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Is Viridian Energy a Pyramid Scheme? The TRUTH Revealed!

is viridian energy a pyramid scheme

Welcome to My Viridian Energy Review!

If you are wondering whether or not their program would be worth joining, you have come to the right place.

Is Viridian Energy a pyramid scheme? Is Viridian Energy a scam? Is Viridian Energy worth it? All your questions will be answered in this article.

Let's have a look!

Viridian Energy Review - Summary

Product Name: Viridian 

Website: www.viridian.com

Type: Network Marketing

Founder: Michael Fallquist

is viridian energy a pyramid scheme

Summary: Viridian Energy is another network marketing system that focuses on recruiting more and more people to the system. Without recruiting tons of people to your downline, you won't make big money.

Is Viridian Eneryg a Scam? It's not a pyramid scheme nor a scam but I am just not a big fan of such systems. If you want to make a consistent income from your home, take a look at my #1 recommendation below.

What Is Viridian Energy?

Founded by an entrepreneur who has once been acclaimed, Viridian Energy is a company that aims to give people a better world where they can choose better products and services pertaining to energy.

Their products, such as home solar power panels are mainly focused on energy renewal. It is one of the few start-up MLM companies that has rapidly grown their business earning around $2 million in just their first year.

Their products they offer are supposed to be better choices that can benefit both the user as the cost they would pay for will eventually save them money in the long term and it will benefit the environment as well.

is viridian energy a pyramid scheme

Viridian Energy wants to brand themselves as a green energy company. However, there has been some controversy because most of their energy comes from coal and nuclear power plants.

They call their people associates’ who go through a strict selection process before they could be a part of their growing team. Judging from their website, the people they have look professional and accomplished enough to be trusted by anyone. 

They also have a team of executives who are part of their management team, but are not explicitly listed on the meet our team’ section of the website.

Part of being in their team would entail you to some global adventures which are meant to help mankind care for the world we live in. You would be surprised at the numbers of countries they say they have offices or affiliations in.

They say that these partnerships would amount to a great difference worldwide. Some of their worldwide projects include installing solar panels in rural and urban homes of families situated in different countries, reforestations and planting trees.

Viridian Energy Business Model

Viridian energy uses multi-level marketing business model.

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That has raised lots of controversy because often such companies tend to offer easy money from the business.

They show how "easy" it will be to earn money while the reality is that only 1% of the members earn a significant amount of money. I will show you the real income statements of Viridian Energy further.

We have reviewed around 100 different MLM-companies on YourOnlineRevenue.com so we know very well how such business models work. That being said, we are not involved with even a single MLM-company.

Other famous network marketing companies are:

Viridian Energy Products

Basically, their company has a vision of having their products and services used by a greater number of global population in the coming years. Everyday household products will be solely produced by their company.

Their products and services are entirely energy related. They even have a no deposit program which can also be called “prepaid energy service.” Once you apply, you’ll be able to use the service immediately with the same service without any additional fee. 

is viridian energy a pyramid scheme

Viridian Energy, as its name says, produces energy.

You’ll also get daily notifications through text messaging or email with another bill to remind you of your account by the end of the month. Lastly, you can avail of their customer service which they claim to be very friendly and helpful.

However, as you read on through the service details, it will prompt you to go ahead and register to make an account and an advanced payment that will yield long-term financial savings. It is confusing between this statement and their no deposit promise. You’ll also need to recharge your account immediately as soon as your balance is low.

Competition in Viridian's Industry

Viridian energy does have a lot of competitors.

The top five being a Chinese petroleum company named:

  • Shengli Oilfield who are also in the energy, and utilities waste industry
  • Castrol—a well-known energy, gas, chemical, electricity, oil, petrochemicals and waste treatment company with an estimated revenue of $37.6 million.
  • DrillMec S.P.A—an oil and gas exploration service located in Italy, Dorchester
  • Minerals—a Texas-based company producing oil and energy and
  • Oil Industries Ltd. Earning $300 million with 3,000 employees on board.

Viridian Energy Start Up Cost

Website claims that there is no enrollment fee. However, you can view their plans once you register a valid service address and fill out all details in the information page.

To learn about opportunities how to grow your money through their business, you need to enter information about a referrer. Thus, Viridian Energy only allows referrals to know all the information about how they operate.

