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Is 30 Day SMMA A Scam? Become A World-Class Consultant!

Is 30 Day SMMA A Scam Featured Image

Welcome to my 30 Day SMMA Review!

Is 30 Day SMMA a scam? This is what we’re going to find out in this post. But before that, let me ask you a question. 

Are you familiar with lead generation? If you are a business owner, for sure, you have encountered the term “leads.” If not, you are on the right page. We’ll discuss the lead generation and how it helps you in growing your business.

At the same time, you will understand how this lead generation company could help you achieve that goal. Are you ready? 

Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

30 Day SMMA Review - Quick Summary

Name: 30 Day SMMA

Founded: 2018

Founders: Marko Stojanovic, Jovan Stojanovic, & Quenten Chad

Company: Choose Pristine Inc.

Type: Lead Generation Online Course

Price: $497 (one-time payment), $297 (two-payments)

Best for: This is best for business owners who want to boost their sales from leads generated from Facebook, particularly Facebook Ads.

Is 30 Day SMMA A Scam Logo

Summary: Three broke friends realized their financial success by establishing Choose Pristine Inc. and helped many business owners with its flagship program, 30 Day SMMA, which started in 2018.

Is 30 Day SMMA Recommended? Yes. It is a legitimate lead generation online course created by Choose Pristine Inc. founders. For a second option, you can also click the green button below to see how the internet does for your financial goals, too. 

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How Much Money Does YouTube Pay For 1,000 Views (3 Tricks)

Welcome to my "How Much Money Does YouTube Pay" Review!

Are you wondering, too? 

How much money does YouTube pay for every thousand views of your latest video? How do they evaluate the video’s performance and pay its corresponding price? 

Is it about the subject of the video or the number of viewers’ engagement involved? You have more questions in mind right now. This is why you’re here. 

You want to learn how Roope earns by uploading more videos as regularly as possible and spends time researching to keep the latest updates for his subscribers. 

Then, you’re on the right page, my friend. Without further ado, let’s dive into it. Shall we? 

How Much Does YouTube Pay Review - Quick Summary

Best For: Individuals who are able to speak in front of the camera or have their voices recorded for a video with confidence. Otherwise, you can't bear the pressure to explain something in front of the camera or a high-quality voice recorder.

Summary: YouTube pays channel owners whose videos perform well. The payment depends on the location where the video was well-received, the number of times the ad appeared on the video, and the type of content produced. 

Is Making YouTube Videos Recommended? Yes. That is if you're able to conquer your fear to speak in front of the camera in exchange for making more money online. 

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Is Devumi a Scam? This Is Why I Don’t Recommend It!

Welcome To My Devumi Review!

Today, most people tend to look for ways to boost their social media presence, and the good thing is, there are reputable providers that offer such services. Now, how can you know the right company to choose for your needs? Is Devumi a scam?

Well, they’re of the many companies that offer such services, and they seem to be doing great at what they do. But remember that everything that glitters isn’t gold. Be sure to read this Devumi review before taking the next step.

Devumi Review - Quick Summary

Website: Devumi

Founded: 2010

Type: Social media marketing

Best for: People who like to waste their money. (Sorry for the honesty!)

is devumi a scam

Devumi promises a dramatic growth for your social media profiles but I don't agree with them.

Summary: Buying social media followers simply isn't worth it. It can actually ruin your social media marketing and harm your reputation. That's why I recommend avoiding Devumi. More on this further.

Is Devumi Recommended? No. If you want to make a serious money online and boost your social media as well, I suggest having a look at my #1 recommendation. It helped me to become from a complete beginner into a full-time online entrepreneur.

Is Devumi a Scam? - Updated Devumi Video Review 2018

In my updated Devumi video review I tell you the truth whether or not you should use Devumi.

In addition, I reveal you the secrets how I have got 1,000's of followers on social media.

Use the same steps that I use that I teach you in the video and you can make a full-time income online like I do.

Is Devumi Legit? - My Video Review

I am more convinced than ever that buying social media followers or YouTube views is not worth it. See the video below where I explain my own and other person’s experiences who has more than 380k Twitter followers.

What is Devumi?

Devumi is a social media marketing agency that offers social media boosting services for sites including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The company was founded in 2010, and it’s based in New York.

The company has been performing surprisingly well over the years, and it’s also seen as one of the top providers of likes, followers, views, retweets and more.

They also provide customers with comprehensive consumer protections thanks to their guarantees and warranties. So, customers can engage their services with confidence and peace of mind.

However, many customers haven’t been fully satisfied with their services. I will explain the reasons further in this post.

Reasons for Buying Social Media Followers?

You may have read our article about buying Twitter followers already in the past. I mentioned 3 reasons for buying Twitter followers and 3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy. Today I would like give you one real-life example.

A couple is traveling abroad in a new city. They have walked the whole day and they became very hungry. They start looking for a restaurant to eat something. The couple recognizes that there are 2 quite similar restaurants on both sides of the street. Both of them are empty. However, they just decide to pick Restaurant A.

Then another couple walks by and they are also hungry. Guess which one of the restaurants they are going to choose? The one that is empty or where they already see some clients.

They believe in the social proof and go for the Restaurant A. The process repeats. More and more people walk by and they all head to Restaurant A because they see that it’s more popular.

Do you see how other people’s decisions and proof effect on you? If all people on the street would be staring at the sky, would have a quick look also? I guess you would.

The same idea goes with social media. There are two “how to play guitar” tutorials on YouTube. Another one has 2,000 views while the other one has 20,000,000 views. Which one would you like to watch yourself?

I guess the latter one. When we see that other people are doing something many times we think it’s good. It’s just psychology. That’s a reason why buying social media followers and views could be a reasonable choice.

How Does Devumi Work? – Simple and Easy (But NOT WORTH IT!)

They deliver followers, subscribers and views to their customers. For example, Twitter followers you get from Devumi are very similar authentic followers and are delivered in the organic way possible.

Moreover, the company also sell a variety of add-on services that can increase the chances of achieving success in your campaign. One of the main add-ons includes Sponsored Mentions from major influencers in your industry.

