One Hour Translation Service – Read Our 100% Honest Review!

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One Hour Translation Service – Read Our 100% Honest Review!

Have you heard of One Hour Translation Service? Are you thinking if it’s reliable or not? Are you thinking if you can make money there as a translator? Read our review to find the answers to your questions.

One Hour Translation Review

One Hour Translation Review

Name: One Hour Translation
Field: Translation Service
Overall Rank: 92 out of 100

What Is One Hour Translation (OHT) All About?

One Hour Translation is the world’s largest online translation agency. Here are some important statistics about the company:

  • Their translators from +100 different countries are translating 75 different languages
  • They have +80,000 business customers
  • Customer satisfaction is 9,32 out of 10
  • They claim to be the Fastest translation agency in the world
    (Statistics Collected 7.1.2017)

Here are some well-known businesses that have used One Hour Translation:

One Hour Translation

So, OHT is really a big company with reliable translation services. If you buy a translation from them, you don’t need to be afraid of low-quality product.

What Is the Price of Translation on OHT?

You can buy translations individually or by buying a monthly membership which contains certain amounts of translations.

One Hour Translation Price

I need to admit that translation prices on One Hour Translation are not the cheapest ones but that’s because their translators go through screening to make sure all of them are great translators. You can get much cheaper translation on Fiverr but there you can’t be so sure about the quality.

In One Hour Translation you can be sure that they provide high-quality translations. If not, you can always contact their support and they will help you for sure.

The price for general translation is $0,087/word which equals to $87 for 1,000 words. Then if you want to have an expert translation in a very specific subject like legal issues or with lots of medical jargon, then it costs $0,149/word which equals to $149 for 1000 words.

These prices apply to most common languages (over 3,000 language pairs) but if you want to have a translation fore more rare languages, then a price for general translation is $ 0.164/word and for Expert Translation $ 0.192/word. One example of these more rare language pairs is, for example, Finnish -> English or Hebrew -> French.

What Is the Quality of Translators?

One Hour Translation requires that every translator are certified professionals that translate for a living as their main occupation and have sufficient experience.

Even though I speak 5 languages and I have worked in 4 different countries, they didn’t at first accept me as a translator. I don’t have a certificate and my full-time profession is not a translator so I didn’t get qualified. But this only tells that they really want to provide the best quality for their clients.

Here you can see a 1-minute review made by the professional translator in OHT

How can I become a certified translator in OHT?

To become a certified translator you need to update your profile and provide the required details such as a CV, certificates, your language pairs, a LinkedIn profile, fields of expertise, etc. Note that they will not be able to review your profile without an up-to-date resume and an updated list of skills.

Then you send them a request to review your profile and you want to work as a translator for them. If you fill their criteria, they will accept you and you can start getting translation projects from OHT.

But as I mentioned before, you need to have enough skills to work for them. Not necessarily a full-time translator but sometimes that’s what they require. Probably it depends on what languages you are translating because they must have lots of translators for something like English => Spanish or Spanish => English.

Who is One Hour Translation For?

There are two ways to benefit of One Hour Translation:

1.Earning money as a translator.
2.Buying high-quality translations.

If you are a translator but don’t know where to find clients or job projects, One Hour Translation can be a reasonable choice for you. The more language pairs you can choose, the more tasks you will get on One Hour Translation. My language pairs are Finnish => English and English => Finnish so there are not so many jobs. But if you translate more popular languages than Finnish, there must be much more jobs.

When they offer you a task to translate, you need to be quick because otherwise someone else may do the task for you and earn the money.

You can also sign in as a client. Then you can buy translations for yourself or for your business, for example. There are hundreds of different language pairs that you can choose from and the quality is guaranteed in One Hour Translation.

=> Sign in to One Hour Translation Today for FREE!

Pros & Cons


  • High-Quality Service
  • All Translators Are Qualified Professionals
  • You Can Earn Good Money If You Know Many Languages
  • Reliable Company
  • Fast Translation


  • A Little Bit Pricey Compared to Some Other Services (but the quality compensates)

Conclusion – Is One Hour Translation Worth It?

In my opinion, One Hour Translation is probably the best translation service that I have seen on the Internet. They only qualify translators who have enough skills to do the job well. So you can expect a very good quality if you are buying from them. Even though it’s more expensive than some Asian translators on Fiverr, it can be definitely worth it.

You can also sign up as a translator to make some money. However, translating is not the most profitable way to make money online. Check out my #1 recommendation to make a living online.

One Hour Translation at a Glance…

Name: One Hour Translation
Field: Translation Service
Overall Rank: 92 out of 100



Have you bought translations online? Where? How was your experience?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

About the Author:

Roope is the founder and creator of He has created this website in 2015 to help you to create a successful online business. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment below! We hope you enjoy!


