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Top Internet Fraud Scams [Young Victims Raised To 40%!]

Read My Top Internet Fraud Scams & See #1. FTC Reveals Young Victims Are Susceptible To Scams Reaching 40% Victims. Learn More How To Make Money Online Safe.

Welcome to my "Top Internet Fraud Scams" Post!

In the past few days, I wrote about the top income opportunities you get from various affiliate marketing programs. Today, we’ll delve into something most people don’t like to talk about. The top internet fraud scams targeting young people. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the number of young victims rose to as high as 40% compared to older people with only 18% recorded victims.

Within the 40%, that comprises those ages 20 to 29 years old and the older people comprise those ages 70 years old and above. 

Concerning the study, we target those scams most young people fall into this post. But before that, let me emphasize that whatever we’re promoting here on Your Online Revenue is legitimate.

For example, our #1 recommended training will give you a rare opportunity to make $3,000 in a day when done right is real. 

We’ll get into that in a while. For now, let’s focus on the top internet fraud scams most young people nowadays fall into. Shall we?

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Is Toptal Worth It? – Do They Offer You The Best 3% Freelancers in the World?

Today we are going to take a closer look at one of the best and most interesting freelance marketplaces in the world. This company was founded in the famous Silicon Valley by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott and they promise to offer you top 3% freelancers in the world. Their service is not the cheapest one but offers you a great value. Is Toptal worth it?

Let’s find out!

Toptal Review

is toptal worth itName: Toptal
Founded: 2010 in Silicon Valley, California, U.S. by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott
Field: Marketplace for the Top 3% Freelancers

Overall Rank: 95 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation to Make a Living Online, 98 Out of 100)

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Is Upwork Legit? Read Our 100% Honest Review!

Upwork Review 2019 Update

I want that you get the BEST what you are looking for.

And nowadays I think that Upwork is NOT the best. If you want to scale your online business, make more money and help more people, there is a better option available.

On Upwork you'll need to pay high 20% fees for them and the freelancers/employees are more expensive than on the other sites.

My #1 recommendation for you to scale your online business is the site called Read my full review here and learn how it can take your online business to the next level.

Also, watch the comparison video below to understand why it's superior compared to Upwork.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

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Is Fiverr Legit? – Read This Before Joining!

Fiverr Review 2019 - My Video

I've just created for you an updated Fiverr review that you can watch in the video below.

I compare FIverr to 2 other great online job marketplaces:

  2. Upwork

In most cases is the best option as I explain you in the video.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out.

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Is VipKid a Scam Or Will You Make $19/h? Read Before Starting!

Welcome to my VipKid to review!

If you're looking for the most trusted way to earn money online as an English teacher, you have arrived to the right place.

In this review, I will show you exact steps that you will need to take the started earning money on VipKid as soon as possible.

To the initial question on the title, "Is VipKid a scam?" The answer is no.

As you will find out further VipKid is one of the biggest English teaching platforms in the world right now. In addition, they are hiring new teachers right now.

VipKid Review - Quick Summary

Name: VipKid

Website: (For Teachers)

Type: English Teaching Job from Home

Salary: $14-22/hour

Best for: English speakers who want a flexible work from home job

Summary: VipKid is one of the biggest and the most well-known English teaching companies online. +40,000 teachers are making money through their website by teaching English and they have +300,000 students.

Is VipKid Recommended? Yes, if you are looking for a flexible work from home job with your own schedule, VipKid is a great option for you. The salary is not huge but $18/hour with flexible hours is not very bad either.

NOTE: Teaching English is an easy way to make money online but the downside is that you will not make passive income. Therefore, the income on VipKid is limited to ~$22/h.

If you are aiming for +$10,000/month income from home, I recommend going through my #1 recommended step-by-step training. I will also personally connect with you to help you further and I am available for all your questions.

VipKid Teacher Review - My Video

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive information on VipKid, I also created a YouTube video where I explain you the most important details on earning money on VipKid.

Watch my video until the end and let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to help you to start earning!

What Is VipKid?

VipKid is a company that connects North American people who want to teach English and Chinese kids who want to learn it.

The company was founded back in 2013 and it been the fastest growing online English teaching company in the world with over 300,000 students as end of 2017. In 2018 to company has hit even more records.

An interesting detail about VipKid is that backed by world-famous basketball player Kobe Bryant and other venture capital investors like Learn Capital, Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners and many others.

VipKid is the official provider of the TOEFL Primary assessment in China. Most of the students are 4 to 12 years old children from the middle class families in China.

VipKid is a reliable company/platform to work for.

As you can see in the image above, VipKid has been featured on huge media platforms like:

  • Forbes
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Bloomberg
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Huffington Post
  • And Many Others

5 Big Benefits of Teaching on VipKid

VipKid has had more than 40,000 teachers and most of them would recommend the teaching also for others on this platform. Here are 5 reasons why teachers are loving the teaching on VipKid:

1.Set Your Own Schedule

Tired of strict 5-jobs? Want to spend time with your kids or friends? No problem!

On VipKid, you will be able to set your own schedule and work whenever you want. I have been working from home full-time now for over a year and I now from my own experience that it's great because nobody says when you should or shouldn't work.

You can also spend time with your kids or take a day off if you want. Everything is up to you.

2.Work Anywhere You Want

Want to work from the comfort of your own home? Want to take your family to a vacation and give a few hours before your children wake up? No problem again! 😉

​VipKid provides also the flexibility to your location because you can completely choose where you want to do the teaching.

​As long as you have the Internet connection, you are good to go.

Teaching on VipKid has several benefits.

3.No Lesson Preparation Required

VipKid has created a unique and easy to follow curriculum for teachers to deliver English classes on the Internet in a 1-on-1 environment from the comfort of their homes.

