Is Monat Global a Scam? Read 5 Facts That You Must Be Aware

Welcome to my Monat Global Review!

Tons of people are asking the same question, "Is Monat Global a scam or is this business opportunity worth joining? Will it make me good money to achieve a financial freedom?"

If you have been asking that question from yourself recently, you have come to the right place.

I have researched more than 100 network marketing companies over the years and helped +3,000 people to make money online.

I am 100% sure that you will find my Monat Global review helpful and it will give you the clarity whether or not this business is right one for you.

You'll also discover 5 "Shocking Facts" about this company.

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Monat Global Review - Quick Summary

Name: Monat Global

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company Selling Hair Products

Price to Join: Monat Global affiliate membership $99. Product Packages Ranging Between $299-599

Best for: People who love hair products, selling, recruiting and are not afraid of the Monat Global's bad reputation.

Summary: Monat Global is a network marketing company founded in 2014. The company grew extremely fast but recently there has been lots of controversy around them.

Lawsuits, hair loss, baldness and other not-so-nice things. Complaints have been revolving around Monat Global. I wouldn't like to join a company with such a controversial reputation.

Is Monat Global Recommended? No. There are tons of more reliable business opportunities available.

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5 Facts About Monat Global

Before we get into the actual detailed review part, I want to share you 5 facts that you need to be aware of when it comes to Monat Global.

1.Monat Global Compensation Plan Is Generous

compared to other similar companies. This has probably been a significant reason why they have grown so fast.

Many people feel intrigued to join when they see that there is a good earning potential. They don't care so much about the price/quality ratio of the products when they see the $$$ that they could earn.

2.More Than 95% of the Distributors Fail

It's a common fact that less than 5% of the network marketing distributors and marketers succeed eventually. I have seen some companies where the success rate is even less than 2%.

There are many reasons why this happens. I think the most common ones are:

  1. The lack of persistence
  2. The lack of mentorship/proper training
  3. The lack of desire to succeed

When I started making money online, I also felt an urge to quit because I didn't get the results as fast as I would have wanted. Therefore, I understand why so many people quit.

But I am grateful that I was part of the Wealthy Affiliate community that helped me to push forward and start making good money online. 

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3.It Is Possible to Make Money But You Must Be Exceptionally Good to Succeed

Having the fact that less than 5% of the members succeed, we realize that ordinary actions are not enough for you to make big money with their program.

You must be exceptionally good.

Exceptionally good at recruiting AND/OR selling.

The biggest money is made by recruiting within network marketing so that's the skill that you must master if you want to earn good money with any of those companies.

Personally, I have never really liked face-to-face or call recruiting. It just feels too pushy often and it can be draining to try to convince people to "buy your idea" or join the program.

That's why I prefer making money online because I can make tons of money even without opening my mouth or talking with somebody. 

What about you? Do you prefer face-to-face selling or making money online? Let me know in the comments below and hit me up if you need any help and I'll be happy to help you out.

4.Monat Global Products Don't Work for Everyone

Some members have given positive reviews after using their products but there are also more than 672 complaints of their business on BBB.

Therefore, you can't sell their products to everyone.

Or of course you can sell but you can't assume that all of them would buy again because they just don't seem to work well for everyone. More on this further...

5.There Has Been Tons of Bad Press for Monat Global

If you are planning to join Monat Global, I think it's good that you acknowledge how this company has been presented on media several times in a negative way.

There have been several lawsuits filed against Monat Global over the past years which is one of the reasons why the company has been in the media so many times.

Shampoo that makes your hair fall out... Sounds scary!

Some people say that any publicity is good publicity. They think that even though the company is presented in a negative manner, it's still good because it brings the brand awareness to more people which will lead to more sales eventually.

This can apply to many situations but I think that it doesn't apply in this case. When people see how negatively Monat Global hair products have affected on people's lives, they get scared and feel like, "I never want to use such products myself!"

What do you think about this?

I hope you have found these 5 facts helpful. Now it's time to move forward to our "real Monat Global review" where I explain you more details about the company.

If you've read enough and just want to find a 100% reliable way to make money from home, I recommend skipping the rest of this article and reading more here.

What is Monat Global?

Monat Global is a multi-level marketing company that mostly specializes on the personal care and hair products. Originally, the company was founded in 2014 by the Urdaneta family. The founders are specifically Luis Urdaneta and his son Rayner Urdaneta who are the current chairman and CEO respectively.

The company was originally established in the US but has massively expanded over the few years to open other branches in Canada and the European Union.

This fast growth can be attributed to the good publicity it had in the beginning years. However, the company has been a common news maker tough in the negative manna. To know why we need more information about this company.

