Crowd Content Review: The Best Site for Outsourcing Content?

crowd content review

In this Crowd Content review I am going to share you my experiences with their services.

My goal is to answer all your questions about Crowd Content, “How much do the articles cost? How much money can you earn as a writer? Are their articles worth? How does Crowd Content work?” and so on. If you have any more questions after reading this article, just leave a question below and I’ll be more than happy to reply you personally.

Crowd Content Video Review

Before we dive into the text, I would like to show you the video review that I recorded about Crowd Content. I know that many people are visual and prefer watching and listening instead of reading. That’s why I think the video will be helpful for many of you. Also, it helps you to understand how their website works. I show how I order the article on Crowd Content.

Crowd Content Review

Name: Crowd Content (CC)


Field: Content Outsourcing / Freelance Writing Marketplace

Short Review: Crowd Content is a reliable and a high-quality content creation service. My experience with Crowd Content has been positive and the articles that I ordered are driving tons of traffic to my website. The drawback of CC is that their articles are more expensive than on some other marketplaces like on HireWriters or iWriter.

My recommendation is that you try all of these marketplaces yourself and make a decision based on your own experiences and needs. If you want to know how to get from freelance writer to an online business owner, learn more on Wealthy Affiliate.

crowd content review
Crowd Content Dashboard

What Is Crowd Content?

Crowd Content is a content creation service that provides articles for people who need them (like blog/website owners, small business owners, etc.) and an opportunity to earn money for freelance writers.

They provide several different content creation services like:

  • Blog Posts
  • Website Content
  • eBooks
  • Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Product Descriptions
  • Facebook Posts
  • Tweets
  • Etc.

I heard about the Crowd Content first time from the Wealthy Affiliate live coach Jay Neill. So, the company has a pretty good reputation and they are a reliable player in the marketplace. The requirement for writers is that they are native speakers.

How Does Crowd Content Work?

I already showed the process in the video above so you can check it out if you didn’t. Crowd Content works similarly to any other freelance writer marketplace. This picture is from iWriter but CC works in the same way.

How Does crowd content work
5-Step Process to Increasing Your Income by Outsourcing Content.

So you create an account. Define what kind of article you want. Review the article. And rinse and repeat. For more detailed instructions I advise you to watch the video in the beginning of this post so you’ll see how the process works in practice.

The more articles you have on your website, the more traffic you can potentially get because you are then ranking under many terms in Google. People will end up to your website by searching many different things. Your articles will also be shared more which adds visitors even more. And as we know, more visitors = more revenue in the long run.

If you want to hear more benefits about outsourcing your content, take a look at this article.

=> Try Crowd Content Today!

Crowd Content Pricing

The price of the content is a little bit different for normal website content and Facebook posts/tweets (see the image below).

crowd content pricing

The picture below shows prices for normal content from their marketplace:

crowd content pricing
Crowd Content Pricing

The more advanced writer you want, the more you pay. You can see more details on their website.

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Crowd Content Support

Crowd Content has a top-notch support. They have:

  1. Telephone support (1-888-983-3103)
  2. Email support (
  3. 24/7 live chat

Overall, the company pays high attention and that their clients are satisfied with the service.

crowd content Support
The chat box in on the right side of the page on the bottom, as usual.

Crowd Content vs Textbroker vs HireWriters vs iWriter

All of these four websites are similar platforms. They sell articles for business owners while freelancers can make money by writing those articles.

Which one of them is the best? Where should you buy articles if you need content to your websites? Let me make a few quick comparisons to make your decisions easier.

Crowd Content and Textbroker are more expensive ones but they also have a reputation as more high-quality services than iWriter or HireWriters. However, my review of Textbroker reveals that I spent $90 on their articles that drive almost 0 traffic to my website. Therefore, I am probably not going to use their services in the future.

iWriter has probably the worst reputation of these four but based on my experience their service is much better than their reputation. I have bought articles for a cheap price that are driving a big amount of traffic to my websites.

If I could recommend only one of these services, it would be HireWriters. Their price/quality ratio is great and all of their writers are English native speakers.

Still, Crowd Content is also delivering great content. My advice is that you try all of them (except Textbroker) and stick with the one that suits the best for you.

How Much Does Crowd Content Pay for Writers?

On Crowd Content (and also in other similar freelance writing sites) you will get paid based on your star rating. The better star rating you have, the more you will get paid. The payout goes like this:

  • 1-star writers: 1,2 cents (or 1,4 cents if you deliver it quickly)
  • 2-star writers: 2,0 cents (or 2,3 cents)
  • 3-star writers: 4,4 cents (or 5,2 cents)
  • 4-star writers: 6,6 cents (or 7,6 cents)

The second rate is so-called “bonus rate” that you can earn if you deliver a quick turnaround time. Some businesses need articles quickly and they are willing to pay more for that.

So, let’s take an example that you are a 2-star writer and write a 500-word article. You earn 2,0 cents * 500 = $10. If your rating would be 3 stars, you would earn $22 for the same article. As a 4-star writer you would earn $33 for the article. This example shows how important your star rating really is. The same amount of words but your earnings are 3,3 times bigger if you just deliver high-quality content.

