What is Wix Website Builder? – Look How I Create a Website in 70 Seconds!

Have you ever built websites? Do you have any experience of programming or other similar skills? Would you like to have a very own website?

Nowadays you don’t to use a single penny to build a professional-looking website without any prior knowledge. You don’t need to know anything about programming. The only two things you need are an Internet connection and a device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) to connect to the Internet.

I took a video where I use Wix website builder without any former knowledge or experience of how it works. I had never hardly even visited on Wix website before. And in the video, I build a professional-looking website in 70 seconds. Isn’t it awesome that you can create a website so fast?

Wix Review

What is Wix Website BuilderName: Wix
Website: www.Wix.com
Price: Between Free to 24,50€/moonth
Field: Website Builders

Overall Ranking: 93 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Wix Website Builder?

Wix is simply a service that helps you to build wonderful websites easily. The idea is similar to other website builders like Webstarts, Webnode, and Weebly. Did you notice that all of those names start with “W”? Then we have also the biggest website builder in the world which is WordPress.

Wix is different to WordPress in several ways. WordPress has, for example, millions of independent developers all around the world while Wix is a company that runs the whole show.

Who is Wix For?

Wix is a wonderful website builder for beginners. They have pre-built templates where you only need to edit the texts in order to have a website. Have a look, for example, in the image below. I created that website in 70 seconds (the proof is in the video in this article).

However, if you are such a guy who wants to play with HTML and edit your website’s programming, then Wix is not the best one for you. It is highly targeted for beginners and for people who just want it easy and simple, yet effective.

what is wix website builder

A Screenshot of a Website I Created in 70 Seconds with Wix

Wix Support

Wix has an ultimately comprehensive support. Their knowledge page answers hundreds of questions right away. You just enter your question or keyword in a box and you will find answers to your question.

They have also an email and a telephone support which is available 24/7. I think that it’s quite “must” for so huge company like Wix to have them both.

Wix Templates Review

One of the best things in Wix are their awesome pre-built website templates. They make website creation so fast and easy. Programmers and developers have already written every piece of a code so you don’t need to care about it.You just choose what kind of website you want to build and with 5 clicks you have it.

You can quickly search for templates in different categories. Here are some examples of their categories as you can see in the image below: Business, Online Store, Photography, Video, Music and so on.

Wix Templates Review

Wix has a huge number of different templates

I have to mention one downside in Wix template. After choosing one to your website, you can’t change the template anymore. Of course, you can edit your current website and design as much as you want and it can create a big difference.

Is Wix Website Builder Free?

Wix is advertising their services in a way that highlights, “You can build a website for free with Wix.” So, you can build a website for free by using their site builder but if you want to get most out of their services, you will need to be paid plan. I recommend investing a few bucks a month for a premium plan because it gives you so much more.

You can get started for free to see how it works but eventually, it’s better to use a paid plan. In the image below you can see what kind of pricing plans Wix has. At the moment there are 5 different premium memberships: VIP, eCommerce, Unlimited, Combo and Connect Domain.

wix review

Wix Pricing Plans

One thing I want to mention is that the cheapest (4,50€/month) plan doesn’t remove Wix ads from your website. I wouldn’t like to let them have free Wix ads all over my website.

The most expensive plan costs only $24,50/month. However, if you compare the difference between Unlimited and VIP, there is not very much. If you want to have your own online store, then eCommerce (16,50€/month) is the least that you need to have.

I also want to point out that these plans don’t include a domain name. In the other words, you will need to invest around 10€/year to have your own domain name. But I think everyone can afford to pay that because it’s only less than 1€/month. All of the premium plans include domain hosting so you don’t need to invest additional money for that.

Pros & Cons


  • Hundreds (or even thousands) of professional-looking templates
  • You can easily edit your website for mobiles
  • Doesn’t require any prior knowledge of building websites
  • Creating a website is fast and easy (see an example in my video)
  • Their support and help is very comprehensive


  • Not optimal for blogging (with too many pages Wix site doesn’t work so well)
  • You can’t edit the CSS or HTML of your website
  • You can’t change from one template to another (Compare to WordPress)

Conclusion – Is Wix the Best Free Website Builder?

Wix is very close to being the best free website builder in the world in 2017. On some aspects, Wix is the best. If you want to quickly build a professional-looking website for free, Wix is a great way to go.

If you are a blogger, Wix isn’t optimal for you because it doesn’t work very well when there are tens of pages in their website. Of course, they have developed it a lot but WordPress still works better for that.

If you want to build a website for free, I recommend following my instructions here. There you can have a very own website even in 30 seconds if you are fast. In addition, you will get a comprehensive training on how to use your website and how to monetize it You will get right away 20 interactive video lessons with tasks to accomplish and it doesn’t cost anything.

For people that are interested in making money online, I recommend taking a closer look at the training here. I have friends who went through that training without any prior knowledge and nowadays they are making +$10,000/month. Of course, it took lots of hard work and effort but eventually it paid off.

Wix at a Glance…

Name: Wix
Website: www.Wix.com
Price: Between Free to 24,50€/moonth
Field: Website Builders

Overall Ranking: 93 Out of 100


Now I would love to hear from you.

Have you tried already Wix Website Builder Yourself? What kind of experiences did you have?

What is your favorite website builder and why?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I promise to answer every comment personally within 24 hours.


What Is iBuilt Website Builder? – A Wonderful Website Builder… 10 Years Ago!

What Is iBuilt Website Builder? Recently we have researched many different website builders. It’s amazing how easily you can create a professional-looking website today in 2017. Tools have become better than ever before in the history. Even a person without any prior knowledge can have his/her own website in 30 seconds.

I have tried a few website builders with 0 experience of how they work. I have been surprised how well-developed site builders are nowadays. Even though I have been building websites already for quite a while, it’s always nice to discover some new possibilities.

