Is Univox a Scam? No, But You Can Earn Much More on Another Site!

is univox a scam
is univox a scam

Welcome to My Univox Review!

If you are looking for ways to make money online, you have come to the right place.

Today I am going to review a website called Univox and answer all your questions regarding this website, "Is Univox a scam? How much does Univox pay? Is Univox worht it?" and much more!

I bet you will find my review informative and valuable. Let's have a look.

Univox Review - Summary

Product Name: Univox

Product Type: Online Surveys 

Price: Free-to-use but very time-consuming.

Best for: People who don't have any ambition in life. (Sorry! I wanted to be honest here.)

is univox a scam

Summary: Univox is one of the hundreds of online survey sites that pay you only little money for your time. I don't recommend that you spend your precious time on such activities while there are 10-100 better ways to make money online.

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You came to this website because you are looking for ways to earn money online. Univox community is one of the online resources that promise to pay its members for participating in online surveys.

The company has been in existence since 2011, and a group known as a Market-Cube owns it. This is a research company based in Virginia in the United States.

Compared to several other survey sites, Univox is relatively new and it would not be surprising if many people registering to the site with the aim of making money.

You will discover more about this site; keep reading to discover whether it is necessary to spend your time in this survey site.

What Is Univox?

Univox is simply a research or survey websites, which rewards you for airing your opinion on products, goods, and services. The aim of the survey site is two thronged, and one is to help people earn money by expressing their opinions about products.

Second and very important is that the community helps manufacturers, distributors with consumer’s feedback on various goods and services, which they introduce to the market.

The aim of the research company is to help researchers take critical decisions about various goods and services, as well as on how to improve on the services they provide to the community.

The company originates from the US and it is owned by the, which is famous for their online research. The company commences its operation in 2009, and it is certain they must have made impressive impacts on the market.

How Does Univox Work?

The community is principally meant for workers in different parts of the world, and you can actually become a member of the platform once you are free and have a computer, as well as internet access.

To become a member of the community you must register by hitting the join button. When you do that, you have to provide all the necessary information required from you before you can register in their platform.

Some of the information you have to provide before you are considered a member include your age, region you are coming from, as well as gender, automobile ownership, shopping behavior, and several other information that can match the most suitable survey for your participation.

When you have correctly provided the required information, you have to verify the information by getting to the registered email address. When all these are done then you will qualify for their subsequent interviews.

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The interview length varies and this means that questions set are not the same, it varies from survey to survey. The interview can last from one minute to one hour and, so on.

You are not restricted to just taking interviews from them, you could be contacted for related jobs such as forum discussion, contests, as well quick polls and so on.

Various levels of membership are available in the platform and you can become a member without spending your money.

is univox a scam

Univox says that it's easy to make money there. However, the amounts are extremely small.

How Much Can You Earn with Univox?

Univox provides its members with typical survey-type ways of earning money on the internet. 

Some of the things included were highlighted above, and the prominent among them is that they offer you the opportunity to make money online by taking surveys. If are eligible for their surveys, the company will emails it to you and it does not take time to finish such surveys. Some of the surveys can take just a few minutes to be concluded, while some can extend for up to one hour to be concluded.

When you are through with the surveys, the next thing is that you will be compensated and you earn your rewards. The rewards are exciting and it varies. After you have signed up with the platform, you will be welcomed with five hundred points, which amount to five dollars.

To earn your reward, the company presently makes available different methods of redeeming such rewards. You can cash it through different methods, which include withdrawal through PayPal, Amazon, as well as virtual Visa card, and so on.

Before you sign up with the website, it is good to understand their reward system. Something was said about signing up reward of five dollars. Apart from that, any time you fill a survey, you are compensated with rewards in the form of points, and worth of each point varies.

When you have earned one hundred points, it means that you have earned $1. You can request a payout when you have accumulated a total of 2500 points and this amount to twenty-five dollars.

As said before, payment is possible through three different online payment portals, which include PayPal, Amazon gift card, as well as Visa Virtual card. If you participate in the community, you can earn extra points for that.

Moreover, you can earn more points when you refer your family members and friends in the community.

The bottom line is that you will only earn a few dollars with Univox.

Who is Univox for? (and NOT for)

Univox is not different from other survey panels on the internet today. The community is based in Virginia and it is open to anybody who wants to earn money online. However, my strong conviction is that survey sites aren't worth it.

If you have a computer, mobile device with which to supply the answer to survey questions, as well as access to internet connection then you are a candidate for this company. It is not meant for those who do not want to make money. It is not for those who cannot think fast.

The company is meant for people in seventeen countries. They will not tell you, which countries are included and those that are not included, but if you check the frequently asked questions, you will have an idea of those countries included and those that are not included.

Questions asked in the survey are not difficult to answer, and answering each question does not take more than a few seconds to be concluded.

Some of the surveys do not take more than a few minutes to be concluded. It is meant for you once you are qualified for the interview, and once you are able to make available those few hours required for the survey. Most of the surveys take anything from five minutes to thirty minutes.

Univox system utilizes demographics. This helps them identify individuals suitable for different survey projects. If you are living in the UK, I would rather recommend this program to make a relatively easy £500/month.

