Is Oriflame a Scam? Why Do Members Earn Only €400 Per Year?

is oriflame a scam

Oriflame MLM Review 2019 Update

We have just published an updated Oriflame review video 2019 that you can watch below.

As before, our Oriflame review is 100% unbiased so you will get only a brutally honest answer whether or not this company is worth joining.

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If you are looking for an honest Oriflame review, you have come to the right place. I noticed that tons of people for searching for reviews on Google and asking, “Is Oriflame a scam?” so I decided to write this article for you.

I have the first-hand experience of their products. In addition, my mother has been a host of an Oriflame at our home because her friend was selling these products. The friend was quite successful with the company and received free holiday trips abroad every now and then.

I have also made a research online to have a more comprehensive understanding of their system. is specialized for providing the best work from home reviews and opportunities for you.

I am not associated with Oriflame and I don’t receive any rewards for writing this article. The purpose is to give you the most accurate and engaging information so you can decide whether this system is a good business opportunity or not. Let’s have a look!

Oriflame Review

Name: Oriflame

Founded: 1967 by Jonas Jochnick and Robert Jochnick

Type: Multi-Level Marketing. Beauty, Skin/Body care & Cosmetics.

Short Review: Oriflame is certainly a successful and a high-quality company. Their 50 years of experience in the business is a big sign of their success. However, making money with the company isn’t easy and most associates are earning just peanuts with the system.

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is oriflame a pyramid scheme
Oriflame advertises their products (naturally) using beautiful models.

What Is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a huge network marketing company which was founded already 5 decades ago by two Swedish brothers Jonas Jochnick and Robert Jochnick. During 50 years it has grown to become 15th largest MLM-company in the whole world and one of the biggest in Europe.

They have millions of distributors all around the world in more than 60 different countries. Their annual revenue is $1.40 billion and their stock is listed on NASDAQ.

All in all, we can talk about a huge movement here. When I look into that kind of company I say to myself, “Wow, they have must have something right to be in the business for so long and growing so much.”

But is it the best opportunity for earning money and doing business? That’s a completely another question and I’ll give my honest opinion a bit further. But first, let me quickly show some of their products so you.

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Oriflame Products

Oriflame offer products in Cosmetics, ‎skincare‎, ‎perfume‎, and wellness industries so obviously they are targeting more women than men. However, they offer also a long list of products for men and I have also used some of their perfumes. Actually, I still have an Oriflame perfume bottle in the bathroom.

Here are some products on “We Recommend” -category on their website.

is oriflame a scam

You can see that there is a high emphasis on beauty products. Also, their website is full colors and images that appeal to women because that’s their main target group.

Oriflame products aren’t so highly overpriced like some other MLM-systems. Still, there is some air in the prices so they can provide bigger commissions for their salespersons. Members make a 20-30% commission per sale so we can say that there is easily around 30% extra in their pricing

Now, let’s have a look at how you can earn money with the Oriflame system.

How to Make Money with Oriflame?

You will make money and earn rewards by completing two activities:

  1. Sell Oriflame products.
  2. Recruit new members to the system and you’ll earn commissions from their sales.

So, the company works in a similar way like any other network marketing system. If you have heard about Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Nu Skin or other ones, you have already a little bit of idea how the MLM-company works.

You will earn 20-30% commissions for product sales depending on how big are your sales in total. Your commissions from your downlines will go up when you move up in the pyramid by recruiting more people. This marketing video by Oriflame India gives you an idea about the potential of their system:

NOTE: The video is created by their team and it’s highly promotional.

By watching the video, I get an idea that making big money with Oriflame is easy. I also heard from my mother that her friend always explained how easy and fun it is to earn money with Oriflame. The friend obviously wanted more members to her downline to make more passive income and bigger commissions.

Is it really so easy to succeed? Let me show you a few important things!

Earnings Are 411€/Year on Average Per Active Consultant

I took a look at Oriflame’s annual report of 2016. They have 150 pages of information about different aspects of their business. It also shows their annual revenue and average earnings for each consultant. On page 40 you can see their key figures.

I was interested in seeing how much most Oriflame distributors earn. It showed that Sales per active consultants per year is around 400€. What do you think about that number? It makes less than 35€ per month. If you compare the number to the time that each member uses for this system, it shows you that their hourly salary is extremely small on average.

is oriflame a scam
A screenshot from their annual report showing average sales per active consultants.

Statistics and my research of +50 MLM-companies show that more than 95% of network marketers fail. If you take 100 friends and all of you start doing this kind of business, according to statistics only 5 of you will ever make a full-time income with the system. In the beginning, all of you need to put in lots of work without the salary or with the rewards that are below the minimum wage.

So, we can forget the easy money with MLM-programs. The Oriflame starter kit costs £92 and there are a big number of people who never even earn that money back from the system.

is oriflame a scam
The starter kit costs £92 on their website.

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I still want to remind out that there are people who make a fortune with network marketing. You earn based on the value that you bring to the marketplace. If you bring lots of value (=sales and recruits), you will earn big money. But do notice that it requires tons of work and persistence.

In my opinion, your success isn’t dependent on the Oriflame system. If you have successful habits and a strong character, you can succeed with almost any business.

  • Positive attitude
  • Patience to wait for results
  • Persistence (Don’t ever give up)
  • You take action immediately instead of procrastinating

Those some key characteristics of a successful businessman/woman. If you see them in yourself, you may have good chances to succeed with Oriflame. However, there is still one key ingredient.

