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Click2Sell Review [Affiliate Marketing Scam?!]

In This Click2Sell Review, This European-Based Affiliate Marketing Does Scammy Tactics. Luring Victims To Free Registration But Asked $200 Afterward. Read More.

Welcome to my Click2Sell Review!

Today, we’re going to review another affiliate marketing platform in which you can make use for your business venture this year. I’m pretty sure you’re getting serious with it just because you’re here.

Given, I would like to congratulate for you for doing your research and having the time to read reviews like I wrote.

Before we get into the company and read the whole post, I’d like to introduce you to the new business opportunity, which will be helpful for your need. This is made FREE for you to make use and maximize in accord with your business.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

Click2Sell Review - Quick Summary

Name: Click2Sell.EU

Founded: No information

Type: Affiliate Marketing Network

Price: $200 (after free registration)

Best for: Nobody.

In This Click2Sell Review, This European-Based Affiliate Marketing Does Scammy Tactics. Luring Victims To Free Registration But Asked $200 Afterward. Read More.

Summary: Click2Sell is an affiliate marketing platform built in Lithuania intended to gather the sellers and affiliates to promote products in exchange for commissions. For the sellers, they can make use of this site to reach out for their target market and generate leads by means of the affiliates registered in the site.

Is Click2Sell Recommended? No. If you want a better business opportunity, click the green button below. 

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Vitiligo Organics Reviews [$67 Worth Of Fraud?!]

Read My Vitiligo Organics Reviews Post Before You Invest In Scammy Organic Product From Australia. Description Lured People To Spend Without Effects. Read More.

Welcome to my Vitiligo Organics Review!

First of all, I know this is one of the Vitiligo Organics reviews you encountered on the web and probably one of the latest ones you’ve come across with.

I searched it myself and unfortunately, there were no other reviews of this product we’re about to discuss in this post.

As you noticed, this isn’t a review of the product per se. But we’re going to have a gist of the company responsible behind the frenzy of this vitiligo cure they’re talking about.

It’s so popular that many people came into contact with those who have access to the product. In fact, there are many of the bloggers uploaded YouTube reviews sharing their experience with it.

Vitiligo Organics Review Content Image 3 - Your Online Revenue

Before we’re going to delve into this organic product and the company, I want to congratulate you first for having the time to research and dig deeper about the product you’re planning to invest in.

From there, I am getting the idea you want to build a business with this product. That said, I would like to encourage you to grab your FREE copy of the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to make sure you’re up-to-date with the strategies you needed to sell products online.

Now that we’re set, let’s dig into the post. Shall we?

Vitiligo Organics Review - Quick Summary

Name: Vitiligo Organics

Company: Natures Organics/Organic Care Australia

Founded: 1981

Type: Direct Sales

Price: $89 and up

Best for: Nobody, apparently

Vitiligo Organics Reviews Product Image

Summary: Vitiligo Organics is a flagship and one of the popular organic products created and produced under Organic Care Australia also known as Natures Organic, a direct sales company.

Is Vitiligo Organics Recommended? No. 

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Is KidsGetMoney.Co A Scam Or Legit? [$200 Payout Turns To Dust?!]

Is KidsGetMoney.Co A Scam Or Legit? Learn How To Avoid This Affiliate Marketing Network & Learn 4-Step Proven Affiliate Marketing Method To Earn Legit $5,000. Read This Post To Learn More About This Company And How To Prevent Being Their Victims This Year.

Welcome to my Kids Get Money Review

A new scammy affiliate marketing company has been on fire! This system has been running under 3 different names. KidsGetMoney is their 3rd name after 2 failed attempts to… lure victims?

If you’re here, I congratulate you because you know the value of earning money and you’re aware it’s never easy to make a buck!

That also means you’re patient with earning in a legitimate and proven technique as Roope the founder of and the rest of the successful A-list entrepreneurs did with their respective businesses.

If you want to learn our #1 recommended way to make money from home Grab Roope's Ultimate Make Money Online Guide Here and start for free.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Kids Get Money Review - Quick Summary

Name: Kids Get Money

Founded: 2019

Type: Affiliate Marketing Network

Price: Free registration

Best for: Nobody. Check out a better option below...

Is KidsGetMoney.Co A Scam Or Legit? Learn How To Avoid This Affiliate Marketing Network & Learn 4-Step Proven Affiliate Marketing Method To Earn Legit $5,000. Read This Post To Learn More About This Company And How To Prevent Being Their Victims This Year.

Summary: Kids Get Money is a recently established affiliate marketing network in which they invite people to sign up and become affiliates in exchange for an immediate $25 payment upon registration and extra payment for referrals.

However, their promises are not true as you'll learn by reading further...

Is Kids Get Money Recommended? No. See a better option through the button below.

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Countdown to Profits a Scam? [Yes, For $97 Membership?!]

Is Countdown To Profits A Scam? Yes, For $97 Membership You'll Get Tons Of Spammy Links To Spread On Internet. Earning $500 By Watching Crappy Video Possible. Read This Post And Be Warned Of The Fraud Investment.

