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Is Unicity a Scam Or Will You Succeed Easily After Joining?

I noticed people were asking on Google, “Is Unicity a scam?” That’s a typical question when it comes to any multi-level marketing program but Unicity is not a scam. They have been around since 2001 which is already a good while.

However, that doesn’t mean you should rush, buy their products and join the system right away. In this article one of my writers shares his honest opinion about Unicity business opportunity. He doesn’t talk too much about the products but puts a higher emphasis on the business system in this article. We are not affiliated with Unicity so you don’t need to be afraid that we would start promoting it.

WARNING: The article written by my writer is pretty straight and it highlights mainly one side of the network marketing. Of course, there are also many aspects and Unicity offers some value but he wants to brings this (not-so-much-talked-about) subject in this article.

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unicity homepage

The unicity homepage shows their mission and 12-week Transformation program.

Unicity Review

Name: Unicity

Founded: 2001

Cost: $40-$1500 “startup” package options

Type/Field: Multi-Level Marketing Programs. Health and Wellness.

Short Review: In my personal opinion, Unicity is just another MLM-opportunity among hundreds of similar others in the nutrition supplement industry. If you absolutely love using their products and you are a hardworking person, then you could succeed with Unicity. But remember but you need to be exceptional because +95% of all distributors fail.

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What is Unicity?

Unicity claims to be a uniquely successful MLM company that prides themselves on incomparable potential market earnings. Since 2001, Unicity has boasted that they offer a new way of life to two different market demographics:

  • Potential Independent Unicity Distributors- individuals seeking additional income, ready and eager to sell their products.
  • Potential Customers- end users who purchase any combination of Unicity’s “15 All Natural Products”.

Thus we end up with a recruitment type salesman service as well as a product to be sold. Unicity’s products fall into the health and wellness market niche. Targeting weight loss, antiaging, overall wellness, detox agents, protein supplements, and more, Unicity markets their products in multi-product packages as well as individual items. They are definitely on the steeper end of price margins within their, very competitive marketing demographic.

Unicity refers to their continuous drive to “sign” new potential Independent Unicity Distributors as fire-starting. They stress the importance of new recruits to jump right in as fire starters. They are stressing the mentality of starting a fire at the bottom and promising those at the bottom to move up through this continuous grind of signing new “volume” and “income” underneath you. This “volume” and “income” is made up of other newly signed IUD’s urging others to sign under them. Exhausted yet? I know right…

unicity Products

Unicity Products

Is Unicity a Pyramid Scheme?

The jist is that everyone is excited to see someone new signed to the bottom of the pyramid because it pushes that person that much farther up. Many of us have experienced this “drowning rookie at the bottom of the ranks” on many jobs I’m sure. Since the company follows a pyramid structure; it is necessary for others to join you in order to elevate you from this bottom, an unprofitable rank of the system.

Unicity isn’t, of course, an illegal pyramid scheme because otherwise they would have been wiped out from the market a long time ago. It’s just a typical MLM-company like Herbalife, Amway, Melaleuca and hundreds of others.

How Does Unicity Work?

But, wait…… what is an MLM company anyway? MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing programs that we refer to network marketing. These network marketing programs typically offer their potential salespersons a new “career” or chance to “control your own destiny” or “be their own boss”.

They also usually promise an extraordinary life change due to all of the riches that you will earn by joining their company, paying their typical “startup” or joining fees, and then getting on your grind to sign others under you and encourage them to do the same. After all, the sky’s the limit, right? You get out what you put in? You’ll earn as much as you want as long as you put in your blood sweat and tears and sign up every living soul you know, right? EEeeehhh…

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Is unicity a scam

Pyramid structure is typical for MLM-systems.

Okay, so now that we’ve identified what an MLM program is, what is all this talk about unilevel or binary plans of recruitment under one of these pyramid structures?

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Unicity Compensation Plan

Binary plans create fast money while Unilevel plans create long-lasting revenues. Unicity claims to distinguish themselves from similar companies through the application of both models simultaneously. They refer to this strategy application as Unicity Unilevel planning, integrated in order to create a potential for unlimited earnings. The key word here is potential.

Not everyone, in fact, not even most individuals will experience such success. It is estimated that the statistic of superlative performance, and thus profits, is under a measly 5%. But hey, “may the odds be ever in your favor”. Of course, this is true in any business. Most people give up before they succeed. But MLM-systems like Unicity have often marketed in a way that it sounds like an easy money.

In the YouTube video linked below, “How to Build 3 Legs Deep to Diamond in Unicity”; the grueling, non-stop grind is explained and the speaker urges the importance of that “fire” and energy needed to utilize this pyramid network at its full potential. They explain how it is going to take time, dedication, and tenacity to keep going and never stop until you reach the top. He maintains that you must have a three-leg system all the way to the top.

You know, the classical story: “Just recruit 2 or 3. Then they recruit 2 and they recruit 2 and they recruit 2, etc. Once all those people are recruited, all of them will generate income for you in your team.” Well, as I stated above that’s often easier said than done. Unless you are leveraging the power of the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that there are several ways to actually earn profits as an Independent Unicity Distributor (IUD), albeit, these may not be “life-changing” profit margins. IUDs can potentially profit through retail sales; basically, buying Unicity products wholesale and selling them retail to clients that they procure.

Since it is up to the individual to decide how much product to purchase up front, the “startup” costs for this business can be seen as very low ($40) but can reach limits beyond $1500 as well. Personal, volume-based rebates (up to 20%) may be obtained after the first active month as an IUD. IUDs can also earn profits through bonuses determined by your qualifications, rank, and team member sales. These bonuses have specific limitations and restrictions.

If you don’t use the power of the Internet, your effort with MLM-programs may feel like this.

Unicity Reviews & Complaints

It’s apparent that Unicity may offer a form of fool’s gold in regards to claims of Unicity bringing about an entirely different lifestyle through vast earnings. However, it seems that if one were to put all available effort and dedicate a considerable amount of time to the system; they could have a slight chance at success within this MLM company.

Nevertheless, what happens when the “fire” dies or you run out of people to “pitch” a “life-changing opportunity” to? This is worth pondering if one were to find themselves considering Unicity, or many other “slim chance at success”, a scheme like MLM companies, as an alternative or new form of additional income.

The reviews that have positive “messages” about Unicity seem to conveniently be top Independent Distributors. The majority of comments and reviews, however, tend to show more of a trend of excited, “fired up”, ambitious entrepreneurial souls that seem to fizzle out after a short time and show a trail of failed profit attempts.

The same story of sounding like a desperate MLM-representative seems to be a repeating complaint from failed IUD hopefuls. They never seem to obtain that promised passive income that gave them so much hope in the earlier stages of joining the company, which at the time felt like more of a movement.

unicity events

The atmosphere in Unicity events is like in a revival meeti… typical MLM-convention.

Conclusion – Is Unicity Worth It?

After all this highlighting of the challenges of an MLM, I want to say that there could be an exception when Unicity or other similar company could be for you. In my opinion, you should fill this criterion if you want to succeed with MLM-business:

  1. You need to like love products that you are selling.
  2. You don’t need to be afraid of recruiting and building a team. (NOTICE THAT BOTH OF THESE THINGS CAN HAPPEN ONLINE. You don’t need to rely on “old-school” marketing methods anymore in the 21th century if you really don’t want.)
  3. You have a hardworking and persistent character.

Of course, principles one and three apply to almost any kind of businesses. You need to believe in products that you are selling and you must be willing to work hard.

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Do you have experiences with Bode Pro or other similar MLM-programs?

Are you interested in money-making opportunities online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



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