Is Mobe a Scam or Legit? – Matt Lloyd Promises to Pay $500

Is MOBE a Scam or legit

UPDATE 15/6/2018: MOBE Shutdown And FTC Lawsuit

MOBE has recently been shut down by FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

FTC claims that MOBE has made a consumer injury exceeding $125 MILLION with their fraudulent business actions.

Learn more in the video below.

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It has been around +12 years, with +1,400,000 members in 193 countries.

MOBE News 9/8/2018

Some people say that Matt Lloyd has gone into hiding.

I discussed about the latest MOBE news in my new YouTube video below.

I also explained how you can start making 100% honest money online by following my #1 recommendation and my 1-on-1 support.

Welcome to my MOBE review!

Is Mobe a Scam or Legit? Today we will take a closer look at this system which has made many people financially free. However, lots of reliable online entrepreneurs are saying that this program is a scam. If you are looking for an honest answer, you have come to the right place.

Our goal on is always to provide you the best and the most accurate answer on the Internet. We have reviewed more than 200 make money online programs so we know what we are talking about. Let’s dig into MOBE!

MOBE Review - Quick Summary

Name: My Online Business Education 

Founded: In 2011 by Matt Lloyd

Price: $49 + $97/month + Upsells up to ~$30,000

Field: High Ticket Online Business/Internet Marketing Training

Summary: MOBE uses a similar strategy like Digital Altitude and other high ticket online business systems. Most similar companies have either been shut down by the officials (because of the shady actions) or they have gone into banktrupcy. Getting involved with MOBE is expensive and risky, in my opinion.

Is MOBE Recommended? No. They would charge you tens of thousands of dollars in total. There are many way better and cheaper alternatives available. Check out my #1 recommended training below. It's free to get started and their premium membership is about 100x cheaper than MOBE.

Before you dig into my full and comprehensive MOBE review, I want to show you my video review. I know that many of you prefer watching a video instead of listening to a text so this helps you more.

If you want to get a good picture of MOBE and how it works, I recommend watching my video and reading the whole article below. In addition, I am always available if you have any questions.

What Is MOBE?

Matt Lloyd got interested in Internet marketing 9 years ago in 2008. He succeeded fast and in 2011 he created an MLM-program (Multi-level marketing) which is already a multi-million dollar business. Matt Lloyd has become a multimillionaire himself and probably helped many people to achieve a financial freedom.

His system is called My Online Business Education (MOBE) and it was before known as My Online Business Empire. Shortly, it is an MLM-program with ultimately expensive products up to $30,000 and even more.

You can find people who have made $100,000’s with their system. I know that by giving a positive review I could make some money but I don’t want to do it because honestly, I can’t recommend MOBE for anyone. There are much better and cheaper alternatives out there. I will explain them further. But if you don’t want to wait, just read more here.

By the way,  do you remember a product called Wifi Millionaire (also created by Matt Lloyd)? It was an eBook that cost only $3 but its main purpose was to get you to join MOBE-program and buy those expensive products.

is mobe a scam or legit

MOBE is already a big movement because many people have joined this program.

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Does MOBE Cost Only $49?

MOBE training is marketed in the following way by Matt Lloyd:

“Buy this 21-step program and you are guaranteed to succeed. If you don’t earn $1,000 or $1,500 within 30 days after completing this training, I will pay you $500 from my own pocket.”

That sounds interesting but also a bit suspicious. Would he really pay $500 from his own pocket? Oh yes, he will.

Do you know why?

If you complete all those 21 steps in MTTB (My Top Tier Business) program, you will need to buy more expensive programs along the way. In step 6 you will pay $2,497 one-time fee + $199 monthly fee (the price varies but it’s at least $1,997). This will give you the access to MLR-training program.

So, as you may have noticed, you need to pay around $2,500 to get that “free” $500. That’s the catch. What do you think about it?

MOBE Training – Matt Lloyd Seminar, Scam Or Not?

Is Mobe training valuable and helpful? Will it help you to achieve a financial freedom?

MOBE has tens of hours of training in several different products that they are selling. They even have some free blog articles on their website. I found some of their material quite interesting and Matt gave good points on creating a business.

I think that the founder Matt Lloyd is a skilled businessman and he knows how to sell products. He has more than 1,2 Million views on his YouTube channel, 750,000 (email, etc) subscribers, 165 staff members, and 12,000 active affiliate partners. You need to do some work to achieve such results.