Welcome to my Countdown to Profits Review!

In the past few days, I’ve reviewed about a similar program offering promises of an enticing ROI in exchange for expensive membership as a startup cost. Now, I’m about to tackle another sales funnel with the same scheme. The difference’s worse.

Have you noticed the spammy links whenever you visit websites or you check your emails? If you see those links, you see the exact task you’re going to do in exchange for an income. That’s exactly what you’re going to do after you register in the company as one of their affiliates.

Now, if you want to retract your investment and leave. This is where the conflict starts. Because nobody will hear your plea. How’s it possible? Let’s dig into the itty-bitty details of Countdown to Profits as a company.

If you don’t want to do something like that to earn some bucks, it’s best to get started learning the 4-step proven and legit method to earn money online.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Countdown to Profits Review - Quick Summary

Name: Countdown to Profits

Founded: 2016

Type: Company selling sales funnels

Price: $97

Best for: Nobody except the owner

Is Countdown To Profits A Scam Logo - Your Online Revenue

Summary: Countdown to Profits is neither a Multi-Level Marketing company nor an affiliate program offering real products or services to clients. What they do is entice people to register and ask them the membership amount in exchange for spammy links to spread to earn money.

Is Countdown to Profits Recommended? Absolutely not.

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Shopperweb.Org Reviews [More Than 23 Million Complaints?!]

Shopperweb Org Reviews

Welcome to my Shopperweb.Org Review!

I know this post is one of a few Shopperweb.Org reviews you’ve seen posted on the web, however, I will give you the comprehensive and brutal, as well as a lengthy review about the company and its whereabouts.

Before I dig into it, I’d like to congratulate you for taking the time to research a legit online business possibility prior to investing. Prior to spending a lot of time and effort to something worth your while and not otherwise. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Shopperweb.Org - Quick Summary

Name: Shopperweb.Org

Founded: n/a

Type: Website promoting Amazong Work-At-Home affiliates

Price: $47 and up

Best for: People who want to earn a few bucks while working at home

Shopperweb Org Reviews Logo

Summary: Shopperweb.Org is basically a website, considered an online channel, where people learn how to begin earning online by working as one of Amazon work-at-home affiliates and earn money as much as you want.

Is Shopperweb.Org Recommended? No. See our #1 recommended way to make money from Amazon by clicking the button below.

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Is Cash for Invite (Cash4Invite) a Scam? [Easy Money System Revealed]

Cash For Invite Review - Quick Summary

Name: Cash For Invite (Also known as Cash4Invite)


Type: Membership Site - "Earn Other Members to Make Money"

Price: 3 Options: $5/month, $10/month or $15/month

Best for: The Owners of This System (Until its shut down by the officials and founders are taken to the jail!)

Summary: Cash For Invite is simply a membership website where members make money by inviting new members to their downline. In my opinion, Cash For Invite doesn't provide almost any value and I believe it will be wiped away in the near future...

Is Cash For Invite Recommended? No. More on this further...

My Cash For Invite Video Review

In order to provide you the most comprehensive and accurate answers regarding Cash For Invite, I created you also the video review that you can watch below.

In the end of the video, I walk you through the Best way to make money online that I use myself.

In the first part of the video, I explain why Cash For Invite is not recommended and why you should be doing more profitable and legitimate things online to make money.

Introduction - Easy Money Available Or Just Another Scam?

Let me be direct with you today. Who wouldn't like to have some extra money?

Even those who say that money isn't important say that they wouldn't mind having a little bit extra for their family or for eating some better food sometimes, for example.

Now Cash For Invite (or Cash 4 Invite) comes with a shining armor promising even an UNLIMITED income just by inviting other people to join the system.

See below the image that they're using for their advertising:

Money will start raining when you join Cash 4 Invite... Oh, Really??

I guess you've probably heard the same story also in the past? Somebody promises you lots of money online but in reality his system is just a scam.

We've reviewed so far already +400 make money online opportunities and systems on Guess how many of them have been scams?


I don't myself believe in easy money anymore. I have seen that anyone can make money online but making BIG money will always requires work and effort.

Let's see if Cash For Invite would be different...

What Is Cash For Invite (Cash4Invite) And How Does It Work?

Cash4Invite is the system that promises to pay you even an unlimited amount of money. Your only task is to invite people to your downline and make them pay for the membership.

In practice, it is supposed to work like this:

  1. You Register for their membership and pay the membership fee ($5-15/month depending on your choice)
  2. You share your affiliate link to the other people
  3. When other people join through your link and pay the membership fee as well, you earn commissions.
  4. Rinse and repeat

At this point, you may be asking, "Then what is the real value of the system?"

And I would say that it's a wonderful question! There doesn't seem to be any real value in the Cash For Invite system. Experts claim is just a classical Ponzi scheme where the only purpose is just to recruit as many people as possible to your downline.

If you want to stay as far as possible from such shady systems, I recommend reading my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to learn to make real money in 2018 (and beyond).

