Is FutureNet a Scam? Not Really But There Are Some Facts That Make Me Suspicious!


Welcome To My Futurenet Review!

Is FutureNet a scam? The company is a fairly new, making it a fresh name on the market, but that doesn’t mean it can be trusted.

One thing that sets this MLM apart from the rest is the fact that it runs as a social media platform. That’s right: You can create a profile, comment on forums, and share links around just like a brand new Facebook!

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But what in the world can FutureNet offer that Facebook doesn’t already have? And why should this new platform be trusted?

In this review, I’ll explain why some people think FutureNet is a downright scam and what is the reality. FutureNet is NOT a scam and I'll explain later why.

I am not affiliated with FutureNet in any way so my only purpose is to provide you with my personal opinion of this business opportunity. I have reviewed +500 make money online opportunities so I'm sure you'll find this helpful!

Futurenet Review - Quick Summary

Name: FutureNet.Club

Launched: 2014 by Stephan MOrgenstern and Roman Ziemian (Both CEOs)

Cost: From $0 to $1685 depending on your preferred membership plan

Type: Online Business System. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

futurenet homepage

FutureNet homepage paints a beautiful picture of a luxurious lifestyle. It certainly appeals to feelings.

Summary: Based on our research is not recommended. It has a pretty negative reputation in the online business world. In my opinion, they aren’t very transparent and there may be negative surprises (Read: Lots of upsells) for new members.

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Is FutureNet a Scam Or Legit?
- My Video Review

In order to provide the best answers to your questions, I also decided to create a YouTube video where I answer your questions about FutureNet.

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What is FutureNet?

FutureNet.Club is a unique twist on the traditional MLM model, and it tries to turn a profit based on web traffic. On its official website, FutureNet touts itself as a “Social Media for Business”, acting as a central hub where businesses can promote their digital information online.

The website itself doesn’t even give any information about the company on the landing page – it simply gives you a form to fill out if you want to register (for free!) as a member. You have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find “More Information” in order to read what the company is all about.

FutureNet’s mission is to “develop the first social platform whose innovative communications instruments and products offer people globally the possibility to use their online potential optimally.”

Wait, What?

That is one of the messiest mission statements I’ve seen, even in the MLM world.

Not only is the sentence strewn with improper English grammar, but it also appears to be quite redundant. Their goal is to be the first to create something that has already been created?

They want to give members the opportunity to make money while advertising their services and web pages through the social media platform.

Sometimes doesn't work is because the people end up sharing their affiliate links with those who are already members. That way, no money can be made and everyone is stuck in a surreal, link-spamming loop.

FutureNet Products

Update 14th September 2018: 

FutureNet has opened their own brand named cafes in the Eastern Europe in cities such as Kiev, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

They operate like typical cafes selling all kinds of coffees, drinks and snacks. Their slogan tells that FutureNet cafes are "the place where online meets offline".

So instead of operating anymore just online, FutureNet provides also some tangible products through their cafes.

FutureNet.Club sells the opportunity to advertise on their social media platform. Members can choose to profit from the following products:

  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs and Website Templates
  • Video Email Advertising
  • Cloud storage Opportunities
  • Additional Advertising Packages
is futurenet a scam

FutureNet may appeal to people who are interested in making money online.

FutureNet tries to sell the tools needed to make money, rather than being a direct source of profit itself.

However, you are forced to interact with the social media platform if you want to make any money at all. 

This is because interacting with the platform earns you “points”, and the points are used towards purchasing one of the products from the above bullet point list.

Most of the products sold by FutureNet are often quite expensive that can be found cheaper almost anywhere else. It's a common thing among network marketing companies such as FutureNet.

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FutureNet Starter Kit?

It’s possible to get started for free with FutureNet. But of course, like most MLMs with a free option, there are strict limits on your account with no potential for real money unless you upgrade to a paid account.

I wish I could say that getting started is simple, but it really isn’t. 

You can’t really go anywhere with the program until you buy one of the six available matrix options, which are basically different forms of trickle-down payment structures where you may or may not earn anything at all.

