Peanut Labs Fails My Scam Test – Read my Full Review!

is peanut labas a scam
The graph on Peanut Labs' website shows that they are growing each quarter.

If you have asked yourself a question, “Is Peanut Labs a scam or a great way to earn some extra cash?” you have come to the right place.

I have experience of more than 60 survey sites and 200 other money-making opportunities on the Internet. Lots of people were also asking questions about Peanut Labs so I decided to take a look.

In this review, you’ll find all the information you need in order to make a choice if Peanut Labs is worth it or not. I’ll also show a way how I make money online what I recommend for other people as well.

Peanut Labs Review

Name: Peanut Labs

Founded: In 2007.  Headquarters is located in San Francisco.

Price: Free

Type: Online Survey

Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100

Short Review: In my opinion, Peanut Labs is even worse than a typical online survey site. They have low rewards, only a few surveys available and many times you get disqualified after answering a few questions. Maybe Peanut Labs could be a good opportunity to get feedback about your products if you have a company but it’s not a good opportunity to earn money online for an individual.

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is peanut labs a scam
Labs connect companies with people who want to share their opinions.

What Is Peanut Labs About?

Peanut Labs is an innovative online market research, advertising, and monetization company. They are specialists when it comes to connecting consumers and manufacturers.

Peanut Labs belongs to the paid survey category where individuals are given the opportunity to give their opinions. These opinions are important in the growth of the business as it gives them more insight into how people respond to their goods and services.

Participants are paid for taking surveys by answering questionnaires, trying out new products. They can also visit new websites of companies who need the feedback and also to attract new customers.

Peanut Labs was founded in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurs who specialize in market research and advertising. The company headquarters is located in San Francisco, CA.

Peanut Labs has some impressive numbers to show off for the work that they have done so far.

  • They register up to 300,000 new members/panelist every month.
  • They currently have well over 3 million panelists.
  • Well over $10 million is paid out to their members as reward yearly.
  • Over 700,000 surveys are attended to and completed by their panelists every month.
  • They are accessible in 29 countries.
is peanut labas a scam
The graph on Peanut Labs’ website shows that they are growing each quarter.

How to Get Started with Peanut Labs?

While many online surveys require that you sign up directly with the company via their website, Peanut Labs has a different method.

Their strategy for gaining new members can be considered as smart and hassle-free if you look at it in a larger sense. So, when you visit their website, you are not going to find any “SIGN UP” or “REGISTER” section. Do not let that confuse you.

Instead of registering directly on their website, Peanut Labs is partners with many companies. Through this partnership, Peanut Labs is able to embed their rewards system within different company websites.

Peanut labs partners with a number of GPT (get-paid-to) sites like Swagbucks, Cashcrate, Inbox Pounds/Dollars, as well as InstaGC. All that you need to do is sign up with websites that have Peanut Labs integration and find links that will lead you to Peanut Labs website.

When you get to the Peanut Labs website, you will be asked to complete a profile questionnaire. This is a necessary step before you can begin to participate in Peanut Lab surveys.

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Peanut Labs has a sharing formula with third parties. This allows them to cast a wider net and benefit from a larger audience. This makes their partnership profitable for the parties involved.

The reward program is one that allows its members to partake in market research activities and purchase products at a discount. It also allows users to sign up for free trials, watch free videos, and download apps.

How Can You Participate Surveys to Earn Money?

Participating Peanut Lab surveys can be extremely difficult. Depending on your demographics, you may not be lucky to participate in as many surveys as possible.

Partaking in surveys require that you first take a survey that serves as a form of qualification exercise. If you are lucky to get picked, you can then participate in their surveys.

I tried out one of their partners called Cash for Apps. There was a link with a text, “Earn money by answering surveys.” I clicked the link and was headed to Peanut Labs’ website but none of the surveys were available at the moment.

Anyway, sometimes there are a few surveys available. This video is created by Peanut Labs team and it will walk you through you can answer surveys on their website to earn money.

Is Peanuts Lab a High Paying Online Survey?

Peanut Labs claims to offer mouth-watering rewards for their surveys. This claim can be backed up by the $10 million yearly reward they claim to pay out yearly. In reality, it is not as juicy as they say it is.