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Monat Global Products - What Do They Offer?

Monat global mainly sells different types of hair care products. The company claims that these products are made from natural ingredients which are safe, pure, and sustainable.

In the list, Rejeveniqe Oil Intensive has been depicted as the main product for Monat Global. This particular one helps in repair of the hair rehabilitating and reenergizing the scalp.

For the record, the available products are way too many to be listed. Therefore, visiting their website for more information concerning their products is much preferable. 

So many controversies revolve around these products whereby other praise their goodness while others report bad experiences such as loss of hair, scalp issues, skin rashes among others among others. Such complain raised on these products as the reason Moat Global has been in the spotlight currently.

Monat Global product prices are huge.

One of the most common complaints regarding their products are their massive prices.

Take a look for example at the picture above.

They have a 237 ml shampoo bottle for sale for $35. That's incredible. I think the maximum price that I have paid for the shampoo bottle during my whole life is around $5.

It feels that paying 7-15 times for a shampoo bottle just feels insane. Now I understand why they can pay so good commissions for their distributors.

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Monat Global Compensation Plan

Monat Global is network marketing company. Payments are given depending on the successful sale of products made by you or your downline. The more you sell, the more money you get and the bigger ranks you ascend. 

Recruiting and moving up in the ladder (pyramid) also plays a big part in the Monat Global company.

In this line, five ranks have been designed for these sellers. Below is a summary of what you to do to climb the ranks.

  • You start by generating 200 PV a month and you are named Marketing Partner
  • This is followed by the Managing Marketing Partner who generate 300 PV a month.
  • The third rank is Associate Market Builders who generate 400 PV.
  • The fourth rank is Market Builder. This generates 500 PV. With more sales, you keep moving through
  • Managing Market Builder,
  • Associate Market Mentor,
  • Market Mentor,
  • Managing Market Mentor,
  • Associate Executive Director,
  • Executive Director and 
  • Senior Executive Director who in a month sell 500 PV.
PV is your personal volume generated from your purchase and selling of the products while GV is the group volume.

These specifications are many and complicated that you to check on their website. There you will get to know other commission-based payments such as

  • Retailed commission payout
  • Rirect recruitment commissions
  • Residual commissions
  • VIP customer acquisition bonus
  • Rank achievement bonus

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Monat Global Lawsuit

There are dozens of reviews and lawsuits that have been filed against Monat Global. In the last four months, five class-action have been filed against the company. Customer complaints have said that the products lead to

  • Itching
  • Burning scalp
  • Hair loss
  • Severe allergies

I would personally be afraid of joining such a company that is selling products that affect in people in the way it was specified in the video.

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Monat Global Complaints on BBB

In the last 12 months, the Better Business Bureau has received about 552 complaints against the company. These issues relate to their products or rather their MLM business opportunities.

Among the complains, there are:

  • 55 advertising issues
  • 72 billing issues
  • 15 delivery issues
  • 5 warranty issues
  • Among other issues as well as dozens of product/services-related problems.

There are also the credibility issues with the FDA which has not been confirmed.

572 complaints in 12 month sounds like an interesting accomplishment...

Monat Global is not BBB accredited and they have a low rating of D on the scale +A - F.

Pros & cons of Monat Global

On the pros, Monat Global is still young and this makes it easier for many people to sign up for MLM opportunities and make profits. The other is the rapid growth of the company. This speaks volume of the high demand for its products and business opportunities. Monat Global can also be used as a social company.

This owes to the fact that many people promote it through social media as well as through face to face interaction because it works through direct sales. Monat provides its employees with very good compensation plan and as one join the business, he/she is given a chance to own an individual’s eCommerce store

On the cons, the company is receiving more than enough complaints from customers which is ruining its reputation. The lawsuits also are as well numerous and dangerous.

These complaints also come from Market Partners. These Market Partners always complain that they take months before they are paid. Products of Monat Global are a little expensive though they are worth it. Joining the company is also expensive given that it charges 100 Dollars for the kit and 2O Dollars for every year renewal.

Is Monat Global a Pyramid Scheme? 

Illegal pyramid schemes are systems where recruiting have the biggest focus and products sales don't play almost any part within the company.

In the pyramid schemes the products are usually mostly sold for the members of the program because outsiders don't think they aren't worthwhile.

Even though I have seen many MLM pyramid schemes over the years, I think that Monat Global isn't a pyramid scheme because they at least have real products that they are selling.

Even though Monat Global uses network marketing and the pyramid form, it is not classified as an pyramid scheme.

Conclusion - Is Monat Global Worth It?

