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Is Limu a Scam Or Will You Get a BMW and a Luxury Holiday?

“If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. Blur the line between work & play!” I like the slogan of Limu. I am an online entrepreneur myself and I love what I’m doing. I have a freedom to travel around the world while earning dollars on the Internet.

However, I am not a huge fan of MLMs because they usually sell overpriced products and give exaggerated promises. Is Limu a scam? No, it’s not. Is Limu worth it? I will let my writer answer your questions in this article above. He has a pretty tough opinion about MLM-systems like Limu. It’s quite different what you would hear, for example, from Limu distributors.

We are not affiliated with Limu so you don’t need to be afraid that we would start selling their products to you. NOTE: The article only brings out one point of view about Limu. You can freely agree or disagree with the writers’ opinion.

Limu Homepage

Limu homepage shows typical characteristics of an MLM-program.

Limu Review

Name: Limu

Founded: 2004/Gary J. Raser/Florida, USA.

Cost: Enrollment packages range from approximately $100-$1000

Type/Field: Multi-Level Marketing Programs, Nutrition/Health food

Short Review: Limu is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. It’s a typical multi-level marketing program in the nutrition industry where you can succeed with hard work and persistence. You must, of course, love the products and the system to recruit others as well.

Personally, I am not a big fan of MLM-systems but I’m not completely against them either. If you are interested in making money with network marketing, I recommend checking out My #1 recommendation for making money online. It works also if you don’t do network marketing (like me, for example).

What Is Limu? 

The Limu Network attributes the effectiveness of their product and company to a green form of vegetation that we often probably don’t even take into account when it comes to nutrition, Fucoidan. Wait… what? Simply put, their secret ingredient is Seaweed!

Limu claims this liquid nutrition is incomparable to other acclaimed health secrets. They bottle ingredients rich in this acclaimed underwater powerhouse and deem it liquid gold. Well, you have probably heard somewhat similar claims from other MLM-companies in the nutrition industry. Herbalife, Melaleuca, Isagenix, and Mannatech are some other famous companies in the same industry.

Limu attests that their products are extremely pure and beneficial by ways of claiming that their products are BPA Free, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, contains a natural 4 fruit blend, no added sugar, flavors, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or colors. They offer four basic product categories: Limu-original (high Fucoidan concentration health shots), Limu Blue & Blue 2 energy drinks, and Limu Lean (meal replacement shakes).

But what is Limu really? And what about the other side of the house, who is selling these products? Why do some people tend to think that Limu is selling their potential collaborators a dream? Let’s dive right in!

Limu was established in 2004 in Lake Mary, Florida by Gary J. Raser. This was a consecutive/follow up company after a failed business venue in which Raser and his company were fined (six-figure fines!) for false/unproven claims about their product. If you think that is bad, you’ll definitely pause for consideration when you learn that that company sold….. Drum roll…. Fucoidan. Seaweed. Just like Limu!

Makes you wonder if it somehow got more effective the second go around. This is only speculation of course as each product contains “unregulated amounts” of vital nutrients; thus making it impossible to list exact values or “effects”. Now we all know how semantics can get us caught up if we’re “skirting” the truth.

limu MLM reviews

Luxury yachts, BMWs, free trips, etc. Aren’t we talking about a classical MLM-program here, huh? 😉

Is Limu a Pyramid Scheme? – How Does Limu Work?

Limu is an MLM network or Multi-Level Marketing programs that some people often refer to as pyramid schemes. Limu’s home page boasts that they offer a fun, free way to earn a living. There are three main facets of attraction including luxury reward trips, access to supposedly amazing health products, and free swag that helps promote the brand.

Limu claims to differentiate themselves from the competition with a plethora of supposed benefits like free corporate events/training, free enrollment, virtual training center, BMWs, and other prizes. However, Limu definitely operates under normal MLM recruitment tactics, pushy and desperate. Limu’s combined strategy of having their distributor’s purchase product up front and combining “free product” as one form of “compensation” almost guarantees the aspiring distributors will have a bulk product that proves unprofitable sitting around.

Moreover, it is heavily pushed to purchase large amounts of product in a wholesale/bulk manner prior to actual end customer acquisition. This supposedly allows the new Limu team member or “distributor” to absorb the majority of the profits. This also allows Limu to have “distributors” to push product and actually acquire customers while they set the base prices and profit margins for said individuals.

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Despite all these facts, Limu is not an illegal pyramid scheme. They have real products which provide value to the customer. Still, many people find MLM-programs a little bit unpleasant. If you are interested in a better opportunity, check out the link below.

