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Is Club Cash Fund A Scam? Stalvey’s New Ponzi Scheme?!

Is Club Cash Fund A Scam Featured Image

Welcome to my Club Cash Fund Review!

Is Club Cash Fund a scam? Before we answer that, can I ask another question first? Would you trust someone again after a series of betrayals? Probably. No. We’re uncertain, right? 

This is the problem with this company. Whoever runs it, he failed to realize that money comes after he successfully welcomes his clients. If they land on your site, you have a user-friendly website. If they want to sign-up, you give them convenience.

The more you provide a good feeling to the users, they eventually become convinced to purchase whatever you offer to them. Be it a paid program or a free ebook. It doesn’t matter. 

Regardless, this company fails to do all that. And you will find out why. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

Club Cash Fund Review - Quick Summary

Name: Club Cash Fund

Founded: 2018

Founder: Chad Stalvey (formerly known as John Stalvey in his old schemes)

Type: Fraud Gifting Scheme

Price: $80 sign-up fee

Best for: Nobody.

Is Club Cash Fund A Scam Logo

Summary: Club Cash Fund is a fraud gifting scheme that its company heavily relies on the $100 fees from its affiliates to pay another affiliate. In the sense, it could be considered as a Ponzi scheme because of its compensation nature. Also, its founder, Chad Stalvey, has quite a record for various schemes in the past. 

Is Club Cash Fund Recommended? No. It’s best to stay away from this kind of business opportunity. Otherwise, you’re only losing money because you don’t see real returns from your investment other than the ones you receive from affiliate fees. 

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PrimeMyBody Scam Review $75K Affiliate Bonus?!

PrimeMyBody Scam Review Featured Image

Welcome to my PrimeMyBody Scam Review!

If you ever sold health and wellness products, this company might be a good business idea for you. Unlike most companies we review, this one isn’t a multi-level marketing company nor a direct seller. 

That said, you don’t have to purchase products for fast start bonuses or chase to get as many people as you can invite for the sake of business growth and expansion. 

Does that spark your interest? If yes, let’s dive into the post and learn more about this company and see if its business opportunity is worth your time or not. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

PrimeMyBody Review - Quick Summary

Name: PrimeMyBody

Founded: 2013

Founder: Paul Rogers

Type: Affiliate program (claimed); multi-level marketing company (based on structure)

Price: $39 (+ other business starter options)

Best for: It could be a good business opportunity for those who are interested in becoming an affiliate of a health and wellness company, specifically in selling hemp products.

PrimeMyBody Scam Review Logo

Summary: Established in 2013, Paul Rogers founded PrimeMyBody with a flagship hemp oil product and other plant-based products. Unlike multi-level marketing and direct selling companies, they only offer affiliate programs to members after purchasing the Business Commerce worth $39. 

Is PrimeMyBody Recommended? No. Due to many bad reviews in the public domain, it is not recommendable to start your business journey with PrimeMyBody. More reasons are revealed towards the end of the post.

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How Much Money Does YouTube Pay For 1,000 Views (3 Tricks)

Welcome to my "How Much Money Does YouTube Pay" Review!

Are you wondering, too? 

How much money does YouTube pay for every thousand views of your latest video? How do they evaluate the video’s performance and pay its corresponding price? 

Is it about the subject of the video or the number of viewers’ engagement involved? You have more questions in mind right now. This is why you’re here. 

You want to learn how Roope earns by uploading more videos as regularly as possible and spends time researching to keep the latest updates for his subscribers. 

Then, you’re on the right page, my friend. Without further ado, let’s dive into it. Shall we? 

How Much Does YouTube Pay Review - Quick Summary

Best For: Individuals who are able to speak in front of the camera or have their voices recorded for a video with confidence. Otherwise, you can't bear the pressure to explain something in front of the camera or a high-quality voice recorder.

Summary: YouTube pays channel owners whose videos perform well. The payment depends on the location where the video was well-received, the number of times the ad appeared on the video, and the type of content produced. 

Is Making YouTube Videos Recommended? Yes. That is if you're able to conquer your fear to speak in front of the camera in exchange for making more money online. 