In addition, you don't need to spend any time grading your students like in a traditional teaching job. That makes your teaching gig even more flexible and easier.

4.Good Pay ($19/hour on Average)

We have reviewed more than 450 make money online opportunities on However, many of them have been low-paying websites that I can't honestly recommend.

Gladly VipKid is a better one because they are paying a good salary for their teachers. As I will explain you more in detail further on this article, the average teacher earns $19 per hour on VipKid.

That being said, the salary is good but you will not make +$10,000 per month income if you are aiming for such an income, I recommend following
this step-by-step training that took me from a complete beginner to a good money online and traveling around the world.

5.Fun to Work 1-on-1 with Children

Based on hundreds of VipKid teacher reviews on the Internet, most teachers find teaching fun and VipKid community very supportive.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about teaching on VipKid.

VipKid Teacher Requirements

Getting started on VipKid is pretty easy but there are a few requirements that you need to fulfill. The requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be from the United States or Canada.
  2. You must have a Bachelor's degree.

Pretty simple, huh? If you fill out those requirements, you are ready to start the application process that I will explain you in detail in the following chapter.

Below are also listed the technical requirements of teaching on VipKid.

  1. Desktop computer, Laptop or Mac with the Internet access.
  2. Webcam - Built in to your computer is fine. My #1 recommended webcam with a good price/quality ratio is Logitech C922
  3. Headset - Recommended

Many teachers say that teaching on VipKid is like being on an interactive Skype call with Powerpoint presentations for lesson plans.

Remember that you don't need to create any lesson plans yourself. The curriculum is created by the VipKid Curriculum team which takes all the pressure off the teachers. Therefore, you can just focus doing on what you enjoy - teaching English - without any extra preparation work!

The platform that you'll be using is VipKid's proprietary tech and curriculum developed in-house.It's VipKid branded product from start to finish to make teaching for you as convenient as possible.

Here are a few other benefits to keep in mind when teaching on VipKid:

  • No communication required with parents - VipKid team is in touch with the parents.
  • Only 1-on-1 lessons - No group lessons
  • Ready-made curriculum and teaching materials - No extra prep required

Here are some of the statistics from VipKid from 2017. (New records made in 2018.)

VipKid Application Process

In this chapter, I'm going to explain you the simple 5-step application process on VipKid.

Just follow my instructions below to get started and start earning $14-22 per hour from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Apply as a teacher on VipKid by filling out basic info (5 min)
  2. 10 Min Teaching Sample – (Virtual interview or recorded)
  3. Go through intro to Teaching (2-3 hr)
  4. Mock Class (2-4 hr)
  5. Sign the contract with VipKid.
    (6.) Start teaching kids and earning money!

The application process is simple and easy to follow. VipKid team is also very helpful, supportive and will answer all your questions regarding teaching.

If you have any questions or concerns, I recommend that you start the application process here and ask from the team when they contact you.

VipKid Monthly Salary

Your monthly salary on the VipKid will depend on how many hours you want to teach.

Teaching on VipKid is very flexible and you can set your own schedule.The average earnings that VipKid teachers are reporting are $19 per hour.

The image below illustrates you how the salary is set on VipKid. All the lessons are 30 minutes long and can possibly earn $11 for each 30-minute lesson.

Therefore, you can also calculate your monthly salary. You can comfortably earn more than $3,000 per month on VipKid if you give lessons regularly.

That's not a bad income from the comfort of your own home. I know from my own experience several benefits of working from home:

  • No commuting
  • No rush hours
  • Set your own schedule
  • More time with your family and loved ones
  • Sleep as long as you want 😉

That being said, ALL those benefits apply also to my #1 recommended way to make money online which is WAY more profitable than VipKid.

Learn more by reading my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide now.

VipKid Reviews from Teachers

There are hundreds and probably even thousands of teacher reviews on the Internet.

A big majority of those reviews are positive and most of the teachers enjoy teaching on VipKid. They embrace the flexibility of the VipKid opportunity and the friendliness of the community.

Take a look at the typical review below:

This is a very typical VipKid review from teacher's perspective.

In the picture below you'll see another review from a teacher who has already worked a good while on VipKid:

Notice that many work from home online jobs don't pay $20 per hour like VipKid does. 

Below you can also see reviews from Rachel, Stephanie and Donna on VipKid's own official website.

Almost all teachers enjoy teaching on VipKid.

VipKid Curriculum - Teaching Material Is Ready for You

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding teaching on VipKid is, "Do I need to prepare material for my lessons?"

The answer is no.

VipKid curriculum team has prepared material for every class so no extra preparation is required from your side. Of course, it is recommended that you review the class material before your lesson so you know what you will be teaching about.

You will be always able to preview the class materials in the VipKid's teacher portal before your lesson.

VipKid's goal is to make the process as easy as possible for all their teachers. That's beneficial for you, a child (student) and VipKid as well.

Conclusion - Is VipKid Worth It?

If you want a convenient and flexible opportunity to make money from home, we pick it is for you.

Many teachers say that they wouldn't even call this a "job" because teaching on the VipKid is so fun. It is just like having a Skype conversation with an interactive PowerPoint presentation that been has prepared for you.

Of course, I need to mention that if your goal is to earn something like $10,000 per month from home, then this is not for you. For such an income you must follow this training.

But if you are satisfied with the $2,000-4,000 income from home, then this opportunity would be great for you.

However, you will not be earning passive income with VipKid which a huge drawback in my opinion. Check out my list of the most recommended online jobs to learn BETTER ways to earn money from home.

VipKid FAQ

To summarize the article, I have listed the frequently asked questions below. Just click the question to see the answers.