Notice that you can also buy likes, retweets and comments to your social profiles. I think there isn’t a social media action that you couldn’t buy from Devumi.

Devumi also charges reasonable prices for high-quality Twitter followers compared to other providers. Some people say that the company doesn’t have quick turnaround time when it comes to delivery but this could be because they want the deliver the most organic service possible. 

Devumi also provides users with good user experience as you can quickly find relevant information about their services and order with ease.

The design of their website is great and seems to be better than that of other providers. It has a sleek and professional look, and it’s also responsive. This simply means you can access their website and place an order from your phone. It’s very easy to navigate their site as you can easily find the service links in the header and contact/information links in the footer.

is devumi a scam

This image explains the purpose of Devumi

Devumi Plan and Pricing – Starting at 3 Cents per Twitter Follower

As I mentioned earlier, the prices of Devumi services quite affordable and happen to be the most competitive on the market. This section will explore the costs of their YouTube views. Remember that you can buy services also to other social media but I’ll show their YouTube prices just as an example.

The company offers three view types including Organic, Fast and Social which come in packages of 5,000 to 2,000,000 views.

Organic Views

This is a slow paced views service that is delivered gradually from 300 to 1000 views daily. They also promise to offer high retention and free likes.

Plan and Pricing

  • 5,000 Views for $25
  • 10,000 Views for $49
  • 25,000 Views for $119
  • 50,000 Views for $229
  • 100,000 Views for $449
  • 250,000 Views for $949
  • 500,000 Views for $1,799

Fast Views

Fast views are the cheapest service offered by the company, and it delivers good results. The views range from 3,000 to 20,000 views per day. It also has high retention and free likes.

Plan and Pricing

  • 5,000 Views for $20
  • 10,000 Views for $39
  • 25,000 Views for $97
  • 50,000 Views for $179
  • 100,000 Views for $349
  • 250,000 Views for $799
  • 500,000 Views for $1500
  • 1,000,000 Views for $3,000
  • 2,000,000 Views for $5,500

Social Views

This is yet another service from Devumi that guarantees views from social media. The views range from 500 to 6,000 views a day. It also has high retention rate coupled with free likes.

Plans and Pricing

  • 5,000 Views for $40
  • 10,000 Views for $79
  • 25,000 Views for $179
  • 50,000 Views for $349
  • 100,000 Views for $679
  • 250,000 Views for $1499
  • 500,000 Views for $2,997
  • 1,000,000 Views for $4,999

What do you think about their pricing? Is it fine and would you considering investing on it?

Notice that Devumi gives nowadays a 90-day full money back guarantee. It means that if you are not satisfied with the service for 90 days, you’ll get your money back.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Customers should start seeing views within a day or two after placing an order. It’s also important to note that the time it takes for them to fully complete an order varies — it depends on the amount as well as the type of views ordered.

Organic Views

Turnaround time ranges from 5 days for 5,000 views to 12 months for one million views.

Fast Views

5,000 views are delivered within two days, and it takes up to 10 weeks for a million views.

Social Views

It takes about 2 to 5 days to complete 5,000 views and just 1 to 4 months to get up to one million views.

Devumi has also a 1-year retention guarantee. It means that if the followers or subscribers have disappeared within a year, you will get all your money back. If Devumi promises to give you 10,000 followers, they’ll give you 10,000 followers.

Okay, now you understand quite well how Devumi works and what they are doing. Now we are going to take a closer look at Devumi reviews and analyze if people have liked their service or not.

Devumi Youtube Views Review

A YouTuber and an artist Hannah Dorman bought 100,000 YouTube views on one of his videos. Still, at the moment it’s the most watched video on her YouTube channel. The second most viewed video has +82k views.

In this video, Hannah will explain very interesting statistics about the views that she received by paying money for them. For me, it was a real eye-opener.

You probably noticed in the video that Hannah’s statistic was totally different for a normal video and for this video where she had bought 100,000 views. Normally +90% of her views came from the UK but when she bought the views, almost 0 of them came from the UK. That’s just one example of those differences.

I don’t know if Hannah was using Devumi or some other service to buy views but her experience showed us that buying YouTube views weren’t very profitable.

I have studied the subject relatively lot and in my experience, all experts of social media and online marketing industry say that you shouldn’t buy followers. They say that it can give quick results but in the long run, it’s not profitable. Building your audience and authority takes time but it’s worth it.

Devumi Complaints – Bot Followers

There are 10 reviews of Devumi on Trustpilot-website and 8 of the reviewers have given them only 1 star out of 5. I think it’s quite a bad ratio. Let’s take a look at the most recent review which was written 7 days ago.

is devumi a scam

Kitkat wasn’t satisfied with Devumi but she got immediately her money back. She says that Devumi was using a bot for giving her followers.

The positive thing is that Kitkat got a refund from Devumi but of course it took some of her time to go through the process of buying, using and asking money back.

is devumi a scam

Simon says that those who follow you on Soundcloud won’t have any followers themselves.

These two examples show that Devumi is using bots to give you followers. They are not real people but computers. So, they are not going to interact with you naturally nor buy your products.

It was also interesting to notice from Hannah’s YouTube video that she received most views from countries like Thailand, Brazil, etc. I don’t know if Devumi is paying some accounts to follow you. They could have a network of accounts who click follow or view to receive some little reward.

I asked about this from the support but I’m still waiting for an answer.

Devumi Support – I Received an Answer in 20 Minutes

Devumi provides a lot of information on their services as well as an FAQ section that provides answers to your questions.

You can also contact them by email or by a live chat during 12 hours in a day. I asked Devumi why there are so many complaints of their service all around on the Internet and they answered me quickly in 20 minutes. I was a bit surprised because with many online services you need to wait up to 24 hours to receive an answer.

However, their second answer wasn’t so quick. I wanted to know how do they acquire followers and views.

Devumi support locations are in New York, USA, and Sydney, Australia.

Devumi Affiliate Program – Top Affiliates Earn +$20,000/Month

I think it’s very important to mention about this one. Affiliate marketing means that you earn money by recommending someone else’s products. When someone clicks your link and buys a product, you earn a commission. By the way, I am making most of my income online with affiliate marketing.

