How to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing? – And How Not to Use It.

How to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

Twitter can boost your affiliate sales!

If you want to earn money online as an affiliate marketer, you may have asked yourself “How to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing?” Or in general, “How to use Twitter for social media marketing?

It’s a very relevant question and today you will get an answer!

First of all, I want to highlight why using Twitter can be beneficial for you.

  • More than 320 million people use Twitter
  • Every day 100 million users on Twitter are active
  • And only in the US there are more than 65 million Twitter users.

Twitter is a huge potential for you as an affiliate marketer. But you need to use it properly.

 Throwing the Links = Hitting the Air

Let’s say that you put your affiliate link on Twitter.

How probably will someone buy the product through that link?

Think about your Twitter feed. You see tens and hundreds of different tweets. In one of them is a link from a person that you don’t even know.

Okay, you still click the link because the text was intriguing. You end up with a page where you would need to buy something. Let’s say the link takes you straight to Amazon and shows you the product. Would you buy it? Quite probably not. One little link from someone who you doesn’t know to a random product. Doesn’t sound very effective.

Someone of many thousands could end up buying it but I can say that there is a more profitable way of using Twitter than throwing affiliate links here and there.

Build Trust

In order to succeed in any business, you need to build trust. The same applies to affiliate marketing.

There are many ways to build trust in the online world and on Twitter.

On Twitter, we usually trust more the people who have more followers (see Getting Twitter Followers Fast is Easier Than You Might Think! and How to Get More Twitter Followers Instantly? – 5 Ultimate Tips).

Would you trust more the guy who has 100 followers on Twitter or the guy who has 100,000 followers on Twitter? I would prefer the latter.

Another, probably one of the most efficient ways to build trust is to provide valuable content. We tend to trust more those people who have given us something.

We trust in people who are helping us.

Help people somehow. Give solutions to their problems. Usually, in one message of 140 characters, you can’t build the very deep connection with your audience. That’s one reason you need to be consistent in your tweets.

And Link Your Own Website!

140 characters may not be enough but as you link people to your website they can read, see and hear tons of your content. They can see who you are and what are you providing.

That builds trust.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say that you are promoting Tennis rackets. Instead of throwing one Amazon link to Twitter you can put a link to your review of that racket.

In your review, you provide 1 000 words of analysis about the racket, show pictures of it and maybe a video of you using the racket. Does it build a little more trust?

Build Relationships

One guy stops you in the street and says, “Buy this product, you will like it. It will make your life better.”

Your best friend shows you how a new product has helped him to have a better life. He explains how this product could help you also. Which one of the person’s would you trust more? Your best friend or the stranger in the street?

People like to listen to their friend’s advice. Our friend’s opinions’ have value. You can utilize this information in your affiliate marketing business. Build relationships with the people and they will trust you more.

Sincerely try to help them and provide them value. They become more interested in what you are providing and many times they are willing to help you back.

How to use Twitter for social media marketing

Build relationships. Connect with people and help them.

In the other words, send messages on Twitter, reply, retweet, link them to your website and so on.

Don’t Just Sell, Sell, Sell

Honestly, who likes the person who is always only selling some of his/her own products. Always the advertisements. Doesn’t sound very interesting.

Remember that you can use Twitter not only for selling.

  • Tweet motivational quotes and pictures (people tend to retweet them).
  • Retweet other people’s interesting tweets.
  • Take it easy and have fun.

This will also build trust because people don’t see you only as a guy who is always selling something. They see you as a normal person and hopefully as their friend.


1.Don’t only throw affiliate links

2.Build trust

3.Link your own website

4.Build relationships

5.Have fun

With these tips, you will get much further when using Twitter in social media marketing.

Twitter is still only a little part of affiliate marketing. Learn all the details how to be a successful affiliate marketer in Wealthy Affiliate, #1 Training center for affiliate marketers. Get your 10 free video lessons today.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

How do you use Twitter for affiliate marketing?


Update 26.12.2016. I have realized that on social media many different strategies can work. Even throwing the links can be quite effective. You can try what works the best for you and go for it. But remember to respect all other persons and provide them good value. That is the most important thing.

Today I also published a review about a wonderful social media automation tool called MassPlanner. It can literally boost your Twitter results!


