Is Global Dream Network A Scam? South African Donation Scheme?!

Is Global Dream Network A Scam Featured Image
Is Global Dream Network A Scam Featured Image

Welcome to my Global Dream Network Review!

Is Global Dream Network a scam? Let’s find out in this post. But before that, let me first warn you that this is a multi-level marketing opportunity. If you don’t believe this works, we have another option for you.

Why write the disclaimer? It’s because most MLM-related business opportunities we reviewed, it’s always a scene where most members lose money. 

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It’s the nature of the business structure that focuses on the higher-ranking members, who benefit the most versus the lower-ranked members. If you think this is a good business idea for you, stay towards the end of the post. 

Are you ready for the Global Dream Network review? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Global Dream Network Review - Quick Summary

Name: Global Dream Network

Founded: 2019

Founder: Akim Sebande

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $24 to $114 (depending on the currency rates)

Best for: Nobody

Is Global Dream Network A Scam Logo

Summary: Global Dream Network is a pyramid scheme based in South Africa. The donation-based multi-level marketing company is established under the name Akim Sibande, who claims to be the founder and CEO.

Is Global Dream Network Recommended? No. We don’t advise you to join any network marketing-related opportunities because it’s a proven system that works only if you are at the higher ranks. If you just get started, expect no immediate returns of your investment. 


What Is Global Dream Network?

Do you think all donations are for a good cause? If you learn how this multi-level marketing company works, you’ll change your mind. 

Africa is a paradise for philanthropists. To date, there are 248 reported foundations linked with African-related grants. The figure itself means many people are interested in giving donations to Africa as it’s the popular choice. 

But this doesn’t mean that all African-based donation companies are legit. Let’s take this network marketing company as an example.

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Global Dream Network is based in South Africa. It’s a donation-based multi-level marketing company that claims your financial success without any program or product to sell. 

If you have been following our posts about the legitimate companies, they all have products. If not, they have programs like YouCaring provide for its stakeholders. 

The members may donate a portion of their profit but they know where the money is going. This is the problem with Global Dream Network. 

Just like Club Cash Fund and other scam businesses, they don’t have real products to promote.

So, how does the money grow and how can you guarantee you’re making profits or, at least, your returns? 

Your compensation relies on the memberships. Period. To keep money coming, Global Dream Network has to encourage its members to invite more people to ensure other members’ payments. 

And because this is a multi-level marketing company, it follows a structure along with its corresponding shares of the bonuses according to ranks. 

But do you think you could make money with Global Dream Network? No. There’s no doubt about that.

Is Global Dream Network A Scam Landing Page

Global Dream Network Landing Page

Who Is Global Dream Network For?

At first glance, you will know this is a scam. Just a quick reminder, my friend. Every legitimate network marketing company, regardless of what they offer, has products. 

If they don’t have and still claiming you gain Returns of Investment (ROI), be suspicious. In a multi-level marketing company, the revenue relies on memberships and product sales. 

Even if they require its members to do personal purchases to compensate for the generation of products, it is a legitimate MLM. 

They have real people running behind the company and can provide real addresses of their head office. 

This is exactly where Global Dream Network is at fault. Despite the good intentions behind the cause (the donations), its business structure, especially the compensation, raises suspicions. 

Several red flags are evident. But the most obvious is the non-existence of the product the company tries to sell. If an MLM does the same, be wary. It’s a Ponzi scheme. 

So, how does Global Dream Network pay based on its claims? 

According to its compensation plan, for only R350 (South African Rand) or equivalent to approximately $24 you can start making profits from Levels 1 to 4. 

Is Global Dream Network A Scam Compensation Levels

Global Dream Network compensation plan

In Level 1, you donate R350 ($24) to get R700 (approximately $40), with eligibility to upgrade R600 (approximately $34). 

Once you choose this level, Global Dream Company claims you get a corresponding profit worth R100 (approximately $6).

In Level 2, you donate R600 (approximately $34) to get R2400 (approximately $136) with eligibility to upgrade to R900 (approximately $51). 

When you choose to donate a higher amount than R350, which is the basic donation fee, you get the chance to earn more than R100. 

In Level 2, this company claims to compensate you as much as R1500, which is equivalent to $85 depending on the currency rate. 

You only get to the next level when you donate at least R900. If you manage to reach this level, Global Dream Network claims to pay you R7200 (approximately $408) and grant you eligibility to upgrade to R2000, which is equivalent to $113. 

At the same level, this network marketing company claims to provide profit worth of R5200, which is then equivalent to $295.

At the last level, Level 4, you need to donate R2000 (approximately $114) to get R32,000 (approximately $1,814). Since this is the last level, there’s no need to upgrade. 

If you take a closer look at their compensation plan, there’s no way you grow in this company. First of all, you don’t know where your money goes. Your profit solely depends on your investment, which is a red flag.

And because they don’t have products for you to promote and earn commissions, the only way for you to make money is a continuous membership selling chase. Otherwise, your profitability chances will be gone and your “donation” will be put to waste. 

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The term “donation” refers to membership fees to pay other members. Global Dream Network needs a lot of your “donations” to guarantee your payout. 

The point is, you don’t have a real investment here. There’s no project intended for the donation you’re giving. It’s just a Ponzi scheme anybody, including you, should stay away from. 

Pros & Cons of Global Dream Network

At this point, it’s hard to determine the good side of Global Dream Network. This is because of the overwhelming number of red flags which are enough to put our judgment as clearly as possible. 

With that being said, here are the cons of this network marketing company presented to you to serve as a guide and basis for your judgment. 

