Is Teens Earn Cash a Scam? Read My Latest Review!

is teens earn cash a scam
Teens Earn Cash promises with huge letters, "Earn Up to $500 Today"

Is Teens Earn Cash a Scam? You are probably asking this question after seeing their huge promises, “Earn up to $500 Today!” “Get $25 Sign Up Bonus!”

I have experience of more than 300 make money online programs. Among those programs, I have seen various scams and I was a bit suspicious about those huge claims so I decided to give a closer look.

In this review, I’ll reveal you the true nature of Teens Earn Cash program.

Teens Earn Cash Review

Name: Teens Earn Cash

Founded: 2017 (They Falsely Claim “Founded in 2008”)

Type: Ad Affiliate Network for Teenagers

Short Review: Teens Earn Cash is a blatant scam. Their homepage is full of scam signs and suspicious details. All other reliable online entrepreneurs have also claimed it’s a scam. I recommend staying far away from their website.

If you are interested in earning money online, I recommend taking a look at this honest and profitable opportunity. It’s not a get rich scheme but the training will certainly help you to make money on the Internet. Nowadays I am making a living online because of their training.

is teens earn cash a scam
Teens Earn Cash promises with huge letters, “Earn Up to $500 Today!”

What Is Teens Earn Cash?

In July started something strange. A few websites popped up claiming that teenagers could earn up to $500 per day just by sharing a link with their friends. There were several websites that looked exactly the same. Their names were, and so on.

The idea of the website is that you share an invitation link to your friends on social media and you earn money. You could earn $10 for each person who signs up to their website through your link. Notice that they aren’t talking anything about buying here. The person you invite needs only to sign up and you earn the money.

By referring 15 people you would have already earned $175 (sign up bonus $25 + $10*15). Is this too good to be true?

I decided to sign up and take a closer look.

Signing Up on Teens Earn Cash

I filled out some information to get started (I use a second email for scammy sites like this one so my primary email won’t be filled with spam).

After signing up and clicking the link in my email I was directly taken to this page.

is teens earn cash a scam

I couldn’t move further. The only option they gave me was to share their page on my social media. I refused to do it because I don’t want to promote scam websites for my social media circles. Let me show you what makes me convinced that their website is a scam.

#1 Scam Sign: False Promises

I have been a few years in “make money online” industry and I have reviewed hundreds of programs. I make a living online myself and I know personally many online entrepreneurs. We all know that success requires work and effort.

There isn’t a shortcut to success. I have never seen an honest program that would pay you $500 right away without any work. Of course, you can make $500 per day online passive income (and much more) if you become successful but it requires work, preparation and building the foundation.

Teens Earn Cash is promising $500 for teenagers who have zero experience of making money online. That’s a lie.

#2 Scam Sign: False Dates and Numbers

Teens Earn Cash claims on their website, “We have been making teens money since 2008.” In addition, their page shows that they would have already paid $18,300,000 for their members.

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Have a look at the following information:

is teens earn cash a scam is registered in July 2017.

Their website has only been around 2 months. That’s also the case with other similar websites like They all were registered in July 2017. Then after a few days of registering they were already saying that TeensEarnCash has paid their members $18,000,000. How do they dare?

#3 Scam Sign: Suspicious Terms & Conditions

I took a closer look at their terms & conditions. Usually, this kind of dodgy websites has something strange there. Have a look at the following text on their website:

is teens earn cash a scam
They say that TeenCash has the right to terminate your account for any reason at any time.

Let’s say that you start inviting people to their website. Then you have earned $165 and you want to cash out. TeenCash can immediately terminate your account so you can’t take any money out. And they can do it because when you have signed up you have agreed their terms & conditions.

Their rules are designed to be against you. Lol.

#4 Scam Sign: Everybody Says It’s a Scam

In my article of 5 incredible tips to avoid scams online I say that it’s good to ask what other reliable online entrepreneurs think about the product. People who have lots of experience usually spot scams quickly and you can trust on their words.

Every single review that I have read or seen about TeensEarnCash says it’s a complete scam. I haven’t seen anyone reliable promoting the program. That’s a huge sign.

Reliable make money online programs like Wealthy Affiliate have tons of positive reviews all over the Internet. If the program is good, people usually write positive reviews. If the program is a scam, you’ll find tons of negative reviews. That’s common sense.

At this point, you may be wondering how is their website then making money by fooling people. Let me show you.

How Does Make Money?

There are several ways how this kind of websites can earn money.


They are able to advertise products on their website and earn money for each click.

2.Purchases from Their Members

If you want to cash out your money, they may require you to buy some cheap product first. Let’s say that you are about to cash out $175. They require that you buy first a $10 to “confirm” your PayPal account works. When you have bought the product they won’t pay you anything but just take your cash.