If you have any other questions, you can always ask me in the comments below and I will be more than happy to reply you personally.

How Much Money Can You Earn on VipKid?

What Are the Requirements for a Teacher?

Is VipKid Reliable?

Do Teachers Enjoy Working on VipKid?

When And How Are the Salary Payments Made?

How Long Are Teaching Classes?

Do you have any further questions of VipKid?

Or if you have already been using the platform, I have a few questions to you:

What kind of experiences do you have with VipKid?

How long have you been teaching?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Is Listverse Legit Or A Scam? Do They Pay $100 Per Article?

Listverse Review - Quick Summary

Name: Listverse

Founded: In 2007

Type: Information Website Full Of "Top 10 List" Articles 

Earning Potential: $100 Per Article ​​​​

Best for: Writers Who Don't Know About A Better Ways To Make Money Online

Summary: Listverse is a popular website with millions of visitors that provides writers an opportunity to earn $100 per article. However, only a small percentage of all articles are approved and they don't guarantee you any income.

Is Writing For Listverse Recommended? No, there are much better ways to make money online as a writer.

Listverse Review - Video Version

Before you dive into my Listverse article, I want to give you an opportunity to take a look at my Listverse Video review.

In the video, I show the steps how you could possibly earn $100 per article on Listverse.

Watch until the end of the video when I show you the BEST way to make money online as a writer by following the steps my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide​Ultimate Make Money Online Guide​​​.

Introduction - Easy $100 Per Article?

Listverse's offer is intriguing.

Just write us an article, submit it and we will send $100 immediately to your PayPal account. People especially in cheaper countries are probably jumping through the roof when hearing this interesting offer.

However, there is actually more to this...

Making $100 per article on Listverse isn't actually as easy as you might think.

In this article, I will reveal you the EVERYTHING you need to know about making money on Listverse. I will also show you the Best way to make money online as a writer.

Making money online as a writer has enabled me to travel around the world. Learn here how YOU can do it too.

What Is Listverse?

Listverse is a highly popular website that is full of "10 Lists" under the following categories:

  1. Entertainment
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Bizarre
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Science
  6. Society

Listverse claims on their website that they have more than 8 Million monthly visitors on 30 million different pages. I doubt that they would really have 30 million different pages but I believe that they do have millions of visitors.

I checked the traffic using the Semrush tool and noticed that Listverse really has on average +1 Million visitors per month organically. That is of course just an estimation by Semrush and in reality the number can be much higher.

Semrush Proofs that Listverse is a highly popular website

Listverse website was originally launched in 2007 so they have operated now already well over a decade.

The visitors of the Listverse website can be divided in 2 categories:

  1. Those who want to read their articles.
  2. Those who want to earn from Listverse by writing articles.

I guess that you belong to the group #2 who wants to earn money by writing articles and my Listverse review is also written to you.

I make myself a living online as a writer and I've helped other people to do so as well.That's why I believe you'll find my article very helpful.

Next I'm going to show you step-by-step how Listverse works and you how you will get paid. If you prefer checking out immediately the best way to earn money online as a writer (like I do), I recommend reading my step-by-step guide here.

How Does Making Money On Listverse Work?

Making money on Listverse is very simple... But it's not easy! There are not actually any specific requirements for a writer. You don't need to be an English native speaker and you don't even need to have any writing experience.

That probably sounds pretty easy, huh? But don't be so fast! Let me explain the whole process.

  • #1 - Write An Article Following Listverse Guidelines

Listverse has strict guidelines for anyone who wants to write articles on their website. If you don't follow the guideline, your article will be immediately rejected.

Take a look at the guidelines in the image below:

You need to follow these guidelines when writing articles to Listverse.

As you can see above, the last criteria in the guidelines says that you  must read Author's Guide before submitting. It's a 19-page PDF-guide full of text and it will surely take a few moments to read it through.

You can take a look at Listverse's Author's Guide here.

A positive thing is that you are not required to include any images or videos in your article. Listverse staff will add them for you. However, if you want for any reason add an image, you can suggest some image and they may approve it.

  • #2 - Submit The Article

Once you have written your article and made sure that it fits all the guidelines, the next step is to submit the article for review.

100's of people submit their articles to Listverse every single week so your article must be really good if you want that it will be published.

They usually pick 3 new articles per day so you can imagine that the competition is tough.

If you want to get your articles published and earn the $100 reward, my recommendation is that you make your article a little bit "strange" like you can see in 2 examples above.

The topics on Listvers are often strange and raise reader's curiosity.

Most of the articles on Listverse are talking about some strange topics that raise people's curiosity. They have a clickbait title and an image to get as many clicks and social shares as possible.

After you have submitted your article, Listverse will review it and send you a default message informing you whether or not it was approved.

If your article was approved, Listverse will pay you through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, then you can just create an account for free.

It's probably worth mentioning that Listverse doesn't use any other payment methods than PayPal. If PayPal is not available in your country, you can't work with Listverse at the moment.

Just click the image below to learn a better way to make money online in that case.

How Much Can You Earn with Listverse?

Listverse pays you $100 for a successfully published article. That's not too bad but nothing huge either. If your goal would be earning $10,000/month online like these 5 guys, you can just dream of that income on Listverse.

However, $100 is not the only reward that you will get if they decide to publish your article. You will also get a link to your website which can be very valuable to you if you have a site.

Listverse has every day 10,000's of readers so having a link to your website may bring you a nice amount of traffic.

Is Listverse a Scam Or Legit?

Thousands of people have been asking that question online, "Is Listverse a scam or legit?" so I wanted to answer this one also to make it clear.

Listverse is a legitimate website that has been operating already for more than 10 years and there is not a single reason to believe that they would be a scam.

