Is VipKid a Scam Or Will You Make $19/h? Read Before Starting!

Welcome to my VipKid to review!

If you're looking for the most trusted way to earn money online as an English teacher, you have arrived to the right place.

In this review, I will show you exact steps that you will need to take the started earning money on VipKid as soon as possible.

To the initial question on the title, "Is VipKid a scam?" The answer is no.

As you will find out further VipKid is one of the biggest English teaching platforms in the world right now. In addition, they are hiring new teachers right now.

VipKid Review - Quick Summary

Name: VipKid

Website: (For Teachers)

Type: English Teaching Job from Home

Salary: $14-22/hour

Best for: English speakers who want a flexible work from home job

Summary: VipKid is one of the biggest and the most well-known English teaching companies online. +40,000 teachers are making money through their website by teaching English and they have +300,000 students.

Is VipKid Recommended? Yes, if you are looking for a flexible work from home job with your own schedule, VipKid is a great option for you. The salary is not huge but $18/hour with flexible hours is not very bad either.

NOTE: Teaching English is an easy way to make money online but the downside is that you will not make passive income. Therefore, the income on VipKid is limited to ~$22/h.

If you are aiming for +$10,000/month income from home, I recommend going through my #1 recommended step-by-step training. I will also personally connect with you to help you further and I am available for all your questions.

VipKid Teacher Review - My Video

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive information on VipKid, I also created a YouTube video where I explain you the most important details on earning money on VipKid.

Watch my video until the end and let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to help you to start earning!

What Is VipKid?

VipKid is a company that connects North American people who want to teach English and Chinese kids who want to learn it.

The company was founded back in 2013 and it been the fastest growing online English teaching company in the world with over 300,000 students as end of 2017. In 2018 to company has hit even more records.

An interesting detail about VipKid is that backed by world-famous basketball player Kobe Bryant and other venture capital investors like Learn Capital, Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners and many others.

VipKid is the official provider of the TOEFL Primary assessment in China. Most of the students are 4 to 12 years old children from the middle class families in China.

VipKid is a reliable company/platform to work for.

As you can see in the image above, VipKid has been featured on huge media platforms like:

  • Forbes
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Bloomberg
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Huffington Post
  • And Many Others

5 Big Benefits of Teaching on VipKid

VipKid has had more than 40,000 teachers and most of them would recommend the teaching also for others on this platform. Here are 5 reasons why teachers are loving the teaching on VipKid:

1.Set Your Own Schedule

Tired of strict 5-jobs? Want to spend time with your kids or friends? No problem!

On VipKid, you will be able to set your own schedule and work whenever you want. I have been working from home full-time now for over a year and I now from my own experience that it's great because nobody says when you should or shouldn't work.

You can also spend time with your kids or take a day off if you want. Everything is up to you.

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2.Work Anywhere You Want

Want to work from the comfort of your own home? Want to take your family to a vacation and give a few hours before your children wake up? No problem again! 😉

​VipKid provides also the flexibility to your location because you can completely choose where you want to do the teaching.

​As long as you have the Internet connection, you are good to go.

Teaching on VipKid has several benefits.

3.No Lesson Preparation Required

VipKid has created a unique and easy to follow curriculum for teachers to deliver English classes on the Internet in a 1-on-1 environment from the comfort of their homes.

In addition, you don't need to spend any time grading your students like in a traditional teaching job. That makes your teaching gig even more flexible and easier.

4.Good Pay ($19/hour on Average)

We have reviewed more than 450 make money online opportunities on However, many of them have been low-paying websites that I can't honestly recommend.

Gladly VipKid is a better one because they are paying a good salary for their teachers. As I will explain you more in detail further on this article, the average teacher earns $19 per hour on VipKid.

That being said, the salary is good but you will not make +$10,000 per month income if you are aiming for such an income, I recommend following
this step-by-step training that took me from a complete beginner to a good money online and traveling around the world.