How to Success Online? – Start from Your Mind!

How to Success Online

Program Your Mind for Success

“Gather successful people from all walks of life and what would they have in common? The way they think!” -John Maxwell.

If you want to know how to success online you need to start from your mind.

You need to prepare your mind for success.

One of the most important findings in the human history is the following,

“We become what we think most of the time.” -Brian Tracy

If you think about success and see yourself succeeding, you will eventually succeed. But if you see yourself failing, you will fail.

I am one of the Finland’s best chess players. I have seen that this principle works as in chess but also in the other areas of life like in the online business.

Success vs. Failure in the Online Business

When you think about your online business it’s important what you are expecting to happen.

If you are thinking all the time, “What if this doesn’t work.” “What if people don’t buy my products.” or “What if I don’t have enough skills.” Your thoughts will become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Probably people won’t buy your products if you don’t even yourself believe in them. The better attitude is to believe that people will love your products.

Compare if instead you would be thinking, “When will my breakthrough happen? Probably already in this month or then in the next month?” “I’m working so hard that sooner or later I will be rewarded.” or “I love as I’m learning all the time and improving my business.”

What do you think, which one of the attitudes will lead to a greater success in the online business?

If you are waiting for the failure, you will give up too easily. You will give up when you face the first difficulties thinking, “I knew that sooner or later I will fail.”

But if you are waiting for the success you will automatically work harder thinking, “I’m not working hard enough to get the results I want. I need to work harder and better.” (See Persistence Is the Key to Success.)

How to Success in Online business

For the successful people, failure is not an option

Failure is Not an Option

One important characteristic of the successful people is that they expect success. They are not waiting for the failure. (Temporary failures may happen but those are learning experiences. The ultimate failure is not an option. Temporary failures are the part of the ultimate success.)

They know that they’ll achieve what they want and eventually they will.

My friend described one of her successful friends. She said, “He (the successful person) always somehow figures out his way. I don’t know how but somehow he always manages to do it.”

That’s the point!

You don’t need to know the exact way how to do it when you start. Just believe that you will succeed and somehow in the course of time you will find the way.

Remember that success doesn’t come without paying the price. But when you are 100% sure that you will succeed, you will do all the required efforts and learn all the skills.

Create Your Success a Reality

Live in the way as you want to live in your dream. Don’t think, “First, I need to success and then I will live like successful people.” Start living your dream now.

Clean your office.
Wear elegant clothes.
Listen to motivational music.
Treat your customers as well as you can.
Take pictures that show how your success will look like.
Put the motivational picture as your background picture.

The point is, make the coming success as real as you would have already achieved that.

Think how your life will be when you have done it.

Think how you have helped and impacted the people around you.

Make it real!

Reprogram Your Mind to Online Success

Here are 3 short texts from Wealthy Affiliate that can help you to program and prepare your mind for the online success.

15 Ways to Improve Motivation & Concentration

Motivational Quote

Choosing motivational Words for Success

I hope these thoughts will help you to success better in your online business. You will make it if you believe so.

But if you don’t believe, the game is already lost. I believe in you!

What kind of techniques have you used to make yourself closer the ultimate success?


Getting Twitter Followers Fast is Easier Than You Might Think!

UPDATE 26.12.2016! I found a faster and more effective way to get twitter followers automatically. It is a tool called MassPlanner. Many full-time Internet marketers are using it regularly and I am using it too. You can get thousands or even tens of thousands of followers with 5 minute of work.

And you can try it for totally free!

Getting Twitter Followers Fast is Easier Than You Might Think!

Do you want to get more visibility in the social media? Do you want to get more Twitter followers fast by using only 2 minutes per day?

Getting Twitter followers isn’t so hard as many people think. You don’t need to be a celebrity or a hacker.

Today I will introduce you one ultimately an easy way to get targeted followers on Twitter.

The best of all, this way is completely free. (Buying and selling Twitter followers is a big business on the Internet but very probably buying followers in the social media won’t make you successful. In addition, it’s usually against the rules in many social medias so you will probably get banned.)


Tweepi – The fast way to a big amount of targeted followers

Tweepi – Simple and Effective Twitter Tool

There are a huge amount of Twitter tools and products out there. I have tried many of them but Tweepi is so far one of my favorites.