Of course, you should take all the information that you read in the articles with a little bit of grain of salt as always on the Internet. You obviously don't need to believe everything that you read on their site.

But the company itself is legitimate and pays writers on time.

Some of the main drawbacks with Listverse are that you are earning potentially nothing and you're not even building your own business or passive income streams

I make lots of passive income online as a writer by following the strategy that I lay down for you at the end of this article.

It's much more reliable income source than Listverse. On Listverse you may or may not earn money but currently I earn passive income from my website whether or not I am actively working anymore.

Sometimes I wake up and I've made $200 while sleeping thanks to my articles. Would you like to experience the same?

If you want to earn money online in the same way like I do, I prepared a comprehensive +9,000-word Ultimate Make Money Online Guide for you to get started. 

Writing For Listverse: Pros & Cons


  1. Sigtrack Is Reliable
  2. Doesn't Require Any Experience
  3. You May Get a Link To Your Website


  1. It's Hard To Earn Money on Listverse
  2. The Competition Is Extremely Tough
  3. You Are Building Somebody Else's Business Instead Of Your Own
  4. There Are Much Better Ways To Make Money Online As A Writer
  5. Listverse has very strict guidelines for their articles
  6. Listverse is not a sustainable income source

Conclusion - Is Listverse Worth It?

In my personal opinion, writing for Listverse is not worth it for several reasons.

First of all, the chances for you getting your article published are quite small. Let's say that your article would be published once for every fifth try. 

Then you are basically earning $20 per article which is not good when you are writing comprehensive +1,800-word articles and following all the other guidelines.

Getting 1 out of 5 articles published would actually be a pretty good number and most Listverse writers never achieve it.

Another thing is that by writing to Listverse you are building someone else's business instead of building your own online business

A Better Way To Make Money Online As A Writer

I make myself a living online as a writer and I have helped numerous people hand by hand to achieve the same.

Making money online is not a rocket science and you have many much better ways that writing for Listverse. It requires work, of course, but it's possible for anyone

In my comprehensive Ultimate Make Money Online Guide, I walk you through the 4 steps to making even BIG money online by writing. In a nutshell, it goes like this:

  • #1 - Choose Your Interest

What do you want to write about? About which topic would you like to write and talk day in and day out? It can be literally anything you want.

The next step is to build a simple website around your topic. Don't freak out if you don't know anything about it. You can build your very own website in less than 1 minute by following my simple steps.

  • #3 - Write Content 

The next step is to writing articles and content to your website. If you are passionate about babies, you can write about babies. If you like playing guitar, you can write about guitars. If faith is important to you, you can write about the Bible. You choose!

  • #4 - Earn Revenue. 

The last and the most exciting step is to earn money for writing. There are actually many different ways to make money with your website.

When you write, for example, about guitars you can leave a link to your favorite guitar to Amazon. When some of your website visitors goes to Amazon and buys ANYTHING there during 24 hours, you earn commissions.

You can also earn money by displaying ads on your website. If you write about babies, you can link to baby clothes on Amazon and you'll again earn commissions.

Now you may be wondering how can you learn the whole process of making money online as a writer.

I understand you. I was a complete beginner a few years ago and I didn't know anything about making money online.

However, I gladly found a step-by-step training and community called Wealthy Affiliate.

Their training walked me through all the steps that I needed to take to make a full-time income online. Nowadays I have a freedom to travel around the world while earning dollars on the Internet.

But don't take only my word for it, Wealthy Affiliate is a community of +1,500,000 members and 1,000's of people from 195 countries over the course of 13 years have learned to make money there.

Let me show you examples from my friends Kyle and Jerry. They are also making a full-time income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate for free, you will get a step-by-step training that will walk you through literally EVERYTHING you need to know to start making a full-time income online.

It has worked for me, it has worked for my friends and it has worked for 1,000's of other people in 195 countries so I am 100% convinced that you will make money with it as well.

Of course, it will require work to make BIG money like with any other business. It's not a "get-rich-quick" scheme so if you are expecting to make $1,000 in a day, I recommend skipping this option.

I will also be providing you with my 1-on-1 support & mentoring. You will get personal tips and guidance from me and you will be able to ask me anything you want.

You will get answers to ALL your questions because I want to make sure that you succeed.

At the moment, Wealthy Affiliate is accepting new members for free so you can get started here or through the button below.

What kind of experiences do you have with Listverse?

Would you like to make a full-time income online as a writer?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


HireWriters Review: My Favorite Place for Buying High-Quality Articles for a Cheap Price!

Welcome To My HireWriters review!

Have you been thinking about outsourcing some your content? Do you want to get better Google rankings faster? Don’t have enough time to write articles? Or would you like earn money as a freelance writer? Choose your own hours and decide what you will be writing about? Want to earn for every article you write?

If you answered, yes to any of those questions, then HireWriters could be an interesting choice for you. Let’s take a closer look!

HireWriters Review - Quick Summary

Name: HireWriters

Website: (25% Discount through this link on your first deposit.)

Field: Writing Jobs Online / Outsourcing Content

Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

What is HireWriters

Summary: HireWriters is my #1 recommendation for outsourcing content writing. I have bought tens of projects on their website and their price/quality is the best in the industry. On other similar websites I have needed to pay 3-5 times more for the same quality.

Is HireWriters Recommended? Yes. New clients on HireWriters get also an additional 25% bonus. For example, if you buy for $100, you get $25 for free.

Note: If you happen to be a beginner and you are still just starting out your online business, I recommend taking a look at this step-by-step training first.

HireWriters Review 2019: $14 Article Turned into $877 Revenue

Now in February 2019 I have just created an updated HireWriters review 2019 to my YouTube channel.

In the video, I'll show you how I bought a $14-article that has made me already +$877 revenue and it keeps on producing me passive income.