Cash For Invite has used other websites (domains) in the past to promote similar systems. However, those websites have been shut down over the time course.

Take a look at two examples below. In the past, they operated under domains and Nowadays they use the domain

Previous Cash For Invite Website.

Money Come First website that uses the same strategy with Cash For Invite. 

I personally think that it's just a question of time when Cash 4 Invite website will also be shutdown...

Cash For Invite Membership Options

Cash For Invite has 3 membership options that are:

  • Basic Membership $5/month, 60% commissions for Referrals, 7 days waiting before payments, 1 banner ad on, Max. 500 referrals
  • Pro Membership – $10/month, 70% commissions for Referrals, 5 days waiting before payments, 2 banner ads on, Max. 1,500 referrals
  • Ultimate Membership $15/month, 80% commissions for Referrals, 3 days waiting before payments, 3 banner ads on, unlimited referrals

So, the benefits (or differences) of more expensive membesrhips are:

  1. Different pricing.
  2. Bigger commissions for referring new members.
  3. Shorter waiting time before the payments.
  4. More banner ads on website.
  5. More possible referrals.

A strange thing with Cash For Invite is that you can't change the membership after you've chosen it once. We have reviewed more than 400 make money online opportunities. Many of them have been membership sites but none of them have the same strange rule.

There may be a few different reasons why Cash4Invite doesn't allow upgrading the membership once you've joined:

  1. It pushes new members to choose the most expensive membership.
  2. It's easier to create (code) a membership site that doesn't have an "upgrade" option.
  3. It encourages you to pay at least something. Having the $5/month membership feels cheaper than $15/month membership. If they would have only $1/month and $5/month options, many would choose the lowest options still.

Anyway, it's pretty strange that they don't allow you to upgrade the membership. For me it feels even more that there's something fishy going on with their website...

Why Do They Ask For Your Address, Gender, Etc?

When you register, Cash For Invite doesn't only ask for your email and a password like most other membership sites do.

They ask right away for your address, gender and other personal information. Why do they do that?

There are probably 2 main reasons for that:

  1. They want to seem professional in the eyes of new members.
  2. They will sell your information to 3rd parties.

Many scams sites are collecting information from their members in order to sell it further to advertisers. That's probably the main reason why Cash For Invite wants your address, gender and your name.

I don't recommend giving any of that information to them!

Is Cash For Invite A Scam Or Legit?

In my opinion, Cash For Invite doesn't provide any real value to their members. It's basically a cash gifting program where you just pay for the membership so that you could recruit others.

I've seen many such programs over the years and all of them have collapsed one by one.

If you buy their membership, the only somewhat valuable thing that you could get is to insert your banner ads to their website.

In the banners, you can promote your own business or other people's products as an affiliate. However, the value of the visitors that you could potential get from Cash4Invite is most likely very low.

Their members are basically just looking for an easy way to make money online.

I haven't received payments from Cash For Invite (because I didn't even want to get started with them) and I don't know anyone who would have been paid. I know that some people who have used similar sites (like MoneyComeFirst) haven't received the payments.

In either case, I don't see any real value in Cash For Invite and therefore I advise staying far away from them.

I am 100% sure that you would prefer a legitimate way to make money online. Click the button below to read my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide 2018.

Risks Of Using Cash4Invite

I don't recommend anyone joining Cash4Invite for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why I recommend that you don't register:

  1. Cash4Invite gets your email => They can send you lots of SPAM
  2. Cash4Invite gets your personal information => They can sell it further => You get more ads and SPAM
  3. If you buy the membership and pay through PayPal, they may try to STEAL money from your account. In the extreme worst case scenario, they may even steal your linked bank accounts.
  4. By paying for the membership, you're most likely funding scam artists.

I want that YOU or anybody else would never fall into scams. There are many real ways to make money online so I recommend using them instead of websites like Cash4Invite.

Does Cash For Invite Pay?

There are not any guarantees.

After reading Cash For Invite reviews, I haven't met anyone who would have been paid by them. You can basically only find negative reviews.

The only people who are talking anything positive are those who are spamming their Cash For Invite referral links trying to earn some commissions.

Learn a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online

As I mentioned above, there are fortunately many legitimate ways to make money online as well.

My favorite way to make money online is called affiliate marketing. Don't worry if you don't know what it means, I didn't know either when I got started.

In short, it means earning money by recommending other people's products. You can, for example, recommend products on Amazon, Walmart, Target or whatever online store you choose.

Then Amazon, for example, will pay you a small commission for that.

Making money online with affiliate marketing has enabled me to travel around the world and it can help you to do the same as well! 🙂

I don't only make money online myself but nowadays I help other people to achieve the same things as well.

Until this day I have helped +3,000 individuals to get started making money online. I would be glad to help you as well.

I have prepared an Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online in 2018 (and beyond!)You will find it by clicking the button below and I'll tell you more.

I made it a very comprehensive guide to provide you with the best information to get started.

If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you out. Just ask me if you need anything! 🙂

What kind of experiences do you have with Cash For Invite and other similar shady programs?