Devumi has a very lucrative affiliate program and that’s the reason why some people are recommending Devumi so aggressively. They can earn even $1,000 per sale and top affiliates are earning +$20,000/month just by promoting Devumi. Now you probably understand why you have seen some positive but highly biased reviews on the Internet.

Affiliate will earn 20% for every purchase that people make through his links. And if you make more than 21 monthly sales, you will earn even 25% commission. Let’s say that people use $10,000 for Devumi products. Then an affiliate earns $2,500. Not bad for just placing links on the Internet.

We have come to an end of our review and it’s time to make the conclusion of Devumi.

Conclusion – Is Devumi a Scam?

Devumi is not a scam. They give you the views, followers, retweets, likes and comments what they have promised for you. However, it doesn’t mean that now you should go and buy their products.

In my opinion, the best strategy to master social media is through networking, offering high-quality content and engaging with people consistency. It doesn’t happen in a day or two because building your reputation takes time. But what would be more exciting than watching how your audience grows over the time course?

Tony Robbins says, “Progress equals happiness”. You will make progress in social media for sure if you keep on learning and doing the right things over and over again. Have a look at this step-by-step training. You’ll get immediately 20 interactive video lessons for completely free that’ll teach you how to make a living online.

4 step process for making money online

What kind of experiences do you have with Devumi or other similar social media services?

Have kind of strategies have worked the best for growing your social media audience?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


How Does Hootsuite Work? – 20x Boost in My Traffic!

You have probably found your way to probably the most famous social media marketing tool in the Universe, Hootsuite. When I first started out using the tool, it wasn’t so easy but after a little while, my social media traffic jumped from 1-2k per day to 40k per day.

In this post I am going to answer the question, “How does Hootsuite work?” and also share all my best tips regarding this tool. I have lots of experiences of using it so I am the right person to help you out.

Hootsuite Review

Name: Hootsuite


Field: Social Media Tools

Overall Rank: 87 Out of 100. Hootsuite is my #1 recommendation as a social media marketing tool. It’s simple to use and you can save hundreds of hours by using it.

If you are looking ways to make a living online, I recommend checking out My #1 Recommendation to make money online, ranking 98 Out of 100. I am using this tool all the time to boost my online income

how does hootsuite work

What Is Hootsuite All About?

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media marketing tools on the planet Earth. Several leading experts of social media marketing industry are recommending the tool. At the moment Hootsuite has millions of users from all around the world and it’s growing all the time.

I have used their tool a lot and I will be using it as well in the future. There are several benefits of using it. Here are some reasons why people are loving their service.

  • You can send posts to 35 different social medias at the same time
  • You can schedule 350 posts at the same time (to 35 social medias if you want)
  • You can easily schedule all your posts for the future
  • You can have a free account for a lifetime and 30-day free trial for a premium membership
  • Hootsuite is constantly improving their platform

We can easily say that The list of Hootsuite features and benefits is pretty impressive. In a picture below I show a screenshot how my Twitter impressions literally jumped with Hootsuite. (1 impression means that 1 person saw my post.

how does hootsuite work

My Twitter impressions jumped from 1,000-2,000 per day to 30-40k per day after starting out with Hootsuite. 

How Does Hootsuite Work? – Check Out My Video!

I recorded a short video where I show you the exact process what I used to get 20 times more impressions on Twitter. I will also give you a look at Hootsuite Pro premium are and some of their cool features.


If you have any questions regarding the video, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll give you the best answer either by writing or by creating you another video.

Let me recap the process that I did and how you can get the same results as well with around 6 mouse clicks (okay a few more but remember that I am a full-time online Marketer):

1.Connect Hootsuite with your social media accounts.

2.Prepare the posts that you want to publish on your social medias.

3.Upload the posts to Hootsuite.

That’s it. You can also read more details about the process on my post “What is the best social media marketing tool?

It’s so simple that even a small child could do it. I am 100% sure that you can fully learn the process as a grown-up adult.

I am saying this because I remember the first time when I used Hootsuite. I was a bit afraid that it’s complicated to use so I went to use other tools. However, when I came back to Hootsuite I realized how simple it’s to use when you just check their tutorials.

How to Publish on Hootsuite?

You can use the strategy that I gave in the video but there are also other ways to publish your posts.

how does hootsuite work

Hootsuite dashboard where you can publish posts on several social medias at the same time.

In the upper left corner of Hootsuite Dashboard, you can connect social media accounts. As you can see in the screenshot, I have connected Twitter, 2 Facebook pages (Languages Are Easy and Your Online Revenue), Google+, LinkedIn and some other profiles as well.

Then I can write my message in the area where I wrote, “WRITE HERE”. You can also add links easily and shrink them below that area. You can see the Twitter icon which shows how many characters I still have left. In Twitter, the maximum amount of characters per post is 140.

I can also add picture easily to my posts and schedule my posts for the future. Most successful Internet marketers including myself schedule social media posts for the future. You just take some time, let’s say one hour, and you are able to schedule all of your posts for the coming week.

Is Hootsuite Effective? – Definitely Yes!

You can connect all social medias that you are using with Hootsuite including Instagram. Here is a list of some social medias that you can connect with Hootsuite:

  • Facebook (profiles, groups and fan pages)
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • WordPress
how does hootsuite work

A screenshot of my Hootsuite Dashboard.

It’s hard to come up with any social media that wouldn’t be connected to Hootsuite. You can publish a post in all of them with just one click. Imagine how much time it would take to go through all of them one by one and set up messages. Now you can create your social media posts much more effectively.

Of course, you can go to some social media and create custom posts that are optimized for that platform if you want. Instead of spreading your energy to 100 social medias I recommend mastering first one platform and then moving to the next one. At the moment I have 15k Twitter followers, 3,5k Pinterest followers, +1k Instagram followers and now my full attention goes for building an audience on YouTube.

However, when I publish something to Twitter, I put the same post often to other social medias as well because it doesn’t require any efforts from me. Then I still get some traffic without making any other effort than tapping a box. Quite effective, huh?

