due to the strict rules that have been fixed in approving any ad involving online money making, due to the many scams that have recently been identified on Facebook.

If you start using Facebook ads, you should read  to make sure that 

Another challenge is that many other Legendary Marketer affiliates are using Facebook which may make your competition tough. However, as a creative person you should be able to figure it out somehow.

4.The Main Focus Is on Promoting The Training Itself

How does this sound to you,

"Hey! Buy my courses. I will teach you to make money by selling MY courses. You will build your "own online business" but my main desire is that you would be selling my courses to other people.
Oh and by the way, I will charge you +$50,000 for this wonderful opportunity. I have been a part of a pyramid scheme in the past but that's just a sign of my success because I made millions before it collapsed.
Most members who join my program make only $500-2,000 gross income per year. So, they will not even make their money back.
But hey! I am a great marketer so you should listen to me and start selling my course to other people to make big money as well. Do we have a deal?

Of course, I am a little bit exaggerating to make it sound humorous but that pretty much concludes the idea of Legendary Marketer. 

5.Most Members Lose Money Instead of Earning

Let me show you the average earnings based on their own words:

legendary marketer review

Average annual gross income is $500-2,000. Where did that $3,500/week program disappear that they were promising to teach you?

The text above is taken from Legendary Marketer's official income disclaimer. Therefore, the source is completely reliable. If they say you that members earn an average $500-2,000 gross income, it makes less than $200/month on average.

In addition, you need to remember that members have already paid big money for the program so I think that most members lose much more than they make.

Another thing to keep in mind is that usually with this kind of programs top 5% earners make like 90% of the whole income. Therefore, I could estimate that most members don't earn even that $500-2,000 per year.

6.It's a 'Pay-To-Play' Program

If you want to join their affiliate program, you first need to buy their products yourself or generate several sales for free before starting to earn any commissions.

It is compulsory for you to purchase their products for commission earning qualification. The first focus is on their product promotion.

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam or Not?

The Legendary Marketer is not a scam because they provide some helpful training resources. However, it has some ups and downs, as I have pointed out in this review.

Of course, you should expect some challenges before succeeding with any kind of (online) business but I think that by getting involved with Legendary Marketer you would be openly asking for more trouble your self. 

Things never run 100% smoothly and successfully without experiencing some hiccups but joining a program like Legendary Marketer just makes your path to success way slower, in my opinion.

Dave Sharp, who is a veteran in the online marketing for several over 9 years has built 3 multi-million companies so he knows very much about selling and marketing.

He has also taught more than 300,000 students all over the world both on a live stage and using his online training material. However, you must keep in mind that some of the programs that he was involved were pyramid schemes like Empower Network.

I recommend that you stay far away from such programs. If you want to learn the skills to make money online, I can show you my #1 recommendation here or by clicking the image below.

4 step process for making money online

Is Legendary Marketer Worth It?

It is highly worth to invest your money in Legendary Marketer. You just need to follow the instructions given carefully, and you will never make losses.

The system of Legendary Marketer is among a very large number of training programs, which offer individual ways of making cash while still learning the system of affiliate marketing. It could be at time frustrating to build an online portfolio then fails. Success is actually not guaranteed by spending more money, but at times it could favor you.

The main factor here is learning more and being patient. Most people are happy with the choice they have made in joining the Legendary Marker. It is an investment worth your money. The returns are really good, and if you follow the procedure well, you will learn and make money. Welcome to the world of Legendary Marketers, and you will never regret.

A Better Alternative for Making Money Online

Legendary Marketer is not on my list of recommended ways to make money online.

I have researched more than 400 make money online opportunities, trainings, tools and programs.

There is one that stands out from the crowd and is clearly better than Legendary Marketer. Their training has taken thousands of individuals (including myself) from all over the world from 0 to making a full-time income online.

It's called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can get started for completely free and get my 1-on-1 guidance and help. I will give you connect with you personally, provide you tips and answer all your questions regarding making money online.

You don't even take my word for it because you can get started for completely free and see it yourself. You have nothing to lose anyway. No credit cards needed...

Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is usually considered as the best affiliate marketing training program.

They have educated +1,500,000 people to make money online with affiliate from around 200 different countries over the course of +13 years.

Most people also say that Wealthy Affiliate is clearly superior compared to Legendary Marketer. In addition, WA is much more affordable and their price is extremely cheap compared to overpriced Legendary Marketer.

I agree with the majority that Wealthy Affiliate is just better. Their training has helped me, my friends and 1,000's of people worldwide to make a life-changing income online. Results speak for themselves.

That's why I'm sure that if you want to succeed online with affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for you. Take a look at the comparison chart below and decide by yourself:

What kind of experiences do you have with Legendary Marketer or other similar high ticket programs?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 guidance on making money online?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate A Scam? [Truth About $11,461/Month!]

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review - Quick Summary

Name: Deadbeat Super Affiliate (DSA)

Founded: Originally in 2010 by Dan Brok

Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $17 + Upsells that cost $23, $47, $97 and finally $67/Month

Best for: The course is targeted for people who want to learn affiliate marketing but in my personal opinion it is not the best one available.

Summary: Deadbeat is an affiliate program with huge promises. The course provides valuable information especially for beginners but in mysterious opinion their marketing strategy is not 100% ethical. They have several surprising upsells and... Well, let me explain more details further!

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate Recommended? Depends. More on this further!

