Is Online Wealth Markets a Scam or a Path to Financial Freedom?

Would like to find a path to a financial freedom? Online Wealth Market seems to promise everything you want. But are those promises true or false? Is Online Wealth Markets a scam? Read this honest story by a mother of four children who wanted to try this product. You will find an answer if it’s wise to try Online Wealth Markets or not.

Online Wealth Markets Review

is online wealth markets a scamName: Online Wealth Markets
Website: www.OnlineWealthMarkets.com
Field: Make Money Online -products
Price: $250

First Impressions of Online Wealth Markets – Questions, Questions and Questions

The website of Online Wealth Markets had my attention immediately. It’s well laid out and I’ve been interested in stocks for quite. I thought this might be where I’ll find the information to make me successful. I’m not quite ready to get started so I continued scrolling down the page. I felt more comfortable when I saw that they have been advertised on Forbes and Entrepreneur so I don’t let the risk warning detour me. Besides, I was not familiar with Binary Options and definitely wanted to know more.

Online Wealth Markets Scam

This Sounds Promising but… 

When I learned a little more about them my interest started to wane. I didn’t feel comfortable giving someone money to help me ‘bet’ on what may or may work. I was definitely confused how something that is a risky gamble could be automated and learned in record breaking time. The site felt confident telling me that if was to do this without their system I would more than likely not succeed.

However, with their coaches I had a much better shot of success. So far this sounded like far too much risk for something I really don’t understand. Another thing that made me leery was many contradicting statements. Inches from each other I saw the statements “Most brokers do not want to help beginners and want a small fortune to open your account. We’ll show you how to get started FAST and without a fortune” and underneath that “Online Wealth Markets works hand in hand with our specially chosen, high-quality brokers”.

This left me with many more questions than answers. Why are these brokers going to share secrets? Why am I being charged so little?

Too Good to Be True?

If you work hand in hand do I get to speak to these brokers or am I receiving third party information? Next, I see highlights from the ‘epic member’s area’. I’ve worked in the telemarketing industry and words like epic sound far too close to ‘you have been selected to receive’. Furthermore, when I saw astronomical numbers my brain started blinking the scam sign.

There’s also a lot mentioned about the software and then I saw that it is just a training tool. I couldn’t help but wonder if that software is going to be the main teacher. In the frequently asked questions, I was told that a broker that would help me. Yet, I still wondered why someone who is making this kind of money would pass on trade secrets to a lowly amateur like me. Furthermore, it stated that this program can be used by people skilled in this field.

I thought maybe this tool is going to be the answer to my financial woes. The $250 suggested starting amount seemed like much more than I want to invest but it seemed like something I could definitely do. I decided to watch the video and get more information. After I clicked on the video my interest fell from “this might work” to a doubt if I should enter my card information or not.

Online Wealth Markets Review

Are these success stories real?

Even More Doubts

The first thing I noticed is that the website video is a completely different URL. The video and the information seemed to be talking about two different things. George mentioned nothing about binary options or Wall Street just campaigns and a science for making money. The website said $250 is the necessary amount to get started trading. He informed me that I can use this system free.

Just below the video is a sign-up box I saw the verbiage “free trial then future payment option of $47/month”. Is that taken off from the $250 or instead of? My interest and enthusiasm hit another low. I kept listening and saw more of the astronomical amounts of money I could make. Unfortunately, what I saw looked like a simple excel spreadsheet and didn’t convince me that these numbers are anything more than a device to sell something similar to MLM.

I listened longer and couldn’t help but start thinking what that kind of money could do for my family. Since I am the mother of four and financial times are tough I decided there was no harm in trying the free trial. After I entered my information, I was not shown anything other than a place to put my credit information. There was no mention of a free trial; simply that Click Bank would be taking $47 out of my account.

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Click Bank didn’t even guarantee that I would receive a refund if I was dissatisfied. They simply stated that a refund was ‘at their discretion’. At that point, I was convinced it was not for me; if I could understand it at all. I saw far too many red flags and next to nothing that made me feel confident that this was my path to financial security.

Conclusion – Is Online Wealth Markets a Scam?

I looked at this system from both a mother of four and a former cold call sales person. The mother of four couldn’t help but muse about what that kind of money could do for her family. Seeing that kind of numbers, you can’t help but start thinking about Disney Vacations and college tuitions. However, after having repeated script after script in numerous cold call campaigns the telemarketer won over.

The reality of systems like this is that they prey on lower to middle-class families struggling to make ends meet. When you are living paycheck to paycheck it’s easy to overlook all the red flags and fine print. Unfortunately, I’ve said the phrase ‘you’ve been selected to receive’ too many times and know the taxes on those vacations aren’t cheap. However, I think the amount of time, money and energy put in will not be returned.

In fact, I think that a loss is inevitable. Furthermore, there is no customer service number to be found on either site. The inevitable seems to be that anyone who puts their financial information into the site will be left trying to recoup the money and will hopefully be wiser the next time they see something promising these kinds of results.

Tired of Scams? Learn Real Skills in Wealthy Affiliate

I have seen so many scam products online. We have reviewed tens of “Make Money Online” -products on YourOnlineRevenue.com. Unfortunately, a big part of them is not recommended. Online Wealth Markets is one of them.

However, there are also some very good training online that teach you real skills how you can make money online. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because they teach:

  • How to Create Your Own Online Business
  • How to Build a Website in 30 Seconds
  • How to Get Ranked on Google
  • How to Maximize Sales
  • And Other Useful Skills

Wealthy Affiliate is not a “get-rich-quick” -scheme like Online Wealth Markets. Take a closer look here and get started for FREE.


Do you have experience of Online Wealth Markets or other similar products? How do you recognize a scam? Leave a comment below!


What Is the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss? Is It Really Possible to Achieve?

If you want to have an answer to questions “What Is the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss?” or “Does it really work?” or “Could I have a 4-hour work week?” then you are in the right place at the right time. You will get my honest answers to all those questions in the next 5 minutes by reading this article.

What Is the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

What Is the 4 Hour Work Week?

When a few years ago I first time saw this book 4-Hour Work Week I thought, “Whoa! This guy must be lying. It can’t be possible. And even though it would be possible, I want to stay away from that book because we are supposed to work more than 4 hours a week.” So I didn’t even take a look closer and I forgot the book.

But then about a year after that, I saw that book again. I was thinking that this idea of working only 4 hours a week is so interesting that even though it would be a scam, I want to find out what is that guy talking about. So I downloaded an audiobook of 4-Hour Work Week on the Internet and started listening.

I remember it was one of the first audiobooks that I have ever listened and I was glad to listen to it. The book told many interesting stories that I couldn’t even know to be possible. There was, for example, a real story of a single mother who traveled around the world with his children. Money was not a problem.

