How to Make Passive Income Online? 4 Steps to Full-Time Income

Making money online has enabled me to travel around the world.

Making passive income online has given me the freedom to travel around the world. What would you like to do when earning passive income online?

In this article, am going to answer your questions, “How to make passive income online?”

Personally, I am making a full-time income online and I will be happy to help you to achieve the same. Just read this article through to get started.

You can always ask me anything in the comments below and I would be more than happy to answer you personally.

Passive Income Online – Short Guide

Definition: You earn money from the Internet whether or not you are actively working.

Different Strategies:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube Videos
  • Website Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Investing (Dividends + Capital Gains)
  • Trading

Typical time to Start Earning Money: 

  • Depends. Usually 1-12 months before the first income arrives.

Income Potential:

Make passive income online

#1 Recommended Strategy for Beginners: Even though a few years ago I was a complete beginner, I have currently around 15-20 passive income streams online.

My #1 recommendation for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate because:

  • It’s free to get started
  • They have a step-by-step training to make you succeed
  • I provide you my 1-on-1 support to succeed
  • I answer all your questions and provide personal guidance
  • +1,400,000 community members help you to make money online
  • Thousands of members have went from 0 to earning a full-time income online

What Is “Passive Income Online”?

Passive income is money that you earn whether or not you are actively working. You can earn passive income even while you are:

  • Sleeping
  • Laying on the beach
  • Hanging around with your friends
  • Exercising in the gym
  • Working on another project
  • Spending time with your loved ones
  • Or doing whatever you want

Therefore, you have done the work beforehand and you will earn the rewards later. Often you will still earn passive income even years or tens of years after you have done the work.

For example, an investment that you made today can still pay you dividends next year, after five years and even after 10 years. Instead of getting the rewards right away like in a typical 9-to-5 job, you will now earn money after doing the work but the sum is usually much bigger.

There are tens and probably hundreds of different ways to earn passive income online and this article I will show you what are my favorite ones and how I have generated passive income.

Keep in mind, that I will not only show you how I earn passive income but I will guide how you can start making it as well.

5 Benefits of Passive Income

I have also previously talked about this subject here but in case you haven’t read my website before, let me go through the 5 benefits again and add a few new ones to the 5 that I mentioned before.

  • 1. You have more time available

Now when you earn money whether or not you are actively working, it means that you will have more time available for other things.You can pretty much decide how you spend your time because the passive income and money keeps on flowing in whether or not you are actively working.Some people choose to spend their extra time with the loved ones, some with their hobbies, some people want to grow spiritually and some people still keep on working more.It is completely up to you but I think we all can agree that an extra time isn’t a bad thing.Many people need to work just to pay the rent, food and other necessary bills. When you have passive income, you don’t need to worry about those things.

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  • 2. Unlimited income potential – $10,000/month? No Problem!

As I have often discussed with you on my website, there are no limitations with the passive income.

It means that you can earn more than $10,000 per month and even much much more if you become successful.

That’s wonderful because it’s not possible in most 9-to-5 jobs.

That being said, I want to remind that reaching a big income requires work, afford and dedication so it doesn’t come automatically.

  • 3. Freedom to live whatever you want

If you have been following my website or my YouTube channel, you have probably noticed that I have been traveling all around the world while making money online.When you earn passive income online you can live wherever you want and travel anytime you want.I think that’s one of the greatest benefits especially for people who like to explore new places and meet people from all around the world.

I have been traveling all around the world while making passive income online. If I can do it, you can do it! Let me help you to get started.

  • 4. It usually gives value to more people

When I was working in my 9-to-5 job I provided value only for quite a small amount of people. Only for those who were around my “circle of influence”.One of the most important things why I want to start making money online was the fact that I also wanted to influence other people positively.Now I’m able to provide value and affect positively to even millions of lives through the Internet. That would not have been possible with my previous jobsThat being said, if you want to earn money online it is not completely necessary to provide value to many people. Usually it happens but not always.If you provide enough value for a few people that are willing to pay you well, you do not need to provide value for many people. It’s again up to you.

  • 5. Gives you more flexibility

As I explained above, when you are able to earn passive income online you will have more time and a freedom to work and leave whatever you want.In the other words, you will have much more flexibility.