But after all, this doesn’t make Matt the best coach for you. The thing is that he is successful himself but he is ripping off people! (I apologize for my honesty.)

Most of MOBE training concentrates on selling their courses and products for other people. Their members earn high commissions on promoting the program. The training doesn’t teach how you could create a business in a niche that you love or by working with your passion. They teach how you can make an income by selling Matt’s system.

Who becomes rich with this kind of systems? Matt Lloyd.

is mobe a scam or legit

The founder of MOBE, Matt Lloyd

MOBE Products

Now we come to an interesting part.

MOBE has tens of different products. That $49 front end product is just a beginning. You will be bombarded with tens of upsells. Let me clarify this. There are not only one or two upsells but TENS OF UPSELLS IN MOBE. A typical amount of upsells for online marketing products is two like in Zero Hour Work Days for example.

What kind of upsells do they have?

They have literally everything up to the products that cost $29,997 + $299 per month. That’s called a diamond package. Their “basic” product costs around $2,500 which I mentioned above (MLR-program).

Their members are selling products with 90% commissions. Here are some examples:

  • $97 per month – MOBE Elite Earners
  • $297 – MOBE Licensing Kit
  • $297 – Traffic Masters Academy

If you are willing to spend all of your monthly income on some online products, welcome to MOBE. They always have a new product that you could buy.

Then they also have products that their members are selling for $50 commission. Here are a few examples:

  • $997 – Six Figure Coaching Secrets
  • $1997 – 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
  • $997 – The 90 Day Challenge

Imagine that by selling these products a MOBE member earns $500-1000 per sale. With 3 sales he has already earned a monthly income. 1 sale per 10 days is enough to live well in any country in the world. That may explain a little bit why some of their members are so enthusiastic about promoting their products for you.

MOBE Compensation Plan

I took here a YouTube video that explains you MOBE compensation plan in a great detail. But I warn you first. This guy is biased and he is promoting their products because he wants to earn your money.

I can give you the basic principle that applies to MOBE commissions. In order to earn commissions for each product, you need to spend money on their products first yourself. If you don’t pay for their product anymore, you can’t promote it.

This is just a basic principle and they have some exceptions but I think it’s not a good one. Most of the good affiliate programs let you join for completely free. MOBE uses the same strategy that also a Six Figure Mentors -program used in the past: you need to pay money before you can sell their products.

Just a quick note: There are tons of different products that people are promoting in MOBE.

Conclusion – Is Mobe a Scam or Legit?

Honestly, Mobe has several suspicious signs.

1.They are promising something that they don’t actually deliver. (free $500, for example)
2.There are lots of negative reviews of this program on the Internet.
3.Many reliable online entrepreneurs don’t recommend it.
and so on.

You can see the reason why I don’t recommend it. But I can offer you a much better and a cheaper alternative than MOBE. I have been using it for about 2 years and I am going to use it when the time goes forward as well.

A Better Way to Make Money Online – Wealthy Affiliate

I would like to make a few comparisons between these two programs:

1.MOBE costs $49 to get started. Wealthy Affiliate is completely free.

2.MOBE has tons of upsells. Wealthy Affiliate has 0 upsells.

3.MOBE teaches you to promote their program. Wealthy Affiliate teaches how you can create a successful online business in any niche.

Wealthy Affiliate premium membership costs only $359/year which means less than $1 per day. Compare to those $30,000 MOBE products. With less than $1 per day you will get all these things in WA:

  • Step-by-step training to make money online (hundreds of hours of interactive video training)
  • Personal support from successful Internet marketers
  • Tools to make your website ranked #1 in Google
  • Weekly webinars on some important subject of affiliate marketing (for example how to make more conversions, email marketing, FB marketing, how to create a successful niche website LIVE)
  • Domain hosting
  • High-quality website builder
  • and much more.

Compare all this value to $1 per day. I think we both agree that it’s totally worth it. And anyway, you don’t even need to pay $1 if you don’t want because you can get started for completely free (NO CREDIT CARDS NEEDED).

4 step process for making money online

Have you ever thought of trying MOBE?

Have some of your friends tried MOBE?

Do you already know how to earn a full-time income online?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Sometimes, I wonder how there won’t be a whole lot of negative reviews on MOBE considering the fact that they don’t pay out the $500 promised to new members. Also, this is a type of company that is targeted at those that already made lots of money in life, so joining as a person that is still looking for money is not the best way to go.