Social Media Marketing vs Search Engine Marketing

Even though I use social media, I get +70% of all my traffic from search engines by following this training. I love search engine optimization because I keep on getting traffic even after years of publishing a post. In order to achieve the same with social medias, you first need to build a huge audience and become somehow famous.

All regular people can quite simply get traffic from search engines even though they wouldn’t have a single follower on social medias. In addition, usually the traffic from search engines is more buyer-oriented so it can bring more money in than the traffic from Facebook, for example. Many times people are just hanging around on Facebook and checking new things without any intention to buy something.

I am not saying that Facebook marketing wouldn’t be effective but I am just underlining the power of SEO. On the other hand, Facebook is becoming more and more powerful year by year. At the moment they have more than 2 billion active members worldwide. With Hootsuite you can quickly publish posts on your Facebook pages and accounts with one click.

My recommendation is that you always concentrate on SEO even though you would be building social media audience at the same time. When you target a keyword, you are improving rankings and making clear to your audience what is the subject of your post. One great reason to use social medias is that links to your website boost your rankings. The more people are sharing your stuff, the more authority your site gets and Google likes you more.

If you are interested in learning how I use SEO to make money with my websites, have a look at the step-by-step training in the link below.

=> Learn How I Make Money Through SEO!

Hootsuite Pricing – 30-Day Free Trial Available!

Hootsuite has several plans available.

They have a completely free plan that you can always use without paying a single cent. Of course, it has its limitations. You can connect up to 3 social media accounts with a free plan and bulk scheduler is not available.

Hootsuite Professional plans costs $19 if billed annually. You can connect 10 profiles by using this plan. Then you can also use their bulk scheduler which is my favorite tool in Hootsuite. With bulk scheduler, you can publish up to 350 posts with only 1 click. Professional plans include also real-time analytics and a few other bonus features.

Hootsuite has also plans for teams and enterprises if you need Hootsuite for many people and several accounts. These plans are great for you if you need to get a Hootsuite for all of your employees and clients, for example.

Conclusion – Is Hootsuite Worth It?

If you look at the results what I and other people have received with Hootsuite, there is only one answer. It’s definitely worth it. You can use their tool for completely free and also get a 30-day free trial for a pro membership. Even though you would pay for pro membership, it’s only 19€ per month. You make one sale and it has already paid itself back.

=> Learn here how you can make more sales with social media marketing.


Have you already used Hootsuite? Is it your favorite social media tool?

What other tools have you used in the past?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help with using Hootsuite, don’t hesitate to ask me below and I will be more than happy to help you out. I have received help when I started out my online business so now I want to help you. I hope that I delivered a satisfactory answer to the title, “How Does Hootsuite Work?”


How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter? Check Out Two Great Options!

Twitter is one of the biggest and the most powerful social media platforms on the Internet. It’s one of my favorite places to promote my online business because it’s so simple and effective. Today I am going to share how to schedule tweets on Twitter.

But first, I want to share a couple of words why it can be ultimately beneficial to schedule your tweets.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Why Schedule Your Tweets?

1.Scheduling Gives You Freedom.

Think about a situation where you would need to be ready to make a tweet at 7.30, 12.30, 17.07, 19.05 and 21.24. You always would need to remember to take your phone, write a tweet and publish it. Then repeat every day and hope that you don’t forget or burn out.

Would it be much easier to sit down, for example, once in a week and schedule all tweets for the coming week?

You don’t need to remember the best times for tweeting because the software is posting at the time that you have set. It reduces your workload a lot!

2.Scheduling Saves Your Time

Open your laptop/smartphone, go to Twitter, write a tweet, click publish and wait that it’s uploaded. Repeat 5-10 times a day. That would take a lot of time! It may take even many hours in a day and imagine how many hours in a month.

Situation B: Open your laptop once, schedule all tweets once and forget it for the rest of the week. Takes 15-60 minutes depending on how much you need to prepare and what kind of tweets you do.

3.Scheduling Improves Your Focus

Which one is more effective: 1.Do 10 different things every single day and hop from one task to another or 2.Do one thing first and once you have completed it, move to the next one.

If you are hopping from one task to another, you always need to regain your concentration which takes capacity from your willpower and brain. But if you keep on doing one task after you’ve started, you’ll be much more effective.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

You can schedule your posts on all your social media platforms with one click on MassPlanner


First Option – MassPlanner

MassPlanner is a powerful social media tool used by many full-time online entrepreneurs. Its price is, however, much cheaper than its value. You can get a 5-day free trial to see how it works. If you want to continue as a premium, you can have a 6 months membership for less than $45 which means less than $0,25/day. Quite cheap for saving hundreds of hours of your life, huh?

1.Login to MassPlanner and download their software to your computer.

This takes something under 2 minutes and you only need to do it once. Next time you just need to open the MassPlanner software on your computer and it’s ready for use.

2.Connect MassPlanner with your Twitter account.

It’s simple like 1-2-3 and they have also video tutorials for this on MassPlanner Youtube channel if you want to see step-by-step instructions.

3.Schedule your tweets by creating a campaign.

It took me a while to understand how MassPlanner works but after watching their tutorials and trying a tool a few times, it’s just become a routine to use it.

You create campaigns and decide where the social media posts will be published. Usually, I publish in 5 social medias at the same time: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. I don’t need to go through all of those social medias because I have them all in MassPlanner.

This video walks you through how to use MassPlanner with Twitter:

Schedule Your Tweets Using Hootsuite (Max.350 Tweets with One Click!)

You can schedule your tweets on Hootsuite using Bulkscheduler which allows you to schedule even 350 tweets with one click. It’s my favorite tool in Hootsuite. Another option is to schedule them one by one but it takes much more time and effort so I recommend using Bulkscheduler.

1.Login to Hootsuite

Do you already have a Hootsuite account? You can use Hootsuite for free and if you want to be more effective with Twitter, you can buy a premium account which is very cheap also. Hootsuite Premium is very effective especially for Twitter because of their bulkscheduler-tool.