  • If you want to sleep late, you can sleep late.
  • If you want to take a holiday, you can take a holiday.
  • If you want to sit with it the new city, you can visit the new city.

How many of these flexible things would be possible with your current 9-to-5 job?

Passive Income Examples – 3 Simple Ways to Earn Money

Above I mentioned you already a few examples on how you can make passive income but let’s go more into detail in this chapter.1.Affiliate marketingAt the moment my favorite way to make passive income is to affiliate marketing.Shortly, affiliate marketing means that to earn money by promoting other people’s products.Here are a few benefits of affiliate marketing and the reasons why I like it:

  • Easy to get started – you don’t need your own products.
  • You can promote (and do) whatever you want.
  • You don’t need to invest money to get started.
  • You can help people what earning money.
  • There is a wonderful step-by-step training that teaches you everything you need to make money with affiliate marketing.

Making money through affiliate marketing is very simple but it also takes time.

2. CryptocurrenciesI know that cryptocurrencies is still a little bit controversial subject because they haven’t yet become a mainstream thing. However, all the time more and more people start using cryptocurrencies and in 10 to 20 years most of the people in the world will probably be using cryptocurrencies.At the moment, many cryptocurrencies are also great way to make passive income.You can make money with capital gains or through dividends of some cryptocurrencies.You are money through capital gains when the value of the cryptocurrency goes up. There are also cryptocurrencies that pay dividends for their holders. They are different than Bitcoin and usually managed by a centralized company.Some of the examples of such companies are cryptocurrency banks called Bankera and Binance.3.Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing is probably one of the most classical of ways to make passive income from home.People have been making money by investing in the stock market for tens tens of years.However, nowadays it’s easier than ever before because we can access the stocks from the comfort our own homes.By investing in the stocks you will earn dividends and capital gains.I am originally from Finland so have been made investing in the Finnish companies.

4 Steps to Make Passive Income Online: GUARANTEED

In this chapter, I will explain you the 4-step strategy you can also use to make passive income online.

I and thousands of people all around the world are using this strategy to a full-time income online.

Let me first illustrate it with the picture below.

4-step process for making money with affiliate marketing.

4-step process for making money with affiliate marketing.

This simple 4-step process will make you a full-time income online if you follow it persistently.

Remember that you don’t need any experience to get started. I started as a complete beginner without any contacts but I made it.

I also offer you my personal guidance and support in order to make you succeed. You can connect with me personally and I will answer all your questions and provide you personal tips.

Actually, you are already ahead of me compared to where I was when I started! I didn’t know anyone but you at least know me and I can help you.

Just click the button below to learn how you can make passive income online by using this simple 4-step formula.

How to Create Passive Income with No Money?

It is completely possible to generate passive income without any money. Of course, many passive income streams are generated by investing your money but you can also generate passive income by investing your time.When I started creating my passive income stream to Wealthy Affiliate that that the training for completely free. Later on when I realized the training really works I upgraded to the premium.

We can say that you can start making passive income online using equity (=money) or sweat equity (=effort)

There is a common myth that says, “It takes money to make money.” That’s not completely true. You can start from 0 and make a significant wealth. Even most billionaires in the world are self made.

The most important thing is that you are willing to learn and move forward.

So, my recommendation is that you start the Wealthy Affiliate training for free and later upgrade to premium when you have realized that the training really works.

Another option is to work on 9-5 jobs and invest your money to other things that generate you passive income.

Passive Income Ideas 2018

My recommendation is to focus on passive income sources that are actively growing. Let me explain what I mean by that.One way to make massive income is through investing in houses and apartments. But if you buy a house and apartment from an area that is slowly dying that is bad investment.On the other hand, if you get an apartment from a fast-growing city, you can be almost guaranteed that the value of the house will also keep on going up.The same rule also applies to the Internet every year more and more people are starting using the Internet which means that there is every day even more potential to make money online.

In the image below, you can see how fast the users of the Internet is growing.

The number of the Internet users is growing extremely fast.

Industries like cryptocurrencies and affiliate marketing are growing extremely fast. That’s why I think it’s good to have your focus on those markets because they will bring you income for years to come.If you want to earn passive income online, it’s also recommended to learn skills like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram marketing. This kind of social media platforms are constantly growing and getting more users.When you learn to use those social medias for generating income it will never need to worry about making money anymore.