  2. For the fact that MOBE is very expensive when compared to other options one can make use of in getting the same service or even better is a very good thing to consider before backing the horse with MOBE. Also looking at how other companies like Digital Altitude and other high ticket online business systems that uses the same strategies like MOBE are no longer in business shows a serious red flag.

      1. It’s good to have such review on MOBE because it gives one potential information on what courses and training one should take up. When you go into something without having all necessary details as to what you want to go into, should there be fallouts, you wouldn’t have any way out.

  3. I’m currently talking to multiple MOBE reps trying to help my disabled mother get back (even a portion) of the $20K+ she spent on MOBE. She was mislead and sucked into a conference where they hyped her up into impulsively purchasing a plan she had no clue of. MOBE is horrible business and i’ll fight this until I die.

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry for your mother. The actions that MOBE members are doing are completely unacceptable.

      May need similar companies have either been shut to down by FTC or or they went to a bankruptcy. I guess that it’s only a question of time when either of those things is going to happen to MOBE as well.

  4. MOBE is just another operation that aims to milk the user dry for all of their cash, then get the user to recruit more friends/family members that can also be milked of their cash. At the end of the day, that’s the real goal of this program.

  5. It is best to stay away from the program that asks you a lot of joining fee or asks you to sell expensive programs and products. The best way to earn online is create an ecommerce site and sell products and services yourself. If you do not have your own products and services, you can do affiliate marketing and get commissions from selling other products and services. This does not cost you much.

    1. Yeah, I think that the companies like MOBE should be banned. Gladly many similar companies have already been shut down and it’s interesting to happen with MOBE.

  6. The price tag has my head spinning. It would be sooooooo sad if they charge such amounts but offer little value in return. Their compensation structure is quite complicated and I stay away from complicated.I agree people are often willing to spend money on good training.I get very annoyed with programmes that try to up sell you especially if they offer little value.

    1. Yeah, the price of MOBE program is huge. They say you, “Get started for free or $1.” But the reality is that they are going to upsell you numerous products afterwards.

  7. Hi
    I appreciated your article and comments/replies above.
    Have you heard of Site Build ? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

  8. Hi!

    Thank you very much for your review it’s really appreciated and very informative. I have been interested in and searching online businesses for a awhile now, but I am very new to this. I myself don’t have a ton of money to put into a program like this and that’s far too expensive.

    I receive emails daily from both Mobe & Aspire (Digital Altitude) wanting me to join, and of course I’ve gotten others now as well. There’s just so many it’s ridiculous and I just don’t even know anymore. I’ve searched most of the other places, and they’ve always came up with negative reviews and were listed as scams.

    Anyways, both Matt and Michael with Mobe & Digital Altitude really make these seem very appealing, and make a person want to join by making them really believe how this can and will be so beneficial in actually generating a higher income for you and your family when you need it. So I’m really thankful I found reviews like yours describing these programs and what it’s honestly all about.

    I am looking for something like this, and they make their emails to you very enticing to get you into something that you weren’t even expecting or hoped for, and in the end just sets you back. It’s so disappointing. I agree Wealthy Affiliate sounds great. I don’t have a product to sell though. So this wouldn’t be something that I could use it seems, and that’s why I have been looking for other options.

    What would you suggest that is similar to the others and doesn’t cost a fortune in the end Roope? I appreciate your help in this very much. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Kristen,

      Thank you very much for your message!

      Yes, I highly, highly recommend staying away from MOBE and Digital Altitude. All their products cost more than $60,000 + tens of upsells so those aren’t good options if you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money. I know that I would make big money by promoting those systems but I don’t want to do it because their companies are completely unethical in my opinion.

      You don’t need any product that you would make money on Wealthy Affiliate. You can promote other people’s products on Amazon or wherever you want. I don’t have own products either. I make money mentioning other people’s products on my websites and you can do it as well.

      Therefore, I recommend that you would start the free training on Wealthy Affiliate and if it looks good for you, upgrade to premium later.

      Of course, there are also tons of other ways to make money online. Take a look at my list of online jobs here.

    2. Hi Kristen – I sit in the exact same boat as yourself & While, I had began to fill in the Application to Join . . .
      Something simply wasn’t sitting RIGHT for me!
      In fact, I felt as though what little bit I have left – Might very well ‘Sink’ if I went through with this!
      Opting to do some ‘Searches’ & Informing myself a little more . . .
      Well, let’s just say – I’m now going to set off of HERE & Sail my ‘Ship’ elsewhere!

      Thanks for giving us the ‘Facts’ Roope!
      I appreciate ‘STAND-UP’ People & Respect THOSE Who shoot ‘Straight From The Hip’ & Tell it, like it is!

