ClickBetter Review – Can You Make Big Money Through Their Website?

clickbetter review

ClickBetter Review 2020 - Update

If you've been looking for the most up-to-date ClickBetter review, look no further. I've recently recorded a comprehensive video where you'll learn everything you need to know about ClickBetter.

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Are you looking for new ways to make money online? On we have reviewed more than 300 make money online opportunities and today we’re going to have a closer look at ClickBetter.

In this ClickBetter review, I’ll show you how you can make money through their website. I’ll also discuss if it’s worth it or not to use their service. I hope you’ll enjoy!

ClickBetter Scam Review + How I Made $500 Online in a Single Day

In the video below, I give 3 reasons why I don’t personally use ClickBetter. In the end of the video, I explain a simple process how I made $500 online in a single day with affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions or comments regarding making money online (through ClickBetter or on other sites) you can always leave a comment below this article and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

ClickBetter Review

Name: ClickBetter

Founded: 2013

Type: Affiliate Network. Similar to Commission Junction, Warrior+, ShareASale, Clickbank, etc.

Short Review: ClickBetter is a 4 years old affiliate network. There are lots of complaints about their website and services so I would rather spend my time and resources on more reliable websites like ClickBank.

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clickbetter review
ClickBetter Homepage

What Is ClickBetter?

ClickBetter is an affiliate and vendor network like Clickbank, Commission Junction, JVZoo and many others. If you have done affiliate marketing, you must know about some of them.

The idea of affiliate networks is that they connect affiliate marketers and people who offer their products. Let’s say that you have a product and you want other people to promote it. Then you can sign up as a vendor and you can setup your own affiliate program. The affiliates will promote the product for you and earn commissions for each sale. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions by promoting any products you want.

Making money through ClickBetter is not rocket-science. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How Does ClickBetter Work? – How to Make Money on Their Website?

1.Sign Up

It’s fast to sign up as an affiliate. It takes like 10 seconds to fill out your basic information and get started.

2.Choose What Products You Want to Promote

Then you can have a look at all of their vendors and products that you are able to promote through their affiliate network. There are 11 categories in total and we’ll have a closer look at them further.

3.Get Your Affiliate Link

When you have found a product that you want to promote, you just need to click that big and juicy “Promote” button. Then the following screen appears with the affiliate link and some other details.

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clickbetter review
You can get your affiliate links right away.

4.Share Your Link to Earn Commissions

Then you can share the link on your blog/website, on social medias, by email or wherever you want. When somebody clicks your links and buys the products you’ll earn the commission. This is how I make money online. It’s simple and anyone can learn the process.

Terms & Conditions vary between different affiliate programs. I recommend that you read them carefully before you start so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. A great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can earn passive income.

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What Kind of Products Can You Promote on ClickBetter?

ClickBetter has hundreds of products in several different categories. Have a look at the picture below which shows all of them:

clickbetter review
ClickBetter categories (11 in total) are inside the red circle.

You can see also how clear and simple their platform looks. You can look for products and categories in the search bar.

However, there’s one thing that I didn’t really like with their categories. Let me explain. I have a language teaching/learning website called where I share ideas and resources how my visitors can learn new languages easily. That’s why I was interested in finding language products on ClickBetter.

I clicked the “Languages” button. It opened lots of subcategories like “Spanish”, “French”, “German”, “Chinese” and so on. For my surprise almost all of those categories were empty. Then I kept on scrolling on other categories. A big part of them was totally empty and there wasn’t even a single product.

Why don’t they just remove the category if there isn’t a single product? It would save time from their visitors and improve their user-friendliness.

ClickBetter Reviews & Complaints

I took a look at ClickBetter reviews on several authority websites and it seems that ClickBetter is getting quite negative reviews. Here are some examples.

clickbetter review
A review on ScamXposer.

ScamXposer is a website that makes reviews of a different kind of make money online programs like I do. In my experience, they are promoting even such products that aren’t so good. In that sense, I don’t keep them as a super reliable because they want to maximize their own profits. However, It’s interesting to see that they gave a low rating for ClickBetter even though they usually give mainly positive reviews.

clickbetter review
A review by Jay Neill.

