Sendible vs Hootsuite. Check Out Why I Prefer Hootsuite!

Sendible vs Hootsuite
Social media tools will save huge amount of time and money
Sendible vs Hootsuite
Using social media tools will save huge amount of time and money

I am testing different social media marketing tools in order to find out which one is the best. Today I am going to compare two massive social media management tools: Sendible vs Hootsuite!

In the previous comparison about what is the best social marketing tool, I talked about Manageflitter, Tweepi, Buffer and Hootsuite.

The winner was Hootsuite and still after trying Sendible for 23 days, Hootsuite remains to be my favorite social media management tool. You may also be interested “How to get Twitter followers FAST!

#1 Reason Why I Wanted to Try Sendible

My favorite tool in Hootsuite is bulkscheduler. By using the bulkscheduler I can literally schedule even 350 tweets in 2 minutes. My record is 150 scheduled tweets in 2 minutes because I don’t have 350 tweets waiting to be published. (yet!)

The only thing that was missing in Hootsuite’s bulkscheduler was the option to add images in the bulk scheduled tweets. I searched for the service that would provide the option to bulk schedule images.

Then I found Sendible. People praised it because Sendible allowed bulk scheduling images.

Then I saw that they had 30-day trial and I was ready to try it!

I was excited!

But Sendible Failed…

I registered to Sendible and started to study how to use their service. Like I mentioned in the previous Hootsuite text, social media management tools may take some time to learn but it’s well worth it because afterwards they will save tons of time once you have mastered the tool.

I watched 3-5 videos and read their tutorials on how to use Sendible. I wanted to learn it fully right away.

I was enthusiastic to see what kind of results lots of bulk scheduled images would give to my Twitter account. My previous record by using Hootsuite was about 41k impressions in a day.

I tried to upload some message to the bulk scheduler. But it didn’t work…

I read the tutorials and tried again.

Test file 1… Fail.
Test file 2… Fail.
Test file 3… Fail.

After about 5 different tests I decided to contact their support why the bulk scheduler isn’t working.

They responded me and suggested me different kind of things.

After 30 Emails…

I tried all the things they suggested me to do and we even made the video call to make it work.

The result: I was not able to bulk schedule images or anything else. They said that the problem was in my Excel.

Even though I asked many times which version of Excel would be compatible with Sendible, they didn’t respond me to that question.

After all, I cancelled the account because their service was not working properly. I had wasted countless hours trying to make it work.

They contacted me again and said that now it should work also with my Excel version. Well, they had said 15 times before that now it should work so I am just a bit suspicious.

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Hootsuite vs Hootsuite 2-0.

Hootsuite bulk scheduler works well. Sendible bulk scheduler doesn’t -> 1-0.

What about the prices?

Hootsuite costs under $10/month while the cheapest plan in Sendible costs $59 -> 2-0 for Hootsuite.

Sendible has 4 different plans which cost $59, $99, $139 and $499 as you can see in the image below.

Sendible vs Hootsuite
Sendible prices.

When the lowest price in Sendible is 6 times higher compared to Hootsuite we could assume that Sendible would be higher quality than Hootsuite. However, the price doesn’t tell the whole truth. (Read 5 powerful tips how to get Twitter followers instantly for $0.)

The layout in Sendible is probably more appealing but I didn’t find the other reasons why I would choose Sendible over Hootsuite. And the layout is not even so important in my priorities. The most important thing is that all the tools work properly.

Sendible markets the product saying how many social media services you can connect at the same time. Well, you can do the same in Hootsuite for under $10/month.

If you have found some reasons why Sendible would be superior to Hootsuite, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Sendible vs Hootsuite Support

I didn’t need to contact Hootsuite support many times but when I contacted them it worked properly and I got a good experience.

In Sendible, they were helpful too but the support was sometimes very slow.

For example, after registering to Sendible I received an email where they asked if I would like to have a video call while they would explain how everything works in Sendible. I responded immediately that I would like to have it.

Then they responded me after ~10 days.

To my other questions about the bulk scheduler, the response normally took 1 or 2 days.

It was much slower that I had been used in Wealthy Affiliate where the support team responses withing minutes.


My experience with Sendible wasn’t very pleasant. I can’t recommend their service. I wasted hours and hours trying to make their service their service work but it was a great disappointment.

Now my plan is to try out some new social media management tools, for example MassPlanner, but so far Hootsuite remains to be the best.

I really recommend to give it a try. You can schedule your social media messages for one month using 3 minutes instead of using 15 minutes every day. That’s the reason I love it.

Think about how much time (and money) you can save!

Don’t waste your time. Start the free trial in Hootsuite!

If I could find the service where I can bulk schedule images on Twitter in a reasonable price I would be even more excited. If you know that kind of service out there, leave a comment below! 🙂

What is your favourite social media management tool? Why?

What kind of results have you achieved with that social media management tool?


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By Roope Kiuttu

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  1. Hi Roope

    Thanks for taking the time to give Sendible a try and I’m sorry to hear that your experience was not a good one. We really do pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service so this comes as a huge surprise.

    Having discussed this with our Customer Success team, it seems that the problem was that you were importing a non-comma delimited CSV file. After discovering the issue, the team quickly released a fix to support both comma and semi-colon delimited CSV files which would’ve resolved the issue for you.

    I’m not sure you’ll come across many other companies who could take the time to investigate your issue so deeply, check your CSV file format and then release a fix so quickly.

    I’d also like to correct you on our pricing. We do offer a $9 per-month plan as well which may fit better with your budget. I’d like to invite you to give Sendible another try in the future and to give us the opportunity to truly impress you next time!

    Thanks again for taking the time to write this article.

    CEO & Founder

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment Gavin Hammar!

      I believe that Sendible can offer some great resources for the Internet marketers if the service is working properly. You have a friendly team and they were willing to solve the problem. I hope that it’s now fixed so other clients don’t need to use so much time with the support.

      Where could I find a $9 per-month plan in Sendible? I am glad to hear that you have such a cheap plan even though I haven’t found it yet. Probably I will try Sendible again in the future to see if everything works better then :).

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a response to my article, Gavin.


  2. Hello RKiuttu, Your website is amazing and I surely learned a lot about saving time and money. Saving money especially has been a problem for me, Using your methods on how to save money money i know I will do a good job. thank you for making this site. I really like it and I know you will help a lot more people a lot the way. Very Helpful!!!

    1. Hi Edna,

      by using Hootsuite you will surely save tons of time and money. Don’t waste your money on Sendible which would cost you hugely.

      My primary purpose on is to help people to earn money online and provide various tips on how to do it effectively. I am glad that you liked.


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