How to Rank on the First Page of Google with a Blog Post? 8 Powerful Tips

How to Rank on the First Page of Google with a Blog Post

Update 13/6/2018

I just created a YouTube video where I teach you the 10 best SEO tips for bloggers. You can take a look at those 10 SEO tips here on Wealthy Affiliate.

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Are you writing a blog and you would like to rank on the first page of Google? Today I am going to give my tips on How to Rank on the First Page of Google with a Blog Post.

I have countless blog posts on the first page of Google and my rankings and going higher every single week. With one article I am, for example, getting traffic from 15 different keywords on Google. So I know how to get ranked on Google and I hope that somebody would have taught me these things a long time ago. But fortunately, a training in Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to rank on Google and get more organic traffic week by week.

Let’s start!

How to Rank on the First Page of Google with a Blog Post


I wrote an updated version of this article on Wealthy Affiliate: 10 Tips on How to Get 100 Posts on The First Page of Google? – This Is How I Did It!

1.Use Targeted Long-Tail Keywords

One big mistake when I made, in the beginning, was that I wasn’t using very good keywords. I was thinking, “Well, there are hundreds of keywords in every article, so probably I will get traffic anyway.” Guess what happened? Bad rankings and no traffic. And that is what happens to most people who are not using targeted keywords in their texts.

First, you need to know which keywords are good and are not. You need a keyword tool. The best keyword tool that I know is Jaaxy where you will get 30 free searches and with a premium membership unlimited searches. But I am mainly using a keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate because it’s included in their premium membership.

There are 3 criteria when you are using a keyword:
1.Competition as low as possible (preferably <30 but <100 is sometimes okay)
2.+50 searches per month
3.The keyword must make sense. So don’t choose something that isn’t grammatically correct.

After finding a good keyword, I recommend making it a long-tail keyword. So, for example, instead of using “How to make money online”, you can use “How to Make Money Online with affiliate marketing as a Student in 2017”. That keyword is very targeted. Notice that it also contains a keyword “How to make money online” so you will get ranked under that and other terms as well.

2.Post New Content Consistently

If you start a blog and use keywords like I showed above, it will not get ranked on the first page of Google immediately. It always takes time and you need to keep on posting even though you don’t see results immediately. I started a new blog 2,5 months ago and I am seeing that my rankings are still not very good but they are getting better week by week when I am posting new content twice a week.

I once had a time when I posted 40 posts in 40 days in but didn’t achieve very good rankings back then. I was thinking, “What’s wrong?” I didn’t know all the principles that I am sharing now but there was also another reason. My site wasn’t mature enough. Over the time course, those 40 posts have climbed in Google and are moving to the top little by little. Now I am starting to reap the results from work that I did back then.

If you are not seeing immediate results, don’t give up. Just keep on posting and I can guarantee that if you are using my principles (that I learned from Wealthy Affiliate and from my own experience), you will see first page rankings.

I also recommend to post new content regularly instead of every now and then. Once a week is much better than 7 times in a week and then keeping a pause for 6 weeks.

Over the time course, your website’s authority will become better in the eyes of Google and your readers.

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3.Write +1,000-Word Instead of Short Articles

There is always a debate going on how long or short blogs posts should be in order to get ranked well on Google. Some people say that Google is preferring short articles like 300 words nowadays because more and more people are using mobile devices. But I disagree.How to Rank on the First Page of Google with a Blog Post

Before I was writing lots of ~500-word articles on my blogs because I thought that they are optimal for Internet visitors so they don’t get bored. But I was wrong. The founder of Wealthy Affiliate and a very successful Internet marketer who is earning something like +$10,000/month online said that a minimum amount of 1,000 words is a good principle.

But don’t keep 1,000 words as a very strict rule. One very successful Internet said that the word amount really depends. If you are able to answer to a reader’s question in 300 words, then it’s enough. If it takes 5,000 words to fully answer a question, then you need to write 5,000 words.

Do you know two very famous Internet marketers Brian Dean and Neil Patel? Have you ever seen their articles? They are always writing very long, usually, an article is something between 5,000-10,000 words day after day they are being ranked in the top of Google. So, who says that long articles don’t get ranked well? There was also a study about 1-, 2- and 3-page rankings in Google which showed that on average the articles on the first page are longer than those who don’t get ranked so well.

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4.Engage with Your Audience

Google loves engagement. When your visitors are staying long on your site, they are going from one page to another and leaving comments that’s a great sign. There has been controversy if comments really affect your Google rankings. But according to many people’s experience, comments really move up your rankings.

If you check what are the highest rankings blog posts on Google, they are almost always lots of comments from visitors. If you want to get more comments to your page, you can ask your friends or use SiteComments tool in Wealthy Affiliate. There you can ask comments for free if you comment to other people’s blog. One option is also pay for comments.

