Is Profit Accumulator a Scam Or #1 Matched Betting Tool?

Weclome to my Profit Accumulator review!

Recently, we have been reviewing the best matched betting tools available and today I will show you the biggest one, Profit Accumulator.

More than 100,000 paying customers have used this tool over the years to make lots of money online. The answer to the title's question, "Is Profit Accumulator a scam?" is "No, it's definitely not a scam."

Is Profit Accumulator the best matched betting in the world? Let me share my own opinion.

Profit Accumulator Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Profit Accumulator


Product Type: Matched Betting Tool, Training & Resource

Price: Free Account Available. Platinum Membership £17,99

Best for: Anyone who wants to make money online with matched betting.

is profit accumulator a scam

Summary: Many Profit Accumulator users usually say, "It sounded too good to be true but it wasn't. This tool has helped me to make already £x,xxx online."  Profit Accumulator is really as good as it sounds and it will help anyone to earn a nice extra income online.

Recommended? Yes.

Note: Profit Accumulator is one of the best tools for making money with matched betting. However, if you want to earn passive income online, I advice you taking a look at my #1 recommendation.

Is Profit Accumulator Legit? - My Video Review

Before you dive into my comprehensive Profit Accumulator article, I want to provide you an opportunity to take a look at my PA video.

In the video, I explain whether or not Profit Accumulator is a great way to make money online.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me and I will be more than happy to help you out!

What Is Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator is the biggest and probably the most well-known matched betting tool in the world. The purpose of their training and tool is to teach anyone to make money online with matched betting.

Profit Accumulator provides tons of step-by-step tutorials so even a complete beginner can start making money with matched betting by following their training.

They have also a huge and engaging forum where you can connect with other members that have the same goal: make easy money online with matched betting.

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How Does Profit Accumulator Work?

Making money with Profit Accumulator is as easy as 1-2-3. Actually, I am sometimes wondering why don't more people make money with matched betting because it's a 100% guaranteed way to earn money. Probably the most common reason is that everyone don't know about this opportunity.

How does profit accumulator work

Making money with Profit Accumulator is as easy as 1-2-3.

Profit Accumulator's tools show you the most profitable betting options right away. Therefore, you can just follow their step-by-step offer guides to place your bets.

Remember that matched betting is not gambling!

You will make money in every possible scenario. That's the idea of matched betting and Profit Accumulator. You are not supposed to take any risks but only take guaranteed profits.

You can learn more on how does Profit Accumulator work on their official website.

How Much Can You Earn with Profit Accumulator?

As I have explained you in my other matched betting articles, typical earnings with matched betting are around £500-1,000/month. The more time you put in, the more you earn.

If you are making it as your primary source of income, you can make more than £1,500-2,000/month. However, it also depends on what kind of offers betting sites are providing at that specific moment.

Most people do matched betting only as their pastime hobby so typical earnings are ~£500/month.

You need to keep in mind that it's completely tax free income in the UK based on the law. Therefore, £500 from matched betting is more than £500 gross income from a typical 9-5 job.

If you make £900/month with matched betting, that equals almost to £20,000 annual gross income.

Benefits of Profit Accumulator

Next I would like to discuss about several benefits of Profit Accumulator. It's certainly one of the best and the most advanced matched betting tools so I must mention these details to you.

Profit Accumulator was founded back in 2014 and it has grown into the biggest matched betting service and community. They have had massive +100,000 paying customers.

One of the greatest benefits of Profit Accumulator especially for beginners are their detailed step-by-step guides. By following these guides you will make money even without any further experience.

In addition, these guides are also great for more experienced matched betters because you don't need to use your own time to search the best offers. They will do the research for you and show you the best offers right away.

Profit Accumulator's Oddsmatcher is their core tool and it can save hundreds of hours and make you thousands of pounds over the time course.

Profit Accumulator support serves every day, 7 days a week via freephone, email, help center and through a huge matched betting forum.

Their Profit Tracker tool will keep the the track of your earnings so you don't need to do that manually. It will also provide you a beautiful visual presentation of all the profits that you have made with the help of their service.

In the image below, you'll get a quick summary of 6 benefits.

profit accumulator Benefits

6 Benefits of Profit Accumulator

Are There Any Risks When Using Profit Accumulator?