Would you like to make money online with affiliate marketing like I do?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Is PayPal Money Adder a Scam? Is $500 Per Day True?

PayPal Money Adder Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: PayPal Money Adder

Website: Various Different Websites

Type: PayPal Money Adder Software Is Supposed to Give Money to Your PayPal...

Price: Usually Free to Use But It Comes with an Unexpected Cost. More on This Further...

Best for: Nobody.

Summary: PayPal Money Adder software promises to add money to your PayPal Account. Unfortunately, those software are scams and they are just trying to take advantage of innocent people. I will explain more on this further on this article.

Is PayPal Money Adder Recommended? No. 

NOTE! I don't believe in "get-rich-quick" schemes. You can make even BIG money online like I do but it requires that you put it in the effort.

Is PayPal Money Adder a Scam?

Before you dive into my article, I want to provide you an opportunity to take a look at my PayPal Money Adder video review below.

If you want to learn my #1 recommended way to make money online, I advise that you watch the video until the end because I explain you it step-by-step.

That's the exact 4-step process that I use myself to make a living online. (NOTE! It's not anything related to PayPal Money Adder.)

Introduction - Free Money to PayPal?

You may have seen these promoters touting on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or somewhere else on the Internet,

  • "Get FREE Money to your PayPal Account!!"
  • "Earn up to $500 per day to PayPal!"
  • "See how I get daily free money to PayPal, try this today!"

They promise you almost the Moon from the sky.

And what would you need to do in return? Just download their PayPal Money Adder Software and follow the instructions.

Where will that money come from? Why are they providing you free money? If it's so easy, why is not everybody doing it?

These are the questions that have probably come to your mind. How on Earth could they pay you up to $500 to PayPal basically "just for fun"? Those are all legitimate questions.

I get paid to my PayPal account on a weekly basis from all different sources. However, I needed to work for that income and build my online business by following these 4 steps.

That money what I am now receiving to PayPal didn't come there magically with a mysterious software.

Anyway, I was still open-minded to see what these PayPal Money Adders are. So, let's have a closer look!

What Is PayPal Money Adder?

Recently on the Internet there have been many people promoting different kinds of software that they call PayPal Money Adders. They are all a little bit different but they work with a similar idea: Promising to add money to your PayPal account.

Below you can see screenshots of some of the PayPal Money Adder Software.

Above you can see images of some PayPal Money Adder Software.

As you can see in the image above, all of those software are asking some information and personal details from you like:

  • Your Email Address
  • PayPal Password
  • And Other Information

You may think that some of these software are legitimate because their promoters are showing you their income proofs. However, it is easy to fake income proofs and that is just their way to lure more people to their system.

Over the years, I have reviewed and researched more than 400 make money online opportunities and I have seen numerous scams.

For example, recently I published a Smart Dollars Club review where I exposed a scam that was promising their members up to $150 for answering a simple survey.

How Does PayPal Money Adder REALLY  Work?

The cold truth is that PayPal Money Adders and their creators are NOT going to send you money. Where would that money come in the first place?

Creators of these software and their promoters have a few different agendas why they are doing this. In a nutshell, they are trying to take advantage of you and other innocent people who are trying to find a legitimate way to make money online.

Let me reveal you the 4 ways how PayPal Money Adders usually take advantage of their users:

  • #1) They Take Your Money

You are probably wondering, "How could they take my money if I don't give it to them?" That's a good question and they have actually many ways to do it.

Some of the PayPal Money Adder software cost some money so users first need to pay for it. That's the first way how they make money but not the only way.

Another way for them to make is by letting you answer their surveys and filling out your information. Companies are often paying them money for getting your personal information and answers. So, the software requests you for that information and the software creators sell that information further in masses.

Let's say that 10,000 users fill out their information, the earnings for the creators has added up pretty quickly!

  • #2) They Hijack Your PayPal Account

As you saw in the image above, some PayPal Money Adders are asking even your PayPal password.

You should NEVER give your PayPal password to anyone.

I think that you already know that but I just want to underline it so you will never lose the money from your account. In the worst case scenario, you don't only lose the money from your PayPal account but also from your linked bank accounts.

That's why you should be extremely careful always when giving such private information.

  • #3) They Take Your Email Address

Getting email addresses and selling them further is a huge billion-dollar business already globally. With a big list of emails, advertisers can effectively sell their products and promotions.

By having your email address, they also have a direct access to you and they are able to send you all kinds of promotions.

I have actually created another email account that I use for testing and researching make money online products. I don't care if that one gets spammed because I never read it but just use it to log in to provide the best information for my readers and followers.

  • #4) They Use Malicious Downloads

Many years ago when I didn't have much experience of using the Internet, I downloaded all kinds of software to my computer. One of them was a Trojan Virus. What does that mean?

It means that the software looks good and positive providing you some value but eventually it's a virus that does harm to your computer. In my case, I needed to get rid off that computer and get a new one. The virus pretty much destroyed all the functions.

PayPal Money Adder Software may install viruses to your computer.

