OddsMonkey Reviews 2018 – Everything You Need to Know!

OddsMonkey homepage
OddsMonkey homepage

If you have been looking for comprehensive OddsMonkey reviews, you have come to the right place.

I decided to write you the most comprehensive OddsMonkey review that you could ever find to provide you the best possible insights about this tool and service.

OddsMonkey Review Summary

Product Name: OddsMonkey

Website: www.OddsMonkey.com

Product Type: Matched Betting Training & Tools

Price: Free / £17.99 per month / 
£150.00 per year

Best for: People who want to maximize their earnings with matched betting.

OddsMonkey homepage

Summary: OddsMonkey is my #1 recommended tool for anyone who wants to make money online with matched betting. Their tools and training provide everything you need to make money with this technique.

Average members are reporting about £900/month earnings while record months have been almost £3,000 in a single month.

Recommended: Yes

Note: If you want to make a huge income online (+£10,000/month), that's not possible with matched betting. For such income I recommend following this step-by-step training.

OddsMonkey Video Review

In order to provide you the most comprehensive review, I also decided to create you a video of OddsMonkey.

I believe you will find it helpful and valuable. If you need any help or if you have any questions of making money with OddsMonkey, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out as always.

Probably the best way to get the answers is still to try OddsMonkey yourself.

What Is OddsMonkey

OddsMonkey is probably the most comprehensive matched betting resource you will ever find. They provide more than 100 tutorials and numerous tools to help you to make money with matched betting.

Let me just name a few of their resources:

  • +100 Training Tutorials
  • OddsMatcher
  • Daily Offer Calendar
  • Dutch Matcher
  • Each Way Matcher
  • Horse Racing - Non Runners
  • And More!

The purpose of all these tools is to help you to earn more money with matched betting. 

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is simply a betting technique that takes an advantage of the bonuses, offers and incentives offered by bookmakers. Matched betting is also known as double betting, back bet betting and lay bet betting.

Even though it's called "betting", it's not gambling because you are making guaranteed profit. The math behind matched betting guarantees that you are making profits.

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Let me say a simplified example. You get a £100 welcome bonus from the betting site. You need to make at least 3 bets to claim your bonus.

You bet for 3 tennis matches. In each of these matches you bet for both players' wins. In each match you lose £10 but now you are able to get your bonus. You lost £30 but your bonus covers it and you made an £70 profit.

How Does OddsMonkey Work?

You could do matched betting by manually searching bonuses, offers and incentives on different betting sites and bookmakers but in the long run it would be extremely time-consuming.

Therefore, OddsMonkey has created a set of tools that will show you automatically the best offers on more than 90 betting websites. Let me present a few of their interesting tools here.

 I will not go through all of them because otherwise this article would be extremely long but you can check out all of them for free on their website.

  • +100 Matched Betting Tutorials

OddsMonkey provides you more than 100 tutorials for matched betting. This means that even a complete beginner will learn to make a significant amount of money with the help of their training.

After all, matched betting is pretty simple and even a person without any former knowledge or education can make their first profits within the first 20 minutes.

OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher Tool

OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher Tool

  • The OddsMatcher

This is OddsMonkey's core tool and it was created already back in 2011. It was created by the founder of OddsMonkey to help you to find awesome offers faster and more easily.

The tool finds, compares and sorts offers on 4 betting exchanges and on +90 bookmakers. It will definitely save you tons of time, effort and money because you don't need to go through any of those +90 sites manually. The OddsMatcher does all the heavy-lifting for you.

It also rates each offer depending on how profitable they are for you. This way you can choose the most profitable offers right away. With OddsMatcher you can also filter specific matches by betting exchange ,bookmaker, sport or market.

Daily Offer Calendar

  • Daily Offer Calendar

Daily offer calendar searches the special offers each day and shows you the information about them. This tool helps you to easily skim through what kind of offers there are available for today.

In addition, the tool sorts the offers based on their difficulty (Easy, Average, Hard). Therefore, you can choose suitable offers for your current matched betting level.

If you are an existing customer, you can also choose to receive daily offers to your email to save your time.

Dutchmatcher on oddsmonkey
  • Dutch Matcher

Dutch Matcher is an advanced tool that shows you the bets that you need to do in order to equalize your profit for all outcomes.