Watch the video until the end to see also other examples where I show how $8-10 articles made me +$300 in revenue.

Of course, not all articles will make such a Huge return on investment but I think those examples really illustrate the big potential of HireWriters.

HireWriters Review 2018 – Video Version

Recently, I created an updated HireWriters review where I show how I earned +$350 for an article that I bought for just $8,25 on HireWriters. I also walk you through the process of getting started, depositing money and ordering content.

I am sure that you will find the video extremely helpful and valuable. If you have any questions, you can always ask me in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

What Is HireWriters All About?

HireWriters is a website where you can hire quality writers to write articles and other content for your website. You can buy a short article even for $1,85. If you want to hire a more experienced writer, you can, of course, spend more money and buy an article for $50.

In HireWriters you can choose

  • What kind of article do you want
  • How long article do you want
  • How much are you willing to pay
  • How experienced writer you want to hire
  • How fast the article will be delivered
  • and literally every little detail you want

In HireWriters you get what you are paying for. If you are not satisfied with an article, you can ask for revision and even fire a writer.

If you want to earn extra money by writing articles, you can also sign up as a writer. Then you will get orders from clients and they will pay you.

What is HireWriters

Client’s Dashboard. I have ordered 10 articles on Hirewriters with 92% acceptance rate.

UPDATE 15/5/2018:

I have now bought +50 projects on HireWriters as you can see in my video above. I have been very satisfied with the results that their articles have given me. Returns on investments have been awesome.

Who is HireWriters For?

HireWriters is very good for website owners who want to keep producing fresh and high-quality content on their website but they don’t have enough time to write everything themselves. If you want to improve, for example, your Google rankings, new content from HireWriters could be a good idea.

You can sign up as a client and/or as a writer. HireWrirets could be good for both.

What is HireWriters

Order articles on HireWriters. Just fill out the information and the order is ready. Then a qualified writer will deliver it for you.

How to Become a Writer in HireWriters?

When you go to, click “Register Now” and then “I am a Writer”. You don’t need to be a professional writer in order to sign up but you need to be a native English speaker.

Once you have created out your account and filled up all relevant information, you can start working as a freelance writer. You can see what kind of open orders there are available and choose one.

You can also describe what kind of articles you would like to write and clients can contact you. But I recommend taking a few open orders first so you get a few positive reviews. Then it can be easier to get new orders.

However, I don't recommend becoming a writer because you could earn way more (+$10,000/month potential) just by following this step-by-step training.

How Much Can I Earn as Writer?

This depends on your rating and experience in HireWriters. The better rating and the more experienced you are, the more you will earn.

Here is a little example from their website:

If you are just starting out and are a “Beginner”, if you write a 300-500 word article (very short) you could earn $2.25. If you were an expert writer, you could earn $10.66. If you are a talented writer, you could possibly write more than 20 of these per day or more.

If you would write 20 articles per day for $10,66, it makes +$200/day which is quite a good income. But in order to write so many articles per day, you need to be a really fast and a skillful writer. So I would say that only very few would be able to earn +$200/day on HireWriters.

But if you would be living in a cheap country, for example in Asia, you can do a living as a freelance writer because living costs are not so high. If you are interested in making bigger income online, I recommend you to take look at Wealthy Affiliate.

There you will learn how you can create your own online business without former experience. One day you can hire writers for you like I am doing to generate income online.

What Are the Prices in HireWriters?

The price of an article depends mainly on two factors: 1.How long is your article and 2.What is your writer’s level on HireWriters?

The cheapest articles on HireWriters cost around $1,50 and the most expensive articles are $60. $1,50 article means 150-300 words written by any writer and $60-article is 2001-3000 words written by an expert writer who has a rating at least 4,6 out of 5. He must have completed at least 12 writing jobs but most of them have completed already tens or even hundreds of articles on HireWriters.

In the table below you can see how much articles will cost.

HireWriters Pricing

HireWriters Pricing

When you buy an article from a beginner writer, you may get high-quality content for a very cheap price. Imagine that some skillful writer is starting out on HireWriters and he needs to accomplish writing jobs before getting ratings on his profile. He needs to accomplish first jobs on Beginner rate so you don’t need to pay so much.

I have sometimes ordered articles from beginners and afterward, I have seen that they are getting 5/5 stars from every writing job that they accomplish. If you compare prices to Fiverr, they are more or less the same. On Fiverr you can get 1,000-word articles for $5 as well but the quality varies a lot. My tip is to find a great writer and order many article from him. You save time, money and energy.

How to Write an Article in HireWriters?

I created a Youtube video where I walk through the process of ordering an article in HireWriters. It only takes 2-3 minutes to submit your order. You will also have a look in the client’s area on HireWriters and see how many texts I have already ordered.

If you have any questions regarding to video or ordering content on HireWriters, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

3 Tips When Ordering Articles

These are things that I have found helpful when buying content from HireWriters. I believe that they could be useful for you.

1.What kind of article do you want? Don’t only write something general like, “I want that you write an article about losing weight.” If you don’t have described clearly, then you don’t know exactly what you will get.

Better instructions would be: “Write an article on how to lose weight in 90 days by exercising 3 times a week in the gym.” And, of course, the more you describe, the more accurate content you will get. By describing your goal clearly, you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.

2.What is a goal of your article? Do you want to promote some product? Or do you want just provide information on a specific subject? Do you want to get some specific action from your readers after reading your article? Define these goals clearly and tell them to your writer. It helps his job and a result will be better for you too.

3.Be ready to ask for a revision. If you gave clear instructions and goals for your writer and he didn’t follow them, you can for sure ask him to rewrite some parts of the article. Most of the time you don’t need to do this when you are following my tips 1 and 2 but sometimes it can be necessary.