Other viruses can steal your information or spy your computer when you are using it for all your personal things.

That's why you should always be extremely careful when downloading software to your computer that you are not originally familiar with.

Do not download ANY PayPal Money Adder software to your computer! They don't give you money but they may TAKE your money!

There may be also other ways how PayPal Money Adders take advantage of their users but these 4 are the primary ways.

The conclusion is that you should stay away from such software and only go only for 100% reliable ways to make money online like Wealthy Affiliate, for example.

Are All PayPal Money Adder Tools Scams?

So far all PayPal Money Adder tools I have seen are scams. In addition, as I explained above, I have experience of researching more than 400 make money online opportunities so I have a vast knowledge of making money online.

Nowadays I also make my own living online thanks to this training.

I have helped already +3,000 other people to get started with their own make money online journey and I've noticed a few important things.

If you want to make money online you need to:

  1. Invest TIME and/or MONEY. Money doesn't grow in trees. You can make even +$10,000/month online but it certainly requires lots of work or some financial investments.
  2. Provide some value. This can happen in many 1,000's of different ways. For example, you give your time to a company and their boss gives you tasks to do. Or you help other people to find what they are looking for online and get paid for that.
  3. Have a proper training. If you want to make money online, you need to know what to do. Having a proper training doesn't only help you to earn more money online but it also helps you to get started faster. My #1 recommended make money online training is Wealthy Affiliate.

If somebody promises to pay you lots of money online, it's always worthwhile asking at least some of the following questions:

  • Why do they want to pay me?
  • What kind of value am I providing them?
  • How does the payment process work?
  • Is the company reliable and when was it founded? (In general, established and old companies are more reliable)

A Real Way to Make Money Online?

As I quickly mentioned above, I make my own living online. I have a freedom to be my own boss and travel all around the world.

Sometimes when I talk with other people they say that I am living their "dream life". I can't deny it. My dream was that I could make money online and travel around the world.

Making money online has enabled me to travel around the world. If I can do it, you can do it.

At the moment, I am living in Thailand, Asia. Originally I am from Finland that locates in Scandinavia, in the Northern Europe. The weather in Finland is not as warm and comfortable as in Thailand. The winter is long and dark...

Anyway, I didn't come here to talk about Finland, right? 😉

After I learned to make money online, I have since then helped +3,000 people to get started as well. The primary way that I teach people is affiliate marketing.

It's a 4-step process how you can make money online even without your own products or prior experience. I have created you a step-by-step guide where I teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing

You can access the guide by clicking the button below.

Want to Get My 1-On-1 Support to Make Money Online?

Currently, I am also helping many people 1-on-1 to make money online. I provide it as a bonus for people who get started on Wealthy Affiliate or sign up to my email list. 

I have helped already +3,000 people to get started and many of them are already making a consistent income.

When you get started, I will be providing you

  • Steps to take to succeed online.
  • Answers to all your questions. You can literally ask me ANYTHING.
  • Tools & resources to make even more money online.
  • Feedback and tips to anything you need.

Remember that you can ask me anything you need and I will answer you personally. I still have a 100% answer rate because I want to make sure that anyone who needs help, gets it.

I will be happy to help you to make money online.

As a bonus, I will send you my 7-day course to make money online.

You will get an instant access by entering your email below.

I want to remind that my 1-on-1 support is available now but it may not be available for a long time in the future when I start working on other projects.

If you see this text and I have not removed it, that means that I can still help you to make money online personally. I will remove this text once, I shift my focus somewhere else.

Anyway, you now have this wonderful opportunity to make money online with my 1-on-1 support and guidance.

If you are interested, just leave your email below and let's get started! 🙂

What kind of experiences do you have with PayPal Money Adders?

What is your favorite way to make money online?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support to make money online?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Is BitClub Network a Scam? – 5 Red Flags Make It Suspicious!

Is BitClub Network a Scam? Is BitClub Network a Ponzi Scheme? How does BitClub Network work?

Recently, thousands of people have been asking these questions online. Therefore, I decided to write this comprehensive BitClub Network review to answer your questions and warn you about this “opportunity”.

Is BitClub Network a Ponzi Scheme? – Video Review

I also created you a video to answer all your questions in a comprehensive manner.

BitClub Network Review

Name: BitClub Network (BCN)

Founded: 2014

Price to Get Started: $99/Month + Other Fees Up to $1,000’s

Short Review: BitClub Network seems to be a Ponzi scheme. There are too many red flags that I predict it will fall at some point. I highly recommend avoiding this kind of suspicious system.

If you are looking for a proven and an honest way to make money online, I recommend taking a look at this step-by-step training.

bitclub network homepae

BitClub Network has mining pools but it seems that their main business is inviting more people to their multi-level marketing system.

What Is BitClub Network?

BitClub Network is an “opportunity” that promises you earnings by investing in their crypto mining farm. They say that you can make money by investing in their equipment in a cloud mining style.