Dutching method will help you to save money by not paying exchange commissions because you can two wagering requirements at once. The rules may differ on different bookmakers but this Dutch Matcher covers all of it.

I recommend that you don't start with the Dutch Matcher only after you have done through the basic tools and the training.

oddsmonkey community

As a member you have an opportunity to connect with the OddsMonkey Community

  • OddsMonkey Community

OddsMonkey forum enables you to connect with the other members of the members of the community. Connecting with other members helps you to find the offers more easily and get new inspiration.

I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate online business community for almost 3 years now. During those 3 years I have really noticed the benefit of a community. It gives you more motivation to more forward and improve all the time.

How Much Can You Earn with OddsMonkey

OddsMonkey has reported that average earnings that users publish on their forum are around £900 per month. That's even much better than on a competing site called Profit Squirrel where people make usually £500 per month.

That's probably because OddsMonkey offers even more tools and resources than Profit Squirrel. Many experts and authorities in the matched betting industry claim that OddsMonkey is the best tool for people who want to make money with matched betting.

You also need to keep in mind that your earnings with matched betting are completely tax-free income. It means that if you are earning £900 with matched betting, your net income is around the same as with the person who is making £20,000 annual gross income on a regular job.

Can You Make a Living with OddsMonkey

This depends on how do you define, "making a living".

If you are not a big spender, you can certainly make a living with matched betting. But if you are living in the heart of London, buying expensive clothes and eating in high-quality restaurants, you most likely can't make a living with matched betting.

On the other hand, if you are living a normal or a bit frugal lifestyle, you could comfortably make a living with matched betting. So, it depends a bit on your spending habits.

Some people are making a living with matched betting. Did you see the guy on the homepage of OddsMonkey? His name is Gavin and you can read his interview here.

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He has been comfortably making around £1,400 per month with OddsMonkey. He's a big sports fan anyway so making money with them doesn't bother him at all.

Gavin makes around £1,400 per month with matched betting.

Gavin's record month so far has been £2,950. I have also seen a guy who had a record month of +£5,000 but he said that it's not possible to make consistently so big money. Typically his earnings were around £1,500 with matched betting.

Your earnings will depend also on the time you put in and the initial amount of money that you have for this.

You can, of course, start out with £100 and climb your way up little by little. That just take a little bit of time but eventually you will have a nice amount of money.

Let's say that when you have £4,000 to invest for matched betting, you can run so many offers that it will make you a nice income. That's also what experts in OddsMonkey are saying.

OddsMonkey Pricing

OddsMonkey has 3 pricing levels. Let me show them in the picture below and explain what you'll get with each plan.

  1. FREE Account
  2. Monthly £17,99 Premium Account - Most Popular
  3. Yearly £150 Premium Account - Best value
oddsmonkey pricing
oddsmonkey pricing

As you can see in the picture below, you can get started for free and make your first £45 immediately with the free account. No credits card required so you can get started immediately and you also get an access to their basic online support.

Monthly membership is the most popular plan because with it you can start enjoying all the premium tools with a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee:

  • Access over +100 tutorials
  • Access all matched betting software and tools by OddsMonkey
  • Access to OddMonkey online community
  • Access to full online support
  • And more.

I recommend starting with the monthly plan if you are just trying it out. You will have an access to all premium tools and make your first profits. You can comfortably upgrade to the yearly membership when you have been convinced that the system really works and you are making money consistently.

Actually, you will earn much more than £150 (the price of a yearly membership) during the first month. Usually, complete beginners make several hundreds of pounds or even a bit over thousand pounds during the first month because you will get the best welcome bonuses from betting sites.

Is OddsMonkey Risk-Free And Legal? 

Yes and yes.

I have already discussed about this subject on my Profit Squirrel review (Profit Squirrel is another matched betting tool).

OddsMonkey and matched betting are completely legal because you are following betting sites' own rules. The spokesperson of William Hill (which is one of the biggest betting sites in the world) has told that the betting industry doesn't have a problem with matched betting.

The only risk is that some bookmakers will ban you from their site after you have cashed out "too much value" (=money) from their site. That's the biggest risk there is.

Then you can naturally move to another bookmakers because there are hundreds of different betting sites on the Internet.

OddsMonkey Reviews And Testimonials

OddsMonkey has received extremely positive reviews by its users. If you have landed on my site through Google, you have probably noticed that pretty much everybody is praising OddsMonkey.