It’s free and very simple to use. There is also a premium membership available but I haven’t ever needed it.

One of the most efficient ways to get followers on Twitter is to follow people who are interested in the same subject (See How to Get More Twitter Followers Instantly? – 5 Ultimate Tips).

That is very easy in Tweepi.

I will explain you step by step how to do it.

Tweepi follow tools

Step #1 Sign up to Tweepi

Just go to Tweepi.com and click sign up. Fill out the information and create an account.sign up

You can also easily connect with your Twitter account so you don’t need to make a new account here in Tweepi. Just click “Login via Twitter.

Step #2 Find the People Interested in Your Niche

What is your niche? Are you selling/promoting football equipment, musical instruments, online courses or what?

Let’s say for example that you want to find people who are interested in language learning, more specifically learning English.

Click “Follow Tools” and there you can find the right people. Then click “By @user’s followers” (see the image below)

By users followers

Then find the users that people who are interested in learning English might follow.

For example, the accounts like @LearnEnglish, BBC Learning English @bbcle, LearnEnglish @LearnEnglish_BC and VOA Learning EnglishVerified account @VOALearnEnglish.

Users who are following these accounts are very probably interested in learning English because these channels are made for teaching English.

Learn Englihs

Step #3 Follow Their Accounts

Then click +Follow and you are following the users who are interested in your niche. (see the image below)

Follow Users

The maximum amount of users you can follow during 24 hours is 250. Then on the next day, you can follow again 250 new users and so on.

Clicking follow 250 times will take you about 2-3 minutes so it really doesn’t take time almost at all. You’ll probably follow 250 Twitter users faster than you visit the toilet!

Step #4 They Will Follow You Back

When you follow someone on Twitter very often they will follow you back.

So when you follow 250 users in Twitter every day a big amount of those will follow you back.

Let’s make a fast calculation. If 150 of them follow you back every day, you will get almost 55 000 Twitter followers a year only by following some users.

And of course, the other’s will follow you also if you are providing good value for the followers.

Over the time when a number of your followers gets bigger and bigger more people will follow you automatically.

People just seem to follow more likely the accounts who have 100 000 followers than those who have 1 000 followers.

4 Steps to Getting Twitter Followers Fast

1.Sign up to Tweepi
2.Find the People Interested in Your Niche
3.Follow Their Accounts
4.They Will Follow You Back

And repeat the cycle every day.

I also made the video instructions to make your task easier to get more Twitter followers.

See the video instructions below from Youtube.

I hope you find this article useful and it will help you to create online success.

Don’t Forget the Other Things!

Social media marketing and Twitter followers are only one part of the online business.

There are also many other things that you need to do in order to succeed online.

Wealthy Affiliate is the online community that teaches you all the details you need to in order to earn money online.

==> Start for free today

PS. Follow me on Twitter 😉

Have you used Twitter tools? Which one is your favorite and why?


How to Install Google Analytics for WordPress? – Step by Step Instructions


How to Install Google Analytics for WordPress

It’s easier than you may think.

Google Analytics is an amazing resource! Today I will walk you through how to install Google Analytics for WordPress.

Why to use Google Analytics? Here are 3 reasons.

1.It’s completely free.
2.Able to find out how your visitors locate your website.
3.Able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most.

And there are many other reasons. Google Analytics is the must.

Just follow the instructions below and You will have Google Analytics working on your website.

1.Sign into Google Analytics

Go to Google Analytics www.google.com/analytics. And sign up. If you have a Google (Gmail) account you can sign in using that.

Click on the right top of the site “Sign in” and “Google Analytics”.

Sign in to Google Analytics

Sign into Google Analytics

If you don’t have a Google account you can scroll down on the page and click “sign up” and fill the information.

2.Fill in Your Information

Choose “Universal Analytics” and fill out the form. Put your website’s name, URL and other information that is asked.

You don’t need to care about “Data sharings settings”. Just leave them blank.

As you have filled all the information click “Get Tracking ID” in the bottom of the page.

Add your website to Google Analytics

Add your website to Google Analytics

3.Get Your Tracking ID

As you have clicked “Get Tracking ID” it will take you to the next page where you can see your personal tracking ID.