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Here are a few recommended trainings that will teach you to make money through Internet marketing:

Do You Already Make Passive Income Online?

If you strategies how I like to make passive income online, I would like to ask you a few questions.

  • Are you already making passive income online?
  • If not, what is you holding you back?
  • Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support and guidance on making passive income online with affiliate marketing on wealthy affiliate?
  • What are your favorite ways to make passive income online?

I would love to hear from you so do not today to leave a comment below.

Again, I would like to remind that it’s okay if you are not YET making passive income online. The key is just to start.

I started from 0 but I got started, learned the skills and it gave me a freedom to travel around the world and make passive income online.

If I can do it, you can do it.

4 step process for making money online

Have you already managed to make passive income online?

What are your favorite strategies to make it?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. There is this notion people have about online jobs. Some people actually do not know that the potential to make good money is actually huge. This is largely due to the culture that people have cultivated about formal jobs.

    1. Yes. Many people don’t know about wonderful opportunities to make money online. They have probably always lived in such an environment that doesn’t have any role models of people who would be making big money online. That’s why their eyes are “blinded” from better opportunities.

      That’s how I was before. I didn’t know it would be possible to make my living online but nowadays it’s a reality for me.

  2. I think one of the reasons why people shy away from passive income opportunities is because of the common notion that you need money to generate money. Also, when people think of passive income, what comes to mind is trading or stock market which is more widely known. Again, these require a hefty sum of money. It’s good that you address this concern and I definitely want to more about passive income after you have discussed all these and start with your free training. Thanks.

    1. I understand your concerns.

      For earning passive income you either need money or put in the effort. If you don’t want to invest any money, then you invest your time. Money is basically a tool that helps you to “buy time”. Then you don’t need to invest so much time anymore.

  3. This makes me feel like I’ve been wasting my time these years without having a blog or a Youtube channel. You can get a daily job, but once you retire, having a source of passive income must be invaluable. I liked the analogy between real state and online passive income, this becomes more important as the number of people trying to work online increases and the market gets saturated.

    1. Having a stable passive income source from YouTube and a blog is really a great thing. It gives a feeling of security because even though you wouldn’t be working actively, money will still keep on flowing in. In addition, it gives a freedom to live wherever you want in the world.

      A benefit compared to freelance jobs is that with an income from a blog and a YouTube channel, you can do basically whatever you want. With freelancing jobs you always need to be responsible for someone. Of course, that’s also fine but I just prefer having a freedom.

  4. One thing that I understood from this review about passive income is that many people start it and fail at the start all because of the fact that they fail to hold on till they start getting results. Most passive income channels such as affiliate marketing and the rest might not really bring quick success from the beginning, but staying out will definitely make everything worked fine.

    1. Yes, you understood well. Earning “active income” is easy. Just get any job and get paid immediately. However, passive income usually requires some learning and effort beforehand and the payments come later. That’s why most people quit and give up because they are not able to see the results immediately.

  5. please I have been wanting to reach you through the emails you send me but its bouncing back can you give me a valid mail for my questions please
    or a contact number

    1. Hello William,

      I am sorry but I just noticed that my email address was wrong with the emails! I have now corrected it and you should be able to ask me anything also through emails.

      You can also always ask me anything here in the comments or under my YouTube channel because I answer 100% of the questions to make sure everyone learns to make money online and gets help from me.

  6. What is your main source of passive income? I know a slight bit of affiliate marketing but it requires a proper system to work. Having trouble to start as a newbie due to expenses required, what would you advise a newbie to do to start building a stable income first? I have tried multiple means of micro jobs online, they are barely worth it or even reliable.

    I have worked for social media agencies for local business and the profit was decent enough. However, satisfying the customers is really a big hurdle.

    Thanks for replying in advance.

    PS: Nice blog you got there!

    1. My main source of passive income is actually this website right now 😉

      You can start affiliate marketing for a very cheap price. I started for free on Wealthy Affiliate and once I noticed it really works, I upgraded to the premium.

      I highly recommend staying away from micro job sites. They are just a waste of time. I know from my own experience because I have tried probably around 100-200 different ones. In the other words, I have researched all of them.

