Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme? – Read Why 95% of Members Fail!

Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme? 2019 Updated Review

You are probably looking for an updated Modere review, right?

I have just published a new Modere review 2019 on my YouTube channel that you can watch below.

You must watch the video until the very end if you want to learn the best way to make money with Modere.

If you have any questions regarding Modere or making money online in general, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out!


Are you wondering is Modere a Pyramid Scheme? You have come to the right place. I am not affiliated with this company so I’m ready to give you an honest review of their system.

In my Modere review, I will show how their system works, what kind of products they offer and the most important, I’ll answer the question “Is Modere worth joining or not?”

Let’s get started!

Modere Review

Name: Modere

Founded: 2013 from an Old MLM Company Neways which was founded back in 1987.

Cost: Startup Cost $29,95. They also encourage you to buy “Builder Collection package” for $399.

Type: Health & Wellness MLM-System

Short Review: There are probably hundreds or even thousands of similar MLM-programs like Modere. It means that the competition is tough in this industry. You can definitely succeed if you are hardworking and you know what to do. But I would consider twice whether Modere is the best one or not. More about it later…

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is modere a pyramid scheme
Modere website. “Stylish. Safe. Smart.” As they like to say it.

What Is Modere?

Modere is a relatively new company which was created in 2013. However, they have a long history of more than 3 decades because the company is before known as Neways. Even though Neway’s reputation wasn’t the best their annual revenue was more than $300 million. After changing their name into Modere, the business has still grown as you can see in the Google Trends:

is modere a pyramid scheme
Google Trends show clearly that the popularity of Modere is rapidly growing.

The CEO of Modere is Robert Conless who started with Neways in 2012. In the past, he has been a CEO of big MLM-companies like Xango and Nu Skin. This shows you and me that at least the CEO of Modere is very experienced. That’s, of course, a positive sign.

But CEO is not going to make you successful. You need to do the work yourself. Your success will also be highly dependent on the quality of products that you are selling. Let’s have a closer look at Modere Products in the next chapter.

Modere Products

Modere has a large variety of products in different categories:

  • Health & wellness – skin care, nutrition products, active & targeted health products, and weight management
  • Personal care – body, mouth & hair
  • Household care – cleaning, kitchen stuff, and laundry products
is modere a pyramid scheme
Modere products look clean and fresh.

Modere wants to draw you an image of clean, safe, eco-friendly and stylish products. They do it actively with fresh branding and marketing. As you can see in the picture they use a lot of white color in their products and bottles. White symbolizes cleanliness.

Are these products superior to their competitors like Perfectly Posh, Thirty-One Gifts, Younique, Jeunesse and tens of others? I believe it depends highly on personal preferences. Many products offer more or less the same quality and price so it’s up to the customer to decide which one he/she wants.

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The market of these products is so huge that there isn’t a lack of customers. People all around the world want to use health, wellness, personal care and household products. I don’t have the exact data but I have a gut feeling that the market is even growing all the time when developing countries are getting richer. What do you think? Let’s discuss in the comment section.

I know from experience that the competition isn’t an excuse for not succeeding. There are around 50 almost exactly similar companies in the area where I live in Austria. Still, all of them get their own market share. The company’s success depends on its individuals if the offered products are more or less the same.

In addition, I am making money online using the exact strategy and products like tons of other people. All of us get our own share. There are so many people are looking for the same products.

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Modere Compensation Plan

There are tons of different bonuses in their system. With those bonuses, they are actively encouraging you to build your team and downlines. Like in all other MLM-programs, there’s a high focus on recruiting new distributors because it keeps the system growing.

When you continue as a distributor of Modere they’ll offer you also so-called Lifetime Experience bonus. This reward allows you to enjoy premium access to sporting events, concerts, personal stylist and so on. But remember that you need to make enough sales each month in order to stay in the system.

If you don’t make enough sales you can also buy their products to remain in the system. This is what a big part of Modere (and other MLM-distributors) distributors do and that’s one reason they end up spending more money than they earn from the program.

Modere Reviews – Why 95% of People Fail in MLM-Businesses?

Modere is still a relatively new company so there aren’t tons of reviews unlike about older MLM-companies like Herbalife, Amway, and Mary Kay.

However, I still found several articles written by reliable online marketers regarding Modere. All of them had more or a less similar view of this system.

They admitted the tough competition in the health & wellness industry and said it will require work and persistence to succeed. On the other hand, that’s the situation with any kind of business.