Another great way to get comments to your site is to use a site called Postloop.

Comments can really add value to your site because they bring new insights and ideas. Maybe you forgot to mention something in your blog post so a visitor can ask a comment about it.

5.Share Your Posts in Social Medias

By sharing your posts on social medias you get naturally more visitors. You are also building links to your which are one important aspect of first page rankings on Google. When people share your posts on social medias, you get even more exposure and visitors.

6.Build Links

When I asked 17 successful Internet marketers on how to get ranked on Google most of them pointed out the importance of links. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are many scam services online that are selling their backlink services for a very high price. I am not promoting those services.

There are three kind of links that you can build, links within your site, links from your site to another site and from another site to your site. Have you noticed that, for example in this blog post I am linking to my other posts. That’s internal linking.

Sometimes I am linking to other pages like Wikipedia, Wealthy Affiliate or to some other person’s website. And when somebody links to my site, it is a good sign in the eyes of Google. When you keep on adding valuable content on your website, people will naturally link your site so you don’t need to pay for very expensive backlink services.

7.Add Videos

Sometimes you can explain a thing better using a video rather than words. Embedding, for example, a Youtube-video to your site can add important value to your post. It will also extend the time that visitors are spending on your site because they are watching a video. This again is a good sign for Google.

It’s better if you are using your own videos because then you can “promote” your own Youtube-channel at the same time. But even though you wouldn’t have a video about a subject, you can use someone else’s video. Many times I am embedding other people’s videos from Youtube if I haven’t made a video myself.

8.Update Your Blog Post

Maybe you are asking why I didn’t add a video to this blog post. Well, I can add it also later. One thing that keeps your site content fresh and active is updating it every now and then. Google also likes sites that are being updated regularly.

So, if you don’t see good rankings immediately, you can update your post, request a few comments and see how the ranking develops. Also, when your websites matures and you add more content, rankings will become better naturally.

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But now I want to hear from you.

What are the best ways to rank on the first page of Google with a blog post in your opinion? Leave a comment below!

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I make most of my money by writing online. If you are an online writer, having language and writing skills are never enough. You also need skills in SEO and digital marketing.

    The basic of SEO is to rank your website or web content on the top of Google and other search engines. How do we do this?

    Use keywords on the title, description and the body.

    If possible use long tail search term as the title and subtitle.

    Write long content.

    Avoid using heavily saturated keywords. Instead focus on keywords that gets between 500 and 5000 hits.

  2. Really cool and helpful information here.

    I also am a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate and I can pretty much understand everything you are talking about here.

    These steps are the root to good Google Rankings and the more you follow the rules, the more Google will reward you.

    i wanted to ask when you talk about linking. I am aware of the internal and external linking process, but is there somewhere we can go to check which others sites have linked to ours?

    This i do not know and would like some more information. Can you help?



    1. Hi Chris Towers,

      you can check the pages that are linking to your site using Semrush-product. You can make a free search on their website but if you want to see all the information, you would need to buy a premium version. But I am not using it myself and I would say that it’s not necessary. I know that some full-time Internet marketers use their service but many are not.

      There is some controversy about backlinks and how important they are for a site. The founder of Wealthy Affiliate (who is a very successful IM) doesn’t recommend buying backlinks because many of those services are also scams. I would concentrate on building links naturally by connecting to people in your industry and by providing a good value.


  3. Great post. Im still trying to figure out the long tail keywords, and how you can rank for multiple keywords. This broke down for me how long tail keywords is beneficial, even if it seems like a super targeted and specific keyword phrase. I am going to try this concept on my next post, thanks!

    1. Hi Martina,

      yes, super targeted and specific keywords are usually the best. If you are trying to rank for something short and not-so-targeted, you will probably not get ranked well. Then you’ll end up having many posts on 2-5 of Google but nothing on the first page. The better option is to have long and very targeted keywords even though the traffic for those keywords wouldn’t be so high.


  4. Well if I wasn’t a member at WA already, I would certainly look at it after reading your article. You have also reminded me to rethink some things I have encountered in the lesson plan. Very easy to understand and implement your plans.I also noted some familiar names you have referenced when it comes to writing our content. Have you looked at any of their training?

    1. Hi Allie,

      yes I have looked some of Neil Patel’s and Brian Dean’s training but I am more concentrated with a training in Wealthy Affiliate. I talk with people who are making $10,000/month online and they started in WA. They always recommend to go through the training in WA because it’s comprehensive and points out the most important things on how to get ranked on Google. Once you have lots of organic traffic, it’s much easier to make money with your website.


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