      No Nonsense & No Nonsensical Bull$h¡t!

      I can’t tell you enough – How grateful I am, for having the FACTS & Now being able to make THIS Decision!
      With a credible source supporting ‘It’ & CONCRETE ‘Documented’ Information, solidifying the CHOICE That I’ve now OPTED to make!

      With Respect & Best Regards,

  9. Bottomline Readers:

    Does MOBE really has true value in the product they sell??
    If you sell it on Amazon, how many will buy and what honest reviews will be left?
    Did any buyer really make any honest profit based on the base product advise alone without reselling it?

    As for Wealthy Affiliate course in teaching to profit from hits/ads of popular websites, the essence or requirement is to provide valuable and good information that many people seek.
    IF one has relevant QUALITY information, wouldn’t google already freely help searchers find and direct to those websites and google adsense is also available free as well?

    Be a good person. Engage in legitimate, responsible and honest ways of livelihood that does not cause harm or cheat others.

    To world peace.

    1. Hi Ting,

      thank you for sharing good points.

      Based on my analysis MOBE members are mainly making money by reselling the product. It’s not an illegal pyramid scheme but they have many characteristics of a product-based pyramid scheme. It’s almost exactly similar like another suspicious program called Digital Altitude.

      Their courses wouldn’t sell well, in my opinion, on Amazon or in other places. Their strategy is to lure you in for $1 or for free. Then they start upselling you lots of expensive products. Their “coaches” (read: salespersons) call you several times to convince you that you should be the next upsell.

      Wealthy Affiliate is completely different. First of all, it’s like 85 times cheaper. They don’t have upsells. Members make money in various ways and not mainly by promoting WA.

  10. Hi Roope.

    I experienced a Mobe road show today in London and had a inkling that what they trying to sell me is not right – especially trying to badger people to sign up for a 3 day course for £750.00 and wished I checked this website before I went.

    I wanted to know some good tips on starting a business and was treated to what could be a scheme where you may have to pay more and more (past the 3 day course) and somesay their sales people were quite pushy in trying to get punters to sign up on the spot.

    A quick question – with you point out about Mobe – has anyone from Mobe contacted you and have they threatened you with any threats, e.g., legal action, misrepresentation, libel, etc ?. If more people know about Mobe and there is less uptake they could turn nasty and strike out .

    1. Hi David,

      thank you for sharing your experiences. Recently I almost got lured in a similar pyramid scheme like MOBE which is called Digital Altitude. The same person, Michael Force has created those trainings.

      Digital Altitude salespeople were also extremely pushy. The guy started calling me with bad names like “Loser!” “You are failure!” when I didn’t buy their program and I revealed their system to others.

      Mobe hasn’t threatened me in any way.

      Have you check out Wealthy Affiliate? I am sure their training would help you to make money online and build a successful online business.

  11. totally waste of my time.
    Totally rude people.
    Disgusting behavior.
    Its a scam stay away from these guys.
    If its anything how they treated us as guests then stays the Fuck away.
    What a shame this guy is Australian. He should be ashamed to be Australian.
    Leadership starts from the top and that reflects in your team.

  12. There are so many non-promising jobs now a days, why cant they just put up a fine platform so they can earn the money like really large sums of money in the long run. Finding a job online is easy but trusting the job is hard. Thank you so much for this article. More power.

    1. There are also many promising opportunities online nowadays. Sometimes I am wondering which one I choose because there are so many ways to make money online. Then it’s of course better to avoid pyramid schemes and other scams.

  13. Sounds like this guy has the perfect business if he is actually making money from this. It’s a shame though that it is such a dishonest business and on the borderline of being a scam. The fact that they have so many negative reviews just tells you all you need to know, to be honest. If anyone would like to send me $2,500, I will also happily give you $500 for free lol.

  14. There are no upsells in Wealthy Affiliate?

    What about upgrading from free to premium? We both know It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do/learn anything REAL with the free membership

    What about Jaxxy? Is that not an upsell as well?

    1. Hi JT,

      There are no upsells in Wealthy Affiliate. There are two types of memberships in WA: 1.Free and 2.Premium.

      Free doesn’t cost anything and premium is $49 per month or $359 per year. There aren’t any upsells. Those prices are clearly stated right from the beginning so there aren’t any surprises. By the way, those same prices have been in WA already for 12 years and they haven’t raised prices.