Then the book started to tell ideas how to move anywhere you want in the world while earning passive income online. Think about earning dollars or euros while you are spending pesos or Vietnamese dong. Think about being able to live anywhere you want without working from 9 to 5. Think about quitting your job and laying under a palm tree and relaxing of the sunset. That’s the idea behind this book. But that is not the whole story.

We Work 8 Hours a Day – But Why?

Most of the people are working 8 hours a day from 9 to 5 or something similar. But why 8 hours? Why not 6, 7, 9, 10 or 12? Who decided that we should work exactly 8 hours?

There is one interesting thing in these 8-hour workdays. One study showed that people use less than 50% of that time really working. Most of the time goes to chatting with colleagues, scrolling websites or doing some useless things that don’t provide value for the employer.

Even though you would have finished all your tasks for the day in 6 hours, you need to sit there for 2 hours more because 8 hours is written in the contract. Is it wise to sit there for two hours without doing anything productive? Is it a meaningful way of using your precious time and life? No, it’s not but that what a big number of people are doing.

First of all, we need to get out of the thinking that we are being paid off the hours that we made. We are actually being made for the value that we provide for the employer. If you provide your employer value for $100,000, he can easily pay you $50,000 or much more. But if you are providing value for much less, why should he pay you more?

Elimination and Outsourcing – Become More Effective

What Is the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Timothy Ferriss, the Author of 4-Hour Work Week

Let’s say that you are a salesperson. What is really the most important task of your job? Making sales. Okay, there are many things that you need to do in order to get sales: building relationships, networking, making research, pitching your products and so on. But even though you would do every other thing “perfectly” but not getting any sales, that’s not very effective.

What are the things that you could eliminate? What are the things that you are doing that you shouldn’t do? Tim Ferriss talks about Pareto 80/20 -principle. It simply means that 20% of your work produces 80% of your results. And 80% useless tasks provide only 20% of your results. 20% of your most important customers, provide 80% of your revenue. And so on.

You should be targeting on that 20% most important tasks. Eliminate other things. For example, if you are using time as an affiliate marketer for social media marketing on 5 different platforms. Then you notice that 1 of those social medias, let’s say Facebook, is providing better results than Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ put together. Probably you should be concentrating even more on Facebook and not wasting your time on those platforms that don’t provide you any results. (Another option is, of course, dedicate some time to learn how to use those platforms and, for example, how to get more action on Twitter).

Eliminate useless tasks and concentrate on most important ones.

Outsourcing means that you let someone else do the tasks for yourself so you can use the time for more important tasks. Let’s say that you are making $30/hour. Some of the tasks that you are doing, make you 10$/hour and other tasks $50/hour. The wise move would be to outsource those tasks that are making you only $10/hour and concentrate doing those tasks are making you $50/hour.

I have, for example, outsourced some of our content by using Fiverr or HireWriters. Why would I use my valuable time on doing tasks that someone else would do for $5 or $10?

If you really want to become more effective and work only four hours per week, you need to eliminate useless tasks and outsource not-so-important tasks.

How to Start a 4-Hour Work Week in Practice?

Then Timothy Ferriss gives you some real examples how he and his friends started doing only 4-hour work week. Is that really possible? That what I was thinking a few years ago. But now after learning more about online businesses in Wealthy Affiliate it’s really possible.

Ferriss’ idea of moving to 4-hour work week is simply:

1.Creating an online business
2.Outsourcing and eliminating unimportant tasks
3.Rinse and repeat.

He tells, for example, about a man who created an online store where he was selling brand T-shirts. He was buying them for a cheap price like $5/each and selling for $50/each (I don’t remember the exact numbers but it’s only important that you understand the principle). He earns $45 for each T-shirt that he is selling.

When he sells, 1,000 T-shirts, he makes $45,000. That’s already a great salary for a year. Especially if you have outsourced most of your work and you are living in a cheap country where your living costs are $500/month.

There are a different kind of online businesses that Tim Ferriss explains in the book. One other example is his own online business when he started selling fitness supplements with a big profit. It became very successful.

Even if you don’t have your own products, it is still 100% possible to make a big income (+$10,000/month) online. You can promote other people’s products with affiliate marketing.

Is 4-Hour Work Week Possible?

I would say yes and no. First, I will explain why it’s not possible and then I explain why it really can be possible for you.

If you want to create an online business or any other business, it requires hard work. I know that there are no shortcuts to success. You should stay far away from online scams that promise you +$10,000/monthly incomes without work. That’s not reality.

In those programs, the only one who is earning big money is the creator of the system who takes people’s money. Instead, you should go through a step-by-step training that teaches you real skills on how to create your online business. Yes, it requires more than 4 hours a week in the beginning BUT… Now we come to an interesting point.

Once you have built your online business and it’s up and running, you can achieve a stage when you need to work only 4 hours a week and still make massive income. If you have outsourced all tasks of your business, you just need to check that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do.

Then you can start living a 4-hour work week and lay on the beach 36 hours in a week. But then, are we supposed to lay on the beach 36 hours a week? Probably not. The point of the book is not the thing that you should work only 4 hours in a week but the freedom it can give to you.

What Is the 4 Hour Work Week

This is my future “office”. That’s my goal. What are your goals?

I know that Tim Ferriss is working still much more than 4 hours a week. But that’s not because he has to, it because he wants. If he would like to stop working he could do it. Having a freedom to choose is a big thing. That’s why I am building my online business to be able to work anywhere I want, anytime I want in the future.

Conclusion – What Is the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

4-Hour Work Week is a very interesting and an inspirational book that can really open your eyes to new ideas. Even though I have once listened to a whole book and read it once, I am still probably going to read it again to refresh the ideas from the book.

When you are reading the book, you don’t need to take all ideas literally but you can learn the principles behind them. Ferriss teaches some very important lessons of effectiveness, outsourcing and elimination that any entrepreneur should learn.

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Have you already read 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss? Which ideas did you like the most? Are you planning to start a 4-hour work week yourself? Leave a comment below!


Is Clixten a Scam? Get Surprised!

You can make your first money with Clixten in 2 minutes. Doesn’t it sound quite good? You don’t need any skills to get started. Doesn’t it sound even better!?

In this Clixten review I am going to tell you is Clixten a scam and how does it work. Is it worth it or not? Let’s find out!

Clixten Review

is Clixten a scamName: Clixten
Website: www.Clixten.info

Field: Get Paid To- Sites
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

What Is Clixten All About?