It looks like the following:

Copy your tracking ID.

Copy your tracking ID.

You need to copy that Tracking ID and later paste it to your website.

4.Go to Your Website. (Add All in One SEO)

You will need “All in One SEO” -plugin. If you haven’t installed it yet, go and install it. It will help to automatically boost your rankings in the search engines.

Search “all in one SEO from plugins and click install. It takes less than one minute.

All in one seo

Install “All in One SEO” -plugin

5.Go to All in One SEO and add your tracking ID

Click “All in One SEO” in the top left of your dashboard.

Scroll down to “Google Settings” where you can see “Google Analytics ID”. (You can find it also using CTRL+F-search)

Paste your Google Analytics ID there and tap the next “Use Universal Analytics” -box.

Analytics in SEO

Add your Tracking ID to All in One SEO

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Update options >>“.

Now Google Analytics is working in your website.

6.Check to Make Sure it Works

Now I will explain how you can be 100% sure that Google Analytics is now working on your website.

Go to Google Analytics. Click “Home” on the top left.

Click “All Web Site Data” from the left. (See the picture)

Google Analytics

Then click “Real-time” and “Overview” from the left. (See the picture below)

Open the home page in the other tab.

You must see at least one active visitor (=you) on your own website.

Now Google Analytics is fully installed on your website and it starts tracking your visitors. You can get so much vital information of your website’s traffic by using Google Analytics.

With the information of your visitors, you will be able to improve your website and boost your revenue.

In the future I will be adding more instructions how to use Google Analytics and how to properly use it in order to boost your incomes. If you want to find out right away how to benefit from Google Analytics, check “Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics” from Wealthy Affiliate.

Get the video instructions and much more here!

In Wealthy Affiliate the founder, Kyle, has made the video where he walks through step by step

  • Creating a Google Analytics Account
  • Getting Your Analytics Tracking Code
  • Adding it to the All in One SEO Tool
  • Checking to Make Sure it Works

Check out the video here and learn more!

I hope that you found this article useful and you can now easily add Google Analytics to your website.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them above. I am absolutely willing to help you! 🙂


What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

What Pay Per Click Marketing Is?

Have you heard the common term in the online world, PPC (=Pay per click)?

Today I’m going to briefly explain what Pay Per Click Marketing is and why you should start using it.

Get Customers to Your “Store” Using PPC!

When you have a website and a lot of valuable content you want to get visitors. As in any business, you want the customers to walk into your store.

Let’s imagine that you have a grocery store and everything is ready there waiting for the customers. You would like more customers to walk in because it doesn’t help at all if you have done everything perfectly inside the store if no one takes the step to walk in.

That’s what PPC does for you. Gets the customers to walk into your store.

Get Highly Targeted Visitors

When people search different things in the search engines you want that they would see your website. There are two ways for that SEO and PPC (Read what is SEO and why you will need it). PPC allows you to get fast in the search engines.

You can make a PPC-campaign using any term you want. You can get your website appear when someone searches for example

  • How to earn money online
  • How to learn guitar faster
  • What are the best books to read in 2016
  • What is the best way to use social media
  • Or literally anything.

The visitors that you get from PPC campaigns can be ultimately targeted. They are already searching something related to your online business.

It means that they already have a need that you can fill with your products or services.

Still I want to mention that PPC should never be the only way to get traffic to your website. SEO and social media marketing are also the vital part of your online business but PPC can give a great boost to get more visitors and more revenue.

Two Examples


What Pay Per Click Marketing Is

Example from Bing.

In the picture, you can see the example of PPC ads. I made the search “How to earn money online” and the first things that I see are the paid ads.

Pay Per Click 101

Example from Yahoo.

Again I made the search using the same term “how to earn money online” and surprise surprise! PPC ads are again the first ones to appear. Using PPC can be the ultimately powerful way to get more traffic!

Start with Yahoo and Bing

I recommend you to start your first PPC campaign with Bing and Yahoo. Bing and Yahoo still get almost 30% of the market share of the search engines so that’s a huge amount because there are millions of searches made every day in the search engines.

Bing and Yahoo still get almost 30% of the market share of the search engines so that’s a huge amount because there are millions of searches made every day in the search engines.