You can be suitable for one survey and may not be suitable for others. This way they send out surveys, which are relevant to the members. Once there is a survey meant for your demographic, you will be contacted for it.

This is why they ask those basic information when you are signing up for the platform. They use it to determine the survey that matches you. This way the company ensures that the most suitable and qualified individuals take the surveys.

However, as I have discussed in my +100 other survey website reviews, I don't recommend wasting your precious time on websites like Univox that reward very little money.

Univox pricing

Does it cost anything to join Univox community? It costs absolutely nothing to join. Instead of paying money to join, you will be rewarded with five hundred points or five dollars for joining. 

Companies utilizing the research company pay and you are paid as well. The system is open to many people across the globe, such as UK, North America, as well Singapore, India, and several other countries across the globe.

The platform simply invites you to take surveys and you will be paid once you reach the payout of twenty-five dollars, which is equivalent to two thousand five hundred points.

The pricing system for survey takers is good. You can earn points and one hundred points are equivalent to $1. Moreover, you can earn money by referring people to use the system. That's the main reason if you have seen some positive Univox reviews.

The cash out is twenty-five dollars and this may not be difficult to reach once you get constant survey invitation. Even if you are not paid for your points immediately or that you fail to reach the payout, your points will never expire.

Moreover, there is a competitive payout rate, which is up to two dollars. The problem is for those who do not get frequent survey invitation. It may be difficult for them to make that payout.

There are different ways of earning money through the system and they include paid surveys, contests, surprise contests, participating in the community, as well as invite a friend and so on.

NOTE: The welcome bonus of $5 is just a marketing trick to lure more people to their service, in my opinion. Actually, the cashout limit is so high that they are not really giving any money away.

Pros & cons of Univox

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with this website, just like the other survey sites. Here are some of the benefits of joining the website: It features a good reward optionYou earn bonus as soon as you sign up with themThe company makes available different payment options

ConsIt features a high payout threshold of twenty-five dollars. This is big and before one can reach that amount, it can take time. Since surveys are not always available, it is not the ideal for many people who are looking for constant ways of earning money.

is univox a scam

A positive thing about Univox is that they are paying in cash. However, they pay so little that it's not worth it at all.

Moreover, the site can sometimes disappoint. It is certain that it is not a user-friendly site and many people are not happy with that.

Nobody can tell how that platform works as it is not transparent on how it works. For instance, it is not easy to say which country is allowed to sign up with the platform and those that are not allowed to sign up.

Even in some of the countries it is purported to work, survey jobs are not readily available and they have to wait for a long time before they can get any job to do.

Is Univox Worth It?

The answer to the question, as to whether Univox is worth it is no. It is not worth it. It is simply a waste of time. There are other ways of earning money on the internet and is paid for it instantly.

Moreover, if you reside in those countries where survey opportunities are limited, it is possible that you can spend several weeks without filling any survey, since the system is dependent on where you reside.

The worst is that the community is uninspiring. It is boring. There is nothing enterprising in the community that makes it attractive to its members. It is a waste of time to join them.

univox reviews

Únivox has received extremely bad reviews on SurveyPolice. The average rating is 1,6 stars out of 5.

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The worst thing about the system is the high threshold. Before you are paid, you must have earned up to twenty-five dollars. It is not possible to earn the money for a short time, because surveys are not readily available.

Even the other methods of earning money from the system do not work. It is not a user-friendly program; it does not make sense to refer friends and relations.

The only good aspect of it is that you can receive your money through PayPal. However, you can hardly be paid because you cannot get that payout easily.

Is Univox a Scam?

It is wrong to describe Univox community as a scam. It is a legit and people can actually earn money through the system. You do not need to worry yourself about whether it is a scam or not.

It is definitely not a scam. The website is verifiable. Its owners are known. There is nothing in it that suggests that it does not do what it promises. The only grouse with it is that the payout is big.

Moreover, works available are not available for all members since members are invited based on their geographic location. It is not a scam.

You can earn money with the system, but the problem is that time you have to wait for the payout does not worth it. You could spend the same time and earn money in other internet productive ventures.

Better Ways to Make Money?

Univox is one of the ways of earning money. It is a survey site based in the US. It offers three payment methods and can reward members instantly with points worth five dollars to sign up.

It may not be best for those looking for good ways of earning money. There are much better alternatives out there.

I have reviewed more than 400 make money online/online business opportunities during 3 years. I have been doing it full time already for a good while.

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4 step process for making money online

What kind of experiences do you have with Univox and other survey sites?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Aside from being pretty low-paying and time-wasting, one thing that’s quite alarming about Univox and similar survey sites is that they are way too invasive of every joiner’s privacy. You practically have to tell them your whole life story before you get qualified! To me, that’s just too much for too little.

    One more thing is the “interview”. So far Univox is the only survey site I’ve encountered with an interview portion to earn. Most of its competitors don’t do that. What would you get out of that anyway? Would you have a better earning potential in participating in these interviews than filling out a regular survey form? In any case, it’s still not worth the while.

    1. Yes, usually interviews from this kind of survey sites pay more than just regular surveys. However, often they are limited to the specific area or country like UK or US.