Is Modere a Scam
Success requires Dedication, hard work, discipline, failures, persistence, sacrifices. When we look at other successful people we “see their glory but don’t understand the story.” 

The reason that +95% of people fail in MLMs and spend more money than they earn is that they treat it like a hobby, not like a business. What is the difference between a profitable business and a hobby?

When you have a hobby you do it usually only when you feel like it. You spend time with your hobby a couple of times a week. Some weeks you want to spend a little more time and some weeks you don’t feel like it at all. And by the way, we usually spend money on hobbies. We don’t usually earn money from them unless we are highly exceptional and treat it like a business.

When you are building a successful business, you have a goal what you want to achieve. You are going to get the result no matter what. You show up whether you feel like it or not. But after all, you have a burning desire to succeed. The main reason to spend time with your hobby is that it’s fun.

When you have an interesting business it’s also fun but that’s not the only reason to do it. You don’t just “try” if it works out. You don’t just “have a look if I get lucky”. When you want to succeed in business put 110% effort into it until you get the result.

Those are main differences between those who succeed and those who don’t.

Conclusion – Is Modere a Scam Or a Pyramid Scheme? Is It Worth Joining?

Modere is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. Even though every MLM-system has a pyramid structure, they are not called pyramid schemes if they have real products or services that they are offering.

If you have fallen in love with Modere products, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t join them and start selling their products also for others. On the other hand, if you don’t especially like their products, I don’t see a good reason to join it.

Personally, I prefer affiliate marketing over multi-level marketing for many reasons. One of them is that affiliate marketing gives you more flexibility and you are not “married” with one company and their products. You can promote any products you want and diversify your income. I don’t even remember from how many different websites I’m earning money at the moment but it’s more than 10.

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What do you think about Modere?

Do you have experiences of MLM-systems? Has some of your friends or family members succeeded with a MLM-business?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Also, if you have any questions or comments regarding this article or earning money online, in general, don’t hesitate to leave them below. I love to hear from you and I’ll reply you personally.


By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hi, you may want too look into Modere again. When you say that it is not a pyramid scheme. Attending a meeting and taking in this information, I find it to be strange myself. They do not give compensation for sales unless you do autoship each month and unless you recruit a certain amount of people you do not get compensation on your sales. They tell you to only recruit and build teams. No mention of building customer base only buying packages and recruiting. But compensation has been taken away for sales of products.

  2. Hi! Nice work on this… This is not a big deal, but I noticed a typo where you said they’d been in business for “30 decades” LOL!! That would be a quite a track record wouldn’t it? 🙂

  3. One thing that I’ve come to realize with most of these multi-level marketing programs is that, for those that sell real products, they can pay once one is ready to work hard and connect with lots of clients/customers that can buy and still come back to buy when the ones they bought have finished.

    Modere, in my opinion, is just like most of the multi-level marketing companies out there that pays once the member is willing to do aggressive marketing and selling of their products.

    1. You are rght. In order to get paid well with MLM-programs one must be aggressive. Lots of work and efforts. Then never give up. That’s a key to success with any kind of business.

  4. My Hairdresser, former hairdresser does this BS and hawks it at work. Lately she has become more focused on this than hair. She has done one network marketing company after the other and her skills as a hair professional has gone down the toilet.

    My last “hair cut\color was a NIGHTMARE. I have moved on and found someone who can focus on hairdressing completely. I did a network marketing company a long time ago and made it clear I was NOT interested. I resent that I paid top dollar and tip 30 plus percent and buy lots of products.

    I say do that shit on your own dime and spend more than 5 mins. cutting my hair. It took my new hairdresser 45 mins. to get my cut straight and take off all the burned and damaged white skunk highlights out. It also cost me 300 dollars in repair masks and I had to walk around for 5 weeks looking like a 1980 rock star.

    I am thankful my hair didn’t fall out or break off but come on do your job. I have also noticed lots of cancellations on her schedule. guess I’m not the only one.

    1. Hi Beehive,

      wow, that’s not nice of your hairdresser. She has become so hooked up with MLM-systems that she has really forgotten what to do with the clients.

      Anyway, I think that she could earn much by having her own online (or MLM) business rather than being a hairdresser.

      1. She should do one or the other for sure. Having a storefront is a great place to hawk products but not so great for the victims. I think it takes a certain PERSONALITY to be successful.

        My niece has made a killing at Pure Romance. The hairdresser its like her 4th or 5th company? She was so pushy she offered to buy me in to one company 300 plus. Two weeks later she said oh I’m with a different one now LOL.

