VOLO Spiritual MLM [800 Unpaid Affiliates Before Launch?!]

Volo Spiritual MLM Comprehensive Review
Volo Spiritual MLM Comprehensive Review

Welcome to my VOLO Spiritual MLM Review!

The moment I searched for the trending networking companies in 2018, VOLO Spiritual MLM came in the top of the list. I’ve reviewed a lot of Multi-Level Marketing companies, but I never imagined there’s such thing as spiritual MLM.

Curiosity filled my head as I dug into the company’s itty-bitty details. I went through their official videos released from their founders theirselves as well as their official website to see what I could find from this existing company.

Before I go through my brutal, honest, and comprehensive VOLO Spiritual MLM review, I want to welcome you with a warm hug as I congratulate you for being here with me, because you seem to be serious with building your own online business just as Roope does. If you are, you can check his #1 recommended program to get started.

Are you ready? Let’s start the review. Shall we?

VOLO Review - Quick Summary

Name: VOLO 

Founded: 2018

Type: Multi-Level Networking Company

Price: $69 to $777

Best for: Personal development enthusiasts willing to spend time coaching people to thrive by delving into their selves and succeed in their lives with happiness, fulfillment, and content.

Volo Spiritual MLM Logo

Summary: VOLO is the world's first spiritual Multi-Level Marketing company established and opened through a soft launch in 2018 by founders, Anna Gaspari and Sean Spector. Their mission is to make these costly personal development courses affordable and accessible to average people through networking. 

Is VOLO Spiritual MLM Recommended? No. I'll explain the details shortly.


What Is VOLO Spiritual MLM?

The term VOLO doesn’t mean anything or etymology of something, however, the founders, Anna Gaspari and Sean Spector, coined it as a way to describe the new spiritual network marketing company.

Based in Nevada, the two collaborated and co-founded the first spiritual MLM to break barriers by giving generous chances to people the affordable and accessible personal development programs you can enjoy and take advantage as a potential Volopreneur.

Important Background Information

The concept started when Anna, working as a certified spiritual coach and a member of a big networking company, got inspired from a situation wherein she has to turn down clients desperate for courses like VOLO does provide.

Sean, on the other hand, was in the same situation that got his wife, Samantha, involved. The couple attended personal development events for years, which costs thousands of dollars. Obviously, for an average Joe, this isn’t something they could spend on although they’re desperate to learn and move on with their lives as positively as they can.

Because of these desperate scenarios, Anna and Sean agreed on working together and built VOLO to gather the best of the best and licensed handpicked personal development coaches to help them build the dream. Given, VOLO came in, attracting 16,000 members even without website and product YET, as they are in the pre-launch phase. The rest is history.

Their mission is, “We're on a mission to raise the world's vibration. We want to make people just like you happier, more fulfilled and more successful in all areas of their lives. We believe that if you can change yourself, you can change the world. Volo is more than just your normal company. Volo is a worldwide movement.”

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What Do They Offer?

As of the 4th quarter of 2018, they launched 2 courses, which they call the entry-level based courses, about happiness and fulfillment, namely:

  • “Happiness Is A Habit” Course
  • “Soul Warrior Cleanse” Course

Apart from that, they offer Ultimate Law of Attraction Planner, which is yet for release, but it’s already up for packages intended for those who want to join the company as one of their founding members.

In addition to these flagship courses, they’re also providing the following courses under personal development, like the planner, are yet for launching. These comprise the following:

  • Happiness
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Crystal Energy
  • Manifestation
  • Law of Attraction
  • Mindset
  • Time Management
  • Relationships
  • Abundance

VOLO Spiritual MLM Compensation Plan

In the company, Anna and Sean make their compensation plan clear in their official video release prior to their first Las Vegas convention last year.

They said that in order to be compensated, you have various options to choose from. It’s either you become a Volopreneur or you subscribe for a monthly subscription model worth $22 and spread the news about VOLO.

Just like any other MLMs, you create downlines and help the company spread their mission across the globe in exchange for the compensation based on the ranks you belong to.