This makes the service a bit confusing and makes you think if viridian energy is a scam. But Viridian Energy certainly is not a scam because they have provided real value for the customers already for several years.

In order to become an official distributor, you would need to pay at least $20 every month for a website with a $59 annual fee for membership renewal and start-up product packages around $99 for single state products.

The cost for all products is $299 in a single state and $399 to avail all products for all states. What you purchase actually depends on how much products you are willing to avail and where you would like to sell them.

At present, Viridian Energy has planted markets in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey from 2009 to 2010. They also offer products and services at a varied cost without any checks required, unless you live in Texas.

There is reportedly no minimum amount of sales required to stay in the business, you just need to work hard and motivate yourself because your earnings directly depend on how much you work hard.

If all else fails, you could just express your desire to separate from the company following a guideline given to associates before they start.

Viridian Energy Compensation Plan

In the video below, Viridan Energy leader explains how their compensation works. Be careful because he is trying to sell you the system as much as he possibly can. That's how he makes more money.

Anyway, I have embedded the video here for educational purposes to help you to understand it more.

In a nutshell, the folks from Viridian energy pays an upfront bonus starting at $250 for acquiring customers. However, you will not just get that money as cash because you need to join their system and go through certain procedures first. 

If you would like to earn more, you can go through what they call the seven stepping stone levels of customer acquisition’ and earn up to $2500 bonus if you hit the final level’s target.

They have fast start bonuses which pays around $100-$200, a mentor’s bonus wherein you become a mentor and thus will get the same amount of bonus pay if you recruit another person as an associate. There is also higher mentor bonus for the ones in the leadership or managerial level of the company.

Notice that there are really just two main ways to make money with Viridian Energy that I explain you in the next chapter: 

Is Viridian Energy a Pyramid Scheme? - 2 Ways to Earn Money

Viridian Energy offers practically only two ways to earn money that are:

  1. Recruiting more people
  2. Selling their products

If you concentrate too much on selling, you will not make a big money with their system. The only way to earn big money with Viridian Energy or any similar system is by recruiting tons of members to your downline.

That's how you will eventually earn passive income when members in your downline make sales. You will earn a part of their sales income as commissions.

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is viridian energy a pyramid scheme

The main idea of the VIridian Energy compensation plan is to recruit lots of people to your downline.

That's why some people are concerned that Viridian Energy would be a pyramid scheme. It's so much focused on recruiting new members.

However, it's not an illegal pyramid scheme. They offer products that provide some real value. Still, that's not a reason itself to join their system.

Personally, I am not a big fan of network marketing so I prefer to skip this kind of systems. I can make money online with much better and more profitable ways. If you would like to learn as well, just read this article to get started

Viridian Energy Reviews

Reviews about the company will mostly answer the question of whether Viridian Energy is a scam or not. These reviews come in a mix of positive and negative reactions from associates and customers.

Some reviews are fond of how working at the company works for them. If you decide to join the company, you’ll get to organize your own schedule and work routine, a knack at practicing your sales skills, and enjoy commissions and promotions.

However, some reviews say that selling the product or service can be difficult to sell in some countries and regions which means it would be difficult to earn back the money you invested and get the additional profits you are aiming for.

Many members said this company wouldn’t pass as source of stable income.

Viridian Review Income Revealed!

Viridian Energy makes you believe that it could be a relatively easy opportunity to make money online. But take a look at their income statement below:

viridian energy income statement

It shows that 88% of the members earn only around $100/month on average from their system. Less than 1% of the members make more than $1,000/month based on the chart, as far as I understand.

If less than 1% of the members make more than $1,000/month, I would not call it easy money.

Think about it this way:

You gather 99 friends and yourself. All of you join Viridian Energy network marketing opportunity. Only one of you 100 people will make +$1,000/month. The rest 99 will struggle to make almost any money.

That's why I'd rather recommend this program for you to follow.

Conclusion - Is Viridian Energy Worth It?

In my opinion, Viridian Energy is not worth it.

Yes, you can make some money with Viridian Energy if you are a hard-working person but most likely you'll just earn less than $100/month.

At least, that's what around 90% of the people earn based on Viridian's own income statement.

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What kind of experiences do you have with Viridian Energy or other similar companies?

Have you already started my #1 recommended training to make money online?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Viridian Energy


Overall Ranking

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