Be prepared to work and get paid very little, that is if you get any surveys. The rewards are literally peanuts and are nothing to leave your job for. There are no big breaks with Peanut Lab surveys as the earning potential is very little.

Considering the fact that it is already difficult to qualify for their surveys, how many surveys do you reckon you will be offered monthly?

Let’s talk a little bit actual amounts on how much you could earn. Here are some examples of their payouts:

  • $0,53 for a 20-min survey
  • $0,33 for a 10-min survey
  • $0,47 for a 17-min survey
  • and the highest offer that I have seen was $0,79 for 15-min survey

Let’s imagine that you could earn $0,79 each 15 minutes on Peanut Labs. It would make your hourly salary $3,16. However, even that income is impossible on Peanut Labs for several reasons.

First of all, you won’t have so highly paying surveys available all the time (actually most of them won’t pay even a half of that money). Second, you won’t be qualified to all surveys. So, sometimes you will waste time starting the survey and answering a few questions until they say that you were not qualified.

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Peanut Lab Complaints – “Hard to Participate in Surveys”

There are quite a number of complains about Peanut Labs surveys. Majority of the complaints have been related to the fact that it is difficult to qualify for surveys. Another complain that is common is that Peanut Labs does not credit people for participation.

Some users have also complained that the rewards in Peanut Labs are extremely small, even way below minimum wage. So if you are looking to earn some good money online, Peanut Labs may not do it for you.

is peanut labs a scam
Here are the statistics of 7 reviews on SiteJabber of Peanut Labs.

Peanut Labs reviews are mostly negative. It’s even a bit challenging to find some positive reviews from their users.

is peanut labs a scam
Zol used 20 minutes on Peanut Labs survey without getting any rewards.

I don’t want to end up spending hours of my day just to realize that you’ve been scammed or I earned only a few dollars of that work.

Conclusion – Are Peanut Lab Offers Worth It?

Remember that Peanut Lab are affiliated with many companies that are looking for new customers. Therefore, many of their offers are going to involve giving them your information for other companies as well. In other words, Peanut Lab is only linking you up with companies who are looking to sell their products and services indirectly.

For instance, many of their offers can come as free trials which require your credit card details. In many cases you may forget to cancel auto renewal, hence you become a customer or member unknowingly when your free trial is up.

Some offers may come in the form of buying products with a promise of profits. At the end of the day, they aren’t really worth anything.

If you have done a thorough research about Peanut Labs, you should already be wary of the company. Therefore, it is never safe to purchase products and services through a reward program that is not trusted. Better safe than sorry.

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Other offers come as prizes that you need to enter for. They will ask for your contact details such as your telephone and email. The information you provide will be used by companies to market their products and services to you. Think about all those annoying text messages and email promotions that you receive regularly.

Summa summarum: Stay away from Peanut Labs. If you are interested in making money online, it’s better stick to more reliable companies like Wealthy Affiliate. Their step-by-step training has allowed me and thousands of other people to become a full-time bloggers and earn a living on the Internet.

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What do you think about Peanut Labs and other online survey sites?

Would you like to learn how to make a living online as well?

Let’s discuss in the comments below. I am available for all of your questions so feel free to ask anything that comes to your mind and I’ll give you a personal reply.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. they let you finish 30-minute surveys and almost never give you the reward, it s scamming as it hapepns DAILY via Swagbucks website

  2. My wife does surveys. She does survey through 4 different companies so that when one is inactive she has alternatives. Peanut Labs contracts with the companies she surveys with and when she gets one of theirs many times she finishes long surveys only to get the message ” Oops, something went wrong”. Do not recommend.

  3. I learned about Peanuts Lab through an online forum a long time ago (Peanut Lab was listed on a freelance resource forum called Workers On Board).

    There were lots of good and bad reviews about this survey site. Even though some commutators said they are earning good money through this site, I never took interested in Peanut lab. The online survey is not my favorite thing to do online. It is not on my list.

    Thanks for the review, I will be staying away from this site.

    1. Yeah, through Peanut Labs you could only earn “peanuts” = very little money. 😉

      I think that people who recommend this kind of websites just don’t know about better ways of earning money online or they just want to earn money themselves by referring more people.

  4. I never liked any survey sites, they pay very little and it’s very difficult to qualify for a survey in the first place! So even if you’re willing to fill a survey and you have some time you may not get the opportunity to work. This system is crazy for me and I have used some sites like this before and, well, never again.