You can get your ads for the both of the search engines from Bingads.com.

Using Google Adwords to get ranked in Google is also very smart but it requires more knowledge and you need to know better what you are doing. That’s why it’s recommended to start with Bing and Yahoo. They are more lenient for the beginners.

Google is also more filled with highly experienced professionals than Bing and Yahoo. It means that you will more easily get ranked and traffic from Bing and Yahoo because the competition is not so high.

Earn More Than You Pay

In PPC, you pay for clicks. You pay that people end up to your website.

Make sure that you will earn more than you pay. If you pay $100 and earn $50 it’s not wise. But in the beginning, you can just start with little money to learn.

Don’t be afraid to make little mistakes with PPC because the mistakes are proof that you are trying. If you lose $10 in PPC it can probably teach you more than buying a $10 pizza from the local restaurant. (Read, Perfection – Not Required in Online Business)

Learn More about PPC and Boost Your Revenues!

This was only a little introduction to “PPC World”. I will be adding more information and step-by-step instructions how you can make your own PPC campaign.

But if you are already eager to learn more go right away to Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you literally everything you need to know about PPC and also all the other things related to earning money online.

I hope that you found this “Pay Per Click 101” useful and you now understand what pay per click marketing is. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave them below.

What do you think about PPC campaigns?

Have you done PPC campaigns? Share your experiences below!


“How to Expand My Online Business?” – 7 Tasks to Do Daily

How to Expand My Online Business

How to Expand your online business?

In order to succeed in online business, you will need to be persistent and to some things over and over again to make the breakthrough.

My advice is to practice daily. Devote time every single day to your online business. Take little steps to the success. Think it this way,

“Everyday you are one day closer to the breakthrough.”

If you have been asking yourself  “How to Expand My Online Business?” Today I will give you 7 tasks that you can do daily to be more successful.

1.Write content

Writing valuable content is one of the most important things in the online business. You need to have valuable content in order to get people interested in your products or services.

Writing daily can definitely give an enormous boost to your online business. You don’t need to publish the post right away if you don’t have the time to write it until the end that day.

Writing daily will also boost your writing skills and your texts will be better all the time. And you will be able to write faster.

Remember also that the Perfection is not required in the online business.

2.Make Videos or Podcasts

Articles are not the only way to communicate online. Videos are a huge resource and I recommend to use them in your online business.

You can also link the videos in your articles to make the message more powerful. In videos, there can be text, pictures, music and many other things. So videos are very versatile and many times can convert better than the text only.

Take a little video and upload it to Youtube. Find the good keyword for the video and leave the link to your website and get more traffic.

Podcasts are also a powerful way provide value. Podcasts are easy because they can have listened to the bus, in a train, while driving or literally anywhere.

3.Search Keywords

Right keywords are the key to getting ranked in the search engines. Finding right keywords can lead to a huge traffic from the Google and other search engines. (See How to Find the Best Keywords for a Website?)

You don’t have to write the article right away.

You can, for example, search for 10 different keywords and write the posts other days.

Using proper keywords can literally boom the traffic in your website. For free.

4.Make Social Media Marketing

Social media can be the other free way to get a ton of traffic to your website.

Use the time to post in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. You can also search for more followers and engage with others. (See How to Get More Twitter Followers Instantly? – 5 Ultimate Tips)

Use the time to automate your posts and tweets. This will save a lot of time in the future.

How to Expand My Online Business

Use social media to attract more visitors to your website.

5.Study and Explore New Things

We never should stop learning in life and the same applies to the online business. Read the articles and watch videos about the different subjects.

How to do better SEO, social media marketing or write better articles. Or go just through a new training program like Wealthy Affiliate, Chris Farrell Membership, Affilorama or Niche Blitzkrieg.

New ideas will take you to the next level and give you more inspiration and motivation.

6.Ask Questions

Einstein was asked how did you become a genius. He answered, “I never stopped asking questions.”

If there is anything you don’t know ask from someone. If there is a skill you would like to master, ask someone who has already mastered it.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community where you can ask any questions related to the online businesses and you will always be answered. You can personally contact many successful online entrepreneurs.

Tony Robbins tells many times why successful people get the better results. They ask better questions. Start asking questions!