Your matrix plan determines which of the company’s products you can buy, and that’s just to get started.

After buying the products, you then have to pay to stay active on the social media platform, plus you’ll have to pay for your own advertising after a certain amount of growth. Basically, there is no way to ease yourself in – you’ll be spending a lot of money unwillingly.

I have reviewed more than 100 similar multi-level marketing opportunities like FutureNet. My large experience shows that less than 5% of the members are making any significant money with these system and most members are just spending money.
If you would like to have much BETTER chances for success, I recommend following these PROVEN 4-steps to make money online.

FutureNet resembles other similar online business programs like Ad Pack ProNeoRevShare and Fort Ad Pays that I'm not a big fan of.

FutureNet Compensation Plan

Here is a video that does its best to explain the very complicated compensation plan that FutureNet has to offer. Keep in mind that the video creator is affiliated with the company and earns money by promoting it.

As you can see, there is a lot going on here.

When you sign up for a matrix plan, you have to pay for all of the previous matrix plan fees as well.

For example, you can’t just buy the $1000 payment plan – you’ll have to pay for all of the ones before it, such as the $500, $100, $50, and $25 plans – costing you a total of $1685 just to have access to the other product opportunities!

Then you have to pay to generate traffic, and for good affiliate tools. You will gain a 30% commission any time you sell one of FutureNet’s products to a member directly.

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Is FutureNet a Pyramid Scheme?

FutureNet uses a downline payment method so the it makes a pyramid form. FutureNet is still not an illegal pyramid scheme. Many MLM-companies use a similar pyramid form where your task is to recruit as many people as possible to your downline.

I know that multi-level marketing programs are very controversial and that's why I am not personally part of them. I want to be only part of 100% legitimate online businesses and be known as the most reputable online entrepreneur that people can trust in.

Even though FutureNet is legal and officially registered business, I still don't want to be part of the network marketing business that many people are criticizing.

That's just my personal opinion and if you want to be part of it and make money, that's completely fine with me. As long as you are providing value to other people, that's an awesome thing!

FutureNet Reviews & Complaints

There are both positive AND negative FutureNet reviews online. 

However, a lot of people are reporting that after they sign up, they are assigned to a random team leader who isn’t the person who recruited them.

This is a pretty big flaw from the start. Another review I read mentioned that a user spent thousands of dollars and didn’t make any money in return. To be honest, some people are just expecting to "earn millions" magically by joining the program. That's far from truth.

Making money with FutureNet requires tons of effort and investments like any other business. It's not a ticket to riches!

Some people claim that the say that the payment and distributor structure clearly outlines FutureNet as a Ponzi scheme. The reason is that probably those people can't really recognize the difference between a multi-level marketing program and a Ponzi scheme.

FutureNet is not a Ponzi scheme or even close because they have a real product and they provide some value. They even have cafes in 3 big Eastern European cities. How could a coffee shop be a Ponzi scheme? 😉

Another reason why some people have called FutureNet a Ponzi scheme is that they have their own cryptocurrency. Some people just happen to call cryptocurrencies Ponzi schemes because they don't understand how they work.

If you want to learn the PROVEN strategies to make money with cryptocurrencies, you can grab my 2 crypto investing courses on Udemy for just $10 each.

is futurenet a scam

FutureNet has recently also launched a cryptocurrency but I would recommend staying away from that. I have invested myself in 10's or cryptocurrencies but not in FuturoCoin. That being said, I always advise you to do your own research not listening to "gurus" too much.

Conclusion – Is FutureNet Worth It?

FutureNet is a relatively unique multi-level marketing company focusing on operating on the Internet but still having physical coffee shops in the Eastern Europe.

I personally don't want to be involved with the network marketing companies because they often have a controversial reputation and I see lots of negative reviews from their ex-members and users.

Of course, your success with FutureNet will highly depend on the effort YOU put in. You can succeed or fail with it like with any other businesss.