How To Make Money With VOLO?

The surest way to make money with VOLO spiritual MLM is to become their official Volopreneur. For sure you have various ways out there, however, you need to create a massive following to make an influence on others and pay the services you do for them.

What services would you do then?

VOLO will handpick the best of the best licensed personal development coaches to train you to become an effective coach before you recruit more members. Once you do have your downlines, you train them the same way as you did when you joined earlier.

To become their official founding member, you have to purchase their online courses and other stuff included in the package worth at least $69 to as high as $777.

How to join VOLO Spiritual MLM?

  • Buy either of the 2 courses, entry-level based
  • $22 subscription models
  • Look for a Volopreneur and ask to join their tribe

How to become a Volopreneur (according to the founders)?

  • Ask to join a tribe
  • Visit VoloNation.com for more details
  • $69 for enrollment fee/ $11/month service subscriptions (best value to get started)
  • $399 Inclusive package (all access for courses in 1 year, $69 enrollment fee included)
  • $777 Founders Pack (service fee for a year, 12 planners, a ticket for the first convention, unlock leadership bonus)

Another thing to keep in mind is that once you started the journey in VOLO, you don’t have to do much because everything is on autopilot. That means all you do is share the product and the mission globally.

VOLO Spiritual MLM Reviews - What Other People Say About Them?

Surprisingly, many people have mixed views on the subject, especially when it tackles spirituality and personal development.

However, when I did my research, I’ve come across with the videos about VOLO as the best MLM they’ve seen so far on the web. In fact, one of the best ideas, that exist.

However, Julian Leahy, a YouTuber and blogger, who interviewed Ryan Harvey, one of the promoters of VOLO’s flagship course “Soul Cleanse Warrior,” revealed that as much as Ryan wants to talk about how bad the course is, under the non-disclosure agreement, he can’t do it. Obviously, there’s something going on underneath the surface.

Barbie Williams, one of VOLO’s top affiliate, revealed that none of the affiliates under her belt, including the instructors, are paid. And there are 800 individuals involved with the same complaint.

Others on Reddit mentioned that though someone who had undergone the training to become the most sought personal development coach doesn’t make you certified.

They’ve made comparisons with an MLM selling essential oils wherein you cannot be a certified aromatherapist after a series of training of learning about essential oils.

VOLO [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Need Of The Best Of The Best Personal Development Coach

I noted this as a risk because of the uncertain criteria of judging someone in that field as the BEST. How could a coach become the best of his or her field?

I’ve known a lot of personal development coaches and I could say they’re best as they’re knowledgeable in the field.

In VOLO, would they hire the same people or would they hire someone with certification? This remains uncertain up to this point.

2. Unpaid Affiliates

This will be the most obvious among the negative feedback arose since VOLO established in 2018. As soon as you land on their website, their payment options don’t work.

If the system won’t function as properly as expected, how would the money come in? Because of that, the majority of their affiliates aren’t receiving a penny of their services spent to coach and recruit as many members they could.

On the other hand, our #1 recommended business opportunity has not missed a single payment during 13 years.

3. Courses Aren’t Special

There’s nothing special about their courses, although they market it as non-content-based.

For “Happiness Is a Habit” course, for example, they compete with Marc and Angel Chernoff’s “Getting Back To Happy” course worth $499 or 5 easy payments of $100, with thousands of positive feedback from clients over the years and featured in America’s big news site. 

Further, with “Soul Warrior Cleanse” course, they have Vishen Lakhiani’s Mindvalley University as their top competitor.

4. Outdated Website

Well, outdated is an understatement of how disappointed I am in their website. I tried clicking one button to the other only to find out nothing is working. I’ve only seen a boring and dysfunctional site.

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Julian Leahy did the same. He reloads the website many times, but the site remains down for some minutes and up again and vice versa. They launched on November 1, 2018, at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA but their site contains nothing about them.

VOLO Spiritual MLM landing page

Actual VOLO landing page. No info about the company, etc.

