Is Dash Worth Investing? Will the Value Still Rise?

is dash worth investing

Many people are saying, “Bitcoin is expensive. The bubble will burst soon.” Then they start looking for better alternatives to invest their money. The stock market and real estate are good old investments but they don’t usually provide such rapid wins like cryptocurrencies.

Dash is one of the biggest and well-known cryptocurrencies in the world. It’s still far from Bitcoin but does it mean that there would be more potential for growth? Is Dash worth investing? And a more important question: Is Dash a Good Investment?

Read my article of Dash carefully before rushing into buying. The better you are educated, the better investment decisions you will make and the bigger profits you will make in the long run.

Is Dash Worth Buying? – Video

Before we rush into the article I would like to show you the Dash video review that I have recorded. I will explain important details and benefits of Dash and explain whether I will buy Dash or not.


Dash Review

Name: Dash

Launched: January 18, 2014

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: The future of Cryptocurrencies looks great. More and more people are starting to adopt these virtual coins. A bigger question is which coins will prevail and which ones will fade away. Dash has great benefits but still a few things have been controversial. More on this later.

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Dash Homepage
Dash Homepage

What Is Dash?

Dash is an open-source peer-to-peer (decentralized) cryptocurrency. It was before known as DarkCoin and XCoin. Dash is built upon Bitcoin core code with additional features such as privacy and quick transactions. Well, at least that’s what is their vision and purpose. More about Bitcoin’s and Dash’ differences later.

If you are not familiar yet with other cryptocurrencies, you can read more about Bitcoin or Ethereum on my website by clicking those links.

Benefits of Dash

  • You can pay instantly with Dash across their network.

This is one of the main goals of all cryptocurrencies. Compared to bank’s transfer time which is 2-3 days this is a huge benefit. Yes, there is PayPal that allows fast transactions also but cryptocurrencies are decentralized which brings us to the next point.

  • Dash is decentralized. (well, mostly)

It means that one company, government or other institution is not running the show. That’s the main idea of most cryptos (instead of some exceptions like Ripple). However, there has been some controversy around Dash about decentralization.

During the first two days around 2 million Dash were mined but today only 3 thousand Dash are mined daily. It means that founders got lots of coins for themselves. Actually, within the first two days, about 10% of the total supply of Dash that will ever be issued were mined. That’s a huge amount of money now, huh?

Then there is an also a team running Dash coin and you can see their faces on website.

dash team
Dash Core Management Team
  • Low transaction fees.

When I transferred money to my friend in the Philippines through PayPal it cost me quite a lot. I don’t remember the exact amount but big fee really surprised me. What if we would have used Dash? The fees would have probably been much lower.

That’s just one example. Who knows how much money individuals and companies could have spent over the years if we would have transferred our money through cryptocurrencies instead of paying bank fees?

  • You can pay with Dash in many places

On their website, you can find tons of merchants where you can pay with Dash. I wasn’t expecting that there would be already so many companies that have adopted this coin. Most of those companies are operating in the Internet world so they are in front of the change as we could say.

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There are tens of web stores, some web, and graphic design companies, hosting services, email provider and so on. You can check out more on their website if you want.

Shop with Dash coin
You can buy stuff and services with Dash in all of these merchants, for example.

Dash Wallet App

Dash has created an app that you can also use with your smartphone. It has been downloaded already more than 50,000 times on Google Play store. It has an average rating of 4,2 stars out of 5 which is pretty good in my opinion.

Their goal is to make using Dash so easy that even your grandmother could use it without any problem. That’s a great goal! 😉

Dash Masternode

In this article, I will not go to go into a great detail with Dash masternode in this article. However, I want to let you know that you can earn money with Dash if you are running a Dash masternode.

In order to do that, you need to have at least 1,000 Dash coins and a computer that is running 24 hours a day without more than an hour connection loss. For example, in 2016 if you had a Dash masternode, you got an 11% additional reward for 1,000 coins (of course the value also grew significantly but this was just a nice bonus).

