Is World Global Network a Scam Or World-Changing Business Opportunity?

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World Global Network Review - Quick Summary

Name: World Global Network

Type: Network Marketing (MLM) Business in the Life-Sensing Technology Industry

Price: Getting Started Varies Around $349 - $3,499

Best for: Those 1-2% Who Are on Top of Their Pyramid

Summary: World Global Network is a network marketing company that is selling innovative products like life-sensing technology, electromagnetic wave blockers and smartphones.

Is Recommended World Global Network Recommended? Not really. More on this further.

No recruiting, face-to-face selling needed. Comfortable to do from your home...


World Global Network Scam Review 2019

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Introduction - The First Impressions of WGN!

At first when I heard of World Global Network and its products I was pretty interested. It seemed like a new company with groundbreaking innovations.

However, after taking a closer look at their products in the system I unfortunately found out the "real skin" of the program.

In this article, I'm going to share with you what I have found and provide you with the tips that would help you to make more money and succeed in business.

World Global Network homepage.

What Is World Global Network?

The company was created in 2011 by Fabio Galdi. He has a firm belief that technology helps people to live better lives. That also explains the innovative nature of World Global Network products.

Before I explain you more details about their company and the products, let me show their own informational video where they are explaining what their company is all about.

If I say you that World Global Network is working with the life-sensing technology, it may not tell you very much, but watching the video below will definitely open you what it means.

I had read on some articles that the company is growing and booming extremely fast and that was actually the truth for the first few years of their operation. But take a look at the picture below what I found on Google trends by searching for "World Global Network".

Based on Google Trends, the popularity of World Global Network seems to be dying away.

That being said and showed, we always need to keep in mind that this is only one metric by Google and doesn't really define the success of a company. The company can be doing well even though the popularity wouldn't be rising on Google. 

Still, I feel that the trend doesn't seem very good and I would like to get a good explanation for that from the company.

World Global Network Products

Let's go through the product line of the World Global Network and I'll show you what they are providing. The focus of this article is still in the business opportunity so we will not go to into the details of each of their products.

Anyway, before we run details of the products I want to mention that if you are willing to join their business opportunity, I recommend that you have own first-hand experience of using some of the products. And your experiences should be positive.

You first need to convince yourself about the products before you can convince others, right?

World Global Network has 3 main products that are as follows:

1.HELO Wellness Band

HELO Wellness band are a new technology.

HELO is a band that you can put around your wrist to meet their different parameters of your body such as:

  1. Mood
  2. Sleep Quality
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Breath Rate
  5. Daily Steps
  6. Heart ECG
  7. Heart Rate
  8. Fatigue Level
  9. Distance
  10. Calories Burned

Doesn't it sounds pretty amazing, huh? 🙂

Yes, that's also what I thought at first until I found that you can find similar wristbands on Amazon for 2 to 3 times cheaper price.

The most sold wristband on Amazon is probably Fitbit Charge 2 that has been sold to hundreds of thousands if not millions to people all over the world.

Millions of People Have Used FitBit Charger 2 that costs only $119 on Amazon. That 2-3 times cheaper than a similar wristband from World Global Network

FitBit Charger 2 is not obviously the only competitor that World Global Network is facing. There are tons of other players in the industry trying to fight for their position.

World Global Network tries to tell you that their wristband is somehow unique but many people cannot see the difference between their wristband and the other ones that are way more popular and cheaper.


Have you had ever heard of the term, "Electrosmog"? Some people call the radiation that comes from mobile phones, laptops and other devices with that name.

Nobody really knows what kind of effects that radiation does have on our bodies but World Global Network is trying to sell the products that prevents that radiation.

To understand better what they're selling, I recommend taking a quick look at the video below.

Will those little stickers really reduce the radiation and improve your health? It's hard to say but I think that I wouldn't personally go for BioZen because there seems to be better options available.