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate Legit? - My Video Review

Before you dive into my comprehensive Deadbeat Super Affiliate text review, I want to provide you an opportunity to have a look at my informative video review.

I am not affiliated with Deadbeat Super Affiliate in any way so you can trust that my review is 100% honest and and unbiased.

You'll also be privileged to learn the best strategies for making money online as an affiliate marketer when you watch my video below. I teach people daily how to earn more money online and I'll be glad to help you as well.

If you have any questions regarding Deadbeat Super Affiliate or making money online with affiliate marketing, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments and I'll be happy to reply to you personally.

Introduction: Make +$11,461 For Sleeping. What!?

If you have been in the 'make money online' or 'affiliate marketing' space for a while, you have probably heard these huge promises quite often,

  • "Make +$11,461 passive income every single month!"
  • "Earn EASY $3,000/month even though you would be just sleeping!"
  • "Change your life in a moment by following this secret formula!"
  • "Fire your Boss and make $15,000/month like a BOSS!"

As you and me both know, such promises are usually just made to sell the product that doesn't deliver what they've promised.

Fortunately, there are still legitimate ways to make money online despite all those scammy programs...

Deadbeat Super Affiliate came into existence some years back and the creator claimed that you could make plenty of money from the system. If you are here because you want an unbiased review of Deadbeat Super Affiliate, then you will get what you want.

Congratulations for doing your research diligently!

We have always recommended here on that you do your own research before buying into any program. Over the years, we have helped 10,000's of people to save money from scammy programs and more than 3,300 people to start making money online.

In this review, we will present detailed and unbiased information about this product. We are not promoting Deadbeat Super Affiliate, but we will educate you on the system. At the end of our review, the decision as to whether to join the program is yours to make.

But let me give you a quick spoiler... Deadbeat Super Affiliate is NOT my #1 recommendation to make money online.

What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

The first version of Deadbeat Super Affiliate was introduced in 2010 and reloaded five years after in 2015. It is an affiliate marketing training program that has been created by Dan Brock.

Dan Brok claims that he has achieved HUGE results with his techniques which is probably true because he is an experienced marketer!

The course contains 23 short educational videos and also text instructions for you to get started with affiliate marketing. 

Dan Brok claims that this course will help you to start making money with affiliate marketing even though you would not have prior experience

There are different things, that the course teaches you and here are some of them. It claims that you will learn:

  • How to set your website
  • How to post content to your website
  • How you can rank your site high on the search engines like Google.
  • How to earn affiliate commissions from Amazon.

The creator claims with high quality information it provides that it is good for beginner marketers as well as experienced affiliate marketers. That being said, most of the training seems to be geared more for beginners.

By the way, I'm helping beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers daily with my 1-on-1 support. If you would like to get my help to make money with affiliate marketing, just click the image below...

How Does Deadbeat Super Affiliate Work?

The first thing with Deadbeat Super Affiliate is that you must make your payment. The signup cost is $17. There is NOT a free account available with DSA unlike with my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training program.

After signing up, you can access and the training videos presented. After you have gone through the training, you can start to build your site and generate traffic and earn passive income.

So, in a nutshell the process should go like this;

  1. Go through Deadbeat Super Affiliate Training.
  2. Build your affiliate marketing website.
  3. Start earning passive income online.

Before you can succeed with the program, it naturally requires lot of work. If you are looking for a program that can earn you money without plenty of work, then DSA is not for you.

To be honest, I do not personally believe in "get-rich-quick" schemes and programs that promise you riches without work. I have reviewed more than 500 make money online programs and I have never seen a legitimate "get-rich-quick" program.

They claim that the system can generate money for you while you sleep. That's true but in order to achieve that, you must work your butt off!

Before you can succeed with affiliate marketing, two things are necessary.

  1. You must learn the skills (through a proper training)
  2. You must work diligently and consistently for several months or years.

The video by Dan Brock that says that the system will be generating you money even when you sleep is a bit misleading. Many people may believe, "Hey! If I just buy Dan's program, I'll start making money while sleeping!"

But that will not happen. He sells you...

  1. The first product for just $17
  2. Then the first upsell for $23
  3. Then another one for $47
  4. ...
  5. And soon you've spent $100's in products and haven't made any money.

I want to save your money and time. Be careful when someone promises you easy money!

What's Included In Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program teaches you important things, which the creator believes can assist you succeed with the system.

The program itself will cost you $17 to join. This makes it highly affordable. When you pay it, you will have instant access to their video training. However, Dan will also upsell you more products when you go through his training.

The 23 videos that last for five hours in total include the following topics:

  1. Registering for an affiliate network
  2. How to choose a market
  3. Research about market niches
  4. Competition check
  5. How to register a domain and hosting
  6. How to install Deadbeats WordPress
  7. How to install Addon and Domain setup
  8. Word optimization basics
  9. Deadbeat theme
  10. How to add an article
  11. How to insert affiliate links
  12. How to go for link building
  13. How to customize the Deadbeat theme
  14. About me section
  15. How to add more articles to websites
  16. How to go about advanced link building
  17. Video introduction
  18. Creating a video using a video market FX
  19. How to use voice actor in the video
  20. How to create a video of yourself
  21. How to upload your first video
  22. How to get YouTube Views
  23. How to go about distributing your videos to other networks

The videos are plenty but they're not very long. One video lesson lasts on average 13 minutes. Therefore, you can understand that the course itself is not a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing. It just "scratches the surface" and you'll need to buy more to learn everything...

