Is Cash For Apps a Scam? – See Why I Don’t Use It!

is cash for apps a scam
This is how Cash for Apps advertises their services.

Read my review to hear the truth!

Welcome to My Brutally Honest Cash for Apps Review!

Does making money with your smartphone sound like an interesting idea? Nowadays there are probably hundreds of apps that enable you to do it.

First, we need to ask ourselves, “Is Cash for Apps a scam?” But the most important question, “Is Cash for Apps Worth it?” In my honest review, I am going to answer to both of those questions.

But before we go to the details of Cash For Apps, I would like to show you the opportunity that has enabled me to make a full-time income from home and travel around the world.

Cash For Apps Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Cash for Apps

Product Type: Mobile Apps for Making Money

Price: Free-to-Use

Best for: People who don't want to earn good money (sorry for the honesty!)

Summary: Cash for Apps is a legitimate service and they are really paying their members. However, I don’t recommend it because rewards are extremely small. 

Rather I recommend taking a look at this program if you are interested in earning money from home. It has allowed to me to make a full-time income from the comfort of my own home.

Is Cash for Apps Recommended? No.

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My Cash For Apps Review 2018 - Video Version

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What Is Cash For Apps? – Free Gift Cards by Downloading Apps

Cash for Apps is a smartphone app that gives you gift cards as a reward for downloading and using other mobile apps. You can earn gift cards, for example, to Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Walmart, eBay, and Target.

The idea of this app very similar to Feature Points or AppNana. You may have already some experience of those or other similar apps.

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Cash For Apps is very popular and it has been downloaded already more than 5 million times in Google Play store. There are more than 221,000 reviews and the average rating has been 4,4 out of 5.

It sounds that Cash for App could be a good way to earn free gift cards? If so many people are recommending it, why shouldn’t we use it?

I downloaded the app and took a closer look how it works. I have experience of about 300 different make money online programs and apps so I can give you a good opinion of this CFA.

First, I will show how it works in practice and in the end of this review I will tell my final conclusion if it’s worth it or not. I promise also to tell you the program that taught me to make a living online.

How to Make Money with Cash For Apps?

is cash for apps a scam

It’s very easy to understand how Cash for Apps works.

Their name is a bit misleading because you can’t earn cash. You’ll earn gift cards for other stores like Amazon, Walmart, and others. By the way, if you want a $10 gift card to Walmart, you can get it immediately here.

With CFA you first earn points and later on you exchange points for rewards. The process simply goes like this:

1) Download an app

They have a list of apps that you could download to earn points. Have a look at the picture below:

is cash for apps a scam

Cash for Apps offers. 300 points are worth $1.

2) Use the app for 30-60 seconds

Usually, you need to use the app only for 30-60 seconds after downloading so you will get points very quickly. You just open the app and in a moment you’ll get a notification “you just earned 22 (or another amount) points”.

3) Exchange points for gift cards

When you have enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards.

However, you need to spend so much time on acquiring those points that in my opinion it's not worth it. There are 100's of better ways to earn money online.

See My #1 recommended way to make money online here or by clicking the image below:

Other Ways to Earn Points with Cash For Apps

There are also a few other ways of earning points than downloading apps. The easiest way is to use my invite code f2c6659. You’ll get 20 points immediately.

Sometimes they have also offered where you can earn points by watching videos or answering surveys.

When you try to earn more points by surveys, they’ll take you to the site called Peanut Labs. Most of the time there aren’t surveys available. Sometimes there are but the rewards are usually so small that it’s not worth it.

In some cases, you will get tasks like “Install, Open & Reach Level 4 in This Game.” They let you download an app and you need to play it until you have reached a specific level or accomplished another similar task.

At this point, you are probably wondering how much money can you make with Cash for Apps. How much is one point worth and when can you exchange them for gift cards. Let’s take a look. I will give you very practical examples.

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How Much Money Can You Earn with Cash For Apps?

The smallest gift cards that you can get through this app are worth $5. In order to get them, you need to have around 2,000 points. For $10 gift card you will need minimum 3,000 points.

We can quickly calculate that 300 points are worth $1. That’s not much money!

From most apps, you will get only around 20-30 points for a download. There are also some better offers like 70-90 points but not so many.

Let’s say that you get 30 points for downloading and using the app, it means that you have earned $0,10. The process takes usually minimum 2 minutes. That means that you could earn $3 per hour. However, that’s way too optimistic estimation for several reasons.

  1. There are not so many offers available that you could continue it for long.
  2. Sometimes there may be an error and you don’t get the points. (Even though most of the time Cash for Apps works well.
  3. You’re not the machine and you need breaks.

Probably the most interesting way to earn points is through their referral program but that’s not very profitable either compared to other opportunities.

Cash for Apps Invite Code and Referral Program

If you read Cash for Apps reviews on Google Play or in App Store, you’ll find that other users are shouting their referral codes for the whole world.