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Limu Products and Their Pricing 

Although pricing isn’t something easily identified via their website in regards to products, it is clear that one must set up “auto-fill” packages. The basic jist of this, as with many, network marketing companies though is that you must constantly procure new “team members” or “customers”.

As long as you sell a product to three customers, you get your auto fill/or this portion of it for free/a discount. Same old song and dance people. You must remain “active” and pursuant to new team members every month or goal period.

limu products

Limu’s flagship product – LIMU ORIGINAL®

If you’re really paying attention, it’s becoming less and less surprising that the founder, Gary Raser, was involved in legal disputes with a previous, eerily similar company. Supposedly, he may have outreached the proven effectiveness of his products with the health claims boasted.

Now that Raser learned his lesson with his first run-in with the FDA, it appears that Limu is careful as to what exactly is proven effects of regular consumption. Scandal or investment opportunity? Let’s get down to where the money is actually (supposedly) made.

Limu Compensation Plan

Limu claims that you have a generous six weeks to qualify for bonuses each month, pays up to five times a month, and offers 13 different ways to earn money. Limu’s 13 revenue generators include:
{2 Columns}

  • Customer Commissions
  • 3-for-FREE Product
  • Fast Track Bonus
  • 2K VIP Bonus
  • First Order Bonus
  • Cash Bonuses
  • Leader Development Bonus: 100K Leader Pool, 500K Leader Pool
  • Reward Trip
  • Level Bonus
  • Lifetime Cash Bonus

Quite many bonuses, huh? That’s typical for this kind of network marketing companies. Bonuses are a great way to keep people motivated. I’ll let Limu members explain the compensation (a.k.a. prosperity) plan in the video below:

They even help you set up your own prosperity plan (see the video above). All this flexibility sounds promising, right? The problem, as with many of these types of companies is that you can easily end up with a huge amount of bulk “buy wholesale/sale retail” type extra product, can’t pay bills with “free product”, and it takes continuous commitment, and literally YEARS to get to some of these bonus levels.

Additionally, earnings aren’t guaranteed and commissions are based on customer sales. This is tricky since customers tend to buy more product up front than on a month to month basis; especially if they’re having a difficult time seeing the benefit you are claiming manifest!

Limu Reviews & Complaints – Are There Proofs of Success?

As expected, there are few proven testimonials of a collective at the top of this pyramid structure. Although there is somewhat of a buzz about Limu; it seems to only be coming from individuals trying to grow their own businesses. Yes, the hype seems to be self-created. Once again, common among MLM-companies.

Overall, the vibe is one of the hopeful entrepreneurs ending up disappointed with their lackluster income after investing time and money into yet another dud. Customers also complain about the steep pricing of the Limu products as well as the lack of effectiveness or proof of claims.

As you probably already know, you need to belong to the top 1-5% if you want to make any significant money with Limu or any other MLM-program. In the other words, you need to be exceptional and better than the masses. It’s not even that complicated after all but it requires work, of course.

Limu success stories

Limu success stories. They won the BMW -prize.

Conclusion – Is Limu Worth It?

As you probably noticed, we mainly brought up the other side of the coin about Limu in this article. That’s because many people overlook the challenges of the network marketing business. They run into the promises and after a few months or years, they are thinking where did their time and money disappear.

If you enter any business, you need to be ready to work hard (and smart).

Network marketing has dramatically changed over the past few years. Before you would have needed to look for new prospects in the shopping malls, go from door-to-door or call through a list. However, nowadays it’s much easier because you can use the power of the Internet.

Actually, most successful network marketers can nowadays work from the comfort of their own homes or even from the exotic beach as long as they have the Internet connection. It certainly would be possible to make great money with Limu as well. A bigger question is whether their products are really something that you would like to promote.

Personally, I like promoting products that provide the best price/quality ratio for customers. Usually, that just wouldn’t be possible with MLM-products because the prices are in the sky. Recently, I was offered a profitable business opportunity but I didn’t want to be part of it even though I could have made big money. Reputation and credibility are far more important than quick wins.

That’s why I often recommend Wealthy Affiliate for people who are interested in making money online. Their ideology is based on helping other people rather than just trying to maximize your own profits. Over the time course, helping and caring will also lead to the best results. If you would earn money online as well, let’s get started.

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Do you have experiences with Limu or other similar MLM-programs?

Are you interested in money-making opportunities online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



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