When you get these videos, there are several other products, which the program will try to upsell to you. You must be very careful with that. If you do not have the money for these upsells, you should simply ignore and go for the content you have paid for.

There other programs which they will try to sell to you include:

  • The Deadbeat Millionaire, this costs $47.
  • Instant Affiliate builder, which costs $97
  • Deadbeat University, which costs $67 per month

You should be careful of what you opt to buy. I have seen so many people spending $100's, $1,000's or even $10,000's for different make money online courses but still did not achieve any significant success.

That's why I recommend that you follow this PROVEN method that helps you to make money with affiliate marketing. It's also 100% free to get started and does not have upsells as DSA has.

Whom is Deadbeat Super Affiliate for? (and NOT for)

Dan Brok is targeting mainly beginner affiliate marketers. Many advanced affiliate marketers are familiar with most of the things presented in the program.

The program may provide some value for advanced affiliate marketers who want to refresh their memories about basics. However, the question is whether it is going to be useful for the people it is meant for.

If you are an advanced marketer and you are looking for a program that can teach you what you did not know before, then this product is certainly not meant for you. It can be useful for advanced users looking for fresh knowledge about affiliate marketing but not for taking your game to the next level.

Beginners can learn lots of new ideas from the course but in my opinion it's not the most comprehensive and the best way to get started.

It's also lacking the most helpful community that some other affiliate marketing training programs include.

If you want to learn the BEST methods for making money with affiliate marketing, get started by reading my ultimate make money online guide here or by clicking the button below.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Pricing

Deadbeat Super Affiliate product simply sells for the sum of $17. When you pay this sum, you will have instant access to all the video or training programs. These are contained in the videos and this can take you up to five hours to watch the videos.

In addition to that, there are other programs, which the creator wants to sell you and these are different from this program. These upsells were already discussed and the cost of these products actually varies. One can sell for $47 while there is another that can sell for the sum of $97. You should know that these are not part of the program.

The main product you are looking for sells for $17. It is only when you have purchased that they will see those upsells. The cost of the program is affordable. Many people can easily pay $17 for the training course.

Want to Make Real Money Online?

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Pros & cons of Deadbeat Super Affiliate


  • The front-end product is affordable at the cost of $17
  • It is a step-by-step training and it's quite easy to understand
  • It's created by an experienced affiliate marketer
  • They provide a customer support unlike some other affiliate programs


  • There are upsells and their marketing is a bit misleading
  • Some claim that DSA uses fake testimonials that are actors hired from
  • All the information is not up-to-date as the program is already several years old
  • There are simple Better affiliate marketing training programs available

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate A Scam?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate program is not a scam, but that does not mean that you should immediately go and buy it.

Actually, if you are going to buy the front-end product of Deadbeat Super Affiliate, I recommend that you are mentally prepared to buying their upsells and other products. I say this because I don't want that you have any nasty surprises.

Many people bought the initial product and thought it's enough until they learned they need to pay more to make any significant progress. That made them disappointed and now they're calling it a scam.

DSA is not a scam. You just need to know what you are buying. If you're not comfortable with their upsell-strategy, I recommend taking a look at this affiliate marketing training that is 100% beginner-friendly without any upsells.

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate Worth It?

Many people are confused whether to categorize it a scam or a legit product. I think that already tells something about it.

This is because it has genuine information mixed with fake. There are some contradictions. For instance, there is contradiction in earnings. You should know that you do not earn what they promise you because you must work very hard before you can earn.

Some of the programs that Deadbeat Super Affiliate recommends are quite shady and have a negative reputation among experienced affiliate marketer. Google Sniper is a good example of such a product and it is surprising that Deadbeat Super Affiliate recommends it to you there.

Furthermore, it is not going to help beginners to succeed in the best possible way in my opinion. Their 'shady' upsell strategy may make money for a while but I don't personally think it's the best way to go when you want to build reliable online income streams and happy customers. That being said, there are many opinions on this matter.

The reason is that their upsells are a bit misleading.

A customer has a feeling, "I buy this product and I will learn affiliate marketing secrets!" But quickly he realizes that he is being upsold with another product. What do you think about that strategy?

In my personal opinion, it's not the best way to build happy customers.

The BEST Affiliate Marketing Training?

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have reviewed +500 make money online  / affiliate marketing training programs.

Most of them are not worth it but there are a couple of good ones.

I am myself making a living with affiliate marketing and I educate other people daily to make more money with it. Below you'll see a some pictures of me traveling the world (thanks to affiliate marketing!)

I don't obviously say this to brag but to inspire you. If I can do it, you can do it too!

If you start making money with affiliate marketing like I do, you can also travel the world! 🙂 Read My Make Money Online Guide Here.

After reviewing and testing so many different affiliate programs, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation.

Their training also took me from a complete beginner to full-time online entrepreneur. Here are 8 reasons why I think WA is the best one:

But you don't need to take my word for it!

You can get started for completely free yourself and experience how Wealthy Affiliate will help you to make money online.

I will be welcoming you inside the community and helping you to get started. You can always ask me questions and I am currently answering 100% of the questions I receive.

Click the button below to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and how their training can change your financial future.

Now I have shared my thoughts and opinions and I would love to hear from you.