5. Good Idea, Poor Execution

If I were honest with you, VOLO Spiritual MLM is a great multi-level marketing idea. In fact, as I was listening to Anna and Sean’s explanations on Vimeo, their program struck me because there’s really something into it.

However, their poor website layout, poor management, etc. makes me feel down and dismayed of how they wasted such a great company just like that.

6. Concerned With Recruitment VS Product Development

This is in relation to my previous point. As much as how great their product is, without a proper route for their affiliates to dig into the company and get to know them better, everything would go to waste.

Anna mentioned it herself, “Money comes in after a great service.” Ironically, she and her co-founder Sean failed.

7. Non-Existent Facebook Page

I searched for VOLO Spiritual MLM official page or at least relative pages directed to the company, however, I’ve seen nothing.

I saw one of their top affiliate, Debora Dasaro’s page, wherein she’s invited a few people for a VOLO event last April with Sean. Other than that, there’s none. 

What Did I Like About VOLO?

Albeit the rampage of negative feedback and doubts from different people about VOLO, I see something special about the networking company as a whole.

At this junction, I’d like to cite the overall greatness of Anna and Sean’s idea of building the world’s first spiritual MLM.

1. Unique Idea Of An MLM

Like Leahy emphasized, VOLO is a great idea but it’s apparently poorly implemented in terms of its system and management.

Proof of that is even prior to the launching period, there are 16,000 people who immediately signed up to join the company.

I remembered Joanne from Vantel Pearls, who faced the same issue. She has a great vision of her product, but the poor system killed her business. But according to Barbie Williams, the majority of the affiliates aren’t paid.

2. Affordable & Accessible Personal Development Courses

VOLO’s flagship courses aren’t special, but Anna and Sean’s vision is to make them affordable to average people who can’t afford attending personal development conventions worth $$$.

3. Encourage Family Bond

Through delving the sensitive and personal topics such as happiness, fulfillment, and success, it gives a touch of family reconciliation and bond, in case of those who have been hurt in the past or stuck in a rut due to inevitable filial circumstances.   

4. Training-Based, Not A Content-Based Program

Most of the personal development programs are merely content-based, which means there aren’t a lot of allocation for people to apply or teach the content to others just as VOLO aspires to do with their affiliates.

5. Predominantly Online-Based Autopilot MLM

If you hear the term MLM, the stigma rises where you think of a constant chase to potential clients and annoy them with your products.

In VOLO, they create downlines only during the initial phase. But it’s your downlines who continue the process and runs the business. As a tribe leader, you don’t do much except spread the word to others through social media, for example. 

6. Chance To Improve Self

Not all network companies can do this, not even a few. Only VOLO Spiritual MLM manages to fuse spirituality and networking business and create a strong and compelling idea every human needs nowadays if done right.

VOLO Spiritual MLM Conclusion

Overall, VOLO Spiritual MLM is rooted from a great idea of two visionaries, however, the lack of a properly implemented system creates their own downfalls. So, I consider it as a scam.

If only they focused on improving their product as a whole and let the word of mouth as a way to increase their affiliates, they wouldn’t have to face this issue. 

As far as my research goes, they initially aren’t sketchy. But after I reviewed their site and their product in general, I’ve seen a lot of pitfalls that to me sounded too fraudulent in my eyes.

In addition to that, personal testimonies from people, who were once involved in VOLO, cemented my theory and proved my gut feeling was right.

If they make things right, just as Pure Haven did from a formerly Ava Anderson company in 2016, I doubt people would have the same impression of the company no matter how much they do the rebranding.

This is a great lesson to learn to those who wanted to build their online businesses. It’s great to have your business idea spread to others, but make sure your clients won’t deal with the hassle you created just because of your own mistakes.

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To end this post with a bang, let me ask these questions for you to ponder and evaluate this 2019.

Do you have first-hand experiences with VOLO Spiritual MLM or similar? If so, what’s your say about the company as a whole?

Do you rather invest in an MLM or in an affiliate marketing as your jump start to business this year?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you feel like you want to learn about making money online, feel free to share your thoughts at the comment section below. Roope loves to help you build your own online business. So much. Join him now.

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