3.Selling Your Personal Information

TeensEarnCash asks for your information. Don’t give it to them if you don’t want to get spammed by email and calls.

They have a right to give your information to third parties. It means that you may be receiving marketing calls and emails where TeensEarnCash’s partners are trying to sell you some products. If a website/company is a scam, it’s better not to associate with them.

Of course, you can send them an email by using your secondary email address but I think it won’t be worth it either. You’ll just receive some automated message or they’ll just try to convince you to try their program.

is teens earn cash a scam
Their email address. Notice big lies above that, “We’re changing the world by changing the lives of teens everywhere.” Yes, they are taking money from teenagers.

Conclusion – Is Teens Earn Cash a Scam?

As it has become clear in this review, Teens Earn Cash really seems to be a scam. I recommend that you don’t register on their website and just use better opportunities. There are tons of ways to make money online honestly so there isn’t a single reason to associate with scam programs.

I have been pretty harsh against Teens Earn Cash in my review but I think it’s allowed here. It’s ruthless that they are trying to scam young and innocent people who don’t have any experience of earning money online. C’mon!

The Bible says that the love of money is a root of all evil. I think it explains this kind of scam artists. They have started to love money more than they love honesty.

I believe that TeensEarnCash and similar websites won’t be there for a long time. A lie has short legs. There will be tons of complaints and they need to shut down their websites.

Anyway, if you have read this far I believe you are interested in earning money online. Why wouldn’t you take a look at my #1 recommended program for making money online? I am sure you will fully enjoy their training.

I offer also 1-on-1 support for everyone who joins Wealthy Affiliate through my website. That’s a special bonus for my readers. For example, today I received very positive feedback from one Latvian guy who had joined WA recently through He was so happy that I had shown him that opportunity. It’s always great to hear positive feedback like that.

I want to see you succeed as well. 🙂

Have you ever been scammed online? What happened?

How do you spot online scams nowadays?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. You would have thought these sites would have been taken down by now. I once signed up to one of these sites and got that many spam emails that I had to change my email!

    Great work looking into it, too many people put their time into these sites for no reward. I have been subject to many of these sites!

    In my opinion, if a site comes out straight away with ” Make a thousand dollars in an hour” or something silly along them lines, you should stay well away.

    1. You are right. If some website promises $1,000 in an hour or a day it’s really a scam. Of course, you can do that kind of money but it requires years of experience and work.

  2. I have been scammed many times online especially when I just started out. It all started when someone gave me a flyer having to do with internet marketing.

    I was so impressed and got carried away when he gave some presentations about internet marketing and taught me some tips on how to start making cool money online. I was so glad at this thinking I finally got my financial freedom. He gave me an affiliate site and asked me to follow all instructions sheepishly.

    The content of this affiliate site was so captivating not knowing it was just a garnished scam. It was stated somewhere on the site that I would be able to receive my first affiliate check in less than 30 days but this was far from the truth.

    The frustrations I encountered online made me smart enough to scam-check any site before taking any action. I used to detect scam sites by using google scam checkers.

    1. I understand. If we seek for a positive aspect on your story it’s at least that you learned a lesson and won’t fall into online scams anymore.

      Making money with affiliate marketing takes time but it’s definitely worth it. When income starts flowing in your earnings will just grow like a snowball. All the work you do, adds up. You will get paid after months or even after years of publishing an article. That’s a beauty of affiliate marketing.

  3. Thanks for this! I thought it would be another opportunity for us but then it is also a reminder that not all are opportunities to grab on unless you want to stumble to the ground with efforts being wasted. We are all looking for part-time jobs that are legit. It is difficult to know those businesses since they are all just thru the internet and nothing can we do to be able to have a legit evidences. Hoping for more Sir!

    1. Hi Pandooh,

      yeah, sometimes it’s hard to see right away whether a company is a scam or legit. On the other hand, often you can define it with a quick search on Google and reading reviews by other members.

      I’ll keep on publishing new articles and opportunities daily 🙂

  4. As far as I know, there are some money making sites that really pay. Even though you are teen there is a possibility that you can earn money just by inviting your friends to sign up to your referral link

    But still be cautious, because some money making sites lets your payout for a couple of years, months, weeks, or even just by days and then eventually shuts down.

    To cut the long story short. In my opinion, you can certainly earn money just by inviting people to join you. Even if you’re still young.

    1. Hi Peter,

      that’s true. You can make a huge money online even just by sharing your referral/affiliate links on the Internet.

      Actually, my #1 recommended training, Wealthy Affiliate, teaches how you can do it. I know many teenagers there who started without any knowledge or experience but are now making a living online because of the skills and resources they received on WA.