What kind of experiences do you have with Deadbeat Super Affiliate or other affiliate marketing training programs?

Have you already made money with affiliate marketing?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support and guidance to start earning more money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I'll be also glad to answer all your questions within the comments section below. So, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need any help.

Is Rapid Profit System a Scam? [$336/Day Is Just A Bluff!]

Rapid Profit System Review - Quick Summary

Name: Rapid Profit System (RPS)

Creators: Omar and Melinda Martin

Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $19.95 + 2 upsells ($27 and $37)

Best for: People Who Want to Promote Products on JVZoo

Summary: Rapid Profit System is a course how you can make money by promoting other people's products from JvZoo. In the other words, they teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing. It's a quick course and doesn't cover much details but can provide you with a couple of new ideas.

Is Rapid Profit System Recommended? Depends. More on this further...

What Is Rapid Profit System?

Omar and Melinda Martin start selling their course to you with a huge claim, "You Can Actually Make $336 Per Day With This...."

"Simple System to Make $336 Per Day!" True or not? Read until the end to find out!

We have reviewed more than 500 make money online opportunities and training courses on and I must admit that +90% of the courses that have such claims as Rapid Profit System has are scams.

There are tons of products in the affiliate marketing & make money online industry that promise you a moon from the sky but deliver very little value.

There are actually very few affiliate marketing training programs that provide real value and help you hand-by-hand to start making money online. Our top recommended affiliate marketing training is Wealthy Affiliate.

More than 1,500,000 people from 195 countries over the course of 13 years have taken that course and numerous lives have changed. One of the greatest benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is that it's also 100% beginner-friendly.

Does Rapid Profit System deliver? Will it help you to make more money with affiliate marketing? Let's have a closer look!

What Is Rapid Profit System?

Rapid profit system is a video training course that promises to help you to make money fast by promoting JVZoo products. JVZoo is a website that sells digital products. Anyone who sells them gets a commission of around 50-100%. The problem with this marketplace is that most of its products are just hyped BS.

It would be correct to say that some of the “make money online” programs are quite confusing and especially if you are not sure how they work. Rapid profit system is one of these programs that tell you that you can make some good profits with an easy system.

RPS creators Omar and Melinda Martin have been pretty successful affiliate marketers. They have won many JvZoo contests for affiliates. In that sense, their course might be worth considering. If they win affiliate marketing contests and make tons of sales, they must be doing something right.

But that's not the whole story... Read further to find out more!

How Does Rapid Profit System Work?

RPS is a training course that consists 3 different phases. Let me show you how each phase works.

• Phase #1: Your Niche Selection

In this profit plan phase, you as an affiliate marketer have to find your ideal niche market. In order to learn better how to choose your niche, I recommend watching this free training lesson.

First, you have to determine how profitable the niche market would be by using the appropriate tools and methods. Also, you have to identify the challenges you could face if would became an authority in that market. 

Before you start developing the marketing campaigns, you have to understand the behavior of your target audience and how to provide them with the products that meet their needs and requirements.

• Phase #2: Your Affiliate Funnel

In this phase you'll see 2 videos that teach you to set up the product page and add some content on that page. You also learn some tips on building a list of email subscribers. If you want to attract more people to your product page, you should know how to offer bonuses. 

After your visitors subscribe, they will be directed to an affiliate offer. It is up to them to decide whether they will buy the product or not but your task is obviously to encourage them to buy. That's why the product you are promoting must be good and providing real value.

Based on years of experience of affiliate marketing, the best products for promotion are usually the ones that you are already using yourself.

If your subscribers buy your recommended products, you will earn commissions. 

In the second phase, RPS also teaches how you can encourage more purchases by providing bonuses. Omar and Melinda Martin have used this "bonus strategy" themselves a lot and it's widely used among successful marketers.

• Phase #3: Your Affiliate Campaigns

In this phase, Martins teach how you can attract traffic that is full of potential buyers. The two main methods that they're teaching are Facebook ads and email marketing.

The phase is also divided into three sections.

First, you have to learn how to create advertisements that will target specific users on Facebook. Secondly, you are taught how to gather potential buyers. .Third; you have to learn how to create email campaigns and attract more clients to your affiliate offer.

However, RPS only scratches a surface and on YouTube you'll most likely find the same information (or even better) for free. You won't learn to become a super affiliate with this kind of $20 mini course.

If you want to get a comprehensive step-by-step training to make more money with affiliate marketing, just click the image below to get started for free.

What Methods Does RPS Teach?

There are many different ways to make BIG money with affiliate marketing. Here are just a few different traffic generating methods...

  • SEO (Free traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • PPC (Paid traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Facebok Ads
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Etc.

However, Rapid Profit System focuses on teaching you the following strategy:

  1. Use paid Facebook ads to get traffic to your landing page.
  2. Collect emails on your landing page.
  3. Promote products to your email list.

This is actually quite a common strategy to make money with affiliate marketing. It has its own benefits and drawbacks. The main benefit is that you may start getting results relatively fast if you spend lots of money.

The drawback is that you need to have capital to be able to invest money on advertising. For beginners investing lots of money is not be the best choice in my opinion. That's why I rather recommend that you start with the FREE traffic methods that Wealthy Affiliate teaches you.

Who is Rapid Profit System for?

The Rapid Profit System is designed for the people who are interested in affiliate marketing and willing to promote products on JvZoo. I'd say that in order to get the maximum benefit from this course, it would be the best that you'd be already making money on JvZoo.

