Is It Possible to Make Money Online? – 5 Examples from Wealthy Affiliate

Is it possible to Make Money Online

Because of many online scams, some people are doubting, “Is It Possible to Make Money Online?”

The answer is “Definitely yes!”

Nowadays there are probably tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people who are making a full-time income online. Some of them are making $3,000/month, and some of them are making $10,000/month. The most successful ones may reach the $100,000/month mark.

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Is Rory Ricord a scam

In this post, I will show you five friends from Wealthy Affiliate who are earning +$10,000/month online.

Remember that they are just ordinary guys like you and me and they didn’t have any particular talent before they started.

All of these guys have done their income by doing affiliate marketing which means that you don't even need any own products to get started.

Let’s start from the youngest one in our list.

1.Colton James – Financial Independence for 20 Years Old Boy

Colton’s story is impressing.

A young guy who was only 20 years old and who was working at the local gas station joined Wealthy Affiliate.

The rest is history.

He worked very hard on his online business in the beginning and he achieved +$10,000/month income approximately in one year.

He became famous in Wealthy Affiliate with his success post: My First $10,000 Month! There he showed the proof and gave tips how anyone can achieve the same results.

It’s always motivating to learn from people who have achieved such a success and find out how they did it.

One interesting thing is that Colton’s best month so far was November 2015 when he earned $5,941.82 in one month, but then already in the next month, he hit $10k goal.

First, his monthly income steadily raised but then it jumped over $4k in one month. The same kind of thing happened to the next guy, Dom Wells.

Before: Colton was a student and working in a gas station.

After: Made $10,000/month online and lived a comfortable life. Not a bad income for a 20-year-old student.

2.Dom Wells – $0 to $10k In 3 Years

Dom Wells registered to Wealthy Affiliate without any prior knowledge of internet marketing (just like most of the members in the beginning).

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Well, he learned quickly and his income increased steadily. After three years he was already earning $10,000/month. 

Now that post is almost one-year-old, and I have been following Dom’s actions after that. Guess what? Now he is earning +$20,000/month. We can call this success!

He is now managing several websites and has hired some employees to scale his success. Think how much his life changed after finding Wealthy Affiliate.

Before: No prior experience of internet marketing. Joins Wealthy Affiliate and starts learning.
After: Managing a team and earning +$20,000/month.

Update in 2017: Now Dom is running an online business of 100 employees. He just made +$100,000 in a single month. See his income proof and read more in his latest blog post here.

Update in 2018: Nowadays Dom Wells is running a business that makes +$1,000,000/year and it's rapidly growing. Not bad for an Englishman who started as a complete newbie just a few years ago, huh?

Now Dom is sharing his tips on how he achieved it. Read 5 tips on how Dom went from 0 to making +$1,000,000/year online.

3.Nathaniell Brenes – Earning Dollars in China

Nathaniell was the guy who introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate. He has helped me a lot by answering my questions on how to build a successful online business.

He tells the reason why he started internet marketing in his Wealthy Affiliate profile:

is it possible to make money online

Is Wealthy affiliate worth the price

Nathaniell started his online business while living in China.

The idea is very reasonable. With only $1,000/month you can live very well in China and if you are earning $2,000/month online, you can even have some luxuries in your life. Imagine what you could do with $5,000/month in China!

Now six years has passed after Nathaniell’s registration to WA. Read his recent “6 Year Anniversary in Wealthy Affiliate!” -post where he mentions some of his achievement thanks to his online business.

Nathaniell Brenes

Another recent blog post can also be interesting for you: 1 Post $300 Per Month. We can quickly calculate that he is making quite a good hourly salary with that post!

4.Alex Sol – Another $10,000/month Man

Alex Sol joined Wealthy Affiliate already in 2007, and he hasn’t had a single regret after joining.

Thanks to his online earnings he has traveled to 20 different countries and had his +$10,000/month incomes.

In this 8 Years With Wealthy Affiliate -post, he explains two major parts of the online success and shows his accomplishments.

You may also find his another article interesting: $1,400 commission on 1 WA sale. At least it motivated me a lot.

Would it be awesome to make $1,400 with only one sale without even having own products?

5.Steve Razinski – Traveling Around the World

Steve started by blogging and afterward turned his hobby to a $10,000/month money making machine.

 In May 2016 he turned 30 and is now traveling all around the world with his wife. He has also taught his wife to create an online business so they can do it together.

He likes exploring new places, and his online income makes it possible to move anywhere he wants in this planet. The only thing he needs is the Wifi.

But I think that he doesn’t even need that all the time because his income is mostly passive so it keeps on flowing even though when he is sleeping and disconnected to the Internet.