Bitcoin vs Dash

The biggest difference between those two currencies is that Dash is governed by masternode owner/s but Bitcoin is governed by consensus on the blockchain.

After Bitcoin has hugely grown, sometimes their transactions times have been longer. You may have needed for an hour for the transaction to happen. This is not, of course, as much you would need to wait with a normal but still far from an instant transfer. Dash has been an interesting alternative for transfer because it has happened in a few minutes instead of waiting for an hour.

Bitcoin fees have also been high time to time. Paying a $3 fee for a $10 transaction would be nonsense. Dash can provide a great alternative to lower fees. Just like Litecoin tries to do as well. You can see differences in Dash and Bitcoin transaction fees in the picture below. It shows fees for those two coins from the end of May 2017 until the end of November 2017.

Dash vs Bitcoin transaction fees
Dash vs Bitcoin average transaction fees

You can hardly see the red line in the chart because it’s so close to 0. It means that Dash transaction fee costs almost only for $0. On the other hand, Bitcoin transaction fee has been even more than $10 sometimes. After some improvements to the system, it has also gone down a little bit and I hope it would go closer to 0 in the future.

Anyway, we can still say that trading Dash is much cheaper at the moment than trading Bitcoin.

Dash Reviews – What Are Other People Saying About It?

Opinions about Dash can roughly be divided into three categories. Let me go through them one by one.


  • “Nothing new compared to Bitcoin.”

These people say that Dash is just a copycat of Bitcoin. They say that in the long run altcoins that are “copying” Bitcoin will fade away when the bubble bursts. It’s partially true that Dash copies Bitcoin but it still has its own benefits like I mentioned above.

  • “Dash is a lottery ticket.”

Some people don’t believe in the potential of Dash at all. For me, it’s a bit hard to understand this group.

  • “Dash is great and will continue going up in value.”

As I pointed out above, Dash clearly has some significant benefits. Based on those (and also some other) benefits people believe that the value will keep on rising because more people and companies start adapting Dash.

What Is the Value of Dash Coin?

This is the big question and probably one of the main reasons why you are reading this article. You can always check the current value on CoinMarketCap but what is the real value of Dash coin?

First, let’s have a quick glance at Dash graph from its beginning until the end of November in 2017.

Dash market cap
The graph shows how dramatically Dash has grown during 2017.

Until the end of 2016, the value of one Dash wasn’t more than $10. In the end of November 2018, the value of one Dash coin is already more than $550. In the other words, the price has grown more than 55 times in less than a year.

Imagine that you would have invested $1,000 in 2016. Now you would have $55,000 which could buy you 2 nice apartments here in Bulgaria where I am located at the moment. That’s insane!

The value of cryptocurrencies and Dash is huge. They have several benefits that a normal currency doesn’t have that we can only wonder how they weren’t invented before.

Ultimately, the value of Dash (and other coins) will be determined by the actions that individual people and companies make. If more and more companies start adopting Dash, then the value grows. It certainly has value so growth is still potential. Probably even this article will slightly raise the value of Dash because more people become aware of it and recognize its benefits.

The future is never created by coincidence. It’s created by decisions that people make every day. That brings us to the most important question and a decision of this article.

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Conclusion – Is Dash Worth Buying?

Do you know what usually happens to me when I start researching a new cryptocurrency? I usually get so excited about the benefits of that coin that I end up buying it.

In general, I believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t grow in value in the future. That’s why I have invested a significant part of my overall equity in cryptocurrencies. The other question is whether Dash will one of those that keep on growing in value in the future.

I always recommend that you gather lots of information before making big investments and decisions. The bigger the decision, the more you need to research it and the more you need to know about it. On the other hand, if the sums are small and the decision isn’t so big, you don’t need to spend so much time on the research. Maybe you will lose something but pondering too much with small decisions isn’t worth the time.

Many people like the idea of putting a small amount ($10, $100, $1,000, $5,000 or whatever is a small amount for you) to several coins because most likely some of them will hugely grow in the future. In my opinion, you still should at least have the basic information before you put money on something.