Using this system to generate consistent profits is quite tricky for the people who are starting. It is not recommended for beginners because they are at risk of losing lots of money through the paid ads.

Rapid Profit System Pricing

You need ~$20 to enroll in the system. This one-time fee will give then access to primary tutorials. However, that's only for one of the products they're selling.

After you pay $16 for the front-end product, you have to buy another two products which are the upsells.

  • RPS TURBO package

This upsell costs ~$27. It consists of "bonus products" that you can use in your marketing campaigns. In this package, you will find done-for-you email campaigns, OptimizePress page templates and some other tools to boos your marketing.

  • The powerhouse package

This upgrade costs you approximately $37. It gives you:

  • The secret funnel session workshop
  • The secret traffic session workshop and
  • 30 PLR products.

The funnel session enables you to know the tricks for high conversion rates while the second provides you with the strategies for driving quality traffic to your affiliate offers.

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Pros & cons of Rapid Profit System

This form of affiliate marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. Understanding both sides will help you draw the best conclusion.


  • #1: The content is well structured

The training videos provided in the three phases are well though. They are in the form of screenshares, text slides, and step-by-step tutorials. The content provided is excellent and relevant to the marketing industry and can help you know how to build income through affiliate marketing.

  • #2: The Creators Are Successful Affiliate Marketers 

You wouldn't believe how many affiliate marketers there are selling their products that haven't achieved anything themselves.

Martins have made $100,000's with affiliate marketing so they have at least some proof to show that their methods work.

However, with my top recommended affiliate marketing course you will learn the BEST affiliate marketing methods from Ultra-successful affiliate marketing millionaires.

  • #3: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Another advantage of the RPS is that your money is refunded if you do not like the training course. Again, there are no requirements for getting the refund.

I haven't heard any hassle from people who asked for a refund from RPS but I can't myself guarantee that you'd get it immediately. Some online business training courses are a bit painful if you want to get a refund.


  • #1: No REAL Online Testimonials

On the internet, you will not find many success stories from the people who have used the program. This makes me doubt whether the system is worth it or not.

The only "testimonials" that I found were from their affiliates who were just trying to sell you the system in order to earn commissions. 

  • #2: The upsells are annoying

Rapid Profit System gives you two upsells that may not even be worth the money. Beginners who have little or no knowledge about this form of affiliate marketing are the ones who usually take the upsells.

Soon your initial $19,90 investment may cost you +$100 in RPS products, $1,000's in Facebook ads and the God knows how much more how much the other upsells are...

If you are tired of upsells and want a PROVEN affiliate marketing system that works, follow the simple 4 steps that I teach you in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide.

Is Rapid Profit System A Scam?

Rapid Profit System is not a scam because it provides the affiliate marketers with real training products. Some people could call their product a "borderline scam" because of their huge promises that are a bit exaggerated.

RPS is not an "evil product" or anything like that. They certainly have tips for people who are interested in making more money by promoting JvZoo products.

However, the value that they provide within the course is pretty limited. There are much more comprehensive and in-depth affiliate marketing training courses available.

I see personally RPS as a "supplementary" affiliate marketing training instead of a primary course for you to make money. If you are not making big money yet, I actually don't recommend jumping to so many mini-courses. It's better to focus on just 1 training that is proven to work.

Once you have mastered at least 1 way to make big money with affiliate marketing, you can move to a next method if you want.

Is Rapid Profit System Worth It?

Making money through this program is possible. This mainly for the established affiliates who have built a huge list of email subscribers. They have a huge advantage because they already have a list of people who are interested in their offers.

If you haven't yet started building your own email list, I recommend having a look at Aweber that is the best email autoresponder tool with +100,000 users.

However, users, and especially the beginners, should be aware of the risks of losing money with Rapid Profit System and FB advertising. If you really want to master the Facebook ads, I recommend that you through FB Academy that is a way more comprehensive course created by Anik Singal who has made +$150 million in online sales.

Better Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

I help people daily to make more money online with affiliate marketing.

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The best way for you to make more money with affiliate is to follow PROVEN and TESTED steps that are already working for 1,000's of other people.

When you follow proven steps, you can't go wrong and you'll eventually have your own breakthrough. If you have been jumping from one product to another, I recommend that you stop doing that and focus on just 1 system that is proven to work and work on that.

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Now I have shared my thoughts and opinions and I would love to hear from you.

What kind of experiences do you have with JvZoo products and with affiliate marketing?

Are you already earning a nice income online?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support and mentoring to make more money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I want to make sure that you start earning money online if that's your goal. I've helped +3,000 individuals to get started and I'm excited to help YOU as well.

Is Solo Build It A Scam? [Beware of FAKE Reviews!]

Solo Build It Review - Quick Summary

Name: Solo Build It (Before It Was Known As "Site Build It")


Founded By: Ken Evoy back in 1997

Product Type: Internet Marketing Training Platform & Community

Price: $29.99/month or $299/year (~$25/month)

Best for: Anyone who is interested in making money online and building a profitable Online Business

Summary: Solo Build It is one of the best Online Business training platforms for solopreneurs who want to make money online through Internet Marketing. It's an established company and they have a long experience of educating successful online entrepreneurs.

Is Solo Build It Recommended? Yes, but it's not my #1 Recommended Online Business Training Platform. More on this further...