If you follow their step-by-step instructions, you will make a guaranteed income. Already more than 100,000 paying customers have been using Profit Accumulator and the number is constantly growing.

I think the only scenario where you would lose money is that you just buy their membership but don't use it. Anyone who puts the training in the practice will make money.

That's why pretty much their members have been so satisfied with the service. It has truly helped them to make money online with matched betting. Let's talk about this more in our next chapter.

Profit Accumulator Reviews

Over the years thousands and thousands of members have earned a huge amount of money using Profit Accumulator. While top-earners make over £2,000 or even £3,000 during their best months, the average earnings are around £500-1,000/month.

Here are some of the statistics from Profit Accumulator reviews online:

  • 4,9 stars out of 5 based on 111 votes on HonestBettingReviews
  • 8,8 stars out of 10 based on 33 reviews on TrustPilot
  • Many individual sites have given it 5 stars out of 5 or 10 stars out of 10.

Let me show you a few Profit Accumulator reviews from their customers.

profit accumulator reviews
profit accumulator review
is profit accumulator a scam

These are only 3 examples of how much money Profit Accumulator members are making. There are thousands of members that Profit Accumulator has helped to make money online. If I would show all of them here, this article would never end.

Would you like to become the next Profit Accumulator success story?

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey

OddsMonkey homepage

OddsMonkey homepage

Profit Accumulator's biggest competitor is probably OddsMonkey. It's another major matched betting tool and it has received lots of recognition over the past years.

In my opinion, both tools are highly recommended and they have their own advantages.

Profit Accumulator Strengths Compared to OddsMonkey:

  • Active and engaging community
  • Huge amount of registered users (+200,000 members, +100,000 paying customers)
  • Detailed step-by-step offer guides. Sometimes different offers than on OddsMonkey.

OddsMonkey Strengths Compared to Profit Accumulator:

  • They have the best set of software and tools
  • Their OddsMatcher is the market leader
  • Integrated with Betfair for only 2% fees
  • Step-by-step offer guides sometimes from a different angle than on Profit Accumulator.

My recommendation is the following:

If you are a beginner, just pick one of these tools and start making money with it. If you are more advanced matched bettor, use them both to maximize your profits.

Profit Squirrel vs Profit Accumulator

profit squirrel homepage

Profit Squirrel Homepage.

Profit Squirrel is another major matched betting tool from the UK. Their benefits are a very simple, beginner-friendly interface and easy step-by-step tutorials.

However, my opinion is that Profit Squirrel is not yes as advanced that Profit Accumulator or OddsMonkey. Actually, Profit Squirrel is leasing OddsMonkey's Oddsmatcher software.

If you are a beginner, you can get started with Profit Squirrel as well but my recommendation is that you stick to Profit Accumulator or OddsMonkey.

Profit Accumulator Pricing

It's completely free to get started with Profit Accumulator and you can immediately make your first £45 and cash it out.

7-Day Make Money Online Email Course

Learn SIMPLE steps to make a LIFE-CHANGING INCOME online. I will help you hand-by-hand!

However, if you want to make the biggest profits, I highly recommend that you upgrade to Platinum membership. It will give you an access to premium tools on Profit Accumulator that make matched betting easier and more profitable.

The price of the Platinum membership is only £17,99/month so it's also very affordable. You'll earn that money in an hour or two with by following their instructions.

You can get the Platinum membership even for a cheaper price with the annual plan because they charge only £150 per year.

Conclusion - Is Profit Accumulator Worth It?

Yes, Profit Accumulator is obviously worth it especially if you are living in the UK. You can make right away £45 profit with your free account without spending a single penny on their membership.

Their premium membership is very affordable (only £17,99/month or £150/year). You'll actually earn the annual membership price back very quickly.

Anybody who uses Profit Accumulator in the UK will make thousands of pounds tax-free income over the time course. Some members who have used it already for years have made even tens of thousands of pounds.

Most members make their income by using only some extra time on the Profit Accumulator and matched betting which means that your hourly salary will be much better than in a typical 9-5 job.

The only real drawback with matched betting is that you can't make passive income with it. If you are looking for ways where you can build several passive income streams online, I suggest taking a look at my #1 recommendation.