Again I found some cheap alternative on Amazon with very positive reviews

I don't see any good reason why I would buy the similar product from the controversial network marketing company rather than buying it from the most reliable online retailer (Read: Amazon) with positive reviews.


World Global Network has also created their own smart phone that claims to send much less electromagnetic waves than a regular smart phone.

I don't have any specific data that if there claims are really true or if they are just trying to prey on people's fear of radiation.

Anyway, I can not deny that they have been very innovative with their product choices. Points for World Global Network for that.

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World global network's smart phone is also known as a space station phone.

How Much Can You Earn with ​

World Global Network?

Now we start talking about really interesting things with you. Is it really worth joining their business opportunity and how much money can you make?

These are the questions that primarily interest you and me when we are making a decision whether or not we should join their program and eventually start promoting their products in the system. Of course, some people may do selling for charity but I haven't met many such people.

When we start talking about the income potential with World Global Network I think it makes sense to take a look at their average earnings they have published.

In the image below, I have taken their income disclosure statement from 2017. Take a look at it first.

Only top 1-2% distributors are making good money with World Global Network.

I guess that for many people these numbers come as a surprise especially if you have listened to some of their distributors trying to sell you the program.

They are usually talking about an unlimited income potential, many different ways to make money, bonuses and many other perks of the program.

However, the reality of the network marketing is completely different than what their distributors want you to believe. I have reviewed a researched more than 100 multilevel marketing companies and I'm often astonished how exaggerated promises their distributors are telling.

If you join their events or listen to their sales speeches, you may get an idea that almost anybody is making money with the system. But the image above and the reality shows that only around 1 to 2% of the members are making good money with the system.

How Does World Global Network Work?

World Global Network works with a pretty similar idea like all the other multilevel marketing companies:

  1. Join the program. 
  2. Buy some of their products.
  3. Start selling products to other people and recruit new members to the system.
  4. Climb up in the pyramid.
  5. Make more money with bonuses and building your downline.
  6. Help your downline to recruit more people and sell more products.
  7. ...
  8. ...
  9. Become one of the top distributors in 1-2% or quit the system earning almost nothing.

I know personally many people who have started with the network marketing the companies and I bet that you know at least a few as well.

I also know a huge amount of people who have failed with some companies and moved to the other ones just to realize that the idea is completely same in all of them.

World Global Network uses a controversial network marketing business model.

The only way to become successful with network marketing is become exceptionally good because most of the distributors fail over the time course.

In my opinion, the easiest way is to leverage the power of the Internet because nowadays you can reach millions of people for free just by using the Internet from the comfort of your own home.

Click the button below to learn how you can make money online also like I am doing whether or not you like network marketing.

I'm personally not part of the any network marketing company but I know the same principles apply to that business model as well.

Is World Global Network a Pyramid Scheme?

Because of the pyramid structure of the system in the recruiting idea many people have started asking, "Is World Global Network a pyramid scheme?"

The answer is that World Global network is not a pyramid scheme or a scam. They provide real products that give some value for their customers and everything is NOT  based on recruiting.

However, we cannot to deny that the network marketing business model resembles pyramid schemes a little bit. That's why they have been so controversial over the years.

Also, many network marketing companies have turned out to be pyramid schemes and have been shut down by the officials. That is most likely not going to happen with World Global Network that is providing already some value with their products.

World Global Network Lawsuit

1,000's of people worldwide have been searching on Google for the World Global Network Lawsuit.

I don't have detailed information whether or not such a lawsuit has taken place but my guess is that there have been several lawsuits against the company.

I've published reviews of +100 MLM-companies and there have been lawsuits pretty much against all of them.

That's probably one of the reasons why I am not myself so interested in joining and working with these companies.

I want to be known as the most reputable Internet marketer and teach you only the best ways to make money online that are 100% honest.

Why Do So Few Members Succeed?