I guess that most of them are young teenagers or kids and they still think it’s possible to earn some money with this app.

is cash for apps a scam

Many people are advertising their referral codes on Cash for Apps reviews. It's one reason why those reviews are so positive.

You will earn 45-90 points for each member that you refer to Cash for Apps. It’s around $0,20 per referral. If you can get 200 people downloading this app, you have still earned only $20.

Yes, $20 is some money but imagine how much work you should do to get those 200 people using this app. There are millions of more profitable ways to make money online than by referring cash for an app.

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My referral code is f2c6659 if you want to use it and have 20 extra points but I’m not even using Cash for Apps myself. I deleted the app from my phone so it’s not a distraction.

That’s why I don’t recommend Cash for Apps for you either.

My principle is that I only recommend programs and apps that I would use myself. Cash for Apps is not one of them.

Conclusion – Is Cash For Apps Worth It?

In my opinion, it’s not worth it. You can earn a few dollars and that’s it. The problem with this kind of apps is that you are wasting your precious time for something that’s not valuable. If you spend your time for $1-2 per hour, you are closing your eyes for better opportunities.

That’s why I recommend steering away from Cash for Apps and other time-wasters.

If you want to make more money online, my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. There are also some other programs that I could recommend but Wealthy Affiliate has taught me and thousands of other people to make good money online so I know based on my own experience that it really works.

4 step process for making money online

What do you think about Cash for Apps?

Do you also prefer more profitable ways to make money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I have used this app when I had free time. (P.S. I’m 12, so i have lots. So you might have seen some gaming gift-cards. So I decided to get a 10.00 Rixty card for Roblox after I reached 3000 points. They said to wait up to 36 hours…and it’s already been almost 11-12 hours. I have seen some sketchy reviews saying that it was a scam and they didn’t get rewarded their points for various reasons, yet the reviews that I looked at left 5 stars nonetheless. I was pretty confused at that moment. Maybe they were some type of bots? But why would they leave bad reviews….Back to the main point, will they actually give me my gift card? As an anxious 12 year old child, you might have already guessed that I’m quite impatient. Dude anyone else have this problem???

    1. You may get rewarded with a gift card but I can’t guarantee you anything. I don’t recommend this mobile apps anyway even though I have tried so many of them.

      If I would be blessed to go back in time to be 12 years old like you are, I would study the best ways to make money online.

      Wow, you have all the opportunities in the world. If you start making money online with an early age, you probably never need to go to a 9-5 job.

      1. Thank you! It’s not been 36 hrs. So I’ll just wait and see. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me!

  2. I haven’t tried this app but based on your review, this is quite similar the the one I’ve tried, the Cash Pirate app. You also earn points form that app and convert it to cash. They also have offers there or they ask you to install some games and reach a certain level. I stopped it in two days. I was earning points on my first day, but on the second day, it all stopped.

    I completed a task where you will play poker and reach level 5. The point reward is high. But they never credited the points when I finished that task so I uninstalled it. Just like you, I also don’t recommend cash apps like this. It’s really not reliable. The pay is too low, it’s time consuming, and some of them don’t really work. Cash Pirate has a lower pay compared with cash for apps.

    You have mentioned that you can earn $1-2 per hour with cash for apps which is a bit better. It will take a few days to earn it from Cash Pirate. They pay you honestly, which is also good. But I still prefer other better opportunities than this.

    1. I have experiences similar problems with this kind of apps. I downloaded an app and fulfilled the task but didn’t get rewarded. I’ve heard similar complaints also from other users.

      $1-2 per hour was just my estimation. Still, you can’t do this for a long time because they don’t have so many tasks available all the time. You always need to wait for new ones.

      Anyhow, the opportunity is not worth it.

  3. Though I have not tried cash for apps, I have tried numerous money making apps. based on my experience, I can say these apps are waste of time, you make even damage your phone because having too many apps on your phone will ultimately make your handset prone to a virus as well as make it slow.

    I will not risk my expensive hand set to make few bucks. This is not worth my time and effort.

  4. Another excellent article Roope! I agree with the user Dave, I always stay away from money making apps, They always disappoint me. The effort is too much and the income is too low. I prefer working at my computer in more elaborated sites and with more complex tasks to do because it means higher income for the correct amount of effort. Thank you Roope!

    1. You are right. Money making apps pay so low reward that they are not worth it.

      More complex activities -> More rewards. That’s almost always true. However, some activities pay quite well even though they are not even complex. For example, affiliate marketing is very simple but there are still huge rewards. Building a business, in general, can be simple but it’s “risky” compared to having a regular 9 to 5 job. However, higher risk means also higher rewards.

  5. I have the feeling that these apps are really a scam. Maybe i am wrong but this is the feeling i have. Most of them give you coins for downloading apps and use them but from one point they stop rewarding you for using the apps. Is this a trick or not i do not really know.

