Is Monero a Good Investment? What Is the Value of Monero?

is monero a good investment

Let’s say that you invested in Monero for $1,000 on 20th November in 2015. Then you held your coins for two years. Guess how much your $1,000 would be now? More than $4,200,000!

By investing a bit over $2,000 in Monero two years ago you would be a millionaire today.

But is Monero still a good investment? Is Monero worth buying or are the good days already gone? In this article, I will tell what Monero is all about, what are its benefits and whether it would be a good investment or not.

Monero Hard Fork – Monero VS MoneroV

This is an update from 2.3.2018. Monero hard fork is coming soon which means that there will also be another token called MoneroV. All Monero holders who hold their tokens in a private wallet will get 10 MoneroV tokens for free for each XMR that they are holding.

If you are, for example, holding 1,000 Monero (XMR) tokens, you will get 10,000 MoneroV tokens for free.

In the video below, I explain the key differences between MoneroV and Monero and what you should now about MoneroV:

Monero as an Investment – Video Review

I know that many of you prefer watching videos instead of reading texts. That’s why I recorded you a video where I highlight a few important points of this text and explain my opinion about investing in Monero. I hope you will enjoy and find it valuable!

=> I have invested some money on Monero. You can also buy it on Binance if you want!

Monero Review

Name: Monero

Launched: 2014

Type: Cryptocurrencies

Short Review: Monero seems to be a solid cryptocurrency with a large team working on a background to develop it. The main benefits of this coin are its privacy and security features. You don’t need to rely on third parties with transactions and you can be sure that the transfers are private. More on this later…

Monero has a great potential to grow and become more popular currency. However, any kind of investing contains risks and you always need to make your own research before buying. If you are looking for a solid way to make money online, I recommend taking a look at My #1 Recommendation.

The official website of Monero
The official website of Monero

What Is Monero?

Monero is an open-source, privacy-focused cryptocurrency. It was launched in April 2014. Monero tries to improve compared to Bitcoin with private functions.

With Bitcoin,  all transactions can be seen in the blockchain. In some cases, other people could see transactions that you have done. Of course, people don’t usually bother checking out other wallets but this is still a thing that may cause some issues. With Monero all transactions are designed to be private.

Also, another coin called Dash is also trying to provide a higher privacy than Bitcoin. So, Dash and Monero have the same goal in that sense. However, Dash and Monero have a little bit different way to achieve the goal. Monero is private by default while Dash harnesses the feature based on CoinJoin. I’m not going in the details in this article but you’ll find more information from the unlimited world of the Internet.

Benefits of Monero

This is what Monero team states on their official website. Monero is:

  • Secure
  • Private
  • Untraceable
  • Fungible
Benefits of Monero
They say that Monero is secure and private.

Clearly one of the biggest benefits of Monero is privacy. If you are transferring money by using banks, everything is recorded. Bank knows all the money that you are transferring. Also, with Bitcoins, there are some challenges with the privacy because the information is recorded on the blockchain which is visible.

On the other hand, the fact that Monero is private means that it has been used for illegal actions. Police, officials or banks can’t trace transactions which have opened doors for illegal actions like drug dealing. This is certainly a downside of the privacy.

Even though Monero is private you can still show the account transactions for somebody if you want. If you have a Monero account, you will get a view key that allows you to see all your transaction. Then you can share this view key selectively to other people if you want.

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  • Monero has a large team working on a background.

There are at least 30 developers working on Monero which is a good thing. Compare it to currencies that have one or two founders. They would just pump and dump the price and run away. When tens of developers are putting their time and effort into it, pump & dump isn’t so probable.

  • There wasn’t an “instamine” or similar controversial cases.

Do you remember what happened with Dash? They mined 10% of all coins that will ever be during the first two days. It means that the founders received lots of money which naturally has raised lots of controversies. There are also similar cases with other coins. However, people say that Monero is very solid and there aren’t such situations.

Bitcoin vs Monero

Monero has naturally many similarities to Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. However, it tries to win with its privacy functions.

Somebody has compared cryptocurrencies to other new technologies like mobile phones. First, there were only a few producers but over the time course, more and more companies entered the business. Nokia dominated the market for a long time with best features and people thought that nobody could replace Nokia from the leader’s space. But then Apple, Samsung, and other providers passed through when Nokia was too comfortable.

Of course, cryptocurrencies and cell phones are two completely different things but it still gives us a good perspective. In the end, there can be many cryptocurrencies that succeed and stay. Bitcoin may remain as the biggest coin but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t make money with other ones as well.

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Is Monero Worth Buying?

Monero has been on the list of the biggest cryptocurrencies for a while. They were long on the list of places 10-15 but in 2017 it rose higher and in November 2017 Monero is 7th biggest cryptocurrency in the world with $2,5 billion market cap. So, nowadays it isn’t any more a new coin that could go up 100 times in a few months (at least I think so!).

The value of Monero from 2014 until the end of November 2017.
The value of Monero from 2014 until the end of November 2017.

When you are going to invest in something you should always consider at least three things:

  1. What are possible risks?
  2. What happens if this succeeds? So, what are the rewards?
  3. What are the probabilities for those two different scenarios?

