Is Survey Compare a Scam? Can You Earn Up to £5 Per Survey?

is survey compare a scam

Is Survey Compare a Scam? How much do they pay for surveys? Should I join their website to earn money? Can I trust them? How could I make a living online?

If you are looking answer to any of these questions, feel free to read this full article because I’ll answer all your questions in a minute.

Let me start by saying that Survey Compare is a completely legitimate company from London and they pay honestly for their members. However, the more important questions for you and me is whether this opportunity is worth it or not.

Survey Compare Review

Name: Survey Compare

Type: Online Surveys

Short Review: Survey Compare falls in the same category like hundreds of other survey sites. You can earn some pocket money but nothing more. I don’t waste my time on surveys anymore and I don’t recommend that you do it either. 😉

There are numerous ways to make a living from home. My #1 Recommendation for making money online especially for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate. I started their training when I didn’t have almost any experience of earning money online. However, I learned everything I needed inside their community and now I’m making a living from home.

is survey compare a scam
I like the simplified design of Survey Compare homepage.

What Is Survey Compare?

Survey Compare is a pretty similar website like BigSpot. It connects you with other survey panels where you can earn money by giving your opinion and answering questions. Survey Compare website is owned by a company called Marketing VF Ltd which is based in UK, London.

Big companies like Amazon, Tesco, Boots, and many others need feedback of their products and they want to know what people need nowadays. It helps them to target their products and marketing for specific target groups.

There are more than 500k likes on Survey Compare Facebook page which tells that their website has enjoyed lots of popularity during the last years. Let’s take a closer look at earning money on their website.

How to Make Money with Survey Compare?

The following picture explains in a nutshell how Survey Compare works:

is survey compare a scam
Survey sites are easy as 1-2-3 but the rewards are extremely small.

First, you need to sign up. Then they’ll offer you surveys and polls that you need to answer. After giving your opinion, they’ll reward you with some pocket money or by gift cards.

Survey Compare connects you with their partners that can offer you online surveys. There are at least following partners in their network:

You are headed to these websites and you’ll have an opportunity to answer their surveys. Survey Compare will inform you by email when there are new surveys available for you.

How Much Money Can You Earn on Survey Compare?

I have researched around 80 survey websites and opportunities. Guess how many of them I am using at the moment. 0. It means that the earning potential for answering so low that it’s not worth my time.

From Survey Compare partners I have researched Ipsos I-Say surveys, Toluna and MySurvey. Yes, I earned some money on Toluna and cashed it out. However, if I would have calculated my hourly salary, it would probably have been around 1-2€.

MySurvey is one of the most reliable survey sites on the Internet so it’s not a good sign that Survey Compare accepts them as a partner.

You can earn a little bit more on the best survey sites but your earnings will always be way below the minimum salary. One lady spent several months on Survey Compare and worked diligently to earn money. Guess what was her record as a monthly income. $78.

I would earn the same amount in less than 3 hours on One Hour Translation that this lady earned during one month by answering surveys. Sometimes while I sleep I earn around $200-commission from my affiliate marketing websites.

So, what would be the point of answering surveys if the earning potential is really so small?

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“But They Promise Up To £5 Per Survey. Isn’t That Enough?”

On the homepage of Survey Compare, there is a text, “Earn up to £5 per survey as well as gift vouchers, free products and more!”

You may be thinking that £5 per survey is enough for you. Well, it would be enough for me as well. The only problem is that the reality is a bit different. You won’t be earning £5/survey on this website.

Most surveys pay only $1-2. They are saying that you can earn up to £5 per survey. To be honest, after going through tens of survey sites I have never been able to receive such survey so I’m quite skeptical.

Another challenge is that even though they would have such survey, it’s targeted for a very specific group. For example, dog owners who are 30-50 years old and live in the UK. If you have answered online surveys in the past, you are probably very familiar with the text, “Unfortunately you were not qualified for this survey. Better luck next time.”

These sites don’t offer surveys all the time. There are a few every now and then. That’s it. You need to check your email regularly to see if they have new ones. Even though they would have new offers you may be disqualified from the survey because they look for a specific group.

is survey compare a scam
Here are some estimations of your earnings on their website. In my opinion, the numbers are even a bit too optimistic. Anyhow, earning £1 for a 30-minute survey wouldn’t be very much.

Survey Compare Reviews & Complaints

I read numerous Survey Compare reviews to find out what other people think about this website. It seems that only those who are satisfied with small earnings are satisfied with the website. In my opinion, they are just closing their eyes from better opportunities.

Who would like to earn $3 for surveys while he can earn $30 at the same time by doing some much more interesting activities?

Many people are complaining that they don’t earn enough on Survey Compare. Well, actually they don’t even promise big money on their website. They say it right away on their homepage that you can only earn some pocket money and not make a living by answering surveys.

is survey compare a scam
This guy says all necessary things in his review about Survey Compare. 😉

Conclusion – Is Survey Compare Worth It?

No, it’s not. The earning potential isn’t enough.

There was a time when I still didn’t know how to make money online. I didn’t even know whether it’s possible or not. I had heard that some people are just lying on the Internet. I saw some false advertisements saying that a stay-at-home mom was earning $8,683 per month from home.

