FB Academy Review: Make Money with Facebook Ads? See How!

is fb academy a scam

Welcome to my FB Academy Review!

In this article, I will share the positives and the negatives of this Facebook advertising course that is often said to be the best FB ad course in the industry.

Let's find out if the claim is true or not!

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FB Academy Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: FB Academy

Website: https://lurn.com/classroom/fb-academy 

Product Type: Top-Quality Facebook Marketing Training

Best for: People who want to learn to make money with Facebook marketing

Summary: FB Academy is created by the the world-class Internet marketer, Anik Singal, and he really knows what is teaching. Anik and his team have generated hundreds of millions of dollars online and they know how to teach those skills to others. That's why FB Academy is #1 Facebook Ad course in the world

Is FB Academy Recommended? Yes, if you want to make money with Facebook ads.

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What is FB Academy?

Just as the name correctly suggests, FB Academy is a place where you will learn to make money with Facebook advertisements. Whether one owns a business or does marketing for other companies, it is vital to learn how to drive substantial quantity of traffic from Facebook.

Over and above, FB Academy is a private training course registered under lurngb.com. It was registered in May 2017 by Anik Singal, its creator. It is mostly a video training course about generating leads through FB ads.

An image below illustrates you why Facebook is nowadays one of the most powerful ways of driving traffic to your business offers:

Why FB academy is so powerful

These 4 Points Illustrate the power of Facebook advertising nowadays.

Who is Anik Singal? - FB Academy Creator

Anik Singal is the CEO and founder of Lurn, Inc. as well as VSS Mind. He is one of today’s very successful Internet marketers, being an extensively considered figure in the industry. 

Singal specializes in building backends and funnels, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and business management. He also does affiliate marketing and project generation product launches.

Singal was recognized already in 2008 by Business Week, is among the Top 3 of the Best US Entrepreneurs under 25. Being an Inc500 CEO, Singal has been twice listed among the fastest growing companies in the United States

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While still studying at the University of Maryland, Singal was granted Company of the Year award by MTech, being also named by Hinman CEO as the Entrepreneur of the Year.

He is a smart prolific entrepreneur with big dreams. Singal has a publishing company that generates well over $20 million annually in sales.

He is also a philanthropist, having helped to contribute over $100 million in online publishing sales. This involved not only his products but also businesses owned by his clients. 

Anik Singal, the founder of fb academy

Anik has taught more than 350,000 students all around the world.

Singal is also known for teaching people how to come up with their own online passion-based business. He takes his time to guide his students by way of the step-by-step process of making the most profits as well as growing revenue.

So far, Singal has trained well over 350,000 students all over the world, with many of his students grow to become incredibly successful as well as becoming experts and leaders in their respective spheres of influence.

One of his best courses is called Inbox Blueprint that I recently reviewed on our website.

Over the past couple of years, Singal has built his passion as a philanthropist over time. He has spent most of his time and resources establishing schools all over the world.

He has a vision of offering educational opportunities to the less privileged, who have no access to the same. Up until now, he has helped build some schools in India, with plans to scale up the mission to reach other parts of the world, through For All Our Good, his non-profit organization.

fb academy anik singal featured

Anik has been featured on the biggest media.

What Does FB Academy Offer?

The FB Academy offers probably the best video training course that teaches all about mastering Facebook advertising. The training includes case studies as well as live examples to clarify all the concepts. 

The most exciting part is that you will get to watch interviews with the greatest in paid advertising. In many ways, it is always helpful to learn from the experiences of people who are experts in their spheres of influence.

What is included in FB Academy courses?

There are a total of nine modules in the FB Academy. Each module is however locked, meaning that one can only proceed to the next module after having passed a test after each module.

In this way, you will understand Facebook advertising systematically and effectively, without feeling overwhelmed.

Here is what you get with FB Academy: 

  • #1 - Tested, Proven, Step-by-step FB System to Succeed...

which involves getting started with Facebook ads for even those of you who don't have any prior experience. In this module, the instructor explains why Facebook ads don’t work if you don't know what you are doing. 

Anil expounds on the number of Facebook users who engage advertisements differently. This means that selecting the wrong objective will end up in disaster for an advertisement campaign.

Additionally, all the nine powerful modules, as well as five other powerful resources expound on the diverse kinds of audiences on Facebook, including the different types of the sales offer.

The instructor also explains the types of offers which efficiently engage with different types of offers which resonate well with diverse kinds of audiences.

The course also covers all the nine modules which entail:

  • Getting Started
  • The Sales Funnel
  • Landing Pages
  • Creating Powerful Ads
  • Targeting The Right People on Facebook
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Nuts And Bolts
  • Certification
  • #2 - 24/7 Coaching Community

FB Academy is also a coaching community whereby you get a full 24/7 access to FB Academy coaches and team.

Experts are also brought to host continual training sessions. Probably one of the greatest things is that you will get real-time feedback on your Facebook advertisement campaigns from the experts. This goes a long way in assisting learners with hands on experience with experts who have excelled in their domains.

fb academy coaching

Within FB Acacemy you will get a 24/7 support and mentoring from the leading Facebook ad experts.

  • #3 - Door Opening Certification

Is the final phase of the training, also known as Door-opening certification. Learners get instant credibility when they become certified Facebook ads experts through FB Academy. 

