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Should I Buy Twitter Followers? 3 Reasons Why You Should… Not!

When people want to get massive on Twitter they start asking themselves, “Should I buy Twitter followers?” Or maybe you watched some Youtube video how to get 1,000,000 followers in a day and the guy told you to buy them.

The fact is that selling Twitter, Instagram and other followers has become a multi-billion business worldwide. You can find hundreds of sellers online. Maybe some of your friends tried it and you are thinking if you should buy too.

Today I am going to tell you 3 reasons why you should buy Twitter followers. And 3 reasons why you should not buy them. I can give you a little spoiler (psst.. DON’T BUY THEM!) Then, in the end, I will give you 3 much better and more effective tools to boost your Twitter followers and social media influence.

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Should I Buy Twitter Followers

“Should I Buy Twitter Followers?” Read Further!

3 Reasons to Buy Twitter Followers

1. You Can Look Famous

Get a chance to look like a superstar for a moment. People think that you are a celebrity when they see that you have 1 million followers. This one could be a reason for somebody but definitely not for me. Why would you like to seem like a superstar?

Whatever your reason may be, it’s not worth $2,000 or whatever is the price of the service. People will just take a look at your profile and think, “This is the guy who bought one million followers.” That’s what I think when I see these profiles who have bought their followers.

2.Big Number of Followers Attract More New Followers

This is partially true. You may more likely get followers faster when you have 100,000 instead of 100 followers. However, I have noticed is that if someone’s followers are not real they will also quickly disappear. You need to provide value for your audience so they will retweet and like your tweets. Grow a number of your followers by constantly tweeting and being active on social media. Then it will naturally grow.

If somebody has 100,000 followers but his content is not providing any good teaching or value, I don’t want to see what is he doing. But if somebody has only 100 followers and his content rocks, it doesn’t matter that other people don’t follow him. But you are right that sometimes people can get attracted to a big number and they may follow you. But again, in my opinion, it’s not worth the price. If you disagree, let me know in the comments and maybe I will learn something new from you! 🙂

3.Get More Traffic to Your Website

Maybe you think that by having 1,000,000 Twitter followers you will get easily lots of traffic to your website too. You will definitely get a huge traffic to your website if you have earned those followers with hard work and constant effort on Twitter or other social media. But if you have bought those followers, most likely you will not get almost any traffic to your website. If you want to buy traffic there are also legit ways to do it. Use, for example, PPC (pay per click -marketing), Facebook ads or other great ways to advertise your business.

If most of your 1,000,000 followers are bots, will it make more traffic to your website? Will those bot followers bring more profit to your business?

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Twitter Followers

1.Are Followers Real?

If you buy for example 100,000 followers, how you can be sure that they are real people and they are not bots? Should you just trust blindly to the company that is selling you “Real Twitter followers for a discount price!!!” Probably not.

If you buy tons of followers, chances are that most of them are bots. Somebody made a bot to create Twitter users so they could sell their service to blue-eyed clients that don’t check their backgrounds. Even though the awareness of online scams has risen, still there are lots of scam artists online who are willing to take people’s money. You don’t want to be scammed by them.

2.Low Engagement

Let’s say that you buy 100,000 followers and most of them are bots. You may think, “Hey, at least some of them must be real people then. They are my real followers.” Well, if you paid to get those followers, they are not probably even very interested in you.

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Most likely many of those “real followers” will unfollow you soon when they realize what has happened. Even though they would stay there, the engagement on your Twitter page will be very low. I have seen some Twitter accounts that have 3-4 MILLION followers. Still, almost no one seems to react their tweets. It shows that these guys have bought their followers.

3.Loss of Authority/Credibility

If you buy a million followers people will remember you as the “guy who bought his followers”. I wouldn’t like to get that title. I would rather build up my authority step by step with consistent effort.

I have realized that building authority or a successful online business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon where you should put effort for a long time. That is the reason many people fail. They want quick results with low effort. Then they quit when they don’t get 1 million Twitter followers in one week or one month.

Those who gain authority are the ones who don’t quit. They keep on learning and establish their status over the time course. No one can become an authority in one week. You can claim to be an authority but no one believes you. But if you have worked in your field for years and gained knowledge, people will see that you know what you are talking about.

3 Better ways to invest in your Twitter profile?


1.Manageflitter is a huge social media management tool. It was established already in 2010 and nowadays it has more than 3,5 million users. I used Manageflitter mainly for managing my Twitter account and I found it very helpful.

You can easily follow and unfollow people, boost engagement on your Twitter profile and much more. I found it especially helpful when I wanted to unfollow users on Twitter. You can, for example, unfollow users that are not active anymore.

You can use ManageFlitter for totally FREE. But if you want you can buy a premium version which is, of course, more powerful. Read more here why to choose ManageFlitter.

Should You Buy Twitter Followers

2.Hootsuite has been one of my favorite social media tools for a long time. The number of my Twitter impressions jumped 30x-40x when I first time started using Hootsuite. We talked more about Hootsuite in our article What is The Best Social Media Marketing Tool?

Hootsuite has a free and a paid version. Sometimes I have used the paid version and sometimes only a free one. Premium version is much more powerful because then you can bulk schedule your tweets, connect a big number of social media accounts and get complete statistics about your social media profiles.

You can also get a free 30 day trial in Hootsuite and then you can decide if you want to go premium or not. But I fully recommend at least to give it a try. It will save tons of hours in the long run. Start a 30-day free trial here! And by the way, Hootsuite has about 8 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter Followers MassPlanner

3.MassPlanner is the favorite tool of many successful Internet marketers. It allows you to become massive in social media. It allows you to automate your tweets and posts on other social medias. If you want to gain followers quickly and automatically, then MassPlanner probably the best one of these three tools. Hootsuite can be better for massive tweeting but MassPlanner makes it so easy for you to gain followers.

You can automate following, liking, retweeting and other things. MassPlanner has a free trial of 5 days when you can see how everything works there. In my opinion, you will get the best benefit if you try it at least for 6 months because then you can really see the results.

=> Gain a massive number of REAL followers. Start MassPlanner free trial today!

What is your next step?

You want to get more presence on Twitter and other social medias? Don’t buy those Twitter or Instagram followers. Success in social media takes time. Your authority will be built gradually over time.

You can speed your process by using some of those three helpful tools ManageFlitter, Hootsuite and MassPlanner. They are all very useful and common among successful Internet marketers. Using a social media tool will save tons of your time if you are serious about social media marketing. You can use Hootsuite and Manageflitter for free and their premium versions are also very cheap. For example, for MassPlanner premium membership you would pay only about $0,20 per day.

Let me know in the comments below which one you are going to try first.

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