Is Cash for Invite (Cash4Invite) a Scam? [Easy Money System Revealed]

Cash For Invite Review - Quick Summary

Name: Cash For Invite (Also known as Cash4Invite)


Type: Membership Site - "Earn Other Members to Make Money"

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Price: 3 Options: $5/month, $10/month or $15/month

Best for: The Owners of This System (Until its shut down by the officials and founders are taken to the jail!)

Summary: Cash For Invite is simply a membership website where members make money by inviting new members to their downline. In my opinion, Cash For Invite doesn't provide almost any value and I believe it will be wiped away in the near future...

Is Cash For Invite Recommended? No. More on this further...

My Cash For Invite Video Review

In order to provide you the most comprehensive and accurate answers regarding Cash For Invite, I created you also the video review that you can watch below.

In the end of the video, I walk you through the Best way to make money online that I use myself.

In the first part of the video, I explain why Cash For Invite is not recommended and why you should be doing more profitable and legitimate things online to make money.

Introduction - Easy Money Available Or Just Another Scam?

Let me be direct with you today. Who wouldn't like to have some extra money?

Even those who say that money isn't important say that they wouldn't mind having a little bit extra for their family or for eating some better food sometimes, for example.

Now Cash For Invite (or Cash 4 Invite) comes with a shining armor promising even an UNLIMITED income just by inviting other people to join the system.

See below the image that they're using for their advertising:

Money will start raining when you join Cash 4 Invite... Oh, Really??

I guess you've probably heard the same story also in the past? Somebody promises you lots of money online but in reality his system is just a scam.

We've reviewed so far already +400 make money online opportunities and systems on Guess how many of them have been scams?

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I don't myself believe in easy money anymore. I have seen that anyone can make money online but making BIG money will always requires work and effort.

Let's see if Cash For Invite would be different...

What Is Cash For Invite (Cash4Invite) And How Does It Work?

Cash4Invite is the system that promises to pay you even an unlimited amount of money. Your only task is to invite people to your downline and make them pay for the membership.

In practice, it is supposed to work like this:

  1. You Register for their membership and pay the membership fee ($5-15/month depending on your choice)
  2. You share your affiliate link to the other people
  3. When other people join through your link and pay the membership fee as well, you earn commissions.
  4. Rinse and repeat

At this point, you may be asking, "Then what is the real value of the system?"

And I would say that it's a wonderful question! There doesn't seem to be any real value in the Cash For Invite system. Experts claim is just a classical Ponzi scheme where the only purpose is just to recruit as many people as possible to your downline.

If you want to stay as far as possible from such shady systems, I recommend reading my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to learn to make real money in 2018 (and beyond).

Cash For Invite has used other websites (domains) in the past to promote similar systems. However, those websites have been shut down over the time course.

Take a look at two examples below. In the past, they operated under domains and Nowadays they use the domain

Previous Cash For Invite Website.

Money Come First website that uses the same strategy with Cash For Invite. 

I personally think that it's just a question of time when Cash 4 Invite website will also be shutdown...

Cash For Invite Membership Options

Cash For Invite has 3 membership options that are:

  • Basic Membership $5/month, 60% commissions for Referrals, 7 days waiting before payments, 1 banner ad on, Max. 500 referrals
  • Pro Membership – $10/month, 70% commissions for Referrals, 5 days waiting before payments, 2 banner ads on, Max. 1,500 referrals
  • Ultimate Membership $15/month, 80% commissions for Referrals, 3 days waiting before payments, 3 banner ads on, unlimited referrals

So, the benefits (or differences) of more expensive membesrhips are:

  1. Different pricing.
  2. Bigger commissions for referring new members.
  3. Shorter waiting time before the payments.
  4. More banner ads on website.
  5. More possible referrals.

A strange thing with Cash For Invite is that you can't change the membership after you've chosen it once. We have reviewed more than 400 make money online opportunities. Many of them have been membership sites but none of them have the same strange rule.

