Is Neways a Scam? – Learn the Facts Before Trying!

is neways a scam
Neways has a simplistic homepage.

Again hundreds of people are asking on Google, “Is Neways a scam?” That’s pretty typical when we are talking about multi-level marketing companies. If you are looking for an answer to that question, you have come to the right place.

The company has received countless scam reports over the years, although they are still in full operation as a business. Neways has been around a long time, and it’s hard to take down their growing reputation. But I have written this review to help you see Neways for yourself.

NOTE: This article is written by my writer and he shows facts based on his research. You can make your own decisions based on facts.

is neways a scam
Neways has a simplistic homepage.

Neways Review

Name: Neways International (Nowadays Modere)
Founded: 1992 by Thomas and Leslie D. Mower
Cost: $25 minimum to start
Type: Multi-level marketing

Short Review: Neways has been around for a long time and nowadays they have a long list of products in their catalog. However, we are seeing the same story with hundreds of other similar MLM-companies: Expensive products, low success rate, exaggerated promises and lots of controversy.

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What Exactly is Neways?

Neways International specializes in health and personal care products, with a wide range of cleaning and sanitation products available as well. Founded in 1992, the company just celebrated its 25th anniversary. They are headquartered in Utah (big surprise) and has a history of huge financial problems.

Probably the most shocking news to come out of this company is the fact that the first and previous owners, Thomas and Leslie D. Mower, were sent to prison for tax evasion. That’s right: Tax evasion! What kind of message does that send?

Not only that, but the owners were banned from using their own Neways products. They were also charged with the illegal production and distribution of Human Growth Hormone, which is an illegal drug.

The ingredients used in their hygiene and chemical cleaning products are super questionable. There are over 3,000 ingredients that scientists wouldn’t recommend for health or for safety. Keep reading my review to see what else I’ve dug up on this company!

But before me move on I would like to mention that the industry where Neways is working is extremely popular among MLM-companies. There’s a tough competition but also lots of money is being made. You probably know about companies like Amway, BeautyCounter, Avon and many others.

is neways a scam

Neways Products

You know when you go to a restaurant and the menu is 40 pages long? It makes you wonder about the quality of the food. If they offer EVERY kind of food, are they really putting that much time and expertise into each individual dish?

The same can be said about Neways. Their list of products is so large and so vast that you can’t really trust them to be leaders in any single field. Cosmetics, dental products, weight loss pills, nutritional supplements, car accessories, laundry detergents, and kitchen cleaning agents are just some of the many niche products that Neways has to offer. How can distributors even make sense of it?

On the other hand, the variety of products can be seen as an advantage. You can sell products to many different kind of customers.

The products vary in price. Distributors get a discount, but it still costs over $40 just to sign on to the team. It can cost a few hundred dollars just to get enough inventory to start selling stock to local customers. That is, if the customer base is even there.

The competition is almost too much for Neways to keep up with. Hundreds of distributors have complained that there just aren’t any willing customers anymore. A solution to that challenge is to follow this step-by-step training and leverage the power of the Internet to reach thousands of people every day.

is neways a scam


Neways Starter Kit?

You sign up with a membership fee and are expected to buy a lot of product in order to satisfy the customers. It costs just $19.99 to start, plus a $23 annual fee that renews each year.

It can get overwhelming due to the amount of product, that it’s hard for distributors to know where to begin. Typically, they will choose a specific niche and buy a wide range of stock from that category. For example, a distributor can specialize in just the health and beauty products that Neways has to offer.

They operate under the mantra of “Just get three who get three, and start making money”. You basically need to recruit three people who can recruit three more people, and as long as they buy $150 per month or more, you earn a small percentage of the earnings. That’s a classical story what all network marketing companies tell.

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You have to recruit at least one person a month to stay on as a distributor. Plus, the more people you recruit, the more money you make. The only way to make very BIG money is to keep recruiting as many people as possible.

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Neways Compensation Plan

The above video shows a bunch of Neways testimonials. Then, the compensation plan is explained. This is one of the most straightforward (yet ridiculous) compensation plans out there. Watch for yourself!

If you want to become a distributor, you pay a simple signup fee. Then, you buy the product you want. As long as you can recruit one person per month, you will make a little bit of money. Each time you and your recruited members add another person to the team, your commission goes up.

After buying over $2500 of products, your commission is barely over $200 a month. In the other words, you need to concentrate on recruiting rather than selling products if you really want to earn good money within the system. That’s just how most MLM-companies work.

