Shopperweb.Org Reviews [More Than 23 Million Complaints?!]

Shopperweb Org Reviews
Shopperweb Org Reviews

Welcome to my Shopperweb.Org Review!

I know this post is one of a few Shopperweb.Org reviews you’ve seen posted on the web, however, I will give you the comprehensive and brutal, as well as a lengthy review about the company and its whereabouts.

Before I dig into it, I’d like to congratulate you for taking the time to research a legit online business possibility prior to investing. Prior to spending a lot of time and effort to something worth your while and not otherwise. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Shopperweb.Org - Quick Summary

Name: Shopperweb.Org

Founded: n/a

Type: Website promoting Amazong Work-At-Home affiliates

Price: $47 and up

Best for: People who want to earn a few bucks while working at home

Shopperweb Org Reviews Logo

Summary: Shopperweb.Org is basically a website, considered an online channel, where people learn how to begin earning online by working as one of Amazon work-at-home affiliates and earn money as much as you want.

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What Is Shopperweb.Org? 

I don’t have to roam around the bush here and tell you straight that Shopperweb.Org does sketchy business with you and others who’ve been jeopardized. Their identity as a company isn’t disclosed on the web.

Further, it has been evolved in different names from AmazonProfits.Org to InternetProfits.Org, which do the same scheme.

On top of that, the founders, who are believed to be Eric and Sarah, randomly calls people around by voicemails telling them they received their resume or application, although they haven’t applied anything. They also tell them they’re from Amazon. 

In fact, on Reddit alone, the topic garnered 60 comments in one thread, stating one thing. “I thought it was real. I started filling out the application. I stopped when I was asked for last four of my ss#. This pissed me off cause I had I inquired about a job with Amazon. Whatever happen to people being real and honest?” said one of the commenters.

Important Background Information? is actually Real Profits Online and is believed to be a fake Work-At-Home Amazon, which is apparently obvious when you land on their website.

Watch our video below to see the truth behind

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What Do They Offer?

Shopperweb.Org, like any other fraudulent websites, invites people to sign up in their simple application form on the site and get the “work-at-home” started.

However, when I looked up on their site per se, there’s no information what exactly they’re asking from their affiliates after they do sign up.

After searching online, I’ve come across a woman named Kaly, who mentioned that the person named Sarah called her and told her about the job in Amazon. She explained that the job will pay her around $17 to $32 per hour in exchange for posting reviews on the Amazon site.

Kaly is one of the millions of potential victims of these sketchy activities that has been lurking on the web, targeting fresh college graduates and the unemployed, desperate to earn a steady income.

In Florida alone, there have been more or less 23 million complaints about the same company doing scammy phone calls just as Kaly received months ago.

Shopperweb.Org Compensation Plan

Apparently, this sounds absurd but there are two unclear options you can take advantage as to how the “company” pays you on behalf of the services you did for Amazon.

If we’re referring to their website, it mentioned that you’re going to register and pay the amount of $47 as a monthly payment excluding the possibility of an increased upsells later on.

As they claim, you can earn as much as $300, $400, or even $500 per day with this weird online trick discovered by mistake. If we try to make some calculations here based on the legitimate Amazon work-at-home business, here’s how it looks.

With an average of $16 for a data entry job, for example, you have to make 31 finished tasks on that day. We’re not talking about a task worth 3 to 5 hours per week here. Because the higher the pay is, the more complicated the task will be.

Now, am I making sense to you?

How To Make Money With Shopperweb.Org

They claim it’s possible to make a passive income worth $500 per day or more with a few mouse clicks. Right after you sign up their form on their website, you’re probably on cloud nine thinking it’s possible.

Look, if you’re doing a legit online business and become an official Amazon worker, you’re earning lesser than Sarah and Eric promised.


Even in affiliate marketing or any other type of online business, you have to hustle at least 6 months before you see real results. Not on the spot.

Now, with the question, how to make money with Shopperweb.Org, you can’t. Simple. You canNOT earn a thing with their strategy. First, you’re falling for a scam. Just so you know, in such a fraudulent business like that, you won’t expect Return of Investment on that one. No.

Even though Shopperweb.Org is not legitimate, there are great ways to make money on Amazon even though you wouldn't own any product.

Shopperweb.Org Reviews - What Other People Say About Them?

I don’t want to surprise you but there are over 23 million call complaints from Shopperweb.Org in Florida alone. And over 60 comments from Reddit thread stating this “Shopperweb.Org is a scam.”

Even I, as a reviewer, I can say they’re business is sketchy in my eyes because of clear reasons.

First, their website doesn’t contain the information the potential affiliates have to know. You know the legit website content basics: About the company, Clear Ways To Make Money, and on top of that, a convincing website layout. 

Shopperweb Org Reviews Fake Landing Page

Shopperweb.Org directs you to RealProfitsOnline.Com

Shopperweb.Org [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Fake Landing Page

As obvious as it sounds, Shopperweb.Org does have a fake landing page wherein they highlight Jeff Bezos’s image to emphasize they’re “real” Amazon affiliate.

However, they didn’t recognize that they can’t fool anyone with their photoshopped images of several big American companies underneath the photo. Another thing is the fake social media share buttons with the fake number of shares from that page. 

2. Too Good To Be A True 3-Step Formula To Earn $500

How could you earn 3x than any other average income earner with working a few hours per week?

Even Roope, the founder of Your Online Revenue, who’s been earning a passive income as an affiliate marketer since 2015, work more than anybody else can.

3. Unclear Product Or Service

While researching, there has been a review stating that Shopperweb.Org asks $47 and up in exchange for a chance to earn more.

In another review, it’s stated that upon a free registration, they can take advantage of working a few hours for an ROI worth of $500 a day.

In short, you really don't know what you're actually investing.

4. Obvious Scam

I don’t see the need to elaborate on this one. I’ve reviewed many companies offering products and services to different people.

However, Shopperweb.Org is the most obvious fraud. If you want to verify my opinion, try to visit their website and tell me what you see.

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What Did I Like About Shopperweb.Org?

1. Sparks Someone’s Dream To Earn Such Money

Especially during desperation, anybody jumps into the different possibility of earning while working stress-free. Roope reviewed companies like this like Cash4Invite with similar system.

But in reality, this doesn’t exist and remains a fantasy unless if you’re willing to commit for a 6-month or more hustle to build a legit online business just as Roope does here.

Shopperweb.Org Reviews - Conclusion

Based on my lengthy Shopperweb.Org review, my conclusion is obvious and definitely, I won’t waste my time and money on such a sketchy company - without clear product or service and fake website with a lot of complaints from the people across the US.

Thus, Shopperweb.Org is a scam.

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To end this post, I’d like to ask you these questions for you to ponder.

Do you have first-hand experiences with Shopperweb.Org or have been victimized by their awful schemes? If so, what’s your say about the company and their system?

Do you rather invest in this sketchy business or in an affiliate marketing as a jumpstart?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you feel like you want to learn about making money online, feel free to share your thoughts at the comment section below, including your thoughts about the Shopperweb.Org reviews. Roope loves to help you. So much.

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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