Today we are going to take a closer look at iBuilt. On their website, they promise that it’s everything you need to do business online. Is it true or not? I think that you also need a couple of online business skills that you can learn here. Have a look iBuilt looks like without any former experience of their website or services.


iBuilt Review

what is ibuilt website builderName: iBuilt
Website: www.iBuilt.net
Founded: More Than 10 Years Ago
Field: Website Builders

Overall Rank: 65 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is iBuilt Website Builder?

iBuilt is a tool that helps you to create a website for businesses. They have been online already for more than 10 years which is a remarkable amount for an online service. It’s interesting if you are in a “brick-and-mortar”-business, 10 years can be a short time but in the online it’s huge. The Internet is still so new invention.

If you watched the video above, you saw how iBuilt website builder looks like in action. You can add items to your website by clicking different icons. So you don’t need any programming or other special skills. If you want to have a professional website, you don’t need a programmer or study even a day for HTML. Programmers have done the work for you so you can use their pre-built tools.

Of course, it helps if you know a bit about HTML but it’s not necessary at all. There are guys who are making +$10,000/month online without any experience of programming.

what is ibuilt website builder

iBuilt Homepage

Who is iBuilt For?

iBuilt is created for anyone who wants to business online. You may have an offline business and you want to take it online, or you want to create a real online business. They have a tool for building an eCommerce website. That works very well for selling stuff online.

However, I think that iBuilt is not the optimal tool for beginners because it’s not as easy-to-use as WordPress, Webnode, Weebly and so on.

iBuilt Support

In the past iBuilt had a telephone and email support. However, members were reporting problems when contacting them by email. The challenge was that even though emails went through, nobody answered them.

Nowadays they are providing support also but it’s if you don’t have an account, it’s not so easy to find an email address how to ask questions from their support team. You can find their F.A.Q.-pages which gives an answer to most of your questions. Then you need to sign up and hope that they will respond your emails.

iBuilt Pricing

You can see iBuilt pricing in the picture below. They have three options: Essential Website ($19,95/month), Business Website ($29,95/month) and Essential eStore ($39,95/month). Essential eStore is, of course, the most comprehensive package and provides a ton of tools.

ibuilt review

iBuilt Pricing

If you want to know what kind of details each package include, you can visit their website but I don’t think it’s worth it. You are paying for Business Website package $29,95/month but it doesn’t provide even close as valuable tools like this online business service which costs only $29/month.

With Essential eStore-tool you can add up to 100 products to your online store. If you want to add more, you need to upgrade your plan to even more expensive one.

Of course, iBuilt provides some value for the buck but nowadays the competition is so tough on website builders. WordPress is dominating and then there are hundreds (actually thousands) of other smaller services who are trying to win their part of the game.

Pros & Cons


  • Mobile-responsive tools
  • You can connect with social media easily
  • You can quickly build a website by using a free trial


  • A bit outdated
  • Not so easy-to-use like some other website builders
  • Design looks 5-10 years old
  • Premium membership plans are quite expensive compared to its counterparts

Conclusion – Is iBuilt Worth It?

In my opinion, premium plans in iBuilt are hardly worth it. They are much more expensive than in similar website builders. I think that iBuilt could have been an interesting builder 10 years ago but today in 2017 it’s just outdated.

I stumbled upon a website that had user reviews of iBuilt. Did you know what? All of them were from 2011 or earlier. They didn’t have even a single review from the last 5 years. I am not sure how much iBuilt is even updating their services anymore. Probably they are because they have a tool to improve your website’s mobile view. But still, this tool can’t reach even close to the level of other website builders.

If you are interested in making money online with a business, I highly recommend taking a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate.

iBuilt at a Glance…

Name: iBuilt
Website: www.iBuilt.net
Founded: More Than 10 Years Ago
Field: Website Builders

Overall Rank: 65 Out of 100


Have you ever tried iBuilt or other website builders? Which one was your favorite? Why?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Lottotrix a Scam? – Is This What You Expected!?

Have you heard of lottery systems before? I have made a research of more than 10 different systems that promise you to beat the lottery. There are a few characteristics that make those systems similar. All lottery systems don’t give what they promise but… I will tell you later in this article. Is Lottotrix a Scam? Let’s find out.

Lottotrix Review

is lottotrix a scamName: Lottotrix
Website: www.Lottotrix.com
Founders: Stefan Vandevelde
Field: Lottery Systems

Overall Rank:  15 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Lottotrix?

Lottotrix is a website created by Stefan Vandevelde. He is a Belgian guy who has researched different lotto systems over the years. He has studied how people play lotto and how lottery systems work to cash out money for the players. According to his own words, he has made some groundbreaking findings how you can also win the lottery.

To be honest, I am quite skeptical.

It’s amazing how much effort Stefan has put on his lotto website. There are reviews of many lottery systems and he is, of course, selling his own products that promise to make you win in the lotteries.

He has systems for many kinds of lotto: Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and so on.

How Does Lottotrix Work?

Stefan Vandevelde analyzed how lotto works. When the lotto show started on TV, people were excited. Maybe this will be their big day to win something great on the lottery. Then the wheel started rolling.

It took almost 1-3 minutes to get the first number because TV hosts wanted to keep everyone excited. But when the first number was given, a big number of people turned TV off. It wasn’t their lucky day.

The second and the third number appeared on TV. Even more, people changed the channel because they realized that they will not win the jackpot today. When it turned for the first ball, only 1-2% of the original spectators were still watching the show.

TV hosts figured out that they need to change the strategy. Instead of taking so long time to give the right numbers, they did it quicker that people wouldn’t vanish.

Mr. Vandevelde wanted to find a way to beat this system. If he can’t beat the lottery, he wants to “change the rules”. What does it exactly mean? He somehow inverts the numbers or does something “magic” that I really don’t understand. If you have a better understanding of his system, I would be more than happy to hear it in the comments. To me, his system just seems like a blatant scam.

=> Tired of Lotto Scams? Learn to Make Honest Money Online!

The price of Lottotrix Products?

They are selling and promoting many kinds of products on Lottotrix website. Many of them are free and only require that you give them your email address. Then they will most likely start bombarding you with other promotions and with some other products. That’s why I don’t give my email to a system if I clearly see that it’s not worth it.