However, then I found a website which is run by an American guy called Nathaniell Brenes. He was living in China and earned money by teaching English. Then he started looking for better opportunities on the Internet. He started thinking, “What if I could earn dollars on the Internet and live like a king in China?”

His idea worked even better than he had expected and now he has made more than $10,000/month online for several years. He introduced the same opportunity for me and I started learning. I was still a bit concerned whether this will work or not. Then I thought, “If he can do it I can do it.”

Nowadays I make a living online just like Nathaniell. I am not earning $10,000 per month yet but hopefully, in the future, I’ll reach that mark as well.

Now I want to introduce you the same opportunity that helped me and Nathaniell to work from home. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate. You can get started for totally free. I’m paying for their premium membership which is less than $1 per day.

I offer also 1-on-1 support and mentoring for all who join Wealthy Affiliate through Remember this advice about earning money online: “If I can do it, you can do it.” 🙂

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What do you think about Survey Compare? 

Have you also stopped answering online surveys concentrate on making money online with better opportunities?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Earning online is possible, yes. But there is nothing better to do but to work your soul out, you may do extra online activities for extra income. But earning money, for me, is not that easy. It will take you time, effort and knowledge to be able to achieve what your objectives are, specially in online industry.

    If there are any other legitimate ways to do, online jobs, survey sites, raffle draws like Snuckls, specially here in the Philippines I could work it out and give time for it as long as I am confident of the possible results.

    Here in the Philippines where people are earning just enough, sometimes even short, suggestions like you are trying to give us are helpful. But since, some lack knowledge, we first should really need to study the process.

    1. Hi Quila,

      I see your point. Nothing is easy when you are just starting out. Think about skills like walking or riding a bike. Nowadays they feel like very easy but when you were practicing those skills you failed so many times as a kid. But you kept on learning until you masted the skills.

      The same goes with earning money online. It’s a skill that you can earn with practice and repetition. First, it may feel hard but when you keep on learning and doing it it will become very easy.

      I started without any prior knowledge in Wealthy Affiliate and because of their training I am now making a living online. If I can do it, you can do it. 🙂

      1. I’m really curious about Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve read your review and I must say it looks amazing. But the thing with making money online is that when you see something that seems too good to be true, it’s usually a scam.

        I think that maybe you should make a post, or posts, about your journey on that site and how you’ve come to reach every milestone during that time (unless you already have and I just haven’t found it yet). I think it could really help your point to have the perspective of someone who’s already found a way to make it big on that site.

        1. You are right that when something looks too good to be true, it’s most of the time a scam.

          I have explained some highlights of my story on my about page.

          Wealthy Affiliate offers a free account in most countries so you don’t need to risk anything to try it. You can sign up for free and start going through their training. I believe you will fast realize it’s far from a scam 🙂

          I want to point out that making big money online doesn’t happen overnight. It requires work, persistence and dedication. That’s why many people don’t achieve it. They try a month or two and then they quit. Those who just keep going and learning will succeed.

          To be honest, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t have succeeded who didn’t quit on Wealthy Affiliate. The fastest way to fail is to quit but the best way to assure your success is keep going and learn new things all the time.

          Let me know if you have any more questions about Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. The surveys are never there when you need them. Millions of companies are looking for opinion but none of them want my demographic. Not scam, just a waste of time.

    1. You are right. Anyone who has spent time with online surveys has probably become familiar with a text, “Unfortunately you were not qualified for this survey. Try again next time.”

  3. Yes, it’s true Survey companies can be time consuming.. With that said! If your jobless or just need a little extra income to get you over the hump. Surveys is a great way to earn income it’s not a scam. You don’t need any special skills, just some time to answer the survey correctly.

    It won’t make you rich, but it can give you an extra $500 or maybe a little bit more each month. that can help you with groceries or a phone, or light bill. My experience though is to get involved with some survey companies referral programs. You can make more money referring people then exactly doing the surveys.

    So my opinion in a nut shell. If your broke or jobless survey’s can make you some extra income a month.

    1. Hi Carlito,

      I understand your point. However, I want to ask you a question: Do you prefer earning extra $500 per month online by doing online surveys or earning $2,000 per month online by doing something more interesting?

      You are right that it’s possible to earn money on survey sites with referrals. However, then your referrals are wasting money by answering those boring surveys. It would be quite impossible to earn even $500 per month with online surveys without lots of referrals.

      With freelancing you can comfortably earn an OK income. With affiliate you can make a fortune when you become successful. In my opinion, those options beat surveys like 100-0.

      That’s why I never recommend surveys for my readers.

  4. Online surveys are good for making peanuts. At least Survey Compare has the decency to set their surveyor’s expectations that they pay too low.unlike others that hype and exaggerate by miles.

    By the way Roope, will you be kind enough to share us your thoughts about this site called “Paid Forum Posting” where they pay people to make forum posts just like Postloop? Thank you so much!

  5. At least they are upfront about the earning potential and they don’t hype it up as much as other survey sites do. I find it funny that you could totally bypass them as middlemen though. but I think I have also seen some survey sites that you can do that with since a lot of these sites often rely on a third party anyway.

