10 Reasons to Start an Online Business as a College Student

10 Reasons to Start an Online Business as a College Student
Most colleges have top-quality computers available for students

I started my online business when I was still studying in a college. That’s why I am going to share you 10 Reasons to Start an Online Business as a College Student.

If you have already graduated from college, don’t worry, probably many of these reasons will apply to you as well! Read until the end because reasons 9 and 10 are my favorites. Which reasons do you like the most?

10 Reasons to Start an Online Business as a College Student
Most colleges have top-quality computers available for students

1.You probably have more time

If you are a college student, you don’t need to go to work 9 to 5. If you would be working from Monday to Friday for 8 hours it makes 40 hours a week. As far as I have seen, in most of the degrees, the work that you need to make in order to pass the course is closer to 20 hours/week than 40 hours/week. So you will have double the time compared to if you would be in a full-time job.

In addition, most college students don’t have kids or spouse. The family is a great thing and if you want to have one is definitely one of the best goals that you can have. However, if you don’t want to commit yourself when you are in a college, you will have much more time on other things like for example for building an online business.

2.The sooner you start your online business, the better

Building any business requires TIME and EFFORT. Nothing happens without working your butt off. But especially in the online world, the success requires time most of the time. When you start a new website, Google doesn’t rank you very high. It takes from 3 months to a year to build authority in Google’s eyes. So it’s better to start your site early if you want to gain good rankings in the future.

Building an online business also requires learning. You need to learn certain skills to succeed. It’s often said that young people learn quickly. I believe that you can learn at any age but as a college student, you are surely in an age when you can easily learn new skills like earning money online.

3.If you succeed, you will never be stuck in one job

Have you ever heard people saying, “I don’t like my job but at least I have something.” They are not satisfied. At the same time, they are too stuck in their job that they don’t have time and energy to search a new one. If you make a living online, your possibilities are limitless and you can choose to do almost whatever you want.

And when you are earning big sums of passive money monthly, you will have the financial freedom to decide if you want to go to a normal 9-5 job or not. If you have succeeded already before the graduation, you can have a year off after graduation and go to travel the world while making money online.

4.Online business can possibly finance your studies

Many people are working at the same time when they are studying in a college or in a university. So did I at first. But why not to use that extra time for building an online business that you will have also after your studying times?

You can build an online business starting from $0 but it can become a “money making machine” that makes you thousands of euros per month. Imagine, how cool it would be to finance your studies with your own online business!

5.You will have a lot of time with your family in the future

The founder of “Francais Authentique” Johan Tekfak who is teaching French online said that when he was young he didn’t have money but he had lots of time. But now when he is older he does have money but no time. At least that was the situation when he hadn’t quit his 9-5 job.

Then he totally broke through with his online business “Francais Authentique” and he quit a good paying job in a company. Nowadays he uploads 3 videos/week to his Youtube channel 118,292 subscribers and in his FB-channel there are 270,972 likes (3.10.2016). I believe that now he has lots of money and time as well.

The same reason is behind Pat Flynn’s online business. He earns $150,000/month online and now he has the possibility to spend time with his family as much he wants. Compare Pat and Johan to people who are working 12 hours in a day without a possibility to spend time with their families. Who do you want to become?

6.Low Risk, high reward

I have already before compared online business against offline business. We know that in online business, you need much smaller investments than in 99% of offline businesses. In most of the online businesses, you need thousands or even tens of thousands to get started. That can make the risk higher.

Your income will also be limited in an offline world. If you would, for example, create a taxi company, you can’t serve 1,000 customers in one day. In the online world, you can serve even 1,000,000 million customers in one day if they are watching/reading your content.

It takes $0 to start an online business but you can make +$10,000/month for example in a couple of years like these 5 guys.

Reasons to Start an Online Business as a College Student
The main risk in an online business is losing some time. It’s very low risk if compared to many brick and mortar businesses

7.Good internet connections and computers at college

In most of the colleges, the school provides computer classes where you can freely use their computers and internet connections. At least in our college the computers and computers were very fast. That’s why I sat many hours in our school’s computer class building my online business. I wonder what other students and teachers had been thinking because I was already accomplished my school tasks but still I was in the computer class every day! 😉

You don’t need to buy a fast computer yet because you can use the one at school. When you have graduated, you can buy a new one but then the prices have already gone down.

8.Online business looks good in your CV

If you would be an employer and good candidates would come to an interview. The other one doesn’t have any professional experience but the other one has his own online business. Which one would you choose? The answer is obvious.