Most Lottotrix products cost a little less than $40. It’s a way too high price if you consider that they just give you an eBook which explains a few lotto strategies. If you would really beat the lottery, a value would be millions. BUT if you could beat the lottery with their systems, they wouldn’t sell it for so cheap.

Who is Lottotrix For?

In my opinion, Lottotrix is for those who don’t understand that one can’t beat the lottery. I wouldn’t waste your time on their website if I were you. Like I have explained in the other lotto system reviews, the player is supposed to lose and the house is always supposed to win the lottery. That’s it. Period.

Oh, and what about those characteristics of the lotto systems. Let me give you them briefly:

1.Too big promises
2.Some complicated explanations (that try to trick you)
3.Pictures of big mansions and sports cars
4.The founder has a fancy title. (Dr., Mathematician, Professor or something else)
5.False testimonials.

Probably not all of the lotto systems have these all but mostly you will see them. Better to concentrate on more profitable ways to make money online.

Pros & Cons


  • There are many inspirational and interesting ideas about the lottery


  • You can’t beat the lottery
  • Stefan’s systems cash out from people who believe you could win lotto
  • Products are very expensive compared to their value.

Conclusion – Is Lottotrix a Scam?

If a system promises you to beat the lottery, what can you expect? Either you can believe what they say or you can investigate the system and realize that it doesn’t really work. If somebody would show me a lotto system that could really beat the lottery, I promise to eat my hat. (That’s a challenge for all lotto system builders)

If you are looking for ways and opportunities to make money online, I recommend staying away from any system that promises to give you big wins without any efforts. Making money (online) requires work and persistence. Of course, you can make money in 5 minutes by filling out an online survey. But how much would you earn then? $0,01 or something similar.

If you want to make money with blogging or affiliate marketing, it may take much more time but the rewards can be million times bigger.

If you want to have a real training how to make a big money online without any magical lotto tricks or “trix”, have a look at this step-by-step training.

Lottotrix at a Glance…

Name: Lottotrix
Website: www.Lottotrix.com
Founders: Stefan Vandevelde
Field: Lottery Systems

Overall Rank:  15 Out of 100

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


What Is Yola Website Builder? – The Best Way to Create a Website Or Something Else?

Nowadays there are more website builders that I can even count. We have reviewed some of the best and most famous on YourOnlineRevenue.com. Today we are going to take a closer look at a website builder called Yola. Even though Yola is not the biggest one out there, it has a large number of customers and they have been in a business for many years.

Today I will tell what I liked about their builder and what would be my #1 recommendation.

Yola Review

what is yola website builderName: Yola
Website: www.Yola.com
Founded: By Linny Vingham in 2007
Field: Website Builders

Overall Rank: 65 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation)

What Is Yola Website Builder?

Yola is a website builder that allows you to create websites with ready-made templates in a few minutes. It’s a similar drag & drop website builder like Weebly or Webnode which means that you can add new items to your website by dragging them.

I built a Yola website and tried how it works. To be honest, I didn’t like it as much as some other website builders. Have a look at my video where I show how Yola works in practice.

Who is Yola For?

Yola is a created for anyone who wants to have own website. However, it is not meant for bloggers because you can’t have your own blog anymore with Yola. Nowadays you can connect your Tumblr-blog with their service but you can’t have a real blog on your website.

That’s a big downside because blogging is becoming more and more popular all around the world. Many people are making a full-time living with their personal blogs. I don’t fully understand why Yola doesn’t support blogs anymore because they are losing lots of users with this.

However, Yola website could be an interesting option if you are building an eCommerce. They have an online store builder that can be very helpful for you. You can track all the customers and purchases easily with their software.

How Does Yola Work?

You can get started with Yola very easily. I will explain each step for you:

1.Create an account. You only need to give your username, email, and password at this point.

2.Choose a template. Yola has a number of different templates. Some of them are very modern but some very “old-school”. You can have a look at 6 of the in the picture below. I didn’t personally fall in love with Yola templates but they have also received positive feedback from their users.

what is yola website builder

Yola Templates

3.Start editing your website. Once you have chosen your template, your website is ready for editing. You will need to change texts and probably a few images in the original template. It’s very simple because you just drag & drop items to your website.

4.Publish your website. When you are ready with editing you can click “publish” and your website is online. My tip is that you shouldn’t hesitate for too long with the publishing. You will most likely be editing your website anyway over the time course.

Creating a website is a continous process that never ends.

Yola Support

Yola’s support has received positive feedback in the past. They had a knowledge base (F.A.Q.-pages), telephone support and email support. Nowadays they are not using telephone support anymore but they still have a very comprehensive knowledge base.

Their support team is also available 24/7 so you can leave a ticket anytime you want and they will come back to you with an answer as soon as possible. In my opinion, it’s a little drawback that they removed telephone support because many people would prefer getting help through phone rather than sending emails.

However, I am sure that they will also provide you phone support if you are paying enough for that.

Yola Pricing

Yola has 4 different pricing plans. Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Like with any other website builder, with a free plan, you only get started. If you really want to build a professional website, you will need to invest a few euros for a premium plan.

You can see in the picture below what Yola provides in different plans.

what is yola website builder

Yola Pricing Plans

One interesting curiosity is that Yola Bronze has still Yola branding on the website. It means that their logo or ad will be in the footer at least. You don’t like to have it if you are building a serious website. If website building is just a little hobby, then their branding doesn’t matter but I wouldn’t leave it on a professional website.

As you can see in the picture, all premium packages include a 30-day money back guarantee. It means that you are not risking a single penny. If you don’t like their services, you can just ask your money back. Yola is a big company and they will be reliable to pay the money back.

Yola vs WordPress

To be honest, you can’t really compare these services. It’s like David (Yola) and Goliath (WordPress). Of course, WordPress beats Yola in many ways. They have more widgets, templates, more developers, you can run a professional blog, etc.

