Is Zinzino a Scam? Read My Honest Review

Zinzino homepage paints beautiful pictures when you join the company. The reality may be a bit different...

Zinzino Review 2018: Video Update

Because this article has recently been getting so many views, I decided to create an updated video review of Zinzino.

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I got interested in Zinzino when I saw that a friend of my friend was involved in this business. I wanted to have a closer look at the company and what they are doing.

In this Zinzino review, I am going to reveal my findings. I am going to answer all your questions including the tough ones, “Is Zinzino a scam?” and “Is Zinzino a pyramid scheme?”

Zinzino homepage paints beautiful pictures when you join the company. The reality may be a bit different…

Zinzino Review

Name: Zinzino

Founded: 2005

Type: Multi-Level Marketing. Health & Wellness.

Short Review: Zinzino is another health & wellness multi-level marketing company.  Their story is pretty much similar to in hundreds of similar companies in the same industry. If you want to make big money, you need work hard and recruit lots of people to your downline.

It’s possible to earn good money with Zinzino but I am not personally a big fan of network marketing. If you are looking for more interesting ways to make money (online), I recommend having a look at My #1 Recommendation.

If you want to make money with Zinzino, I recommend leveraging the power of the Internet to drive thousands of sales to your business.

What Is Zinzino?

Zinzino is a health & wellness company that was founded back in 2005 in Europe. Their CEO has been Dag Bergheim Pettersen since 2012 and the headquarters situate in Sweden.

Actually, Zinzino has a relatively strong position in the Nordic countries. I am originally from Finland and I know that the company has been targeting Finnish market as well. Zinzino also operates in the United States. Based on my researches it’s not their strongest area but plays still a significant role in their business.

The company operates with the multi-level marketing business philosophy. It means that you try to move up in the pyramid and recruit lots of people to your downline. You will earn commissions for selling their products and when your downline makes sales.

Therefore, you will have a great incentive to build a team below you. Also, the person who has been promoting Zinzino to you is highly incentivized because he will earn money if you take the action he/she wants.

Let’s have a closer look at what kinds of products Zinzino is selling.

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Zinzino Products – Life-Changing Products or Overpriced Crap?

Zinzino is selling all the typical health & wellness products like:

  • Weight control products
  • Oils and other nutrients
  • Energy bars
  • Skin care products
  • Brain function products

You have probably heard of the many similar companies that are competing with Zinzino in the same industry. Some of the most famous ones are called Herbalife, Melaleuca, Kannaway and Total Life Changes.

Zinzino product discounts
Zinzino is using a classical marketing strategy by offering products for a “discount”. However, there’s a little catch.

I took a closer look at the product prices. I know pretty well how this kind of products should cost because I have reviewed tens of different companies in the same industry. I am also often buying myself health & wellness products because I like the healthy lifestyle.

The closer look showed that Zinzino product prices are much more expensive than other similar products.

Zinzino product prices
€149 for 4 little oil bottles. And they claim that you would save 62%. What do you think about the pricing?

Of course, Zinzino says that their products are high quality, they are tested by professionals, created in the best laboratories or some similar stories. Well, that’s what all the other hundreds of similar MLM-companies say as well.

I am not against Zinzino or other MLM-companies. If somebody is able to improve their health and life with their products, that’s great. It’s always good to know when someone’s quality of life improves.

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Zinzino Controversy – Danish Consumer Council Advises to Avoid

As you probably know, network marketing companies are pretty controversial. Often times they use shady marketing techniques and bold claims. Sometimes they promise you a moon from the sky and even more if you buy their products.

Zinzino is not different.

Their marketing strategies have raised lots of controversy among people and in the media. Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported a few years ago like this (the text below is translated from the Danish text):

Lawyer in Consumer Council Tina Dhanda has a clear call for people who are considering entering Zinzino.

– Do not go into this. You should not be tempted, even if the seller tells you how amazing it is and how much money you can earn it.

In the other words, the lawyer is advising people to stay away from Zinzino. She knows that Zinzino representatives are promising huge things that can easily lure lots of new people to join their program.

Zinzino Compensation Plan

Zinzino has a typical compensation plan within this industry. I am not going to explain it in details in this article but if you want to study it carefully, you can read it fully on their Commission Plan document.

There are classical MLM-incentives and “carrots” to motivate you to recruit as many people as possible. You will earn team bonuses for recruiting more people and moving up in the pyramid.

Zinzino Reviews & Complaints – Love & Hate Relationship

Zinzino really divides opinions. There are people who absolutely love this company and their products but then there are many people who couldn’t stand them.

If you look at the Zinzino reviews that are written or recorded by their current members, they must be solely positive. Who wouldn’t praise the business that they are working on?

But if you listen to reviews from the ex-members or non-members, you will find a little bit of different story.

Let me just show you a few examples so you can get a picture of what people are saying about Zinzino:

Zinzino Reviews
Hussy had an extremely negative experience with Zinzino. He lost lots of money and bad experiences with the customer support.
Zinzino review
Karen had much better experience with Zinzino. Her back pain went away after using the Zinzino product.

