Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme? Why Do Only 3% of Members Succeed?


Isagenix Review - Quick Summary

Company: Isagenix

Founded: 2002

Cost: Startup $29.95 (with auto-ship)

Type: Dietary supplements & personal care. (Multi-Level Marketing)

Short Review: Isagenix is a typical MLM-company selling health & wellness products and a new lifestyle opportunity.

If you love using their products and you are a hardworking person, you can certainly join their system and start promoting their products.

Isagenix website is fresh and full of motivational quotes but that's not the whole truth...

Welcome To My Isagenix Review!

Exercise regularly (3-4 times a week), eat well every 3-4 hours and sleep at least 7-8 hours per night.

You, I and almost everyone knows how to be in a good shape and achieve a great body. But why are so many people are still overweight?

Over the years I have learned that knowing something, in theory, won’t help unless you execute. A good idea stays as an idea until somebody puts in the practice. People have an idea they want to lose weight and achieve the best shape of their lives. But for many, it just stays as an idea.

That’s where Isagenix comes into the game. They want to help you to achieve the healthiest lifestyle you’ve ever dreamed of. In addition, they promise an interesting business opportunity that can completely change your financial future.

Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme? Are their claims true or false? I am not affiliated with them in any way so I can give you an unbiased opinion of their program. If you are considering Isagenix, I highly recommend spending the next 1-3 minutes with me by reading this article.

My Isagenix Video Review 2018

Before you dive into my article, I want to give you an opportunity take a look at my Isagenix video review on YouTube.

In the video, I explain my own opinions of this company and whether or not it would be worth joining.

I also explain a simple 4-step process that you can use to make a living online like I do. That exact process is used by hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world for making money online so it's proven to work over and over again.

More details in the video below:

What Is Isagenix?

fFounded in 2002 by a gentleman who was in the nutritional supplement business and a husband and wife team with multi-level marketing experience. Their main focus is on nutritional products and dietary supplements. Over the years they have also added “cleansing products” and personal care items.

Isagenix falls into the industry with other supplement MLMs like HerbalifeLifeVantageZurvita, Shaklee and many others. They aren’t at the same level with the biggest ones but their annual revenue is already measured in hundreds of millions of dollars and they have hundreds of thousands of sales associates.

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So, we are talking about a big company which will be most likely around still for many, many years.

The company offers a wide variety of products. They have a low start-up cost, but high priced packages. Unless you know an abundance of people in need of these products, you likely are not going to make much money.

Not only do you need to know a bunch of people, but those people need to have money and the need/want to lose weight. Of course, another strategy to find prospects is through the Internet with this strategy.

Let’s take a closer look at their products.

is isagenix a pyramid scheme

Isagenix Products – Expensive Fitness Stuff

Isagenix products have high-quality ingredients and they are tested for safety. Offering protein shakes, meals, diet snack bars and dietary supplements; Isagenix has become popular among the MLM industry hundreds of thousands of people have partnered with them.

Whether you are in search of weight loss, energy, performance or healthy aging products; Isagenix has products in each category. For their weight loss products, you can enjoy their IsoLean shakes and cleansing products.

is isagenix a pyramid scheme

Isagenix products are also sold on Amazon.

They have a 30-day system that is dairy free. Also offering a 9 day supply or a 14 days supply of the weight loss products. These packs include the shake, the accelerator, cleanse for life and snacks. This pack is supposed to boost energy, satisfy cravings and improve muscle tone.

Included in their energy line; shake and shot packs, coffee, and Ionix supreme: a nutrient-rich tonic that supports clarity and focus, along with energizing cells in your body. This also helps to promote weight loss.

Depending on which products you purchase, you could ultimately spend upwards of $800.00 for one of their products paks. Single bottles of some of their products start as low as $25 for a 30 day supply.

There are many other companies in the United States that offer similar products at comparable prices. All having good and bad reviews, just as Isagenix does.

is isagenix a pyramid scheme

Isagenix 9-day system costs $207,94. What do you think about the pricing?

Isagenix philosophy; eat it, love it, share it. If you buy and try the products, it is easier for you to communicate the effects and benefits to potential customers. Loving it goes hand in hand with eating it.

You love the benefits/results, you are more motivated to discuss and sell. Sharing ties it all together. The philosophy itself is good and I like the motivation that spreads out from MLM-systems.

However, I am not a big fan of these pyramid-shaped companies as you may already know if you have read my other articles. That's why I prefer making money honestly with affiliate marketing.

Earning Money with Isagenix – 97% of Members Fail

If you are on the auto-ship program your membership fee will be $29, if not, then your startup cost is going to be $39. Associates can purchase Isagenix products for up to 25% below retail cost. The majority of people join Isagenix for this reason alone.