    Like you always say, though, even when they are legit, it’s hardly ever worth it to dabble with survey sites because you spend way too much time and earn too little.

    1. In my opinion, there’s not a problem with them being a middleman. That’s how many services work and it’s the nature of affiliate marketing also.

      I was today thinking if I could create my own survey site (not very seriously). I think it would be something like Survey Compare in a sense that I would tell people immediately that they can’t earn big money, only some pocket money. Then I would collect a network of survey sites that people can answer.

      However, I probably won’t do it because as you know, I am not a big fan of these online survey sites 😉

  6. Like you said, most survey sites are not worth our time for it can bring peanuts as pay after wasting so much time in answering those survey questions that they pull out.

    I would also not advise anyone to go into Survey Compare since they have an affiliation with My Survey that you said, with negative reviews from users, that it is not worth our time.

    However, if Survey Compare can pay, no matter how little, I think it is okay for anyone that is just a part-time freelancer to try them out and see if it is worth to continue.

    1. Hi Henry,

      yeah, it’s okay to try it out but I don’t recommend it in the long run. People would earn 10-20 times more on other online platforms for freelancing or doing affiliate marketing.

  7. Definitely, its really hard to earn even $200 only in that survey paying site. Better to work in offices than spending time with it. I watched Youtube several videos on how you will earn a huge amount of money but it is only available in a specific country and Philippines is always out. I hope Mr. Rope someday you will have a review on a site where in it is available in Philippines.

    1. Hi Jemuel,

      I have watched several YouTube videos that promote survey sites saying, “You can earn $100 per day!” or something similar. However, they are just lying. You couldn’t earn $100 per day on those sites even though you would be living in Mars. The only way is to have like 5,000 referrals which means that you need to have an audience of hundreds of thousands of people.

      These are completely legitimate sites where you can earn a living while living in the Philippines:
      1.Wealthy Affiliate
      2.Chris Farrell Membership
      3.One Hour Translation
      and many others.

      You have two choices. 1.Do freelancing work, 2.promote other people’s products with affiliate marketing or your own business.

      I recommend options 1 and 2 for beginners. Creating your own products and business right off the bat is quite challenging. You can learn the processes with freelancing and affiliate marketing. Then afterwards you can build your own products as well if you want.

      1. This comment caught my attention because I saw that you recommend to beginners that they promote other people’s products. I am a newbie in this kind of work and I’m really interested in doing this because I heard that there is actually good money in this.

        Is there a website where I can do this? Do you have an article where you discuss how this works?

        I am really new in doing free lancing jobs online and there a lot of things and terms that I have no idea what they mean or how it works. I really hope you can help me out.

        1. Hi SirenOnFire,

          check out this article where I explaining affiliate marketing in simple terms.

          You can learn the whole process and start making money by promoting other people’s products with Wealthy Affiliate training. You can choose whatever products you want to promote and earn money. The products can be on Amazon or literally anywhere on the Internet.

          I didn’t have any experience of affiliate marketing when I started in Wealthy Affiliate but their training taught me how I can make a living with it. You can get started for completely free and get awesome free resources. Their premium membership is less than $1 per day and in my opinion it’s worth every cent.

  8. A lot of these survey sites tend to use keywords like “up to” to catch people. They will have something like “earn up to £5 per survey” when realistically they don’t have surveys paying anything near that amount at all. It’s not exactly a lie but they are being clever which you can’t really blame them for.

    I’m sure this is a great site if you are looking to join some survey sites to earn a bit on the side but for people like me, this site is useless since I know most of the survey sites already.

    1. Hi Kingcool,

      yeah, Survey Compare is reliable and they admit on their homepage that surveys can only make you a little money.

      Do you know what? I want to convince you that any survey site isn’t worth it. 😉 I have shared my thoughts on some other comments also before with you.

      There are possibilities to earn big money online doing very interesting activities and have a positive impact on other people. While the other guy is earning like $5 from the boring survey, you could be earning $50 by doing what is your passion. Isn’t that quite obvious which one is a better choice?

  9. Having Online job by answering surveys does’t really worth it. I tried some sites and you will not meet the satisfaction they offered for you. They are just a waste of time and no one succeed unless find other alternative online jobs like affiliate marketing.

    All of Taking Survey paying sites is legit but seems like a big joke for online users who are seeking to earn big amount of money.

    1. That’s right. “Online surveys are just a joke for those who want to earn good money online.” 😉 That’s well said.

      I have just set a goal of earning $10,000/month online by the end of the next year. It’s definitely possible with affiliate marketing but I couldn’t even dream about such income with online surveys. Even $200 by answering surveys would be challenging.

      1. This the first kind of online job that I got into and I could say that it was indeed nothing but a joke. Not only did I spend so much time on those sites and earned too little, I also never reached their minimum payout, which means all those hours did answering all those surveys were an extreme waste of time.

        I can’t be blamed though because I was a newbie and when I searched for online jobs in google, these were the common ones featured in blogs. I know better now, but I’m still new to this kind of thing, so the articles you post here in your forum has truly helped me a lot in understanding things here one step at a time.

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