Is Cactus Global A Scam? [$4,000 Income As Writer Possible?!]

Is Cactus Global A Scam? The Indian-Based Medical Communications Company Proved Itself As An Exceptional Hub For Writers, Editors, & Freelancers To Make Money.
Is Cactus Global A Scam? The Indian-Based Medical Communications Company Proved Itself As An Exceptional Hub For Writers, Editors, & Freelancers To Make Money.

Welcome to my Cactus Global Review!

Is Cactus Global a scam? 

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Cactus Global Review - Quick Summary

Name: Cactus Global

Founded: 2002

Type: Medical Communications Company

Price: Free

Best for: People who intend to work in communications, particularly as an editor or a freelance writer for pharmaceutical companies and other related areas.

Is Cactus Global A Scam? The Indian-Based Medical Communications Company Proved Itself As An Exceptional Hub For Writers, Editors, & Freelancers To Make Money.

Summary: Aiming for excellence in medical communications, Cactus Global is an Indian-based communications company that caters to the pharma-related areas. Hence, they’re in the search for editors and freelance writers who have the passion to write medical articles and other releases.

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What Is Cactus Global? 

Unlike the previous reviews I did, Cactus Global is rather a medical communications company that caters to the need of every pharmaceutical in need of advice and/or outputs for press releases, for example. 

It’s not like They provide freelance writing jobs for those who want to make an income writing medical-related posts as well as editors to work and to polish the written outputs as seamlessly as they can. 

Rather treated as any communications software or program, Cactus Global is an Indian-based company with a group of medical communication advisors working with every client they work with. 

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Currently, they are in the search for academic writers, more freelance writers, editors, translators, among others in various types: 

  • Working in office
  • Work-At-Home
  • Freelance
  • Internship

Either of these choices is a good way to explore the writing possibilities. That is if you want to have experience writing medical-related work.

If you intend to work without leaving the comforts of your home, you can start joining this opportunity instead.

How Does Cactus Global Work?

Given that it's an international communications company, it has branched out outside the Indian borders, such as in Philadelphia, USA, Tokyo, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, Shanghai, China, Singapore, and the UK. 

In addition to that, they claim to be a certified "Great Place To Work" communications company online. From there, you could assume that you're going to be in good hands when you start working with clients under Cactus Global. 

Now, the question is how does this company work for you and its clients. As I mentioned earlier, you have 4 options: Work From Office, Work From Home, Freelance, and Internship.

Let's focus on the 3 areas involving full-time working in an office, home, as well as freelance. 

Basically, Cactus Global provides the following to its stakeholders: 

1. Scientific Publications

  • Global and Regional Publication Plans
  • Gap Analyses
  • Needs Assessments
  • Scientific Platform Development
  • Primary and Secondary Data Manuscripts
  • Narrative Review Articles
  • Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses
  • Abstracts, Posters, and Oral Presentations

2. Medical Communications

  • MSL Slide Deck Support
  • Therapeutic Area Product Summaries
  • Clinical Trial Cards
  • Clinical Study Summary Tables
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Symposia/Speaker Decks
  • Onsite Congress Support

3. Medical Information

  • Medical Information Letters
  • Compendia Surveillance
  • Literature Searches
  • FAQs
  • Product Monographs
Is Cactus Global A Scam Landing Page-min

Cactus Global landing page with a gist of their company vision & mission


  • Global Value Dossiers
  • Manuscripts, Posters, & Abstracts
  • Real-World Evidence Manuscripts
  • Systematic Literature Reviews
  • Meta-Analyses
  • Evidence Gap Analyses
  • Economic Models
  • Health Technology Assessment & Reimbursement Dossiers
  • Value Communication Tools

5. Regulatory Writing

  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Protocols
  • Narratives
  • eCTD Modules 2.5 and 2.7
  • Clinical Evaluation Reports for Medical Devices

6. Digital

  • E-Learning Modules
  • 2D/3D Medical Animations
  • Video Abstracts

How to Make Money with Cactus Global?

To earn money with Cactus Global, there’s a clear path for you to take. Apply for any of their existing job openings. Just as you do with Rat Race Rebellion or Mommy Jobs Online. 