5.Fun to Work 1-on-1 with Children

Based on hundreds of VipKid teacher reviews on the Internet, most teachers find teaching fun and VipKid community very supportive.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about teaching on VipKid.

VipKid Teacher Requirements

Getting started on VipKid is pretty easy but there are a few requirements that you need to fulfill. The requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be from the United States or Canada.
  2. You must have a Bachelor's degree.

Pretty simple, huh? If you fill out those requirements, you are ready to start the application process that I will explain you in detail in the following chapter.

Below are also listed the technical requirements of teaching on VipKid.

  1. Desktop computer, Laptop or Mac with the Internet access.
  2. Webcam - Built in to your computer is fine. My #1 recommended webcam with a good price/quality ratio is Logitech C922
  3. Headset - Recommended

Many teachers say that teaching on VipKid is like being on an interactive Skype call with Powerpoint presentations for lesson plans.

Remember that you don't need to create any lesson plans yourself. The curriculum is created by the VipKid Curriculum team which takes all the pressure off the teachers. Therefore, you can just focus doing on what you enjoy - teaching English - without any extra preparation work!

The platform that you'll be using is VipKid's proprietary tech and curriculum developed in-house.It's VipKid branded product from start to finish to make teaching for you as convenient as possible.

Here are a few other benefits to keep in mind when teaching on VipKid:

  • No communication required with parents - VipKid team is in touch with the parents.
  • Only 1-on-1 lessons - No group lessons
  • Ready-made curriculum and teaching materials - No extra prep required

Here are some of the statistics from VipKid from 2017. (New records made in 2018.)

VipKid Application Process

In this chapter, I'm going to explain you the simple 5-step application process on VipKid.

Just follow my instructions below to get started and start earning $14-22 per hour from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Apply as a teacher on VipKid by filling out basic info (5 min)
  2. 10 Min Teaching Sample – (Virtual interview or recorded)
  3. Go through intro to Teaching (2-3 hr)
  4. Mock Class (2-4 hr)
  5. Sign the contract with VipKid.
    (6.) Start teaching kids and earning money!

The application process is simple and easy to follow. VipKid team is also very helpful, supportive and will answer all your questions regarding teaching.

If you have any questions or concerns, I recommend that you start the application process here and ask from the team when they contact you.

VipKid Monthly Salary

Your monthly salary on the VipKid will depend on how many hours you want to teach.

Teaching on VipKid is very flexible and you can set your own schedule.The average earnings that VipKid teachers are reporting are $19 per hour.

The image below illustrates you how the salary is set on VipKid. All the lessons are 30 minutes long and can possibly earn $11 for each 30-minute lesson.

Therefore, you can also calculate your monthly salary. You can comfortably earn more than $3,000 per month on VipKid if you give lessons regularly.

That's not a bad income from the comfort of your own home. I know from my own experience several benefits of working from home:

  • No commuting
  • No rush hours
  • Set your own schedule
  • More time with your family and loved ones
  • Sleep as long as you want 😉

That being said, ALL those benefits apply also to my #1 recommended way to make money online which is WAY more profitable than VipKid.

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VipKid Reviews from Teachers

There are hundreds and probably even thousands of teacher reviews on the Internet.

A big majority of those reviews are positive and most of the teachers enjoy teaching on VipKid. They embrace the flexibility of the VipKid opportunity and the friendliness of the community.

Take a look at the typical review below:

This is a very typical VipKid review from teacher's perspective.

In the picture below you'll see another review from a teacher who has already worked a good while on VipKid:

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Notice that many work from home online jobs don't pay $20 per hour like VipKid does. 

Below you can also see reviews from Rachel, Stephanie and Donna on VipKid's own official website.

Almost all teachers enjoy teaching on VipKid.

VipKid Curriculum - Teaching Material Is Ready for You

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding teaching on VipKid is, "Do I need to prepare material for my lessons?"

The answer is no.

VipKid curriculum team has prepared material for every class so no extra preparation is required from your side. Of course, it is recommended that you review the class material before your lesson so you know what you will be teaching about.