If you asked an article on how to make money online with affiliate marketing and he writes how to make money online as a freelance writer, you can for a review. But in my experience, you don’t usually need to ask for a revision in HireWriters because the quality is very good anyway.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to Find High-Quality Writers
  • Great for Outsourcing Your Content
  • Possibility to Work Online as a Freelance Writer
  • All Writers Are Native English Speakers
  • Company Guarantees That Their Writers Produces High-Quality Content
  • 25% Bonus When Buying Articles for the First Time


  • Some Beginner Writers Don’t Provide High-Quality Content
  • Only Native English Speaker Can Work Become a Writer

Conclusion – Is HireWriters Worth It?

Definitely! I have bought articles from HireWriters and I have been very satisfied. Sometimes the content that I had bought got ranked on Google even better than the content that I wrote myself!

That will not, of course, always happen and Google ranking depends on many different factors.

The best thing is that you can clearly decide what you want. You only pay for the content that you want. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a revision or change a writer.

Let’s say that you use $100 for articles. Then those articles bring you lots of new traffic. Let’s say 500 new visitors per month. If 1% of your visitors will end up buying a product, it means that you are getting 5 new clients every month. 60 new clients in a year!

25% Bonus for the First Articles!

When I made my first deposit to HireWriters, I got 25% bonus. I added money for $100 and I got $25 for free. The same bonus is now available for you too.


Crowd Content Review: The Best Site for Outsourcing Content?

In this Crowd Content review I am going to share you my experiences with their services.

My goal is to answer all your questions about Crowd Content, “How much do the articles cost? How much money can you earn as a writer? Are their articles worth? How does Crowd Content work?” and so on. If you have any more questions after reading this article, just leave a question below and I’ll be more than happy to reply you personally.

Crowd Content Video Review

Before we dive into the text, I would like to show you the video review that I recorded about Crowd Content. I know that many people are visual and prefer watching and listening instead of reading. That’s why I think the video will be helpful for many of you. Also, it helps you to understand how their website works. I show how I order the article on Crowd Content.

Crowd Content Review

Name: Crowd Content (CC)


Field: Content Outsourcing / Freelance Writing Marketplace

Short Review: Crowd Content is a reliable and a high-quality content creation service. My experience with Crowd Content has been positive and the articles that I ordered are driving tons of traffic to my website. The drawback of CC is that their articles are more expensive than on some other marketplaces like on HireWriters or iWriter.

My recommendation is that you try all of these marketplaces yourself and make a decision based on your own experiences and needs. If you want to know how to get from freelance writer to an online business owner, learn more on Wealthy Affiliate.

crowd content review

Crowd Content Dashboard

What Is Crowd Content?

Crowd Content is a content creation service that provides articles for people who need them (like blog/website owners, small business owners, etc.) and an opportunity to earn money for freelance writers.

They provide several different content creation services like:

  • Blog Posts
  • Website Content
  • eBooks
  • Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Product Descriptions
  • Facebook Posts
  • Tweets
  • Etc.

I heard about the Crowd Content first time from the Wealthy Affiliate live coach Jay Neill. So, the company has a pretty good reputation and they are a reliable player in the marketplace. The requirement for writers is that they are native speakers.

How Does Crowd Content Work?

I already showed the process in the video above so you can check it out if you didn’t. Crowd Content works similarly to any other freelance writer marketplace. This picture is from iWriter but CC works in the same way.

How Does crowd content work

5-Step Process to Increasing Your Income by Outsourcing Content.

So you create an account. Define what kind of article you want. Review the article. And rinse and repeat. For more detailed instructions I advise you to watch the video in the beginning of this post so you’ll see how the process works in practice.

The more articles you have on your website, the more traffic you can potentially get because you are then ranking under many terms in Google. People will end up to your website by searching many different things. Your articles will also be shared more which adds visitors even more. And as we know, more visitors = more revenue in the long run.

If you want to hear more benefits about outsourcing your content, take a look at this article.

=> Try Crowd Content Today!

Crowd Content Pricing

The price of the content is a little bit different for normal website content and Facebook posts/tweets (see the image below).

crowd content pricing

The picture below shows prices for normal content from their marketplace:

crowd content pricing

Crowd Content Pricing

The more advanced writer you want, the more you pay. You can see more details on their website.

Crowd Content Support

Crowd Content has a top-notch support. They have:

  1. Telephone support (1-888-983-3103)
  2. Email support (
  3. 24/7 live chat

Overall, the company pays high attention and that their clients are satisfied with the service.

crowd content Support

The chat box in on the right side of the page on the bottom, as usual.

Crowd Content vs Textbroker vs HireWriters vs iWriter

All of these four websites are similar platforms. They sell articles for business owners while freelancers can make money by writing those articles.

Which one of them is the best? Where should you buy articles if you need content to your websites? Let me make a few quick comparisons to make your decisions easier.

Crowd Content and Textbroker are more expensive ones but they also have a reputation as more high-quality services than iWriter or HireWriters. However, my review of Textbroker reveals that I spent $90 on their articles that drive almost 0 traffic to my website. Therefore, I am probably not going to use their services in the future.

iWriter has probably the worst reputation of these four but based on my experience their service is much better than their reputation. I have bought articles for a cheap price that are driving a big amount of traffic to my websites.

If I could recommend only one of these services, it would be HireWriters. Their price/quality ratio is great and all of their writers are English native speakers.

Still, Crowd Content is also delivering great content. My advice is that you try all of them (except Textbroker) and stick with the one that suits the best for you.

How Much Does Crowd Content Pay for Writers?