After reading his blogs, I have noticed that he loves what he is doing so he doesn’t want to stop building his online businesses.

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Isn’t it cool that when doing online business you can choose your passion and do what you love?

Is It Possible to Make Money Online? – Conclusion

I believe that after these five examples everyone can see that it is really possible to make big money online.

At this point, the famous motivational speaker Les Brown would say to you, “Do you think it would be easy??? No. It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it!

Working for your online business for some time to make full-time passive income is worth it. It’s a great option for a typical 9-5 job.

I have also quit my 9-5 job already a good while ago because I make way more money online than in my old job in Austria.

And as you probably know, salaries in the Western European countries like Austria or Finland (my home country) are not so bad. Still, it's possible to make much more money online.

If They Can Do It, You Can Do It 

Like you saw, most of these guys didn’t have any former experience of internet marketing before.

They just joined Wealthy Affiliate, went through the training, put the knowledge into action and started getting results.

I didn't have either when I started out. I didn't know single person who makes money online. The only person I "knew" was Nathaniell because I landed on his website. But I didn't know him personally. I am glad that I took the step back in 2015 to start making money online.

If you want to get the same results like me and these 5 guys, I recommend you to follow the same steps. Start learning in Wealthy Affiliate and start earning $$$$$.

"If you do what other successful people do, you will eventually get the same results that they do." -Tony Robbins

Some people have thought, “Well, they started an online business in 2007, 2010 and 2014. It’s already late for me because it’s already 2018. It couldn’t further from the truth.

Read Nathaniell’s recent post Have You Missed The Boat On Affiliate Marketing? There he explains 4 reasons why today is easier to make money online with affiliate marketing than ever before.

I hope you liked the post. Feel free to share it on social media with your friends if they would like to make money online as well..

If you need any help to get started with your online business, leave a comment below or send me a private message in Wealthy Affiliate.

I can't wait to help you to make money online!

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I am Osinowo Adewemimo. I am from Nigeria. I just love to be part of this and I believe dis could change my life and my boy’s life to best.. Bcos I am doing it all along with God support. Tanx!

    1. Hi Osinowo, yes Wealthy Affiliate training and affiliate marketing will surely change your life for the better as it did for me and 1,000’s of other people all around the world. If I can do it, you can do it! 🙂

  2. Hi Roope,

    Could you please inbox me some proven, legitimate links to offer to very large audience. Sorry for the missing “a”‘s. I do not need niches, SEO-optimization, keywords and blog to attract traffic. I have access to literally thousands of leads. Quality products/services/offers/opportunities/affiliate links is all that I need along with the most difficult part – innovative/creative approach to place them before their eyes. Thank you very much.

    Interestingly enough, the reply to my similar request for help which I emailed recently produced an unexpected and surprising result – this top marketer made me an offer to by my site assuming that I have become tired of doing online business.The truth is that I do not have any site.

    1. Hi Petar,

      that’s interesting! So, you have a large email list, right?

      Then it really depends on what subject they are interested in. Where did you got those leads? What kind of information have you talked with them before?

      That would be important for me to know before I can give you a great and specific advice.

      By the way, you can reach me by email by signing up to my email list for example on my homepage and just replying to my message.

      I read emails daily and answer all of them to provide the best help for people who want to make money online.

  3. Hi am from kenya and am so motivated by this but I don’t know where to start because I have no capital and still I want to join this wealthy affiliate and make some good money..

    1. Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership available in most countries but not available in all countries. Check out for more information here.

      However, their premium membership is available worldwide. I am personally paying for a premium membership and I think it’s certainly worth every dollar because it gives so much value. It helped actually me to make at least 100 times more money than I paid for it 😀

  4. I am a Nigerian who is interested in wealth affiliate, but each time I try to register they keep telling me that my country is not supported. What should I do?

    1. I think that the free membership is not available in Nigeria, Philippines and a few other countries because of the misuse of the free membership.

      However, the premium membership should be available in all countries based on my knowledge.

      You can also check out other profitable online jobs here.

  5. I am in Zimbabwe, currently I am just a made photographer. no business at all. his can I make money.

  6. I believe this is true due to the fact that without skill you CAN earn money but I think first of all you should learn English.

    If you are not born in a country where English/American is your everyday language you should definitely learn English first because with out it you can’t progress neither can you learn something new and talk to other people around the world.

    Thank you for creating this post,this just proves that anyone can succeed and earn money online.

    1. You’re welcome. Yeah, you are right that English skills are vital in order to reach English-speaking people. Of course, it’s also possible to use other languages but the maximum reach is achieved by using English which is a global language nowadays.