Your star rating is based on the last 5 reviews from your clients. Crowd Content doesn’t give you the rating but the client that has ordered an article from you.

Crowd Content Payment

The client has 72 hours time to accept the article (or ask for refinement). If he doesn’t react during that time, the article gets auto-accepted and you get the money.

You’ll get paid every second Friday of each month. You need to have at least $10 in your account to cash out. If you have, for example, $9,7 the money will roll out to the next payment until you have reached the $10 payment limit.

Crowd Content freelance writers
Crowd Content has already more than 3,000 writers on their marketplace.

Conclusion – Is Crowd Content Legit?

Crowd Content is a legitimate company and a service. So far I haven’t heard anything negative about their website or services.

Of course, the high price is a drawback compared to some cheaper marketplaces. I have bought the most of my articles from HireWriters because their price/quality ratio has been the best. I can get articles for $8-10 that drive me lots of traffic from Google. On Crowd Content I need to pay usually almost $30 per article.

If you are a freelance writer I highly recommend that you consider also “coming to the other side of the table”. As a writer your earnings are always limited to the hours that you spend but as a business owner your income potential is unlimited. You can scale it to huge limits.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a step-by-step training that teaches how you can learn to make money online with a blog/website. I can honestly say that their training literally changed my life. Before that I didn’t realize how I could make money with my own blog but it completely opened my eyes.

What is your favorite marketplace for making money as a freelance writer or outsourcing your own content creation?

Do you prefer building your own online business or work as a freelancer?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. This will be a good opportunity to develop my writing skills. Sometimes, it is difficult to have a spontaneity of idea on certain topic. It takes time and effort especially if not a born writer. I find it a challenge to get out of my comfort zone. I am always open for improvement and constructive criticism for the betterment of my skills. Thanks for the information. I love it. Happy Tuesday. God bless you always @Roope.

    1. Yeah, on Crowd Content you’ll also have an opportunity to earn a bit more money than on some other similar freelance writing websites.

      But if you want to earn a serious money online as a writer, I highly recommend following the steps that you’ll learn on Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. To be a writer here, do you have to pass a test? I’m new in this market. I don’t have that much experience in freelancing. I am always looking for sites that is legit and pays on time. In the article, I can see that this is really good for the owners. How about for the writers? Will you recommend this as a good source of income?

    1. I think this is a fine opportunity for the writers who want to make some extra money and gain more experience. Regarding the test and other details, I recommend going to their website and checking out from their staff. I’m not working for them so I don’t know about the details for a writer.

      I’ve only used Crowd Content from client’s perspective for outsourcing content writing.

      1. Okay @roope. I have tried several times as a writer but it seems like they have some high standards. I therefore think that anyone going to look for content from their writers might find great freelancers.

    2. I am familiar with that test. It gives me no honour to say that I failed. However on my defense I must say that they only give people a chance to submit content without offering instructions on what they specifically need.

  3. There are many positives for CrowdContent, but just like you said Roope, the articles are quite pricey. Why would they charge $30 per article? There are other sites that offer high-quality articles for just $10 or less.

    1. That’s just the way it is 😀

      I mean, the company can decide their price and if a client is willing to pay for it, that’s fine.

      I was looking for a YouTube consultant in my town and asked how much one guy charges. He replied, “$250 per hour.” Then another one said, “$1,997 for 90 minutes.” The first price is reasonable but the second price just sounds ridiculous because I think his quality wouldn’t even be higher than the first.

      With Crowd Content you can be guaranteed that the quality is good but still my #1 recommendation at the moment is HireWriters because they offer 3-5 times cheaper articles than Crowd Content. I think that Crowd Content was worth the investment but HireWriters is even better.

      1. Exactly! If I want to spend a lot of money in something, then I need to make sure that I get as much value from it as possible. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of my hard earned cash.

  4. I guess there are certain challenges and risks on both sides. With bloggers or site owners whose goal is to generate more traffic and sales, the risk is with the cost of the articles that they pay for. Is the content really worth it? Does it generate more value for my business?

    On the other end, writers who know their worth would obviously have to stay away from these low-paying sites if they want to work smart or risk working hard for so little in return.

    It all boils down to experience really. Whether you’re an online business owner or an online writer, there’s only one way to learn. You explore the opportunities, learn from them, and stick with your own proven best practices.

    1. I have mostly a positive experience of buying articles on Crowd Content. That’s why I could recommend it for other people as well.

      However, my #1 recommendation for outsourcing content writing is HireWriters at the moment. Their prices are way cheaper than on Crowd Content but quality is sometimes the same.

  5. Used Crowd Content and left wondering why I hired them. The level 4 writing I experienced and the poor support structure was telling.

  6. Dear lovely business owners and decision makers,

    I had to comment as I notice several of you are using sites like iWriter and Textbroker because of their wonderful low prices. Please remember that the people who are writing your content have an essential, saleable skill – otherwise you wouldn’t be outsourcing your content writing. Nobody can live on $10 a day – and in my experience as a writer who has written for both these platforms in the past, that’s all you’ll make, and that’s on a good day.