        I do appreciate the feedback Sir. JUST HAPPY to have a hairdresser with her head into hair. Will take several visits to get my hair straight but at least I won’t be bald.

        1. I understand. Some people go a bit “crazy” with these systems and try to push products for their friends and relatives.

          I consider myself also as an ambitious and driven personality. However, I don’t push the products for my friend if they are not interested. Of course, I tell about the opportunities but if I see that they are not interested, we change the subject.

          If your hairdresser is changing the company all the time, it tells that she isn’t very successful with them. However, failure is a part of the process. I hope she will have a good personality and still succeed. And that you get your hair cut without getting bald 😉

  5. Two thumbs up for you! Nowadays, there a lot of businesses with MLM incorporated in their business plan because I guess this is the best way to garner more members. Companies such as USANA became popular not only because of their good products but also because of their MLM.

    Then again, nowadays, these kind of business platforms are not much of a hit anymore maybe because many are doubtful of going into these because of the rampant pyramiding scams where many people has been duped of their life savings. Another reason could be products under these kind of companies are far more expensive than those available in malls, which make it harder to sell especially now that many are struggling financially.

    Many would choose the cheaper one rather the more expensive despite it having better quality. I haven’t heard of Modere before I got into your page, but their system is very familiar to me.

    1. Yeah, there are hundreds and thousands of MLMs. I guess that every day there is a new MLM-system popping out somewhere.

      Modere is one of them and I don’t think it’s very special compared to others.

  6. Well I don’t think it’s a scam neither a pyramid scheme, you made that clear from your conclusion. However, my concern about this kinds of program is that they are way too many of them out there just like you pointed out.

    Plus getting successful in this kinds of program requires way too much effort including marketing products that people already are aware of and can easily get such products themselves be it in stores or line. This is the point in time when it gets really tough an difficult to succeed.

    It’s a good tryout for those interested in MLM. As for me, I don’t think I have the time and strength to put into convincing people to buy such products.

    1. Hi Rumu,

      yeah, success with Modere would require lots of focus, persistence and work.

      I think that the best way to generate leads and sales would be buy building a website/audience on the Internet and then sell products for your targeted audience.

  7. Hi sir Roope,

    What do i think about Modere? As i read your informative article about modere, you concluded that modere is not a scam or pyramid scheme.

    Let us define what scam and pyramid scheme are? Scam means “a dishonest scheme; a fraud” while pyramid scheme is “a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services”(Wikipedia).

    Modere has its own marketing strategy like what you said they are a kind of “Multi-level marketing”-pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. As i research about this, some critics claims that this kind of ‘marketing-strategy is very controversial why?

    Now this is my question to you sir roope, what are possibly factors that the 95% of People Fail in MLM-Businesses? Where is the missing piece here?

    1. Hi “billionaire”,

      I explained in the text why most people fail in MLMs. They treat it more like a hobby rather than a business. Of course, there are other reasons as well. Many times products are overpriced and they are hard to sell.

      You are right that multi-level marketing is a very controversial business model. Some people love it but many people can’t stand it. Personally, I am not a big fan of MLM-systems but I know that some people are doing good work through them.


  8. MLM is not a scam. There is real money for those who work hard and smart enough. This type of strategy is called “networking” in the Philippines and I have seen people who became successful in this industry.

    However, it only works for very few individuals. To start with, the products are too expensive and more likely overpriced compared to their online and retail counterparts. It is also very difficult to find someone who will be willing to be your down-line. Imagine being the 1000th person to sign up.

    Where and how are you going get recruits? Sure there are training and seminars but applying the methods in real life is much easier said than done. In my opinion, being the first to sign up holds a great advantage over the latter recruits.

    1. Hi John,

      you are definitely right that it’s possible to make a good money with MLMs like with any other business models as well. I’m not a big fan of these systems for the reasons that you mentioned.

      Anyway, the most effective strategy is nowadays to get leads online by building an online audience. For example, I have hundreds of unique visitors every day on YourOnlineRevenue and more on other platforms. It’s easy to reach people after you’ve built the good foundation.

  9. The big problem with Modere is that so many of its´products face extreme competition from ´white label´ products which is actually probably the better way to make money in this niche, especially if you have a strong website.

    There are companies that produce the same products, but allow you to put your own label on the product and some even do drop-shipping for you. It creates a very low barrier to entry for everyone so prices drop quickly on new products.

    You often see Modere products being discounted by as much as 75% because their competition has already priced themselves that low.