7.Search Images

As you have written the text or only got an idea of the new text, use the time to find great images. (See How to Find Millions of Free Images.)

If you don’t have the inspiration to write an article right away add first the images and write then.

The important part to be an efficient writer is to plan out your texts ahead. But it’s not always necessary to write the text first and then add images. You can have the vision of the text in your mind and then write it with the flow.


When you keep on doing the things every single day you are all the time taking little steps closer to the breakthrough and success.

There are so many things you can do to push your online business further. Keep the work persistent and effective.

“How to Expand My Online Business?” – 7 Tasks to Do:

1.Write content
2.Make Videos or Podcasts
3.Search Keywords
4.Make Social Media Marketing
5.Study and Explore New Things
6.Ask Questions
7.Search Images

Use the Pareto 80/20 principle to define, what is the most important thing to do today, and the following days to get the best profit.

Do you want to learn more? Go to Wealthy Affiliate and start learning for free and take your online business to the next level.

If you already have the online business, what are the routines that you tend to do daily?


How to Get More Twitter Followers Instantly? – 5 Ultimate Tips

How to Get More Twitter Followers Instantly

How to Get More Twitter Followers Instantly? – 5 Tips

Social media marketing is the crucial part of the online business. If you don’t use it you will miss a big part of the possible profits. Using social media can be also time-consuming if you don’t know what to do there.

Today I’m going to give you five tips how to get more followers on Twitter which is one of the biggest and powerful social media networks online.

As you get more followers you will get more visibility. And when you get more visibility you will get more potential customers to your business and more profit. You have also better possibilities to affect people’s life positively.

After reading this text you don’t need to wonder anymore how to get more Twitter followers instantly.

TIP 1 Provide Important Value

This is the foundation of social media marketing and online business in general. You will need to provide some value for the customers that they will be interested in you. Provide something that will make their life better or easier.

For example, if someone is looking for ways to lose weight, you can give him good tips.
If someone is looking for how to make business better, you can help him.

Give people something valuable. When the people have received something useful from you, they will initially trust you more and you will gain some authority in their eyes.

TIP 2 Follow People interested in the same subject

One great way to get more followers is to follow other people. That’s because they will probably follow you back.

Crucially important is to get “targeted followers’”. It means that they are interested in the same subject as you are. If you are interested in the online business you can follow the people that are also interested in the online business. You will more likely to get more retweets and likes when your followers are targeted and interested in the same subject.

It is often said that 10,000 targeted followers are better than 100,000 non-targeted followers.

That’s definitely true because what profit it will give to you if 100,000 people follow you but they aren’t interested at all in your subject?

Still, be careful not to follow (+unfollow) too many people at the time. Twitter rules prohibit this behavior and Twitter has banned some accounts who have made this.

But I would say that if you are not following more than 200 followers/day you shouldn’t be afraid of being banned.

How to get unlimited twitter followers

Follow people on Twitter to get more followers.

TIP 3 Use Twitter Tools

If you want to make social media marketing effectively, you will have to use tools. Using tools will save tons of hours of your time over the years.

The magical word in the online business is AUTOMATION. The more you automate the things the better.

If you use for example every day 5 minutes to do something that makes over 30 hours a year. If you write the same tweet 365 times you will lose 30 hours if we compare that you could use the tool that publishes the tweet 365 times for you.

Twitter tools will also help you to follow more targeted people faster. My favorite Twitter tools are Manageflitter and Tweepi.

TIP 4 Use Images

There are 3 reasons for this.

1.Images will get the attention better than only the text. You can also try to get people’s attention using CAPS LOCK or USE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! But be aware that this can irritate some people.

2.Images are easier to find in Twitter. Some people may scroll your images afterwards and they may click the image you had published before two months. But it’s quite unlikely that they would find the text you published before two months.

3.Images help to remember the message more easily. People are visual by nature. We are just attracted to images and they help us to learn better. 1 word tells more than the thousand words. (See How to Get Free Images)

Tip 5 Use Motivational Quotes

People just love motivational quotes. They are short and easy to remember. People tend to retweet motivational quotes more than “average tweets”.

Retweets help you to get new followers because more people will see your profile. Think for example, if 1,000,000 could see your tweet how many of them will eventually follow you. Compare if 10,000 people see your tweet how many of them will follow you.