    My experience is limited regarding these kind of apps but i will keep trying making money online till i find the correct way.

    1. Hi Xagiate,

      some of these mobile apps that promise to give you money and the rest pay so little that I don’t recommend them for you. Even though you could earn $5, $10 or even $100 with these apps it takes so much time that it’s not worth it.

      If you are looking for a great way to earn money online, you have come to the right place. Have you already tried Wealthy Affiliate for free? Their program has taught me how to earn a living online.

      Another great program is Chris Farrell Membership I know many people who learned to make a living online with his program. However, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for a few reasons. It’s more like “all-in-one” online business package.


  6. I’ve downloaded tons of money making apps and honestly the pay out is not worth all the time and effort. I am always willing to try, don’t know until you at least try!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      you are right that it’s always interesting to try new things. It gives new ideas and inspiration sometimes.

      However, sometimes it feels like watching the same movie over and over again with these money-making apps. All of them work usually with same principles so it’s mainly a waste of time.


  7. Another great review. I can admit that I have personally used Cash for Apps more than once. A friend of mine asked me to use his referral code so I did and joined. I can confirm that they’re 100% legit app and that they do pay for the things that you earn. I have cashed out for a few gift cards in the past but I don’t use the app anymore. Why? because of the reasons that you’ve listed. The app itself is fine to earn but it’s extremely slow… it’s more like some extra ”passive” form of income. If you truly want to earn money and use your time optimally then this isn’t the right way.

    By the way, love the short list of pros and cons at the end of each review, very useful!

    1. Hi Rania,

      thank you very much for the positive feedback. I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed my reviews.

      Good to hear that you ended using Cash for Apps because now your time and eyes will be open for greater opportunities.

      In my opinion, the potential of earning passive income with Cash for Apps is quite small. I mean passive income is something that you earn whether you’re actively working or not.

      By having websites, email lists and an online business you can earn a great amount of passive income even while you’re sleeping or on the beach. 🙂 Nothing can beat the feeling in the morning when you wake up and made $175 sale during the night.


  8. I tried to download that apps and give it a shot but It looks like scam. I shared it on facebook like what instruct in that app but still have 0 rewards. Its a waste of time and download it!

    1. Hi Jowella,

      for me app paid all points that they had promised. However, I decided that it’s not worth using my time on downloading those apps because the rewards are so small. If you’re experiencing errors with their app, it’s even a bigger reason not to use more time with them.


    2. It’s a shame that you shared it on Facebook because some other people may fall for it as well now. These apps are all the same, to be honest. They all have very low rewards but most of the time they don’t even pay the small rewards.

      I’m sure there are some legitimate apps out there that do actually pay but even then the rewards are extremely low and not worth the time and effort.

      1. Hi Kingcool,

        Where did I say that I would have shared Cash For Apps on Facebook? I didn’t do that. 🙂

        Anyhow, I think it’s important to spread the message that these “money-making” apps are not worth so people will open their eyes for better opportunities and make a positive impact on this world.


  9. Money-making apps seem like a way to pass time instead of an actual source of income.

    It might be good for teenagers or people barely learning how to explore the world of online moneymaking, but not too reliable as a stable source of income. However, I see no harm in downloading a couple apps and playing with them if you have free time with nothing else to do.

    I personally do not like them because making my phone slow for a bunch of random apps just doesn’t seem worth the time.

    However, it’s a good review still, because it provides the information needed for those that, despite the downsides, still wish to join in.

    1. Hi Rosette,

      you are right that there’s nothing wrong to download some apps and play with them a little bit to see how they work. But using more time on them is not wise because we have a wonderful life to live and I wouldn’t like to use it by playing these apps.

      In my opinion, people who use more playing these apps for little money don’t have a clear purpose or goal in life. I know it’s a bold statement but it seems to be true. How many successful people can you see playing these apps? Not many. But then there are lots of average people and other who don’t know what to do with their lives.


  10. I actually stay away from anything that allows you to make money via apps, it might be easy money just be downloading something and clicking here and there for a few seconds but the rewards for doing so are minimal as you state.

    I came into Wealthy Affiliate to Promote my Karatbars business and I’ve learned so much about what to do and what not to do. There’s enough resource within WA to be learning and working around the clock. Your site looks like you’re a seasoned professional at this stage?

    1. Hi Dave,

      you make a right decision by staying away from money-making apps. They are just a waste of time because the reward is so small.

      I’m also happy to hear that you have learned a lot inside Wealthy Affiliate. I can to say the same. Before I joined their Wealthy Affiliate some years ago, I didn’t have almost any experience of making money online but nowadays I’m a full-time online marketer. I have learned so much during this time and I don’t need to go back to 9 to 5 job if I don’t want.


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