Of course, there are always some things that you can’t predict but when you increase your knowledge you should be able to make better investments and bigger profits in the long run. For example, my friend researched Bitcoin for 9 months before putting lots of money into it. After his research, he invested lots of money on Bitcoin and we all can see what happened. 😉

Sure, he could have gone wrong but as he had already so much knowledge about it helped him to make a wiser decision. Think about the answers to those three questions and it would help you to decide whether Monero is worth buying or not.

Where to Buy Monero? 

Monero has already been around for several years so it has been added to all major crypto exchanges. One of the most popular places for buying Monero is Binance. I have used that exchange for buying numerous different cryptocurrencies including IOTA, Cardano and Tron.

Recently I have especially enjoyed using Binance because they provide lower transactions fees than most other crypto exchanges

=> Read My Full Binance Review to Buy Monero!

Conclusion – Is Monero a Good Investment?

Based on my research Monero could be a potential investment. However, I don’t want to say you, “Buy!” because I don’t want to take the responsibility for your investing decisions. But I need to admit that I see value on Monero. There are several reasons why it could go up in value in the future.

Its focus on privacy and security offer great reasons why people would prefer it in the future more than Bitcoin, for example. They also have a solid team in the background compared to some smaller currencies that are just one-man-shows.

My personal prediction is that there will be several popular cryptocurrencies in the future that people use in their everyday life. Now the story of cryptos has just started a few years ago but I think it’s just a beginning. More and more people become interested and start buying coins for themselves. In addition, there are still lots of people who haven’t even heard of cryptocurrencies at all. What happens to the value when all those people start changing their euros and dollars to cryptos?

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash, Monero
Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, etc. Which one of the cryptocoins will win? Let me know in the comments below this article!

Of course, there is still a risk that people would start abandoning these virtual currencies and concentrating on something else.

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What do you think about Monero?

Is it worth buying or not?

How much will the value be in the future?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I know many people use bitcoin to earn some extra income and they are finding a source of income that is better than bitcoin, I will recommend to them to read this article for them to know the Monero. I hope Monero works better than bitcoin.

  2. This is the first time that I heard about monero, I just want to know it is better than bitcoin? How does it works? Is it legit just like the bitcoin? Can I get some proofs before I join? And lastly what are the requirements?

    Many of my friends uses bitcoin to earn some extra income and they are finding a source of income that is better than bitcoin, I will recommend to them to read this article for them to know the Monero. I hope Monero works better than bitcoin. I will reply on this again and will share my experience after I tried monero.

    1. Let me answer your question as well as I can.

      1.Is Monero better than bitcoin? – Some people say yes, while others say no. I still prefer Bitcoin.
      2.How does it works? -I explained this in the article. Let me know if there are something that you don’t understand.
      3.Is it legit just like the bitcoin? -Yes.
      4.Can I get some proofs before I join? – What kind of proofs do you want?
      5.And lastly what are the requirements? – No requirements. You don’t need requirements to buy other currency either. The only requirement is to get approved by the cryptocurrency exchange so you can buy them.

      I recommend that you still make more research about cryptocurrencies before investing in them. You’ll find tons of information from Google and YouTube. But be also careful because some people aren’t so sincere with their opinions.

  3. I think it’s good that a safer alternative is turning up but I have to wonder if it will catch on considering many people still only know of Bitcoin and even then they don’t really know much else about it. I guess it only really needs to catch on with the community that has interest in it anyway and it does seem like there is a substantial amount already at this point.

    The good thing is that this sounds like it is a new and safer version of Bitcoin, but I wonder if it will ever reach mainstream culture like Bitcoin did, considering there are so many other currencies that have popped up that it has become a little bit confusing to tell which one is the best to use.

    1. I wouldn’t call Monero safer than Bitcoin. They just have more privacy in their transactions but that doesn’t automatically mean it would be a safer investment.

      I think the best way to decide which one is the best is to do a huge research. My friend researched Bitcoins for 9 months, made his decision and nowadays he’s a millionaire 😀

  4. Monero is good and a secured form of cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time. I’m not talking from review, but from the fact that I have a foreign friend that trades on it and has been asking me to join as well. Like you said, the privacy feature of trading this cryptocurrency is what makes it different and unique from bitcoin.

  5. I have lost money on a bitcoin mining program, therefore, I am not going to try any of similar programs. The program that scammed me appeared number one in Google search and there were many positive reviews of the site. Sadly, the site cheated me.

    1. Yeah, there have been several scams in the cryptocurrency world. At the moment there are, for example, BitConnect and BitClub that are very suspicious programs, in my opinion.

  6. I am learning so much about lesser known cryptocurrencies from you! It’s fascinating to see just how much it spiked in value from around October of last year to now!

  7. In our place, I am afraid to invest like Monero kind of a business because there are wicked people around. I am not generalizing the situation but there are many swindlers saying that their company is legitimate. When it is the right time to claim from the money you invested, they do not show up anymore. So I cannot say if joining such kind of a business is worth.

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