  5. I really admrie your job and showing us what scams exist in this world. I think that even the name of the page is suspicious. I hate companies who sell personal information.

    After reading this I went to your article about avoiding scams and I would recommend reading it to everyone.

  6. I know there are lots of scammers there. I was once referred by a friend online to that site and found out that it is full of scam sections in there and without the thought of my friend she already scammed.

    I told her quickly and she was disappointed expecting he will get his payout in the next week. A lot of time wasted by her and instead of regretting I told here to try what i’m into now.

    I will gladly refer her in this website This review is so helpful for those who never been in the site. We must be careful guys of what kind of website we are visiting.

    1. Hi Jemuel,

      I’m sorry to hear that your friend wasted time with Teens Earn Cash. But a good thing is that she probably didn’t use any money on that website.

      I believe she’ll find many better opportunities on my website 🙂

      1. Yes thats the good thing she never wasted a money and only time. But time is really important and so sad to hear about that. She is now in a better website where she proved that she is earning now better than other sites. Really hate that scammers but they are a part of web which pushes you to research and to reach more reliable websites.

        1. That’s true. Time is money. We can always earn money back but we can never earn our time back. That’s why it’s the most valuable asset in life. Anyhow, failure is a part of success and learning from failures leads to success in the future.

          1. Yes absolutely we learn from our mistakes and leads us to be more professional. Someday scammers would face back to them all the bad deeds of fooling innocent people and i hope they will be banned over the internet. I know this is hard to do but i hope this problem could be solved and only good things we can get in internet will be broadcast.

  7. I was being told about this Teens Earn Cash by my friend that is staying in the US that always bring business ideas to my doorstep that it is not a great site to join.

    I was about to log in here and ask you about it and I’m glad that you confirmed that it is not a good site to join. I still wonder the reason someone would open a site and use it to scam people willing to work to earn, that’s unfair.

    1. Yeah, there’s been a lot of buzz around this website recently. The founders have probably marketed it aggressively to be known around the world.

      I’m glad to hear that you avoided this scam.

  8. Millennials! We are getting more creative each day. We just have to be extra careful on such websites that offers easy money. Take the time to research reviews before indulging in these online programs especially when its too good to be true.

    1. That’s true Gracee! It’s always better to research first than regret later.

      There are tons of great opportunities on the Internet but some of them are “wolves in the clothes of a sheep”. 😉

  9. I honestly got attracted to this online job before. Good thing that it was my habit to read multiple reviews from other online users before signing up for any online job. Just like what you have stated in the article, most of the people who reviewed the site have complained that it was indeed a scam.

    Having to read the reviews of different users before was enough for me to stay away from this site and reading your article today cemented my negative perception about TeensEarnCash.

  10. Good detective work Roope. What I would like to know though is how is it that they are allowed to publish false information as according to your investigation, they are lying about how long their organization has been around. Is not against the law to publish information that is not true especially if it is being done to mislead people into spending money?

    And though it is probably not illegal to have a disclaimer that allows you to terminate people’s accounts on a whim, who would be stupid enough to sign up for something that gives them no security at all? This is a reminder to everyone to read the fine print in agreements. I know I had a heck of a battle with a skin care company that claimed I was receiving a FREE prize and all I had to pay was shipping.

    Imagine my surprise when almost $200 disappeared from my account. And just like you said, you can send all the emails you want to these companies, you will get back a computer generated response. I did however win my battle with much persistence and the aid of my bank but it was a trial I’ll tell you.

    READ THE FINE PRINT and if anything seems unclear, don’t agree.

    1. I really don’t know how this kind of companies can operate. Usually, this kind of scams don’t last for long. If the founder has a company in an offshore country or something similar, probably the officials can’t do anything about it.

      I have seen many scams like you described, “Get a product for free. Just pay the shipping.” It’s misleading marketing because actually you are also paying for the product. Shipping would never cost $200.

  11. As always, thanks for your honest opinion. You are doing great job on this reviews. I wish a lot of people could get the chance to see your reviews before registering on all this so called money making sites.

    This review on Teen Earn Cash just reminded me of Nucmoneyclub, another big scam PTC site that promises $0.10 per click. I had no experience on the whole make money thing then, so I registered. I made $10 in less than 5minutes. When I tried to withdraw, it said I needed a minimum $150 which I clicked and made in less than 2hrs. When I tried to cash out again, my account all of a sudden got blocked then deleted.

    I really don’t understand why they go to such extent just scam unsuspecting individuals.

    1. Hi Rumu,

      thank you for the positive feedback and for sharing your experience. It was probably a learning experience for you about scam sites. I’m happy that you didn’t need to spend any money on it. I have heard some people saying that they lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars with some online scams.

      By the way, feel free to share any article with your friends if you find it valuable 🙂

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