Click ads and earn money online immediately! Sounds like easy money, huh. That’s what Clixten is all about. Making easy money by accomplishing little tasks like clicking ads. Other little tasks you can do to earn money on Clixten are for example:

  • Registering to websites
  • Answering surveys
  • Playing little games

Doesn’t it sound similar to some other sites? Yes, it does! We have been reviewed tens of similar sites on YourOnlineRevenue.com. Probably you remember PrizeRebel? It was probably the best Get-paid-to site that we have seen but still it’s not fully recommended because the earning potential is so much lower than in affiliate marketing.

Clixten is also a very big site with 616,396 active members. They have paid for members $387,518.59 in total. That amount sounds impressive but let’s make a little calculation. How much is $387,518 divided by a number of members 616,396? It makes around $0,62 earnings per member. Does it sound impressive? Not really.

If the average earnings on Clixten are $0,62, are so interested in joining them?

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How Much Money Can I Make in Clixten?

Here are some examples how much money you would make by clicking ads on Clixten ($0,001 or $0,0006 per ad).

Clixten Review

Earn only $0,001 per ad?? Definitely not something that I would use my time.

Those amounts are ridiculous. Of course, there are some better ones out there but they are not very good either. Let’s see some other examples. There you can earn 400 times better than clicking those ads. It makes even $0,40 per task. You can see below what is the task for earning $0,40:

is clixten a scam

Here is a summary what you will need to do:

1.Register to a site
2.Click all their ads
3.Upgrade account immediately after registration
4.Wait for approval

I don’t know exactly how long this process would take but I am sure that it’s definitely worth using your valuable time for earning $0,40 this way. If your time’s value is 0, then it could be worth it but I know that your time is more valuable. Isn’t it?

Hmm… What are ways there are to make money on Clixten? Let’s move forward and look for another example.

Clixten review

Head Or Tail

So, you can earn money by playing a classical head or tail. Put your bet and double your money. Or that at least what you are hoping for. I guess that they are not giving you even 50% changes to win here because the house wants to make some profit. Even if they would give you 50% changes to win, it’s only waste of your time.

I have once in the past lost about $1,500 euros online in 5 minutes in a similar game to head or tail and I can say that it was the last time when I play such a game. I don’t need to mention that I wasn’t so wise back then ;). But at least I was just before that made thousands of dollars online so losing $1,500 wasn’t so bad.

Clixten (=”Get-Paid-To” -Sites) vs. Affiliate Marketing

In websites like Clixten there are some benefits:

1.You don’t need any skills to earn money with them
2.You can earn your first dollars within an hour after starting
3.There are a few different ways to earn money

But that is not a full story. If it really would be so easy to make a good income with Clixten or other similar sites, everybody would do it. However, the reality is that people don’t value their time enough, are doing it in my opinion.

Here are some cons of Get-paid-to -sites:

1.You don’t need any skills to get started -> Means logically low income
2.You can earn money immediately  -> The downside is that the earning potential is very low
3.There are different ways to earn -> None of them is very profitable.

Let’s compare this kind of sites to affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you are promoting other people’s products and earning a commission of all referrals. Anyone can become a successful affiliate marketer but unlike in clicking ads, probably you need to learn new skills.

Here are some big differences between affiliate marketing and getting paid to click ads:

1.It can take more time to earn your first dollars in affiliate marketing but the earning potential is 10,000 times higher.

2.Most of the time you need to learn new skills to make significant money with affiliate marketing. (Get step-by-step training here)

3.There are literally million of ways to make money with affiliate marketing. You can choose what is your passion and make living with it.

In my opinion, affiliate beats clicking ads like 100-0. What do you think?

Pros & Cons of Clixten


  • Easy to start making money
  • Doesn’t require any skills (can be also a con because this equals to low earnings)


  • Low earning potential
  • Can take lots of time
  • Other similar and better websites out there

Conclusion – Is Clixten a Scam?

No, Clixten is not a scam. But it’s not very recommended site either. They have more than 600,000 members which tell that they are doing something well to get some many clients. It doesn’t mean that their site would mean awesome but it means that they are good marketers. 😉

You don’t need to be a good writer to sell 1,000,000 books. But you need to be a best-seller. 

The same principle applies to Clixten. They don’t need the best website but a good marketing.

One interesting way to using Clixten could be buying ads that would appear to their members. I think, however, that it would mostly be a waste of money because people there are only watching ads to earn some money. Probably they are not interested in the subject unlike in PPC-marketing in search engines.

I would recommend to forget Clixten and other “get-paid-to” -sites and learn to make better money online. Want to see my #1 recommendation. (It’s 100% free to get started).

Clixten at a Glance…

Name: Clixten
Website: www.Clixten.info

Field: Get Paid To- Sites
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Recommended


Have you ever tried “Get-Paid-To” -sites? What about affiliate marketing? Which one do you prefer?


Hit Click Flow Review – Easy Money or Just a Waste of Your Time?

Update 12.3.2017

It seems that Hit Click Flow has disappeared from the Internet. I don’t know if it will come back or not but I know that it would be anyway just a waste of time. Have a look at a better way to make money online. I am making money with that opportunity every month. I am also planning to quit my job very soon so I can concentrate full-time on my online business. If I can do it, you can do it.

Hit Click Flow Review

Name: Hit Click FlowHit Click Flow Review
Field: Get Paid To -Sites
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 out of 100)

What is Hit Click Flow All About?

Hit Click Flow is a steadily growing Paid to click website. It was launched on September 21, 2016 and have tremendously generated lots of active members earning money at their convenience.

This PTC website allows its members to easily earn money by simply viewing Ads, playing Ad Grid or other competitions and referral service. Hit click Flow offers you the opportunity of an effortless daily earning. You can easily sign up for free on HitClickFlow.com with your email address and start earning money.

Hit Click Flow Scam

“Earn money online with just few clicks.” That’s what Hit Click Flow is all about.

Creating an account to Hit Click Flow is very easy. Just follow the following steps:

  • Go to www.hitclickflow.com, then click on sign up
  • Enter all your personal details in the registration form (username, password, email address, first name and last name)
  • Agree to the term of service by ticking the box
  • Finally, click on register.

An email is automatically sent to your email address. Check your inbox, click on the link provided to activate your account. This link directly takes you the Hot Click Flick home page, click on login and enter your username and password to access your account.

How to Make Money On Hit Click Flow?

Instantly start earning money by viewing several Advertisements. There are two types of ads to click and earn cash from. The 5 second Fixed Ad which pays $0.001 per view Ad. While the 30-second standard Ad pays $0.01 per view Ad. You are been paid on the basis of click per view Ad. The problem with this? The earnings are so minimal and also the chances of earning much is also limited because the number of Ads to view are little. Affiliate marketing seems to be much more profitable than clicking random ads.