My impressions (=how many times people see my tweets) grew 30-40 times bigger when I bought a Hootsuite premium. You can see a picture in a text where I speak about the best social media tool.

2.Make your posts using Google Spreadsheet or Excel

If you want to plan schedule your tweets, in you will naturally write them in advance. Make this by using Google Spreadsheet or Excel. This video below will walk you through how you can write your tweets with Google Spreadsheets and then send them to Hootsuite with a few clicks.

Note that you will also write on Google Spreadsheet a time when you want your tweet to be published.

When I first time saw how the process goes, I was a bit afraid if I can do it. But it was much easier than I had thought. Once you have done it, you don’t need ever to learn it again. Then I used to schedule 100-120 tweets with 5 clicks, gained a massive amount of impressions and good traffic to my website.

3.Import Your Tweets to Hootsuite

Once you have written your tweets using Google Spreadsheets or Excel, you can quickly import your tweets to Hootsuite.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Schedule 350 tweets with one click!

Then your tweets are scheduled and you can go to lay down on the beach while Hootsuite is working hard for you.

If you need any help with using Hootsuite Bulkscheduler-tool, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Hootsuite has also a helpful support team that will for sure help with anything you need.

Conclusion – Scheduling Your Tweets

Scheduling tweets is useful because it

1.Gives you freedom

2.Saves your time

3.Improves your focus

You can easily schedule your tweets using Hootsuite or MassPlanner. Both of them are very powerful and have given me nice results. That’s why I recommend to try both and decide which one you are going to use more. Or maybe you want to use both regularly like I do.


Have you used Hootsuite and MassPlanner to schedule your tweets?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Redgage Legit? It Promises Easy Money With Your Content But…

The search for a profitable and sustainable way of earning money online will yield dozens of possibilities, such as Redgage. But before becoming a member of any website, especially when it’s a paid membership, asking the right questions is a must. So, is Redgage legit?

Is Redgage Legit

What Is Redgage And How Does It Work?

Redgage describes itself as a pioneering website because of its supposedly first of its kind income-earning method. Basically, it offers its members the opportunity to earn money from the content they create, share and promote online. This is a form of monetizing online social activity.

Members can supposedly earn income on Redgage by:

  • Uploading photos specifically of travel, journey, and landscape photos. The compensation comes when the general public views the pictures.
  • Loading the preferred Hubs and inserting links to Hubpages. These activities can create higher online traffic to the Hubs and, thus, create greater income (i.e., higher leads, higher traffic, and higher conversions).
  • Inserting interesting videos on the Hubs. These videos can contribute to higher traffic for the member’s Hubs.
  • Inserting links to your Hubs or to your preferred website. The supposed money comes when the general public clicks on the links.
  • Earning $3 to $5 in bonus when a blog or photo is marked on the Redgage main page. The editors are apparently on the lookout for entries, whether these are photos, blogs or articles, with the potential for going viral.
  • Inserting your RSS Feed from the website. This can create more traffic so more money comes into your account.

Can You Earn Easy Money Through RedGage?

Are you dazzled by the promise of easy money yet? Well, you shouldn’t be because there are several issues with the Redgage scheme.

First, Redgage isn’t actually neither the first nor the only one of its kind. Many other websites that pay users for their shared content also exist – we can mention Triond and as examples. This is a red flag, if and when you’re looking for a truthful website.

Second, the compensation scheme has a few issues that many people have already complained about. There are several reasons for the compensation scheme-related complaints. To be honest, there is much better way to make money online.

Keep in mind that the website supposedly serves as a centralized hub. The members can manage their content, such as blogs, posts, links, photos, documents, and videos, in a single place. This arrangement allows users two benefits, namely: (1) to create a wider and stronger online brand; and (2) to navigate, review and host a wide range of projects on the website.

The amount of income earned largely, if not solely, on the value of the contents posted and shared. The value of the contents, in turn, is measured by the number of page views. Think of it as a popularity contest, as most content-sharing sites are wont to be.

If your content isn’t as popular as the others, you won’t earn as much money as you plan. You will find that, indeed, it isn’t as easy money as the Redgage creators say it is on the website. You have to work hard and work smart in order to enjoy your desired income level – and even then, you may be unable to do so for many reasons discussed below.

Your Income Depend on Your Work

Redgage, however, provides a tool for automatic imports of new content across several social media networks. This means no manual importing of content happens, a convenience that many users appreciate.

You can use your social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, in promoting your content. You’re actually well-advised to use them well since these have a direct impact on the current rates earned from your shared Redgage content.

Yet another issue with the Redgage compensation scheme is the standard minimum cash-out. Emphasis must be made that the $25 cash-out is lower than many other similar websites that also offer their users income in exchange for their content.

Your actual earnings will vary depending on the popularity (i.e., a number of page views) of your content. But this is where things get tricky, too. If your earnings don’t reach the standard minimum cash-out, you’re essentially not earning anything.

You will understandably complain about it since you poured time, energy and effort into content creation. If you want to do social media marketing more effectively, take look at MassPlanner.

And then there are also the complaints about the shady payment system used by Redgage. Instead of Payza and/or Paypal, the website initially used its Redgage Visa Gift Cards. This can be a red flag to veteran content-based online businessmen since gift cards are tricky to deal with.

A few members expressed their displeasure with the payment system, too. There’s a $5 deduction from the payment, for example, and the significant delay in getting the gift card.  One member complained that his gift card arrived in the mail six months after he earned it, not to mention the 45-day clearing period.

Even when the gift card works – in many cases, it didn’t work as promised – the transaction fees are too substantial. One member complained that his $25 gift card was only worth about $8 after the transaction fees.

=> Learn a Better Way to Make Money Online!

Who is Redgage For?

People who like to create, share and promote online content from blogs to photos and videos can benefit from Redgage. Newbies and veterans can become members although veterans will likely have more chance at success if it happens.

Redgage Tools and Training

Training videos are available.

Redgage Support

Members can contact the Redgage administrator.

