RadioLoyalty Reviews: Can You Earn Money by Listening to Radio?

radioloyalty reviews
RadioLoyalty Homepage

If you have been looking for honest RadioLoyalty Reviews, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’m gonna show you how their website works and how much money you can earn.

Is RadioLoyalty a scam or do they really pay? How long will it take to cash out? All your questions will be answered in the next 1-2 minutes so fasten your seat belts and let’s get started.

RadioLoyalty Earn Money 2020

Because you’re about RadioLoyalty, I assume that you want to make money listening to music.

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Original RadioLoyalty Review – Quick Summary

Name: RadioLoyalty

Type: Earn Money by Listening to Music and Completing Tasks

Short Review: RadioLoyalty is a legitimate website that really pays their members. But as you can read in my review, the earning potential is so low. They have many radio stations so you can use it for listening to music. But if you would like to earn money, you would need to listen to RadioLoyalty for 6,283 hours (~262 days).

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radioloyalty reviews
RadioLoyalty Homepage

What Is RadioLoyalty?

RadioLoyalty is a huge network of radio channels where you can theoretically get paid for listening to the radio. I explain later why it’s only theoretically. You can choose from more than 5,000 stations so there’s some enjoyable music for everyone for sure.

There are also some other websites (for example Music Xray and Slice the Pie) where you can earn money by listening to music so the concept isn’t unique. If you have read my reviews of those websites you already know that I didn’t recommend for making money because the rewards were so small.

Next, we’ll find out whether RadioLoyalty is a better choice. I can already say that at least they have much wider option for music. For example, I enjoy music from the 80’s and I found 80 different stations that offer 80’s music. At the moment when I’m writing this article, I am actually listening to one of those channels.

radioloyalty reviews
I found 80 radio channels that play only music from the 80’s.

How to Make Money with RadioLoyalty?

Let’s go quickly through earning methods one by one. In the next chapter, I’ll explain how much is your maximum earning potential.

Sign up and complete your profile: You’ll get paid 1,250 just for signing up and completing your RadioLoyalty. It may sound a lot but read further and I’ll explain how much it’s worth.

ListenTo Music: You earn 10 minutes for each 10 of listening to music. If you listen for example 60 minutes = 1 hour, you get paid 60 points.

Completing Offers/take surveys: In this section you’ll get offers and surveys from RadioLoyalty partners. You get paid for signing up to other websites and services or answering surveys. As you know from my other posts answering surveys is not worth it, so this section isn’t very interesting for us.

At the moment when I’m trying this RadioLoyalty review, there aren’t any surveys available. Their partner is called Peanut Labs so it’s quite obvious that there aren’t any new surveys.

[thrive_leads id='20290']
radioloyalty reviews
You are probably familiar with this kind of picture if you have tried other survey sites in the past.

Watching Videos: In this section, you can earn points by visiting other websites or watching short videos. At the moment there’s only this text, “We’re sorry, there are currently no new videos available. Please check back later.” Based on my experience of hundreds of similar offers I am sure that it wouldn’t be worth it anyway so let’s move forward.

Referring Others: You can naturally earn money by referring new members to this website. You earn 10% of all earnings from your referrals.

Alright, now when we know all the ways to earn through RadioLoyalty, it’s interesting to have a look how much can you earn through this website.

How Much Can You Really Earn on RadioLoyalty? 

Here are some examples of RadioLoyalty rewards:

radioloyalty reviews

The most common way to cash out from RadioLoyalty is through Visa Prepaid Card. You can pay with that card in stores so it equals to cash. But as you can see in the picture, the lowest Visa Prepaid Card that they offer is $25 (or 377,000 points). You need to earn 294,000 pts for the card and 83,400 pts for the shipping and handling.

If you earn 10 points for listening to music for 10 minutes, it would take ages to reach that 377,000 points. If I calculated right, you would need to listen to music through their website 261 full days in total to earn that money. Can you imagine?!

Of course, they have the other ways to earn money as well. So would it make the process faster? A little bit at least. One friend who is doing full-time online marketing tried this website and reached $25 cash out limit in 2 months.

You need to take into account that he has a large audience of tens of thousands of people on the Internet. He earned money from all those referrals as well. Still, it took two long months to earn that $25. Doesn’t sound very good.