However, Yola has its own strengths and one of them is their eCommerce builder. You can create a professional-looking online store without any prior experience with their software. You can also do the same with WordPress but Yola is a great alternative.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use and build a website
  • 24/7 support has received positive feedback
  • eCommerce builder looks is pretty good


  • You can’t run a real blog with Yola anymore
  • Their telephone support is not available anymore
  • Their interface looks a bit clumsy

Conclusion – Is Yola a Good Website Builder?

I must say that Yola is a good website builder… But not the best!

Even though their company is already 10 years old, there are still dozens of things to change and develop. The fact that you can run a real blog on their website anymore is a change to worse. But I am sure that they have also many positive innovations in their mind.

I recommend trying SiteRubix website builder which allows you to create a professional-looking WordPress site in 30 seconds. They have thousands of free templates and tens of thousands premium templates. More than 26% of the websites are nowadays powered by WordPress, so it’s definitely a great choice.

If you are interested in making money with a website or a blog, I recommend taking a closer look at this step-by-step training. It will teach how you can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from Google and other search engines. It may not happen in a week or in a month but if you follow proven principles, you will get the results.

Once you get traffic to your website, it will be easy to monetize it. The training will explain you more. It’s 100% free to get started and you will get 20 interactive video lessons as a gift.

Yola at a Glance…

Name: Yola
Website: www.Yola.com
Founded: By Linny Vingham in 2007
Field: Website Builders
Overall Rank: 65 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation)


Have you used Yola or other website builders? Which one is your favorite and why?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Total Income Answer a Scam? – DEFINITELY, YES!

Before spending your hard earned money to “Total Income Answer” you’ve decided to do some research, and for that way, you start searching for info about the platform to see if it’s a legit opportunity or just another scam. Actually, Total Income Answer is an old scam site with a new name. The same scam has used a lot of different names and websites in the past, and now they all come on the single platform.

When it comes to Total Income Answer, there’s one thing that actually jumps out at me. The thing is the fact that I have seen in the platform is exact “same product” again and again at the same time. There are a lot of unhappy buyers complaints already available which can be found on the internet as well as this false (same) product. It’s false because of claims such as “make up to 379 dollars per day” while the time they suggest you is only 60 minutes, Just “rolls” and cheats you.

There’s no doubt that you can earn online this type of money through hard work and with proper earning resources and experience, but through Total Income Answer, you would most likely end up poorer.

Let’s take a look at the different sides of this awful platform:

Total Income Answer Review

Is Total Income Answer a ScamName: Total Income Answer
Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Ranking: 0 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What is Total Income Answer?

In my way, Total Income Answer is just a confusing website. Confusing means when you’ve to search and open the Total Income Answer website and you tap on the “Click for Availability” button, it goes to a completely different website.

After a lot of researching, finally, I get it that this website is all about “Posting fake links for companies”. And if you try to teach this program for making online earning then you get some fake links of companies.

The way they introduce it is so truly ridiculous and it’s truly a fake guidance if anyone wants to make online money.

The teaching view of the website is that how to post affiliate links on social media sites and on different forums but just doing that won’t make you 500 dollar per day as they claim.

You will not get enough traffic (views) to earn that a lot by simply posting to these sources.

The Total Income Answer is just a Scam

In the beginning, they started with an eBook that you must have to buy. But unfortunately, if you buy the eBook, you will be hounded by the pressure of telemarketers for buying another product from the same home product site that is even further costly and expensive as compared to the old one.

But the both won’t work, but once you buy the one then you will be under pressure to buy yet another which is more expensive. It never ends, and even you never make a single dollar with their fake methods and guidance.

In spite of all the fake media supports photo-shopped images, and joined collectively video. In reality, the aim of Total Income Answer is not about helping you to make online money from home. The only focus of this website is one thing and this one thing is just robbing you blind!

They use the same trick like Wifi Millionaire. The first product is cheap but it’s only a bait. When you give your email or credit card information, you already give a sign that you are interested in their products and services. It allows them to sell you more.

How Does Total Income Answer Work?

Once you buy what you consider is Total Income Answer, you’ll discover yourself being directed a lot of other websites. And before its whole said and complete you’ll be redirected a whole of five times before you truly make your way to the member’s area.

For many people’s this can get quite annoying and if you are a beginner who is just getting started an online career with no experience, then this will only add to more difficulty and confusion.

After they are finished they redirecting you to the several websites that you’ll finally arrive in the member’s area and get access to the product that you bought.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

The cost of Total Income Answer is 97 dollar but along the way, you will obtain upsells, the largest one being calling them for discussion which wholly not values it, people! You will be spending a lot and too much time for not sufficient honest, real answers.

By the time you are ready with them, you would have spent further than hundred dollars you didn’t require to spend.

Especially because you are paying for really poor guidance as well as such a bad training.

Also, you’ll have opportunity cost with this program as you’ll lose a lot of time trying to work with this program which will not guide you to achieve your financial goals.

Before buying any make money online system online, I recommend following these 5 principles.

Total Income Answer and Similar Products

That’s a great question and to be sincere and honest with everyone, one that took me a while to figure out for myself.

Finally, I find out that Total Income Answer was nothing more than a posting link scam that claims you can earn up to more than 15 dollars for each link. They mean that according to their instructions you just have to post these links on Google.

On this particular opportunity, I was doing my own research and I found that in reality, they go by many names with same domains. It seems like this program goes by many additional names too and here are just some that I have come across as I continued my research.

  • Home Payday Vault
  • Home Cash Success
  • Ultimate Income Solution (the major one)
  • And many others . . .

Also, these ”make-money-online-opportunities” are using the same format for the website like Total Income Answer:

Pros & Cons


  • No advantages because this is a SCAM


  • Waste your hard earned money
  • Poor guidance & Bad training
  • Posting fake links for companies

Conclusion – Is Total Income Answer a Scam?

Yes. My wish is that you wouldn’t spend a single dollar on this system. I make reviews of this kind of scam products to prevent people from falling into scams. I also want to help people to make money online with honest methods and with proven steps.

Making money online is not magic but there’s a proven system that works. You need to work persistently and you will not achieve $500/day income by working only 1-2 hours in a week. Yesterday I published a post how long does it take to make money with blogging. It is possible to make $10,000/month online after a year but it would require that you work like an animal.