The Good and the Bad

Redgage has a few good things about it including:

  • Easy membership process
  • Automatic import of content to social media platforms

But the disadvantages are just too many to ignore:

  • Shady payment system using gift cards instead of Paypal and the like
  • Significant delay in payments made
  • High transaction fees on the gift card

The promise of easy money just isn’t possible since you have to be active in creating, promoting and sharing your content. This isn’t exactly the passive income it’s touted to be.

My Final Opinion of Redgage

While Redgage isn’t a scam per se, my research into it reveals that it isn’t a sustainable and profitable way to earn money online. Instead of Redgage, I strongly suggest Wealthy Affiliate, a reliable website that provides its members with the opportunity to become successful affiliate marketers.


Have you tried RedGage or some similar products? What did you like?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


MassPlanner Review – Automate Your Social Media Accounts to Get More Interaction and Followers!

If you are interested in automating your social media accounts, you have come to the right place. In this MassPlanner review, I am going to introduce you an excellent tool for social media automation. With this tool, you can get automatically tons of followers and lots of traffic to your website.

MassPlanner reviews

Name: MassPlanner

Field: Social media automation tools
Overall Rank: 93 out of 100

What Is Massplanner All About?

Social media is a great tool to reach out to people. You can promote your business, get leads, get traffic and get more sales. But using all social media platforms takes time. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others. How would you have enough time to post on all of those platforms consistently?

No one has time for that without social media management tools. The purpose of those tools is to save your time and money so you could automate and schedule your social media posts. That is what Massplanner is all about. Saving your money and time.


First time when I heard about Massplanner was when I was traveling in Malaysia, Kuching. I met there two travel bloggers who had been traveling around Asia for two years. They had met many full-time Internet marketers during their journey. I asked which tool do they use to manage their social media accounts. They said that many of those full-time IMs use Massplanner because it makes social media marketing so easy.

Back then I didn’t try Massplanner yet. Then I saw that some reliable Internet marketers that I know were writing positive reviews about this tools. They gave almost 100/100 points for Massplanner. They praised its useful features and told how awesome results they got after using it. I started to convince. I figured out, “If so many full-time marketers are using Massplanner, it has to be useful.” I decided to buy a premium membership too.

Here is a video which gives you a quick overview about MassPlanner

Get More Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest Followers automatically

In Massplanner several ways can help you to get followers on different social medias automatically.

Autofollow tool:

This tool allows you to follow other people’s profile automatically for example on Twitter and Instagram. You probably already know that when you follow somebody on social media, many times the other person follows you back. You know someone and you give him a friend request on Facebook and he will very likely accept it. Follow somebody on Instagram and he follows you back.

However, it takes quite a long time to follow every user one by one. If you are not Barack Obama or some other celebrity, it may take a big while to get followers. Autofollow tools automate the process when you don’t need to click 10 000 times “follow”.

Like tool:

Same principles apply to liking. When you like somebody on social media, they get interested in you and many times they want to like you back and follow you.

A little while ago my friend told that he had used one Instagram tool for liking people’s pictures automatically with good results. He had gained much more followers than ever before.

Retweet tool:

With this tool, you can automatically retweet other people’s tweet.

In all of these tools in Massplanner you can filter in a great detail what kind of tweets, pictures, and profiles you will follow and like. You can for example set that it only follow’s people who have profile image, description, at least 10 posts and their last post was within 14 days (see the picture below).

MassPlanner Video Tutorials

All social media tools that I have used so far take some time to learn. They look a little bit different, they have a little bit different features and so on. That’s why it always takes some time to get used to a new platform and get the full benefit out of it. The same applies to MassPlanner.

However, they have tons of video tutorials that explain each of their tools in great detail. When you go through videos one by one you will become familiar with all of their features. Then you can use them yourself at the same time.

MassPlanner Video Tutorials

Some Examples of MassPlanner Video Tutorials

Schedule Post (Also with Pictures)

With MassPlanner you can quickly schedule social media posts with photos. You may already know that pictures get much more interaction in social medias than only text. Pictures also rank higher on Facebook news feed than a text update. Every time I publish a post here in, I share it on 6 social medias with MassPlanner. Then I can republish the post with only one single click. Easy?

These were only some of the useful tools there are in MassPlanner. There are even more helpful tools and when you take a free trial you can start using to all of them for free.

This video shows you how MassPlanner actually works. The video is made by a coder who knows how much pain goes into making tools such as MassPlanner. He is very happy to use it because it really works.

MassPlanner Is Ultimately Cheap Compared to Its benefit

In MassPlanner you can get a free trial of 5 days. During that time you can check how all the things work and if you want to go premium. However, during my 5-day trial, I didn’t have very much time to dig into MassPlanner’s all useful features. I think that 5 days is quite a short period testing a social media management tool. 1 month is better because then you already start to see some results how it works.

They have a very cheap premium membership. You pay for 6 months only $44. It makes under $0,25/day. Hiring a social media manager could easily take $44 per each day. Here you can get half a year for the same price. And this tool is probably even more efficient than any human updating your social media statuses.

If you compare MassPlanner to its benefits, the price is ridiculously cheap. It allows you to get tens of thousands of followers and visitors to your website. Let’s say that two of those visitors buy a product which gives you $22 commission, it has already paid itself back.

Features in MassPlanner

There is an enormous amount of useful features in MassPlanner. You can do literally anything with your social media accounts in MassPlanner. And the best thing is that you can do the same thing at the same time in all of them. You don’t need first go to Facebook, then Twitter, then Pinterest and so on. You can publish in all of them with only a few mouse clicks. It saves lots of your time.

Then if you want to post the same posts again to get more traffic to your websites, for example, you can do it with a single mouse click.

MassPlanner Review

Some of MassPlanner’s features

Give Your Social Media Profiles a HUGE BOOST

If you expand your social media marketing, then MassPlanner is definitely for you. There are other great tools like Hootsuite and others but none of them have all the same features as MassPlanner. Even though you would be using already some tools, I would recommend to try it.

Sometimes I am using both Hootsuite and MassPlanner because they have a little bit different features which both are beneficial. With Hootsuite you can quickly bulk schedule 100 posts with a few mouse clicks. You can do almost the same with MassPlanner but not exactly. Then in Hootsuite you can’t follow, like or retweet automatically which is possible in MassPlanner.