    While I can see the obvious appeal of ridiculously cheap content, with respect, it’s no wonder it’s not driving traffic to your website (noted in one of the comments above). Would you be motivated to do your best work for a few cents an hour? Would you pay so little if you outsourced your IT or accounting? Of course you wouldn’t.

    Many of us freelance writers, self included, are English graduates. We’re highly experienced. We know what we’re doing and we should be paid an amount that reflects this. While you’re happy to pay a pittance for the work you obviously need someone to do, these sites can get away with scamming writers, who work 16 and 17 hour days just to survive.

    I’m lucky. I’ve broken away from these awful, immoral sites and now only work for private clients and reputable agencies. But next time you order your super-cheap content, please think about the skilled, hardworking person behind the keyboard, and ask yourself if you’re really doing the right, moral thing. Thank you.

    1. Hi Amelie,

      thank you for sharing your thoughts. Some people make okay money on sites like Textbroker or HireWriters especially if they are living in the cheap countries. I have ordered tens of articles on HireWriters and they are driving me lots of traffic nowadays.

      Often the high price doesn’t correlate with the high quality. Sometimes I’ve paid $10 for an article that was much better than an $30-article. I can for sure pay somebody $30 and much more if the quality is good. But I’d rather pay $10 for a good article than $30 for a low-quality article 😉

      Anyhow, I really appreciate that you took the time and shared your opinion.

  7. The sad memory of not being able to scale the test of iwriter is still fresh on my memory considering the fact that I never knew the average score that would qualify me to work on the site. However, I’m feeling optimistic of trying my luck on Crowd Content with the hope that I can be a good writer on the site as well.

    1. For a good writer there are lots opportunities on the Internet. It just may take some time to find them. Thousands of website and blog owners are willing to pay good money for skillful writers.

  8. Thirty dollars compared to eight is a pretty big difference, so I guess the question is whether or not that is worth it. I like the idea of trying them out and judging based on the personal experience, which is essentially what I end up doing anyways. Good to have the breifs though on what to expect.

  9. I know Crowd Content. I even applied as a writer, however, they said they are not accepting writers from my location. I have websites and I need contents, however, the fees at crowd content are very high. Therefore, I am not using this program.

  10. I always practice making an article but I’ve never imagined you could really use your skill to earn. I will try Crowd Content but for now I will research more about it and watch videos to enhance my writing skills. Does crown content need a professional content writers? Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can make a good living by writing articles for other people. And you can make a fortune if you create a successful blog for yourself. I have bought articles already from 5 different websites.

      Crowd Content needs good writers so if you are interested in earning money as a freelance writer, I recommend that you join.

  11. I have been writing content for different sites like for 3 months now. I am not well established as a freelancer and so I keep trying various sites. I hesitated trying crowd content after my two first articles were rejected on a site called contentGather.

    I still appreciate the information given about crowd content and I will join it soon after I feel more settled and ready to give it all my time.

      1. One of the site is called Tuwaze. I have been writing articles for them for almost a month. It is a good site but writers are paid less. The other articles I wrote were for clients but I was doing so through local Facebook groups. Someone could get the assignments directly from clients and then give them to writers like me.

        I was told my articles did not meet the “very stringent requirements of ContentGather” and that is why my two articles were rejected.

  12. I have a question! Right now, i am not yet into creating blogs so I’m not into buying contents from them yet. Also, not yet into creating “whole” articles so not yet a content writer. Let’s just say that currently, I’m in that level of just “commenting on posts”. Could i register to them and use that skill of mine and earn some?

      1. Okay thanks. I’ll try to register and see if they also pay those who comments on blogs and forums like the one that you posted here and had a review on. I just hope they do because as of now,this “skill” of my is one of my first way to earn money online 🙂

          1. Oh, is that so? Thanks for the early reply. At least i know now that they don’t offer the service for commenting on blog posts and forums. Writing articles is not my thing yet. I don’t know, maybe soon. But for now, I’m concentrating on my skill. Again, thank you for the information and keep up the nice work of letting us know how to earn money online. 🙂

  13. Wow. It never crossed my mind that you could actually outsource your content for your website. I really thought that you have to, do all the work of putting up a blog and all the contents in it. I might check out their website because of this. Thanks a lot for this very important information. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Yes, sure you can :). Actually, you can outsource almost anything that you can imagine in the world. If you just pay, you will always find somebody who is willing to do the work for you.

      I’ve now tried around 5 different content writing platforms. Crowd Content probably has the best quality but their prices are pretty expensive compared to other sites.

  14. The site looks good so I might try it out at some point. I need to get some more content for my gaming blog so I am trying to find a content service like this. The fact that their prices a lot higher than other similar sites is a tiny bit off putting but I guess it is a fair price for a trustworthy site that delivers good content. The fact that all content is quality and their writers are native writers is definitely a good thing.

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