Nowadays it’s easier than ever before to make a living online. Every year there are hundreds of millions new people online and people are spending more money on the Internet.

If you are interested how you could make a living online as well, I recommend having a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a step-by-step online business training that teaches everything you need to succeed online. I will also give my 1-on-1 mentoring once you become a member. The community consists of many successful online entrepreneurs who are willing to give you their personal support.

It’s 100% free to get started and you will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 websites as a gift. Yes, you heard right, it’s 100% free to join. No risks, only win.

=> Learn to Make a Living Online with Proven Training!


Have you ever fallen into an online scam? Have you learned afterward how to make money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Blogging? – 1 Week, 3 Months or 1 Year?

Many things have happened since I published this article last year in 2017. I have traveled in 10-15 different countries while making money with blogging.

The tips that I explain in this article work still and have enabled me to live "the laptop lifestyle".

But before you dive into the article, I want to give you an opportunity to get my 1-on-1 help to make money with blogging and join the community that has literally turned my life around.

(See in the end of the box)

Making money online is becoming more and more popular. There are more than 3,6 BILLION people on the Internet and people spend buying more stuff online than ever before in the human history. One of the most profitable strategies to make a big money online is to create a blog. But How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Blogging?

Today I am going to share what I have learned with my experience. I am making more and more money each month with my blogs and I have friends who are making even +$10,000/month online.

The short answer to the question, how long it takes is: it depends. This is, of course, an answer that doesn’t tell very much so I am going to dig much deeper today. I will give very practical guidelines and even mention timelines how much will it take.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Blogging

Blogging can be a very profitable business ($10,000/month)

Action = Success with Blogging

There are a few factors that define how fast you will make money with blogging. I know guys who have made their first dollars within a week after starting but sometimes it takes 6 months to earn even $5. Let’s have a look at the factors that define your speed.

1.Factor: How Much Do You Work Per Day/Week?

Let’s say that don’t have a 9-5 job, no kids or wife. You have a capability to work 60-80 hours a week with your blog. Compare this to a guy who is working 40 hours a week, feeding his kids and keeping his wife happy. How many hours can he spend for blogging? Probably max.10 hours a week. If he’s sleeping 4 hours per night, maybe a bit more but you get the point.

The more you work, the faster you will get the results. If your blog posts get hypothetically 5 visitors a day on average. If you have time to write 10 posts, it means that you have 50 visitors per day. But if you write 100 blog posts, you have 500 visitors a day. The more visitors you have, the more likely some of them will buy something from your blog.

2.Factor: How Effectively Do You Work?

There was a guy who succeeded with his blogs. He had been working with his blog part-time 3 hours a day on average. He couldn’t work more because he had a 9-5 job also. He was already earning +$3,000/month online so he decided to quit his job to have more time for blogging.

Then he had 14 hours a day for blogging instead of 3 hours that he had before. But do you know what? Sometimes he got done much less in 14 hours than he made before in 3 hours. He was living in an illusion that he has so much time that he doesn’t need to be effective.

Let’s say that I give 2 guys one hour to write a blog post. The other one starts writing right away and doesn’t open new tabs, while the other one sets first background music, then checks Facebook news feed. After writing 200 words, he checks quickly if somebody has sent him a message in WhatsApp. In the meanwhile, the other guy has already written +1,000-word post.

You understand the point that if you focus better, you will achieve results faster. But if you check Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and so on when you should be working, it will take much more time to make money with blogging.

3.Factor: How Much Money Do You Spend?

If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to spend some money on domain hosting and for a domain name. Other things are really up to you but by spending money you will most likely speed up the process. Have you ever heard the old saying, “If you want to make money you need to spend money?” The rule applies to making money with a blog.

You can outsource content writing which will bring more content to your site. It can add authority in Google’s eyes which make you rankings better, brings more traffic and adds your revenue. You can also buy comments which boost your Google rankings as well.

Do you create a design and logo yourself or you do you outsource it on Fiverr? What about social media marketing? Do you go to each social media after writing a blog post or do you just use MassPlanner to automate your social media activities?

In the beginning, I was a little bit “afraid” of spending money on my blog. But then I realized that it speeds up the process and will help me to reach my income goals much faster. Have you ever seen an ultimately successful entrepreneur who would do 100% of the things himself? I guess not. It’s wise to outsource things to make your blog larger faster.

4.Factor: What Kind of Tasks Are You Doing?

You can work on your website very “effectively” without making any money if you are concentrating on wrong things. I will give you an example. You have three blog posts that you would like to update to monetize your website. First of them is getting 300 visitors a month, the second one gets 50 visitors a month and the third one gets 30 visitors a month. Which one of the pages should you update to maximize your income?

Of course, the first one that has 300 visitors/month. There is 6 times more traffic than on a second one and 10 times more traffic than a third one. In the other words, you will make money 10 times faster by concentrating on the first blog post instead of the third one.

You should always take a pause and think, “What are the actions that will bring the greatest benefits for my blog right now?” Then eliminate useless tasks and concentrate on the most important tasks. Business coach Brian Tracy says, “You will never have enough time to everything you want but you will always have enough time to do everything you need to do.”

(The Most Important) 5.Factor: What Kind of Support / Training You Have?

Have you heard the famous quote by Jim Rohn? “You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With.” I fully believe in that principle and we can apply it to making money by blogging.

Where did you learn how to earn money with your blog? Did somebody teach you who has never earned anything with a blog or don’t even have a blog himself? Or have you got training from an online millionaire who runs several successful blogs and has seen in practice how the process goes?

It’s very important that you get the right training that works. It will definitely speed up your process a lot. Of course, it depends on how fast you take action but if you apply principles you heard from successful bloggers, you will most likely see results much faster.

That’s why I always recommend to having a training in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s created by online millionaires who have made big money online themselves. They really know what they are talking about. In addition, you can connect with other online entrepreneurs who have the same goal as you have.

In WA you can ask questions regarding your blog from guys who are making +$2,000/month, $5,000/month or even +$10,000/month with their blogs.