Let me show an authority review site called Reviews.co.uk. Already 126 users have left their review of OddsMonkey there and you can see the results below.

oddsmonkey review

OddsMonkey Reviews on https://www.reviews.co.uk

OddsMonkey received an average rating of 4,71 stars out of 5 based on 126 reviees. 97% of reviewers recommend OddsMonkey. That's an amazingly good number.

I have reviewed more than 400 websites on YourOnlineRevenue.com and I haven't almost ever seen so positive ratings. Even websites and services usually receive a lower rating than 4,71 stars out of 5.

This proves for me that OddsMonkey is really doing a great job and users love the service.

I also noticed that many matched betting authority sites have given full 5 stars out of 5 or 10 stars out of 10. That's pretty impressive.

OddsMonkey is receiving the best ratings in reviews over and over again.

Before we move forward, let me show just a few examples of what OddsMonkey users are saying on their reviews on Reviews.co.uk.

OddsMonkey made Joel an extra £500 tax-free income in just over 2 weeks.

This user had made over £2,000 in just 7 weeks after joining OddsMonkey and he loves their service.

Profit Squirrel vs OddsMonkey

You may have read my recent review of Profit Squirrel. It's kinda similar website like OddsMonkey. They also offer training and tools for anyone who wants to make money with matched betting.

profit squirrel homepage

Profit Squirrel is another famous matched betting training/software.

Profit Squirrel has received extremely positive reviews from their users and I also gave it a high rating. Their program works and they give a full 30 day profit guarantee. It means that if you don't make profit during the first 30 days, they will give you all your money back and an extra £100.

So, Profit Squirrel is also an awesome website and service. Their support answers all your questions so you don't need to worry about that either.

Should you then go for Profit Squirrel or OddsMonkey if you want to make money with matched betting?

Their pricing is pretty similar. They have 3 plans: FREE, a monthly plan and a yearly plan that costs £150. However, it's still easy to decide for me which one I would recommend for you more.

My #1 recommended matched betting training and software is OddsMonkey because they provide much more tools than Profit Squirrel.

Actually, I contacted OddsMonkey support asking about Profit Squirrel and the availability of offers outside the UK. They said me that OddsMonkey has created the software and they lease it for other providers and one of them is Profit Squirrel.

Therefore, OddsMonkey is also "more original" matched betting software than Profit Squirrel. Both of them are great but OddsMonkey is just better.

OddsMonkey Support

OddsMonkey has a helpful support that is willing to answer to your questions and help you to succeed.

I have contacted OddsMonkey support a few times that they have always come up with an answer. I also read on OddsMonkey reviews that many other people had positive experiences of communicating with the support.

You can contact the support actually through 5 different ways:

  • Email Support
  • OddsMonkey Facebook Page
  • OddsMonkey Twitter Page
  • OddsMonkey YouTube channel
  • Call Them by Phone

OddsMonkey is a registered business in the United Kingdom where they also have their office. You can find all this information on OddsMonkey offical website's support page.

Pros & Cons of OddsMonkey

Here is a short conclusion of this OddsMonkey review. Even though OddsMonkey is my #1 recommendation for matched betting I always want to look at the both sides of the coin in my reviews.


  • Average members report £900 monthly earnings on their forum.
  • Helpful tutorials and step-by-step training helps even complete beginners to get started.
  • The most comprehensive set of tools in the industry. From the basic until advanced tools.
  • Responsive Support.
  • Extremely positive customer reviews.


  • You can't earn passive income with matched betting. That's why there is an income limit and you can't make an income like £10,000/month with OddsMonkey unlike with this step-by-step training.
  • All offers are not available outside the UK. Still, you can use many of their offers and tools that are available all over the world.

Is OddsMonkey Premium Worth It?

If you want to make money online with matched betting, OddsMonkey is a must-to-have tool. It will save you so much time along the way that it wouldn't make any sense not to have it.

Their yearly membership costs only £150 and it will probably pay itself back in a couple of days or at least in a week. The rest of the year you can use all the premium tools for free.

I recommend that you start making money with OddsMonkey and also accumulate passive income with this training. You can make enough money for living in the OddsMonkey (and on other active income channels) while you are building multiple passive income streams.