      I would recommend getting enough money for living + necessary costs from freelancing or 9-5 job and at the same time build up your passive income streams with affiliate marketing. That’s what I did myself.

      1. Thank you for replying with your free helpful advices, these sure would come to my aid. I actually had the same experience with microjobs sites. They take forever to actually make something to live with. I’ll try the Wealthy Affiliate website you mentioned thanks

  7. Making a passive income online is not at all the easiest but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible either. It’s a wonderful thing because who doesn’t want to make money by doing the bare minimum. It can be hard work but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Stocks are a great passive income but you do need to get it right because you could also lose quite a bit of money through this method.

    1. If I am honest, I must say that stocks are probably one of the easiest way to make passive income online for me. However, the drawback is that the earnings with stocks are not big. I mean, in the long run stocks make money but it takes time.

      By building an online business it’s possible to skyrocket income unlike with stock market investing it’s more like a marathon where you become a millionaire over the time course by being patient.

  8. These are all great passive income stream suggestions. In my case, stocks and cryptocurrency investments are my steady source of passive income. But as you’ve pointed out, it takes resources (time, money and knowledge) in these areas as well. Same goes for other passive income streams. It’s still best to learn the ropes. Although I still consider myself as fairly new in these kind of investments, I can say that so far I’m happy with the results.

    But as I’m hungry for more opportunities, I’m interested in your suggested passive income streams like FB Academy, Copywriting Academy and Inbox Blueprint. What I’m after is to gain more knowledge about these programs and try out which works best for me, one at a time. We’ll see how it goes.

    1. I am happy to hear that you have started building passive income sources through stock market and cryptocurrency investments.

      Internet marketing is also wonderful way to build passive income because the Internet allows you to build “systems” that will work for you even though you are not working. Imagine for example this website. More than 1,000 people visits here every day whether or not I do anything actively. Of course, If I want to it to grow even bigger, I need to put in the effort.

      1. Yes, internet marketing make such a great addition to my passive income funnels. But just like in any other trades, I’m still building up my own knowledge-base for internet marketing. It would help me gain more confidence in getting into any kind of internet marketing strategy or business model.

        Then of course with adequate knowledge comes the amount of effort. You’re right. It takes quite an amount of effort to maximize one’s earning potential through online marketing. And step one is learning the ropes. Then establishing an efficient online marketing system follows.

        1. Yeah, it takes time and effort. A great thing though is that if you learn the skills to make money online, it will serve you for the rest of your live and give you a huge freedom. You never need to depend on any income sources if you learn to make money through Internet marketing.

          1. Right. And not only will it give financial and time freedom, but internet marketing is also a valuable skill to teach and pass on to other people. So after enrolling in this course, anyone could have a greater potential and confidence to pass the skills to others and help them grow in this business as well. That makes it a win-win investment.

  9. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online without breaking a sweat once you have everything set up and your affiliate marketing link spread across the internet. I have seen so many people who are successful affiliates marketers and it’s worth it. Also being into social media marketing is another good option to follow because the popularity of the social media lately is a good prospect to explore and exploit.

    1. Yes, social media marketing in many forms can be very useful for almost any business nowadays. Different social media channels are also a wonderful way to make more money with affiliate marketing.

      1. Exactly, with lots of social media sites available and numerous number of people actively using those social sites, it gives an affiliate marketer the opportunity to have multiple platforms to publish his or her affiliate marketing links which would most certainly fetch him money by people using it to buy the products being prompted.

        1. Exactly. Social media channels give also a great opportunity drive traffic to websites and make an influence in today’s world. It’s amazing how world has changed in a very short period of time. Even a kid can potentially reach millions of people worldwide. Who could have imagined that in the past? 🙂

          1. Seriously, all I can say is that it’s an amazing experience with what the social media has brought to the world in term of reach, communication and link up. It has been made very easy to use such medium to get access to wide range of people online which is what online business lives for.

  10. These suggestions that you gave which one can start and continues making money via the Internet is something that is good. One thing about making money via passive income is that you have lots of time to relax and have fun unlike what we see I our lives on a daily basis where the 9-5 working class people are always out there trying to make ends meet.

