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Is Digital Altitude Legit Or a Scam? Maybe a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Digital Altitude Legit Or a Scam? How does their system work? How much does it cost?

If you are looking answers to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. Without further ado, I will start explaining what is Digital Altitude all about. I am not affiliated with their company so I don’t make money by promoting them, unlike most people who have published Digital altitude reviews on the Internet.

Is Digital Altitude a Scam? – Video Review

I just recorded a video review of Digital Altitude to warn you about this pyramid scheme. Their company is using dishonest marketing methods and members just seem to care about their own profit. I advise to see watch the video carefully and consider all the things that I say.

Digital Altitude doesn’t represent honest and transparent values. I will also update this article based on my current knowledge as soon as I have time. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Digital Altitude Review

Name: Digital Altitude

Type: Online Marketing

Membership: 14-day trial for 14 days. Premium membership starting from $37 per month until $29,997.

Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100. Check out my #1 recommendation for making money online (overall ranking 98 out of 100).

Wealthy Affiliate vs Digital Altitude – 5 Things to Consider Before Buying

I just created a video where I compare these two digital marketing training courses. I hope this will give you a good clarity before investing your money to any online business training. Enjoy! 🙂

What Is Digital Altitude? – High Ticket Online Business Course

Digital Altitude has been generating a lot of buzz on the internet since it was launched. The company provides solutions to digital marketers who want to increase their success rates. They offer marketing solutions in the form of tools, resources, sales funnels, and automation.

Digital Altitude was formed by Michael Force, a digital marketer who has gained a reputation for his success in some circles. He holds online sessions where he coaches and trains online students. He has been credited with making quite a number of successful online marketers.

However, Michael is also famous for being part of borderline scams like MOBE and other suspicious programs that are not recommended by reliable online entrepreneurs. That’s one red flag why you should be extremely careful with Michael’s system. Some people say that “Once a scammer is always a scammer.” Well, I hope that Michael has learned his lessons and is not scamming people anymore.

Digital Altitude focuses a lot on your attitude and mindset, and also your personal development. They do a great job with teaching you “how to fish” as well as giving you the right tools for “fishing”.

The team at Digital Altitude are made up Michael Force and a host of goal-oriented individuals who have achieved a high level of success. They call them 6-, 7- and 8-figure income earners. There is no doubt that many of those have made lots of money online.

The online company offers more than train courses, it is also an MLM company. Members can market their products and refer new members for compensations. Questions have been raised concerning the prices of their products and the low earning potential.

Click the Picture to Get Started with a Better Program.

Next, we will take a closer look at Digital Altitude Products.

What Are The Digital Altitude Products?

Digital Altitude’s training courses are categorized into multiple levels. These levels are represented by products with names inspired by a mountain theme.

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is digital altitude legit or a scam

Digital Altitude is a ladder where you are supposed to buy one training after another.

Aspire Digital Business System: This the entry-level product of Digital Altitude. This level offers personal coaches, training videos, networking, live support, back-end products, and so on. The Aspire level will cost you $37 or $67 per month depending on the membership. You can also have a $1 or a free 14-day trial of their premium membership but you need to give all your credit card information while registering.

is digital altitude legit or a scam

In the Aspire level there are 3 members that you can choose from:

  • Aspire Walker:  $37 per month

This membership comes with a variety of basic features such as members are start-up training videos, and 1 tier payout.

  • Aspire Hiker:  $67 per month

In this membership, you get a lot of additional features in addition to what you have in Walker. Such features include weekly training, tools and resources, monthly conference calls, and much more.

  • Aspire Climber: $127 per month

In the Climber membership, you get 3 tier payout, as well as all the features available in the previous classifications.

Base Digital Business Mastery Course

is digital altitude legit or a scam

The base level consists of 3 sections.

This course offers you lessons on how to build the important aspects of a business. In this course, you will learn how to lay out your business goals, create quality websites, build a solid brand, and keep track of your financials.