      I have been happily a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for more than two years. It costs less than $1 per day and is certainly worth every penny. The membership has paid itself back like a million times already.

      Jaaxy is a separate keyword tool. You can use it with or without Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t necessarily need it to have a successful online business but it can definitely make your keyword research easier. I made good money even without having it because I used the free keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate. However, now I have bought Jaaxy to accelerate the growth.

      I guess you are a member of MOBE, right? 🙂

      1. What most people do not understand is that this like many others, it really does take money to make money. It really is an investment in your future, and with most business’s you have to put time and effort into it in order to get the most out of it, or best results. Failure to take these easy measures is why most people fail at online business programs.

        They generally want an easy way to make money with as little work as possible. I have been working online since the mid 90’s and some things work better than others, but they all require time and, effort, and some money at one point or another.

        1. You are right attagirl. Investing money usually speeds up the process. Of course, it’s possible to make big money by starting with $0 (like I have done) but it just takes more time.

          MOBE shares good ideas but compared to Wealthy Affiliate, for example, their training is just way too expensive in my opinion.

  15. I am in the 21 steps with Matt Lloyd I have enjoyed the training in the enthusiasm I believe it’s extremely well put together yes he want you to buy the product then you can then market that product. Isn’t there a price for all products?

    I personally do not have a product to sell so where do I go from here. It seems it is easier to set up something that has been proven then to start with some unknown product. I don’t like having to pay for continued education seminars and videos. But I really want is to be in business takes money to make money. I am very inexperienced in this area.

    However I have been a business person for many years so I’m no dummy. Sounds to me like you’re trying to sell your system versus the MOBE System. I certainly don’t want to be scammed I’m just looking to have a business makes him comfortable money .

    1. Hi Judy,

      thanks for your comment. I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying their training. I hope you’ll get many valuable ideas. Their products cost $25,000 in total which is a huge price. Different products have different prices as I explained in the article. You can also find more details on MOBE website.

      In my opinion, MOBE is a system that just makes most of their money by selling their own system to next persons. Products are extremely expensive which guarantees high profits for the founders and for those who joined early on.

      I am comparing Wealthy Affiliate and MOBE as you said. I am happy to promote WA because I know from my own experience that their system works. It has helped me and thousands of other people to earn a living online.

      You can get started for completely free. Then you can have a look inside the community and training. I’m paying $359 per year for Wealthy Affiliate premium membership and I can honestly say it has been worth every dollar. It’s only less than a dollar per day and I get all tools that I need to run a successful online business. What else could I ask? 😉

      What do you think about Wealthy Affiliate? Did you already took a look inside for free?

  16. A genuine direct sales or network marketing company does not profit from recruitment. Mobe does. There is no resale or reconsume value like Amway e.g consume own products constantly.

    A well-structured Network marketing gets paid on total volume depending on earnt status. Not bought. Food for thought.

    1. Hi again Craig,

      to be honest, in all network marketing companies recruitement plays the biggest role. You can make a living by selling their products but you can make a fortune by recruiting lots of people into the system. All MLM-leaders emphasize the importance of recruiting new people. Otherwise systems would slowly die over the time course.

      In many cases new members also buy lots of their products, even more than those who are not selling them.


  17. A pyramid scheme defines very high investment to join. Product loading there’s small percentages mobe takes on the commission if each sale of ur commission if you use their system to close recruits.

    Mobes recruiting is also a stacking model with no relationship between sponsor and downline. totally opposite to any direct sales model or genuine network marketing company. I went to their event just weekend.

    I know nothing about online marketing but know for this type of investment for a business this business ur buying, not the company should have turnover the record. not testimonials.

    497 course was interesting but hell no from my experience in business these leaders are not good. Stay away.

    1. Hi Craig,

      thanks for sharing your experience. It’s interesting to hear that you also participated their weekend but came to a conclusion that their program is not worth it.

      Matt Lloyd is a highly successful businessman and he can for sure teach good tips for building and running a business. However, his program unfortunately has red flags I also want to stay away from it.


  18. Your article about Mobe you lay out a lot of facts on it. Sound like you would be spending all the money you had just to end up broke, talk about a big scam. 

    I like the images and video with the pros and cons, that’s back up your article you did a really good job writing it.

    1. Hi Connie,

      thank you very much for your positive feedback.

      MOBE is an interesting opportunity but it’s just way too expensive. Usually, MLMs are more expensive than their counterparts but the difference with MOBE and Wealthy Affiliate is like a night and a day.