As I explained in my article, “Is Cryptocurrency mining still profitable in 2018?” there are several cloud mining pools where you can earn money. Cloud mining means that you earn money by investing in a huge mining company. They raise money from investors so they can buy more equipment.

However, BitClub Network doesn’t work like a typical cloud mining company. They have a high monthly membership fee and other fees. You can make the biggest money in the system by inviting other people to your downline.

Is BitClub Network a Pyramid Scheme? – Read a Definition

The definition of a pyramid scheme is:

A dishonest business scheme in people pay to join, and profit from payments made by subsequent recruits.

Usually, pyramid schemes disguise themselves by having some product that in reality doesn’t play a huge role in the system. The main way to make more money in pyramid schemes is by recruiting more and more people to your downline.

Payments for old members are paid by the fees that are collected from new members. In the other words, when you move higher in the pyramid, you earn more because of people in your downline pay money to you. In an honest business the product itself pays a bigger role but with pyramid schemes recruiting is the main way to earn money.

Is BitClub Network a pyramid scheme

Pyramid schemes concentrate on recruiting new people in order to make big money.

Many pyramid schemes call themselves “investment clubs” promising high returns on your investments. Old members and those who joined early will actually make big money but eventually, the system collapses when new investors stop coming to the scheme.

Now that you know more or less what is a pyramid scheme, I would like you to evaluate BitClub Network

1.Founders and Owners Are Hiding Their Identity

One typical characteristic of Ponzi schemes is that the founders don’t like to show their faces, names or the identity. Do you remember, for example, a famous Ponzi scheme from the cryptocurrency world called BitConnect?

Nobody in the public really knows who were behind that Ponzi scheme because they were hiding. The same thing happens with the BitClub Network. At least, the founders don’t show themselves but further in the text, I’ll reveal you what the research has shown about the founders.

bitclub network founders

BitClub Network has an about page but they don’t tell who are the founders or the owners of the company.

Ponzi scheme founders and leaders don’t want to show their faces because they want to hide. They don’t want to go to jail again and they don’t want to ruin their reputation because of what they are doing.

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2.BitClub Network Reviews Say It’s a Scam

Before buying something online, I often recommend reading a few reviews on what other people are saying about it. Especially, if you are buying for a “get-rich-quick” money-making opportunity.

One of the most common signs of a scam is that there are tons of negative reviews from reliable online entrepreneurs. For example, pretty much every reliable online entrepreneur with a good reputation was saying that BitConnect was a Ponzi scheme.

Only people who had a shady background were promoting it. And now the same is happening with BitClub Network.

3.Chiara Francica Is Involved (Promoter of Various Ponzi Schemes)

Chiara is a somewhat popular Internet marketer and she’s especially famous for promoting Ponzi schemes and scams. 90% of her YouTube videos have been scam promotions so far. Recently, I created a YouTube video exposing Chiara Francica and her “businesses”. Take a look at it below:


She has been involved with programs like MOBE, Digital Altitude, and BitConnect. As you probably know, BitConnect was the biggest Ponzi scheme in the cryptocurrency world that felt down at the beginning of 2018.

Digital Altitude was a pyramid scheme disguised as a digital marketing training. FTC (Federal Trade Commissions) claimed that DA has made consumer injury more than $14,000,000.

MOBE is still running but it’s running exactly similar “business model” like Digital Altitude so I think it’s only a question of a time when it will fall down.

There’s one thing that I’ve learned so far. Wherever Chiara Francica is involved, it’s usually a scam, Ponzi or a pyramid scheme.

Chiara also says about the BitClub Network, “I have made most of my earnings come from referral commissions in BitClub Network.” It means that she doesn’t earn much money for referral commissions but mostly earns money by inviting more people to her downline.

That’s a typical pyramid scheme works. There’s usually something that looks like a product (in this case cryptocurrency mining) but it’s really just a bait to invite people into a pyramid scheme.

4.Classical Pyramid Scheme-ish Ranking Systems

BitClub Network is completely different from a classical cloud mining. They have “ranking systems” based on your earnings and other factors. You will go up in the ladder based on your results in the system. These are their levels:

  • Builder
  • Pro Builder
  • Master Builder
  • Monster Builder
  • Mega Monster

This is again another classical characteristic of a pyramid scheme. You try to climb up on the ladder and get as many people as possible to your downline.

bitclub network pyramid scheme

BitClub Network has a ranking system. You move higher in the pyram… krrhhm… ranking by recruiting more people to your downline.

5.Research Says That Criminals And Rapists Are Running BCN

One person who tried BitClub Network for a while made a research about the founders and he shared his results publicly.

bitclub network Russ Medlin

Is this person behind BitClub Network?

He said that one of the main leaders of the system is a man called Russ Medlin who is a known sex-offender. Actually, the whole team of leaders was an international gang of criminals based on his research

Russ Medlin states that, “Everyone is under my downline in BitClub network.”

The writer on Steemit listed a few other reasons why he strongly believes that Russ Medlin would be a founder of BitClub Network. If Medlin really is a founder of BCN, would you like to part of a company that’s run by a well-known rapist/criminal?