This course focuses on the practicality of running your business. Thus it includes a lot of things that you will come across in a business school, and others that you may not be taught. This course costs $597, which is a one-time cost.

The Base level features 3 sections and a total of 12 modules combined.

1.Prepare – this section consists of 4 modules that cover topics such as setting business goals. Fundamentals (planning, accounting, and banking). Product design and creating a captivating brand. Solid SEO, traffic and higher rates of conversions.

2.Launch– topics include: launching your business in a very effective way. Creating very effective social media campaigns and the key elements of analytics. 5 important tasks that online entrepreneurs must do when launching their online businesses.

3.Grow – this module will help you learn how to bootstrap, run and optimize your business for profit in the long term. You will also learn how to captivate your customers and build a strong following that believes in the brand. Finally, you will learn how to automate so that you can earn while you sleep.

Rise Digital Marketing Mastery Course

is digital altitude legit or a scam

You can of these pictures that Digital Altitude is paying close attention to a great marketing and high-quality designs.

This course is directed towards digital entrepreneurs. This course is quite straightforward and easy to grasp. It can be quite difficult to come across accurate information about running a digital business. Digital Altitude provides all the information you need. The Rise package costs $1997.

This course features 5 sections and 19 modules in total.

Commit– In this section, you will learn how to commit to success and develop a positive mindset. You will also learn how to apply basic business principles to the 80/20 rule.

Customer – this section focuses on customer behavior and how to use them to your advantage.

Create – In this section, members will learn to create catchy and memorable brand names, and how to create product sequences that allow repeat sales.

Words– You will learn the art of creating headlines that translate into more sales. Also, members will learn how to create compelling marketing messages that will attract customers.

Partners – This section contains modules that cover the area of creating ads, referrals, and partnering to sell more.

Ascend Digital Business Profit Workshop

is digital altitude legit or a scam

Buying Ascend 3-day seminar costs almost $10,000. Imagine how much time some people need to save in order to save that amount of money.

In this level, you are entitled to a three-day workshop event. This event is hosted by Michael Force himself and will take place in Las Vegas. Other digital business leaders from around the world may also be a part of the event.  The Ascend package costs $9,997.

Here is a summary of the 3 days workshops and the topics that will be covered.

Day 1 Schedule – topics include: most effective traffic sources, conversion hacks, funnel formulas, and traffic strategies.

Day 2 Schedule – How to tell your story, the power of building a personal brand, discovering the Guru within you, Mastering video.

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Day 3 Schedule – How to increase conversion using analytics, building a team, outsourcing, and content creation.

Peak Business Prosper Retreat

is digital altitude legit or a scam

This is a five-day retreat package where you can learn directly from business leaders. You also get to listen and learn from speakers including Michael Force. This is a five-day all-inclusive retreat with great benefits. You have access to this course for $16,997

Day 1

Speakers will touch on topics such as recruiting the best talents, adding value to your products, scaling your business. Also, creating joint ventures to increase earnings.

Day 2

Developing strategies for team motivation, preparing your legal entity. Others are – creating a solid organization with your team, and strategies for accounting.

Day 3

You will learn how to create compelling presentations and loyal customers. Also, you will learn the power of influence, and 7 powerful sales growth strategies.

Day 4

You will learn how to automate your business, manage your time and productivity, and become more efficient.

Day 5

The secrets of earning 7-figures will be revealed to you, you will also learn how to create more cash flow. Lessons include how to avoid the 5 big financial mistakes and how to raise more business capital.

Apex Digital Business Legacy Experience

is digital altitude legit or a scam

The most expensive $29,997 costing 7-day course is supposed for successful online entrepreneurs. They promise to teach you strategies to secure an autopilot retirement income. Quite Bold claims, huh?

this package is for digital entrepreneurs who are already successful. The speakers will serve as your investment and asset management experts. The Apex level is a 7-day retreat for two. This level costs  $27,997.00.