      My native language is Finnish. When I started blogging I was thinking whether or not I should start writing in English because it’s not my mother tongue and my skills were not so good back then. I still decided to start in English and it was a great choice. My skills have improved a lot and even though I still make some mistakes, I am able to make a living with this.

  7. If you would ask me, you can really make money online without experience on it your only investment is trust and hard work. Specially now a days the are a lot of money making sites that anyone can afford. If you really want to earn you really can. Believe in your self. If you are first time in money making sites make sure that you subscribe here at ‘Youronlinerevenue’ you will surely get some tips and trusted money making sites.

  8. This is really a great way that one can feel motivated and encouraged not to give on the quest to become one of the higher earners through an online business. Reading about the story of Dom Wells and Alex Sol and how they Rose from nothing to earning so big gives me the kind of motivation that I desire to start earning on the internet.

    Though, it is not going to be an easy task at the beginning, but I am confident that if they can do it, then I can also make it to the top of the rank. My question then is how then can someone living in Africa,and Nigeria to be precise can start and run a successful program on wealthy affiliate?

    1. Unfortunately, the free membership is not available in Nigeria. As far as I know, the premium membership is still available there. So, if you want to get started on Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend getting a premium. It’s $19 for the first month.

      Of course, you can take a look at other online jobs here as well.

  9. I am not on Wealthy Affliates, therefore, do not know exactly how to make money with this program. However, I have about 10 websites and blogs and I am not making anything from my websites and blogs. My main source of online income is writing for clients and websites. There was a time when I used to make $700 in a month just by writing on two websites. This amount was enought for a low income country like mine. However, these days my online career is staggering.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate training and community teaches you to make money with affiliate marketing. Here’s a short explanation on how it works.

      My recommendation to you is to narrow down from 10 websites to only 1. You can leave the rest 9 there of course but start focusing on only one site.

      I had 3 sites that I was growing but I decided to concentrate only on one site. It was a good decision because then it can grow faster.

      If you try to build 10 websites at the same time, I am not surprised that they aren’t doing that well. I am not saying that as a negative thing because it’s good that you are building them but I think that for your success it would be better to concentrate on just one site.

      Which one of is the most important for you? Which one would you enjoy working on? Which one has the most potential? Pick that one, start putting efforts and you WILL see the results.

  10. A few years back, I had no clue what it meant by making online by seating at the comfort of one’s home just with one’s computer system. There are several ways to earn money online, being an affiliate marketer is at the top of it, running CPA offers, Paid to Post sites, survey sites etc. There are countless opportunities readily available online for one to explore and exploit to make money online.

      1. Of course yes, online jobs and earning from statistics has been on a steady increase lately and it’s likely to continue in that frame because when a job offers you freedom, there is nothing in the world that would make you drop it for anything else.

      2. Do you think this is possible? I am worried in investing time online. In our country, the main source of income is the real job. Not an online job. Online job for us is just a part-time job.

        1. Yes, it’s 100% possible and many people making already a full-time income in all countries of the world.

          I know it’s not yet the most popular way to make money but it’s becoming all the time more and more popular. In addition, I noticed that it’s possible to make much more money online than in a regular job even though I come from a high-paying Western country.

  11. Hi Roope

    Great article. The examples are very motivating. As I was reading through the examples I was thinking its probably too late to start now, since some of the guys started way back in 2007, my questions were answered perfectly by Nathaniel’s article. I’m seriously thinking of joining wealthy affiliates. I will give this some serious thought during the weekend.The one thing that scares me is the cost. I know you say its free to join,but in my experience nothing is ever free.

    1. It’s certainly not too late to make money with affiliate marketing.

      Actually, it’s easier nowadays than ever before for a beginner you have better tools than ever. In addition, people are spending much more money online than back in 2007, for example.

      Wealthy Affiliate has 2 membership options: Free and Premium (less than $1 per day).

      Free is available in almost all countries (excluding Philippines, Nigeria, etc.) and premium is available everywhere in the world.

      Just let me know if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to help you out.

  12. Hi dear
    I was trying to do Wealthy Affiliates and they say that they have 24 hours support, and is not true. You have to create a WordPress website which is not easy to do. I asked for help and help was from other members, not actually like they said they have a company support system.

    1. Hello Maria,

      they have a company support system. Usually, I have received an answer within a few minutes. Click SiteRubix -> SiteSupport inside Wealthy Affiliate to ask them a question. They answer usually quite quickly.

      You can also let me know if you need any help. I am not working for Wealthy Affiliate but their training and community helped me to make money online and I would be more than happy to help you as well!