    1. Good. Never again survey sites! I encourage you for that decision. 😉 You save tons of time that you can use then for more important activities.

      Peanut Labs is partnered with tons of other Get-paid-to sites but I have never seen even a single survey available on Peanut Labs. That’s crazy.

  5. Survey sites really are very tricky, but at least it’s a bit easier to figure out if they are worth your time or not. In this case, the site really doesn’t sound very promising at all, and judging by the reviews from other people it doesn’t seem like they will last very long.

    The biggest issue really is getting an error in the end only to find out you have just wasted your time, and on top of that, you might not even get that many offers in the first place, or worse you don’t even know if they will payout.

    Great review, I will stay far away from this survey site.

    1. Hi Fantasia,

      yeah, Peanut Labs and other survey sites are not worth the hassle. The reward is so minimal for the invested time. Sometimes I wonder why some people keep on wasting their life by filling out boring online surveys. I believe that everyone has a great purpose on this planet and I bet it’s not online surveys.

  6. I’ve said this in many of your posts, I hate surveys websites. I’ve never filled a survey in my life, maybe I’d fill them if I get paid for it, but, as with this website, the amount I get for filling some surveys is that low, I’d not do it either.

    Also, the demographic issue will make my earnings lower because there won’t be always surveys available. So I think I’d waste my time on this site. Thank you for the article Roope! Now I’m aware!

    1. Hi Wizkha,

      you make a wise decision when you stay away from survey sites. I have reviewed more than 70 of them and none of them pay enough. The only way to earn money through survey sites it by referring other people to join them. Then you would earn money from your referrals.

      However, I don’t want to do it because I want to provide only the best money-making options for my audience.

    1. Hi there!

      have a look at Wealthy Affiliate. You can register for free (no credit cards needed). I registered there +2 years ago for free and haven’t looked back. Their training works and many people have quit their job after going through the training.

  7. Too many survey sites are like this, to be honest. They screen you out halfway through the surveys because you are not the demographic they are after but only do this after they have a lot of information about you that they can then sell to third party companies.

    And when you do manage to finish a survey once a month, the reward for it is so small that you will probably never be able to cashout.

    1. Hi Kingcool,

      you are absolutely right. There’s no way that online surveys would be worth the time. I would ask the question from all those who are still spending time on online surveys, “Do you really want to waste your life earning $1-3 per hour by answering online surveys or do you want to do something significant with your life and earn +$100 per hour?”

      Life is all about choices and many times we can see where each roads lead. I saw that working 9 to 5 would have been a good choice because I was moving up in the ladder pretty fast and my salary was steadily growing.

      However, I found even better opportunity on the Internet called Wealthy Affiliate. I can honestly say that my income on the Internet is exponentially growing each and every month. I have been growing my income already 8 months in a row.


  8. Wow! I had no idea that they were such a scummy company, especially when they’re beside trusted companies like Swagbucks & GiftHulk. Do you trust those companies with those services. Is it better to go though those websites or directly to the survey site itself?

    1. Hi Antonr,

      My recommendation is that you don’t waste time answering online surveys because there are way better ways to make money online. Swagbucks or GiftHulk are not available in my countries but I think I wouldn’t spend probably any time with their services anyway.

      Have you already tried for free my #1 recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate? Their step-by-step training will teach how you can make a living online and I’ll also give you my 1-on-1 support inside the community. You have a possibility to make a full-time income and much more. I think that’s much more interesting that Swagbucks, GiftHulk or any other similar sites.

      What do you think?


  9. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing this! I heard about peanut labs before but i didn’t know much about it. You wrote a complete article with the pros and cons of peanut labs, and many people can learn from this. I think peanut labs is a time wasting after this article.

    Have a great day

    1. Hi Berend,

      that’s exactly true! I recommend staying away from online survey sites because the reward is just so small. I believe what Les Brown says, “You’ve got greatness within you.” It means that you came to this world with a purpose for doing something important and significant.

      Answering online surveys just wastes important part of your life and closes eyes from better opportunities.

      I prefer Wealthy Affiliate training because it has taught how I can reach millions of people through the Internet and have a positive impact on this world.


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