RadioLoyalty has also some other rewards that require a little fewer points. At the moment there is available INK’d Earbuds for 159,500 pts and Ultra Portable Speaker System for 159,500 pts as well. It takes only 130 full days to reach these rewards. 😉

Click the Picture If You Are Interested in Earning a Living Online.

RadioLoyalty Reviews & Complaints

RadioLoyalty seems to be listed on many websites and YouTube videos under the title “X ways to earn money online by listening to music”. Then it’s advertised in this way: “Would you love to earn money by listening to music? So do I. Check out RadioLoyalty to start earning money immediately.” But they don’t mention how little money you can really earn through this website.

Then after a research, I found some honest reviews of RadioLoyalty that admitted how low the earning potential really is. Somebody complains also that his points aren’t always registered even though he is listening to music on this website.

One review mentioned that your points will go to 0 if you haven’t cashed out within 12 months. I couldn’t confirm this information on RadioLoyalty website but it doesn’t really matter because I’m not going to use this for earning points or money.

Conclusion – Is RadioLoyalty Worth It?

RadioLoyalty can be a place for you to listen to the radio because they have more than 5,000 stations listen in their network. I found Christian and 80’s music which are both close to my heart. However, I don’t even bother to look at my points because I know it’s not worth the hassle.

I could earn money by sharing my referral link to you and other visitors but I think I’m never gonna reach their high cashout limits. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because at the moment I am concentrating on making money through Wealthy Affiliate.

My goal is to reach a free Vegas trip (flights, high-quality accommodation, $200 extra cash and other gifts included) by the end of this year. You and I could never earn something like that through RadioLoyalty or other get-paid-to sites.

Would you like to join me one day in Vegas with a free trip? Or do you just want to make enough money online to earn a living? Join Wealthy Affiliate today for free and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. You’ll get tons of free resources and my 1-on-1 mentoring. I enjoy helping people to earn money online.

It’s cool to see when people create value for this world and earn living at the same time. In my opinion, it’s much better than most 9 to 5 jobs where you just do what your boss asks and wait for the weekend.

Have you ever tried RadioLoyalty or other similar websites to earn money by listening to music?

What are your favorite ways to earn money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Helpful advice! RadioEarn is a new website that will pay you cash to listen to internet radio stations in the background while you browse the web.

    Just pin the open tabs in your browser and listen to up to four stations at a time on a single IP address (Dance / Remixes, Mixed music / Top 100 / News, Easy Listening, and Rock / Pop). It’s completely passive.

    You’ll earn as much as $10 per month and you can cashout via PayPal. There’s also 3 referral levels.

    1. Hi Tobi,

      thanks for telling us about another opportunity to earn some pocket money while listening to a radio. $10 per month does not sound like a lot. What about earning $10,000/month by following the steps that I teach in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide? I guess it would be a better option, right? 😉

      Playing RadioEarn still would take time and it is not completely passive income.
      1.Need to create an account.
      2.Confirm the email.
      3.Choose the radio channel.
      4.Leave the radio on the background that takes bandwidth and computer’s processing power.
      5.Wait for a full month to earn that $10
      6.Do the cashout process.
      7.Contact the support if there are any hassles.

      I guess that during that time one would have earned at least $100 or much more by doing more profitable task. That’s probably the main reason why I don’t use these radio “money-making” websites.

  2. I once joined a site where you can listen to a song for at least 30 seconds for every song. I earned 8 cents for every song but after days that I am using that site, I am not able to listen to songs anymore and I don’t know why so until now I am thinking of it that maybe that is a scam. By the way, Am I able to say the name of that site here? So those who can read will be aware.

    1. Yes, sure say the name if you will.

      I think that this kind of sites are mainly just for fun and not for earning money because the earnings are so little. Now I just opened RadioLoyalty to listen to some music while working 😀 But I don’t have an account there.

      1. The site that I am talking about is the, MUSIC X-RAY. Are you familiar with that? or already had a review about that site? Based on my experience, it is a scam for me because of what it done to me and what I had experienced while I am using that thing. But I am not sure with that so I am looking for something or a review about that.

  3. I wouldn’t want to try registering on RadioRoyallty. I get the point that they pay, but having to wait till 262 days to earn enough of what I can withdraw is simply discouraging for someone like me that is simply looking for way to start earning as quickly as I could from the internet.