Jay Neill published a review of ClickBetter on his website recently. He is one of the most reliable Internet marketers that I admire. He has been making money online probably around 15 years and his business is quite successful.

Jay is also an official coach of Wealthy Affiliate and he gives weekly webinars on various subjects that can help you to grow your online business. It’s a big sign to me that Jay has given ClickBetter only 2,3 out 10.

clickbetter review
ClickBetter is not BBB accredited and their rating is F (the worst). That’s a bad sign in my opinion.

There are in total 27 customer complaints on BBB website about ClickBetter. There are disputes about refunds, email addresses, spam, and some other stuff.

Many people also complained that payments aren’t possible through PayPal. Is it a scam sign or not? Anyhow, you can get paid via a check, Bank Transfer or Direct Deposit.

ClickBetter Products – Are They Scams?

Many online marketers have been criticizing ClickBetter for accepting all possible vendors to their network. If they really accept all vendors, it means that some of them are scammers.

However, ClickBetter staff answered that all their vendors go through a tough process to get accepted. Do you have additional information or experience about some of their products? Are there scams or are all of their products legitimate?

ClickBetter Support Available 24/7

ClickBetter support is available 24/7. You can call their phone number or contact them by email. If they are not able to answer your call immediately, they’ll call you back or answer your email. Seems like a good service!

Conclusion – Is  ClickBetter a Scam?

ClickBetter is still a relatively new affiliate network as it’s “only” four years old. It takes time and lots of persistence to build a good reputation and authority in any business. ClickBetter is small compared to its main competitors. They have something like 400 products while ClickBank has already more than 6,400 vendors.

In my opinion, many complaints and negative reviews may be there partly because of ClickBetter still new in the business and they have to learn many things. After getting the feedback they always have an opportunity improve their services a little bit. A Little progress every day adds up to big results.

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Anyway, I prefer using bigger and more reliable affiliate networks at the moment. I will test some ClickBetter vendors to see if things work well but I’m not gonna put lots of effort before I receive payments.

Do you have experience of ClickBetter?

Are you already a successful affiliate marketer or would you like to have a look at Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training for free?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I have no idea with ClickBetter platform neither with ClickBank. It is in your site that i get a lot of information about money making industry. How the system works and how it affects. Thou, i don’t have a wider understanding on how methods work in internet but I’m beginning to learn. I’m liking it, loving it to adapt skills in the near future. Thanks again @Roope. Good day. God bless.

      1. Is there a way to make money online sending emails? If so, how do I find them? So far, I have only found scams.

        1. Yes, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online.

          There are basically 2 ways to make money online sending emails:

          1.Help other businesses to write emails. In the other words, offer your email writing services to companies, for example, on marketplaces like Upwork.

          And my recommended strategy is…

          2.Choose your own interest, start creating content, build an email list and make money by writing emails to your OWN list.

          I make lots of money by sending emails.

          However, the toughest part is to build your email list. There are lots of training courses that teach you how to do it but my #1 recommended training community is Wealthy Affiliate.

          I, many of my friends and 1,000’s of other people all over the world have learned to make money online and take advantage of email marketing so I am 100% sure that you can make it as well 🙂

  2. I can’t say categorically that ClickBetter is a scam program or not, but when we check the signs that some of the members of the programs are complaining about, then you get to see that there are limitations with such programs such as getting to the point where you can’t even get paid via PayPal which is one of the most reliable and accepted payment system in the world. If they can improve on that, then they will be better.

    Also, the lack of products /services that one can promote which is lacking in some of their sub sections makes the program one that the owners are not pushing to improve.

      1. That’s true as I am not the type of person that will want to get involved in something where I am not going to unleash my full potentials on it. It is better we consider the better options that we have out there as well.

  3. And also I when I saw the design and the pictures on that site we can already say that it is not legit right? Every time I visit a site I look at the page design first before I trust it. A legit site shows a balance design while a fake site shows unbalanced design.