Probably I will invest a small amount to Dash. It has many significant benefits like low trading fees for example. However, Bitcoin is the first and the largest one and most likely will keep on going strong for years to come.

In the end, I don’t want to give you a straight answer whether you should buy or not because I want that you take the responsibility yourself as an investor. Following other people usually leads to bad results but becoming an intelligent investor helps you to make big profits in the long run.

Investing in Dash

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What do you think about Dash? Is it worth buying or not?

How much will the value be in the future?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Sharing about cryptocurrency especially on salient facts about dash is very significant. Cryptocurrency such as Dash is a quite a risky gamble if you would ask me. It is comparable using a double-edged sword which can either hurt you-financial difficulty- or make you a millionaire. Holding dash for the time being; about 3 to five years; then selling it could be helpful to built one’s finances.

    If one had already started investing in this kind of business then probably pursue it. Who never knows when the value of dash with one of the lowest maintenance cost would skyrocket someday. Let us just hope that the world of cryptocurrency would readily be available to the public for mundane use for daily basic necessities in life.

  2. It is nice to know about Dash. Since it is not so popular, I think it will find hard to persuade more people to join in. It is better that there will be also more individuals who will testify that Dash is good. Bitcoin is pretty known nowadays. Possible investors will likely choose the one which is popular and already tested. They will absolutely consider the charges of each before they decide where to invest.

    1. Yes, that’s one point of view. Bitcoin gets lots of popularity on media and almost everyone starts to know about it something. Dash is still pretty unknown. However, its popularity is growing all the time and who knows what will happen in a few years.

      The old investment wisdom says that you should invest when others are not and sell when others are buying.

  3. Bitcoin is proven and tested by many. My friend withdraw 100-200$ a month. The only thing that you should do in bitcoin is that you should reply to those forums and receive point from every replies that you make. After getting enough points, you can swap it to money. There is some money changer like western union who are receiving points in exchange to money. Try it especially if you want to earn extra amount of money.

    1. “The only thing that you should do in bitcoin is that you should reply to those forums and receive point from every replies that you make.” @Dictator20 Please enlighten me more about this statement of yours. Because in knowledge and point of view, this seems like doing a “Paid to post at forums” thing. So i really want to know more about this if i could also use this to earn money or Bitcoin or something please.

  4. Seems like everywhere you turn there are people saying something negative and positive about the latest investments. I have long put off the bitcoin idea, but I guess it is getting larger, but that still does not really convince me. I appreciate the holistic view that this article takes though.

    1. Yes, there are always people saying for and against to some investment. That’s why I always want to highlight that the investor should himself make his research and what is the situation before investing. If he doesn’t have enough information, in many cases it could be better not to invest.

      I believe in the potential cryptocurrencies in the long run. Their prices may temporary go up or down but I believe for several reasons that in a few years prices will be up anyway.

  5. Dash might be an exciting cryptocurrency to trade on, but I don’t think it is one I should be quite eager to go into. The interesting point which you noted was that the amount of dash being mined everyday has declined overtime which is worrying for anyone looking to make some fortunes by trading on it.

      1. I never said that it’s that bad, but once it’s not that popular like bitcoin, then it’s worrying for a beginner like me. Probably, I would have to study it for some time before I get to join as well.

  6. I guess the value of Dash Coin varies on the economical state of every countries. Investing to Dash is similar to bitcoin environment and take your own risk if you’ll get in. The good thing is you can use Dash as one of your mode of payment just like Paypal transactions.

    1. Yes, of course, there is a risk when investing in Dash or any other thing 😉

      I think the most risky choice is to keep money on the bank account because then the inflation will eat the value anyway over the time course.

  7. This is actually my first time hearing about Dash. I know there are dozens of other cryptocurrencies out there other than Bitcoin, but this one is new to me. I might consider it. I do like having a little bit invested types of cryptocurrencies. Thanks for the information!

    1. Dash is at the moment the fifth biggest cryptocurrency in the world. Their growth has been huge during the past year. It’s interesting to see how it will develop in the future.