    1. Exactly! 🙂

      When I started on my 9-5 job I got a huge motivation to build my online business during the weekends and in the evening. I realized that I don’t want to live that 9-5 life where I don’t have a full control over my time and life.

      I wouldn’t have the same freedom that I have now unless I would have started to work to build passive income streams.

      1. It is nice that you took that step as I don’t really see the daily work giving us the kind of freedom that having your own business gives. I mean being in a situation where you can achieve anything you want to achieve is simply the best moment we all dream of.

        1. Exactly. Setting goals, being creative when achieving them, working hard, always learning and being disciplined are the keys to any success. I am so inspired after listening now one of the Jim Rohn’s audiobooks. Success is quite simple eventually. I think that the lack of focus and desire are things that may hold most people back.

    2. You are very correct @Henrywrites, most people currently opt for working online and earning passive income even if they are into other office jobs. For the record, there is a high level of unemployment rate in the developing countries, so taking advantage of working online seems to be a hail Mary for most people who discover the ways of making money online.

  11. My favorite way to generate passive income is by writing. I joined hubpages in 2010 and started publishing articles on Hubpages. I write hundreds of articles for hubpages, however, deleted articles they did not receive traffic. Currently, I have around 150 articles on Hubpages. I stopped writing on HubPages since 2015, yet I receive money from Hubpages every month. I earn from articles that were published in 2012.
    Between 2015 and 2016, I build half a dozen websites so that I will earn pasive income from ,my websites, however, my websites are not earning as much as I earn from huboages.

  12. Hey Roope, I love this article thanks! I’m thinking of starting affiliate marketing and would really appreciate your expert insight and advice. What do you think of getting on a course to learn the ins and outs? I keep reading reviews but cant make up my mind. I understand a lot of people have got success on these kind of programmes and achieved fantastic results but would love your opinion. After reading this review I think I want to go ahead with this specific course called Savage Affiliates but not sure. I would love to get your thoughts before i proceed! Thanks, Julie

    1. Hi Julie,

      I think that the creator of Savage Affiliates, Franklin Hatchett, is a legitimate marketer and knows well how to make money online. Therefore, I think you’ll probably get some good ideas in the course.

      However, don’t expect to make money fast with it. I checked a few testimonials from his course sales page and it seems that all those people have already years of experience of making money online.

      It’s easy to say, “I made $5,000 in 30 days after taking this course.” If you are already making $4,900/month before taking the course, if you know what I mean 😉

      Anyway, I think you’ll get good ideas from the course but after the results depend on you. My (biased) opinion is that Wealthy Affiliate is the best resource if you want to make money online with affiliate marketing.

  13. Great information. I definitely am going to start affiliate marketing, I already do it to some extent, but I’m just a beginner and am still trying to navigate my way through. There is a lot of stuff to learn. I will in the next few months when I have the time to fully concentrate it sign up with Wealthy Affiliate using your referral link, I know that the affiliate marketing journey is easier when you have a mentor and someone who can guide you.

    1. Sounds great. Yeah, affiliate marketing and any other way to earn passive income requires some learning put the rewards are worth it in the long run.

      I can also say from my own experience that being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community has really helped me to move forward with affiliate marketing.

  14. Do you have a realistic timeline on how long it would take to start making money from a blog after adding affiliate marketing?

    I’m currently making a considerable income with Textbroker and feel pretty confident with SEO. I think I could transfer this to creating a blog/website, but I was worried about the initial costs of a domain and website hosting.

    Love your blog and your content!

    1. Hi Kristen,

      If you already know the SEO and you are a good writer, it shouldn’t take so much time. On the other hand, getting organic traffic from Google usually takes a while after starting a new blog.

      I would say that in 3 months if you use Google SEO but if you use other methods to get traffic faster, basically it’s possible to earn money immediately with affiliate marketing. Of course, it requires effort first.

      That being said, I still recommend building Google traffic as well because it helps you to get lots of traffic on the long term.

      .com domain usually costs only around $10 per year and the website hosting is a few dollars per month on SiteGround which is my #1 recommended host.

      Wealthy Affiliate provides a step-by-step training and a full community support to make money online through blogging so I highly recommend joining. I will also connect with you. You can ask me anything you want and I’ll provide you personal tips.

      Website hosting is also fully included in the premium membership.

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