The changes are way higher for the first one.


With these 5 tips you will get more twitter followers for sure.

1.Provide important value
2.Follow People Interested in the same subject
3.Use Twitter tools
4.Use Images
5.Use Motivational Quotes

Follow me on Twitter.

Learn more about social media marketing and the other crucial things in the online business in Wealthy Affiliate for free!

What are your best ways to get more Twitter followers?


The Ways to Avoid Scams Online – 5 Incredible Tips

Using these tips you will never fall into scams.

There are thousands of scams online. We can easily say that people have lost millions of euros in the pocket of online cheaters who are earning money illegally or with unethical ways.

I have written this article to help you avoid online scams and save your money from the cheaters. You should only use your money for the reliable online programs. I also made a video where I walk you through these 5 tips to avoid scams online and I give you some very practical tips. I believe you will enjoy it.

Tip 1 Avoid Too Big Promises

The old saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. There are online programs with the false testimonies like, “I earned 10,000$ within the first week.”

That kind of promises may sound appealing but as far as I know that kind of promise is never true. Everything worthwhile in life requires efforts and it’s exactly the same with the online business.

Would you imagine to earn $10,000 within the first week in the normal business where you don’t invest a single dollar (or $10 maximum)? Don’t imagine to make $10,000/month right after starting in the online world. That’s not the reality.

I know that you can make $10,000/month, $20,000 or even $100,000/month online because many other people are doing it honestly. But the point is that all of those guys have made lots of work to achieve their online success.

Tip 2 Read the Reviews

There are a lot of reviews about the reliable online programs. If the program is legit and you can benefit from it, the chances are that someone else has used the program before and wrote the review about it.

I write reviews here in YourOnlineRevenue to tell you about the legit products and warn you about the scams. I write my reviews as honestly as I can, so you can trust in my words about the programs.

I have one experience when I didn’t use this principle. I went to one website that promised me a lot of Twitter followers for free fast.

The page looked like the scam and I thought that probably I need first to search more about this website in Google.

I was so excited about the possibility to get more followers that I didn’t read the reviews. The result: The website sent 2 spam messages to all of my Twitter followers.

The good thing was that I didn’t use any money there and I learned the lesson that it’s always important to investigate first if something seems a bit suspicious.

Many times I have been about to try the interesting product but then I have realized read some honest reviews before and decided not to waste my time.

Just make a quick search in Google, “Is PRODUCT_NAME a scam?” or “PRODUCT_NAME review”.

NOTE: Some people are writing positive reviews about the scam products because they may earn the commission if you join. Be careful and read for example 3 reviews before joining or find the reliable source where you can find the product.

The Ways to Avoid Scams Online

Search for the background

Tip 3 Investigate the Founders

Everything depends on the leader/founder. Is the founder reliable? Does he shows his face and identity or is he unknown like the mystical Q in “TooDamnEasy” program.

Can you find information about the founders on the internet? What other people say about them?

Do they have a long experience? Do they use their own principles in order to succeed?

Tip 4 Ask Reliable Online Entrepreneurs

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can find persons who have a very long experience in the online business. Some of them have been doing online business even 15 years.

You can contact them personally in WA and in my experience they have always answered the questions.

Their eyes are experienced to see which one is a scam and which one is a legit program.

You can also always ask us in YourOnlineRevenue.com and we promise to give find you the honest answer. Just leave the comment below and most of the time we will come up with the answer within 24 hours.

Tip 5 Investigate the Free Material First

Usually, you can find the free material from the program. In Wealthy Affiliate, you will get 10 free lessons, 2 free websites and other features for free. You can try if the program is really legit or not.

All of the programs don’t provide free material but you can find it from the other websites.

For example, Chris Farrell Membership (a legit program) has free teachings in Youtube. You can see if the program is really providing value.

Niche Blitzkrieg is also a legit program but there is not a free trial. Still there is a full money-back guarantee and you can find a lot of reviews on the Internet.

My #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate provides 20 free videos lessons for free. After studying their free material you can well decide if you want to continue to their premium program or not.

avoid scams online

Wealthy Affiliate is free to start, click the image to find out more.