Eventually, you can decide yourself based on your own comprehensive research whether or not FutureNet is the right business opportunity for you but based on all my knowledge so far, I don't want to be part of it.

I make money online with affiliate marketing with a method that has been proven by 1,000's of people worldwide. Numerous people have turned from complete newbies into full-time online entrepreneurs with the help of this step-by-step training.

Usually, anything worthwhile in life requires work and effort. It’s the same with making money online. But based on my experiences you have much better opportunities online for earning a living than going to a regular 9-5 job.

I would be more than happy to teach you to make money online as well. That’s why I provide 1-on-1 support for my website visitors (you as well!) inside the WA community. 

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4 step process for making money online

What do you think about FutureNet?

Do you have experience of this or some other similar programs?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I see a lot of persons saying Futurenet is a scam.

    But I have a question for everyone is Facebook a Scam?

    Because I have spent thousands of dollars buying credit to put on data to use Facebook and I have spent thousands of hours scrolling through facebook, playing games and inviting my friends to use it. And with all that work I have put in I have not earned $1 USD from Facebook. While they earned $55 Billion USD in 2018.

    They are saying Futurenet is a scam because they are not transparent, do we know exactly what Facebook is doing with our information?

    I am not saying Futurenet is perfect, but I truly believe we build a community around Futurenet as we did for Facebook, we could earn more from Futurenet than we would Facebook.

    1. Thanks for sharing your interesting points!

      But Facebook is not network marketing and it’s 100% free so I think those are the biggest differences with FutureNet.

  2. Unfortunately, many people don’t see the difference between a financial pyramid and network marketing. The basis of the network business is a creation of products that are in demand by the audience and getting a direct income from the turnover, this is what actually makes FutureNet to stand out. It’s worth paying attention to their successful products that speak for themselves. Own cryptocurrency FuturoCoin is listed on large crypto exchanges and has traders’ confidence. Crypto wallet FNWallet is used for safe payments and cryptocurrency storing. Trading online platform 24BAS where anyone can open a store and sell products. FutureNet cafes in Kiev, Wroclaw and in the nearest future in Warsaw which have already been chosen by many local celebrities.

  3. No, i don;t want to try on FutureNet, it’s not a good company to begin with. It will only be a waste of time and frustrating. To work on something that doesn’t have a good end result. I’d been reading more of your reviews to have more information and be updated on what’s happening in the world of internet. Thanks and Good morning!

    1. I think you make a good decision when staying away from FutureNet. There are many 100% legit business opportunities available and I feel that there’s something wrong going on FutureNet.


  5. One thing that makes some sites to be suspicious is when they fail to state in clear terms what they are out to do. I was reading the FutureNet.Club review that you did and I came to understand that they are just there to rip members of their money especially with the way that you can’t buy the top plan which is $1000 unless you have bought for the others below it. This is a sign that you can hardly make serious income from them.

  6. One important thing that we should always consider before joining any business is the series of news and reviews giving by others. I mean it is normal to have some balance between bad and good reviews, but for a company like FutureNet to behave in manners like exchanging leaders of group without notice is something we should be wary about.

  7. You are all right, if you really want to protect your money never risk it via investing it on a pyramid scheme because you don’t have any assurance if your money will still come back to you or it be taken by those scammers. Be aware where you are investing at. Don’t let them fool you. Maybe at first they will double your money but if you invested on them again they will probably get your money.

    1. That’s right. Even though it would be possible to make money with a pyramid scheme that wouldn’t be ethically right which is the reason I never want to join one.

      However, FutureNet is not an illegal pyramid scheme as far as I know.

    2. Yeah. Totally. I would never invest in any pyramid schemes. There is no real profit in the long run. I don’t want to risk my hard-earned money with schemes that may not work. Futurenet is really going to rip off people with there process.

  8. Their so-called products are unstable and with the kind of system that they’re having, I don’t think this business will last. As you’ve clearly pointed out in the review, it’s just a loop of links and that’s kind of funny, really. Some people might fall for it, but not many. Good thing that we now have plenty of online resources like these right now to help educate people about these budding “income potentials” and the risks that go with them.