1 Week, 3 Months, 1 Year or 3 Years?

I believe that you would like to hear some exact times how much it really takes to earn money with a blog.

I can tell you that it’s possible to make money within a week after starting like Alex Sol did. However, he was working 70-80 hours during that week. Most of the time it takes much longer to earn your first dollars if you don’t have any prior knowledge. By the way, how much time does it take to break even after paying your university fees?

If you have paid $30,000 for the university it takes many years to reach even 0 if you start counting from the day you started the school. In the other words, you can make money with a blog much faster than by going to the university.

I have heard that many guys made their first income 3-6 months after starting their very first blog. With my newest language blog, it took 1,5-2 months to make my first income and I was working only around 5 hours a week with that.

Many times we are talking about the magical $10,000/month mark with online incomes. I know many people on Wealthy Affiliate who reached that mark. Dom Wells reached it in 3 years and Colton James in under 15 months. Then I also met a guy who had to work with a blog for 2 years almost full-time and was still earning only $200/month. Probably by making a few changes with his site he would have been able to boost his income from $200/month to $2,000/month quite quickly.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Blogging?

If you work one year full-time (min.40 hours/week) with your blog by using some money, you will for sure achieve great results. The key is consistency and persistence. Most people give up after 1-3 months because they don’t see any results. It’s nonsense because new blogs start to get more traction on Google usually after 3-6 months.

Follow these 5 principles to make money online with your blog much faster:

1.Use at least 10 hours every week. The more the better.
2.Work effectively. Don’t scroll Facebook or Youtube while you are working.
3.Invest money on your blog to speed up the process.
4.Concentrate on doing the most profitable tasks.
5.Get training and support from experienced bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

By following these rules you can’t fail. Keep on working and learning. Failures are the part of the journey but you must always get up and never give up.


Are you making money with blogging? When did you start? What have things helped in your process?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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What Is the Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and MLM? – Or Is There Any Difference?

Have you ever wondered What Is the Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and MLM? I have been thinking that question recently and I have come to a conclusion that in many cases there is not such a big difference at all. Or is there? That is our topic today. Fasten your seat belts, keep your hat and let’s go!

Note: I want to keep as simple as possible so everyone will understand. However, if you have any questions, on what I share and teach, don’t hesitate to leave them below in the comments.

What Is the Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and MLM

Pyramids are wonderful buildings but I wouldn’t use it as a business model

What Is the Definition of a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a business model that concentrates more on recruiting new people rather than selling products or services.  New members bring more money into the system while recruiters and those who have already joined, get some benefit.

A pyramid scheme is slightly different than a Ponzi scheme because if the system is Ponzi, you don’t need to do anything else than hand the money to the founder. Then he gives you (or at least promises to give you) high return on your investment. A typical example of a Ponzi scheme is MMM Global and MMM Returns by Sergey Mavrodi.

In a pyramid scheme, you need to do something which is usually recruiting new people and selling products? The system is called a pyramid because those who joined earlier are in a better position. They are earning from their downlines while those who have just joined, earn from their own sales.

What Is the Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and Multi Level Marketing?

Pyramid schemes are officially illegal while Multi Level Marketing is legal. Why is it so and what are their differences?

Basically in pyramid schemes the main focus in on recruiting and not selling the products. Those who joined the system first benefit the most because they make money from each member they have recruited and from their downlines. But isn’t it exactly the same with MLMs?

The CEO of Herbalife talked in a recent event that their focus has been and will always be on recruiting new people. That’s how it goes with every MLM if you really want to make good money, you must recruit other people. Of course, you can earn good money if you are a magnificent salesperson. But that raises a question, why are you selling an MLM-product if you are not recruiting new people?

In my eyes, pyramid schemes and MLMs are working in the same way.

Sometimes pyramid schemes are defined in a way which says that they are not selling any products. Well, you don’t need to sell a single product either in MLM in order to make money. If you just recruit enough people, you will earn lots of money.

Complicated Commission Structures. What Is the Purpose?

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of complicated commission structures? There can be many reasons to have it but one is to keep workers motivated. Many people like to calculate numbers and see how much they could possibly earn. It may also help them to reach them to reach a certain goal.

However, one reason to have complicated commission systems can be to bluff people. When you see how it’s possible to earn $200,000/month by rising in the system, it makes your blood flowing faster. But when you realize that more than 99% of people are earning much less than an average income from MLMs, you realize that the reality is much different. Founders and a few “early-joiners” are making the big money while others are being scammed.

Have you ever compare network marketing/MLM to affiliate marketing? If you are an affiliate marketer, you earn the commission for the each product that you have sold. The commission varies usually between 4-80%. In Amazon, the smallest commission level is 4% while some digital products are offering up to 80% commissions. I have even once seen a product that offers 100% commission.

Why Are Pyramid Schemes (=MLMs) Being Made?

In my opinion, those systems are many times designed to make the founders rich. If they really would care about the good price/quality ratio, why wouldn’t they just create a real business? Yes, you know the reason. Because it wouldn’t be so profitable for them.

One legitimate reason is that MLM can spread faster than a “real business”. If you have an MLM-company, members are willing to recruit new people because it gives them some rewards. In a normal business recruiting new people doesn’t pay off. If I would recruit new people to a company where I am working right now, for example, it wouldn’t bring me any monetary benefits.

If I would earn, for example, 100-1,000 for recruiting a new person, I would be much willing to persuade my friends to join us. At least, in theory. That’s how it goes with MLMs. People are driven by rewards.

One great benefit of an MLM for the founder is that he doesn’t need to pay the salary. In most 9-5 jobs boss needs to pay the salary for all employees whether they make good results or not. In an MLM-company you get paid only if you bring results and sales. You don’t get paid for going to the toilet or while being sick at your home. In most jobs you get paid even when you are sitting at the toilet or staying at home in fever. What do you think about it?

Why Are MLM-Products Overpriced?

I use to say that all MLM-products are overpriced. Why is it so? Because a customer doesn’t need only pay for the seller and producer but also every downline, upline and all the other guys in the system.