I think MassPlanner is suitable for beginners and more advanced social media marketers. Anyone can learn using the tool with their step-by-step video tutorials.


Do you have already experience of using MassPlanner? What did you like? Leave a comment below!

If you have any questions related to MassPlanner or social media automation, don’t hesitate to ask and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Want to learn more how to make money online? Check my #1 recommendation.


Should I Buy Twitter Followers? 3 Reasons Why You Should… Not!

When people want to get massive on Twitter they start asking themselves, “Should I buy Twitter followers?” Or maybe you watched some Youtube video how to get 1,000,000 followers in a day and the guy told you to buy them.

The fact is that selling Twitter, Instagram and other followers has become a multi-billion business worldwide. You can find hundreds of sellers online. Maybe some of your friends tried it and you are thinking if you should buy too.

Today I am going to tell you 3 reasons why you should buy Twitter followers. And 3 reasons why you should not buy them. I can give you a little spoiler (psst.. DON’T BUY THEM!) Then, in the end, I will give you 3 much better and more effective tools to boost your Twitter followers and social media influence.

Should I Buy Twitter Followers

“Should I Buy Twitter Followers?” Read Further!

3 Reasons to Buy Twitter Followers

1. You Can Look Famous

Get a chance to look like a superstar for a moment. People think that you are a celebrity when they see that you have 1 million followers. This one could be a reason for somebody but definitely not for me. Why would you like to seem like a superstar?

Whatever your reason may be, it’s not worth $2,000 or whatever is the price of the service. People will just take a look at your profile and think, “This is the guy who bought one million followers.” That’s what I think when I see these profiles who have bought their followers.

2.Big Number of Followers Attract More New Followers

This is partially true. You may more likely get followers faster when you have 100,000 instead of 100 followers. However, I have noticed is that if someone’s followers are not real they will also quickly disappear. You need to provide value for your audience so they will retweet and like your tweets. Grow a number of your followers by constantly tweeting and being active on social media. Then it will naturally grow.

If somebody has 100,000 followers but his content is not providing any good teaching or value, I don’t want to see what is he doing. But if somebody has only 100 followers and his content rocks, it doesn’t matter that other people don’t follow him. But you are right that sometimes people can get attracted to a big number and they may follow you. But again, in my opinion, it’s not worth the price. If you disagree, let me know in the comments and maybe I will learn something new from you! 🙂

3.Get More Traffic to Your Website

Maybe you think that by having 1,000,000 Twitter followers you will get easily lots of traffic to your website too. You will definitely get a huge traffic to your website if you have earned those followers with hard work and constant effort on Twitter or other social media. But if you have bought those followers, most likely you will not get almost any traffic to your website. If you want to buy traffic there are also legit ways to do it. Use, for example, PPC (pay per click -marketing), Facebook ads or other great ways to advertise your business.

If most of your 1,000,000 followers are bots, will it make more traffic to your website? Will those bot followers bring more profit to your business?

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Twitter Followers

1.Are Followers Real?

If you buy for example 100,000 followers, how you can be sure that they are real people and they are not bots? Should you just trust blindly to the company that is selling you “Real Twitter followers for a discount price!!!” Probably not.

If you buy tons of followers, chances are that most of them are bots. Somebody made a bot to create Twitter users so they could sell their service to blue-eyed clients that don’t check their backgrounds. Even though the awareness of online scams has risen, still there are lots of scam artists online who are willing to take people’s money. You don’t want to be scammed by them.

2.Low Engagement

Let’s say that you buy 100,000 followers and most of them are bots. You may think, “Hey, at least some of them must be real people then. They are my real followers.” Well, if you paid to get those followers, they are not probably even very interested in you.

Most likely many of those “real followers” will unfollow you soon when they realize what has happened. Even though they would stay there, the engagement on your Twitter page will be very low. I have seen some Twitter accounts that have 3-4 MILLION followers. Still, almost no one seems to react their tweets. It shows that these guys have bought their followers.

3.Loss of Authority/Credibility

If you buy a million followers people will remember you as the “guy who bought his followers”. I wouldn’t like to get that title. I would rather build up my authority step by step with consistent effort.

I have realized that building authority or a successful online business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon where you should put effort for a long time. That is the reason many people fail. They want quick results with low effort. Then they quit when they don’t get 1 million Twitter followers in one week or one month.

Those who gain authority are the ones who don’t quit. They keep on learning and establish their status over the time course. No one can become an authority in one week. You can claim to be an authority but no one believes you. But if you have worked in your field for years and gained knowledge, people will see that you know what you are talking about.

3 Better ways to invest in your Twitter profile?


1.Manageflitter is a huge social media management tool. It was established already in 2010 and nowadays it has more than 3,5 million users. I used Manageflitter mainly for managing my Twitter account and I found it very helpful.

You can easily follow and unfollow people, boost engagement on your Twitter profile and much more. I found it especially helpful when I wanted to unfollow users on Twitter. You can, for example, unfollow users that are not active anymore.

You can use ManageFlitter for totally FREE. But if you want you can buy a premium version which is, of course, more powerful. Read more here why to choose ManageFlitter.

Should You Buy Twitter Followers

2.Hootsuite has been one of my favorite social media tools for a long time. The number of my Twitter impressions jumped 30x-40x when I first time started using Hootsuite. We talked more about Hootsuite in our article What is The Best Social Media Marketing Tool?

Hootsuite has a free and a paid version. Sometimes I have used the paid version and sometimes only a free one. Premium version is much more powerful because then you can bulk schedule your tweets, connect a big number of social media accounts and get complete statistics about your social media profiles.

You can also get a free 30 day trial in Hootsuite and then you can decide if you want to go premium or not. But I fully recommend at least to give it a try. It will save tons of hours in the long run. Start a 30-day free trial here! And by the way, Hootsuite has about 8 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter Followers MassPlanner

3.MassPlanner is the favorite tool of many successful Internet marketers. It allows you to become massive in social media. It allows you to automate your tweets and posts on other social medias. If you want to gain followers quickly and automatically, then MassPlanner probably the best one of these three tools. Hootsuite can be better for massive tweeting but MassPlanner makes it so easy for you to gain followers.