Building your own business shows that you are active. It also builds your character and makes you proactive instead of reactive. You don’t only react to situations around you but you make the things happen when you are proactive.

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9.Possibility to work ANYWHERE you want in the world

This is one of my of favorite reasons! You can work on a plane, on a beach, in a classroom, at your home wearing your underwear or sometimes even at work if you are on a night shift and you have nothing special to do there.

You can work online in Hawaii, Finland, South Africa, Spain, Indonesia, Hong Kong or literally anywhere you want. The only thing you need is a device where you can connect and an internet connection. That’s why the Internet can give us equal opportunities despite the country where we have born.

10.Possibility to work ANYTIME you want

Are you a night person? Or do you like waking up early?

If you have an online business you can decide your work hours. I like waking up early and once I had a habit of waking up every morning at 5-6 AM and then immediately started working online. But you can also stay awake late and build your business even until 2 AM if you want.

Or if you have a boring lesson in a college you can probably open your laptop and start doing important things. Most teachers will probably just think that that’s very motivated student because he has a laptop with him so that he can make notes ;).

Conclusion – Now is the best moment to get started!

When I started building my online business, I saw even some younger people who hadn’t even started a college and they were already making big bucks online. I thought that I should have started earlier like them. But then I figured out that as a college student I am not very old you neither! I am still younger than most of the people that are starting their online businesses.

If you start today, you will gain experience every year and after your graduation, you will already have tons of knowledge about the making money online.

Don’t know how to get started?

I recommend heading to Wealthy Affiliate which is #1 online business training and community out there. You will learn everything you need to know right from the start and you will learn lots of new skills while going your training. The best part is that it’s totally free to get started!

Put your credit card away and start building your online business with low risk and high reward.


I hope that you enjoyed this article. Have you already started your online business? At what age did you start? Were you still in college and what were you studying?

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of YourOnlineRevenue.com. I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. HI Roope! Oh how I wish I’ve known this when I was in college. I really agree with you that college students have a lot of time. Looking back, if only I have filled my time in college with building an online business instead of having it, playing computer games, watching movies and all those useless stuffs, I would be better off and could have paid my college loans by now..

    1. Hi Isaac,

      You are right that many times college students (and also other people) tend to spend their time playing “useless stuff”. Watching movies, TV, Youtube pranks and scrolling FB news page. Whatever are those things, I want to ask, what is the purpose of it? I find myself sometimes too making something useless but then I wake up and think, What are my goals? Why am I here on this planet? Then I stop wasting my time and doing something that really matters.

  2. I have two college degrees, a BA and a Masters, but my online skills are far more valuable. College is probably the most expensive and least efficient way to learn.

    College was fun and it definitely changed my life, but I make more money and have more personal freedom with my online business.

    1. Hi Gary,

      You are a highly educated and a smart person. It’s interesting to hear that your online business makes much more money than your colleges degrees can make. I have heard the same story form some other people too.

      College doesn’t usually teach us how to build an online business but Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

  3. Speaking as someone who is going to be a college student soon, I can’t say that there’s is a more important time to start this than right now. I’m currently in my early twenties (21 to be exact) so I figure I’m currently in the perfect age bracket to start my own blog (which I’ve done). It’s fun even though I haven’t made a single cent yet (but it’s only about 2 months old at the time of this comment) but now is the best time for me to work online and start earning a livable income now instead of worrying about it all in the deep future. My only real problem is the lack of immediate income.

    One day when my business is successful, I’m going to go back to college, and get a degree without having to worry about student loans or anything else ever again. I don’t know if I’ll become rich one day (god i hope so) but I will do whatever it takes to become independent and live life on my own terms.

    1. Hi Jaylin,

      I am glad that you are planning your life longer than most people who just “go with the flow” and end up in a boring job doing something they don’t like. (Okay maybe I’m a little bit exaggerating there :D) But when you plan you what you want and work hard to achieve it, you are probably on a good path.

      Making money online isn’t as easy as most people think. It takes time as anything else. Have you ever counted how many hours you study at your school, then use hours to apply for different jobs, go to the interviews before finally earning the first dollars? That’s probably thousands and thousands of hours.

      Even though you wouldn’t need to work so long in an online world to earn your first income, you definitely need to work. Some people make it faster and some people make it slower. The only people who don’t make any income are those who quit before breaking through. Keep on learning, keep on asking questions, keep on observing successful people and work your butt off. Have an attitude to never give up. And eventually you’ll make it! 🙂

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