Have you ever seen MLM-candles that cost $20 while you can get exactly same candles in a retail store for $1. Only differences about those candles is their price and a brand. I have never seen a situation where an MLM-product would be cheaper than its counterpart in the supermarket. Have you?

One reason that MLM-products are so expensive is that they look more valuable with a high price tag. Let’s say that I have two candles at my home. The other one cost $1 and the other one $20. Which one do you think has a higher quality?

If something costs 10-20 times more, it gives a feeling that you are owning something very valuable. It tells that you belong to the inner circle that has these specific products. And it also brings more money to the company. That’s why they are overpriced. Do you have also other explanations?

A Better Way to Make Money Online

I will stay away from pyramid schemes because of the reasons that I have told in this post. However, I will concentrate my time and energy on building an honest online business. I explain you the process in 3 simple steps.

1.I create a website. (Nowadays it’s possible in 30 seconds without former knowledge)

2.I write helpful content on my website to help visitors to have a better life.

3.I promote some beneficial products on my website

4.When visitors buy something, I earn a commission.

5.I repeat the process.

I can create a website regarding to almost any subject that makes people’s life better. 5-6 months ago I created, for example, a website that helps people to learn languages faster. The process is very simple but it, of course, requires work to create content. That’s why I am outsourcing some of my content writing for freelance writers.

If you would like to learn how you can make money online by using the same simple process, I recommend heading to Wealthy Affiliate. You will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 websites for free that will help you to get started. I will also give you my 1-on-1 support to help you over every obstacle that you can face.

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Have you ever joined MLM-systems / pyramid schemes? Have you tried the process that I explained in the end?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


What Is The Unique Rewards? – A Possibility to Make $10,000 Per Month Or $10 Per Day?

Would it sound interesting to make money by visiting websites, reading emails and while doing other mini tasks? It was an exciting idea for me some years ago. But after researching more than 50 “Get Paid To” sites I have realized that they are not so interesting anymore. However, I have found a much better way to make money online.

Some of my friends are making +$10,000/month and I am on my way there little by little as well. But first, I will explain what is the Unique Rewards and how it works.

Unique Rewards Review

what is the unique rewardsName: Unique Rewards
Website: www.uniquerewards.com
Founded in: 2003
Price: Gain money by shopping online
Field: Get Paid To Sites

Overall Ranking: 20 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is The Unique Rewards?

Unique Rewards is an online based company that allows customers to gain money for the products they buy online. The process is easy. When you are a member, you get the chance to get money back on your purchases, to try brand names for free and to gain money through completing online surveys.

You can easily earn money by simply visiting a website when you go to the “Click Cash” section. All you have to do is to go to any offer that interests you and by simply visiting the site; you will get cash deposited to your account. You get money for reading emails, for watching videos and even listening to the radio.

It is a completely unique experience because it allows users to benefit from activities that they actually like and enjoy… Or not to enjoy 😉 It depends on how you value your time. I think that this kind of mini-tasks is not worth it. I’d rather build my online own online business to have a financial freedom while helping other people. If you would like to learn it too, I can offer 10 interactive video lessons for free.

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what is unique rewards

Unique Rewards Facebook page. It’s hard to understand why people waste their valuable time for earning 2-3 dollars.

How Does Unique Rewards work?

The sign-up process is simple. All you have to do is to fill in an application form and provide all your necessary details. Later you will be asked to confirm your email. So you need to go to your mail box and press the confirmation link. After that, you will be able to indulge in the experience and to make money without leaving your home.

Unique Rewards uses a variety of tools to maximize the satisfaction of an online shopping experience. Users to get amazing offers and coupons that are nowhere else to be found and they can also make money by doing so. At the same time, they gain money by doing absolutely nothing significant like visiting a website or reading an email.

It is an easy way to make money and you can also help your friends and family to join the fun. This way you will benefit by referring people. You can also make money through referral awards simply when the people you referred start to gain from Unique Rewards. This is actually called affiliate marketing.

However, if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, I recommend choosing better products to promote than Unique Rewards. You can make even $1,400 per one sale by promoting better products. With Unique Rewards, you’ll hardly make even $1 per sale. What do you think?

is unique rewards legit

Making money on Unique Rewards is easy but not worth it.

How Much Money Can I Make with Unique Rewards?

By signing up you are eligible to earn the spot. You can even earn as much as $10 dollars per day or even more. It all depends on the amount of time you are spending on completing offers and benefiting from them.

Your earnings, however, can’t be redeemed unless you have at least $20 in your account. Your earnings will be added to your account every Monday and this means that if you earn some money on Tuesday, the money will be visible in your balance only on the next Monday and not before.

$10 dollar per day is a ridiculously small amount of money if you are living in the U.S. or in Europe. For example, here in Austria, you can buy one pizza with that money. An opportunity to buy one pizza doesn’t give enough motivation to waste hours for Unique Rewards 😉

Unique Rewards Support:

Unique Rewards’ staff can be reached for any questions or inquiries through their Facebook page where they connect with their fans or through emails. They usually answer promptly to clarify any confusion. Users can also ask questions in the users’ forum where other experienced users will offer help or suggest an action. There is also a phone number available for urgent questions and issues and they claim to be able to handle them promptly and efficiently.

What are the pros of Unique Rewards?

Unique Rewards mainly works benefiting from the concept of passive earnings where people earn money by doing absolutely nothing and without even having to leave their home.

  • When you are a member you get to benefit from a large number of coupons and savings that will make your shopping experience a bit more profitable. Invested time/reward ratio will not be very good.
  • The website allows users to test the products for free. This ensures that your money will be spent only when you have a product that is 100% satisfactory. This is an opportunity to save your money by not buying products that you don’t actually like.
  • “You gain money even by not buying anything. Sometimes there will be offers to have a promotional email or to view a video. You will gain money just by doing that. For every visit and every click, you are making money without having to spend a dollar.” That is how they market the service but the payout is totally minimal.
  • You can earn some money with an affiliate program

What are the cons of Unique Rewards?