Now you may be asking, "If World Global Network provides valuable products and the company is not pyramid scheme nor a scam, why do so few of their members succeed?"

The reasons are actually more or less the same with all the other similar MLM-companies.

1.Overpriced Products

If you compare the products between World Global Network and other businesses, you probably quickly notice that they are selling when expensive products.

Often you may be able to find similar products for two times cheaper from a normal business like Amazon.

Overpriced products make selling hard and also psychologically challenging for distributors who are trying to convince other people to buy them.

Unfortunately, most World Global Network distributors quit before making almost any money.

2.Quitting Too Early

This is probably the most common reason for failing in any business. All businesses and entrepreneurs make lots of mistakes but those who succeed don't quit. They learn from their mistakes and keep on going forward.

However, most people tend to quit and jump from one opportunity to another over and over again without ever reaching the top.

I have seen this so many times when I have been helping people to make money online. Many people start with an excitement but quit just to right before they were about to make a breakthrough and a good income.

3.Lack of Support

Multilevel marketing companies consist of teams and groups. When you join a company you join also someone else's team or downline.

In an ideal situation you will get lots of support and help from your upline/mentor but many people have also complained of the lack of support.

Joining the right team would tremendously help you to succeed compared to a typical situation where you don't get any support from your mentor.

Pros & Cons of World Global Network


1.Innovative Products

I love it when companies are taking technologies forward and making new innovations. That's also one of the reasons why I love cryptocurrencies.

Innovations are taking our world forward and making this a more developed place for the coming generations. What would be better than that?

World Global Network products are, in my opinion, on top of the technological innovations and trying to make something new and unique. Still, there is already a tough competition going on in those industries as well.

2.Reputable Company

World Global Network hasn't had controversial lawsuits like many other MLM-companies like Monat Global, for example. The company was founded already back in 2011 and they haven't had bad controversies since then at least based on my researches.


1.Only 1-2% of the Members Succeed

Well, this is not only the challenge of World Global Network but pretty much for all MLMs. Almost all of their income charts look the similar like I showed before:

It means that the income potential is extremely small unless you are able to climb to the top.

In many cases working on your 9-5 job or your own business would be much more profitable than joining World Global Network or another MLM-company.

2.Overpriced Products

I already discussed this above. It's hard to convince people to buy a $349 product from you when they would be able to buy a similar one for just $119 on Amazon.

3.Relatively Expensive Startup Costs

Even though it's free to join their company by signing up a few documents, you can't really start selling them unless you have purchased the products yourself and used them for a while.

It wouldn't make sense to sell something that you wouldn't like to use yourself. Let's imagine a conversation between a distributor who hasn't used their products and a potential prospect.

Distributor: "Hey! I have just found a wonderful product that will improve your health. It will track many metrics of your body that will help you to improve your lifestyle as well."

Prospect: "Sounds interesting! What kind of results did you achieve with it yourself? Was it really helpful?"

Distributor: "Ummm... I didn't actually try the products myself... But I am sure they are great for you still!"

Prospect: "Okay... Why didn't you buy them yourself? How much do the products actually cost?"

Distributor: "I didn't buy the products because I just want to join the business and make money (Read: I don't believe that the product would be worth it for me.)

The product costs only $349. You could buy the same one from Amazon for $119 but why wouldn't you buy from me?"

Prospect: "Okay, doesn't sound convincing. I think I will skip this one."

Yeah, I probably exaggerated pretty much with this one but you still get the idea.

The cheapest price for joining is therefore $349 and some packages cost $1,000's.

My Sincere Advice to You

I have researched +100 network marketing companies and published the reviews on my website to inform you as well.

One thing that I have learned that in order to make money with network marketing, you need to be really exceptional to join the top 1-2%. I mean, it's possible for anyone but you just need to put in a lot of work and know what you're doing.

In my opinion, the best way to make money in 2018 and beyond is by using the power of the Internet. You can reach 1,000,000's of people from the comfort of your own home even without talking to anyone.