Introduction - "Solo Build Is a Scam!" False Claims

Welcome to My Honest Solo Build It (SBI) Review!

First, I want to congratulate you for doing the research and seeking the truth whether or not Solo Build it is worth investing.

When you are reading SBI reviews, you need to be aware of a few important things:

There are 3 kinds of Solo Build It online:

  1. Reviews by Aggressive Solo Build Affiliates who just try to sell you the system.
  2. Pissed off Solo Build It Customers who didn't achieve the results with it.
  3. Solo Build It Reviews who just want your attention to promote other products.

You may have seen online claims like, "Solo Build It Is a Scam!" which is completely false. The main reason why some people are writing such claims is because they want your attention and sell their own products to you.

Solo Build It is not a scam and the company has been around already for more than 2 decades since 1997.

Then there are those people who tried the system for a month, two and sometimes a bit longer. They didn't become rich with Solo Build It and now they are complaining that Solo Build It is a scam.

You'll find that kind of people around every product... They are not satisfied with their new Apple phone and they start shouting, "Apple is a scam!" Or their Microsoft laptop goes broken and...

Yes, you guessed right... They claim that, "Microsoft is a scam!"

Then one group are those Solo Build It Affiliates that are willing to do everything to sell you their system and earn affiliate commissions...

What about me?

Yes, I am an affiliate for Solo Build It but I am going to show you also the "dark side" of the SBI and compare it honestly with other similar online business platforms.

I can say right off the bat that Solo Build It is NOT my most recommended online business training platform even though it is great.

The purpose of my Solo Build It review is to provide you with the most accurate information regarding SBI. 
Their platform & training are great and recommended. However, not a single platform is perfect as I'll explain more in a moment...

What Is Solo Build It?

Solo Build it is a "all-in-one" online business training and platform.

They brand themselves as the "Best Online Business training platform in the whole world".

That's a bold claim and they really need to be good if they want to achieve that title. I personally don't think that they are the best but they are certainly one of the best.

Another slogan that Solo Build It likes to use is, "Other companies teach how to build websites... We teach you how to build successful online businesses!"

Well, that brings us to the topic what Solo Build It is really teaching. Let me give you a little bit background about the company.

  • Solo Build It - Company Background Revealed!

The founder of the company is Ken Evoy and he created it already more than 2 decades ago in 1997. Of course, the company has evolved a lot since then and it's not similar as it used to be.

There are 2 major changes that I would like to tell you.

1.Solo Build It Was "Site Build It", 2001-2017

Since 2001 the company went under a name "Site Build It!"

SBI teaches you how to build websites and how to make money through those websites. The old name refers to building a sites (=websites).

That's what they are still doing and their core training teaches you step-by-step how you can build a money-generating website from scratch.

However, the company was rebranded in 2017. Since then it has been called Solo Build It.

2.Site Build It Becomes Solo Build It in 2017

Not so long ago, in 2017 Site Build It became Solo Build It and that's how we know the company today.

As you probably know, companies don't change their name easily. Especially, well-established companies need usually very significant reasons before they want to rebrand themselves. It costs money, takes a lot of time and it can also be risky.

Why did they change their name? What was the purpose of the rebranding?

There are probably a few reasons for that.

  1. New name "Solo Build It" emphasizes that their training & platforms is primarily targeted to solopreneurs.
  2. The old name "Site Build It" refers to building websites. However, Solo Build It doesn't only teach you how to build websites, it teaches you how to build successful online businesses.
  3. There was a "negative shadow" over Site Build It brand. Many people had written negative fake reviews of Site Build It. Rebranding the name released the company a little bit from that "negative shadow".

So, today we have Site Build It that teaches individuals how to build successful online businesses.

How does it w0ork in practice? What kind of tools and training do they provide? Is there enough support?

Let's have a look!

How Does Solo Buid It Work?

Solo Build It primarily teaches you a 4-step process to make money online with your website. They use the 4 letters to help you to memorize it. The process is called C-T-P-M.

  1. Content - The first step is to provide valuable content that can be blog posts, articles and other website content.
  2. Traffic - The second step is to drive traffic = visitors to your content. When people see your content, we call it traffic. More traffic (=more visitors), the better.
  3. Pre-Sell - In this important step you are building trust and a "relationship" with your website visitors. The SBI training teaches you in more detail how to do it.
  4. Monetize - The fourth and the most exciting step is when your website visitors turn into buyers. They buy your products or other people's products that you're promoting as an affiliate.

The other way to put the same process looks as follows:

This is the 4-step formula to make money online with a website.

If you want to learn how you can make money with the 4-step process, I recommend that you start the SBI training here or read my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide for free.

Next, let me show you more details about the SBI Training, tools and the resources they provide.

Solo Build It Training, Tools & Support

  • SBI Training

Solo Build It has lots of training resources but their main training is a 10-day "Action Guide" course that teaches you the step-by-step process to make money online.

This training will walk you through all the steps that you need to take to go from a complete beginner to having your own money-generating website.

That being said, it's good to acknowledge that you are NOT going to make big money within 10 days. They teach you the core steps during those 10 days but you will need to keep on taking consistent actions to succeed.

Solo Build It is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme or anything similar. They teach you how to build a successful online business. As you probably know, building a successful business takes always time and effort. It doesn't happen overnight.

