Is Profit Squirrel a Scam? – No, You Will Make £500/Month With It

If you have been looking for a comprehensive Profit Squirrel review, you have come to the right page.

In this Profit Squirrel review, I am going to show and explain everything you need to know about their website and service. In addition, I am going to answer a big question, "Is Profit Squirrel a scam or a legitimate way to make money online?"

Without further ado, let's get going!

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Profit Squirrel Review - Summary

Product Name: Profit Squirrel

Website: www.ProfitSquirrel.com

Product Type: Matched Betting Training & Tools

Price: Free / £24,99 per month / £150 per year

Best for: People who want to make easy money with matched betting.

profit squirrel homepage

Summary: Profit Squirrel provides a step-by-step training and helpful tools for anyone who wants to make money online with matched betting. If you want to make an extra £500/month, Profit Squirrel could be worth trying.

If you, however, aim for a bigger income (£10,000/month), I'd rather recommend starting building your own online business with this step-by-step training.

Note: Profit Squirrel is a great tool and I can recommend it. However, my #1 recommended matched betting tool is called OddsMonkey because it provides more tools for the same price.

Profit Squirrel Tutorial + Video Review

Before you dive into my Profit Squirrel article, I want to give you an opportunity to take a look at my Profit Squirrel video tutorial and review.

In this video, I answer all your questions about Profit Squirrel and I am sure this will help you to get started.

If you have any questions, you can always feel free to ask me the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

What Is Profit Squirrel?

Profit Squirrel is a website that provides a step-by-step training for anyone who wants to make money with matched betting.

They will walk you through the whole process of making money with matched betting with video and text tutorials. So, even a complete beginner will be able to make money with it.

Actually, Profit Squirrel is so guaranteed that everyone will make profit that they offer £100 for anyone who didn't make profit during the first 30 days.

If you haven't heard before what is matched betting, let me give you a quick explanation in the next chapter.

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What Is Matched Betting?

In matched betting, you take make money with the bonuses from online betting sites and casinos. Even though it's called betting, it's actually a risk-free strategy to make money.

Let's say, for example, that a website provides a £100 sign up bonus for new members. In order to claim the bonus, you need to make a few bets on their site.

Then you make a few bets where you lay the bet for both sides. For example, in a tennis match, you bet for winning for both players. You will obviously lose a bit money in that bet but your £100 sign up bonus will cover that.

Once you've done a few bets like this, you can claim your £100 bonus and keep the money. Then you just rinse & repeat on other sites. Notice that sign up bonuses are not the only bonuses that online betting sites offer. There are tens of different kind of bonuses on hundreds of different websites.

As I mentioned above, Profit Squirrel will show you all the best available offers for betting sites. Their website gathers the information from numerous sites and the machine shows them automatically for you.

How Does Profit Squirrel Work?

Profit Squirrel offers you

  • Step-by-step training videos
  • Tutorials
  • Dedicated support team
  • Matched betting software
  • And more.

If you are a complete beginner, I recommend that you start by following their step-by-step training. Most of their tutorial videos are shorter than 5 minutes. The first one is a bit longer (20 minutes) because it will walk you through their platform and explain how you will make money with matched betting.

Let me show you in the picture below how it looks like in the members' area.

Profit Squirrel member's area

A picture inside Profit Squirrel member's area.

You can see on the top of the page two links called "Odds Calculator" and "Oddsmatcher".

Odds Calculator is a tool that will help you to calculate your profit and earnings Oddsmatcher will help you to find the odds you want on betting websites. Have a look at the picture below:

Profit Squirrel Oddsmatcher

Profit Squirrel Oddsmatcher shows you the matches and games with the profitable betting options for you.

I understand that at the beginning it may take some time to learn to use the tool but if you follow their step-by-step training, it will be a piece of cake.

When you have done the process of making money with matched betting several times, it always becomes faster and faster. The task that took you 10 minutes to complete will take 5 minutes or even less afterwards.

Profit Squirrel has more than a hundred offers at the moment so you will make quite a significant amount of money just by going through their offers.

How Much Can You Earn with Profit Squirrel?

If you are a beginner, you can earn pretty well because you will get an advantage of all bonuses. Just by claiming all the welcome bonuses you can make around £1,500.

Regular earnings, after you have signed up and claimed the claimed the welcome bonuses, are around £500 per month. It may sound like a little money but you need to keep in mind that matched betting doesn't require much time.

In addition, all the earnings from the matched betting are completely tax free. I think that your earning potential would be even a bit higher with OddsMonkey than with Profit Squirrel because they provide additional tools.