Hit Click Flow

Earn Only $0,001 per ad??? C’mon! Don’t waste your time with this.

Hence, you might have to be looking at other means of earning money being offered by Hit Click Flow.  Here are a few listed below;

Ad Grid – playing and testing your luck in grid gives you an opportunity to win a prize up to $10

Adscend media wall– create a survey profile and earn money

Offer Toro- here, you can earn extra money (mobile apps, survey, newest)

Super rewards– earn extra money here for each click ads, offers, tasks

WannaAds– offers you extra money on successful completion of surveys.

Direct referrals– This allows members to earn money via their referral link. A referral link is provided for you which you can personally advertise with and earn a commission as soon as registered users via your link start making clicks and purchasing.

Rented referrals– You can also choose to hire referrals on hit click flow to work on your behalf. These are members who registered by directly visiting the website and not by any referral link. To hire referral, simply visit the subpage and choose a package of referrals to hire. You can decide to rent as many referrals as you want for a month.

Although, I think the concept of members of renting or hiring referrals with the hope of a greater income on investment will most likely result in a loss. If I have to wait to make money on how many ads my rented referral click per day, then what happens when they stop clicking? Then I would most likely lose all of my earnings!

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Membership Upgrades on Hit Click Flow

After you sign up with Hit Click Flow, you are referred to as a free standard member. A free standard membership allows you to basically operate just like the premium and ultimate membership but the later memberships allow you to earn more per Ad view. However, I found the price of the ultimate membership upgrade outrageous which really didn’t make it any different from other PTCs out there.

Here is a breakdown of a few selected detail amongst others;

Membership Standard free Premium $90 Ultimate $800
Direct referral 200 300 unlimited
Rented referral 200 2000 4000
Payout waiting time 7 5 5
Offerwall point value $0.005 $0.055 $0.06
Offerwall credit delay 60days 30days 30days
Minimum payout $4,6,8,10 $4 $4
Price duration Free/unlimited 12months 12months

Looking at the details each membership offers, I figured that there isn’t much difference in earnings and a few other benefits that truly justify a membership upgrade. The margin to be earned and benefit to enjoy upgrading have no significant impact, relating to the amount you will be paying for the membership upgrade which isn’t good because that is the most important aspect.

Conclusion – Is Hit Click Flow Worth It?

Hit click flow PTC website looks adequately sufficient; easy to use tools and you can very much understand it all, although there could still be improvements. The numerous payout methods such as PayPal, Neteller, Bitcoin and so on, makes it convenient for its member to easily cash out with whatever choice they see fit. The forum is very much active while Members are actually earning and getting paid which makes it fascinating. The available support also seems adequate.

But I think a lot needs to be done in the aspect of the number of Ads you can click to earn money. Hit Click Flow does offer a limited number of Ads, which is not supposed to be. This is basically a major selling point and vital aspect of any PTCs website. There should be numerous Ads for members to keep earning, taking into consideration the minimal amount to be earned per click.

That could possibly be the only compensation at the end of the day to make anything worthwhile, since the earnings are so minimal. I really don’t see Hit Click Flow as a site to making serious money.

Although, you can truly earn yourself a few bucks here and there eventually on Hit Click Flow but it is not a feasible source of income.

If you want to make good money online, I recommend to forget “Get-Paid-To” -sites. People who are clicking random ads or filling surveys are not making almost any money online. Maybe they make a few bucks but nothing very significant. If you want to learn how to make more money online, check my #1 recommendation. There you will learn real skills instead of clicking ads ;).


Do you have experience of Hit Click Flow or some other “Get-Paid-To” -sites? What did you like? Leave a comment below!



“What Are the Benefits of Bitcoins?” – Here Are 7 Interesting Benefits!

Last week I explained What are bitcoins and how do you get them. I also explained how I earned easy 1500€ with bitcoins and my friends have earned MUCH more. Today I am going to tell you what are the benefits of bitcoins. I will give you 7 benefits of using and investing in bitcoins.

What Are the Benefits of Bitcoins

1.Low Inflation Risk

A value of $1,000 dollars has decreased to $45 in 100 years. Having lots of dollars (or any other currency) in your bank account doesn’t seem to be very wise. Bitcoin doesn’t have a similar risk of inflation because only about 21 million Bitcoins will ever be released. It’s said beforehand how many bitcoins will ever be in the world. Nobody can make more of them.

But think about normal currencies. European Central Bank decides, “Hey, let’s make a few billion euros!” That moment the value of your cash in your pocket goes down fast. By buying bitcoins you diminish the risk of losing your hard-earned money. Some people say that you don’t need to collect money. “Who knows if you are going to live tomorrow?” Well, if you don’t die today you still need to buy some food for tomorrow and probably for your family too. We don’t need to be selfish with money but the wise planning of your money is definitely profitable.

“Poor people say that saving money is safe and investing is risky. Rich people say that saving money is risky and investing is wise.” -Robert Kiyosaki

2.It Is Decentralized -> Purchases Are Not Taxed (depends on the country)

A decentralized currency means that any organization, bank or any institution doesn’t run the currency. It doesn’t have central control. It allows means that all purchases are anonymous and they don’t happen any bank or country. Is it a good thing or not? You can decide yourself but at least it has many benefits. One of them is that your purchases are not taxed in some countries. But this depends on how countries have regulated about bitcoins.

This allows companies to give you discounts if you are paying with bitcoins. When I was buying flight tickets from Air Baltic, I saw that I get around $10 discount if I pay with bitcoins. Air Baltic is not the only company that gives discounts when you are paying with bitcoins.

3.Immediate Transactions

Let’s say that you want to transfer your money to your friend and he has a different bank than you have. Normally, it takes 1-3 business days that the money will be on your friend’s bank account. Most of the time this doesn’t make any problems if you are planning your life ahead but would it be easier if transactions would be immediate?

With bitcoins, you can transfer money in seconds. You don’t need to wait for days that your friend gets the money. This can also help if you are a business owner. Your client’s payment will come to your account faster than before. You can also pay faster to your business partners and so on. Immediate transactions with bitcoins just make the life one step easier.

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4.Global Currency – You Can Use It In Tens of Countries

If you are traveling around the world, many times you need to change the currency. Now in EU we have the same currency in most of the countries so then you don’t need to change euros. I have realized that it makes traveling a bit cheaper and easier. It’s not a big thing to go to a currency exchange and change your currency but it still takes some time. It’s just easier to have some money all the time.

If you are changing currency, the exchange company always takes some fee of a transaction. It would save your money if you wouldn’t need to change it. These currency exchanges wouldn’t exist and those people would focus their energy on something else to make this world a better place.

With bitcoins, you can already pay in tens of different countries. Do you know the actual amount? Leave a comment below.