Approximately 79% of Isagenix members did not make any money last year. They only purchased the product for themselves and not to make any kind of commission. There are no minimum sales goals to retain, nor do you receive any products or start-up kits (unless you sign up for auto-ship) upon registration.

If you search the internet there are a wide variety of reviews on Isagenix. There are many many success stories despite the fact less than 97% of people make a significant money with the system. You can check out Isagenix income disclosure statement if you want.

After all, the success will depend on your effort, marketing strategy, and persistence. In my opinion, Isagenix isn’t special or better than any other similar system. If you don’t actively use (or love) their products, I wouldn’t recommend consider joining their program.

Isagenix Compensation Plan

If you are interested in their compensation plan, you probably would like to hear it presented by their founders and owners. They have made a marketing video for that purpose and you can have a look at it below:

Warning: The video is highly promotional but it explains the compensation plan and gives you a picture of Isagenix company.

Let’s forget those 6- and 7-figures for a while and look at the opportunity with a clear mind. What do you need to do to make money with this system? There are two activities:

  1. Sell Isagenix products.
  2. Recruit new people to their system.

The first one won’t make you big money so if you want are dreaming of 6-figure income, you need to recruit many people and they need to start recruiting/selling as well.

 As we can see in the video, it seems that there is always a higher focus on recruiting and moving up in the ladder which is very typical for this kind of pyramid MLM-schemes. Making passive income and big money is only possible if you set up a system that makes money while you are not working yourself.

Conclusion – Is Isagenix a Scam / Pyramid Scheme?

No, it’s not a pyramid scheme nor a scam. However, it certainly has many characteristics of a pyramid. The company has a pyramid form and a big amount of sales are made to their own members so the money moves from bottom to the top in the pyramid.

But as you may know, this is typical for MLM-systems and there is nothing illegal. The company has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau despite several complaints.

Still, there’s lots of controversy about network marketing and I am a big fan of them either. As I mentioned above, I don’t like the fact that their products are usually way more expensive than their similar counterparts in the supermarket.

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Also, the fact that lots of work are required isn’t really presented by their sales associates. They are often selling a dream of “easy money”. I only advise participating a MLM-company if you love their products and you are ready to put in the work.

Only 3-5% of people succeed with these systems so you need to show an exceptional character and discipline to stand out. Otherwise, you’ll just fall in the mass of 97% who never earn significant money with Isagenix

Talking about easy money…

It’s presented along many make money opportunities because you have a possibility to earn passive income while traveling the world (that’s what I do). However, many online marketers don’t want to tell you that it requires work to earn those $10,000/month incomes. Personally, I am not yet earning $10,000/month but I’m working my way there and my goal is to achieve it next year in 2018.

If you are interested in earning money online, I recommend taking a look at this step-by-step training for free. That training and community literally changed my life. I have been able to quit my 9-5 job and now I have an opportunity to start traveling the world while earning money through the Internet. I want to remind that it requires work but it’s certainly possible for you as well.

What do you think about Isagenix business opportunity/products?

Have you or some of your friends ever been involved in any MLM-system?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I have a friend who is newly obsessed with it and had started selling it because she believes in their message so much. Personally, it sounds like a pyramid scheme to me, just another product that takes advantage of insecure women, but she’s an educated person, and not prone to believing crazy things in general.

    1. Yeah, many unsuccessful people join MLM-programs and then jump from one to another over and over again. If your friend is educated, maybe she’ll be successful with Isagenix because it’s possible to earn well with these systems if one has strong habits and character. I just don’t like the pyramid structure and overpriced products.

      What kind of benefits your friend says for Isagenix products?

  2. I have a belief that all networking marketing is stressful, be it for food supplements or drugs, health care products or ordinary goods and services, it’s truly demanding in my point of view.

    Now coming to Isagenix supplements, definitely they aren’t the first nor the last company that I have seen be so good in marketing it’s food supplements drugs. Here in Nigeria, we have GNLD as the leading company in supplements marketing and they are quite good at it.

    My question now is why most people now rely on food supplements so much these days? Is it that our day to day meals are no longer capable of providing us the needed nutrients and vitamins to get our body system in good health and perfect shape?

    1. I think many people use food supplements because they are like “easy way” to get in nutrients. They are marketed in a way to be like a “push button” to a better body and health. However, the reality is that with or without food supplements a person needs to work to achieve a great body. There are no shortcuts.

  3. I must say that Isagenix is good in choosing the business. But overpricing products is impossible to me. I am an average person and I don’t earned a lot. So maybe I will do the natural way to be healthy. I must do some action with it.