This has the potential of opening doors of opportunities, by accessing clients and guaranteeing long term success to participants. It should also be noted that the academy also has additional resources accessible to learners.

  • #4 - 5 Additional Resources For FB Academy Students

There are also 5 extra resources that includes everything from the first campaign checklist to ad creation mastery. You can read more details by clicking the button below...

Who is FB Academy for?

FB Academy is for individuals who want to come up with new streams of revenue or make more money with current online income streams. Beginners can begin from scratch and undertake this course from ground up, use it for clients or use it for an existing business.

Additionally, business owners who want to make more money with their business on Facebook can also enroll for the course.

Even those who have no prior experience with Facebook Ads can join and learn everything about FB ads right from scratch. For experienced internet marketers, there is always something more to learn from the academy.

Below is a list of all people who can benefit from FB Academy:

  • Complete newbie who knows nothing about internet marketing.
  • Intermediate and Professional Marketers who want to scale up their income.
  • People who haven’t set up any Facebook Ad before.
  • If you are tired of bad results, bad lists, bad subscribers and especially bad audiences.
  • If you have lost a lot of money and been penalized by Facebook due to lack experience.
  • People who have a low amount visitors so that they want to increase.
  • You are too busy to do the niche research.
  • You are not finding a get rich quick scheme as well as make money with low effort.
  • Especially if you want a personal coaching with experts (Anik and his staffs).
  • You want to increase ROI (Return on Investment).
  • If you want to get acceptance into high paying or CPA network faster and easier.
  • You love to watch case studies as well as real life examples.
  • Amazon FBA sellers or Ecommerce marketers.
  • You are selling T-Shirts on Teespring or other places.
  • You are running CPA, CPL, Pay per call or Pay per Trial Campaign. 

If you are one of the above, you can get Anik's completely free Facebook ad webinar here.

What are the pros and cons of FB Academy?

Pros of FB Academy 

  • Powerful and easy-to-follow Step-by-step training.
  •  Access is only available to the new lesson once one finishes the previous. (No upsells!)
  •  The academy has a powerful checklist in order to keep track your results.
  •  The course is highly actionable as a result of the tests available.
  • It helps you avoid bad lists, bad subscribers, as well as bad audiences and get leads that turn into customers.
  • The course includes special personal coaching with Anik as well as his staff.
  •  The course will help to increase your return on investments.
  •  There are also twenty done-for-you niche researches; this saves a your money, time and energy.
  • Availability of software as well as a tool kit.
  • Lifetime access without any recurring fees.
  • Anik’s Facebook ads swipes, images and video are also included.

Cons of FB Academy

  • There is so much information so it may feel a bit overwhelming at first.
  • It is not the cheapest course. Anik focuses always providing the best quality so he can't sell courses for a very low price.

Is FB Academy worth it?

Yes, FB Academy is worth the venture. First and foremost, the FB Academy membership comes with around the clock access to the coaches as well as other members of the team who very well understand what learners go through.

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As a result, this community provides participants with expert presentations from internet marketing gurus who have over the years mastered Facebook and ongoing training sessions.

Additionally, as a learner, you will have access to feedbacks on how your campaigns are fairing on in real time. This will help you to understand what is working and what is malfunctioning to adjust accordingly where necessary.

Another reason why FB Academy is worth it is mainly due to the certification system which gives you credentials to justify your claims about the viability of the site. In case your business involves assisting others to boost their enterprises, this gives you an upper hand against your competitors.

Another key reason that ascertains the significance of FB Academy is the bonus modules. These modules are incredibly beneficial and can make tremendous difference in how well one is able to market. The first of these free modules is the Facebook Ad Swipes, which enables one to access information regarding high converting campaigns which have worked for others.

The Ad Creation Mastery is yet another free module which will give you tools to allow you to create professional images and videos designed to attract Facebook users to click on your ads. Additionally, the

First Campaign Checklist gives you the secrets of success for business owners and operators of all types. This is instrumental in helping you to stay organized, thus ensuring that you do not miss any essential steps to your success.

In many ways, the Kick-Start Targeting, another free bonus, is by and large worth the price of joining FB Academy. It is a list that shows you exactly what the keywords and niches are hot at the moment.

In most cases, attempting to figure out which keywords to target is one of the biggest headaches for people who are new to internet marketing game. This bonus therefore ensures that you don’t have to waste trying to learn how to find them.

Is FB Academy a Scam?

FB Academy is definitely not a scam. You might be thinking that there is no way your business can rival other businesses already advertising using facebook ads.

However, FB academy gives you an opportunity to learn the tactis of taking the advantage of Facebook advertising platforms. it gives you a chance of advertising your business in a unique way such that your products attracts the attention of the potential consumers.

Some people may think that facebook academy is a scam because of the common perception that facebook is not a secure platform for running business.

However, Facebook Academy equips most business with skills to avert any danger that may be posed from unscrupulous hackers and enhance cyber security. This has seen a boost to the businesses which has been advertising using Facebook academy.

Every modern business owner must learn to take advantage of internet advertising methods or drown in the competition. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, it is worth noting FB Academy is not a scam because they have a money back guarantee.

This is because that even after you have paid, should you feel that you are not getting value for your money, the company refunds your money within three days of registration.

Should I Join Anik's Course?

Yes, you can get his FREE Facebook ad webinar by clicking here or the image below:

is fb academy a scam or legit

What kind of experiences do you have with FB Academy?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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