 5.Diversify Your Money – Lower Your Risk

Have you ever thought what happens if you have money on your bank account and then the bank collapses and makes a bankruptcy. It’s not happening every day but sometimes during economic depressions, these things have happened.

In some countries, the state has insured your money to a certain extent but that’s not the case in all countries. And if you have lots of money on a bank account, then the state will not probably pay the whole sum. Think what would happen to a state’s economy if some main banks would make a bankruptcy. The state would need to pay all clients money and the whole economy would go down very fast.

If you own bitcoins, then you are diversifying your money. If you have money in 10 places, it’s not so big problem if you lose one of those. But if you have all eggs in one basket, you are taking a huge risk.

6.No Monthly Fees Like in Bank Accounts

In most of the banks, you need to pay fees for keeping your money in their bank and for using their service. It may be low like 3€/month but in some banks, it’s more. If you are under 26 years old, you may get a bank account without any fees but most of the people are over 26.

With bitcoins, you are not paying any monthly fees for any party. Your money is on your bitcoin wallet for free. You only pay for transactions you make and transactions fees are usually very low.

7.Huge Income Potential

What if you had bought bitcoins for $1,000 in 2009? Now you would be a millionaire. Now we are living 2017 and maybe after 8 years a guy comes to ask you again, “What if you had bought bitcoins for $1,000 in 2017?” What if you would be a millionaire again and you missed the chance again. Bitcoins really seem a great way to earn passive income.

Nobody knows exactly how bitcoin’s value is going to develop but because of its benefits, I believe that it will more likely go up a lot. I invested only 500-600€ in Bitcoins and now I have already made +1,500€ which make the total value of my bitcoins +2,000€. It’s still not a big sum and I am thinking about buying them more in the future. What if same happens to bitcoin’s value that has happened before and it goes 100x. Then my 2,000€ will be 200,000€. Wouldn’t be bad for me? 😉

There are people who have made tens of thousands or even millions in a few months with bitcoins. I recommend that don’t risk all your equity with bitcoins but maybe you could make some profit too.


+ Bonus Benefit for You: Get $10 of Bitcoins for Free!

One of the largest bitcoin companies in the world offers a $10 bonus for you if you buy bitcoins for $100 through my link. You and I will both earn $10 of free bitcoin so you are supporting my blog too by investing in bitcoins.

It will be probably the easiest $10 that you have ever earned. If you are wondering is Coinbase legit, I can tell you that it has already served more than 5,200,000 customers, the company is working in 32 different countries and there have been already +$5 billion dollars exchanged. Quite impressive, huh?

If you don’t believe that the value of bitcoin will go up in the future, you can just take your $10 bonus and sell bitcoins right away. Then you won $10 anyway and had 0 risks. But if you believe that bitcoin could go up in value in the future, then you can leave bitcoins to your wallet and see how value will change in the future.


Do you already have bitcoins? How much profit have you already made? Leave a comment below!


What Is LeadsPedia? – Track Your Business And Take It to The Next Level

Today I am going to explain what is LeadsPedia. Do you have a business and you want to track all information about leads, affiliates and calls? Do you want to know where does all traffic come from? Then LeadsPedia may be a good choice for you.

LeadsPedia Review

What is LeadsPediaName: Leadspedia
Website: www.LeadsPedia.com
Price: 30-day free trial. Then $350/month.
Field: Tracking Software

What Is LeadsPedia?

LeadsPedia is a performance marketing platform that puts a few different tools together. You can track your leads, manage your lists and manage your affiliates with a single platform.

This video quickly explains the idea of Leadspedia in 90 seconds.

John Chow is a famous blogger who took his blogging income from zero to $40,000/month in two years. He said that one of the biggest mistakes people do in Internet marketing is that they forget to track their statistics. Little things on your website or business can make a big change. By changing your theme, placing a call to action, even changing a color of your font can make big changes. The same applies to all other things. Little changes count a lot. But if you are not tracking your statistics, you can never know what works and what doesn’t work.

=> Want to earn money by blogging? Check this step-by-step training!

List of Tools in LeadsPedia

As I mentioned before, LeadSpedia brings many tools into a single platform to make your work and management easier. You don’t need to jump from platform to platform to manage all that you want to do because you can find many things in LeadsPedia.

  • Call Routing
  • Activity Tracking
  • Affiliate Management
  • Call Recording
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Distribution
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Lead Verification
  • Source Tracking

The list is quite massive and it tells you that you can do quite a few things with LeadsPedia and it can really boost your business. For example, once you know where your leads are coming, then you can put more effort there in order to get even more leads.

Who is LeadsPedia For?

LeadsPedia is designed for business owners who want to track different statistics of their business in order to grow even more. The price is so expensive that LeadsPedia is not targeted for very small businesses or if you are a beginner in the field.

LeadsPedia is using a professional jargon in their marketing, websites, and tools. It makes them look professional but on the other hand, it’s not very effective because it can take some time to understand what they mean with their interesting terms.

There are not many reviews about LeadsPedia on the Internet. One reason is that the company is still quite a new company. The company was founded in 2014 which means 2-3 years ago. According to LinkedIn, they have nowadays 11-50 employees so they are not a very big company yet. But they are working in a growing industry because more and more online businesses are made every year.

Here is one testimonial from LeadsPedia customer:

LeadsPedia Support

In LeadsPedia they have a live chat which is available 24/7. However, they may not come up with an answer instantly. I asked some questions in a Christmas day (25.12.) and the answer didn’t come very quickly which is quite natural because is a holiday. But not all providers are on holiday on Christmas. I got support, for example, in Wealthy Affiliate in a Christmas Eve in 15 around minutes (usually it takes only a few minutes there).

Next day (26.12) I checked my email if they have come up with an answer and I found nothing. So my experience of their support wasn’t very positive. I guess that they are more willing to serve you when you have paid $350/month or when you have taken a free trial but at least they didn’t give a very good first impression.

If you are going to buy a pro plan there is also phone support available.

What Is the Price of LeadsPedia?

You can get a 30-day free trial when you can freely try everything and try how LeadsPedia works.

Then there are two options if you want to continue. The basic plan for $350 and Pro Plan for $750. In my opinion, those prices are very high if you compare for example to Post Affiliate Pro. Of course, LeadsPedia offers more tools than PAP but if you own an affiliate program and want to track all statistics, then Post Affiliate Pro is certainly enough. It’s about three times cheaper.

LeadsPedia’s benefit is that it allows you to track a huge amount of impressions, clicks, conversions, leads and to do other things. If you count how much the cheaper plan is in a year it makes $4,200/year. Pro plan costs $9,000/year. That’s a big amount of money! You could almost hire two full-time employees from India with that price.