1. A Pyramid Scheme

If we refer to the FTC guidelines about scams, it’s clear that any company that pushes its members to affiliate with its potential members without a clear product or program. 

A pyramid scheme follows an unsustainable business model wherein the members recruit by promising good returns. 

At the same time, it is a sketchy business because its structure is solely based on the members’ ability to recruit and not from the product sales generated from teams, for instance. 

The FTC Guidelines in which it defines why this MLM qualifies as a Ponzi scheme.

2. No Real Product + Website

Concerning my previous point, a pyramid scheme doesn’t rely on product sales because there’s no product in the first place. That’s for sure. 

Global Dream Network relies on the number of donations you give with a promise of high profits without informing you that the same money will only be distributed to other members via a percentage share. 

3. Relies on Recruitment

Any scam follows an unstable business plan. It’s a quick-rich scheme in which it lures its victims to register thinking it’s a cheap investment. However, in the long run, the cycle collapses for several inevitable causes. 

One of them is the members’ inability to sustain the required number of people and the recruitment stops. 

Consequently, the company, especially the top-levels, will face financial chaos to compensate the members. 

Where would they get the money then? Given the circumstance, would you like to invest in a shady business like this? I don’t think so. 

Is Global Dream Network A Scam Content Image

Global Dream Networks appears to be scamming people using African donations to form sympathy and take advantage of the investments for its scheme.

4. No Clear Compensation Goal

Take a look at its compensation plan. All you see is about the investment tantamount to profits.

No binary structure. No product sales. No personal value. Only recruitment. There’s nothing to generate income other than recruiting people. 

If this is how Global Dream Network does its business, be wary. A legitimate multi-level marketing company provides a diverse compensation plan based on recruitment and product sales. 

Though they also appreciate recruitment as one of the qualifiers for bonuses, most confident MLMs don’t rely on it. Epicure, for example. 

Although it’s not a flawless MLM, they have a real product to showcase and made the compensation plan clear with its members as much as possible. 

5. No BBB Profile

One of the top criteria for determining a shady company is taking a look at its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. 

This is because once a network marketing company, regardless of what they’re selling, has a BBB profile it gives a hint that it exists. Otherwise, you remain doubtful if this company does its job.

With Global Dream Network’s case, they don’t have a BBB profile. Therefore, you can’t see its rating on whether people have tried its opportunity. Aside from that, you’re deprived of knowing its value as a business option. 

Because of these reasons, it’s a questionable multi-level marketing company. The manner of expanding their network relies on recruitment with an unsustainable model. 

In the long run, Global Dream Network will collapse and face trouble with members’ complaints and perhaps the law because it qualifies for a Ponzi scheme. 

6. No Accreditation As An MLM

Given the absence of its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile, you can’t determine whether Global Dream Network is an accredited donation-based multi-level marketing company or not. 

Because of that, you can’t guarantee your investments are safe with them. At the same time, you can’t be reassured that your “donations” are placed in good hands. 

Is Global Dream Network A Scam Compensation

Global Dream Network uses this as its promotional tool to lure victims to give donations via a promise of high returns.

Is Global Dream Network a Scam?

Based on the information gathered in this post, there’s no doubt that Global Dream Network is a scam. A pyramid scheme to be specific. This judgment is based on several red flags determined as we went along the post. 

Firstly, it doesn’t present a real product or program that indicates its mission or vision of the company. This leads to misconception and to become suspicious about this opportunity. 

You don’t know what this company is about. 

Although they disclosed its intention to give “donations” and make profits, you don’t know who’s the person or the staff working hand-in-hand behind its business other than the guy named Akim Sibande. 

Secondly, Global Dream Network has no official website to show what they’re offering or services to help potential members to invest and grow into successful entrepreneurs. 

The call for donations is evident. Scam Watch wrote in an article about the first indication of a pyramid scheme. 

"You are offered a chance to join a group, scheme, program, or team where you need to recruit new members to make money," they mentioned.

In other words, they don’t care about your growth except for the money you invest in the company. 

According to the same source, shady companies ask for a big amount of money as upfront costs for nothing.

Why? It’s because your “donations” are the lifeblood of a Ponzi scheming MLM. Without it and your referrals, the company will collapse. And the investment you made will be gone for good. 

Is Global Dream Network A Scam Level 4 Member

This guy is claimed to have reached Level 4.

Conclusion - Is Global Dream Network Worth It?

No. Global Dream Network is not going to be worth your time at all. Not even a penny is worth investing in. Initially, we thought this multi-level marketing company has good intentions of collecting donations for a good cause. 

As we go deeper into the compensation plan and learn how the company runs, we realize that it’s not worth your investment at all. Your profit will be based on the number of donations you give. This is already a bad sign.

The next thing we noticed is the absence of product sales. Well, Global Dream Network doesn't have one, so, why would they care about it? 

This pushes you to keep on recruiting to gain your returns. No product sales to rely on nor products to attract members. Nothing. 

Just so you know, in a legitimate multi-level marketing company, you know how your money goes. You know the target threshold to level up and the effort you make to generate sales. 

The goal is made clear from the beginning. However, this isn’t what Global Dream Network does to its members. If you take a look at this Facebook page, which I assume from one of its members, seems lost. 

IS Global Dream Network A Scam Facebook Page

Global Dream Network doesn't have website or official Facebook page. This one looks like from one of its members.

For these reasons, it’s best to stay away from this company because Global Dream Network is a scam.

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Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Is Global Dream Network A Scam?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Global Dream Network? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

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