You will be always able to preview the class materials in the VipKid's teacher portal before your lesson.

VipKid's goal is to make the process as easy as possible for all their teachers. That's beneficial for you, a child (student) and VipKid as well.

Conclusion - Is VipKid Worth It?

If you want a convenient and flexible opportunity to make money from home, we pick it is for you.

Many teachers say that they wouldn't even call this a "job" because teaching on the VipKid is so fun. It is just like having a Skype conversation with an interactive PowerPoint presentation that been has prepared for you.

Of course, I need to mention that if your goal is to earn something like $10,000 per month from home, then this is not for you. For such an income you must follow this training.

But if you are satisfied with the $2,000-4,000 income from home, then this opportunity would be great for you.

However, you will not be earning passive income with VipKid which a huge drawback in my opinion. Check out my list of the most recommended online jobs to learn BETTER ways to earn money from home.

VipKid FAQ

To summarize the article, I have listed the frequently asked questions below. Just click the question to see the answers.

If you have any other questions, you can always ask me in the comments below and I will be more than happy to reply you personally.

How Much Money Can You Earn on VipKid?

What Are the Requirements for a Teacher?

Is VipKid Reliable?

Do Teachers Enjoy Working on VipKid?

When And How Are the Salary Payments Made?

How Long Are Teaching Classes?

Do you have any further questions of VipKid?

Or if you have already been using the platform, I have a few questions to you:

What kind of experiences do you have with VipKid?

How long have you been teaching?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I don’t have any experience working with VipKid company. But. i often heard of different English Tutor Sites that offers good salary. This is a great help to those looking for jobs. Who also have good skills in English. Mostly of this sites are strict with the noise, as much as possible it should be peacefully quiet.

    Plus, it’s done late night to morning if your situated to some part of Asia this is because of the time difference of teacher and student. It’s a good opportunity if you want to work at home. I enjoy reading your reviews @Roope, take care and God bless.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jelineex. When it comes to the hours and the schedule, the teachers can very freely set their own hours. The children are Chinese so there may be a time difference if the teachers is living in the U.S.

      However, I have met teachers who also live in Asia so then they have the same time with the students.

  2. It definitely sounds like one of the more legit earning options out there, especially if you enjoy working with kids. Being able to set your own hours is immensely helpful too, and that flexibility is worth a bit in itself! I like not being bound to a traditional 9 to 5, so I’m quite interested in this!

  3. This is something which I can do with ease. Too bad they only take teachers from other nations as long as you can pass a certain test because I feel that this is such an awesome opportunity.

    1. Yeah, VipKid is a good opportunity for North Americans who want to make money teaching English online. It doesn’t make riches but a comfortable income at least.

  4. I’ve been hearing a lot about this VipKid and it’s only now I found out that they require native English speakers. Needless to say, I don’t have to check it out then because I’m not qualified to teach. I felt let down because it really seems promising.

    I have a learned so much in this site not only on the content itself but also on the comments and responses. We can access to information we need on line but it can be tedious because you have to go through all the links and verify if it’s reliable or not. It can be time consuming as well. Appreciate that I can have all these information handy.

  5. I actually am an ESL tutor, but wit a different company. I make less than what VipKid pays their tutors. Maybe that’s because I have no certifications and am a non-native speaker. But I still tried applying to them, and to no surprise my application got turned down. I hope someday, they’d accept non-native speakers.

    1. I see.

      What company you are working for as an ESL tutor? Have you enjoyed so far?

      VipKid doesn’t require certifications either but as you said they are focusing on native English teachers at the moment.

  6. I study English Language Literature and Linguistics in my home country. I will graduate next year and start working as a teacher.

    I just recently started looking for real ways to make some money online and I thought that teaching English would be a dream come true and it would also allow me to experience real situations and try to better my skills at teaching, even before I become a teacher in my home country.

    VipKid was the first result to come up for my query. I really liked the salary because it is worth a lot in my country. People were sharing their experiences and giving great reviews about them, and there was never a doubt that VipKid was legitimate.