Do You Enjoy Using Oriflame Products?

What kind of experience have you had with their products? Are you convinced that they really work and they are worth it?

You must convince yourself before you can convince others. In my opinion, joining Oriflame isn’t worth it if you don’t really enjoy their products. There are easier and better ways to make money then.

Then you also need to consider what kind of methods you are going to use when approaching new prospects. Are you going to arrange home parties or promote their products online? This step-by-step training will give you the best knowledge on how you can reach even millions of people through the Internet from the comfort of your own home.

One creative strategy is to leave a catalog on your workplace’s coffee room and offer the products for your colleagues. That’s what my mother’s friend used.

is oriflame a scam
Oriflame is regularly adding new products to their catalog.

Anyway, I highly recommend that you aren’t too pushy with your friends. I have heard so many negative experiences when somebody joined a network marketing system and ruined her relationships because she was pushing the products for her friends too hard.

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You can manage this well by developing good social skills. My mother’s friend wasn’t too pushy and home parties were relaxed and the atmosphere was friendly.

Conclusion – Is Oriflame Worth Joining?

If you have a successful character and you love Oriflame products, it makes sense to join their program and offer products also for other people.

On the other hand, if you are only interested in the system because some of your friends introduced it to you, I would recommend thinking twice. Making good money with Oriflame requires lots of work and a long-term commitment. Otherwise, you may be just wasting your time.

I know some people who just jump from one MLM-company to other but never really succeed. I have learned from my own experience that success requires a good focus. I see great business opportunities all the time but I need to skip some of them because I need to focus on something. If you try to catch two rabbits at the same time, both of them will flee.

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What do you think about Oriflame as a business opportunity?

What kind of experience do you have about networking marketing?

Let me know in the comments below!

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hi, I’m. From Nigeria, I’ve sold oriflame products and I must say their products are good. But the business is a total difference ball game.and the competition is really tight cause everyone sells the products,so people tend to cut down on the retail profit just so they can sell, myself included.the process felt more like eternal slavery, cos I had to buy products monthly even if I haven’t got any buyers I ended up using most of my products or giving them as gifts cos I couldn’t sell them.I really want something better that will not be capital intensive but profitable.

  2. I think Oriflame is not the right job for me. Also if I will join to them, I can earn a little bit of money only. There are so many sites like Oriflame that offers the same services or products. And to be honest, it is not what I want to achieve someday. I think it is for the people who likes Oriflame products and good in promoting products.

    Thank you for giving information and reviews regarding on how a person can earn money online. I hope I find here the perfect job that I am looking for.

  3. I know this company very well and some of my friends were part of it. I’ve bought many products from them and I have to say I really liked them. They are reasonably priced and there’s a lot of products to choose from. They look good and the quality is okay too.

    I think that because of that there might be many potential clients so it’s wouldn’t be too difficult to sell the products.

    1. Hi Felabruno,

      great to hear that you have enjoyed using their products. In my own experience their products have been fine but nothing very special. However, maybe I should use them even more to get a more comprehensive picture.

      Anyhow, Oriflame is certainly one of the best MLM-companies out there.

  4. This is a very interesting article. Oriflame seems very popular. It takes a specialkind of human being to love to meet many different people everyday & work very hard at the task at hand.

    I’ve read a comment stating how oriflame has made it to Africa! That is very inspirational. I would love to sell and market oriflame if I had the opportunity!

  5. Oriflame just arrived in Nigeria last two months or thereabouts and the awareness being created by those already in it looking for who to join as well has been amazing. I don’t think to earn about 400 euros per year in Nigeria is really bad considering the high unemployment rate in the country.

    However, I don’t have the zeal for a door-to-door marketing of skin and health products, so it was no need joining for me.

    1. Hi Henry,

      400€ per year is the average for all Oriflame sellers. It means that average earnings on Nigeria must be way smaller. The products are cheaper there so the commissions are much smaller as well.

  6. Very good and interesting article about Oriflame. I agree with you! I have also bought some Oriflame’s product and been a party host.

    I think too, that if you really want to earn money with that you should spend much time in Oriflame-business. And evenings & weekends arrange Oriflame-parties when people have time after their work.

    Sure in that work you meet interesting people, too.

    Thank you!

    1. That’s true. In my opinion, you need to be ready to work at least 60 hours per week in order to succeed with this kind of business (40 hours for a regular job + 20 hours for Oriflame). Running a business is not for lazy people and it really requires work to succeed.

      If you do face-to-face selling with Oriflame, it also requires a certain kind of character that loves meeting new people and prospects all the time. If I would join Oriflame, I would promote their products online because it would be easier to sell for larger masses at the same time with the principles that I learned in Wealthy Affiliate training.

  7. Oriflame seems very similar to some of these door to door companies. Charge you a fortune for the starter pack with no real hope of ever making that money back. They should be charging a small fee for these, not £92, seems a little much to me.

    The problem being, some of them charge you for the leaflets or catalogues too, which is more expense and most people bin them! So all that cost for not a lot of reward, that is if anyone actually orders! Stick to earning online I say, with a reputable company of course =)

    1. In my opinion, £92 is not a huge price for getting started with the business. However, I don’t go for Oriflame because their products aren’t close to my heart and I have already found a better opportunity to make a fortune. I’ll stick to it 🙂

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