Of course, if LeadsPedia helps you to make, for example, $20,000 more money every year, then $9,000/year for a Pro Plan is a very profitable investment. So it really depends on how effectively you can use this tool.

LeadsPedia Review

Two Pricing Options, $350/month and $750/month.

Pros & Cons


  • Many services in one platform
  • 30-day free trial
  • 24/7 bilingual support (at least that’s what they promise)
  • Modern platform


  • You must be producing money with it. Otherwise, it can become very expensive.
  • I didn’t get an answer from their support

My Final Opinion of LeadsPedia

LeadsPedia seems like a useful to tracking leads, calls and other things to grow your business. However, the price of LeadsPedia is so high that your business needs to already be a quite big in order to have a benefit of this tool. Otherwise, you will just end up losing money. I believe that you can track your statistics with much cheaper tools than LeadsPedia.

One great way to improve your online business is to get ranked better on Google. Then you can get more traffic to your website. More traffic will eventually mean more customers and more money flowing in. Wealthy Affiliate provides a step-by-step training on how to build an online business. There you will learn the best strategies on how to get top rankings in Google. I know from my own experience that their methods work. You will really get to the top of Google if you follow their training.

Another great thing in Wealthy Affiliate is that you can connect easily with other successful online entrepreneurs. You can share your progress with them and get feedback on how to grow your business. In addition, WA is much cheaper than LeadsPedia or any other similar service. You can create a free account and premium membership is not very expensive either.

=> Want to Create/Boost an Online Business? Take a look to Wealthy Affiliate!

LeadsPedia at a Glance…

Name: Leadspedia
Website: www.LeadsPedia.com
Price: 30-day free trial. Then $350/month.
Field: Tracking Software



Have you used LeadSpedia or other similar tracking software to boost your online business? Leave a comment below!


What Is the Best Lotto System Online? – This May Surprise You!

We have reviewed a few lotto systems here in YourOnlineRevenue.com. One of those reviews is getting traffic from Google with more than 15 different keywords so some of our lotto reviews have been very popular. Today I will reveal what is the best lotto system online. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

What is the best lotto system

The Truth About Lotto Systems

The more lotto systems I review, the more convinced I become that all of them are scams. Or if not 100% scams then they are just systems that don’t give you any income. They calculate you the numbers for lotto but you lose like you would lose without using “the magical system”.

How could you possibly hack a lotto? If and only IF some lotto is using the same patterns to choose its numbers week after week, then you could predict what numbers are coming. But how could you know what kind of patterns or algorithms they are using?

Even though the same number would appear 10 times in a row, it doesn’t guarantee that it would appear more than other numbers in the future. It may have been a total ‘coincidence’ (or guidance. I don’t like to use a word coincidence so much because I believe in God’s guidance rather than coincidence.)

Why Do People Claim That You Could Beat Lotto?

There are hundreds (or thousands) of websites that are promoting different lotto systems. Why are they doing that? If those lotto systems don’t work, why are they promoting them?

Let’s say that a lotto system costs $50. Then the guy who is promoting it on his website earns 50% for every referral that he makes. Or if he is the founder of the system, he makes 100% for every sale. Getting 100 sales will make $5,000 more money to his pocket. So that’s a big reason why people are recommending lotto systems on their websites. They are earning money for that

I have seen that some people are ready to do very unethical things for money. Not everyone is as honest as we are on YourOnlineRevenue.com. So you definitely should be aware of scam artists on the Internet who are recommending systems that will only milk your money. People who are telling that success can be done overnight are just feeding some dreams of people who want to become rich quickly.

“Lotteries are just a tax on people who don’t understand statistics.” -Unknown

If you play lotto, you will always lose in the long run. Let’s say that you get on average 90% of your money back, then you are paying “10% lotto tax” every week. The percentage depends on the system but the sure thing with lotto is that the house is winning and you are losing.

This Is the Best Lotto System That I Have Ever Used!

I have had the most successful lotto systems almost whole my life. I can tell it to you right away.

The best lotto system is not to play lotto at all.

You will save/earn some money every week because you are not wasting it on a game where you will lose for sure. Then you can use it for something more useful. Instead of using it to a lottery, you can invest it when the money will grow every year. Or give it to charity. Or create your own online business (you can also start it for free).

Why would you pay that additional lotto “tax” every single week? “Because it gives me excitement and blah blah blah.” Okay, if it’s a must for you to use that $2 for lotto each Saturday, that’s fine for me. But I know that many people are using much more than that. They really hope that they could win one day.

Let’s see what U.S. president said about luck:

“I am a great believer in luck and I find the harder i work the more i have of it.” -Thomas Jefferson

What Jefferson really wants so say with those words? I think it’s obvious that he really doesn’t believe in luck. He is saying that it’s much better to work hard than a belief in your luck. And when you work hard, you will be “lucky”. At least, that’s what other people will usually say about you. Many times unsuccessful look for successful people and say, “He was just lucky.” They don’t see the hard work that has allowed them to succeed.

=> Stop trusting your luck. Create a real online business today!

Work Smart (and Work Hard)

You may have heard the famous quote, “The question is not how smart you work but how smart you work.” That’s definitely true. Some people are working very hard 10 hours on useless things that will not bring almost any profit. Meanwhile, other guy is working smart and gets the same results in 1 hour.

But what if there is another guy who is working smart and also hard? He works for 10 hours and gets 10 times betters results than they guy who was only working smart but not hard. You see the point?

I am talking about this because many people who play lotto are hoping to become rich quick. It will not happen. 99,99999% of the time it will not just happen. And 99,99% of get-rich-quick -schemes are just scams.

The Best Lotto System

Success Iceberg

Most of the people who achieve something worthwhile in life are working hard. They are not playing lotto. They are not looking for best lotto systems anymore. Then eventually they break through and make the change in this world. People around are watching, “Whoa! This guy was so lucky!”

We see their glory but don’t understand the story.

We see how great things they accomplish but that’s only a tip of the iceberg. We don’t see that failure, disappointments and hard times. All we see is the result. But as we know, that’s not the whole story.

Behind there were hours, hours and hours of work and dedication. Whatever worthwhile, important you want to achieve in life, it requires that you work for it. It’s important to pray that God helps you but you need to do your own part.

I heard that somebody had prayed, “God, please, help me to win in Lotto and I will give 10% to charity!” 😉 As we know, this guy only wanted easy money for himself but was not ready to work for it.

Conclusion – Don’t Look for Lotto Systems

There are hundreds of lotto systems out there but my recommendation is to stop looking for the right one. Eventually, you will end up losing money and time. You will end up buying frustrated why those systems didn’t work.