    1. Yeah, I feel that FutureNet is just another system that is designed mainly to make its founders rich. The founders probably have become rich but +90% of the members are struggling to make any money.

  9. All these MLM companies are starting to make my head spin. I think some of them do a disservice to the ones that genuinely have good products.The MLM structure is too complicated and they make it sooooooo hard to earn an income, even though they advertise it as freedoom. Some of them like GNLD and forever living have such good products.What a shame their structure discourages people. I’ve never heard of futurenet, from the sounds of it I’ll stay away from it.

  10. I never believed in MLM programs. I have been a victim of getting rich quick kind of programs. After losing over $1000, I have learned a lesson, you cannot build fortune online easily. Earning money online is hard. The best way to earn money online is by starting an ecommerce website.

    1. Making money online requires effort. That’s true. However, based on my experience making money online is more profitable in the long run than with offline methods like 9-5 job and other ones.

      One option is to start an e-commerce store. I haven’t tried that myself because I’ve rather been a marketer. However, I may consider starting an e-commerce in the future. That’s not easy either because you need to figure out good ways to compete with giants like Amazon.

      But of course, it’s possible to succeed there as well. Just need to figure out how to drive traffic and improve conversions.

      1. Exactly, making money online and being successful definitely doesn’t materialize on the short run, it’s only ponzi that is seen to be designed that way with get rich quick schemes which mostly ends in making one poor instead of getting rich. I was told by a great mentor of mine that if I ever want to succeed earning online, my efforts should be built on patience because it’s the only way to guarantee my succeeding in the project.

    2. Just like you have been a victim of losing money trying make money online, I have also being in that shoe and fully understand how painful frustrating it gets. That experience has made me to be very weary of getting my money into project that I can’t trust at least 80%.

  11. Thanks for this in-depth review of FutureNet, Roope! It isn’t easy to spot scammers, as they can easily lure us into thinking that they can be trusted. It is really disappointing to see how FutureNet operates, providing low value at a very high cost.

    1. Yeah, it’s sad to see dishonest people sometimes in the business world. Some people are ready to make anything in order to milk as much money from other people as possible.

      1. Seriously, it’s such a sad thing that we have such people in the business world , their activities makes life unbearable for those who are eager to work and earn money. After people’s efforts in running away from ponzi and scamming sites, they would still be left hanging out to dry when they join most MLM programs.

  12. Thanks for the review of FutureNet. Hopefully, this review will warn a few users and ensure that they stay away from this site as much as possible. The idea behind it sounds interesting but I just don’t think that anyone should waste their time with a system like this. It just sounds awful and the fact that a lot of bad reviews (including yours) has been left is just a huge red flag.

  13. Thanks again for the great review as it’s a good way of cutting through these sites that are not worth the time.

    I think the idea of this particular site is good, but just the one bit about not getting your referrals and them getting assigned to random individuals in the company is really a huge red flag already, as I don’t think any professional company that takes their name and service seriously would allow this to happen even once and even more so multiple times.

    I personally would stay away from them just by that trait alone as it is already very telling of how they choose to run their business.

    1. Yeah, there are so many sites and businesses like FutureNet with the same idea: “Recruit as many people as possible to your downline and make money from your referrals.” They are like pyramid schemes and on the borderline whether it’s illegal or not.

  14. i have done so many internet scams and i feel a little drawn to them i think..i am doing b.r.miner though it seems ok.. and qmee is a good one to do that’s real.. but Futurenet is a new one to me that i will go look at..

    Normally if they seem flaky they might be. Personally i stay away from sites now that have a poor review.. Sometimes it’s ok to take a little risk if the investment is low right?.. anyways a nice read thanks 🙂

  15. Well i really dont know about Futurenet but i guess i can assume that its not the best of choice and probably an imminent scam drawing from your experiences and review of the subject. Am saying this for the hundreath time, MLM isnt my thing. And for that sole reason i tend not to like platforms like futurenet.

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