Conclusion – Is BitClub Network Legit Or a Scam?

Let’s try a duck test here.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

If it looks like a Ponzi scheme, works like a Ponzi scheme… Then it probably is a Ponzi scheme.

Usually, it’s not possible to say with 100% sureness whether a system is a Ponzi scheme before it collapses. However, I have always been right when spotting Ponzi schemes. Recently, for example, BitConnect and Digital Altitude collapse a few months after I was warning people from not joining them.

I recommend joining away from BitClub Network or anything that looks very suspicious. There are many legitimate and honest ways to make money online so you don’t need to waste your valuable time with systems like BitClub Network.

In addition, the law in many countries says that even promoters of a pyramid scheme can be held liable for their actions. If you start promoting BitClub Network and it collapses at some point, you may be in a great trouble.

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It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme like BitClub Network but it’s a real training that helps you to make a sustainable income online.

4 step process for making money online

What do you think about BitClub Network?

Do you think BitClub Network is a Ponzi scheme or a legitimate opportunity? Why?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

If you have any questions about making with cryptocurrencies or about making money online in general, don’t hesitate to ask me below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


Is BitConnect a Ponzi Scheme? Check Out 7 Obvious Red Flags!

The value of BitConnect has been over $2 billion. Thousands of people are promoting it online. Everybody is talking about it.

There’s a huge buzz around BitConnect at the moment. Nobody knows how long will it last and many people are asking, “Is BitConnect a Ponzi Scheme?”

In this article, you will get a brutally honest answer to your question. I am you will find this helpful and valuable. You shouldn’t invest a single BitConnect until you have gone through this texts.

Is BitConnect Legit? – Video Review

I know that some of you prefer watching a video rather than reading a text. I created a BitConnect video review so you can take a look at it below. I’m sure you’ll find it helpful and valuable.

BitConnect Review

Name: BitConnect

Launched: 2017

Type: Systems That Look Like Ponzi Schemes

Short Review: My advice is to stay far away from BitConnect and tell all your friends to stay away as well. There are tons of red flags that why the system seems extremely suspicious.

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Bitconnect Homepage

Bitconnect Homepage

What Is BitConnect?

BitConnect company tells that it is “an open source all-in-one bitcoin and cryptocurrency community platform that provides multiple investment opportunities and education.” That sounds pretty good at first.

But as you probably know, tons of experts and online entrepreneurs are saying it’s a Ponzi scheme and a scam. Let me show you 7 red flags of BitConnect.

1.Huge Promises – “If It’s Too Good to Be True…”

The old wisdom says, “If it’s too good to be true it probably is.” That’s accurate in most cases. I don’t it’s always true because I have found some opportunities in my life that were much better than what I expected. Still, in 95% of cases that wisdom is accurate.

Especially, if somebody promises you lots of money/high returns without risks or without working hard. In 99,99% of cases, it’s just a lie.

Take a look at what they promise on BitConnect. I’ll explain then what it means.

is bitconnect a ponzi scheme

In BitConnect you are supposed to lend money to the company because their trading program will make more money and pay you big dividends. They say that you’ll get returns up to 40% per month (+ daily bonuses). They have also claimed that the bot can make even 1% profit per day on average.

1% doesn’t sound a lot but it makes 365% profit per year so you’ll start to realize how huge thing they are promising to you. That sounds like an outright lie. I’ll explain later why it’s pretty obvious why that it can’t be true.

2.BitConnect Pyramid Scheme-ish System

BitConnect has also a referral system up to 4 tiers. It means that members of BitConnect earn money by inviting more people to the system. They also earn money from the people that their referrals’ referrals invest.

Let’s say that you invite Jack and he invests money to BitConnect. You earn a little commission. Then Jack invites Jay and he also invests money. You earn a little commission again. Jay invites his friend James and he also puts some money to BitConnect. You still earn some commissions.

This model is probably familiar to you from multi-level marketing programs. There’s nothing illegal about it but as we know, it creates a pyramid and people who are on the top earn the most money.

This also gives a big incentive for current members to invite new people to the system. They make money for that. I could, for example, join BitConnect and start promoting it on this site. I get tens of thousands of eyeballs every moment to my site and all of them are interested in making money online. You can quickly imagine how much money I would make by promoting BitConnect. 😉

But I don’t promoting anything that’s shady even it would make me tons of money. Integrity and honesty are always more important than money.

bitconnect Pyramid Scheme

People who recommend BitConnect for you, are looking for profits. They try to take advantage of you!

3.How Does Bitconnect Bot Work?

So, their bot makes up to 40% profit per month, right? Now I would be interested in hearing how it works. Because if you could create such a bot, you would quickly become the richest person on planet Earth.

One famous person actually promised publicly to give $100,000 right away to a person who explains to him how BitConnect bot works. That would be just a small amount of money for that kind of bot. This person clearly knows that it’s impossible to create a bot that would consistently make 1% profit per day in the long run.