When I take into account everything that has been revolving around the Global Monat company, I can't honestly recommend joining them.

There are tons of 100% legitimate companies available that offer almost exactly same products for a cheaper price and with a good income opportunity as well.

I have never been a big fan of network marketing because they often sell a bit overpriced products but again this is just my personal choice and I know that some other people like network marketing.

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What kind of experiences do you have with Monat Global or other similar companies?

Do you prefer making money online or offline?

What are the things that have helped you to succeed with business?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I will never be interested with a product that leaves a negative effect to its consumer. I’ve read the reviews and most of it says it’s not good just like what you said. Promoting a product that is faulty will give the marketer a bad image which is not good in business. If I’m an affiliate marketer I would not think of ever promoting this product because of its issues even if you pay me big amounts of money.

  2. No and not interested to patronize products that results to unhealthy effects to the body. It will add another problem and financial frustration. I just hope that we, the buyers will not be impulsive and be wise to choose the good product or services. These companies is always good in their marketing strategies to manipulate their target market. Learn to read, listen and evaluate to grasp the real meaning and importance of the product. Another, good remarks for your work. Keep sharing your thoughts. Have a nice day @Roope. God bless.

  3. A girl I know sells Monat products but I’ve never taken the bait and bought anything – I also think the prices are outrageous! $35 for a tiny bottle of shampoo is not something I think most of us would want to shell out for, especially with some of those negative reviews and not-so-great public opinions!

    1. Yeah, $35 for a tiny shampoo bottle is something incredible. I would never probably pay that unless there would be a super good reason for that. That kind of shampoo must be like gold 😀

  4. Will it be possible that these products, just like most MLM companies are just facade because they really want to bank on the referral system or networking where they earn bigger money?

    You mentioned that there’s high demand for its products and business opportunities. This could be linked to the good compensation plan. This maybe real hard selling or perhaps people are lead to thinking that if it’s pricey, then it must be effective and of good quality. I’m not too sure.

    What I know is that it takes great skill which can only be done by exceptionally few people to earn good money. I think you even have to be thick skinned in order to thrive in this business which is already getting negative feedbacks on their products.

    1. I think that many network marketing companies use their products as a facade and the recruiting system plays the biggest role. I can say that with an experience of researching more than 100 MLM systems.

  5. You know when I clicked on the link for this review I was quite optimistic. I have a friend that sells human hair extensions and I was hoping to find something great to refer to them. The review has downed all my hopes and I would hate to recommend such.

  6. I think I would class this as a scam. Multi-level marketing is really really hard, the only thing that can help you be a sucess is having an amazing product. With all those negative reviews they will definitely affect how many sales you can make. I would stay far , far away from this one, in my opinion it won’t end well. Have they even tried to fix the negative reviews?

  7. The owners of Monat Global must have meant good for the customers who buy the hair products that they make, but their inability to ensure that they mentor their members on how to carry out the task is something that must have contributed to lots of them failing. I think they should do something concerning this area.

    1. I think that’s a common challenge for MLM-companies.

      I am not into MLM systems but I am into mentoring and learning from mentors. The progress is usually much faster when there’s someone who teaches you how to do things than figuring out yourself. At least, that’s my experience on things.

      1. Having a mentor in everything we do in life helps a lot and this is one reason I don’t joke with those that have a better experience than I do each time that I am in the sector. I try to learn from them since that is the only way to become better petty quick.

  8. A generous compensation plan versus a weak distribution channel is definitely not a good match in any kind of business model, especially those engaged in sales. Well, in the case of MLM businesses such as there, people always have the referral system as their fallback, if not, the ultimate source of revenue. Forget the sales. Let’s just fool more and more people to join. LOL.

    The BBB reviews also justified that fact that they’re really not after the products. They’re just a front and recruitment is the name of the game.

    1. Yeah, there are many companies that provide a generous compensation plan but their products just suck. You are right that compensation plan itself doesn’t make joining a good idea.

      1. Sad to say, many people are still fooled by the “generous compensation plan” that these MLM businesses offer. That strategy is quite effective for those people who don’t have a steady source of income. That sounds like a lightbulb in their heads, so they still give it a go, without even bothering to research the company background independently, aside from the little tidbits that they’ve gathered about during orientations. They hold on so much to the “generous compensation” promise before even getting their real compensation.

        1. Exactly true. One friend, for example, was broke and he joined Digital Altitude. He started earning good money with it and also invited me to join.

          I said that the program doesn’t look and it’s more like a pyramid scheme than a real business. He still insisted and tried to get me to join. I didn’t join and warned other people about the program.