If you want to learn to make money online, I recommend you to head to Wealthy Affiliate. I can already say that their system will not make you rich in one night. But their system will teach you real skills how you can make a living online. I am also working on it myself and want to become a full-time online entrepreneur.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, I can give you my 1-on-1 mentoring how you can get started with your own online business. I will give you my support and share all the knowledge that I have learned so far.

But please, stop looking for lotto systems! 😉

My Questions for you:

Have you tried some lotto systems? Did they work? Why/Why not?


MassPlanner Review – Automate Your Social Media Accounts to Get More Interaction and Followers!

If you are interested in automating your social media accounts, you have come to the right place. In this MassPlanner review, I am going to introduce you an excellent tool for social media automation. With this tool, you can get automatically tons of followers and lots of traffic to your website.

MassPlanner reviews

Name: MassPlanner
Website: www.MassPlanner.com

Field: Social media automation tools
Overall Rank: 93 out of 100

What Is Massplanner All About?

Social media is a great tool to reach out to people. You can promote your business, get leads, get traffic and get more sales. But using all social media platforms takes time. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others. How would you have enough time to post on all of those platforms consistently?

No one has time for that without social media management tools. The purpose of those tools is to save your time and money so you could automate and schedule your social media posts. That is what Massplanner is all about. Saving your money and time.


First time when I heard about Massplanner was when I was traveling in Malaysia, Kuching. I met there two travel bloggers who had been traveling around Asia for two years. They had met many full-time Internet marketers during their journey. I asked which tool do they use to manage their social media accounts. They said that many of those full-time IMs use Massplanner because it makes social media marketing so easy.

Back then I didn’t try Massplanner yet. Then I saw that some reliable Internet marketers that I know were writing positive reviews about this tools. They gave almost 100/100 points for Massplanner. They praised its useful features and told how awesome results they got after using it. I started to convince. I figured out, “If so many full-time marketers are using Massplanner, it has to be useful.” I decided to buy a premium membership too.

Here is a video which gives you a quick overview about MassPlanner

Get More Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest Followers automatically

In Massplanner several ways can help you to get followers on different social medias automatically.

Autofollow tool:

This tool allows you to follow other people’s profile automatically for example on Twitter and Instagram. You probably already know that when you follow somebody on social media, many times the other person follows you back. You know someone and you give him a friend request on Facebook and he will very likely accept it. Follow somebody on Instagram and he follows you back.

However, it takes quite a long time to follow every user one by one. If you are not Barack Obama or some other celebrity, it may take a big while to get followers. Autofollow tools automate the process when you don’t need to click 10 000 times “follow”.

Like tool:

Same principles apply to liking. When you like somebody on social media, they get interested in you and many times they want to like you back and follow you.

A little while ago my friend told that he had used one Instagram tool for liking people’s pictures automatically with good results. He had gained much more followers than ever before.

Retweet tool:

With this tool, you can automatically retweet other people’s tweet.

In all of these tools in Massplanner you can filter in a great detail what kind of tweets, pictures, and profiles you will follow and like. You can for example set that it only follow’s people who have profile image, description, at least 10 posts and their last post was within 14 days (see the picture below).

MassPlanner Video Tutorials

All social media tools that I have used so far take some time to learn. They look a little bit different, they have a little bit different features and so on. That’s why it always takes some time to get used to a new platform and get the full benefit out of it. The same applies to MassPlanner.

However, they have tons of video tutorials that explain each of their tools in great detail. When you go through videos one by one you will become familiar with all of their features. Then you can use them yourself at the same time.

MassPlanner Video Tutorials

Some Examples of MassPlanner Video Tutorials

Schedule Post (Also with Pictures)

With MassPlanner you can quickly schedule social media posts with photos. You may already know that pictures get much more interaction in social medias than only text. Pictures also rank higher on Facebook news feed than a text update. Every time I publish a post here in YourOnlineRevenue.com, I share it on 6 social medias with MassPlanner. Then I can republish the post with only one single click. Easy?

These were only some of the useful tools there are in MassPlanner. There are even more helpful tools and when you take a free trial you can start using to all of them for free.

This video shows you how MassPlanner actually works. The video is made by a coder who knows how much pain goes into making tools such as MassPlanner. He is very happy to use it because it really works.

MassPlanner Is Ultimately Cheap Compared to Its benefit

In MassPlanner you can get a free trial of 5 days. During that time you can check how all the things work and if you want to go premium. However, during my 5-day trial, I didn’t have very much time to dig into MassPlanner’s all useful features. I think that 5 days is quite a short period testing a social media management tool. 1 month is better because then you already start to see some results how it works.

They have a very cheap premium membership. You pay for 6 months only $44. It makes under $0,25/day. Hiring a social media manager could easily take $44 per each day. Here you can get half a year for the same price. And this tool is probably even more efficient than any human updating your social media statuses.

If you compare MassPlanner to its benefits, the price is ridiculously cheap. It allows you to get tens of thousands of followers and visitors to your website. Let’s say that two of those visitors buy a product which gives you $22 commission, it has already paid itself back.

Features in MassPlanner

There is an enormous amount of useful features in MassPlanner. You can do literally anything with your social media accounts in MassPlanner. And the best thing is that you can do the same thing at the same time in all of them. You don’t need first go to Facebook, then Twitter, then Pinterest and so on. You can publish in all of them with only a few mouse clicks. It saves lots of your time.

Then if you want to post the same posts again to get more traffic to your websites, for example, you can do it with a single mouse click.

MassPlanner Review

Some of MassPlanner’s features

Give Your Social Media Profiles a HUGE BOOST

If you expand your social media marketing, then MassPlanner is definitely for you. There are other great tools like Hootsuite and others but none of them have all the same features as MassPlanner. Even though you would be using already some tools, I would recommend to try it.

Sometimes I am using both Hootsuite and MassPlanner because they have a little bit different features which both are beneficial. With Hootsuite you can quickly bulk schedule 100 posts with a few mouse clicks. You can do almost the same with MassPlanner but not exactly. Then in Hootsuite you can’t follow, like or retweet automatically which is possible in MassPlanner.

I think MassPlanner is suitable for beginners and more advanced social media marketers. Anyone can learn using the tool with their step-by-step video tutorials.


Do you have already experience of using MassPlanner? What did you like? Leave a comment below!

If you have any questions related to MassPlanner or social media automation, don’t hesitate to ask and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Want to learn more how to make money online? Check my #1 recommendation.


Is PrizeRebel a Scam? – Definitely Not But…

A little while ago one of our readers mentioned that he likes using PrizeRebel and he has already earned $600 from that site. I promised him that I will take a closer look and make a review about PrizeRebel. I wanted to find it is PrizeRebel a scam or can you really make money out of it. I will reveal you what I found. But as a little spoiler, I can mention that this is probably the best GPT (get-paid-to) site that I have seen on the Internet. And I have seen tens of them.