It’s interesting that Bitconnect uses so much time on marketing, advertising, explaining the referral system and to all other stuff but they don’t bother explaining how their bot works. Of course, they wouldn’t need to tell details but at least some principles would be necessary.

Okay, let’s imagine that they have such a bot and it would be legitimate. The next chapter explains why that idea is impossible.

4.Is Bitconnect Legit? If It Would Be Then…

They wouldn’t give it to you.

Imagine that you created a bot that makes 1% profit per day. Would you try to make it public, collect money from small investors who can invest $100 per person and so on?

If you really have a bot that makes 1% profit per day, you would go to a bank, to a rich investor and ask for a big loan. They would give you a loan for 100% sure if you really have a bot that makes so good profits. I would invest all my money to such a bot because I would know that I would get big returns fast.

Let’s say that creator would find a couple of rich people and they would invest $1 billion in total to this bot. They would make their money back in a short while so the investment would be great for them and for the creators as well.

But as we see, the creators of a bot (if it even exists) didn’t do like that. Now they go to find people from all over the world. Then need to find 10,000,000 people who invest $100 to get the same $1 billion. That doesn’t make sense if they really would have a bot that makes good profits.

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5.Reliable Cryptocurrency Experts Say It’s a Scam

There are (roughly) three kinds of “experts” and online entrepreneurs on the Internet:

  1. People who really provide good value and information.
  2. Fraudsters who just promote their own programs to maximize their own profits.
  3. People who just know what they are talking about.

When we are talking about BitConnect there are lots of people who promote it on their YouTube channels, Facebook accounts, Snapchat and so on. However, those are the people who are usually known for other pyramid schemes and suspicious systems.

I heard about BitConnect for the first time from a lady who has been (and is still) promoting several suspicious “make money online” systems. I know that some companies that she is promoting are pyramid schemes.

When you listen to opinions from honest online entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency experts ALL of them say it’s a scam or something similar. What kind of message does this give to you?

6.”It Can’t Be a Ponzi Scheme Because It’s Already $1 Billion!”

bitconnect ponzi scheme Bernie Madoff

This person’s Ponzi scheme was worth over $65 billion.

Do you know who is the person in the picture above? He is Bernie Madoff. The creator of the probably the biggest Ponzi schemes ever. It was worth over $65 billion and collapsed in 2008.

Bitconnect is already worth $1 billion but it doesn’t mean that it would be legit. There are several reasons why people still would invest money on Bitconnect even though it was a Ponzi scheme. Here are the most typical reasons:

  1. Some people are so greedy that they want to invest in it even though they know it’s a Ponzi scheme. They know that the value will keep on rising for a while until it collapses. They invest, take the profits and run to the hills without any moral.
  2. Some people don’t make enough research and they don’t really understand where they are investing in. Maybe some of their friends introduced the system to them and it sounds nice.

7.How Long Has BitConnect Been Around?

BitConnect was launched in January 2017 just before a huge cryptocurrency boom that took place in the Spring.

As we know, Ponzi schemes will always collapse sooner or later when new individuals stop coming in. When the owners can’t pay high returns for the old members, the system just crashes. Then everybody realizes, at last, it was a Ponzi scheme. However, sometimes it can take time if more and more people keep on coming in.

If BitConnect would be an old company with decades of experience, we could probably say that it’s not a Ponzi scheme. I don’t know any Ponzi that would have lasted for decades. But BitConnect is still a very recent thing. That fact doesn’t build trust in my eyes.

You probably remember Madoff’s fraud. It lasted for quite a long time until it finally went down. The same can happen to BitConnect. It can be there for a while but if it’s a Ponzi scheme, eventually the system will just collapse.

bitconnect ponzi scheme graph

Ponzi schemes go usually rapidly up in value until they finally collapse.

+ Bonus Reason!

Where is the white paper, the information about the board of directors or all other important details? More reliable cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum and Dash show clearly teams on their websites. They show who is behind the team and developing the currency.

However, when it comes to BitConnect, things are completely different. They are hiding information from you and me.

bitconnect scam is hiding information

BitConnect is obviously hiding some information.

Conclusion – Is BitConnect a Scam?

Have you heard of a duck test? It helps you to define whether an animal is a duck or not. You can use it like this, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

Let’s apply this duck test to BitConnect: “If it looks like a Ponzi scheme, works like a Ponzi scheme, and quacks like a Ponzi scheme, then it probably is a Ponzi scheme.”

Personally, I highly recommend staying away from this system. Even if you could make some money from (Ponzi scheme) Bitconnect, you would make something bad to your reputation as a person and to your conscience.

Clean conscience, integrity, and honesty are far more important than money. That’s why I want to underline: Stay away from BitConnect!

There are tons of honest ways to make good money online so it doesn’t make sense to waste time with systems that look like Ponzi schemes. You can take a look at my #1 recommendation for making money online.

You can also grab $10 worth of free Bitcoins here or take a look at other scam-free online jobs.

What do you think about the future of BitConnect? Is it a Ponzi scheme and when will it collapse?

Are you interested in making money online, in general?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

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