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Is SurveySheep a Scam or Legit? How Much Money Can You Earn?

Is SurveySheep a Scam or Legit? How much money can you earn? Is it worth joining?

I noticed that people were asking this kind of questions all around the Internet. That’s why I decided to write this hones SurveySheep review to answer all your questions about this website.

Fasten your seat belts and spend the next 1-2 minutes with me. By the way, I have experience of more than 80 online survey sites so I am able to say a thing or two about this site as well.

is surveysheep a scam or legit

SurveySheep Homepage

SurveySheep Review

Name: SurveySheep

Cost: Free to Join

Type: Online Surveys

Short Review: SurveySheep is just a middleman between you and other survey sites. They don’t offer any surveys themselves. I don’t see any benefit of using SurveySheep because you can access all their recommended sites even without the middleman.

In general, I don’t recommend survey sites even though I have cashed out money there. The earning potential is so low that it’s just better to concentrate your time on better ways to make money online.

What Is SurveySheep?

SurveySheep is a website that promises to pay you for answering surveys. You just need to share your opinion and you’ll get paid. Doesn’t sound complicated, huh? It’s not complicated at all but there’s one catch that I’ll explain later.

Their website doesn’t offer any surveys. So, it’s actually a website full of links and resources to other survey sites like Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks and so on. Once you join their partners’ website you can start earning. SurveySheep gets a little bonus for referring you to those other sites.

You may be familiar with this kind of sites already before. Bigspot, Survey Compare, and Gold Opinions use also the same strategy. They promise you easy money by answering surveys. Then you sign up to their sites and they connect you with other sites.

Anyway, let’s take even a closer look at the process.

How to Make Money with SurveySheep? 

It’s a simple 4-step process:

  1. Sign up to SurveySheep.
  2. Go to their partners’ website and sign up.
  3. Answer surveys.
  4. Cash out = Get Paid.

Even a little child can do this process. This sounds good because then you can do it as well. However, I have learned one thing while reviewing 350 make money online opportunities:

If everyone is able to accomplish some task, you don’t get paid much if you do it.

Answering surveys is easy. If you do only things that are easy, you won’t get paid much. That’s the reality. I know people who make +$10,000/month online and none of them achieved it overnight. First, they needed to learn their skills online and then they needed to put them into action.

The good news is that anyone is able to learn skills to make $10,000/month online. Still, many people aren’t ready to do it. Many people want to take the easy option and continue answering surveys or doing some other low paying jobs online.

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SurveySheep Recommends, “Join As Many Survey Sites As Possible!”

They give this tip several times on their website. They explain that the more sites you join, the more money you can earn. Well, you can make money from online surveys if you join several sites. That’s true. But the downside is that you miss better opportunities at the same time.

I know a friend from the UK who was making hundreds of dollars from online survey sites but he was using lots of time to answer those surveys. If he would have used the same time for better paying online jobs, he would have earned much more. Nowadays he is using his time on other things than online surveys because he realized it wasn’t worth it.

SurveySheep recommends you to join as many sites as possible through their links because it makes more money to their pocket. They earn from each referral. In the other words, they are thinking about their own pocket here instead of thinking the best for their visitors.

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My strong recommendation is that don’t spend time on online survey sites if you want to earn money.

If you have a business and you want to get feedback on your products, then survey sites may be a reasonable choice. But they aren’t a good money-making opportunity. You are giving your time for almost free to these sites if you join there.

is surveysheep a scam or legit

Another drawback is that there aren’t even new survey options available on their website sometimes.

“Earn $25-75 per survey!” – Is It True?

Some time ago SurveySheep was advertising their website saying that you could earn $25-75 per survey. That’s a complete lie.

I have experience of 80 online survey sites and I have often seen similar claims. Guess how many sites are paying so good money for answering surveys? 0.

Usually, you’ll get paid only $0,50-2 per survey. Some sites may pay $3 for a very long survey but that’s extremely rare. If you are living, for example in the U.S. or in Europe, you could earn that $3 like 5-10 times faster if you would go to a normal job.

I am not a big fan of 9-5 jobs but this example just points out that normal jobs are superior to online surveys.

“I Just Do Surveys for Fun. Earning Extra Cash Is Nice!”

If somebody’s passion is to fill out online surveys over and over again, it’s their choice. Still, I know that those people who fill out online surveys would most likely do some more interesting things online and get paid 50 times more if they would know about those opportunities.

That’s why I always mention Wealthy Affiliate in my survey reviews. People who answer online surveys are usually interested in making money online. That’s why they would probably like Wealthy Affiliate as well. Their training teaches a much more interesting and more profitable way to earn money online.

My pop-up in the bottom of my site says sometimes, “I just earned $200 while sleeping.” I could have never earned $200 while sleeping with online surveys.

Yes, I have earned more than $1,000 while sleeping if we are talking about investing but that’s a different case. With investing you can lose money. With affiliate marketing, you can get started for free and still make good money.

Is SurveySheep a Scam or Legit

“We see their glory but don’t understand the story.”

Even online freelancing is more profitable and more fun than surveys. Yesterday I earned $63 in 90 minutes by translating one text. Maybe your passion is translating but you can do something else:

  • Writing
  • Video editing
  • Designing
  • Art
  • Music
  • etc.

There are many freelance marketplaces on the Internet where you can find companies that pay you for offering them your service. Of course, you need to have some skills but everything can be learned on the Internet.

Conclusion – Is SurveySheep Worth It?

This is same like asking the question, “Are online surveys worth it?” I have explained several reasons in this article why they aren’t worth. Feel free to check out this article where I answer the question even more in detail.

SurveySheep is not a scam but the earning potential is just extremely small.

If you are interested in making money online fast, I recommend applying your skills and doing freelancing. However, if you are interested in making big money online, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate training. It won’t make you rich overnight but in the long run, it can make you a fortune.

You’ll learn to make multiple income streams online and earn money even while you are sleeping. Without their training, community, tools, and support I wouldn’t probably here where I am today.

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What do you think about online survey sites?

What is your favorite way to earn money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



Overall Ranking



  • You can earn some money through their partner websites


  • The earning potential with online surveys is extremely low
  • SurveySheep is just a middleman between you and real survey sites
  • You wouldn't learn anything new by answering surveys in the long run
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