There may be a few different reasons why Cash4Invite doesn't allow upgrading the membership once you've joined:

  1. It pushes new members to choose the most expensive membership.
  2. It's easier to create (code) a membership site that doesn't have an "upgrade" option.
  3. It encourages you to pay at least something. Having the $5/month membership feels cheaper than $15/month membership. If they would have only $1/month and $5/month options, many would choose the lowest options still.

Anyway, it's pretty strange that they don't allow you to upgrade the membership. For me it feels even more that there's something fishy going on with their website...

Why Do They Ask For Your Address, Gender, Etc?

When you register, Cash For Invite doesn't only ask for your email and a password like most other membership sites do.

They ask right away for your address, gender and other personal information. Why do they do that?

There are probably 2 main reasons for that:

  1. They want to seem professional in the eyes of new members.
  2. They will sell your information to 3rd parties.

Many scams sites are collecting information from their members in order to sell it further to advertisers. That's probably the main reason why Cash For Invite wants your address, gender and your name.

I don't recommend giving any of that information to them!

Is Cash For Invite A Scam Or Legit?

In my opinion, Cash For Invite doesn't provide any real value to their members. It's basically a cash gifting program where you just pay for the membership so that you could recruit others.

I've seen many such programs over the years and all of them have collapsed one by one.

If you buy their membership, the only somewhat valuable thing that you could get is to insert your banner ads to their website.

In the banners, you can promote your own business or other people's products as an affiliate. However, the value of the visitors that you could potential get from Cash4Invite is most likely very low.

Their members are basically just looking for an easy way to make money online.

I haven't received payments from Cash For Invite (because I didn't even want to get started with them) and I don't know anyone who would have been paid. I know that some people who have used similar sites (like MoneyComeFirst) haven't received the payments.

In either case, I don't see any real value in Cash For Invite and therefore I advise staying far away from them.

I am 100% sure that you would prefer a legitimate way to make money online. Click the button below to read my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide 2018.

Risks Of Using Cash4Invite

I don't recommend anyone joining Cash4Invite for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why I recommend that you don't register:

  1. Cash4Invite gets your email => They can send you lots of SPAM
  2. Cash4Invite gets your personal information => They can sell it further => You get more ads and SPAM
  3. If you buy the membership and pay through PayPal, they may try to STEAL money from your account. In the extreme worst case scenario, they may even steal your linked bank accounts.
  4. By paying for the membership, you're most likely funding scam artists.

I want that YOU or anybody else would never fall into scams. There are many real ways to make money online so I recommend using them instead of websites like Cash4Invite.

Does Cash For Invite Pay?

There are not any guarantees.

After reading Cash For Invite reviews, I haven't met anyone who would have been paid by them. You can basically only find negative reviews.

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The only people who are talking anything positive are those who are spamming their Cash For Invite referral links trying to earn some commissions.

Learn a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online

As I mentioned above, there are fortunately many legitimate ways to make money online as well.

My favorite way to make money online is called affiliate marketing. Don't worry if you don't know what it means, I didn't know either when I got started.

In short, it means earning money by recommending other people's products. You can, for example, recommend products on Amazon, Walmart, Target or whatever online store you choose.

Then Amazon, for example, will pay you a small commission for that.

Making money online with affiliate marketing has enabled me to travel around the world and it can help you to do the same as well! 🙂

I don't only make money online myself but nowadays I help other people to achieve the same things as well.

Until this day I have helped +3,000 individuals to get started making money online. I would be glad to help you as well.

I have prepared an Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online in 2018 (and beyond!)You will find it by clicking the button below and I'll tell you more.

I made it a very comprehensive guide to provide you with the best information to get started.

If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you out. Just ask me if you need anything! 🙂

What kind of experiences do you have with Cash For Invite and other similar shady programs?

Would you like to make money online with affiliate marketing like I do?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.

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