Let me show you the main things that will be covered during those 10 days... (put in my own words)

  • Day 1: Master The Basics
  • Day 2: Learn & Develop the BEST Site Concept
  • Day 3: How to Get Profitable Page Topic Ideas
  • Day 4: Learn Different Ways to Monetize = Make Money!
  • Day 5: Register Your Website's Domain Name
  • Day 6: Create the Site That Gets Clicks
  • Day 7: Drive TONS of Free Traffic from Different Sources
  • Day 8: Develop Trust & "Relationship" With Your Website Visitors
  • Day 9: Know Your Website Visitors/Audience
  • Day 10: Monetize = Make Money With Your Site!

In this review, I don't want to go into more details of the training but you can learn more here and take the training with a full 90-day money back guarantee. 

  • SBI Tools

Solo Build It is an "All-In-One" Online business platform so they're providing basically everything you need to build a money-generating website.

The image below illustrates all the tools the provide to the SBI members for less than $30/month.

SBI provides you with tons of tools & resources for building a profitable online business.

I understand that the image below may at the same time look a little bit confusing so let me summarize some of the most important resources in my opinion:

  1. Step-By-Step Training on How to Build a Profitable Online Business
  2. SiteBuilder (Website Builder & Pre-Made Templates)
  3. SiteDesigner (Drag & Drop Website Designer)
  4. Brainstorm It! (Keyword/Niche Research Tool)
  5. BusinessCenter (To Manage Your Business)
  6. Traffic Center (To Analyze & Manage Your Website Traffic)

Within each of these centers they also provide you with a bunch of tools that help you to build your business such as Social Media Tools, Autoresponder, blogging function, etc...

Some people were asking if the SBI sites are built on WordPress, and the answer is No. They have their own platform to build websites that provides its own benefits and drawbacks that I'll explain you further...

  • SBI Support

Solo Build It definitely gets my "points" when it comes to providing support. They have a basic email support but also a telephone support that is available 7 days a week.

Here are the times when their support is answering phone:

  • Monday-Friday 9am-8pm EST
  • Saturday & Sunday 12pm-5pm EST

Such a comprehensive telephone support really stands out in the make money online industry because with many other services you can only get an email support or a telephone support 5 days a week from 9 to 5.

It's also worth mentioning that they provide a Solo Build It Forum where members engage with each other. However, it's not very active and if you are looking for the best & the most active online business community, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Pros & Cons of Solo Build It

In order to provide you with the most accurate information and answers regarding Solo Build It, I want to list you BOTH Pros & Cons in this review.

By doing that, I give you a freedom to make an informed decision whether or not you go on and start with Solo Build It or not. Let's start with the pros of SBI.


  • #1 - Long Company Background

The company was founded back in 1997 so it's very well established and reliable. Most businesses fail within the first 5 years and many just disappear at some point.

But Solo Build It has been around already for a long time. It proves that they are providing the service that people enjoy. Their training and platform is really helping people to build successful online businesses and providing results.

  • #2 - Training That Has Produces Results

Lots of individuals who have gone through the Solo Build It have been able to create successful online businesses.

In the other words, Ken Evoy's step-by-step training WORKS. It has produced the good results, it is producing good results and it WILL produce the good results.

Steph & Tobias are 1 of the many success stories on Solo Build it.

But of course, you need to follow it diligently and take action to succeed.

  • #3 - 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Many companies provide a 14-day money-back guarantee.
Some companies offer a 30- or 60-day money-back guarantee.

Solo Build It provides a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee! They are so confident that you will get the results by following the training that they're able to provide you with this.

You can try their training, platform and services for FULL 3 months without any risks. If you don't get what you wanted, they'll give you the money back. No questions asked.

That being said, you still need to make the payment to get started. If you would like to get started with your online business without giving buying anything at first, I recommend following the instructions in this step-by-step guide.

  • #4 - Very Affordable Price

It's actually a bit surprising to me that Solo Build It is providing their services for just $29/month.

I've reviewed +400 make money online programs/opportunities and I've seen similar "all-in-one" online business platforms charging up to $10,000's. 

$29/month is nothing compared to the potential that building a successful online business has.

Just skip a coffee a couple of times in Starbucks and you've already saved the money for a monthly membership for Solo Build It.


Even though Solo Build It is great, there are some drawbacks that I would like to tell you in order to provide you with the most accurate review.

  • #1 - SBI SiteBuilder Is Not As Good As WordPress

+31% of the all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. My website is one of them.

In my opinion, it's the best and the most comprehensive website builder and I've tried numeours other options as well. In addition, it's easy-to-use and beginner-friendly.

Solo Build It provides their own Website Builder. When you build a site on their platform, you may have challenges to transfer it somewhere else later if you would like to do so.

In addition, some people claim that the SiteBuilder doesn't provide as good design as WordPress. You can judge yourself.

My website is built by WordPress and Thrive Th​​emes and here are a few examples of sites built on SBI:

To be honest, many of the Solo Build It websites look quite outdated in my eyes.

  • #2 - Not Very Active Community

Solo Build It also has a forum and a community. However, many people claim that it has become quite inactive during the past few years.

It's not an easy job to maintain an active and a vivid community. That's why many communities get started by they die away pretty soon.

In my opinion, the best online business community is Wealthy Affiliate. Even though it has been around since 2005, they are still very active and there are people all the time interacting with each other.

You will get help on Wealthy Affiliate even at 3 am during the midnight (because of the timezones).