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How to Get Keywords For Your Websites? [FAST & EASY!]

Learn How To Get Keywords For Your Websites Fast & Easy Using Underrated Tools Available Online. Google Search Results, Buzzsumo, YouTube Content, And More. Click Here To Read More.

Welcome to my "How To Get Keywords For Your Websites" Post!

In the past few weeks, I have been reviewing a lot of affiliate programs in which you can apply and make money if you can get into these programs as successfully as you can. 

If you have read these posts, I am happy that you did. At least, they became helpful in your search for money-making opportunities online. For me, it means you’re into getting serious with building your own online business.

Although you have tons of ideas in mind for your blog or applied to a few affiliate programs you love to promote, if you have not enough traffic that goes through your website, that won’t give you the results you want.

The lower the traffic you have, the lower-income potential you will also have. The two are always partners. Why?

The purpose of having high traffic going to your website is to increase the number of visitors who happen to be your prospective clients and/or customers. The same goes for delving into our recommended online business opportunity.

Thus, if you don’t have enough number of people paying attention to what you’re writing or promoting about, what’s the use of publishing posts and applying for the affiliate programs, right? 

It’s like you’re talking about your product with no audience at all. You need to have a group of interested people, who are willing to spend some time with you and learn about what you can offer to them. 

This is the purpose of the post. We’ll delve into the process of searching the right keywords that will surely optimize your website traffic; hence increasing the chances of earning more on your account.

Are you ready? Shall we go through the complete details? Let’s dive into it.

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Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs [30% Commission & Up!]

Learn About The Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs & Earn At Least 40% To As High As 200% Commission Per Sale. See Complete List Of Programs Here.

Welcome to my "Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs" Post!

Yesterday, I reviewed the best fitness affiliate programs you can try this year. Granted that you have read the post, please understand that we’re not in any way affiliated in any of the programs. Thus, our review is from an objective perspective.

Today, we’re going to delve into the general list of the existing affiliate programs with the highest pay at least 30% monthly commissions and up.

You can say that whatever we compiled in the list guarantees you a high-income opportunity to as high as 100% and beyond. 

Before we go through the complete details, let me first emphasize that you can’t 100% reassure you attract wealth without putting some attention on honing the vital skill set apt for this industry. 

You have to undergo this #1 recommended training to become an exceptional online marketer to ensure that you attract fortune on monthly basis. 

That means if you possess the skills of the finest marketer, you won’t have problems earning money as an affiliate marketer regardless of the program you wanted to join. Do you get what I mean? 

Now that we’re all set, shall we go through the post? Let’s dive in. 

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7 Fitness Affiliate Programs To Try [50% Commissions Possible?!]

Read My Review About 7 Fitness Affiliate Programs To Try & Earn As Much As 50% Recurring Commissions Per Generated Sale. Learn The Best Programs To Apply Here.

Welcome to my "7 Fitness Affiliate Programs To Try" Post!

A few weeks ago, I spent my time reviewing potential income-generating opportunities online such as doing surveys and even reading books on Amazon. Today, in this review, we’ll delve into an area in which most people are fond of. Fitness.

Before we get into the complete details, let me emphasize this thought first. You can’t be successful when you aren’t prepared with the necessary skills needed to become a successful online marketer first. 

What can you do about it? Join this program, which Roope Kiuttu considers a #1 recommended online business opportunity in which you get access to tons of resources apt for honing your high-income skills to start attracting wealth. 

Are you ready? Shall we go through the whole 6 fitness affiliate programs now? I’m super stoked. Let’s go. 

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Is Rakuten Legit? [Best Affiliate Network 2019?!]

Is Rakuten Legit? Formerly LinkShare, Rakuten Is Leading Affiliate Marketing Networks Today. But Not For All Promoters? Read Why You Can't Join Rakuten Here.

Welcome to my Rakuten Review!

Is Rakuten legit?

This is the question we’re going to dig into today. Given your interest in the search for the best affiliate marketing network to join, being here on Your Online Revenue Ltd to find the answer is a great choice.

I assume you’re planning to monetize your website, resulting in the search; however, as tricky as the internet is, it’s challenging to weigh the decision which of these are legit or not. So, that’s the reason for reviewing it today.