Neways Reviews & Complaints

Like I mentioned earlier, there have been more than 13 registered complaints to the Better Business Bureau about this company. Nowadays the company goes under the name Modere and it has a B+ rating on BBB.

Some testimonials ring true. A couple of people who got in on the company early have been able to profit and are still raking in commissions from the work they did years ago. However, it’s not like that for most people. Common fact is that around 95-99% of all MLM-distributors fail. Therefore, you need to be persistent and exceptional to succeed with this kind of business.

is neways a scam
Modere on BBB. (Nowadays Neways operates as Modere.)

Conclusion – Is Neways Worth It?

Neways business opportunity may be worth it if the following things apply to you:

  1. You enjoy using their products and think they are worth the price.
  2. You have a hard-working character and you don’t give up easily.
  3. You know (or you want to learn at least) how to recruit other people.
  4. You like selling.

If you find yourself from these sentences, this could be an interesting business opportunity for you. Do notice that there are still several other similar opportunities in the same industry. You probably want to think for a while which company fits the best for you.

If you are already using Neways (Modere) products, then that’s a natural choice. Personally, I am not a big fan of network marketing and I don’t like when products are highly overpriced compared to similar products in the supermarket.

I make my living on the Internet by promoting whatever products I want. You can use the same principles for succeeding with network marketing but you don’t need to be part of any MLM-company to make money with these steps. I have a step-by-step training that teaches you everything you need to know.

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What kind of experiences do you have with Neways or similar companies?

Do you prefer making money online or offline?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I gave ip on them after reading the first four paragraphs or so. I mean those red flags are numerous. How can one enter such a space where the owners themselves get entangled in so many controversies. I do not trust them even a little bit.

    1. I have reviewed 400-500 business opportunities and I have seen many scams. When a scam gets shut down, usually the owner creates a new company unless he ends up in a jail. Unfortunately, I have seen that happening over and over again.

  2. When a company sustain their growth in a longer period and still growing that is a well trusted firm. Their marketing strategies are working very well. They always have a strong point to convince and hold their client. Building a reputation is not easy neither to maintain it. To some extent , we, the buyers are the one placing them in pedestal. We patronize it even thou it’s not a useful product or service. We owe it to ourselves what we believe and choose products we want.

  3. Neways International has been in business for over a long period of time now with cheap starter kit of $19 but that doesn’t mean one should get himself or herself into the long line of controversy facing the MLM company. And with the failed promises of success and expensive products, if one must take on MLM programs, it would be better to seek better alternatives although most MLM programs are all the same.

      1. I keep wondering why most MLM programs are anchored on beauty and health care products because almost 90% or more than that percentage of all MLM programs I have come across are all focused on health care and beauty products.

          1. The question is whether they believe that aspect of products isn’t yet exhausted since it’s obvious that people are always conscious of their health, wellness and beauty.

  4. One of the core reasons anyone can gladly get invloved in Neways products marketing is when you are use their products and ready to work extra hard to see the products they give to you sell fast. This is simply how most of the mlm we have around works and people should be sure they understand what they are getting in before taking that step to avoid regrets.

    1. Seriously, most times the benefits you can make from getting involved with health care MLM products is its effects on your skin and well, at least your money didn’t go in vain. But having an increased sales is always difficult especially when the products are very expensive. So, the chances to make profits is very low

  5. Yeah! Recruiting more people is not an easy task for you to gain profits on their platform. Same old story with other multilevel marketing companies, they will attract individuals with lots of money if they invited and convinced to join their binary system. Obviously their products are too expensive compared to market retail prices. But I’m impress because they started their business since 1992 and up until they can still hook people.

  6. Do I have any guarantee that my $25 dollars will be doubled or tripled or what? How can I assure that I will earn here? What are the requirements? I am looking for something where I can earn money legally and legit. And luckily I find this post. I will wait for your reply because I am really interested. I tried a lot of online jobs but I have to find something new now because it feels like one online job is not enough for my needs and wants.

    1. Let me answer your questions one by one:

      1.Do I have any guarantee that my $25 dollars will be doubled or tripled? – If somebody would promise to double or triple your money, it would be a scam. You need to work to earn money.

      2.Do I have any guarantee that my $25 dollars will be doubled or tripled? – You can see what others have done but remember that only less than 5% of members succeed.

      3.No requirements as far as I know.

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