You see below are the categories for you to choose from. That’s a lot of options for you, to begin with. 

Is Cactus Global A Scam Job Openings

A few of the categories Cactus Global offers to prospect employees

Aside from applying for any of the available jobs in either working from an office, working from home, freelance, or internship, there’s no other option for you to make other money-making means. There’s no affiliate program provided.

Cactus Global [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Relying On Monthly Salary

Though some claim to have received as much as $4,000 per month as a freelance writer, you still rely on a monthly salary. That’s the hard fact you need to keep in mind.

Once you decided to join Cactus Global, you’ll be working full-time with the company. Hence, you can’t search for other options for you to add more income streams on your end. 

2. No Work-Life Balance

This is true to every full-time job, though. You may get paid more while working at home; however, you still don’t have full control of your life.

You earn money by relying on monthly payments. You follow rigid office rules and regulations to keep the workplace as organized as possible.

You can’t choose when to rest and when to work. The list goes on and on. 

3. High-Risk To Boredom

For most writers, including me, we love writing. We’re obsessed with it. We live and earn money from doing what we love.

But if we keep reading and writing the same thing over and over again, especially with a strict regulation (from superiors), we tend to get away and quit. Why?

This is because, in jobs like this, you can get stuck in a rut working for someone else, though you know you can do better and make more money online.

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What I Like About Cactus Global?

1. Diverse Job Opportunities

As I mentioned earlier, you have 4 different options if you pursue working with Cactus Global. You can either work in any of their designated offices within India and other parts of the globe, work at home, work as a freelance writer and/or editor, or work as an intern.

2. Good Workplace Culture

I hovered through reviews from current employees working with the company and the majority of them stated that they don’t have any qualms on saying the positive feedback about working in Cactus Global.

Though some reported that the company tends to have a strenuous working culture, they still enjoy the benefits, compensation rates, working environment, etc.

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3. Unique Communications Company

The reason for starting my writing career is to explore possibilities in my writing prowess. Which is why I have become fond of the company’s specific niche as a communications company.

Most of the ones I reviewed are into transcription services, freelance writing services, in general. Cactus Global is the first company I reviewed that caters only to a specific area, medical writing.

Cactus Global Review - What Others Say About It?

With an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, there’s no doubt that Cactus Global has done a great job in keeping their finest writers in the company.

To support the claim, I have here the screenshots of satisfied workers who have been working for 5 years. 

Is Cactus Global A Scam Positive Review 1

A few of the positive feedback from current writers working in Cactus Global

On the other hand, there are a few complaints like the rigid working environment, poor interpersonal relationships between the executives and the workers, among others. Yet, the majority seems to have no problems with Cactus Global. 

One of them stated that once you pursue the job in the company, you enjoy the working flexibility it provides. 

Is Cactus Global A Scam Negative Review

One of the highlighted negative reviews on Glassdoor

But then again, they emphasize the room for improvement, particularly on the compensation rates, and the long hours of work to cope with the deadline.

Is Cactus Global A Scam?

Given all the pieces of information I gathered in this post, there’s no doubt that Cactus Global is not a scam.

Rather, it’s a legitimate medical communications company that serves its market with the finest outputs done by the writers and editors around the globe. 

Additionally, the diversity of job availability with a sincere warning from posers is proof of their undeniable trustworthy services. As for the employee’s standpoint, there is no big complaint recorded or filed against the company. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) showed its A+ rating, albeit they failed to get the accreditation status. Still, it means a lot of companies trusted the vision and the mission of the company to its stakeholders.

Is Cactus Global A Scam BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) record shows A+ rating for Cactus Global.

#1 Online Business Opportunity

Although working with Cactus Global is enticing for every writer out there, there is still that missing piece. Every writer wants the freedom to write something he loves to work on. 

He might love to write about medical-related posts but if there’s a constant repetition as most full-time jobs do, he would eventually fall into boredom and feels stuck in a rut. 

That’s what exactly had happened to me as a writer. Which is why I completely understand how important it is to have such flexibility and assurance of making enough money to support myself while working at home. 

You can make a lot of money online using your writing prowess. Simply strengthen your high-income skills through the program.

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Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Is Cactus Global A Scam?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Cactus Global? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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