Day 1 Activities: Build Streams Of Cash Flow, Secure Your Retirement Income, How To Become Financially Free, How To Create Additional Income

Day 2 Activities: Fund your investments with OPM, How the rich get richer, How to beat wall street, Take control of your financial future

Day 3 Activities: Creating long-term wealth strategies, Leverage secrets, investing like the rich do, Boosting your financial IQ

Day 4 Activities: The Law Of Attraction, How To Stay Wealthy For Life, Your Financial Thermostat, The Inner Game of Wealth

Day 5 Activities: Create a Tax-Free Retirement, How The Rich Use IRA’s, Win The Credit Score Game, How To Create Your Own Bank

Day 6 Activities: Risk Management Tactics, Ultra-Rich Legal Tax Strategies, Impressive Asset Protection Annuity Analysis

Day 7 Activities: Topics include Wholesaling & rehabbing profits, Time-tested tax liens, Rising real estate, Hidden markets & no money down

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan – Earn Commissions up to $16,800 Per Sale

is digital altitude legit or a scam

Digital Altitude is selling you the idea of a dream lifestyle where you can earn money online on autopilot and live wherever you want.

Compensations in Digital Altitude is tied to the membership that you are subscribed to. Below is a breakdown of compensation by level. Digital Altitude offers a very juicy compensation for the sale of their products.

  1. Aspire: In this level, compensation stands at 40% with 1 tier payout at $37, 50% commission for 2 tiers at $67, and 60% for 3 tiers at $127. By calculation, you earn $17 or $41 every month for every referral.
  2. Base: There is a 60% commission across 3 tiers. The total payout is $360 on every sale.
  3. Rise: 60% commissions across 3 tiers with a total payout of $1200 on every sale.
  4. Ascend: 60% commissions across 3 tiers with a total payout of $6000 on every sale.
  5. Peak: 60% commissions over 3 tiers with a total payout of $10,200 on every sale.
  6. Apex: 60% commissions on every sale over 3 tiers with a total payout of $16,800 on every sale.

Whenever a coach assists you in closing your sales, there will be a 20% deduction from your tier 1 as payment for their services rendered.

How to Make Money with Digital Altitude?

Well, you will for sure make a big part of your income by promoting their program for other people, but what kind of methods will you learn in Digital Altitude? What kind of methods do they teach to drive traffic and make sales?

Their goal is to teach how you could run an online business on a complete autopilot. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build landing pages
  • Build an email list
  • Drive traffic through paid methods like solo ads
  • Drive traffic with content writing and social media marketing
  • And so on.

You must notice that many methods that Digital Altitude teaches require that you pay some money. Paid methods have own benefits for sure. You can get immediate results and they can scale up your business fast if you find a right way to do it.

However, building your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and driving traffic from Google for free is, in my opinion, the best method for beginners. With paid advertising, you may end up spending lots of money with little rewards and being frustrated in the end.

Conclusion – Is Digital Altitude Legit or a Scam?

Digital Altitude is not a scam and they provide tons of helpful tools for building an online business. However, there are a few reasons why I am still a bit suspicious. Most of their training concentrates on promoting their own products that are extremely expensive.

On the other hand, it seems that many of their members have learned tons of helpful skills in the training and are nowadays making big money online. That’s why I decided to take a try myself and have a look at their membership.

I will write an updated review once I have enough experience to give a final conclusion of Digital Altitude.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend that you take a look at my current #1 make money online recommendation. That training I can recommend with the hand on my heart because their training and community have helped me to make a living online.

That training also helps you to make big money and many experienced members make +$10,000/month online. (Of course, it requires work and effort and doesn’t happen overnight.)

What are your experiences with Digital Altitude?

Let me know in the comments below!

Digital Altitude


Overall Ranking



  • Lots of support from successful entrepreneurs
  • High quality resources and training


  • Tons of upsells
  • A big part of the system concentrates on selling their own products
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