  19. Roope,

    This is a nice review, you have shown the inner workings of a company that is in business mainly to make money and NOT help people make money I heard about MOBE and was curious so I enjoyed your review very much.

    Now I know to stay away and I will advise others to as well. It is Wrong to charge $2500 for a product to someone just starting out. That alone shows they are not legit in wanting to help you succeed.

    Your number 1 option Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option as they actually teach you how to be successful in an online business. With no tricks. 

    Thank you for this information, I look forward to more information from you

    1. Hi Todd,

      yeah, there are so many complaints about MOBE all over the Internet. They have ultimately high prices but the training is not even better than in many other legitimate online business training.

      I noticed that you have already started a training in Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad that you are fully enjoying it. Every day new people start the training in WA through our website.

      They get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites for completely free.


  20. Thank you for this this was a really good read. Especially im pretty new to online marketing well trying to run a successful online business and for someone like me knowing there are tons of scams out there, I would want to make sure that its legit too. 

    I’ve clicked on some links and ads curious about certain products related to online products and the more you click you keep having to pay more and more, so I just decided not me. This awesome information. Thank u.

    1. Hi Afi,

      thank you for your comment. My website is especially created for people like you who are looking for honest ways to make money online.

      I noticed that you have already joined Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion, their training is enough for making a full-time income online. In addition, you can watch YouTube videos for free where successful online marketers share some tips.

      That kind of strategy is very cost effective because Wealthy Affiliate premium costs less than $1 per day and YouTube videos are free. If you don’t want to use any money, you can of course use a free membership in WA but I highly recommend to become a premium if you seriously want to succeed with your online business.



  21. Great review I’ve been hearing a lot about this company and wanted to get an unbiased view. Most of the people have been involve with the program. 

    I kept hearing about selling large ticket items but i didn’t know you had to buy them before you could sell them. I’m still going to do some more searching about MOBE but thank you for the research you did

    1. Hi Cedric,

      yeah you can trust that my review is unbiased because I am not connected with MOBE at all and I am not even a part of their affiliate program.

      You can of course have another look at MOBE but I just recommend that stay far away from this “scam”. If you want to learn to make money online and create a lifestyle where you can earn passive income while traveling anywhere, go through Wealthy Affiliate training.

      Then put their teachings powerfully into practice. Keep on doing it until you succeed. It’s simple but it works. I am a living example of it myself.

      Let me know if you need any help on your way to online success and I will be more than happy to help you out.



  22. I have heard of MOBE and something just smacked of suspicion to me when I saw their site. I once got on their e-mail list and when I tried to unsubscribe, I was still getting their e-mails on their pathetic products. 

    In addition, it is extremely impersonal as you are just buying a bunch of videos blabbering about claptrap methods which are outdated. Unlike in wealthy affiliate, you have access to the owners and they ACTUALLY respond! What a blessing!

    Steer clear of them.

    1. Hi Elan,

      I think that MOBE teaches some valuable principles but their prices and upsells are just ridiculous. In the other words, they are just ripping people off.

      Wealthy Affiliate is awesome because founders are constantly interacting with members. They are also updating the training regularly.and recently they updated the whole training.

      It’s a blessing to be part of Wealthy Affiliate community. It’s a place of successful online entrepreneurs 🙂



  23. Thank you for this review. After reading your review I too believe Mobe love oks like a scam and I will steer clear from this program. Anything that has tons of upsells are scams in my book. And to top it off it is expensive.

    I whole heartedly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I really like your review of this.

    1. Hi Harji,

      you are right that MOBE is not worth it.

      I think that Matt Lloyd knows how to sell a lot but his training is way too expensive in total. You can get even a free training from YouTube. Then if you want a great platform and online business training, Wealthy Affiliate is way to go.

      I noticed that you already started the training in WA. I hope you are enjoying it and learning a lot.



  24. While this guy Matt Taylor might seem like a skilled businessman, I think he’s quite a skilled conman. 

    He’s convinced 12,000 people to sign up to be an affiliate for this program, who will then try to coerce gullibile people into signing up for this. Those upsells are ridiculous. Nobody who ever got rich in business paid $30,000 for training. That’s just ludicrous.

    1. Hi Jack,

      English is not my native language so I needed to check conman from the dictionary. 😉 I think you are right.

      I know highly successful business people who have paid thousands of dollars for their training. Probably more than $30,000 over the time course. However, the quality of those training was much more valuable than MOBE.

      Paying for a good training is wise but paying for a bad training is nonsense.


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