          A few months after that FTC attacked the company and it went down because of their illegal actions. Now that friend has moved to promoting other pyramid schemes.

          I think that the fact that my friend comes from a poor background makes him more vulnerable to such systems..

          1. Whoa! I’ve noticed that too with some friends who seem not to learn from their experiences in the MLM business. Their usual tendency is to move on to a different MLM company that promises to be different from the rest. It’s actually the same thing!

            Maybe there’s a reason for that kind of trend. Aside from the obvious demographic factor, many people also tend to engage in the same type of business because they cling to the hopes of “getting it right this time”. So some people, despite having several bad experiences with MLM still do it. Why? Because they still have the mindset of “unlimited income potential”. So it now becomes a question of turning the unlimited income potential into real, tangible income. That’s why they’d do everything again just to make it right.

  9. The bad reviews that revolve around the Monat Global is something that is going to make many that will give it a shot fail. I mean when you are marketing a shampoo that you intend to make a commission from and there are bad reviews about it, you will discover that it is going to be difficult for you to survive in that type of business. So, this one is really not for me.

    1. You are right. I mean, there are bad reviews even about good companies but it feels that there are just too many bad reviews when it comes to Monat Global. At least, I would need a good explanation for all those bad reviews and controversies. Otherwise, it just feels like a program that is not worth joining.

      1. That is what I was trying to say. I mean if there is a balance between the good reviews and the bad ones, things would have been better instead of having to market products that has got huge bad reputation among consumers already in the market.

    2. Some evil minded people are always looking for the opportunity to reap profit or should I say benefits from just about anything they see. It’s just what the people writing misleading reviews about Monat Global. A lot of people gets mislead along the way and they end up losing money because of false information. The world is truly a cruel place we live in.

  10. Hair is your crowning glory and I am very much interested in hair care product. However, this does not mean I will trust products that very people have heard of.

    I am also interested in money making, however, I would never try MLM because like you said I also believe that 95 percent people will fail in MLM. I may not be in the remain 5 percent.

    1. I understand your points.

      When I think about making money… I feel that developing the right skills and the character will attracts money. What are the skills that you are currently developing to make more money?

  11. Holy Moly! To me, the moment you hear the term “Multi-Level Marketing” you should turn around and run. But to sign up for this one in particular with over 600 BBB complaints racked up in the 4 years they’ve been in operation? AND knowing the hair creme you sold your best friend might make her hair fall out? You’d have to be crazy. But hey, that’s just me. Maybe you could only sell it to people you don’t like very much?

    There are tons of way safer, less mean ways to make money out there.

    1. Hehe, good points!

      I am not either a fan of multi-level marketing and it feels that Monat Global has so many red flags that it can’t be recommended to anyone.

      1. Hello, Roope

        I am kind of curious to know the reason we still have most of these MLM in business since the membership base is always full of people that have tried and failed in the business. Is there a reason for that?

        1. Yeah, I think there are many reasons for that.

          1.Often MLM-distributors are “promising the moon from the sky” and people get so excited. They don’t even know what they are signing up for. They just want to change their lives and get rich.

          2.A benefit of MLM-companies is that you often have a mentor who is interested in helping you to succeed because he/she earns commissions for your sales and success.

          3.People like the feeling of “being your own boss”. MLM business model is different than a typical 9-5 job and it may give a sense of freedom for a distributor.

          1. No doubt, I worked as an MLM door-to-door seller and the positive things were the human relationships you get to have and how you develop your skills as a seller through daily practice. However, it’s a very exhausting job.

          2. I believe it’s exhausting and also rewarding when you get to know new people.

            Doing marketing online would be probably more effortless because you can reach even thousands of people from the comfort of your own home even without opening your mouth. Of course, it requires work as well but I feel it suits me more.

  12. Looking at the cost of joining and getting started on Monat Global to being at $99 plus added $20 on each renewal, I would say that it’s quite expensive. Also the high cost of the company’s hair products is another point of concern. With lots of complains and lawsuit flowing from all corners especially from their market partners claiming that it takes months for them to get paid is a serious red flag not to join Monat Global in my opinion.

      1. What marvels me is that with all these red flags that plagues Monat Global, there are still some people who are going into it with their two eyes wide open. What are they loo to achieve with such investment? It’s only those who are not fully aware of the downside of Monat Global that I don’t really blame for entering it without knowing.

          1. Haha, that’s the power of freewill and making of choices at work @Roope. I have come to realize that some people who have funds in abundance tends to misuse it instead of using it wisely in making good profitable business investments. It’s those that have little that actually put wisdom in how they spend and invest their money.

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