PrizeRebel Review

Is PrizeRebel a ScamName: PrizeRebel
Website: www.PrizeRebel.com
Founded: 2007

Field: Survey Site
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

What Is PrizeRebel All About?

PrizeRebel is a website where you can earn money easily by completing little tasks like playing games, downloading apps, filling out surveys and so on. I will tell you about those tasks more in detail a bit later.

Maybe you have already heard about Toluna, CashCrate or ClixSense? They are all similar sites and we have made a review of all of them here in YourOnlineRevenue.com. Basically, you earn some pocket money by giving a little bit of your time.

But how our reader had earned already $600 or one guys on Youtube had already earned +$1600 from PrizeRebel? Are they just cheating? No, they are not cheating. You can earn even thousands of euros from PrizeRebel. But practically you can’t make a living from PrizeRebel. Of course, it can be one of your income streams but probably not the main one.

Here are some stats about PrizeRebel. Notice that it’s already a huge community with more than 6,5 million members. It is also one of the most reliable survey sites out there and it’s quite hard to find any negative reviews about it.

PrizeRebel Review

PrizeRebel Stats (24.12.2016 at 16:09)

Video About PrizeRebel

In this video, you can see some member explaining how PrizeRebel works, how much money you can make, how much he has earned and other things like that. Remember that one reason that he is recommending the service is that he earns some money from all referrals.

How to Earn Money (=Points) in PrizeRebel?

In PrizeRebel you get points for completing different tasks and 100 points is equivalent to $1. There are MANY different ways to earn those points and I will introduce you most common ways.

1.Answer Surveys

The classical way of earning money on this kind of sites is answering surveys. Different companies want information from their clients because then they can develop their products. They are ready to pay for people’s opinions.

There can be even some big brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other big names. Then they ask, for example, what things have you liked or disliked. What kind of images the name “Coca-Cola” brings to your mind. And then there are 7 options to choose from.

But this was just an example. Surveys can be about almost any product under the sky. There are so many different subjects covered that you can answer. In the picture below you can see that by completing that survey you can earn 85 points ($0,85).



You can also join a different kind of lotteries. There can be for example a text, “Join our lottery for free to get a $50 gift card.” Then you just fill your email, name, and other info and you have joined. At the same time, you earn some points which will equal to real money.

One reason why companies make this kind of lotteries is that when they collect emails, they can send ads of their products and services to get some new customers in the future.

3.Register to Some Website

You can also earn money by registering to new websites. Some websites or communities online want more members so they even pay for you for joining. If they get 10,000 new members through PrizeRebel, it’s quite probable that some of those new 10,000 members will end up buying something from them.

4.Download Mobile Apps

There are also many apps out there that you can download in order to earn money. Sometimes you don’t need even use it. Just download and you earn money. Easy money, huh? 😉

5.Play Games

Then you can earn make money by playing games on the computer or on your smartphone. Let’s say that you earn 10 points by downloading a game and then you earn 50 additional points when you have played the game for a while. You need, for example, reach level 5 in some game to earn those points or something similar.

6.Watch Videos

Make Money with PrizeRebel

You can earn 313 points ($3,13) by registering to a video site and by getting their 7-day free trial.

7.Get Referrals

This is the most profitable way of earning money on PrizeRebel or on any similar “Get Paid To” -site. You can earn hundreds or theoretically even thousands of dollars every month if you refer enough people to PrizeRebel and they start completing those mini tasks which I listed above.

In PrizeRebel you will earn 20-30% for everything that your referral earns. Let’s say, for example, that you join to PrizeRebel through this link and you make $100. Then I earn additional $20-30 depending on my level. Referral’s earnings don’t depend if somebody referred him or not. So if you are going to register PrizeRebel, I recommend using my links so you support my site by making us referrals.

In the beginning, you will earn 20% of that money that your referral has earned. But if you complete tasks yourself and earn more points, you will move up in the ladder and earn a bigger percentage. Here are levels in PrizeRebel:

PrizeRebel Referrals

The more points you earn, the higher you move up in levels.

8.Earn Daily Bonuses

If you reach some daily goals (earn a certain amount of points) then you can get some bonus points. And if you consistently keep on reaching those goals, you will earn lots of extra points = extra money.

These 8 ways to earn money are not the only ways. These are just examples of most common ways but there are also other tasks for sure. I believe that those 8 already have given you a good picture of making money in PrizeRebel. Now your next question is probably, “How much money can I earn with PrizeRebel?” It’s a very interesting subject and I will be answering and giving my opinion about it in the following chapter.

How Much Money Can You Earn With PrizeRebel?

You can earn thousands of dollars in PrizeRebel. They have already paid more than $10 million to their members over the years. That’s a big amount of money. But I want to tell you the truth that you will not be earning big money by completing those little tasks. That’s the reality. Earning money by playing games, downloading apps and watching videos may sound fun and easy but it’s a really slow way of earning money.

I have already talked on several articles are online surveys worth it and in my opinion they are not. I want you to use your life doing something more valuable because you have a great potential. Learn for example affiliate marketing in Wealthy Affiliate to create your own online business. Then you can provide a big value to people in this world and earn more money too if you want.

Let’s say that you earn 10 points ($0,10) by downloading one mobile app. Then you need to download 100 apps in order to earn even $10. First, you will be bored out during that process. It will take very much time and there probably won’t even be so many apps to download in PrizeRebel. But of course you can give it a try if you are still interested.

You can choose how the money will be paid for you. In my opinion, the easiest way is to get payments instantly to your PayPal account. But you can also take earnings as gift cards to Amazon or other big online stores.

Pros & Cons


  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Easy and Measurable goals
  • Many ways to earn money
  • Reliable and huge company


My Final Opinion of PrizeRebel

Even though PrizeRebel is probably the best “Get paid to” -site that I have ever seen, I still didn’t give it more than 70 points out of 100. Why? Because I know that there are much better ways to make money online than making those little tasks to earn pocket money.

Of course, you can join PrizeRebel and make your own conclusions but I don’t recommend using it for too much because it will take time from other important things in life. I know that I could earn lots of money by recommending all these survey sites. I know that you can make thousands of dollars with PrizeRebel. But I think that you have much greater potential than just completing little tasks in PrizeRebel. That’s my opinion :). What is yours?

PrizeRebel at a Glance…

Name: PrizeRebel
Website: www.PrizeRebel.com
Founded: 2007

Field: Survey Site
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100


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Have you used PrizeRebel or some other survey sites?

How much did you earn? What is your opinion about them?

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