Have you used OddsMonkey or other matched betting services?

How much money did you make?

If you have any questions about OddsMonkey, matched betting or making money online, in general, don't hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out personally.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of YourOnlineRevenue.com. I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hello Roope,

    Thank you for your informative articles, especially your matched betting reviews.

    I understand that most of the promos are for UK residents, but I live in Nigeria.

    Do you think it will be a good idea to join from Nigeria?

    How can you guide me to get started as a newbie? – (I just heard about Matched Betting from you)

    Would like to have your email.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Mike,

      I would recommend searching, “Matched betting Nigeria” and other relevant search terms.

      Matched betting is based on the idea to take advantage of the bonuses and incentives that bookmakers offer. If the bonus is not available in Nigeria, then it’s not possible to use it there. But I guess that they also provide bonuses for Nigerians.

      I think that you need to make your own research on this because I am not an expert with the Nigerian matched betting tools. You can of course go through the OddsMonkey and other matched betting training to understand how it works and apply the same principles to the Nigerian market.

  2. I honestly enjoy reading your reviews. I learn so much from them. I’ve done matched betting before and I know that you can make money from it.The problem is looking for the offers through the internet. I like the ideas of Odds monkey because, they look like they can help. There is nothing to lose because of the free membership, so I will give this a try.

    1. Wow that’s a great to hear that you find my reviews valuable.

      Yeah, OddsMonkey shows you the best matched betting opportunities and offers automatically which saves tons of time and money.

  3. I’m pretty new to this idea of matched betting so sorry if my questions are pretty simple and something that I really should know already. In your example where there was a $70 profit made, can the user then take that $70 profit out and be paid? Or is that $70 only for further bets that can be made on the actual betting site?

    1. The example was that you can then just take that $70 and leave. Then rinse and repeat. That’s one example how you make money with matched betting but of course there are other methods as well.

      The idea is also that you don’t need to keep the money on the betting site if you don’t want but you can cash out your bonuses then.

  4. This sounds new to me but what was discussed here looks promising as it a risk-free investment of making money online. Unlike what I have been involved with ordinary betting where there is 100% risk of losing money when a bet is placed. I know how much money I have lost in ordinary betting when just one game cuts my coupon and I end up losing the entire bet.

    1. That is why you need to calculate the odds (or let the bot calculate them) in matched betting. You (or the bot) takes all possibilities into account so you will win money despite what happens.

  5. Really is great of you to type these guides up, honestly. I wish I had time to look into matched betting myself, but I’ve been messing around with a few other “work from home” type methods that are occupying most of my free time. I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of it before until I joined your website.

    It seems like you would find the most success in something like matched betting with software that helps with some of the technical aspects, so it’s nice to have reviews on software to get a more reliable idea of how it will work for you.

    1. Yeah, a software/training will get you started and going faster. In addition, it’s faster to make money with matched betting when the tool calculates the odds automatically for you and chooses the best ones.

      Another strategy is to calculate everything manually but that’s quite time-consuming.

  6. After reading this review, I am kind of fascinated to use this program. I have tried a couple of betting programs, however, I have never made money from betting. Oddsmonkey looks like the win-win thing. I am based in Nepal and I really hope that I will be able to use the offers available through oddsmonkey.

    1. Yeah. As I mentioned in another comment before, you need to keep in mind that matched betting isn’t really betting. It’s a guaranteed way to make money unlike normal betting.

      I think the best way to find out which offers are available in Nepal is to sign up for free and try the out yourself.

  7. I had one bad trait that I tried to suppress as much as I can and that is betting.
    I do not bet like before, I gave it up but I still have a good knowledge about odds.
    Especially football matches.
    This provides a nice way for those who have good knowledge about this matter, to earn some extra money.
    Will give it a try and leave a feedback!

    1. Did you know that matched betting is not actually betting.

      With matched betting you don’t gamble because you take all possibilities into account. That’s why it’s a guaranteed way to make money. Your chances of losing money are right around 0.

      That’s the difference between matched betting and “normal betting”. With normal betting you need skills and there are risks while matched betting is a risk-free strategy to make money online.

      1. Of course, Roope, I understand that.I am just saying that I am familiar with the odds.
        I used to bet a lot so I know how odds work and how are they formed.I have a decent knowledge in it.
        Thanks for looking out for me in this one!

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