    Once I got to read the requirement, I found out I was not eligible as I’m not from the US or Canada. It made me really sad!

    Maybe in the future, they would give non-native English speakers the opportunity to work with them. For now, I’m looking for other opportunities.

    Thank you for the great detailed review! I hope everyone that’s working for them is happy and rewarded as they deserve. 🙂

    1. It happened the same to me. It’s hard to find legit online jobs that will have a decent pay, so I was enthusiastic reading this, until I got to the part that says you must be from Canada or USA. Seems like a good deal, I would give it a try if I could. In any case, is nice to have sites like this that offer detailed reviews with warnings for those who don’t have the time to try all of the options available to work online.

  7. When I was studying Psychology, we had this one-semester subject about Early Childhood Development, and what I can remember is that I unexpectedly had so much fun because we were assigned to observe, teach and guide kindergartens for a week. I was assigned with 7 hyper-energetic kids which drained all the energy I had but gave me a memorable experience.

    The beauty of teaching kids is that they are pure in every angle. And after the said experience, I could definitely say that these kids hold lessons that a full grown man can learn from. With that said, It’s quite sad that it is not available for other countries outside USA and Canada. If only I had the chance, I would really pursue VIP Kid!

    1. Yeah, that is also what many VipKid teachers have described. They have really enjoyed teaching kids because they say every time even a teacher learns something new. I feel that kids are really fascinating because they are often like young scientists who are discovering the world with an open attitude.

  8. I am a teacher by profession. But ever since i graduated, i never applied what i learned from school. Simply because i want to build my business and be my own boss. But when the time comes that i need an online job, i encountered this online English teaching jobs.

    I thought to myself that i could do it since the time is flexible and the pay is great, specially when you live in a third world country. But my main problem is that i don’t have the appropriate place for me to start this. So i just continued to look for other ways to earn online.

    1. There are tons of websites where you could make money by teaching English. Of course, there is a great competition as well because there are also so many other English speaking people who want to make money by teaching English.

      Anyway, I think that building your own online business is also a wonderful idea because it can probably be even more profitable in the long run.

      By the way, have you followed Wealthy Affiliate online business training?

  9. It’s quite a nice idea and I’m sure that a lot of people will love making money this way. However, it’s not something for me. Whilst I am a fluent English speaker, I would say that I’m not good enough (in terms of the more advanced things) to teach someone else. Plus, I do think that there are quite a few better money making methods out there especially if you are looking for a more passive income since this can be quite hard work.

    1. I see, I see. I think you don’t need to be a genius to make money with VipKid! 😉 But yeah, I understand your point. In addition, it’s only available for the people who are able to work from Canada or the U.S. I think you’re from the UK so in this case this probably isn’t 100% suitable for you.

      Sure, there are better ways to make passive income online like Wealthy Affiliate (the website that I always tout) 😉

    2. There are other means out there. Nonetheless, this is apparently a common misconception that you have to extra qualified in some sense to teach non-native speakers. A platform like this one often has training. Even where its training may not cover everything, a lot of the teaching comes down to common sense. By the way you write, I’m sure you’re verbally articulate. That’s all you need from what I have heard other ESL teachers say, even those who went abroad to do it and often with no grasp of the local native language in the country they would be visiting.

  10. I actually taught English language during my 1 year National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) as part of my final project as a graduate and currently I’m working part time as an English Literature teacher in a government secondary school. So, I think that using VipKid to work from home as a flexible English teacher would be a good idea.

    What do you think Roope?

    1. Yes, VipKid is a great option but currently it’s available only for the teachers that are able to work from the U.S. or Canada.

      However, there are other websites that you can use for teaching English.

      1. Oh! that’s very sad thing to hear that VipKid services is restricted to only teachers who are able to work from US or CANADA. I had a feeling that might come up with VipKid usage. What are the other websites someone can use to teach English and earn from?

          1. Thanks once again for this @Roope. I really appreciate it very well. I will see the ones that I can be able to make use of once I go through the information on language blog.