BONUS Insight!

I have been in the online business for a good while. One natural thing I have noticed is that the more I review”Make money online” -products, the faster I spot scams.

Many scams just follow same patterns and they give you the same story in a little bit different covers.

Let’s take for example three programs Phoenix Power Rising, Pure Leverage System and My Lead System Pro. All of them are based on the following idea:

1.You join to their program
2.You invite other people to join
3.You make money when your referrals buy something.

All of them have very high membership fee which will motivate you to refer other people so you could earn back the money you have lost to the program.

When you gain experience on your online business your eyes will spot scam products much faster than before. In addition, you will see what it really takes to make lots of money online.

The Ways to Avoid Scams Online – Summary

Using these 5 ways to avoid scams online

1 Avoid Too Big Promises
2 Read the Reviews
3 Investigate the founders
4 Ask Reliable Online Entrepreneurs
5 Investigate the Free Material First

You will never fall into the scams.

If you can’t find any information about the program from the Internet, no one of the online entrepreneurs know about it, the program doesn’t offer any free material I would say that the programs are a scam. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY IN SCAMS.

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What are the signs you think the program is a scam? Have you used the money on the scam program? Leave a comment below.


What is Affiliate Marketing Online? – Explained Simply

What is Affiliate Marketing Online

Think about big companies, for example, Amazon, Target or Walmart. They sell millions of products every day. Would you like to have your own part of the winnings made in their sales? That’s possible through affiliate marketing.

Have you heard that term “affiliate marketing”?

Today I’m going to explain to you what is affiliate marketing means and how you can earn money doing that.

Amazon, Target, Walmart and many other (also very small) companies have “affiliate programs”. That means that anyone can sell their products.

You put the link to your website, social network, email list or anywhere else. When someone clicks the link and ends up buying some of their products you will get the commission of the sold products.

The commission varies a lot  in different affiliate programs. For example, the commission in Amazon’s products is 4-10% while other companies may give even 80% commission. And everything in between. (Here is a great and illustrative lesson by the successful affiliate marketer how affiliate marketing works in practice)

Why Being an Affiliate Marketer is Great?

You don’t need former experience or skills. You don’t need own products. But you need to be willing to learn.

The process of affiliate marketing is simple. Company A sells products. You (affiliate) leave the link somewhere on the Internet. Person A buys the product. The company gets money and you get money. Simple?

The great thing is that many times you can get the commission from the products that you are not even linking!

If you have the link for example to Amazon kindle books. Someone clicks the link but end up buying men’s boxers, you will get the commission. If someone buys the $500 TV, you will get the commission.

There are no income limits in affiliate marketing. Do you know Pat Flynn? He is the guy who makes over $100,000/month online and a big amount of his success comes from affiliate marketing.

Who is Affiliate Marketing for?

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn for anyone. Here are some examples

  • If you are a student and want to earn extra income
  • If you are a housewife and want to earn extra income
  • If you want to live anywhere you want and earn money online
  • If you want to be your own boss = entrepreneur
  • If you want to earn passive income
  • If you want to sell products that are highly profitable
  • You name it! 🙂
What is Affiliate Marketing Online

Is he an affiliate marketer? Probably.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is just a great resource but many people are not even aware of that. I didn’t know this opportunity before but I’m glad that I have found it.

There Are Tons of Affiliate Programs on the Internet!

Amazon, Target and Walmart are by no means the only affiliate programs. There are affiliate programs for any niche that you can imagine. Just write to Google “some niche + affiliate program” and you will find an affiliate program in any niche.

Wealthy Affiliate also helps you to find relevant affiliate programs that you may want to be part of.

Even the smallest niches have affiliate programs and you will be astonished how many they are.

Remember, affiliate marketing is not a MLM-program or anything related!

Would You Like to Be an Affiliate Marketer?

Do you want to learn more how affiliate marketing works? Wealthy Affiliate is the training center and community that teaches everything you need to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Some are making $10,000/month through affiliate marketing and they have learned their skills in Wealthy Affiliate.

I don’t say that success comes overnight. But it comes to those who work for it and are persistent.

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Do you have any experience of affiliate marketing? Share your experience and leave a comment below?

If you have any question or comment don’t hesitate to leave it below!