A positive thing that I noticed is that Zinzino team is almost always responding to the reviews that people are writing on Trustpilot. That way they are building more trust with the customers and driving more people to their business.

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind About Zinzino

I have reviewed +100 similar MLM-companies like Zinzino and I would like to share you a few things that may be helpful for you when considering whether their program is worth joining or not.

1.You Need to Be a Great Recruiter to Succeed

With network marketing/MLM business recruiting is one of the key areas. You can’t make big money unless you are willing to build a huge downline.

Of course, you can earn some commissions just by selling their products but for a full-time income that hardly is enough. In addition, you can’t earn passive income unless you recruit people to your downline.

I know that all people don’t naturally like recruiting but I want to remind that if you want to succeed with a business like Zinzino, you must do lots of recruiting.

2.Their Products Are Overpriced Compared to Similar Counterparts

As we saw above, Zinzino products are more expensive than the current market price for similar products. They must sell overpriced products in order to give good enough commissions to their distributors. That’s how their business works.

If you are not comfortable with that, you may want to look for better alternatives.

Some people don’t see a problem when selling overpriced products but for me personally, it’s an issue. I prefer promoting and selling products that have the best price/quality ratio or at least close.

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3.You Need to Be Persistent to Succeed

Zinzino (and any other MLM) business is completely different than a 9-5 work.

In a classical 9-5 work you just show up in the workplace and the boss pays you for the hours that you stay there. In the MLM-business you don’t earn based on the hours. You will earn based on the result that you do.

You will most likely feel many setbacks and challenging times when building a business. That’s a part of the story. If you want to succeed, you must develop a “tough skin” to raise up despite setbacks and challenges.

Most people quit when they fail once or twice but you need to be ready to fail at least 5-10 before you reach success. If you can build a persistent character, you are able to succeed with Zinzino or any other business.

Conclusion – Is Zinzino a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Zinzino is not an illegal pyramid scheme. They work in a similar way like hundreds of other network marketing companies in the same health & wellness industry. Some people may claim that their marketing strategies are a bit controversial.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of that kind of MLMs. Zinzino sells overpriced products and promises you the moon from the sky. Of course, that’s a little bit of exaggeration but still true.

I am always happy if somebody succeeds in any way. Whether it’s with business, health or anything else. I am happy for those people that Zinzino has helped. Still, I am not personally interested in promoting their products or system at the moment.

Whether or not you join Zinzino, I highly recommend taking a look at this step-by-step training or clicking the picture below. It has taken me from a complete beginner into a full-time online entrepreneur and has made the same for thousands of other people all over the world.

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4 step process for making money online

What kind of experiences do you have with Zinzino or similar companies?

Do you prefer making money online or offline?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hi Robert.
    MY Opinion the whole world its build in the MLM scheme.
    On top of the Pyramid earn more.
    May you are right it’s overpriced.
    if you are not subscribed to the Programm,
    and compared to any synthetic products.
    But did any online shop Product provide the Fat acidity blood test to Prove the Product its work? Before you start and after, 4 months of using the Product.
    Do you know your Omega 3 Omega 6 Balance or the cell membrane fluidity?
    Did you know Zinzino provides this measurement from the Independent well-known Laboratory? Well if you are not informed well about the Product and the concept may seem like any other similar product on the Local shop or any online shop,
    you just place on your basket but no one explains to you how it works and what is the difference.
    As well I learn something.
    I was thinking before I’m taking a good quality of supplements and vitamins!
    But by now I know the product was taking waste of money.
    as the test shows my protection value was 0%
    and my cell membrane fluidity 25:1
    Yes, I’m Part now on Zinzino but not because I want to earn money,
    because of my health.
    And the Product can prove it. if not I coming back here to complain 🙂
    Try it first.
    BR Krissz

  2. Can you please give me detailed examples of how zinzino balance oil is overpriced compared to similar products?
    (The composition of the product has to be exactly the same to compare)

    1. Take Zinzino products, go to look for the similar products on Amazon or in a local supermarket. You’ll notice the difference.

      That’s the same story with all of these MLM-companies. All of them of course claim that their products are somehow special, unique and the best in the world.

      1. What is for you similar product? Are you comparing with omega 3? if you compare with omega 3 (with the best one), it is similar. But balance oil contents organic D3 (not synthetic) and polyphnenol. Is there any other product like this in market? is there only other product which contain omega 3 and is dissoluble in the water so kinds can drink it and do not feel the oil ? Is there any other product with omega3 for vegans? It is good to compare apples with apples 🙂

          1. yes, there are good omega3 products, but none of them contains polyphenol which is the key of success and why is this zinzino product 10x stronger. Or have you found one with the polyphenols? you need compare apples with apples.

  3. Zinzino looks good but like all MLM programs which deals mostly on health and wellness products, the competition in that market makes it very difficult succeed in such business unless you are very good in persuading and convincing people to buy from the company you are selling under.

    1. Yeah, the competition is tough in that industry. Another thing is that a network marketing business model is so controversial that it gives also some challenges to sell their system.

      1. That’s very correct, and until these closely related MLM companies dealing on the same products work on getting their marketing systems to be favorable to clients, they will keep on getting only few gullible ones to invest with them.

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