On Crowd Content (and also in other similar freelance writing sites) you will get paid based on your star rating. The better star rating you have, the more you will get paid. The payout goes like this:

  • 1-star writers: 1,2 cents (or 1,4 cents if you deliver it quickly)
  • 2-star writers: 2,0 cents (or 2,3 cents)
  • 3-star writers: 4,4 cents (or 5,2 cents)
  • 4-star writers: 6,6 cents (or 7,6 cents)

The second rate is so-called “bonus rate” that you can earn if you deliver a quick turnaround time. Some businesses need articles quickly and they are willing to pay more for that.

So, let’s take an example that you are a 2-star writer and write a 500-word article. You earn 2,0 cents * 500 = $10. If your rating would be 3 stars, you would earn $22 for the same article. As a 4-star writer you would earn $33 for the article. This example shows how important your star rating really is. The same amount of words but your earnings are 3,3 times bigger if you just deliver high-quality content.

Your star rating is based on the last 5 reviews from your clients. Crowd Content doesn’t give you the rating but the client that has ordered an article from you.

Crowd Content Payment

The client has 72 hours time to accept the article (or ask for refinement). If he doesn’t react during that time, the article gets auto-accepted and you get the money.

You’ll get paid every second Friday of each month. You need to have at least $10 in your account to cash out. If you have, for example, $9,7 the money will roll out to the next payment until you have reached the $10 payment limit.

Crowd Content freelance writers

Crowd Content has already more than 3,000 writers on their marketplace.

Conclusion – Is Crowd Content Legit?

Crowd Content is a legitimate company and a service. So far I haven’t heard anything negative about their website or services.

Of course, the high price is a drawback compared to some cheaper marketplaces. I have bought the most of my articles from HireWriters because their price/quality ratio has been the best. I can get articles for $8-10 that drive me lots of traffic from Google. On Crowd Content I need to pay usually almost $30 per article.

If you are a freelance writer I highly recommend that you consider also “coming to the other side of the table”. As a writer your earnings are always limited to the hours that you spend but as a business owner your income potential is unlimited. You can scale it to huge limits.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a step-by-step training that teaches how you can learn to make money online with a blog/website. I can honestly say that their training literally changed my life. Before that I didn’t realize how I could make money with my own blog but it completely opened my eyes.

What is your favorite marketplace for making money as a freelance writer or outsourcing your own content creation?

Do you prefer building your own online business or work as a freelancer?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂


Is Textbroker a Scam? – I Lost $90 for Almost Nothing But…

Textbroker Review 2020 - Update

My original Textbroker review analyzed Textbroker more from the client's perspective.

Now I created an updated review where I analyze Textbroker more from the writers perspective.

If you want to make money online as a writer, I highly recommend taking a look at my video below because I walk you through the process how you can make it.

I am myself making a big money online as a writer by following this 4-step process. I have also helped 1,000's of other people to do the same.

If I can do it, you can do it! 🙂

Is Textbroker a scam or a reliable website for earning money or outsourcing your content writing? If you are looking for an honest review, you have come to the right place.

Textbroker has a reputation as a high-quality content provider but my experience has been a little bit different. I will explain further why. You’ll also get the idea of how much you could potentially earn on their website as a writer.

I hope you enjoy my review. If you have still any questions after reading it, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below and I’ll reply you personally.

Textbroker Review

Name: Textbroker

Founded: In 2008 in Germany by Jan Becker-Fochler. Currently Headquarters in Las Vegas and New York.

Field: Content Outsourcing / Freelance Writing

Short Review: Based on my and other people’s experiences Textbroker is a safe and a reliable website. Their company has been around already for almost 10 years and it has a good reputation. Prices for content are relatively high and in my opinion, the quality doesn’t always match the price.

If you want to outsource your content writing, I would rather recommend HireWriters or iWriter.

On the other hand, if your goal is to make more money with your blog/website or start earning money from 0, I recommend taking a look at this step-by-step training. It has helped me to earn a living online even without any former experience.

is textbroker a scam

Textbroker Homepage

What Is Textbroker?

Textbroker is a website that allows you to

  1. Earn money as a freelance writer
  2. Outsource your content writing
  3. Resell content to your clients. (This means that your client buys you the content and you buy it from Textbroker.)

I have used this website for buying articles to my website but you can also earn money as a freelance writer.

In this review, I’ll explain what kind of results I received by buying content on Textbroker and I’ll explain whether it was worth it or not. I’ll also show how much you could earn as a writer.

If you prefer getting the information in the video form, I recommend watching the following video that I just uploaded on YouTube. I’ll show you there also how it looks inside Textbroker’s member area and what kind of results I got.

How Does Textbroker Work for Clients?

I signed up on Textbroker as a client because I want to get more content for my website.

More content => More Rankings on Google => More Traffic => More Passive Income

The process of ordering articles on their website is pretty simple. As I showed in the video, you just click “Create New Order!” and then describe for your writer what kind of text do you need. You can also define how fast the writer needs to deliver the content. You will pay according to writer’s level that you choose.

There are 4 levels: 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-star writers. 5-star writers are extremely expensive and I haven’t used them myself. Most orders from clients are for 3-star writers.

You can also order multiple articles at the same time or submit a whole project. The choice is yours and the platform is quite flexible in that sense.

is textbroker a scam

Ordering content is easy and simple. Textbroker also provides you tips what you need to define when ordering articles.

My Results of Buying Articles on Textbroker

I took a little test and bought 4 articles for around $90 in total. Then I posted those articles on my website (after proofreading and editing) and I followed how much traffic they get. I ordered and published those articles 2-3 months ago.

My main source of traffic is Google search and I wanted to get ranked with those texts on Google as well. However, none of them didn’t rank well. They are all +1,500-word comprehensive reviews that should normally get ranked and drive traffic.