What kind of experiences do you have with Profit Accumulator and other matched betting tools? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Another great betting review. I wish I lived in the Uk. I’ve looked online and they have thousands and thousands of options in terms of offers that are available for match betting. It’s worth taking a look because some websites accept International customers.

    I mean even if you can make half this money, I think it’s worth it. You can also try he tips given on offers given for bookies in your own country. I’m definitely going to give this a shot. But now am confused, what do I choose? Profit accumulator or Odds Monkey?

  2. Gambling, in any form, is illegal in our home country, including betting. If someone is found betting, he will be fined or sent to prison. Because of loop holes in the legal system, some people bet online. There is no clear rules regarding online betting. I do not have first hand experience of betting. I found this concept interesting. I will check the website to know more about this program.

    1. Aa yeah, in some countries betting is illegal. That’s why Profit Accumulator is primarily targeted towards people in the UK.

      Well, if you ever move abroad, you may consider making money with this strategy then.

  3. Do these programs use different algorithms? Do you know much about the inner workings of the software?

    1. I know that at least Profit Squirrel and OddsMonkey use the same OddsMatcher. However, other tools may be slightly different even though they have similarities in offers. If you have more specific questions about the algorithms, I recommend contacting their support directly.

  4. Betting is one major trend that is going on in the world today, millions of people are actively engaged in one form of betting or another and the lucky ones are making good amount of money off betting sites. Profit Accumulator seems to be good way to go with betting and earning from it. I would like to know if Profit Accumulator services is only available to people living in UK?

    1. I think that betting in a way of gambling isn’t nice but matched betting is different because it’s like a guaranteed way to make money without risks.

      I think that Profit Accumulator mainly operates in the UK because many of their offers are only available there.

      1. One thing with human beings about gambling is that there are well aware about the risks that comes with gambling and still yet would take part in it. There was a man I knew that used his car to wager a gambling bet and lost.

        Using Profit Accumulator offers a safe and risk free chance of using matched betting to make money without the fear of losing money. It’s a shame their services is only available for people living in UK.

        1. Yeah, I don’t like gambling either because I feel it’s a bit unbiblical and I’m a Christian. But matched betting is just mathematics.

          Actually, matched betting works also in other countries than UK. I have some friends in Finland who did it there. Just need to check what kind of offers bookmakers have available for specific countries.

          1. Haha, you are funny Roope. So because you are a Christian and for that reason gambling isn’t acceptable to you. Well, that’s nice to be one strong observer of your Christian religious doctrines. Here, people – Christians wouldn’t mind getting into betting. There are this betting company called Bet9ja, it has absorbed 90% of all youths in my country today both Christians and none Christians. Even old people are into it as well.

          2. That’s again interesting to hear. You always educate me well about the Nigerian culture! 🙂

            I became a Christina when I was 16 years old. Before that I made good money (thousands of dollars quite effortlessly) with online poker. However, when I became a Christian, I threw away all my poker books and material that I had. I stopped playing even though I was making good money with it because I figured out that gambling is not good for a Christian.

            I still have several friends who make their living with online poker but I don’t personally support it.

            I talk about the reasons a little bit on my PokerStars review.

          3. I try as much as I can to bring out the my culture out in the world because I take pride in letting the outside world know what is obtainable here.

            It’s good that you found your calling in Christianity and taking it very serious as well. I’m a catholic Christian as well with my father being a knight but I don’t think I have much devotion like you.

            I can relate well about keep ledgers or poker book as you called it. Most people who play R&S Lotto keeps quite a record for their playing.

          4. I see, I see.

            Actually, when talking about poker books I didn’t talk about keeping ledgers or records but educational books that taught the strategies and psychology. I threw them to the trash even though they would’ve been worth +100€ because I thought, “No poker anymore!” 😉 lol

          5. Haha, I can relate well to how one can get when he/she says no more to a particular thing. It’s get rid of anything that would remind him/her of such stuff again. I did the same thing when I said no more to ponzi schemes, I practically left all the Facebook groups, Telegram chat groups where most of these ponzi sites are published for us. I even had to uninstall my Telegram chat till today and never wanted to download it again.

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