  • #3 - "The Best Years Are Gone"

Solo Build It has lots of positive customer testimonials.

However, there's sometimes the feeling that the best years of Solo Build It are gone. Many members who joined in the early years of 00's are telling how they succeeded with Solo Build It.

Whn you take a look at Solo Build It promotional video on YouTube, you'll see people like in the following image.

This may have been a good testimonials 20 years ago but in 2018... Maybe they should update things?

You see that bulky computer in the background and a blurry picture overall? Of course, there may be a good explanation for all of that but when going through the SBI material, you sometimes get the feeling that things could be more updated.

Is Solo Build It Worth It?

When the cost is only $29/month, we can comfortably say that Solo Build It is financially well worth it.

Especially, if you are a beginner and you need guidance and training on how to build your online business investing $29/month for a good training platform will definitely pay itself back quickly.

You can start the SBI training here... You can always get your money back within 90 days if you aren't satisfied...

The other question is whether or not Solo Build It is the BEST online business training platform. In my opinion, it's not the best one even though it's great.

I reveal you the Best Online Business Training Platform in my Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online in 2018 (and beyond!)

Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate - The Debate Continues...

Before I wrap up my comprehensive Solo Build it review, I want to share a few words regarding "Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate" debate.

Over the last couple of years there has been the debate on the subject "Which one is the BEST online business community in the world? Wealthy Affiliate or Solo Build It?"

Sometimes different parties and members have thrown stones each other saying not-so-nice things. However, I would like to take a more peaceful approach here and evaluate the issue from a more neutral standpoint.

If you don't know what is Wealthy Affiliate, here are a few important points about it:

  1. Step-by-step training that teaches individuals to make money with affiliate marketing.
  2. Online business community of +1,500,000 members.
  3. All-In-One online business platform that provides tools & resources
  4. And more...

In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate provides a somewhat similar service to Solo Build It. Wealthy Affiliate promoters often claim that WA is the best while Solo Build it promoters claim that SBI is the best...

I personally think that the both training platforms are great and they just take a little bit different approach. SBI helps you to build your website on their own Website Builder platform while WA helps you to build your website on WordPress.

You can succeed by following either one of the trainings but it's eventually going to depend on YOU and your EFFORTS. If you are willing to take action, you can make BIG money by following SBI or WA. 

If I would need to recommend you only 1 of those platforms, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

When I joined WA some years ago, I was a complete beginner into affiliate marketing. I didn't even know what the term, "Affiliate Marketing" means. However, their training took me from a complete beginner to making a full-time income online and traveling around the world.

Making money online with affiliate marketing has enabled me to travel around the world and it can enable you as well! 🙂

Of course, there are also similar and even much greater success stories on WA and on SBI but that's my own experience and nobody can't deny it.

I also know first-hand many other Wealthy Affiliate members who have been able to build a successful business online even though they started as complete beginners.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, I will also provide you with my 1-on-1 support and mentoring. I will be providing you with personal tips and guidance along the way to make sure you'll succeed.

In addition, you can always ask me anything you want and I will answer 100% of your questions. You can get started easily by clicking the button below:

What About Ken Evoy's Study?

Ken Evoy made his own research between Wealthy Affiliate and his own company.

As a result of the study he was, of course, claiming that his own company is the BEST one, even better than Wealthy Affiliate.

I am not surprised of his results. I mean who wouldn't want to endorse their own company? I could also make a research claiming that my company Your Online Revenue Ltd. is the best and the most accurate online business review website in the world.

Then I would only take the data that proves my own point. Would you think that "research" would be valid? I don't think so.

The founders & owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson, haven't bothered to respond to Mr. Evoy's study results. They don't need to.

The results speak for themselves. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me, many of my friends and 1,000's of other people worldwide to make a life-changing income online.

Site Build It has also helped 1,000's of people worldwide but it doesn't take the credit away from Wealthy Affiliate.

Of course I or nobody else makes BIG money online without doing the work. Nothing will work unless you do the work.

But if you are willing to do the work, anything is possible. Now you have 2 Options:

  1. Start the Wealthy Affiliate Training with my 1-on-1 support Here.
  2. Start the SBI Training Here.

And the third option is to start them both and later on focus on the one that fits you more.

My Sincere Advice To You

Whatever path you choose to take, don't give up if you don't get the results immediately. There are lots of wonderful success stories on both platforms but they didn't happen overnight.

If you want to make a significant income online with an online business, give yourself at least a year. Of course, you will start making money much earlier if you follow the steps but usually the income grows like a snowball.

  1. You reach the first $100/month...
  2. You reach the first $500/month...
  3. You reach the first $1,000/month...
  4. You reach the first $4.000/month...
  5. Etc.

You will not just jump from 0 to making $10,000/month online. That's just not the reality. And those people who are expecting such a jump will disappoint and most likely quit.

I see so many people starting their online businesses with a lot of enthusiasm but when they don't get the results immediately, they quit.

Don't be one of the quitters. Be one of those who don't quit and eventually succeed.

If you ever need help, I will be providing you with my 1-on-1 support and guidance on Wealthy Affiliate to make sure you succeed like I did. 

=> Get My 1-on-1 Support Here to Build Your Successful Online Business! 

(It's included in your Wealthy Affiliate membership for free as an extra bonus!)

What kind of experiences do you have with Solo Build It?

What is the BEST online business community in your opinion?

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