Anik Singal had this famous line, "I have made $1,000,000's without ever opening my mouth."

That's actually completely possible in today's world where so many people are using the Internet. I could also say that I have made tons of money online without opening my mouth.

I think it would be also much easier for you than joining MLM-company and trying to "hard-sell" products to your friends and family members, right?

Don't worry, I started also as a complete beginner but this step-by-step training taught me everything I needed to know to make money online.

It has allowed me to make a living from the comfort of my own home and travel around the world. See the image below from a few beautiful places, for example.

When you make money online, you can travel to beautiful places and live wherever you desire.

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What kind of experiences do you have with World Global Network and their products?

Have you tried similar MLM-companies?

Would you like to make money online like I do (with or without joining any MLM-company)? I would be more than happy to help you.

Let me know in the comments below!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Also, if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below and I'll personally help you to make money online.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. World Global Network looks pretty expensive to me as joining up with as high as $349 is a fee that one can use to make better returns by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate which has got better prospects out there. This program known as world Global Network is not ideal for beginners who are looking for ways to make ends meet.

      1. I should be the one thanking you for allowing us share our thoughts on your site. With the work that you are doing, I see the site getting better with each passing day. Keep up with the good always.

  2. I once joined MLM which I charge to experience. You are absolutely true that this one is just for the exceptional people, a very small fraction of all the members. Based on my experience which I believe is how most MLM operate, they will bank on how amazing their products are which they sell for an unreasonable price.

    It’s true that they may have good products but their interest really is on the networking side. Myself including other friends as business partners opted for the traditional side which is selling the products (food cart business), and showed little interest on the networking side. We didn’t get any support in expanding the business contrary to what they promised, hence it flopped. And before we knew it, our uplines (those who recruited us) already moved to another MLM company.

    Like this one that you’ve shared, I believe that their intention is not genuine and most of them don’t have principles unfortunately. They can be ruthless dressed in sheep’s clothing. Some of my friends were not even able to set up the business at all and just wasted the money just like that.

  3. You would have to target a niche of the exceptionally rich people that feel good to just have products that differ and are a bit expensive and hence help them to indicate their social class. They exist but one will need to work extra hard to get to them. This means that you will also have to be very good in selling such product.

    The amount effort that is required will better be used to earn income through some other convenient alternatives. I mean for the $349 you can easily start up on many other platforms and within a short period and effort have your money raining back.

  4. A networking scheme feeds on the efforts of others below them, but this time on a monetary basis. Networking is a multiplier scheme actually and the whole idea is a sound one, if the money factor was absent. The major religions in the world like Christianity spread via networking. But the spread was not a based on some product but a religious belief and the effect is really exponential.

    Just imagine Christianity spreading from just an original group of 12 disciples who went places and spread the faith. But the networking this time is not about faith but about a patronizing and eventually buying product at a certain quota, but most of the time it fizzles out because the foundations aren’t really that good: the product is too expensive, the quotas are too enormous, the workloads are too tedious, and the like.

    1. Yeah, that’s a fascinating thought how Christianity grew from just 12 people via networking.

      You are right that many network marketing companies are not completely honest. In many of them paying money in order to join the pyramid pays much higher role than the product itself.

  5. I have had no experience with World global network. However, I happen to be a member of an MLM organization.

    Most of Roope’s statements about multi level marketing are quite true, most especially the one about using the Internet as a tool to succeed in MLM. This is very true, we often have trainings online and offline, and are always taught about the power of the internet, social media in particular. I used to be a critic of MLM, but this sounded different to me. The Internet is a powerful tool these days, you can make so much online, just like Roope has said.

    1. Happy to hear that you have also found the “power of the Internet” for business and marketing.

      Social media opens lots of ways to make sales. I haven’t been so focused on other social media platforms other for marketing than YouTube. But Facebook marketing is also very powerful when done correctly.