Therefore, I believe that your hourly salary from matched betting is much higher than the average hourly salary in the UK.

A good thing with matched betting is that it doesn't require much time. Of course, at the beginning you need to learn the process but once you have done it a few times, you just rinse and repeat.

I will show you some examples of typical earnings below. Some people make £2,400 in 5 months just by doing some matched betting on their free time and some people make £1,000 in 2-3 months. It of course depends on your effort but £500/month (=$710) is quite typical nowadays.

As I mentioned above, you can't usually make $10,000/month online with matched betting. If you are looking for such a big income, I recommend following my #1 recommended step-by-step training.

Profit Squirrel Pricing

Profit Squirrel has three pricing levels:

  1. FREE Membership
  2. £24,99 monthly membership
  3. £150 yearly membership

They offer a complete 30 day profit guarantee. It means that if you don't make profit during your first 30 days, they will give your money back and an extra £100.

That's a pretty powerful guarantee. They can offer something like that because anyone can make some money with matched betting easily. You just need to follow the step-by-step training. 

A paid premium membership will give you an access to all the following tools:

  • Earn up to £1,500 from welcome offers. They have more than 50 offers that you can use right away.
  • Make an extra £500 every month. £150 yearly membership is just chicken fees when you make +£500 profit with it.
  • Access to the Profit Squirrel betting software. Their software finds you all the best offers and bonuses automatically.
  • Access to Profit Squirrel community. You can connect with other members in a private group.
  • Access to the dedicated UK Support. Profit Squirrel support team promises to help you succeed.

Is Matched Betting Risk-Free?

Yes, it's risk-free.

The only risk you have is that some betting sites may eventually ban you from their website because you are taking too much money (or "value" like they usually call it) out.

That's the only risk you have but it isn't bad because there are probably hundreds of different betting sites where you can still make profits.

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Is Matched Betting Legal?

Yes, it is.

Matched betting is completely legal in the UK and most other countries. You are nothing against betting sites rules.

A spokesperson for one of the biggest betting sites, William Hill, has stated that the betting industry does not have a problem with the use of free bets.

Normally, people will use much more money on the site than they take from there because they don't know how the matched betting works.

Profit Squirrel Reviews + Testimonials

Profit Squirrel has received extremely positive reviews by its users. I must admit that I was astonished to see how high users are ranking it.

I have reviewed more than 400 make money online opportunities on this website YourOnlineRevenue.com but I rarely see any service with so positive reviews. Let me show you:

profit squirrel reviews

Profit Squirrel Reviews on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is a review website where users and customers can leave reviews of different companies. They have gathered reviews from thousands of different companies.

As you can see in the picture above, 90% (9 out of 10) of the Profit Squirrel users have given it the best possible rating which is 5 stars.

The average rating based on 90 reviews is 9,1 out of 10. That's amazing. Let me just show you a few examples what people are saying about Profit Squirrel:

profit squirrel review

Lawrence made a few hundred pounds in a very short time because of Profit Squirrel.

profit squirrel testimonials

Alex Atkinson made an extra £400 profit within ~1 month after starting.

profit squirrel success stories

Mike Springett made an extra £1,000 with just a few hours of clicking.

I have read probably tens of Profit Squirrel reviews and it seems that everyone makes money with the system. Well, that's natural because matched betting is like a risk-free way of making money online.

Pros & Cons of Profit Squirrel

Let me conclude the pros and cons of Profit Squirrel for you.


  • Free account available.
  • Earn up to £1,500 for just welcome bonuses.
  • You can make an extra £500/month quite easily.
  • Matched betting is tax-free money.
  • Extremely positive reviews on Trustpilot and on other websites.
  • 30-day profit guarantee. They give you all your money back + £100 if you haven't made a profit during the first 30 days.
  • Responsive customer service.


Is Profit Squirrel Worth It?

Their premium membership will definitely pay itself back very quickly. You will make a few hundreds of pounds of profits just by taking advantage of their sign up bonuses.

If you stay for a longer time, you can comfortably make thousands of extra pounds. Of course, it requires some time but all the matched betting income is legally tax-free in the UK.

Note: As I have mentioned above, you can't make a fortune with matched betting. You can comfortably make an extra £500/month with Profit Squirrel but if you are aiming for very high (+£10,000/month), you must look for something else.

Take a look at my #1 recommendation to learn how you can build a real online business where there are no income limits.

Profit Squirrel


Overall Ranking


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