  11. VipKid is one of the most popular ways to earn money as an English Teacher. Its such a pity that they only accept people from Canada and America as teachers. They are other countries who have English as their first language. Anyway I think if you can do it, this is an amazing way to earn money.

    1. Yeah, this is the way VipKid guarantees a high quality for their clients.

      There are fortunately many other websites available for English teachers from other countries 🙂

  12. I would say that this is one if the ways that you can earn by teaching English in a simple way on the internet, but what I have come to notice is that the requirements restricted it to people from a particular part of the world, which is understandable since they are looking for quality hands that can deliver. However, that restriction will make other capable hands from other part of the world to miss out on working for them.

    1. Yes. They want to provide American and Canadian teachers for their clients so they don’t take teachers from other parts of the world.

      But if you want to earn money online by teaching English, there are also many other websites where you can do that. One of them is Preply However, the pay probably won’t be as high as on VipKid unless you are good to market yourself as a teacher.

      1. I will check the Preply that you mentioned and see how they work and that doesn’t deny the fact that I understand totally the reason the earlier reviewed site need quality teachers from America and Canada since they want the quality.

  13. Prior to reading this article, I had never heard of VipKid. In fact there are so many things that I have never heard of. If is VipKid is one of the biggest English teaching platforms, this must be a legit site for English teachers to earn money. I use English as a second language,therefore, I may never be approved for teacher’s job, however, I will check the site to see what kind of language courses are available.

    1. VipKid teachers teach Chinese children that are 4-12 years old using 1-on-1 lessons. VipKid curriculum team has prepared all the lesson plans and materials so teachers don’t need to worry about any material preparation.

  14. VIP Kid sounds like a fun, decent job that could either be done full-time or on the side. It has pretty easy requirements and hiring process. Good thing also that the lessons are ready, so the teachers won’t have to create them from scratch.

    Teaching kids could be fun for some, but it can also be challenging. It requires time and patience, just like any other jobs. Although patience in teaching kids, especially those with short attention span is a different matter. Culture is also a factor. I saw on the video that some kids are Chinese or Asian. To make the most out of this and any other online teaching jobs, it’s also important to know the student’s profile and cultural background to better connect with them and thus make the lessons more effective and worthwhile – not just plain discussions that end when the time is up.

    Overall, this is a fun and challenging field to pursue. Plus of course, it can be done at the comfort of your home.

    1. Yes, you are right that it’s different to teach for a child than for an adult.

      In the past, I worked for some time in the kindergarten and lead Sunday schools at our church. I once did a 3-month internship also in a Spanish kindergarten. 20 (energetic Spanish) kids per one adult, you can imagine 😀

      But I think VipKid is much easier than that because there’s only 1 child instead of a group. You can give a full focus for that child.

      1. Wow, that’s tough!

        Yeah, that’s the beauty of one-on-one teaching methods. You get to focus more on the student than divide your attention to say, 20 kids at the same time. That method is such a breather from the traditional classes. And it’s good that this trend is getting more and more mainstream and innovative these days, thanks to video calling technology as well.

        That focus aspect plus the ease of working at home really makes the brand stand by its name to make every kid a VIP. Kudos to VipKid!

        1. Yeah, technology and the Internet has opened such wonderful opportunities. Imagine! Children from China making video calls to the English teachers in the U.S.A. and Canada. Who could have imagined this 20 years ago? God only knows what will happen in the next 20 years? 😀

          1. Yeah. Maybe classroom scenes would be way different by that time. Gone are the days of regular classrooms with many students; the materials may just be downloadable, programmable, or maybe even embedded in microchips or something. The possibilities are endless. And online teaching approaches like what VipKid is doing are really the trendsetters in education. It still has a long way to go.

          2. That’s true. When I was studying in the University, I just often skipped the classes and studied something online 😀 I thought it like this, “Why would I go to listen to some average local teacher while I can listen to the best teachers in the world online?”

            I don’t say it by diminishing local teachers or teaching but pointing out the opportunities of the Internet of course 🙂

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