      However, I personally prefer the strategy of building an own website because it’s the most stable way in the long run. YouTube, Facebook and other social medias can change their rules anytime and a whole business may be wiped out. When the business is mainly built on your own website, it can’t really be wiped out by anyone and you have a full control over it.

  6. I agree with the article, if there are already similar products on the market, then it will be pretty difficult to succeed with new ones. Specially with electronics, we all know how difficult is for a new company to make a name for themselves. Even tough I won’t be joining World Global Network I liked the advice given to research first a business through Google Trends. Anyway, it shows there are many options to try to make money online, I wish the best of the luck to those trying this.

  7. I think this wouldn’t be recommended for beginners that are finding ways to earn online. This has a very huge startup capital and very difficult returns. If you are an experienced person with these type of jobs I think it would work well on them.

    You just need to employ strategies in order to sell your product just like how people endorse and sell products on malls or online shops. I think with proper practice and capital, it would work well. If you don’t have the confidence on your skill on the other hand, you might as well find more online jobs or programs that is well suited to you.

  8. The major problem I have and I think everyone has with these MLM programs is that it is expensive to start and at the same time, difficult to make the capital back. To join these programs, you will have to buy product you probably don’t have need of or products you could get for cheaper rates from other places.

    If you truly have need for them and then you try to sell such expensive products to someone else, by convincing them that it is better than others available products in the other market, when you probably know it is not but you are just trying to make your own money by selling them.

    To think of how long it’ll actually take to be part of the 1-2% really benefiting for the program, I wouldn’t partake in such program. I personally don’t have such capital but if I do, there are better ways of investing it and making money other ways online.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think that anyone should only join an MLM-program if they truly enjoy using the product and believe it’s valuable. If someone doesn’t 100% believe in the products, it will be challenging to convince other people about it.

  9. You have explained about this MLM comnpany well. If we can find similar products from the trusted companies and sellers with a lot off positive reviews for much cheaper price why should you buy these expensive products that you even don’t know whether they work or not.

    1. Exactly. That happens quite often MLM-companies sell their products for a higher price than trusted companies which makes it unappealing to buy anything from those MLM systems.

  10. If you really considered entering the world of networking, you should at least have the enough money in order to buy their certain products that they sell to you. I actually have a lot of friends who entered this networking business and almost all of them stopped because no one will buy their products because of its expensive price.

    Considering World Global Network sells technology, we can all say that it’ll be really expensive to consider. So all I want to say for those who wanted to enter this networking thing, make sure your money’s ready and so is your dedication to earn income.

    1. Yeah, that’s true. I have enough money to join these MLMs but I still prefer staying away from them. They’re often quite controversial systems and I prefer 100% legitimate ways to make money online.

  11. The main thing that concern’s me is that the products them self are overpriced and are really hard to sell overtime. You mentioned that 1-2% of members succeed so I highly recommend people stay away from this company and find something else on the internet.I personally don’t have experience with this site but I’m sure it’s best to find other jobs.

  12. The cost at which World Global Network requires for new members to join the MLM business is very costly. Even though the products looks good and are very innovative, at such expensive cost, it’s going to be very hard for one to have increased sales and succeed in the MLM business.

      1. Seriously, it’s very downing on getting MLM programs to be a lucrative means for people to make money online. Most of these MLM programs are designed in such a way that it’s practically difficult for an average person to succeed in the line of business. Maybe these MLM companies could work on this problem anytime in the future and make the program a little easier for people to earn money from them.

  13. I agree with you that joining World Global Network might really be a waste of resources as you end up buying overpriced products from them which could not be easy to sell off. Also, the way that the team of owners fails in guiding the members to success is one that we should be really careful about.

    1. You have a very good point BrightJoe in pointing out the importance of the business team helping out to groom it’s new members. This is the only way to help them get better at the job. It’s just like having a good support system to help put members through their difficult phases in the business.

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