  1. TRANSFERYOURRISK2 CONSULTNTS February 20, 2017 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    Pleasant good day, thank you for this informative information. I will have to do some more R & D on this because I would like to learn how it could be a good outsourced fit for my platform her at Wealthy Affiliate in to market my # Government School & Libraries Contracting? It appears to be awesome in the sense that it could expand my reach for clientele in any language if I use your service as a Consultant? How do you think that would fit in as a Consultant Translation Services?

    Thank you for sharing our review you have exposed me to a potential enhancement in my services.

    • Roope Kiuttu February 20, 2017 at 5:29 pm - Reply

      Hello JoeAnne,

      it would work perfectly for your need. They guarantee the best quality for their clients and OHT are the largest online translator service. Most probably you will be satisfied with their service. But if you are not satisfied, you can ask for a review for free and they will guarantee that you get what you want.


  2. Kalie Downey February 20, 2017 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Hi, Mr. Kiuttu!

    Thanks for this thorough review of OHT. I agree that you shouldn’t use Fiverr for any serious business matters, as the quality of translation varies.

    Prices on OHT seem very reasonable. I didn’t know you could get a document that is thousands of words long translated for a couple hundred USD. That’s awesome.

    You mentioned earlier that you speak 5 languages. I’m just curious- what 5 languages do you speak?

    Thanks a bunch,

    • Roope Kiuttu February 20, 2017 at 5:26 pm - Reply

      Hi Kalie,

      you are right. Having a translation from Fiverr for serious business matters only if you know somebody there who can translate well. But if you buy without knowing a guy or without many reviews, you can’t be sure of the quality.

      OHT guarantees their quality for the clients so you know what you get.

      I speak Finnish (my native tongue), English, Spanish, French and German (+some Swedish). I still need to improve my German a lot but I can have conversations and I understand a big part what people are speaking.

      If you are interested, I have also a language website called



  3. Steven February 17, 2017 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    Hi and thanks for your review!

    Even though I am a native Dutch, living in Norway and am together with a German-Brittish wife, I don’t think I would actually be able to do professional quality translations for One Hour Translation Service, but it looks like a trustworthy source for translations for my business pages! Worth to take a look into, so I bookmarked your review 😉

    I would use this service anytime over Fiverr. Not that Fiverr is per definition bad, but it is way harder to be sure about the quality you get than when you see how strict they are at OHT for becoming a translator.

    Even though I am speaking and writing Norwegian, I am not very correct in this foreign language, so having a place where I could possibly translate my website texts would perhaps be a good investment.

    Seeing IKEA in the list I suppose they translate between Swedish, English, Dutch and other languages, so I don’t think I need to be worried about the languages I need translations in. Do you think they translate between Norwegian and English?

    • Roope Kiuttu February 17, 2017 at 6:16 pm - Reply

      Hello Steven,

      I am sure that they translate between Norwegian and English. Norwegian is even a bigger language than Finnish and they have lots of Finnish translators too. It’s the largest online translator service, so you can find almost any languages that you can imagine. 😉

      You are right that when buying from Fiverr, you can’t be so sure about the quality. You can find translators for a very cheap price (starting from $5) but the quality varies a lot.

      In One Hour Translation they want to provide the best quality for their clients. That’s why they qualify only professional translators.


  4. Ehab February 17, 2017 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    Hello there,

    Wow that’s great to come across this informative post, I am impressed that one hour translation service used by all of those well-branded organizations, my primary language is Arabic & my second languages English & spanish, but If I will join I better prefer to translate to Arabic, can I do this?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Regards, Ehab

    • Roope Kiuttu February 17, 2017 at 6:20 pm - Reply

      Hi Ehab,

      yes, for sure you can translate to Arabic if you have enough skills and proof for them that you can do it. As I mentioned in the review, they want to see your CV and your qualifications before accepting your application. Just make a translator account and let me know how did it go :). I believe that there are lots of tasks for English -> Arabic translators.


  5. Riaz Shah February 14, 2017 at 2:44 pm - Reply

    Hey Roope,
    Wow finally a legitimate translation company, I’ve been looking for this everywhere! I speak English, Malay, Indonesian, and French but after a while of not utilising my skills, my language control is starting to loosen.

    I seriously need to start joining as a translator and implement my language skills. Is One Hour Translation open to Asians as well?

    • Roope Kiuttu February 14, 2017 at 5:53 pm - Reply

      Hi Riaz!

      Wow, you speak many languages. I have noticed the same that if I don’t use my languages, little by little I may forget the words. But after using a language for a while, you can easily remember them again.

      One Hour Translation is very good place to start translating online. They should be open for Asians as well. I would be VERY surprised if not. If you try it, please, let me know what did you like it Riaz. 🙂


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