  13. I found on the Huff Post an excellent post (English & French) from @bernard jomard published in several countries, Canada, France, Switzerland, and so on… giving most of the details needed to become influencers and to make $ 3.000-5.000 a month or more.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      yeah, Instagram and other social medias have a huge potential nowadays. You can make a fortune by becoming famous there. I checked your link but it was only in French. Do you have another one that would be in English?

      For those people who don’t want to become famous, there are also tons of great ways to make a fortune online. Wealthy Affiliate training walks you through the process which works.

  14. Advertising on your blog and affiliate marketing are two best ways to make money online in my opinion. Building niche blogs and sites and then promote affiliate products.

    1. Hi TIm,

      I totally agree with you. Affiliate marketing and advertising in a blog are great ways to make money online. Nowadays it’s easier to do than ever before because there are awesome tools like Wealthy Affiliate. You can get all the support you need in order to succeed online.

  15. All of these methods can be very profitable but in my experience the most profitable way is to develop your own product and sell it

    1. Hi John,

      creating your own product is, for sure, very profitable. However, it requires more expertise to start and lots of other things. That’s why I recommend to start with affiliate marketing. Then one will learn the process. How to drive traffic, how to improve conversions, etc. Then create a product and BOOM! you’ll never work 9-5 again 😉


  16. This blog post of yours was sincerely the most inspiring post that I stumble upon in recent times.
    I read it very carefully and went to every link about those great guys who are earning lots of money in online marketing business.
    It also gave me a new motivational boost with Wealthy Affiliate Community.
    Now I know that this is the right path to go and success will come with commitment and persistence.

    Thank you!
    Best regards,
    Dan Coly

    1. Hi Dan,

      I am happy to hear that I was able to share some motivation and inspiration by sharing these posts. These guys are great examples that hard work online will pay off. If you don’t see the results, you can ask for help in Wealthy Affiliate. Many successful Internet marketers will be more than happy to help you out.

      They were once in the same situation starting the process. They know what it takes to make it.

      Wish you all the best Dan!


  17. Hi Roope. This is highly motivational! I would love to have a salary of 10k/month. That would be superb!

    I do agree that is not to late to start online business. Simply because more and more people are buying things online than ever. There’s so much potential right now for anyone that’s willing to give their all into this and most importantly, willing to persevere.Cheers!

    1. Hi Isaac,

      I believe that almost everybody would like to have $10,000/month online income. But not everybody is willing to “pay the price”. In order to build a successful online business one needs to work hard.

      It’s exactly as you say. If you want to break through, you need to be willing to persevere. But I know that little by little S-thing (=success) will happen 😉


  18. Hey Roope,
    I know all these people! They are like the beacon of hope for Wealthy Affiliate members, the unsung heroes that I thought only senior members here know of, so happy to know you’ve listed them out!

    You should add more people through time, that would definitely bring up some hype to the community. I think there might be a problem with the link on Colton’s post though, did he remove his post on the $10,000 part? I couldn’t seem to check it.

    1. Hi Riaz,

      yeah, these guys are good examples that it’s possible to make a fortune with Wealthy Affiliate’s training. There are many other success stories I could add here more. I think that you’ve been also quite successful with your online business.

      You are right that Colton has removed some of his blog posts. I will check the link again. Thank you for pointing it out 🙂


  19. Hi, thanks for your review article of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been trying to make money online for years and have learned a lot since then. I became a part of Wealthy Affiliate myself and have found great value in being a premium member. I know you can earn a great income online the important thing is you have to keep trying.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      you can check my full Wealthy Affiliate -review here if you want. This article gave just a few examples of people who have learned in WA how to make big money online.

      I believe that you will also succeed with your online business if you remember 2 things:

      1.Always keep on learning something new and putting it into action

      2.Never give up.

      Notice that all of those 5 examples that I showed in this articles started with 0 knowledge and none of them give up. The fastest way to a failure is to give up but it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

      But point 1 is also very important. Because some people don’t give up but they keep on doing this that don’t seem to work. If you are not seeing any results, then you probably need to change something. Go through Wealthy Affiliate training and ask tips from more experienced online entrepreneurs will lead you to success.


  20. Excellent post here i was always interested in making money online. I just never had the proper help or either i was scammed. This program looks very legit and those $10,000 a month testimonials are all the fuel i need to get going. If i sign up can will i see you on the inside? Thank you for this wonderful post I will be joining soon.

    1. Thank you Heathguy33. I also believe that these 5 examples shows us the message that every single person can learn to build an online business and make money online. It’s not something too complicated that online “nerds” could learn. I thought so before but then I found Wealthy Affiliate.

      Yes, you will see me on the inside and you can contact me with a private message. I promise to respond you! 🙂

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