Before we go through the complete details, I’d like to recommend to you something that’s going to change your life. Concerning the legitimacy of the affiliate marketing networks, being able to implement the best marketing strategies is a must.

Hence, you need to enhance your high-income skill set as an online marketer to ensure high sales or boosted traffic.

Whatever your reasons are, Roope suggests you join this training that’s going to allow you to make more or less $3,000 in a day as he did.

Now, we’re all set. Shall we delve into the post?

Rakuten Review - Quick Summary

Name: Rakuten Affiliate Network

Founded: 1996

Founder: Heidi Messer

Type: Affiliate Marketing Network

Price: Free

Best for: Bloggers and marketers alike, they strive to make money online by joining various affiliate marketing networks, and Rakuten is one of the leading options existing over the years (since the internet came into existence).

Is Rakuten Legit? Formerly LinkShare, Rakuten Is Leading Affiliate Marketing Networks Today. But Not For All Promoters? Read Why You Can't Join Rakuten Here.

Summary: Established in 1996, Heidi Messer, an affluent internet entrepreneur founded Rakuten intending to build networks with companies and promoters through the use of the internet. Today, it’s one of the leading affiliate marketing networks many people opt to join to promote the products they love and earn money, all at the same time.

Is Rakuten Affiliate Network Recommended? Yes, it’s one of the recommended affiliate marketing networks, actually. To hone the high-income skill set necessary to become the most exceptional online marketer, click the green button below.

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How to Make Money Reviewing Products Online? 48 Sites To Join!

Learn How To Make Money Reviewing Products Online With 48 Sites You Could Utilize As Jumpstart In Turning Your Blogs As Money-Making Machines. Click To Read.

Welcome to my "How To Make Money Reviewing Products Online?" Review!

As a blogger, you probably thought of earning a few bucks by using products and providing feedback.

You might have wondered how YouTubers and other influencers make money by saying something on the web. Lots of thoughts. 

In this post, we’re going to go through the whole process on how you, as a new blogger, can earn by means of reviewing products online and how you can transform your boring blog into a money-making machine. I’m super stoked!

Before we delve into it, let me first introduce Roope’s #1 recommended business opportunity in which you can utilize it as a jumpstart of your making money journey this year.

It’s actually a FREE training program wherein you’re going to learn a lot (really a lot) that’s going to be a blast of lessons necessary to earn more while you enjoy blogging.

If you’re serious with it, it’s going to be a great online business as Roope did recently. He earned more or less $2,000 within 20 hours because of it. Curious? Click the link or the green button below and get started.

Are we all set now? Let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

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Is MaxBounty A Scam? [CPA Never Pays Affiliates?!]

Is MaxBounty A Scam? Canadian-Based CPA Network Company Alleged To Never Pay Affiliates Right, Shady, Shaving Off Payments & Traffic. Read Here To Learn More.

Welcome to my MaxBounty Review!

Is MaxBounty a scam? That’s the first thing you have in mind after you encountered its name on the web. Am I right?

This is why you’re here. You want to see whether this company is worth a try or not when it comes to expanding your income streams this year.

With that being said, I’d like you to see Roope’s recommended FREE training program in which you’d receive legit income.

Are you super stoked? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

MaxBounty Review - Quick Summary

Name: MaxBounty

Founded: 2004

Founders: JP & Steve Sauve

Type: Affiliate Marketing Program (CPA)

Price: Free

Best for: Website owners, especially bloggers, who wanted to make an income by generating as many leads through online traffic in exchange for affiliate commissions measured as per the amount of traffic.

Is MaxBounty A Scam? Canadian-Based CPA Network Company Alleged To Never Pay Affiliates Right, Shady, Shaving Off Payments & Traffic. Read Here To Learn More.

Summary: MaxBounty, according to the definition, is a cost-per-action affiliate marketing program established in 2004 to create a place for bloggers to make an income through lead generation in exchange for a certain amount of commissions that correspond to the bulk and type of traffic directed from websites and/or blogs.

Is MaxBounty Recommended? No. I’ll tell you the details in a bit. For now, click the green button below to get started with your money-making endeavor today.

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