  • The main problem that would make everybody a little bit skeptical would be the website’s URL. It is not secure and this means that there is no way somebody would share their personal or financial information. The company should have spent some money to have their website verified in order to encourage people to subscribe.
  • The other problem is that the website seems a little bit outdated. In their contacts, they offer an ICQ number. Since ICQ is something of the 90s, the company needs to update their style and include more advanced technologies in order to appeal to a larger demographic.
  • The biggest downside is that their service is not worth the time that you would waste it

Conclusion – Is Unique Rewards Legit?

Unique rewards is a legit company because it pays like it promises. However, I don’t want to spend my valuable time (=life) on earning a few dollars in a day. I am being very straight here because I hope that you wouldn’t waste your time either.

If you are interested in making money online, I recommend heading to Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online business training, community, and all-in-one online business platform. Many people have learned to build a successful business after going through their training. Some of them didn’t even have any prior experience.

You will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 websites for free in the moment when you join. Registering takes less than 10 seconds. I will give you a personal welcome message and help you hand by hand to online success. I help you to create a real online business that gives value for other people.

If you are interested, read more here.


Have you tried Unique Rewards or similar websites? What kind of experiences did you have?

Would you like to learn how to build a successful online business?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



What Is Instant Money Network? – A Fast Way to Make Big Bucks Or a Scam?

In today’s online world, there always happen to be series of products or websites that claim people can make a living doing one or two things on the web. Well, one of such products is Instant Money Network. Ring a bell? Well, this program has been around for quite some time, and they claim they can help you earn money by completing offers and participating in their referral program.

Now I guess most of you might be wondering if IMN is just another scam or a legitimate way to earn some cash online during your spare time. If that’s the case, then I suggest you read on as I uncover the facts in this my Instant Money Network review.

Instant Money Network Review

Name: Instant Money Network
Website: www.instantmoneynetwork.com
Founded in: 2011
Price: Free
Field: Cost Per Action

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What is instant money network

Instant Money Network homepage

For Starters, What Is Instant Money Network?

Technically speaking, Instant Money Network is a cost per action network company that promotes a couple of free trial offers for businesses including Netflix, Walmart, Blockbuster and more. Now the thing is that they don’t lead customers to these companies themselves, they’ll pay you to do that.

Instant Money Network has been in business since 2011 and is currently in partnership with a company called Instant Rewards. As I said, the company to get in touch with people so they can use products like Netflix. They actually provide you with a unique link which you can share with friends or family; so the more people you bring, the higher your chances of earning.

How To Make Money With Instant Money Network

For the most part, you have to do four things before you start earning money with this program;

  • Complete trial offers
  • Build a free site
  • Bring people to complete trial offers
  • Get them to promote the program

If you want to be officially accepted by the company and be qualified to promote offers and earn cash, you’ll have to complete up to five offers.

Note: Most trial offers will request for your credit card details. Just be sure to unlink the card after completing an offer. Failure to do this will lead to unnecessary monthly charges.

Alright. After completing the offer, you still have to get other people to sign up and do exactly what you did. When you sign someone up, and they complete the five trial offers, you’ll be able to earn between $20 to $160. Your earnings solely depends on the package you chose when you signed up

IMN offers two packages. You can decide to go with one where you can $20 every time completes an offer or the other package where you’ll have the choice to complete more than one offer. Well, when you go with the second package, you can earn up to $160 for every person that completes offers via your referral link.

Making $160 per referral is quite unlikely but it’s possible. You can do the same and even more with almost any referral program. Have a look how my friend made $1,400 for one sale without owning a product.

Can You Really Make Money With IMN?

Sure, you can make money but not as fast as the website claims. According to their about page, Instant Money Network says that they will automate the process, so you earn cash within hours. Well, that’s not entirely true as you would have to put significant effort to see your first sale.

In essence, the amount of money you earn will depend on how good you are in marketing as well as how you can use your skill to promote the program online. Moreover, you’ll be awarded different amount of credits according to the kind (free or paid) of offers you’re taking. The issue is that some credits can be very little and will also take a while to claim your rewards.

In other words, IMN is not a very good money making opportunity if we compare to some better ones.

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Instant Money Network Payment Method

IMN pays by either PayPal or direct bank transfer. Moreover, they don’t have a minimum payout requirement; so you can get your money whenever you want.

Does Instant Money Network offer Training, Tools or Support?

Instant Money Network also provides you with training and tools, but that’s after you complete the five trial offers. The training gives you an insight on how to market IMN links to attract qualified referrals. The issue is that the training might be irrelevant to some people because all they teach is basically how to post ads on Craigslist about six to ten times a day.

In case you need help or assistance, the website has an FAQ page, and you can also submit a support ticket. There’s also a live chat option in case you want to talk with the team in real time. To be honest, I haven’t reached out to the support before, so I don’t really know if they’re excellent or otherwise.

Pros and Cons of IMN


  • It’s free to join.
  • Some of the offers are free.
  • There are quite a number of offers and services to choose from.
  • It’s a legitimate website.


  • Some offers award very low credits.
  • Some free offers require credit card details.
  • IMN is not a lucrative program unless you have the time to refer a lot of members.
  • You will most likely waste lots of time for a minimal reward

Conclusion – Is Instant Money Network Worth It?

In my opinion, IMN will hardly be worth it. The system that promises easy money online fast, will not give you a big payout. I know that you can make money online in a few minutes but that kind of methods don’t usually give you a lot. Everything worthwhile in life takes time and effort.

My #1 recommended program to learn to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate. I know people who have earned money online within the first week after starting. Usually, it takes more time but now comes the most interesting point.

I know many people who are making $10,000/month after Wealthy Affiliate online business training.

Making a living online takes time and effort but I know it’s anyone who is willing to work hard. My online income is rising every month because I am working for it. I would like to help you to do it as well.

I give you 10 interactive video lessons, 2 websites and my 1-on-1 mentoring for free if you start in Wealthy Affiliate. Yep, it doesn’t cost anything to join. Nada.

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Have you tried Instant Money Network or other make money online training?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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