  2. Placing the cash out limit at $25 which is about 25000 points on the site is something that can discourage anyone that is interested in earning some quick money on the internet. Also, I always see surveys sites such as Univox as time consuming and not necessarily worth it when compared to other opportunities we have on the internet. So, it is really not worth my time as well.

    1. Yeah. I think that $25 would not be a huge cash out limit if we would be talking about other kinds of online income sources. Most affiliate programs require $50 before cashing out but it’s okay. When it comes to surveys we know that it can take ages to reach that $25 while with affiliate marketing even one sale can easily make a $50 commission.

      1. It is time that it takes for one to reach the cash out limit that is worrying. If the money that they pay is somewhat higher, there is no need to complain about the $25 cash out limit as you can easily make it in a day or a week.

  3. I just needed to see the SurveyPolice score to see that Univox is not one of the good survey sites out there. I use SurveyPolice reviews to determine whether I join a lot of the survey sites I see, I’m only an active user of around 3-4 survey sites because there are very few that actually pay decently and send regular surveys. I definitely won’t be joining this site.

    1. SurveyPolice is fine for defining the quality of survey sites but I have noticed that they give good ratings for sites that also pay very low.

      How much would you estimate the best hourly earnings with online surveys? Based on my research, the earnings are almost always less than $5 per hour and many times even less than $1 per hour. Have you found any survey site that would pay over $5 or $10 per hour?

  4. I couldn’t help myself but laugh with your summary of Univox labeling it a survey site for people who don’t have ambition in life. I’m sure that the reason why you term it so was because it’s time consuming to participate in the survey and earn money when there are other viable options or alternatives which one can pursue and make more money instead of wasting valuable time doing survey on Univox.

    1. Sometimes I have a bit strict opinions like that, lol 😀

      But anyway I like recommending only opportunities that I would be comfortable using myself or recommend to my closest friends. That ensures me and people who read my content that my recommendations are worth it.

      1. Yeah, it’s nice to be blunt with some explanation because most times some people fail to grasp the actual message when the points aren’t set straight forward and firm just like you did with analyzing Univox. So therefore, anyone who decides to take it up wouldn’t he/she doesn’t know fully well what they are going into.

  5. I also don’t think surveys are a good online money making opportunity. I can’t say they don’t work. I’ve just never come across a survey opportunity that does. You can’t make any meaningful cash. It would take you a whole year to make $10 and here you say you need $25 dollars to withdraw money. So you can withdraw money in 3 years. Lol! So ridiculous! However I think it also depends on which country you come from. If you are from the US, lucky you.

    1. Yeah, online surveys just aren’t worth it. Whether you would be from the US, Europe or any other country, there are much better opportunities out there.

      Surveys pay so little because basically anyone could do them. If you want to earn better, you must do something more interesting and unique.

  6. While filling out online surveys might seem like a piece of cake for a job, I agree that they’re just not worth wasting time. And even if they all say that they keep your details confidential and that they’re used exclusively for their business, still the information you give them is not really worth the amount of money you could get in return.

  7. I have never tried Univox, in fact, I have not even heard of Univox. Perhaps, because I do not participate in surveys. Surveys work mostly in the US and the UK. I am from Nepal and surveys are not available in my location, not even the ones that is tagged as international. having said that I am willing to check this program and see if I can participate.

    1. It’s a bit surprising to hear that surveys are not available in Nepal. Maybe you mentioned of that before but I’m still a bit surprised. It’s probably because many big brands don’t operate so much in Nepal so they don’t need answers from that audience.

      However, I think that you don’t miss anything. I have reviewed +100 survey sites and they just simply aren’t worth it.

      1. When people recommended me to use survey sites to make money. I registered on a handful of survey sites. However, there was no surveys avalable to me. Those thatb were available were poorly paid. I never reached withdrawal threshold on th sites where I did survey. Therefore, I gave up. I think paid forum posting is a better way to make some bucks online.

        1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

          I would also recommend that you pick one of your websites, Vinaya, start focusing on building them to make money with affiliate marketing, for example. I know that after a while you will be able to make much more money with your website than you make with paid forum posting.

  8. Wow, I was just signing up for this site today before I read your post. It’s a good thing they aren’t accepting new applicants right now and I didn’t waste my time. I find the $25 cashout hilarious and once I saw that, I lost interest already.

    I hope you can make more posts like these. Sites or programmes that are available globally, I mean. I want to learn a new website to earn from that is worth the time and effort that you put in.

    1. Yeah, $25 cashout limit for a survey site is quite high because usually their limit is like $5. Anyway, I have reviewed around 100 survey sites and cashed out money from some of them. However, I don’t use any of them anymore and I don’t use them to other people either.

      Take a look at here to see +15 wonderful ways to make money online.

  9. Well hearing it is not a scam in and of itself is a good thing, but it definitely sounds like something that is not at all lucrative and might be best overlooked. All the more while to take a second look I guess and just get that confirmation.

    1. Yeah, while making a review of Univox, I wasn’t surprised to find out that the income potential is so small. Surveys just aren’t worth the time and effort because there are much better opportunities out there.

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