    1. Hi Petesede,

      that’s true. In my opinion, it tells an interesting story about the pricing of Modere products. They are highly overpriced like many other MLM-systems as well. That’s one big reason why I am not a big fan of MLMs.

  10. Modere looks to be a good thing to do if you are looking to earn some money. The products look pretty good but are a pretty niche product in the sense that they are eco-friendly. However, like you said Wealthy Affiliate is probably a better idea because you can make around $10,000+ per month which sounds amazing and definitely great.

    1. Hi Kingcool,

      yeah, Modere is one of those numerous health & wellness MLMs. If the niche is interesting for you and you have an audience, then it’s possible to make some money. However, I don’t this opportunity is especially better than many others.

      Yeah, $10,000/month mark sounds exciting. Can’t wait to reach those levels one day. I think that day will come sooner than I’m expecting because so far I have been often exceeding my goals recently.

  11. I joined an MLM company before but I lost my motivation when I saw their products in an online shopping website. I was surprised that the product was on sale and the price is less than 80% of its original price.

    I also notice that the products of MLM companies is more expensive than other commercial products. To be fair, MLM presents a good opportunity for all because your education level is not a hindrance.

    1. The price is a huge thing with MLM-programs. Many of them are charging 2-10 times more than similar products cost at the local supermarket. There are a few MlM-programs that have reasonably priced products but in my experience +90% just are way too expensive.

  12. With enough cash, competition can be beaten. However, though, a lot of cash is impossible for some. In that case, they might not be able to sell everything, but what they can sell, they must be very aggressive and smart.

    1. Hi Jyy,

      in my opinion, cash doesn’t solve problems. A hardworking and a disciplined culture is a key to greatness. Then you’ll be able to acquire lots of money even though you wouldn’t have it in the first place.

      On the other hand, if you have lots of money but a lazy culture, it can lead to a disaster.

      That’s why I think inner qualities are more important than the outer things.

  13. I’ve joined these types of programs before, and have come to the same conclusion. I agree with you that they aren’t scams most of the time, because they have evolved past pyramid schemes after the governments of many countries started cracking down on these types of businesses, so now most of them do sell health products to be more legal.

    I also agree with you that you could find success in these types of businesses but they don’t require any less work than any other venture. You’d still have to put in a lot of effort in learning and selling, and since that is the case, I personally choose to just spend that time and effort elsewhere.

    1. Hi Fantasia,

      yeah, you have made the same conclusions like I did.

      What are the projects where you want to put your time and efforts at the moment?

      Personally, I am concentrating on building my online business with affiliate marketing. I’m very excited because it’s working great and growing very rapidly!

  14. I really liked your image that shows an iceberg and explains what it takes to be successful. I have never heard of Modere, however, I don’t think I will be trying this MLM business.

    First of all, I have never been interested in any of the MLM business schemes, secondly, in order to make money from MLM business, you need to make members and sell items. When it comes to generating leads and sales, I am a complete failure.

    1. Hi Vinaya,

      lol, you always keep on saying that you are not good when it comes to generating leads and sales. And as I always say, I am 110% sure that you’ll learn it like anyone else. Generating leads and sales is a skill like any other skill.

      Did you learn to walk? Did you learn to ride a bike? Did you learn how to eat using fork and knife? These are only some basic skills but there are tons of other even more complicated skills that you have mastered during your life. How did you learned these skills? You started learning and did it until you mastered. In the same you’ll way selling.

      Please, stop telling that story you couldn’t do it! You can do it Vinaya! I believe in you. 🙂

  15. I haven’t heard about this company but, as you wrote, there are many similar companies on the market already. I think that if the products they have are of good quality the big competition won’t be a problem. I have friends who worked for companies like this one and they treated the work as their hobby, didn’t invest too much time and effort because it was just something on the side.

    1. Hi Felabruno,

      I guess your friends quit at some point? That’s what happens with most network marketers after a while.

      I have noticed this interesting thing also in Wealthy Affiliate. There are many people who take a free trial. Some of them take a premium membership and are serious with earning money. Then a part of them didn’t earn anything during the first month and they quit.

      Some of them stay 3-6 months but because the earning are so small, they decide to quit. Then a very small part continue even though they didn’t see immediate results and those are the ones who make it and eventually earn +$10,000/month.

      Actually, I haven’t seen anyone failing on Wealthy Affiliate who didn’t quit. So the biggest step is just to stay in the game and show up day in and day out. Anyone can make it.

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