  4. Since i am a content creator myself, I am looking into affiliate marketing and it’s potential to earn together with my created contents. I heard about amazon having affiliate marketing programs but haven’t heard about clickbetter. So it’s very helpful to us who are scouting for websites that offer affiliate marketing to be able to read these kinds of reviews about them. It saves us the time and gives us tips how to know and classify them. Earning passive income is what i am focusing because for me, it benefits me more than having active income.

    1. Amazon affiliate program is the most popular in the world among affiliate marketers. However, I haven’t used it so much myself. They pay only around 3-10% commissions for each product sales so you need a huge volume to make big money. Many online products pay much bigger commissions.

      That being said, Amazon affiliate program is still good because you just need to “throw traffic” to their website it’s usually converting pretty well.

  5. I have never heard of ClickBetter. The rating is so low that I don’t want to use this program. I am happy using Amazon. Commission Junction and LinkShare. I have never used Clickbank and ShareAsale because these programs are not available in my region.

    1. Have you also used affiliate programs with other companies directly than Amazon? In my experience most companies pay higher commissions than Amazon. Of course, Amazon is very well-known so it’s usually easier to make sales with them even though the commissions are small.

  6. If you’re still on the fence about Clickbetter please take a look at the ‘recruiting’ email I got:
    “Camilo Velazquez”

    This self made online millionaire is
    looking for students who have 20
    spare minutes a day.
    She will pay you – yes you read that right –
    She will pay you to learn his simple software.
    The answer is on this page…”

    And here’s a screenshot of where the link goes to:

    Take a 5 minute look at that and see if you don’t have red flags going up in your mind.

  7. Hello, I don’t like ClickBetter because of the reviews that it has on many review pages.

    Also, the design is not that beautiful and doesn’t catch me.

    I like that you reviewed this website because a few weeks ago my friend told me to use this website and I had no idea about it.

    I just thought it was a PTC site because the word “click” in it.

    1. Hi Alex,

      It sounds like you came to my review at the right time because your friend had just asked about it a while ago. 🙂

      I was also surprised that it’s an affiliate marketing network because the name sounds like a PTC site. Anyhow, I think it’s better to use more reliable services than this one. I’ll check ClickBetter again in the future if they’re gonna improve their services and people are more satisfied with it.

  8. It looks like ClickBetter is not necessarily a better choice than ClickBank. Various reviews have reported issues with some of the products/services being offered as not legitimate. This can happen anywhere but a good portal for affiliates will be able to monitor and deal appropriately with any less-than-legitimate offers.

    Another setback is the exclusion of PayPal as a payment delivery option. Like it or not, PayPal is still one of the most trusted methods of online payment to vendors, and not having it as an option will definitely send some vendors and customers away.

    1. That’s true Deborah. And the fact that ClickBetter doesn’t offer PayPal can be a sign of something. Why doesn’t PayPal want to partner up with ClickBetter? It’s a big question in my opinion. Is it because ClickBetter doesn’t have a good reputation and they may not be so reliable?

      Anyhow, it’s better to stick with more reliable partners at the moment.

  9. Thanks for informing me about how the website works and if it is a good source of making money with affiliate programs. In my opinion I think based on your review that Wealthy Affiliate is still the best among them. Maybe in the near future I might try to subscribe there and make a career out of it.

    1. Yeah, I definitely recommend signing up to Wealthy Affiliate because it’s completely free. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to win. I’ll welcome you personally inside the community and answer any questions you have.

  10. Hi!

    I am new to this making money online frenzy and I feel really lost! It’s a good thing that there are people like you who help people like me with checking the legitimacy of a company. Anyway, nobody wants to waste their precious time on nothing, right?

    Thanks for your help!

  11. The site doesn’t sound and looks very promising, but I guess it is understandable since it is just new. At least the design looks professional. I have seen a lot of affiliate sites before and a lot of them don’t have professional looking websites, even though they are legit and do payout.

    I think this might be worth a shot for some, but for me, I think for now if ever I will dabble with affiliate marketing I probably will just stick with the more trusted sources.

  12. I got the better conversion and on time payment with Clicksure.

    “Just with ClickBank” might be a good idea. If you like being paid.