  4. I never heard about Issagenix before. But i heard a lot the concept of how you earn money from that kind of Online Business. Recruitment does more money than selling products and this is the hard part for me.

    Recruiting some members is hard for people like who who doesn’t know to convince people. There is no chance for me to live with this program. Whats worst also is overpricing their products that could change the mind of people.

    1. Recruiting as any other skill is learnable. If you are able to ride a bike, you can learn how to recruit. 😉 Just enough studying, practice and repetition.

      But then I recommend that you don’t join Isagenix but some better program where you can sell products that have the best price/quality ratio.

    2. The price of the product was my main battle with trying to sell. As soon as they saw the price they were gone in a shot. I tried to sell (or share as they call it) for 6mths. Spent out over £1000 and made £0 ! I’ve given up. Products are Ok but didn’t lose more than 5lb ! I think it’s good for Obese people who go from 5000 Cala a day to 1500cals, they sure do lose the weight and pretty fast. But for me, nope. Not great

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience Lizzie. I believe you are still wiser after this failure. I always think that failures are a part of success because we learn something new.

        Most people who start a new business don’t make it during the first time so I just recommend choosing another system. I recommend avoiding MLMs. Most of them are similar to each other. Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate?

  5. This kind of MLM program with high price of products are clearly a turn off for some people, because let’s say one have decided to join and become a re seller, and then sees the price of the products, the person would clearly not be convinced, because he has to think about the aftermath, like what if people don’t buy the products.

    Then that’s waste of resources. They should make the price of products friendly.

  6. MLM companies are basically networking. They earn more on the number of recruits that they invited not on the product, aside from the high membership fee, the product itself is expensive but actually it doesn’t matter supposed to be if it’s money guarantee. Together with the product is dedication and determination as well.

    1. True. All top earners in MLM-systems are on top of the pyramid and they have recruited tons of new people to the system. It’s possible to make some money by selling products but not so much.

  7. In as much as I might be willing to get involved in a multi-level marketing program, I don’t like to start off with one whose products are quite expensive than the substitutes in the market. This is where Isagenix fails to tick the boxes for me in as much as the dietary supplements and personal care they sell can sell high in my country. The pricing will put off most of the people that would want to buy from them.

    1. Yeah, pricing puts off many people so you should target those people who have more money to spend for these products. I think that business-minded people who are interested in fitness are the the right kind of target group for Isagenix. However, they spot quickly that the company is not the best one because they have all these lawsuits and other suspicious stuff.

      1. You just brought an idea of selling products from Isagenix to people that are into fitness training since they will make use of that as supplements in their training schedules. This has got me thinking, if I would have to check more on how I can register on the site since I’ve got a cousin that lives in one of the cities where the residents spend much on looking good.

  8. As you quite rightly point out, Isagenix has the same MLM drawbacks as the other main competitors with similar products. However, in addition to the problem of pricing there is the problem of product quality and reputation. Isagenix has the same poor quality and reputation as the very similar Herbalife.

    As a fitness professional I hold the same view as that of most in the industry in that the product quality is poor with a lot of hype offering no real benefit to the consumer. This lack of quality make selling such a product a much harder option than if they actually had good quality effective products.

    1. You are right. Many times there’s only lots of hype around their products without the actual quality. In the fitness and supplement industry it’s just so easy to get fooled if you don’t have the specific knowledge. How can an average individual know the real nature of the supplements if he haven’t studied the subject well? Many times people just trust on these “authorities” who say it can cure cancer, etc.

  9. I don’t consider overpricing to be a negative thing. People many a time need be reminded that having at least 8 hour sleep is essential for your batteries to recharge. Same thing goes for hydration, that is drinking water which is essential to drain the toxins our body produces. My opinion is, what’s wrong if people have to pay extra for something which does some basic tasks without needing them to remember?

    If you can lay your hands on a dietary supplement which not only fuels your personal needs like protein for muscular betterment but also takes care of other body parts, without even you knowing them then some extra charge is totally justified. IMO, this is just liking paying to a consultant for some minuscule who then tells you that drinking 10-12 glasses of water is what is missing from your routine!

    1. You are right. The high price itself doesn’t have anything wrong if there’s value. However, they way MLM-products are marketed is something often wrong. They promise you the moon from the sky just by using their product and by joining their system. You would get the same product (without the hype) from the supermarket for the half price.

      If the consultant really cares about you and helps you, it can be worth it. You are certainly right. I have just seen often that MLM-distributors don’t really care about their clients but their own wallet.

  10. Any program where the products are overpriced will prove a struggle because it makes it harder for us to sell the products. I think it’s quite interesting that some of the people have just joined the program because of the 25% discount that they receive when buying the actual products. It’s actually quite a genius thing that they do. Like you said, that is probably why they have such a large amount of people not making money from the program.