You can automate following, liking, retweeting and other things. MassPlanner has a free trial of 5 days when you can see how everything works there. In my opinion, you will get the best benefit if you try it at least for 6 months because then you can really see the results.

=> Gain a massive number of REAL followers. Start MassPlanner free trial today!

What is your next step?

You want to get more presence on Twitter and other social medias? Don’t buy those Twitter or Instagram followers. Success in social media takes time. Your authority will be built gradually over time.

You can speed your process by using some of those three helpful tools ManageFlitter, Hootsuite and MassPlanner. They are all very useful and common among successful Internet marketers. Using a social media tool will save tons of your time if you are serious about social media marketing. You can use Hootsuite and Manageflitter for free and their premium versions are also very cheap. For example, for MassPlanner premium membership you would pay only about $0,20 per day.

Let me know in the comments below which one you are going to try first.


Sendible vs Hootsuite. Check Out Why I Prefer Hootsuite!

Sendible vs Hootsuite

Using social media tools will save huge amount of time and money

I am testing different social media marketing tools in order to find out which one is the best. Today I am going to compare two massive social media management tools: Sendible vs Hootsuite!

In the previous comparison about what is the best social marketing tool, I talked about Manageflitter, Tweepi, Buffer and Hootsuite.

The winner was Hootsuite and still after trying Sendible for 23 days, Hootsuite remains to be my favorite social media management tool. You may also be interested “How to get Twitter followers FAST!

#1 Reason Why I Wanted to Try Sendible

My favorite tool in Hootsuite is bulkscheduler. By using the bulkscheduler I can literally schedule even 350 tweets in 2 minutes. My record is 150 scheduled tweets in 2 minutes because I don’t have 350 tweets waiting to be published. (yet!)

The only thing that was missing in Hootsuite’s bulkscheduler was the option to add images in the bulk scheduled tweets. I searched for the service that would provide the option to bulk schedule images.

Then I found Sendible. People praised it because Sendible allowed bulk scheduling images.

Then I saw that they had 30-day trial and I was ready to try it!

I was excited!

But Sendible Failed…

I registered to Sendible and started to study how to use their service. Like I mentioned in the previous Hootsuite text, social media management tools may take some time to learn but it’s well worth it because afterwards they will save tons of time once you have mastered the tool.

I watched 3-5 videos and read their tutorials on how to use Sendible. I wanted to learn it fully right away.

I was enthusiastic to see what kind of results lots of bulk scheduled images would give to my Twitter account. My previous record by using Hootsuite was about 41k impressions in a day.

I tried to upload some message to the bulk scheduler. But it didn’t work…

I read the tutorials and tried again.

Test file 1… Fail.
Test file 2… Fail.
Test file 3… Fail.

After about 5 different tests I decided to contact their support why the bulk scheduler isn’t working.

They responded me and suggested me different kind of things.

After 30 Emails…

I tried all the things they suggested me to do and we even made the video call to make it work.

The result: I was not able to bulk schedule images or anything else. They said that the problem was in my Excel.

Even though I asked many times which version of Excel would be compatible with Sendible, they didn’t respond me to that question.

After all, I cancelled the account because their service was not working properly. I had wasted countless hours trying to make it work.

They contacted me again and said that now it should work also with my Excel version. Well, they had said 15 times before that now it should work so I am just a bit suspicious.

Hootsuite vs Hootsuite 2-0.

Hootsuite bulk scheduler works well. Sendible bulk scheduler doesn’t -> 1-0.

What about the prices?

Hootsuite costs under $10/month while the cheapest plan in Sendible costs $59 -> 2-0 for Hootsuite.

Sendible has 4 different plans which cost $59, $99, $139 and $499 as you can see in the image below.

Sendible vs Hootsuite

Sendible prices.

When the lowest price in Sendible is 6 times higher compared to Hootsuite we could assume that Sendible would be higher quality than Hootsuite. However, the price doesn’t tell the whole truth. (Read 5 powerful tips how to get Twitter followers instantly for $0.)

The layout in Sendible is probably more appealing but I didn’t find the other reasons why I would choose Sendible over Hootsuite. And the layout is not even so important in my priorities. The most important thing is that all the tools work properly.

Sendible markets the product saying how many social media services you can connect at the same time. Well, you can do the same in Hootsuite for under $10/month.

If you have found some reasons why Sendible would be superior to Hootsuite, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Sendible vs Hootsuite Support

I didn’t need to contact Hootsuite support many times but when I contacted them it worked properly and I got a good experience.

In Sendible, they were helpful too but the support was sometimes very slow.

For example, after registering to Sendible I received an email where they asked if I would like to have a video call while they would explain how everything works in Sendible. I responded immediately that I would like to have it.

Then they responded me after ~10 days.

To my other questions about the bulk scheduler, the response normally took 1 or 2 days.

It was much slower that I had been used in Wealthy Affiliate where the support team responses withing minutes.


My experience with Sendible wasn’t very pleasant. I can’t recommend their service. I wasted hours and hours trying to make their service their service work but it was a great disappointment.

Now my plan is to try out some new social media management tools, for example MassPlanner, but so far Hootsuite remains to be the best.

I really recommend to give it a try. You can schedule your social media messages for one month using 3 minutes instead of using 15 minutes every day. That’s the reason I love it.

Think about how much time (and money) you can save!

Don’t waste your time. Start the free trial in Hootsuite!

If I could find the service where I can bulk schedule images on Twitter in a reasonable price I would be even more excited. If you know that kind of service out there, leave a comment below! 🙂

What is your favourite social media management tool? Why?

What kind of results have you achieved with that social media management tool?


The social media that I am using the most is Twitter. Follow us on Twitter.

The biggest social media on the Internet is easily Facebook. I am planning to improve our FB-page in the near future so be sure to be the part of the community to see what is going on.

I share all the tips about making money online on Pinterest also. Follow us on Pinterest.