During the last 90 days I have received only around 20-25 visitors from Google with those articles. It means that I have paid $3,6-$4,5 per each visitor + my own work that I needed to put in to order, proofread, edit and publish those texts.

We can clearly see that it hasn’t been worth it so far. The situation can change in the long run if the rankings move up. That usually happens when my site keeps on getting more authority on Google. Still, first results haven’t been very promising. I have probably driven much more traffic with those articles if I had written them all by myself.

How to Make Money on Textbroker as a Writer?

First of all, you need to be a native speaker to get approved as a writer. For example, I can’t work for them as a writer for English texts because my native language is Finnish. They have also clients in other languages than English which means that you can get some projects in German, French, Spanish or some other languages if that’s your native language.

So, if you are a native speaker, you can sign up and create a profile. Then you are ready to start working for them.

In the beginning, your earnings will be quite low because your star rating isn’t very high. Based on other people’s experiences your earnings will be around $4-5 per hour. Of course, depending on how fast you can write new content.

You can check out your potential earnings on Textbroker website with their calculator.

is textbroker a scam

Textbroker income calculator.

How many words could you write per day? World-famous writer Jack London writes 1,500-2,000 words per day and Stephen King writes minimum 2,000 words per day. My record is a little bit over 5,000 words per day.

I would say that if you are an experienced writer and you work diligently 8 hours without distractions, you can make 3,000 words in a day. However, it depends also on how much research you need to do. Some articles are faster than others.

If you have a 3-star rating, you would earn $35 for writing 3,500 words. We can quickly calculate that it’s way below the minimum salary in the U.S. In order to beat the minimum salary, you need to become a 5-star writer. Then your hourly rate will be quite good. However, most clients don’t want to buy 5-star articles because they are expensive so you won’t have many texts available.

Textbroker Pricing – Quite Expensive

The following picture shows how much does it cost to buy articles on Textbroker.

is textbroker a scam

For example, 1,000 word-article with 3-star writer costs $18. 500-word article with 4-star writer costs $12.

Then if you want to order content directly from their writers or take a team order, the price starts at 2,4 cents/word.

If you are a writer, you might be thinking, “Hey! If they really pay so well, why wouldn’t I work as a writer for them?” But you need to notice that they don’t pay so well for writers. Textbroker takes a big fee in between. Writer earns only:

  • 2-star writer: 0,7 cents per word
  • 3-star writer: 1,0 cent per word
  • 4-star writer: 1,4 cents per word
  • 5-star writer: 5,0 cents per word

You can see that the Textbroker fee is quite high (47% for 2-star writers). It would be more profitable to contact with small business owners directly.

Textbroker Reviews & Complaints

I wanted to have a look what kind of experiences other users have with Textbroker. Many writers like its flexibility. You can work whenever you want, study interesting subjects and get paid for writing about them.

On the other hand, they admitted that you can’t really earn good money on Textbroker unless you are a 5-star writer. I think that the only way to make a living through Textbroker is to be a U.S. citizen but live in a cheap country like Mexico or in Southeast Asia where your costs are low. Otherwise, their website works as a hobby/extra income for you.

Members were happy with Textbroker support because it replies all requests within 24 hours. My experience is also positive because they have answered all my requests quickly in a friendly way.

Some writers complained about complicated clients. Even though they are ordering content from 2- or 3-star writers, the requirements are very specific and tough. From client’s perspective, I really understand why it is so. The price for 2-3-star writers is so high that the content should have already a good quality.

Achieving a 5-star rating can also be challenging if your client doesn’t like your text. Somebody gives you a low rating (2 stars) for your article and your overall rating drops immediately.

is textbroker a scam

Texbroker reviews on one website.

Textbroker vs iWriter vs HireWriters

I have used all these three services (and a few others) for buying content to my websites. The prices on iWriter and HireWriters are pretty similar but Textbroker is like 3-4 times more expensive.

In my experience, HireWriters has the best price/quality ratio. However, I also enjoy iWriter because you can fire the writer immediately if you don’t like his content. All of these websites give a 100% satisfaction guarantee but it’s probably easiest to execute on the iWriter platform.

Based on my experience Textbroker loses the competition between these 3 websites. If you are a freelance writer and want to earn money for writing, I recommend that you sign up to all of them and stick to the best one. When you have a profile on 3 websites, it gives you more opportunities to work as a writer. But notice that Textbroker and HireWriters accept only native English speakers.

HireWriters Pricing

HireWriters is cheaper than Textbroker and they still provide the same quality.

Conclusion – Is Textbroker Worth It?

Based on my little test Textbroker wasn’t worth it. However, I could still try their services for other niches. Maybe they don’t have experts on “make money online” niche but they could provide better articles for other websites. I will keep their website in mind and probably try it again later in the future.

When you invest money into something, it’s good to measure your return on investment. If you put a dollar in, you want to get more than a dollar out. You can try Textbroker service but be sure that the articles are making you more revenue that you are putting in. Otherwise, you won’t make any profit.

As I explained in the video, I wouldn’t recommend working as a freelance writer in the long run. It can be a good way to earn money if you need it immediately but in the long run having your own blog is much more profitable. You can earn $10,000/month or even $100,000/month in the long run if you become successful with your blog. We could only dream of such income as freelance writers.

The great thing is that there’s a step-by-step training that will teach you everything you need to build a profitable blog. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate. That training taught me how to earn money online by having a blog even though I before had any former experience of it.

Now I could take a month or two off and I could still cover all my expenses from the income that I get from my blogs. It’s all passive income. If I can do it you can do it.

=> Learn How to Build a Blog to Earn Passive Income.

Do you have experience of Textbroker or other similar platforms?

Have you worked as a freelance writer or outsourced some of your content writing?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