    1. That’s true. It seems that many MLM-programs use the same strategy. They give you some discount if you sign up with the system. That’s how they can get more people to join their “pyramid”.

      Interesting fact is that often it’s just a fake discount because their normal prices are just too high compared the market.

  11. Your conclusion has said it all. I really don’t like the whole MLM style. It’s not as easy as they make it sound which means a lot of energy, finance and time put into marketing products.

    Isagenix sounds interesting but as you’ve clearly stated, I think it’s overpriced which might make it more difficult to work with plus it’s a very sensitive line of product. Am not undermining isagenix in anyway, am not just cut off for this kinds of venture.

    1. That’s true. In my opinion, the most reasonable way to promote MLMs is to set up a website or a “lead machine” where you can automatically get leads and make sales. Arranging parties, making cold calls or going from door to door would be way too time-consuming nowadays.

  12. I have observed from your articles here on your website that most companies which incorporate MLM in their system have overpriced products and membership fees. I am not actually familiar with Isagenix unlike Herbalife and Usana, but they seem to have the same kind of products sold.

    These products they sell actually have way cheaper counterparts in the market that in a third world country like mine, most people would just look at their price and immediately turn down the offer no matter how good they are. They might have great quality and much better effect than the ones available in pharmacies, but people nowadays are more practical than before.

    1. You have noticed the right thing. MLM-companies really have extra in their prices. My mother once had a candle rack from Partylite. Then the glass cover broke and the new glass cover cost itself 20€! You could have bought the similar candle rack from the supermarket for 10€. I’m happy that my mother doesn’t buy stuff from these companies anymore.

      Of course, if you have lots of money and you want financially support your friend who is doing an MLM-business, it’s fine to buy something. But I personally prefer products with the best price/quality ratio. Every decision and action affects our life and world. Even though the effect is sometimes small, it’s still an effect. That’s why I thrive for the best decisions.

      1. I agree. I just watched last night an episode on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about MLM companies.They focused more on Herbalife though among others and made me realize that in these kind of businesses, the income is more about the number of people being recruited than the quality of products being sold. That is just kind of twisted to me because shouldn’t it be more about the products than the recruits you encourage to join?

        They also featured a number of people who lost so much money because of these schemes which is just so sad because instead of having a better life because of this company, what they got now was way worse because of the mountain of debts they have now. They also called MLM businesses as pyramid schemes, and although I don’t really think that an MLM design is automatically a pyramid scheme, I want to know your thoughts on this. Do you agree with them?

        1. Yeah, I have also watched that John Oliver’s episode on MLMs. I think he doesn’t say all things as 100% serious in the episode because he is a comedian but he wants to make people think. But there were definitely many good points to consider.

          All MLM-systems have a pyramid form and those who are on top are earning always the best. That’s why I before thought that all of them are some kind of pyramid scams. However, there’s still a difference between an illegal pyramid scheme and a legal MLM-system. Pyramid schemes concentrate solely on recruiting and products don’t have almost any value. Almost all purchases are made by those who are inside the pyramid.

          If we think about Tupperware or Avon, for example, they are legitimate MLM-systems. Their products provide value for customers and many people buy them who aren’t even part of the system.

  13. The problem with most of these MLM companies is that they will often oversell how easy it is to just quit your job and be your own boss, and they won’t tell you that they are just like any other business wherein only a small percentage will actually succeed.

    Still, I wouldn’t fault them completely for doing so since they are selling memberships and you can’t really do that by being completely honest, so I often just look at whether or not members are being forced to keep up a certain status by having to purchase a certain amount of products per month.

    If they have no such maintenance standards then it’s at least a good sign that you can sell at your own pace and not get bankrupt in the process.

    1. Yeah, marketing often differs from a reality a little bit. It’s good to show the positive things when doing marketing. On the other hand, I believe what the Bible says, “The truth sets you free.” I believe we will achieve the greatest success in life always when we are completely truthful and honest.

      The chances of making, for example, $250,000/year income is much greater with MLM-opportunities than with a typical 9-5 job where it’s almost impossible. In that sense, MLM-systems are great compared to a normal job. However, if we compare to normal business models, I think MLM loses the battle.

    2. It is a fact though that indeed many people have quit their jobs for these MLM businesses because many lives were transformed because of these. What I don’t agree though is that in these companies, the real income could be acquired only through recruits and not necessarily the quantity of products one has sold. From what I understand, if there is no recruit and one only focuses on selling the products, the possible gains are not that much considering that not many would patronize them because of their high prices.

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