      1. You’re right on saying that it is can just work as a radio network. I wouldn’t want to spend my time as well listening to radio when I should be looking for ways to make money on the internet. As a freelancer, that’s not the way I want things to go for me for my desire is to get better on a daily basis irrespective of the obstacles that I meet on this journey.

        1. Wise thoughts Henry! I also do my best to limit distractions. Still, sometimes I put music on the background when I’m working on something because it helps me to concentrate. For example, relaxing saxophone or piano music, you know? 😉

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard about RadioLoyalty. But I tried Music Xray before. The registration alone is confusing to me. I wasn’t able to complete it. They want me to connect with my Facebook account but still didn’t work even if I followed that instruction. I didn’t push through.

    I also tried Slice the Pie but unfortunately, it’s not available for my country. You are right about the low pay and high minimum payout for Music Xray. I’ve read about it before trying. But I was surprised to hear that RadioLoyalty pays lower, way lower than Music Xray. I seriously think that listening to music non-stop for 261 days or 10 months is really too long just to earn $25.

    It’s ridiculous. It’s also unfair that your points will go zero if you won’t cash out in 12 months. Definitely not worth the time and effort. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. You just save lots of time and effort for people who are about to try.

    1. Hi Krisleen,

      thank you very much for sharing your experiences with this kind of websites. I also tried all of them but I am not using them at all anymore. Very rarely I go to RadioLoyalty to listen to the music but I don’t even bother to log in because I know how high their minimum cashout limit is.

  5. Earning while listening to radio seems like a really good idea to earn a passive income. Knowing that they have Christian songs here is a plus too because I love listening to these too. It takes so much time to earn their payout though so that’s one drawback. That free Vegas trip though seems like worth a try.

    1. I also enjoy listening to Christian songs. It’s great to hear that you as well 🙂

      You can use RadioLoyalty radio channels for free but I recommend that don’t spend time on their point system. It’s not worth the hassle.

  6. Earning money by just listening to a radio is quite interesting to hear but i asked my self how? Is this a kind of new improvised internet tools? Listening is just a simple task for me because i love listening to music and i’m used into it.

    But it is so embarrassing that you will only get 25 dollars in 261 days. $25 is not enough to the bill of radio in 261 days. But this really sound interesting and a very good concept. This would be great if they will approve a higher rate.

    1. Hi Jemuel,

      you are right that this would be an interesting way to earn money if they would offer a higher rate. However, I think it’s not going to happen. People are using their service already with the current rate so I don’t see any why would take the rate higher. Maybe they could get even more listeners. Who knows?

      Anyhow, I think that most people use RadioLoyalty just for listening to music. not for earn money.

  7. It sounded really awesome for a while. I mean who wouldn’t want to earn money while listening to radio? But after the facts that you have stated, I just realized that the amount of money you can earn does not really justify the amount of time you need to spend. I’m so sure that 10 months of my time is a lot worth more than $25.00.

    1. Yeah, definitely your time is more important than measly $25 during 10 months. 😉

      RadioLoyalty feels like an interesting opportunity. Always when I’m listening to the radio through their channel, it shows how many points I could have earned. But after making real calculations I always remember that it’s better just to use it as a radio rather than a money-making opportunity.

  8. Hello! Roope Kiuttu, Thank you for your reliable source of information, it’s very helpful for me as a Freelancer. My thoughts about RadioLoyalty, even though it’s a legitimate site for me to earn about $25 is taking so much effort to listen and it takes a lot of time.

  9. I really find your site very informative, in fact, I’ve bookmarked your site so I can always visit and learn new things. Haven’t heard about earning money by listening to songs on the radio, but it’s actually a great alternative to earn money online.

    1. Hi Victoroj,

      I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my content! Feel free to share it also with your friends who are interested in earning money online.

      If you have any requests of new posts in the future, you can always let me know.

  10. Well, it’s quite cool. But i don’t like listening to radio and wouldn’t risk my time for that, because the points awarded for actually listening to the radio are of course very small. You do need to carry out other things on the site too like surveys, offers and watching videos if you want to build substantial points.

    1. Hi Decypher,

      I don’t usually listen to the radio either. I prefer choosing songs on Spotify or on YouTube. Most of the time I listen to teachings rather than music.