    2. I can see that! It looks like in 2017 alone it spiked up quite a lot in value! Any idea what caused the sudden meteoric rise when its value was otherwise pretty stable from its inception all the way through the end of 2016?

      1. Almost all cryptocurrencies grew rapidly in 2017. They received more popularity on media. More and more people start to get know about these opportunities. That brings more money in which raises the value.

  8. Bitcoin is the only crypto currency that I have taken an interest. A couple of years ago,I had $1000 worth bitcoins. However, I did not know the true value, therefore, I withdrew and spent my bitcoin. The current price is so high that I cannot afford to buy bitcoin. I am considering cryptocurrency that as cheaper than bitcoin, Dash is in my mind. Thanks for the review.

    1. Did you know that you don’t need to buy a full Bitcoin to get in? I guess you know but just wanted to check because you said that the price is too high so you can’t afford it.

      Dash is an interesting option. Their low transaction fees really impress me.

    2. @vinaya That’s a very sad experience you had with sending your bitcoin without knowing the actual market value worth it holds. That would have being a huge amount of investment you could have had. Anyways, it’s just lesson learnt. You probably have to start up from somewhere and see how far it takes in time. Dash probably looks promising, and hopefully it’s going to be worth it.

  9. I though Bitcoin was one of a kind. I never thought that a lot of virtual coins are out there with the same features and functions. Just varying with some features but fall under the same category. Well it’s not that i am already an expert when it comes to virtual money because i had only known about Bitcoin about a week ago.

    Well it’s only logical to expect other companies to try and recreate what Bitcoin had achieved simply because of it’s great potential to grow in value in just couple of years. With the growth of the number of competition, we should really be careful in choosing the right virtual coins for us and for our future. Thanks a lot for sharing your inputs on this particular virtual coin.

    1. Yes, there are many copycats of Bitcoin but there are also cryptocurrencies that provide unique value compared to Bitcoin. For example, Ripple and Ethereum are different.

      Then there are also coins that don’t have any benefits compared to Bitcoins. Their creators market a new coin a lot and advertise that it’s another chance to become a millionaire if you missed the boat with Bitcoin. They do it for a while until the value rises. Then they sell all their coins, value drops and founders became rich. It’s some kind of a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme.

        1. I took a quick look at it. Seems a bit fake. At least I’m 100% sure that earnings aren’t very big. Maybe you could earn some cents or even dollars with this but most likely wouldn’t be worth the time. I’ve seen tens of similar apps and earnings are usually very small.

          If somebody promises easy money for free it almost always means = very little money. That’s what I’ve learned after researching +350 make money online opportunities.

          If you want to earn big money, you either need to put in lots of work or lots of money. There’s no other way around.

          1. Thank you so much for giving me an honest reply on this. At least, I wouldn’t waste my time and subscription in something that is going to be an utterly waste and meaningless. I’m just cursing my bad luck that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t supported in Nigeria yet, but I’m not giving up just yet. Maybe in no distant time something would change.

          2. Yes @Roope I did but I’m still a little confused about the site. I’m taking time to go through it well. I have just succeeded in registering my website for now. I’m yet to move further but I will certainly do so.

          3. You can ask me anything and I’ll help you out. I asked from Kyle (the owner of Wealthy Affiliate) and he said that WA is available for everyone in the world including Nigeria. The free membership isn’t available in all countries but the premium membership is.

      1. That is one of the major reason why people are very skeptical when it comes to investing money online, specially to virtual money. It’s because, since it’s online, it is very very easy for a person to device a scheme to take advantage at other people and take their money. Just like what you said, they make a coin, advertise it “as if” it functions like the one that is very popular, people buys it, value rises, then the creator sells the coin, value drops because it really doesn’t function like the popular one, the creator become rich and the poor becomes poorer.

        1. Yes, there are scams online but you can pretty easily see which one is a scam and which one isn’t.

          Nowadays I do my work online and connect with people often through the Internet so I’ve learned to trust more. Of course, it’s always good to have a common sense but my opinion is that you shouldn’t be too scared about the things online 🙂

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