    Moving to Clickbetter may leave something to be desired: even PayPal refuse to do business with Clicksure. It’s a largely unregulated China-based haven for all the vendors whose products were rejected by other networks on legal, ethical and moral grounds.

    Personally, I don’t find Clicksure’s review any more reassuring or convincing than Clickbetter’s. I already joined clickbetter but not yet promote their offer.

    1. Hi Decypher,

      I have heard many other affiliate marketers using Clicksure as well but I haven’t used it yet. I’m gonna create an account and see how it works as well. It’s interesting to always look for new opportunities.

  13. I know there are good opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing but this site doesn’t look legit to those bad reviews and ratings. I know it might change soon as you say that the site is making progress so maybe I will check it again in some time.

    1. Hi Felabruno,

      yeah, there’s a huge potential with affiliate marketing. I couldn’t almost believe my eyes and ears +2 years ago when I first time heard about the potential of affiliate marketing. However, nowadays the things are happening in front of my own eyes and I see how well it really works in practice. I’m so glad that I found this great opportunity.

    2. I agree. Even though 4 years is not that long in the world of being an affiliate site, it still should be enough time for you to recognize certain faults as a site owner and correct those minor qualms that people might have or might find displeasing. For example, I don’t think there is an excuse for having a category there that is completely empty when you click through the links there, as that is just too unprofessional in terms of creating an image. If they are serious about their company then they should either scour quickly to fill that category or just remove it temporarily as it’s empty. Also, I think the lack of a Paypal option is also a red flag since Paypal mostly only declines working with wonky sites.

  14. I agree with you. This site sounds like a scam to me. They don’t even offer good products. I am also interested in languages, so the fact that they don’t offer many options for languages doesn’t sound good to me. I am interested in reading more of your articles as always.

    Sure, the business is new, but I don’t think that’s a good excuse, in my opinion, for a bad business rating. I have seen new businesses with better ratings. The complaints don’t sound good too. If they want to attract more people, they should offer a better variety of products.

    1. Hi Robin,

      that’s true. I just wanted to find a reason for so many bad reviews and I understand that new businesses may not have enough skills. I hope that ClickBetter becomes a more attractive and better option in the future. They would need to dramatically improve their services.

  15. I think this site is not worth it. But no necessarily it means that the site is scam, I’d not use it but I think because of his short time in the online business, who knows, maybe in a couple of years this site could be as good as Clickbank, or maybe better. But I’m not interested in marketing sites because I don’t have much experience in this business. Excellent article Roope!

  16. It doesn’t seem to be the best site to try out especially with all those negative reviews and comments. If a site has that many negative reviews and comments then it’s best to avoid it at all costs because chances are it’s not good enough. The fact that they don’t accept PayPal is also quite surprising. Most modern sites will use PayPal and the fact that they don’t is a big put off for anyone especially considering how major PayPal is nowadays.

    1. Hi Kingcool,

      you are right. There are better alternatives out there so it wouldn’t be wise to use lots of time on ClickBetter. However, it’s nice that they bring their own part to the market. Maybe they’ll improve their service and in the future it will be worthwhile.

  17. Thanks for informing us Roope. Based on your review and the negative reviews i will leave aside this service. I am using clickbank at the moment and i think its a good service. Would love to read your opinion. Currently i have to find a way to boost my affiliate links in order to get more sales. Is there a path to follow in order to make sales on affiliate links?

    1. Hi Xagiate,

      yeah, Clickbank is a great choice.

      I make most of my affiliate sales through my websites and I recommend it also for you. You can create your own website in 30 seconds here. When you build your own website, you build your own business, your digital real estate. You run the show unlike on other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. The other way is to build your email list through email marketing but the website approach is much better for most beginners.

      The Wealthy Affiliate training walks you through the process how you will make a living with affiliate marketing.

  18. I like that you keep the reviews honest and show all types of sites – even the bad ones. These are as important to know about as the others, in my opinion. Time is money and we can’t afford to waste it 😉

  19. Clickbetter sounds like a great deal since one Can earn much money just by learning simple marketing strategies and aids

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