      Brian Tracy once said that music is many times just a “chewing gum” for the mind while good teaching is like a nutritional food for your mind.

  11. I wonder if they do get a lot of sign ups even with that type of low offer. I think people who do the math would be put off immediately and wouldn’t even bother signing up in the first place.

    Makes me curious as to what types of people sign up and if they actually make anything. If it would take that long to make $25 I don’t think many people would stick around. I know I wouldn’t. At least you could earn a bit if listening to music on the radio is already a hobby of yours, I guess, and that way you can maybe get paid for something you already do in the first place.

    1. Yeah, I believe the point system is to get people ‘hooked’ to their radio. It gives you motivation when you see that you’re earning points. Actually, I have used this for some activities that I do myself. When I achieve enough “points” I reward myself with something good. 😉

  12. The idea behind is really awesome, getting paid to listen radio would be lovely. But again, the time required to earn $25 it’s ridiculous. There are better options out there, some may be more tedious than listening to music, but… That’s the life.

  13. I’m a music lover. But I don’t think I’ll go far listening to different radio stations for 261 full days just to earn $25. It’s crazy. You won’t get far by working on this one. We all have bills to pay and $25 is not enough to even pay your monthly internet connection.

    This may sound good as a side income for others. But time is valuable and you need to use their site for ages just to earn few points. But music is music. And if I use their website, maybe my sole purpose is to just listen to their radio stations without expectations of earning anything.

    Great article to read as always. Keep it up.

    1. You made the same conclusion like I did. It’s close to impossible to earn money on this website. The only real way how you can earn money is to get tons of referrals who are earning points for you. Still, I think their website works just best for listening to music for fun and forgetting points.

  14. That’s so many days just listening to radio for some cash.And nobody will listen 24/7 unless it’a a bot.
    So it would take more than a year to reach they’re withdraw limit.
    Really bad, but they do have cool radio stations.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t use RadioLoyalty for earning points of money because it would just distract me from more important things. But it works well if I want to find some specific music for relaxing or to create a certain ambience.

  15. I have tried RadioLoyalty through some GPT site. based on my experience, I can say it is just a waste of time. If you enjoy listening to the radio all not while not giving a damn on how much points you are earning, RadioLoyalty can be good.

    However, if you are using RadioLoyalty just because you want to earn an extra buck, never join this program. I would never join a program that has high cash out threshold.

    Thanks for sharing an honest review.

    1. Yeah, that’s true. After analyzing it a little bit more I came to a conclusion that it works fine as a radio network if you just ignore the points. I think the biggest purpose of points is to motivate their listeners to use their website instead of competitors’ radio websites.

  16. 261 days of listening to their radios all day for just $25? Sounds absurd and I’ll be extremely surprised if anyone even wants to do that. It’s funny how they allow you to redeem your points for an iPad. Can you even make that many points in your lifetime lol. It’s probably best if people avoid using this site, to be honest. There are so many better money making sites out there.

    1. Yeah, for a money-making purpose it isn’t very good but as a normal radio, it works fine. Actually, at the moment I’m still listening to their 80’s channel and there’s some a song from Rocky movies. 😉

      1. Haha, so maybe it is worthwhile using it especially if it has some good songs on the various radios that they offer. We listen to the radio quite a bit so maybe we could just use this site to stream it to our speakers whilst still making money from it. Who doesn’t like earning money for something they already do right? Do they have any radios with mainstream and popular songs?

        1. Yes, they have definitely many radios with mainstream and popular songs as they have more than 5,000 stations in their network. Notice that one minute of listening to their radio is only worth $0.000066. That’s about 0,0066 cents. So if you listen to it for 1,000 minutes (16,6 hours) you can earn 6,6 cents. That’s why think it’s not worth it to hassle with the point system.

          Most of the time I listen to teachings rather than music but sometimes music helps me to concentrate and relax.

  17. The idea of earning money through listening to a radio at first sounds awesome. Because we all listen to music, don’t we? And you don’t need to focus on it to make money. The amount of points you need to have to get those 25 dollars is ridiculous though. It’s not worth it at all, listening to the music for 10 months just to get so little.

    1. Yeah, 10 months in a row, non-stop, and you could cash out $25. 😉

      Anyway, it’s a great channel of radios and I’ll probably use it for listening to music in the future.

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